Acting Hokage No More!


Fuyu, Hashiramako, Akomura, Yuzuna (as Eight)

Date: September 22, 2010


While Fuyu is recovering in the hospital, she still has paperwork to do. Some visitors show up to relieve her of that duty.

"Acting Hokage No More!"

Hospital Room - Konohagakure

Fuyu is no longer in the operation room, or intensive care. She is still not completely healed, as her body is all too willing to inform her anytime she tries to do anything with her right arm, or shifts or turns in the wrong way, but she is able to sit up and do paperwork and receive reports from the Uchiha Loyalists that serve under her, along with various Elders and so forth. She is ignoring the pain mostly, refusing pain-killers because they lower awareness, and just pushing through all of her work on a portable desk that is laid across her lap.
The raven-haired woman finishes writing up a message, and hands it off to a nearby agent. "Take this to Ciphers Division. Have them encode it for ANBU, and send a copy to all ANBU in the Village and in the field." She doesn't add on 'please', nor does the Uchiha agent expect such. Instead he takes the messsage, salutes, and says, "Hai, Hokage-sama!" Then he vanishes in a blur and a puff of smoke. Fuyu turns to the next bit of work. An explanation to the Elders for why she attempted to confront a Swordsman of the Mist without more support. She snorts. Like she KNEW that is who he was at the time? Idiotic old men. She begins writing politely and clearly, but with no apologies. She will not be seen as weak.

While Hashiramako had been in Konoha for about a week or two now, she hadn't quite fully taken back her position as Hokage. Instead, she had been out with Akomura and few others tracking down Uchiha Rain after he had escaped prison. Unfortunately, the team hadn't been fully successful in catching him before he made it back to his village. The team knew better than to attack there head on, and simply made their way back to Konoha. In the meantime, she was pleased to hear of Nuraku's falling and the appearance of peace being returned to her village as she stepped in to retake the reins from her now trusted comrade, Uchiha Fuyu who had done more than her share to show her dedication to the people of Konoha.
It was an early morning report from the shinobi hospital that summoned the Kage to it. Fuyu was now in recovery following her injuries that had been acquired from Sami, one of the Seven Swords from Kirigakure. Within minutes, the Kage was donning her robe and hat before making her way into the beams that supported her home. It was a quick trip to travel, through the earth of the city and then into the structure of the hospital where she quickly located Fuyu's room and casually walked out of a wall as easily as if she was walking through a door. "Greetings Fuyu, Hospital food digestible? If not, I'll send for an Akimichi to cook you up something nice."

It had been a while since Akomura saw the Uchiha clan head. He was still a bit unclear on what their relationship was. If the Uchiha and Hyuga clans were on good terms, or if tensions still ran from long ago. Either way, he was still offering the proverbial olive twig, and visit. Information about his wife would just have to wait for now, as business seemed to be more important than anyone's personal lives. He himself appeared halfway up the hall to Fuyu's room, turning directly into the room and stopping before the door for a moment to ask, "Everyone decent before a male comes into the room?" After that, he would await an answer, and a positive would get him opening the door and stepping in to stand in the middle of the open area between the two beds (or the bed and the far wall). "How are you, Uchiha-san?"
A look over to Hashiramako, "Hokage-sama," he would say with a bow. Hopefully Eight would have recieved his runner by now to retrieve them with a little styckey-tag message inscribed into a sealed scroll that only Eight would be allowed to open.

Having being summoned moments earlier, it wasn't until Akomura entered the room did a hair's breath of a pause pass before Eight reappears off to one side of the room. Crouched and on one knee, the ANBU agent bows in silent respect to the Hokage and Clan Head Elders before rising to their feet smoothly. Dressed in dark gear, it was difficult to determine the gender of the agent, other than they were smaller and slimmer in stature than others. Hood up over their head, the plain mask and narrow slits never reveal emotion, only the vision of a silent warrior. While Akomura begins pleasentries, Eight crosses their hands behind their backs, waiting for instructions.

Fuyu ordinarily would have looked up sharply upon hearing a footfall from across the room, seemingly coming out of the wall, where there had not been anyone standing a moment ago. But she already has at least three other people in the room, talking to her at the same time, AND she is writing that letter of explanation, so she doesn't quite have the attention to spare. Still, when she hears Hashiramako's voice, she takes a moment to stop the tiny hairs on the back of her neck from standing up, and then raises her head to look at the Hokage. She was starting to get used to being called 'Hokage-sama'. Maybe not everyone would use that title for her, but most of the Uchiha did, and they seemed to take pleasure in doing so.
Fuyu had already admitted to herself that it felt good to hear it too. But apparently the REAL Hokage is ready for things to return to normal, because here she is in person. She had heard Hashiramako was back already, and had been for a week or so, but there had been no confirmation, and several Uchiha continued to call her Hokage anyway — though not in front of those known to be loyal to the Senju. 'Oh, well.' she thinks. 'I suppose all good things must eventually come to an end.' Looking upon Hashiramako's face, hearing her asking about hospital food like this is a social visit instead of business, as though they were good friends instead of mortal enemies, is ridiculous enough to bring a very small smirk to her lips. Enough to perhaps be misconstrued as a smile of friendliness and greeting. 'And the bad things will end eventually too.' The smiles widens slightly at THAT pleasant thought, and then she is responding out-loud.
"Hospital food is better than field-rations." The two Uchiha present, one an Elder, the other a personal agent of Fuyu's, both bow to Hashiramako, along with a Yamanaka girl that can't be older than 15 and yet is for some reason being treated like a body guard, or perhaps an 'aide' of some kind… Personal assistant? Something like that. Anyway, all three bow to Hashiramako, but the non-Elder Uchiha looks slightly uncomfortable for some reason.
The knock at the door and the voice asking about decency earns a vaguely annoyed look from Fuyu. Then again, she is annoyed by a lot of things. She just keeps quiet about most of them. Still, her voice is slightly snappish as she calls, "Yes, come in!" Okay, so 'decent' is not exactly the term to describe Fuyu right now, since she is wearing one of those hospital gowns that are open in back for some bizarre reason and she hates them, and they didn't leave her anything to wear underneath, but her back is to the wall, and pressed against a pillow, so there's nothing to see here other than feminine curvature through the fabric. And honestly, if someone is looking at THAT he is likely to find a senbon in his eye. Or an ink pen, since Fuyu is lacking in senbon right now.
The ANBU agent rising silently out of the floor is missed for a moment, until Fuyu turns to say something to the Chuunin standing near the foot of the bed. "…You all received my message, then?" She frowns slightly. Unlike usual, this is a frown of contemplation rather than displeasure. She shrugs and says, "Elder Roro-san, I will complete my letter later. It seems Lady Hokage wishes to speak to me, and so do a few others. Classified matters. Wei, Mimi-chan, wait outside." The Elder nods and bows again to the Hokage, and to Akomura. Wei, the Chuunin, eyes the sudden ANBU appearance warily, but bows to everyone and departs. Mimi, the Yamanaka Genin, seems to be reluctant to depart. "Are you sure—?" she starts to ask. Fuyu nods and says quickly, "Yes. Go." The girl says, "H-Hai!" Then she runs out of the room, bowing to everyone the whole time.

Hashi could care less if someone may be a rival or an enemy. She was perfectly comfortable sitting on the deck of a rocking ship in the middle of an ocean having breakfast with the bloodthirsty Kaguya Mizukage and a few of his death hand servants. She merely smiled and nodded, "Good then, if the food was not up to par, then the chief medical officer here would have heard it from me himself." She said dryly. Glancing at the group of shinobi as they headed out of the room before offering a slight nod of acknowledgement to Akomura and Eight. "How is your wife, Akomura-san? Was Hiroshi-san's mission a success?" she inquired briefly before turning her attention back to the Uchiha on her bed. "Unless something else happened, I have a general idea of what is going on. Seems like the Mizukage has some of his minions poking around the Land of Fire?"

Though Eight remains silent and still off to one side of the room and out of the way, they note the glance that Fuyu gives them, more wary than the nod of acknowledgement that the Hokage gives in return. The agent merely stands there with eyes and ears open, shifting their head subtly at the inquiry of Akomura's wife. Her illness being a large topic of concern, as well as gossip, within the Hyuuga clan. Though depending on Akomura himself would determine just how widespread the news of his wife's illness has become, considering the ways that he and his clan can keep news under wraps. However, Eight was not surprised that the Hokage knew of this, being the heart of the village.

And so the meeting of those whom either control Konohagakure in some fashion or whom protect it from within the shadows continues…

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