Second Promotion Exams - Afraid of Snakes?: Chiaki vs. Akina


Goh, Daisuke, Eremi, Chiaki, Akina

Date: December 13, 2012


One of the first matches in the third round of the exams ends quicker than most people would expect.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Second Promotion Exams - Afraid of Snakes?: Chiaki vs. Akina"

Dammed Arena - Floor [Kirigakure]


At the foot of the great march of bones that dams this tall canyon of blue-gray granite, under the shadows of the stands: the Kirigakure arena. Rivulets of water still escape the base of the dam and dampen the gravely bed of the dry river. The length of the canyon is limited by a raised platform at the south end featuring the referee's post and a large display board announcing the details of the match.


"And now — we will have the next match!" Cries the blonde pickler. Goh had arrived at yet another match to oversee, a last minute replacement for the standard proctor. Promised even more space and time inside the prime real estate inside the marketplace, Goh had found it tough to refuse. So here he is, having made his way in and already lectured everyone about his crunchy good vegies.

"Kirigakure's own Chiaki faces off against the shinobi from Sunagakure — Akina! Please welcome them both to the arena floor!" His voice booms, full of confidence. Not seeming intimidated by the thousands of people watching on.

Daisuke finds a decent seat with a good view of the action, liking this side of the matches where he gets to gorge on snacks and watch from afar. He saves the seat next to him for his extra large bag of munchies that he bought this time as it had been a few days or so since the last matches. His eyes fall on Goh, recognizing him only as the odd salamander dude that used to hang around his aunt. 'Wonder what he's up to these days' he thinks to himself as he munches away.

One of those thousands of people was Eremi, who had just so happened to take a seat just behind Daisuke's giant bag of snacks. He came for the show, but might just stay for trying his hand at sneaking a bite of those munchies. Honestly though, he was curious to watch this fight. Considering the first matchups had him tag team partnered with Chiaki, he wanted to see just how well she handled herself in a fight and how well they would have done together. He had no clue how strong either of the competitors were, the swamps of Kiri were huge, so this was going to be a very informational fight indeed.

Chiaki walks calmly out onto the floor when her name is announced and glances up at the thousands of people watching warily. She had never fought in front of so many before, but there was always a first time for everything. After a few moments her attention turns to her opponent Akina examining her closely. She didn't appear to be much older than her, in fact she could have been younger. She lifts her straw hat from out in front of her eyes before speaking to her. “Confrontation Beast Viper-fist User, Mizukiyo Chiaki. May you fight well today, and just as a warning I will not be showing any mercy..” She assumes an offensive stance and closes her eyes as she begins to focus on her Ki, becoming more and more serpent like. She opens her now yellow eyes and gazes coldly at Akina before giving a curt nod. “I hope you are prepared.”

The tiny robed form steps through the open doorway, her figure obscured as she lifts the hood of her head up at the lights, the porcelain mask blankly staring at the joyous screams of the crowded arena. It was way more than she anticipated. With a long exhale Akina slows her pace to an eventual stop, several yards facing her would be opponent.

As Chiaki introduces herself and bows so formally, she lifts a brow beneath her mask. "And I am Shibata Akina, from the village hidden in the sand." Akina murmurs, just loud enough to be heard. "And that is… commendable. On any other day I would respect that."

Exhaling a small sigh the girl reaches into the sleeve of her long kimono, pausing just barely before she pulls out what appears to be a white handkerchief. Held in her right hand Akina holds it up over her head in a dramatic gesture. "I… concede."

"Alright guys," Goh speaks to both of them. "Usual rules apply. Kick, punch, breathe lightning or whatever on each other. But if someone is in danger of dying, that's where I step in." He clears his throat a little. "If I think you're unable to continue and you push yourself to keep fighting, I also step in." He nods a bit, before throwing his arms up.

"Remember to sample my pickled vegetables when you're recovering, of course!" He cries out. "They're the best in the whole wide world! KAKAKAKA!" He throws his head back to laugh loudly, before walking over to the wall that surrounds the arena floor. Leaning back onto it, he folds arms across his chest.

"When you guys are ready." He says, indicating that they can begin, although both of his eyebrows raise when Akina concedes so quickly! A smile appears across his face. "Alrighty! My kind of fight!" Goh didn't care in the least, personally. He just got a pretty big reward for doing about thirty seconds work.

"Akina concedes. The victor, and going through to the next round, is Chiaki!"

And just like this, Goh turns to make his leave. "Pickled vegetables for all! Let's go!"

Blinking in surprise, "Well that was impressive." Eremi would comment as the fight was already over, Chiaki winning through sheer intimidation. It was a unique gift to have and yet, Eremi still would have liked to watch the two girls fight and see exactly what they both had to offer in terms of abilities. Perhaps even take something from this fight and add it to his own jutsu, but that wasn't going to be the case. Learning forward and outstretching his hand, "You going to eat all these?" Asking toward Daisuke while he reached for some of those delicious looking snacks.

Daisuke has no room to complain really how the match turned out so quickly, and he was sure that the girl that conceded had her reasons in front of all of these people. He respected her for going through with it still. "If you had reached out a second earlier I might've eaten your hand off, but since you asked, sort of anyway, you can have some." Daisuke says to Eremi, his snack sensor tingling to alert him to possible hostility before any could be eaten unwarranted.

Chiaki blinks for a moment at the sign of submission and she relaxes her fighting stance awkwardly returning to her normal form. That was certainly unexpected, not unwelcome she supposed, but unexpected. “Well then..Um..Yeah…” She looks up at the stands and waves nervously before lowering her hat back over her eyes. “You made a wise move. Until we meet again I suppose.” With that she scrunches her nose at Goh and shakes her head slowly. She would rather be beaten to a pulp than eat anything pickled. She walks off the floor with her head down low. This wouldn't exactly be something she could take much pride in, but still a win was a win and she did manage to make it to the next round.

Akina calmly lifts a slender shoulder with a relaxed shrug. "The wisdom in the decision has nothing to do with you. It was decided even before I came to Kirigakure." Facing towards Chiaki still, she bends with a low bow for a full moment before righting herself, her mask turning towards the crowded stadium once more before she lifts a hand to give the people a wave. As if that would make up for the fact that she forfeited the match. Oh well.

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