Aggressive Interrogation


Ishino, Aoitsuki

Date: December 5, 2012


Kirigakure Intelligence had gotten wiff that a rogue shinobi from an organization was planning to poison the mist lake and cause an uproar, Ishino and Aoitsuki are dispatched to detain and question the man.

Poster's note: foul lanugage filtered in obvious places.

"Aggressive Interrogation"

Mist Lake - Kirigakure

Security in Kirigakure was exceptionally tight, especially with the chuunin exams roaring about. Intelligence was also quite helpful with making sure nothing went wrong within the village; with the exams being a diplomatic event also, assuring stability was necessary. Intelligence has informed a duo of Kirishinobi that a criminal group with mal intentions had plans for disrupting this event. Rather than publicly cause issues though they wanted everything to be subtle. They had recieved word that this organization planned on poisoning the mist lake. The mission was quite simple, locate the individual before they poisoned the lake, and capture them for further investigation so they had a lead on wha the rest of the organization was up to.

Aoitsuki was spear heading this mission, a dense layer of snow fell from the skies while her wrapped in a quilt of bandages hung loosely along her back. She was adorned in her traditional beautiful long kimono a vibrant snow white sashed with a dark green. She wasn't keeping herself hidden, but her eyes did scan the area in an attempt to find their culprit, the snow would help with that…

Ishino who was already on tab for security duty of the exams got assigned a mission with Aoitsuki. They had a subtle scene that was going to have to be stifled to make sure the exams continued on cleanly. As such, Ishino would dress appropriately, that silk kimono impeccable in it's wrap about him, he carried a simple umbrella to avoid the snow falling on him, the crunch of his sandals keeping him clear of the build of white on the ground. Once he met up with Aoitsuki, a formal bow was given with a small smile and he'd fall in step with her, that pocket watch of his pulled free of his kimono and checked while he'd wait for her orders. He was prepared for what came ahead.. he hoped. Gathering himself, that chakra would be transferred into a wooden puppet that would *POOF* into existence next to him. It would follow, step by synchronous step with Ishino, the sound of the clock within it ticking in perfect time to his own pocket watch.

"I'm not sure of your abilities Ishino-kun, but I was told I could trust you on the mission… Try not to hold back too much, okay?" Aoitsuki requested, finally she began to focus her chakra. Through each flake of snow she began to feel lout for general movement, one of presences was a little more potent with chakra, a blip on the radar so to speak. " Over there…Somewhere north of the lake is where he is located… Killing him isn't really an option, but all I know is that he might be a shinobi, he has some chakra building up within him. " Aoitsuki continued on, offering Ishino the ability to get the jump on the man in the distance. He seemed to be an older man, tightly robed with a hood over his head, slowly but surely moving closer to the lake…

"I am a genjutsuist.. so I was deemed well suited to this particular activity." A small nod was given Aoi's way as she pointed out who it was. Ishino would speed up, although still keeping it casual as he'd get closer to the man. The puppet with him would dash off to the side, the ticking it doing getting louder as the chakra would surge through those lines. It seemed Ishino kept the puppet relatively close, as for when they got within striking distance, that effect would reach out for the man. A gathering of power and to the target, reality seemed to pause, a solemn moment of silence as he'd go still. The effect was subtle, but seemed strong enough to cause whatever action might of been tried to be ended.

His action was ended. Just like that the man was frozen in place in a mere instance, forced into a lg of time that would take a few moments to really get out of. Aoitsuki grinned lightly, it was interesting for him to use his genjutsu and instantly lock the man in place without any sort of struggle. "Excellent work… He won't be able to move now…But we still need to extract information from him…" Aoitsuki stated, as the snow began to drop from the sky, the flakes that began to lather the man explodes and expanded out into various linings of snow, webbing him into a physical icy bind, can you wake him up? We need to get some answers out of him…"

A formal bow given to Aoi at her words with a small smile. "Thank you, Aoitsuki-san." His attention returning to the man, he'd wait until he was fully coated and just like that, reality would catch up with the man. He saw and felt everything that happen, but instead of reacting to it, it all sped past until he was back in time with everyone else. The puppet would move closer to the man, a long blade coming out of one arm to be held towards the man's face as Ishino casually moved closer under his umbrella. Raising a brow at the guy, he'd speak politely enough. "You will have 6 seconds per a question. Each question is critical to your continued life. If you fail to respond within 6 seconds, then my Keeper will stab you. It is poison and it will burn. We will continue this until you give us all the information we desire, hai?" Of course, he was just laying the ground rules, he'd let Aoi, who was the lead of the mission actually do the requests of the man.

Ishino's words were met with a light smile, she nodded and took a few steps forward, kneeling down slightly as she looked down at the man. " 6 Seconds per question, what is your name, and who do you work for?" Aoitsuki started off with the first question, arms crossing her arms along one another her foot lightly tapped against the glossy snow tipped grass. Her eyes narrowed down, a sign of intimidation as she awaited what was to be said. " Query of poll it! I'm not going to tell you guys anything!" the man moved about and struggled, he even attempted to bring his hands together, trying to produce a set of handseals to get him out of this mess.

"Wrong answer." Ishino would note casually, the puppet would indeed stab, processional precise into the guy's shoulder, that poison of the blade burning away at him as Ishino went through a hand sign. Everything the man did, seemed to slow down, he'd struggle for air, struggle for anything as that long time lasted for the 6 seconds and faded away. "You have 6 seconds per question. You answer the question, or it gets worse. Continue to answer correctly, you may even get to live."

"F…f… I.. I can get out of this!" The man exclaims, biting down drawing blood from his lip as he had no choice but to let the blade slice into his shoulder, piercing into his flesh. " No, now you have 6 seconds to answer another set of questions as well. " What are you doing here? and what do you plan on doing next?" Aoitsuki asked with an arched eyebrow, more content with watching over the situation rather than participating herself. The man of course was refusing to answer, struggling within the ice while the genjutsu continued to tear at his conscious.

Ishino would shake his head. "Wrong answer." Once more that blade would stab, precision to put it a half an inch from the first wound, pouring more poison into the man's system as Ishino would once again cause his actions to slow down, stretch out and stress his body more. It would again, last that 6 seconds, before time reverted to normal for the man. "You do seem to be running into some trouble here. It is probably best for you to actually tell us. Each stab of course, is moving closer to your heart. I would hate to see you die for such a simple thing as answering our questions." Ishino shook his head slowly. "Once again. 6 seconds to answer the questions. I do advise you to answer them soon, that poison with enough of it will be deadly."

Thew steps and warping of time began to work a toll over the man, forcing him to buckle to his knees and fall on his face. Blood oozed from his wounds leaking out onto the snow coating it in crimson, he clenched, cried and shook his head finally succumbing to the pressure. " Fine! fine! My name is Boroi Nataka, I'm working for the Black Shade organization… They wanted me to plant poison into the lake and cause an uproar," The man explained, well over 6 seconds.

"Too long…" Aoitsuki responded back with a shake of her head, finally rhe snow which showered from above began to cease. " I suppose we are done thre here hmm? Not's not good to have too many questions out doors. she smirked lightly at Ishino, " We should take him back into the village… We will be able to get more information out of him that way,"

Ishino would nod his agreement, even as the man fell. The back of his shoulder would be stabbed this time, waiting til after he spoke to hit him with that genjutsu. Between the time warp and the poison burning through him, he'd finally go completely unconscious. The puppet would toe the man, verifying he was limp. Ishino would manipulate those strings, having the puppet pick the man up as he'd nod towards Aoi. "Hai, Aoitsuki-san. I am more than happy to carry him to the hospital for treatment and allow him to be questioned further after he is recovered." With that, Ishino would head back for the village with Aoi, to do much like he said, deliver the man to the hospital along with his report added to Aoi's about the incident.

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