Akinori's Sparring


Akinori, Aranagi, Kasumi, Atsuro

Date: March 23, 2014


A short spar between genin and Chuunin, with Kasumi as specator

"Akinori's Sparring"

Chuunin Training grounds

Aranagi says, "Hey, do you want to spar or something?"

Aranagi scratches the back of his head, listening to the sounds of battle coming from the west.

Akinori glances towards Aranagi, casting a small nod as he opens his mouth " Sure, I can kill some time".

Aranagi looks around the training ground, studying it carefully. "I suppose this area is for Chuunin, do you think anyone will mind us using it?" He asks.

Akinori sets his eyes upon Aranagi as he arrives onto the field, he inhales through his nostrils as he shrugs " If anybody minds, they'll say it I guess.". He gazes back towards Aranagi, awaiting for his response.

Grins and nods in agreement. "Yeah you're probably right, no point wasting time then." he says, as he draws the Giant Nodachi from the sheath on his back.

Akinori's facial expression moves blank as he withdraws his hands from his jacket pockets, seemingly holding a single Trench knife in his right hand as he gazes to Aranagi."Let's get started".

As Akinori seemingly lets his opponent gets close, he vanishes at the closest point. He suddenly is on the right side, breathing some ash into his right hand as he attempts to slam it into his opponent's face with.

With a cloud of powder rushing at his face, Aranagi tries his best to divert it with his blade. Unfortunatly it doesn't work and he catches the ash straight to the eyes. In a flurry of pain and disorientation he tries to gain his composure and swing his blade at Akinori.

Akinori gazes over to the struggeling opponent slashing his way, he jumps back as he readies his Trench Knife with some Chakra as he dashes back forward as he sends his Knife towards Aranagi's leg."Keep the pace up man, you can dodge this!" he shouts over his lungs.

Failing to dodge the blow, Aranagi intercepts Akinori's blow to his leg, making him buckle down to a knee. "Agh, that was a good one." he says, panting and grunting in pain as he stands back up. "I've got to switch it up…" He thinks to himself. He regains his composure and readies his blade once more, this time focusing his chakra into it. He leaps toward Akinori and slashes at him once more.

As Aranagi comes close, his image vanishes from the field for a short period, appearing behind Aranagi speaking softly" You almost had me shitting my pants". He focus his chakra into his hands, attempting to slam them into Aranagi's back trying to create some distance from him once more.

Aranagi flies forward as his back is slammed with a powerful blow from Akinori. Landing on the ground, he decides to get up once more. "This is hopeless, I've only got one more shot at this…" He thinks to himself, and he raises his blade. He focuses his chakra into his blade once more and makes a wild swing at Akinori.

Akinori places his Trench knife infront of the Nodachi blade, attempting to block it with his knife. His arm stretches due to pressure as the blade scaves his right arm. Akinori grunts as he meets eyes with Aranagi"Hmm, impressive. Time for a final attack". He steps back, blowing out ash into his left hand as he tries to throw it into Aranagi's face.

Aranagi feels the burn of powder in his eyes once more after failing to deflect it. In a fit of rage, Aranagi focuses charkra to his right hand, and in a blind spin, aims a blow for Akinori, hoping to land it anywhere.

Once more, Akinori grins as he moves his body sidewards from the blow. His right fist is send towards Aranagi's right shoulder as the clenched Trench knife thirsts for a little blood of his opponent."Comman, you can't block powder with metal now can you?" He moves his left shoulder towards Aranagi with the motion in a attempt to hit him once more

Kasumi has been watching in secret from the tree-line for a while. Peeking down at the battle, and observing both the genin their status. She leans back for now, but seems to twitch to step in. Watching for genin just for a little while longer before things got really ugly. Just to see if they would do it themselves without her having to break them up.

Before Aranagi could finish rubbing his eyes, he sees Akinori flying at him once more. In a wild attempt to block it, he throws up his nodachi. This crude improvised block fails and Aranagi feels the cutting metal blade open his arm. As another blow flies toward him he desperatly jumps out of the way, landing his butt on the ground. Panting and sweaty, he knows he cannot continue.

Akinori sheats his hands back into his jacket, slowly walking over towards Aranagi. He lowers himself to his arm as he gazes at the wound, examining the cut as he opens his mouth"You okay kid?". He extends his arm as he sends it down towards Aranagi's face, offering him to get back on his feet as he gazes around the trees."I think we're being watched, I felt eyes laid upon me multiple times."

Aranagi takes the offered hand and stands up. "Thanks, and yeah I'm fine, just a few scrapes and bruises…" He said, brushing himself off. "I felt the same

Satisfied, even if Akinori looked straight at Kasumi, she would simply vanish. Disappearing back into the trees.

Akinori's ears grasps a small sound bit."It moved away I think, probaly a Jounin who is keeping watch on us." He gazes back into the eyes of Aranagi as he opens his mouth once more."What's your name?". He releases his handgrip as he places his hands into his jacket, throwing his hoodie off his head with a swift head movement as his blond spiked hair gaze towards Aranagi.

Aranagi looks around just to be sure, he felt the presence in the wind as well. "I am Aranagi of the Reizei clan, and you are?" He asks the boy, as he returns his large Nodachi to it's sheeth.

Akinori grabs a cigarette from one of his pouches, placing it between his lips as he ignited the end of the cigarette with a small fire from his fingertip."Sarutobi Akinori, from the Sarutobi clan." He takes a small drag from his cigarette as he exhales smoke and tiny bits of ash from his lungs. He gazes back to the wound on his shoulder."Are you gonna be allright?", he tips some ashe from the cigarette onto the ground as he looks around the area for any figurines who are approaching.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Just need some rest, maybe some ramen." Aranagi says. Fixning his jacket and fastening his Nodachi to his back. He watches the cigarrete burn and the smell reminds him of his father back home. "It was good to meet you, Akinori, and the spar was very beneficial to me. I hope to see you around." he says, extending a handshake.

Akinori glances towards the hand, chuckeling as he places the cigarette between his lips. He places his hand on the backhand of Aranagi's hand as he forms both of the hands into fists, bumping them as he takes a drag from his cigarette."No problem dude, take some rest and get some Ramen.I heard Monday's are usually new batches." He laughs as he exhales the fumes together with pieces of ash from his mouth, creating a bit of thickend smog as the ash and smoke combine.

Akinori glances past the smog, noticing Aranagi has left his presence he slowly places himself on a nearby bench. Heavily dragging from his cigarette as he glances up to the sky, a small sun ray enlightens his vision as it brightens the field up. Splatters of blood lay about around the recent battlefield, as he slowly continues on repeating the inhaling and exhaling sequence of his cigarette in a slow manner.

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