Alignment Chart - Fuyu



Date: May 4, 2012


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"Alignment Chart - Fuyu"

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Lawful Good: Yamanaka Junko
"Aa, yes. That invasion is what has motivated me to expand my skills… I
just wish that I had a chance to stop people from being hurt or killed.
Instead I have been stuck here and there has been no way for me to show
that I too can be a protector!"

Chaotic Good: Konomi
"So anyway, this one time, some booger was all, 'if you use Puppets but
you only heal people, what happens if you have to fight and no one's there
to protect you' or something. So I told him I could fight just fine with
healing stuff, and he was all, 'Nuh-uh!' and I was all, 'Yes-huh!' and
then he DARED me to find a way to fight people with healing only! You get
it right? A dare, Onee-chan. He DARED me! So that's when I got out some
graph paper and started, like, sketching the design for the Antidote

Lawful Neutral: Uchiha Fuyu
"I see us defeated and weak… Outcasts. Because as much as Hashiramako
may want peace, she will not live forever. And there are OTHERS who do not
value the Uchiha as allies. There are OTHERS who want us to vanish from
this world, and be forgotten. And they WILL replace her eventually. This
is a problem that will face our Clan in the future. And I have to be
strong enough to handle it the way that my sensei did… Or perhaps
better. Maybe not today, maybe not tommorow, but someday in the future we
will all be tested. And if I am not ready when that time comes, I will
regret it for the rest of my life. Just like Madara-sensei probably does."

Chaotic Neutral: Kyuushuu Bisetsu
"I'm drinking here. Please take your fight outside, because I don't want
to be involved. If I get involved, YOU'RE going to wish I didn't get

Lawful Evil: Yotsuki Mune
"Yes, I know who killed them. The Raikage did. Not personally, of course.
She just had her 'minions' do it for her. I'm not sure what Amuro-sama's
plans are for Kumogakure, but that incompetent * needs to die if he
expects anything good to come of the Cloud Village. She was only given her
position because her teacher - my grandfather - was thought dead. They
thought she was strong enough to kill the ones who killed Yotsuki Raiga.
She got all the credit for ending the Clan Wars in the Land of Lightning,
instead of the one who REALLY did all the work. That's why my mother
wanted to overthrow that woman. She knew that Raiko was too inexperienced,
too weak, and too rash in her actions. And before she could even take a
first step, she found herself and our entire family on the chopping block.
If you want to help me, I certainly won't turn it down. Let's just hope
that there's no immediate plans that involve preserving Kumogakure in its
present state, because it's going to be SO screwed up when we're done with

Neutral Evil: Hone Nai
"'False Immortals'. They think that by giving us a name that means they
understand us… That they can control us… None of them understand. They
don't know what it is like to be cursed in this manner! They do not know
what it is like to always be alone! Being discovered means rejection… Or
worse. We want to reach out to them, but they are so close-minded to our
plight, willing only to see us as monsters…" (See Also: Ghoul of the

Chaotic Evil: Genjitsu Emu
"Why? No reason. No reason at all. I didn't have any intent in mind. I did
it because I could. There is no reason to anything!"

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