Alignment Chart - Jon



Date: May 3, 2012


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"Alignment Chart - Jon"

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Lawful Good: Saito Jon
"'Is it stable' is asking the wrong question. The question should be, 'How can I make it more stable?'"

Neutral Good: Nikumari Mushi
"Oh I never made the Center to be warm or fair. It's simply…apart. So it won't be dragged down by destruction with a clan or country."

Chaotic Good: Kushrenada Raili
"STEP ONE! Spirit. Step TWO! Become one with Mother Earth! Now… for the most important step of all…."

Lawful Neutral: Watanabe Itami
"We want to reduce competition, even being a neutral village."

True Neutral: Kokoroe Sousa
"There IS no such thing as good or evil."

Chaotic Neutral: Shirayuki Koseitama
"No ya don't know me, bub. Nobody knows me. Nobody knows you either, or anybody else. Nobody really even knows themselves."

Lawful Evil: Okumo Meruin
"I wish you to realize the misfortunes of your rebellion."

Neutral Evil: Hone Nai (Ghoul of the Desert)
"In order to fix this flawed universe, it must be remade from the beginning. And in order to do THAT… Everything presently within and part of that universe must be… Well, to put it delicately, 'removed'."

Chaotic Evil: Samominoryuu Kei
"ADVANCE! Dispatch them! Break EVERYTHING!"

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