Alignment Chart - Yuri



Date: May 5, 2013


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"Alignment Chart - Yuri"

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Lawful Good: Yotsuki Raiga
"Yotsuki Raiga will be a name known to the ninja world once more! And I
will make it a name to be respected as a hero of the people! If anyone
chooses to disbelieve the truth, that will be his or her own choice. But
labelling all the people as unwilling to help because of the actions of a
few is not my way!" - Return of a Hero: Dead Men DO Tell Tales

Neutral Good: Uudo Kara
"No, Rinako-chan is right. I'm not sure what method she's thinking of
proposing for finding the traitors, but it sounds like you're willing to
accept 'collateral damage'. I'm not. Just because someone gets in our way
doesn't mean he or she must be struck down. I can still access restricted
records in my position. So can you two. And with Nai-san on our side, we
won't even need to be sneaky about it. We can just go directly to him and
ask. We have permission already! And he doesn't need to inform anyone
else, right?" - Three Jounin, Two Conspiracies

Neutral Good: Nagayama Amaya
"It's not just who I deal with and how I deal with them, though. It's that
I don't think I'm the same person I used to be when I started out. And I
know that technically that's relative and subjective. Are you the same
person you were yesterday? The you from yesterday hadn't seen or done all
the things you've seen and done today, had he? Does that make him a
different person? Not in the sense I mean. I mean that… The dreams I
had, the convictions I held, the morals I ascribed to, the limits of what
I was willing to do, regardless of how much I was told it benefitted the
'greater good' or whatever, all were different 10 years ago. Infact, they
were different as little as >5< years ago. Half a decade. That's all it
took. If I met my younger self, she wouldn't even recognize me." - How
We've Changed

Chaotic Good: Kinmu Chichi
"No. Maybe Hitsu deserved it, and maybe not. But did his brother deserve
to die as well, Seiji? It will be easier to forgive him if we remember
what good he >did< do, instead of the bad he >tried< to do. Maybe he
didn't intend to truly help anyone but himself… But we're both still
alive, there are probably things here we can bring back for the Kazekage
to study — and they might help people a lot."
- Dominance: Treatment

True Neutral: "Death-san"
Pt. 2: What The Storm Took (And What It Left)

Chaotic Neutral: Uzumaki Minako
"Adults can't be trusted! They stuck us in that orphanage because they
didn't want to look at us and be reminded of how they ruined our families
with their wars. Then they shut it down completely, hoping we would just
die. They don't care about us." - The First Day of School

Lawful Evil: Nagato/Fuu Ka/Koro/Amuro/etc.
"I have human malice bound and ready to serve at my command. The death you
have seen here is but a sample. Call a Summit Meeting of the Kage and tell
them this: More examples will be made until war between nations ends
forever. And if ever it is felt that this goal is impossible… Then I,
Fuu Ka, will release all the ills of humankind from bondage, and the Beast
of Blood will >devour us all<." - Broken Memories Pt. 2: The Dark Path

Chaotic Evil: Suzaku Yuri
She's a murderer. Not just a soldier, not just an assassin, but a
homicidal psychopath. If that's >not enough reason< to suspect everyone of
being out to 'get' her, then she >doesn't want to know what is<. - Hell's

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