All Sealed Up - Part 2


Odo, Naru, Ryoji, Ei

Date: December 26, 2011


The day after an odd encounter with a decietful merchant and the boys responsible for the trouble all over the village, One leader of Hanpa and his rag-tag group of assistance spend the night at the village leader's expense in a hostel to recover; only to wake the next morning with a new face among them…

"All Sealed Up - Part 2"

Land of Water — Unknown Fishing Village Hostel

Though the night Odo hadn't moved. No grabs or legs draped over caused any movement. He wasn't a teddy bear, but he sure acted like it. This morning the sunlight would hit his eyes as well. But without him an extra pillow to shield his face, he would roll over and face the opposite direction. Danger Will Robinson, Danger!
The sun was now out of his eyes, but without the ability in his weakened and extremely tired state, he wouldn't notice that it wasn't a pillow he was laying his arm over which was now in front of him, or a blanket that was now lain over the outside of his thigh, or a pillow corner that was pressed lightly into his collarbone area. It was all a Naru. Odo still
didn't wake, nor did it seem like he would any time soon. The light shining into the room would now make it clear though, his physical attributes had- changed. His hair was a far lighter color, nearly white at how white-silver it was. He was smaller in physique, not quite filling out his clothes now, and even shorter, making everything seem like he shrank. And at this time he was only wearing his shorts. His clothes unknowingly kicked off in the middle of the nightdue to discomfort… but now a heat source was required in the cold of the Land of Water. And the closets thing was the blankey-pillow-Naru he had found in
his unconcious search. So, something warm, feeling cold, hug closer…

"…No…", Shun seemed to reply to the oddly shapped dog now but a few feet away from the Iga's foot.
"… I refuse…", Shun once again rejected it -despite- precieving the cutsy headcant the creature made along with
its inquisitive squeek.
"…. If you don't leave me alone… I will skin you, and turn you into furry panties."
"……Kyuu! Kyuu~ Kii-yuuuuuU~"
Meanwhile, back IN the hostel…
Ryoji may have been a 'little' fatigued by a sleepless night; BUT he was no less alert than when he started of both without and within. Even so, he still found it both suprising and absoutely hilarious to see the two dozing 'couple' from a well place sensory eye in the corner. So much so, he had to share his amusement.. but who or who should he share it with he wondered, rubbing his chin thoughtfully for a few moments before an idea 'sudddenly' popped into his head. Seconds later and a bit of painful hair scratching/pulling later, and *poof!* a second though faceless Ryoji came into existence. A hair clone
obviously by the way it drifted through the air over to Ei to give her a few light shakes, then rougher ones if need be to get her fully roused before pointing her over to Naru and floating back to dispell itself next to its master. Should Ei's eyes lead her to follow the clone movement first, Ryoji would silently raise his index finger infront of his mouth and
redirect Ei once more. ".. You.. don't mind do you? An early wake up call for them?…! *grins mischeviously*.. or better yet, a bit of repositioning?", He whispered lightly.

Yes, more shaking was required to wake Ei. Eventually, though, she moved the pillow from her face with a disgruntled look upward. Surprised, her eyes widened and she froze. She did watch it as it returned to the Iga and she relaxed again with a silent sigh when it dawned on her what it was. She listened to him as her head turned. To fully assess the situation, she
sat up and rubbed one eye sleepily. That… did not seem like Odo, but who else could it be? Her eyes narrowed after a moment and she shifted to kneel beside the two, leaning over precariously to actually see Naru's face snuggled up and drooling.

"Hnn…" she mumbled thoughtfully before glancing back at Ryoji briefly.
She considered waking them… In fact, she really wanted to, but that look on the Iga's face… Instead of thwapping the two with her pillow as she considered doing, she carefully made her way to her sensei and collapsed quietly beside him. "If your idea of 'respositioning' involves me getting cuddled, then here I am~ However… if it doesn't, I'm going to wake them up in the most unpleasant way I can think of. It's so unfair for them to get cuddles and me not to," she remarked, whining at him quietly. Morning was… not a good time with Ei, necessarily.

In situations like this, Naru couldn't help but to unconciously help herself. As Odo motioned for warmth Naru couldn't help but to offer the same for herself, A yawn escaped her lips but she wasn't stirred awake just yet. Her arms which lightly drapped along his fom began to take hold, hooking along his neck as he… hooked to whatever he was hooking
onto, further intwining them in a rather cuddly embrace. "Hom nom nom.." Naru whimpered quietly into Odo's ear, pulling him closer into some more drooling, she nuzzled her nose up against his cheek while tensing up slightly pulling closer along his
neck, very close to about choking him…
It didn't seem like she was getting up anytime soon… If anything she was even more comfortable.

Odo had begun to stir a bit. But what got him was the grabbing. His eyes peel open, and in a moment, his eyes went wide, and he looks around to try and grasp the situation on what's happening. Trying not to wake the girl in his arms, it didn't look like he remembered where he was, or who he was there with. His hair shone in the light when he lifted it, and
instead of the flat brown color, it was a shimmering white-pearlescent. And his clothes from the day before were showing how baggey they were on him now.

Ryoji nearly had a heartattack trying to squirm away from Ei on reflex as soon as she dropped down next to him. Thankfully, however she doesn't actually go along with her take on 'his' idea. Thus, he sighed in relief and shook his head lightly. "..W-well, Ei-hime… That, wasn't exactly my intentions b-being what w-we are and…." He trails off into silence,
his childish nervious expression fading away to one of caution as he turned slowly towards Odo's directions. "So, the prodical.. prodigal?… *shrugs*.. you've awakened, Odoshiro-kun~", Ryoji singsonged barely above a whisper before chuckling lightly, yet with a slight sharp, subtle edge to his tone. "….. So, how do you feel…?" He asks with a mask of seriousness in place, then raised his hand to point two fingers at both Odo and Naru. "… since you two've rejuvenated each other."
No smile, not even a hint of growing chuckle to mar his face.

Curses! Shifting a rather displeased expression upon Odo as he woke, she sighed and shifted to sit cross-legged where she was. Ei now fully faced the other two, her expression becoming curious. "Good morning, Steel-kun, Naru-chan~" It actually sounded somewhat mocking. Morning… was not good. Certainly not this one. However, she had her normal polite smile on her face. It just seemed a little… off. Less sincere than normal, given her half-awake state making her not be able to act quite as well.

It quickly became apparent for Naru on what was truly going on, as she yawned and stirred awake by all the motion and talking in the room, the raven haired Uchiha rolled over on her back and peeled up her arm to wipe the drool from her lips…
"Huh…?" Naru spoke soundly before lifting herself up from the bed, it approved to be difficult however, she literally had to untangle herself from Odo while her cheeks burned red and a sweat drop trickled down her cheek. "Huh…wait… What do you mean rejuveanate… I was just sleeping!" Naru protested against Ryoji's claims, she attempted to scoot Odo over forcefully with the ball of her foot. " What are you doing so close to me, Odobaka-san!?"

A touch of dignity, something dark-haired Odo never used. "Well, I'm sorry if it was me who made the mistake of starting anything." He reached up to feel at his throat, as his voice as well had changed. A bit higher pitch, and a touch more whimsical, like he was… a happier person almost. He moved to the bathroom, looking down at his clothes as he stops in
front of the door. "What the-" he rushes into the bathroom, and backs up away from the mirror quickly, slamming himself into the wall a bit in shock, feeling his head and face and hair, he steps out of the bathroom, disrobing his shirt and jacket and tightens the waist of his pants, which were a bit baggey now, and there was something on his back, for any who would see it as he kicked his shirt into the far corner of the room. "Ok, so what happened… I want a recounting of everything until and after I went unconcious." He wasnt' furious, but his tone said he needed to know to calculate exactly what happened, an the seal on his back was completely new. Or at least, either noone had seen it before, with or without shirt on.

Ryoji eyes flicker over to Naru briefly, but beyond a raised brow and a slight shift in his mouth as if to say 'Are you sure?' the Iga would do or say anything further to Naru before his attention returns back to Odo. Who, runs into the bathroom. A place of minor inconvience of security for Ryoji given his sentry.
"Ah… How do I put this vanilla-kun~… Hmmm… Well, Shun and I carried you back here… I think, a little fuzzy on that detail~ And uhmmmm…" He trails off and leans forward with his head tilted to the side. ".. Well, hm.. ah, I'll cut it short. Merchant guy turned turncoat, his 'children' got burnt and.. *snickers*.. skewered.. but lived and.. they all teleported away through some seal — " 'Which I suspect /he/ is most likely responsible for that too' Alas, the last phrase is only thought in mid-speech before Ryoji goes on to say, " — I, think?… Hmm… Memory is a little joggy for some reason sooo.. EI! Front and center!" Ryoji calls out abruptly with arms quickly crossed over his cest, and head raised up at a sharp

Lots of noise, lots of chaos. Ei simply sighed quietly and leaned her head in her hand. She'd said nothing more but had been moving toward Naru before her name was abruptly stated. Jumping slightly in surprise, she straightened and looked between Odo and Ryoji for a moment. "Umm… Oh! Right… The mission… was a set-up. That guy we were following did something to you and you passed out while we — er, Naru-chan and Ryoji-sensei — took care of the trouble-makers. We dragged you back here to rest and… apparently, over the course of the night, you became cute~" She smiled brightly before shifting to siddle up to Naru comfortably. "You agree, don't you, Naru-chan? He looks much cuter now."

While Odo rushed to restroom Naru herself simply stayed put, holeing herself up along the bed by tossing the blankets over her body and pulling the sheets tightly along herself as she watched the festivities of the day. Everything seemed to be quite fine at first, until Ei had brought back into the picture, though true to Ei's words her cheeks remained flushed
causing her to look off to the side instead, embarassed, ssment combined with morning moodiness. " Hes still stupid…And it wasn't my choice to sleep with him, It was the obvious thing to do…" Naru spoke though she planted a palm over her lips,
did she really say that…? " Ugh.." Naru groaned and slipped back under the covers… " Smaller, cuter… Weaker," Naru immbled quietly, she would allow everyone else to do the talking for now… She was too embarassed to investigate.

Odo looked between the other three, had they lost their minds? He gathered up his shirt and jacket hearing what Ei had just said, and throws them on, rolling up the sleeves enough so he wouldn't look like a child that got into daddy's closet again. He was starting to get mad, with the bridge of his nose and his neck turning a bit red with Ei's comment, and a "Thanks," to Ryoji for the explanation.
But his jaw dropped with the comment that Naru made. "Uhh… wait.." he held his hands up and wave it off, face quite red now. "Nevermind, I don't want to know what happened while I was out! Just, pack up, we're going. Get the money from the guy, or at least half for them leaving at all, and we're the hell out of here." He starts towards the door, "I'll be outside
waiting for you all to come down-" he says, with a final glance to only Naru before he dissappears out the door. His face still red as a tomato. From anger or embarassment is debatable.

Oh the amount of ammunition Ryoji had just obtained to use against his boss/companion(?)! But, he'd have to conserve still, and use it wisely. "Another time…", He whispered underbreath as soon as Odo rushed out of the room after issuing commands. They were, at least to Ryoji, hollow ones for the lack of clarity in regards to the future. Even so, he pushed
himself back to his feet at a painfully slow rate, brushed himself off, then covered his mouth to whisper something into his sleeves before letting them fall to the wayside as he began to 'scan' their surroundings, inside and out. "E-excellent work Ei-hime.. *coughs*.. but as the man said, we're better off on our way… hmm… *chin rubs*… especially to spring an ambush earlier from those three too soon for them." He explains calmly after locking his eyes on Ei.
Ryoji then lets his gaze drift over to Naru to say, "Same to you Naru-him. So save the fantasies of Odo-bozu(squirt) for the next time you can dream.. neh?" And with that Ryoji heads over to snatch up his bag in route to the door. He refrains however from exiting until the other two are ready, and so in the meantime splits his focus unevenly towards the sentries outsides to actual double check for an ambush…
Meanwhile, back ON the roof…
"……. Pray… Pray to Inari or to whatever Kami you fall under for if I get out of this…", Shun lets the threat hang there as he stared down at the strange dog from before. If any were to look upon this scene, one can only wonder and think to themselves how was it even possible or better yet, why was the teen Iga bound by wire while hanging upside down in
some wierd metal and wire contraption, scratched up all over, burned along the legs, and bearing childish drawings across his/her face.
In reply, the completely unharmed dog(?) only seems to smile broadly before saying in dry and aged voice, "Heh, I fear no idle threats from a child who still has a thousand years before /it/ can even touch me."
What, the, heck!?! The dog can talk!?!

Ah, that had started the day off SO much better. Ei did what she could to 'ruffle' Naru's hair through the blankets and sheets before sighing. "It's still so early, though," she whined faintly. However, she was quickly to do as Ryoji backed up the request. Moving to gather up her on things, she stretched and used her fingers somewhat to comb her hair. Then, before going to the door next to Ryoji, she'd find her way back to Naru's side to lean in and whisper to her now that the blankets weren't in the way. "It's okay, Naru-chan. If you find you like him, you shouldn't hide it. I have someone else in mind, so I won't get jealous or anything." She would wait for a short response to that but would not answer any questions before heading outside with them.

Naru couldn't help but to feel a little defeated, she frowned slightly as Ei had ruffed up her hair from under the blankets, Naru simply didn't know what to think or say. "Its not like that…Why are you teasing me, sempai..?" Naru questioned Ei with a light sigh, pulling the blankets from her head she rolled to wear her day clothing was and quickly began
to slide them on, with all of her gear in place , "that" caused her smile slightly, however she knew today was going to be a long day… They had to figure out what was going on here. Naru joined the group outside to figure this out…

Once outside, Odo would eyenarrow, and look around. Everything was cleaned up, and the old man was on his portch, and approached Odo, so the conversation went to who Odo was. He started to explain, but just left it at 'it's a long story, and the old man accepted that begrudgingly, but did pay them for the boys leaving town, but was saddened by Odo regurgitating what Ryoji told him about the vendor.
Once everyone else was outside, Odo would be more than ready to head out. Everything that the boys had done, the paintings, the symbols, all gone now. The people had cleaned them up this morning. Seems the vendor was also the one who advocated them to leave them up until help arrived and the investigation could finish. All so clear now, wasn't it?
Odo wouldn't look at any of the other three past making sure it was them coming out of the building, and then he started, literally at a sprint, up the road towards Kiri. Unless someone said anything to him, in which case he would listen without looking at them, but up the road.

Ryoji raised a brow at Ei in passing, but othwerise kept his mouth shut in giving away that he overheard anything. Only once the Uchiha leaves out do he follow suit. A brief glance back to their room is given before he shakes his head and continue onwards outside…
"….Hn… *sighs*… Shun-kohai! Quit playing around with the Ermine already and get a move on ahead with Steel-kun!", Ryoji yelled out angrily with a sharp glance up at the bound Iga. "… Always with the running with him…. *grumbles*…. Let's just let those two burn themselves out shall we, and… walk back to.. *eye narrows*… Uuugh, Kirigakure.. appearantly." Ryoji grumbled, turning to start walking at his own casual pace after Odo, but pausing long enough to check and make sure that Ei and Naru were walking as well.
"…..Ermine?" Shun asked after an exasperated sigh over Ryoji's command. And, in a whirl of dust and wind the dog(?) form becomes distorted as it returned to its true form, A strangely grey coated ermine with specks of white in its matted down coat of fur.
"…Ah… Well?"
"Hold your horses sunny 'n lend me ya ear before I nip it off!" The ermine yelled at Shun grumpily before stepping
closer to the Iga..
Two Minutes Later…
Odo may or may not hear, but he'll definetly see the Iga soon enough practically sweep across the land until sprinting at a pace just above the Reizei. "… Where are we headed to Steel-sama?", Shun asks without glancing towards Odo.

Because that's what Ei was good at… Teasing. She didn't actually answer Naru, of course, but just giggled quietly. As Odo seemed to bolt, she sighed and just walked along behind Ryoji. She had no intention of wasting her energy this early in the morning. It was already annoying to be out of bed. The whole exchange about the odd creature that was messing with Shun was, for the most part, overlooked. She did look over enough to raise an eyebrow, but there was really… no response she could muster in response to a talking weasel.

It was likewise for Naru, she really didn't know what to say about that dog… Was it there all along in their ravels… Maybe under the radar but then again Ryoji always seemed to keep an interesting crowd, she was just curious on just how large this group was going to get. Naru kept along the path at a decent pace, there was no point in running if they didnt know where they were going to go… "Hmm…" Naru thought quietly, still gathering herself up from being half sleep, though seemed to be better for the most part. She stretches her arms to the side, alittle afraid to make eye contact with Ei for the moment, but still would offer her presence so she wasn't walking alone… " What a morning…"

Odo would dissappear from sight of the rest of the group, other than Shun. Odo would stop abruptly, and look around at his surroundings. Then to Shun, holding up a finger towards him/her, "Not a word of this-" he says as he turns towards the nearest tree, and begins punching it. Harder and harder until splinters crack, the trunk groans under the pressure of his punches, until finally it snaps, and the tree would go toppling over with a loud crash. the others would likely hear it, but Odo would be walking back to the road, shaking out one of his hands from that last punch. With a deep breath, and his anger
subsiding, he looks at Shun. "Yes, back to Kiri. I need to find someone who can tell me what the heck is happening to me. I can't even focus my chakra." He clenches his fist, makes a seal, but nothing. He sighs, and starts walking back towards the group. Not tired out, but just done with his little outrage. When the others would reach him and Shun, he would apologize for his abrupt leaving, and start walking with them again, but keeping quiet and to himself, deep in thought.
Shun merely nodded and waited for Odo to do.. whatever it was he intended. Shun sweatdropped soon after at the Reizei's antics, and if not for self-preservation requiring the Iga not to so much as give the Reizei a questioning look, the Iga would've certianly at least voiced his/her concerns. Instead all he could do is once again nod along in agreement before
follow along with Odo back to the group while keep an even five to eight steps behind. Just in case. "What a morning?… *headcants*… What do you mean? Its pretty uneventful so far.. No ambushes.. No messy clean up.. no giant monster wrecking the village.. PLUS you gained some more options Naru-hime~", Ryoji winked back at Naru after folding his hands behind his back. "….Is everything alright Ei..?", Ryoji asks after a few moments pause, and intentionally ignore everyone until she either answers or shrugs off his question. "… Neh, Steel-kun~ …. Do you mind if I ask… how does it feel being young again?"

"My apologies, Naru-chan," Ei would initially offer to the other girl. It was… sort of her fault that it had been a bit more chaotic than need be. However, at Ryoji's words, she just rolled her eyes with a small smile belying the fact she wasn't actually annoyed or anything. When he asked the question, she blinked and glanced over at him. Now that they'd been
walking a ways, she was more awake and refrained from any obvious teasing. "Everything is fine, Ryoji-sensei. Why do you ask?" Was she acting differently than normal? Her mind started to mull over that possibility before she heard his question to Odo, which made her blink. "Young again? How old are /you/?" Ryoji didn't appear to be all that old to her, so the way he worded it was… strange.

"Its no problem, Ei-sempai…" Naru replies back, her smile was light, and with her embarassment finally settling she was simply trying to figure out what was going on… All she could see was a very interesting Odo shaking out his fist moving back towards them, his apology was interesting… Odo was never the type to do that right? Rubbing the back of her head and confusion Ryoji's words seemed to haunt her. " An option… no way," she whispers quietly under her breath and folding her arms, attempting to break at least some of the silence. " So Odo-chan, where are we going?" She taunted him with a smirk,
maybe she could get a little bit out of this after all. " I wonder what this mission truly is about… Was this a setup for you? or was we just unlucky…?"

Shun keeping his distance was probably the best bet. Ryoji's question totally caught him off guard, an his eyes immediately averted to the girls for a split second, before he responds, "I dunno, it's a lot to process." After that, Ei's question to Ryoji might take some attention off of Odo. Naru just had to say that, and Odo would comment with no less grace than he did before by ignoring her jabs at him. Other than a bit of a cherry shade around his nose and neck again, "Naru, we're going back to Kiri." Her second question though, would get him looking down and thinking again, "Maybe a bit of both? I'm not sure, and that's the scary part." Odo… scared?!? More shockers today!

Ryoji narrowed one eye and raised his brow over the other at Odo's response. Purely text book evasion! And one unfortunatly (from his p.o.v) made all the more successful by Ei's rather pointed question; to which he responded with a simple lopsided grin before answering with a bit of relunctance near the end, "I dunno. Kinda lost track after I left the company of my… hmm… of my kin."
"Ryoji-dono.." Shun abruptly stated.
"Hm?… Oh, just save it for later neh?", He whispered lower than any normal ears could hear, then let his gaze snap sharply to Odo to just.. stare at him or a minute or two. "… Your unfocused Steel-kun and that.. will do us no good in our search for whoever has done this… hmmm… a focus….. Naru-hime?", Ryoji half turns to peer in the Uchiha's direction. "If
you would be so kind, stand next to Steel-kun san for me… and steel-kun, do not, move." Ryoji states with every bit of seriousness he could muster.

Narrowing her eyes at Ryoji, the girl sighed somewhat. That was… somewhat disconcerting. If it had been long enough for him to lose track, he could be in his thirties… or even forties! She got a little lost in thought over this mostly-unanswered question for a moment. Then she drew herself out of it and took a deep breath, tilting her head at what was
going on. Maybe… she wasn't fully awake yet. Curses…

Naru couldn't help but to blink in wonder, and even more so confused that Odo didn't give her the rash feed back she was hoping for, perhaps she needed to try harder… Nevertheless Ryoji's request seemed to catch her off guard… Stand infront of Odo? What would be the point in that. " Are you losing your mind too, Ryoji-dono?" Naru groaned, not quite
interested in helping out the situation. She stood infront of Odo when the chanced arrived, but kept her guard up… " So whats this about huh….?"

Ryoji's request was an odd one. But, Odo remained concentrated on the ground in front of him until someone was standing in front of him. That put his eyes directly on her- Odo averted his eyes in a rolling fashion for just a second, and half stepped forward to look over her shoulder with a bit of a lean. Didn't realize how close he was leaning until he spoke
to Ryoji, "Is this some stupid prank? If it is, ask Shun about a poor tree we recently passed.." Odo would step back to where he was, eyes not daring to look down again, and it showed. Might look to Ei to see if she was paying attention, hope she didn't see all that before he spoke to Ryoji.

To Naru, Ryoji's answer is swift and without an ounce of joking in his tone. "Yes." Simple and to the point. Odo's question however required a bit more 'finese' on his part, and so after motioning for Shun to stand next to him and fold his hands behind his back, Ryoji began to explain. "Steel-kun.. Why do you underestimate my information gathering abilities by saying something like that?" Okay, first a question asked with apathetically before the Iga went straight back into explaining things, WITH or without Odo answering within the fifteen second pause before he starts again. "Now, Naru-hime I require you to.. *groans*.. Odo, lean forward just a little bit?..*pause*… Okay, now Naru, I need you to place both of your
hands on Odo's cheeks… *pauses*… Okay, now Odo without looking away I want you to tell her in detail what do you want to do. Not need, want to do next.. *extended pause*… *sighs*… Nothing lewd, by the way I hope and forget about this little curse seal problem. Tell her what do you wish to do next, and then will go from there."

Unfortunately for the Reizei, Ei didn't give any hint to whether or not she had seen his awkward moment of realizing here his gaze had settled. She was, however, looking at him and smiled simply when his eyes shifted to her. Yes, she was paying attention and she slowly raised an eyebrow at Ryoji's instructions for the two. "Why…? Actually… I retract my words." Why in the world was it required for the two to be so close in order for Odo to answer such a simple question? She couldn't think of any good reason, but she wouldn't question the Iga… not yet, anyway.

Very odd requests, but Naru complied, other than the akward leaning in and having to be face to face with the only person to really give her hell on this entire traveling trip, her cheeks blushed at first as she palmed along hist but she began to get serious, almost threatening. If anything, she felt as if Odo knew what was going to happen… He had to be in on this too didn't he? "Of all times to mess around…" Naru thought quietly to herself though she began to make full eye contact with Odo, and they didn't seem to be too forgiving. Her sharingan began to flourish and if Odo could feel like, she was attempting to link him as well. " What is it Odo-chan? Huh?" Naru questioned, beckoning him to answer up… She obviously
wasn't in much a good mood anymore….

Odo's look at Ryoji said one thing, and one thing only.
I'm gonna maime you where it don't grow back.
As Naru took his face in her hands, he just looked at her. What do I want… -want-. What do I want? I know what I want. I'm too old, aren't I? Oh wait.. not anymore? This is.. awkward. Some red was in his face when she asked him that with 'chan' again. He didn't even notice the link between them. Or did he? He wasn't fighting it and she could probably tell. "I want-" his hand came up to her cheek as well, with a bit of a kind smile, "-you to calm down and stop trying to get under my skin. It's starting to get annoying." At that point, he would straighten up, his thumb rubbing her cheek a couple times before he would drop his hand and look at Ryoji, about to say something.

After observing and listening, Ei rolled her eyes and shifted her gaze downward. This… sucked. If not for this freaking umbrella, she… Snapped almost immediately out of her thoughts as Ryoji spoke, she listened and then blinked at his question. After a moment, she laughed and nodded. "All too well, Ryoji-kun~" As soon as the Iga began to walk and the other two (assuming) separated, she'd move to walk next to Naru. With a soft smile, she'd calmly attempt to take the girl's hand without saying a word. Even if the Uchiha wouldn't give her hand, she would just continue to walk near her.
Yep, and Naru was quite annoyed as well, hearing his words speaking about just how annoying she might have be towards him as of late was enough to push her off the edge. Her eyes narrowed down upon Odo as she bit the bottom of her lip, even more so as her chakra began to build up slightly, the annoying Odo thumbing her cheeks and simply walking away like she was some kind of baby, "Yo-…" Righ before Naru was about to say something, and even more so go along with her genjutsu her hand was swept up by Ei, which instantly chucked away most of her tension… It was at that moment her eyes reverted to the usual
state, and the raven haired Uchiha would turn to Ei… The older sempai was a little evil at times in her own way, but a life saver as well…
"Sometimes… It really feels like you can read my mind, Ei-sempai…" Naru spoke softly with a smile, motioning to walk along with Ei, it relaxed her a bit, but Naru knew this wasn't going to be the last time she butted heads with Odo…
No… Especially with this transformation this was going to be the begining of a long fruitful relationship.

As Ryoji spoke, Odo definately wasn't listening. His mind was totally off in another place. But that place was somewhere that just left. No, I'm not too old, am I? I'm what, fifteen again? Second chances don't come around often enough…
Odo would reach to grab Naru's other hand, and before she could walk away, he would attempt what he only thought of before. She'll probably kill me for this-
But, if she would shy away or wouldn't stop, he would just start walking along with them quietly. If she stopped, with a little tug of her arm towards him, he would give her a hug. Almost like a boy who hadn't seen the girl in so long, or for the first time after knowing her but couldn't see her. Like, he missed her and she was there the whole time.
After that, if she didn't kill him, the embrace would only last long enough to show a hint, if the hug in and of itself didn't show enough, and he would put his hand on the back of her head, squeeze once more, then move to start walking.
Was he… smiling? Yep. "Ok, we need to find out how this happened… anyone know anyone who might have an idea?"

"Something like that," Ei had responded to the other girl at first. Then, Odo's actions all seemed to happen at once. Naru was tugged from her grip and she blinked, tilted her head, and then simply smirked. Letting the two of them have their 'them-time', whether that meant happiness or throttling, she moved to start walking again. Taking a deep breath, however, once she was facing away from them, she sighed and a somewhat sad expression slipped over her features. It was fleeting, however, since she didn't want Shun to see or, god forbid, Ryoji to notice in any regards.

Right when Naru thought the coast was clear she felt another hand pull tug her from behind, the same hands that clasped along her cheeks just moment agao. It was enough though, for Naru to suddenly spin around to see a deranged attention craving odd hug bear by the name of Odo, or at least that was what she was thinking…
"Wha…" Naru's cheeks quickly flushed as she sees him drawing closer… With open arms, with a light squeak it was then her chakra swept the area, locking in along Odo's lungs, of course no one could see that, but Naru herself would be flinching with her arms infront of her face, until she could feel her power working its magic… " You're such a pervert!"
Naru exclaims, tugging her hand away from and running up to reach for Ei once more, her grip was tense and she seemed to be storming off, half embarassed, half irritated.. Once again, it obviously wasn't Naru's good day. " We're going to Kirigakure…"

When the chakra would flow through him and tighten his lungs, after Naru pulls away, Odo just stands there for a few moments, not sure if it was the embrace that did this, or Naru's reaction to it. In any case, he started hacking and wheezing and fell to hands and knees, thumping his chest until he could breathe again, and he lay on the road there for just a few
moments on his back, muttering his thoughts out loud, "Well.. looks like she takes my breath away…" Another few coughs before he can get up and follow along, but keeping his distance. All the while with that look of 'yeah, I'm stupid'.

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