Second Promotion Exams - Alliance Suna and Kiri Keeping an Eye out!


Risu, Sakuryu

Date: November 27, 2012


Saku and Risu meet and make an alliance

"Second Promotion Exams - Alliance Suna and Kiri Keeping an Eye out!"

Blood Marsh Canopy

Swamps… ick. For a nin from the land of wind and desert, this place is the pits. Risu certainly isn't enjoying her time here at all. Everything is damp and muddy and icky and everything around is alive /all/ the time. It really is frustrating to her as she trudges through the swamp, grumbling. In her efforts to stay out of the water she's hopping from cyprus root to cyprus root, trunk to trunk as she makes her way through the dark swamp woods, looking like she really is not enjoying the particular choice of locations for the exam at the moment.

Saku sighs a little bit, she had set up her camoflauge quite well and had gotten right back into the spot she had used to stay in for her genin advancement training. Sure the swamp was muddy, deadly, and poisonous but as a Shinobi of the Hidden Mist the blood marshes were a breeze… when they weren't filled with other deadly shinobi.

Saku hmms a little bit as she hears a soft thumping, it sounded like the sound of shoes hitting wood over and over in a slow movement…. "Hmm…. sound patterns moving in a slow rhythm…..must be a shinobi…." she quietly moves from cover and dashes from shadow to shadow away from her housing, lesson 1, Never lead an enemy back to camp. She peers down through the branches…it was hard to see here but Lesson 2, Never let the enemy see you. As she watches the shinobi she surmises from the angle and the way she was moving that it was a younger girl like her. Lesson 3. Never underestimate an enemy, she herself was a small girl and quite deadly in her own right…. approach with caution…

Saku slips quietly down the branches to get a closer look at the girl, building chakra just in case she was spotted.

Risu is not on full alert, well, she is but she's more focused on the more natural hazards of the swamp. She in fact is coming /from/ her camp rather than heading towards it, although that much isn't clear as who can tell where someone is headed? In any case Risu pauses for a moment, using chakra to cling to the side of a tree, and catching her breath. She mutters something unpleasant about the swamp as she eyes the dark water that flows between the cyprus roots, under the thick canopy. She shakes her head, "Couldn't put us out on a nice beach, couldn't put us out on a nice island, no, had to stick us in a stinky swamp." She grumbles as she slowly glances around, scanning for any potential threats, mostly in the water though before continuing back along the tree trunks through the woods. Her route is kind of circular and it might appear as if she is scouting around an area.

Saku smiles to herself. "Total outsider….chance of victory…. 70%" she had to calculate for the obvious chakra control and scouting strength. If Saku didn't already know alot about the swamp and about the area in general she might be scouting as much as her. Luckily this girl had obviously been scared of the creepy crawlies and deadly problems of the murky waters and twisted roots rather than the more *life size* threats that might be hiding in the canopy above.

Saku thought for a second. "Hmmmm….I guess this is as good a time as any….initiate attack with a stealth sequence…" She is thinking this rather than speaking it as she silently moves to a more defensive position, her hands quickly moving into the handsigns for one of the villages more signature moves… The Hidden Mist Jutsu.

As the jutsu is completed Saku breathes out slow, she would let her chakra flow out to thicken the mist to make it almost a fog. The natural amounts of water around helped her greatly as the mist swirled and rolled in from all directions leaving the air thick, humid and without visibility.

The Unnatural fog or mist rising up from the swamp sets Risu on edge and she stops, scouring for the source of it. A frown on her face as she focuses some of her own chakra, just a bit, she's not sure what she's dealing with yet as she searches out the source of the mist. Not feeling like playing the prey in the fog she calls out, "Okay, who's out there? If you want to fight, just say so. If you're going to make it even muggier that's just mean." She calls out as she /thinks/ she spies the direction the mist is rolling in from and so sort of faces Saku's direction but it isn't entirely clear if she knows where her target is as all she's doing is looking in the other girl's direction, through the thickening mist.

Saku lets out a click of her tongue calling back "I have to determine if you're a threat…are you going to challenge me or do you want to be civilized?" she asks with a little perk of her brow, talking was of course very dangerous so as soon as she was done speaking she quickly moved to a new location to spy on the girl from a new angle and help her element of surprise….hopefully.

Hesitating, Risu says, to the stranger in the mist, "Well, I do need a second scroll eventually, but on the other hand allies are handy. Not sure… since I can't really see you, or tell how much of a threat you are… I have no idea if I should challenge you outright or try to talk and ally." She says, being rather blunt about matters. "But you're the one who pulled up this fog. Gee, thanks." She says sarcastically, obviously not a fan of it in the already darkened area here. "What about you? You challenging me? Or you want to just talk a bit?" She calls out, trying to figure out what to do as she tries to follow the other figure as best as she can but doesn't risk an attack of her own just yet.

Saku takes a moment to think before shrugging. "Hmmmm I think from what I saw we might be allies, especially since I know how to not be fully effected by this swamp." She chuckles before moving to a visible area and releasing the jutsu, she could still attack if need be but she would chance it for the moment. "I need the second scroll eventually as well but I think we could do with a little help." She chuckles and brushes her hair back. She was wearing a long kimono emblazoned with snowflakes and stars, the fine material looking barely dirty even in this swampy area. "So allies or are you going to whip those Kunai at me?" she asks with a perk of her brow.

Risu blinks as she finally can make out the person she's talking to fully and says, "Well, I think our villages are supposed to be allies now? Not sure, but… we certainly can have a bit of a truce if you want. I'm still meeting people. I'll have to challenge someone eventually, or someone will challenge me I guess. But tonight? Today? I'm fine at least talking." She agrees, "No need to waste our energy so early in the games. We could beat each other silly only to have someone else swoop in and take both our scrolls." She points out, "So… yeah, allies for no, I won't be throwing any kunai at you." She says, keeping her back to the tree she's sort of half sitting against. "I'm Risu, from Suna, you are?"

Saku nods a little bit as she sighs and relaxes her stance. "Shirayuki Sakuryu, Follow me since I take it you aren't a uh…swampy person" she chuckles and jumps up the tree leading Risu through branches and twisted canopy with leaves settling down and around them till she moves the camoflauge.

Under the camoflauge Saku has used her survival training to survive in the swamp, there are branches laid out along with some ripped cloth and other assets to be a somewhat comfortable living area for her. "Lesson 1, Survival in the swamp. Don't camp down there, You can be seen, there are bugs that aren't too freindly, and you can get a fungus rot across you. Lesson 2, Don't light a fire where people can see smoke, it's like a homing beacon." She smiles a little before settling back. "So… how about this, we each help each other out until the exams are near their end, when we get to that point if we both still need a scroll we fight each other okay?"

Risu follows along a tad wary and still on guard for betrayal, but at the same time curious. As she's given the lesson points she nods, "Yeah, I kinda got that. I spent last night up near the tree tops in a hammock hidden by leaves. Not a great spot but… managed. Didn't even think of a fire though. Just asking for trouble to have a fire around here I think." She agrees, "As for that helping each other… hmm, yeah, sounds okay I guess? I mean, I'm fine helping you out here, and you me, but I'm not that keen on ganging up on another shinobi two on one if that's what you have in mind." She warns, "I want to win honorably, one on one, if I win at all. Seems… just right some how." She shrugs, "Maybe foolish of me I know…."

Risu glances around the little hidden spot and asks, "Anything I can do to help out here? Make it a little nicer some how? How are you on food?" She asks.

Saku nods a little "No when battles come about it's one on one strictly." She smiles a little bit before settling into her makeshift *chair* more or less just canvas with peat and leaves under it. "Hmmm food I have some giant centipede, some frog….. a couple of fried salamanders… but we can go hunting if you want." She chuckles a little bit. "And Make it your home, just don't mess with the perimeter and when you're going in or out make sure you pull the camo over, It's unable to be spotted but only when the coverings on." She smiles a little bit.

Hmming softly, Risu thinks then says, "Well, ah, if you don't mind I think I'll stick with the rations I've brought. Not very tasty but filling." She says as she shrugs, "Okay, well, just so you know I'm also working with another Suna nin, named Akina, and we have a little bit of a base. I figure we all three can work together, at least for a bit. If that's okay? Rather not have you two go at it and kinda have me stuck in the middle." She points out, "And no, I have no idea about strenght of her or you." She says with a small smile, "I hope you don't know what I can do either… That fog thing was neat though, that was you, right?"

Saku chuckles a little bit as she pulles out a smoked salamander. "Hmmm fine with me I guess, You should learn how to use the land for nutrition in case those rations are compromised." She nods a bit at her pack. "Okay as long as we have an armistice between us I figure we can each drag each other back if we get beat or whatnot." She giggles a little bit before settling back. "There are things even my family doesn't know I know, but Yeah that was me, Almost standard genin-chuunin ability here in Kirigakure.. Little hidden lesson here… In kirigakure…Never trust the water."

Risu makes a face, "Yeah, I'm half tempted to try to drain this stupid swamp." She grumbles, "Hardly seems fair to dump us from the desert into a swamp. I mean, sure we have to know how to do missions anywhere, but… not exactly our native areas." She points out, "I was going to try to find some high ground, if I could, without leaving the swamp." She tilts her head, "Do you know of any high spots that might be useful for someone who doesn't want to have to wade across water or use water walking all the time?"

Saku gestures a hand "Here?" She sighs a little bit and rubs her forehead protector which was now being used as a neck guard. "In a swamp.. especially one in the land of water there is no… *land* the places where you walk will always be wet and will sometimes even give way to a mudhole which can pull you under quickly. Use the trees, they're your freind and mine alike, I can use the water from down below and in the air but I can also stay dry and away from infection. She giggles a bit about the cross country comment. "Well that would be the same for me, not very fair to put a water ninja in the desert hmm?

Risu laughs, "The way I hear it the last time the exams were held, they were held in caves in Suna, not in the desert, with water and darkness, so… I don't think we were /quite/ as unfair but, yeah." She shrugs and continues to make small talk with Saku as she pulls out some of her own rations and slowly eats them, glad to be out of the water and some where hidden and dry.

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