Amazing Search! The Journey to Kirigakure.


Nara Toukai, Kasumi, Nari, Goh, Mitsuo

Date: Feburary 17th, 2010


Team Awesome ventures off to find Mushi, a legendary healer.

"Amazing Search! The Journey to Kirigakure."

Land of Fire

To the gathered Genin before him, Goh grins widely. They've all been ordered to pack for this mission, and as such, should be wearing heavy packs of some sort. The Jounin himself carries a duffle bag, slung across his shoulder, carried by a piece of thin string. "This is a very important, ultra amazing mission! As you all probably know, a Genin was
severely injured by Uchiha Abel the other day. The victim still in a coma."
Goh frowns at this, slipping a hand into a pocket. "The Hokage has personally assigned Kirin and myself to track down Mushi, a legendary healer that roams the world. Her current whereabouts are unknown, so we have to locate her and convince her to come back and help. Kirin was assigned to hit up her home country as well as Sunagakure. Team Awesome has been assigned Kirigakure." He lets that hang there. "..I don't need to tell you all that this is VERY dangerous, considering our relationship with Kirigakure. So you all need to be on your toes. Not a foot out of line when we get there, yeah?" A thumb points over to Toukai. "He's second in command. If something happens to me, he's in charge. Any questions?"

Kasumi seemed quite ready to go, pretty much jogging in place with her pack on "I am ready…wait what?! why does Toukai get to be second in command?!" She pouts some and frowns a for a moment, but quickly brushes it off only moments later. "Well, will we get to fight some Kiri shinobi?" She asks, tilting her head and seeming very pumped for this mission "Or…are we trying to avoid all combat again? you remember how well that turned out last time right? we got attacked by like fifty maids…"

As Team Awesome gathers their things and prepare to depart, Toukai is busy trying to get some scrolls together that he recently purchased. His eyes roam about as he picks and chooses through them and head nods towards Goh as he gives them the rundown of what needs to be done and how to behave. Upon hearing he's second in command he sighs and then looks to Kasumi. "Hey i'd rather not have that position, but….it's become troublesome already…" He looks to his sister Nari and gives a half smile not knowing how she feels about his little promotion.

Nari listened intently to Goh's words, letting them settle in, and then sighed. "No, no questions. I understand." she answered with a nod and took a deep breath. "No, Kasumi… We don't want to fight them. I'd prefer to meet them and simply ask them to search for Mushi. Toukai is second in charge because he's a Chuunin and oldest out of us three, even if by a little." Grinning at the other girl, she shook her head and then stretched a little, despite her pack. "Alright, let's go." Smiling at her brother and sensei, she looked just as ready as this mission as… well, almost as ready as Kasumi.

"Because he's the Chuunin, Kasumi." Goh replies with a short laugh. "He was promoted. And no… we're not fighting any Kirigakure shinobi. Infact, we're not even entering their borders. Just in case, sort of a thing. When we get there, we'll need to talk to the Seven Swordsman. They're high ranking ninja, and should know of pretty much everyone in the village. They tell us if she's there. If she is, we talk to her. If not, we head home. No combat on this mission! But.. uh, the Swordsman are a bit antsy. At least the one I met." A brief shudder. "So, sorry Kasumi. Heh! No combat this time around. Let's go!" Raising a fist to the air, Goh turns on his feet to march off! Heading in the direction for the Land of Mist.

Time skip as the group travels.

It's a long walk. Very long, infact! Several days pass as the team makes their way through the thickness of Konoha Forest. Eventually emerging along the south rim, they come across what seems to be a very large bridge. It's evening at this point, and thus, it seems that Goh is ready to set up camp again. "Alright gang, I think that's enough. Let's have a breather." Sitting down before the bridge, the Jounin exhales. "Phew! I'm getting tired. What've you all got for dinner?"

Kasumi sets her bag down and pulls out what looks to be a portible stove, flint, and yes, cooking ingredints including some meat she must have bought in one of the tiny villages that surely line the area "A smaller version of Sukiyaki." She mentions off hand as she starts cooking it up, humming happily as she does, yep, uchihas, prepared for everything…even rumbling stomachs! She looks to everyone else with a smile, wondering what they all brought along as well.

Toukai searches his backpack and retrieves his rations for the trip and holds them out in front of Goh. "I have quite a few riceballs and some dehydrated salted meat. I should be good until we arrive home goh-sensei." He looks about the area to find a good place to place his things and begins securing the perimeter of the camp. Several traps were set and after a while he joins the camp to settle in for the night.

Looking to each of the others as they pull out their food, she grinned. "I just have a sandwich for now, but I have different things for the trip." Nari pulled out said sandwich and started to eat, laying down on a random spot that she seemed to find appropriate. She'd never been on a really long trip like this and had never even really thought about visiting Kiri. A new experience, that was for sure.

"Excellent. Seems as if you're all packed quite well!" Opening his duffle back, the Jounin pulls out some bread and, of course, his pickled vegetables. "Wahah! Can't go wrong with this. Like I said, revitalizes the soul and keeps you going for all eternity! Well, at least until the next meal. Heh." With a cry of 'Itadakimasu!', he buries himself into the food in the fading light. "So whilst we're all out here on this bonding mission, now's a probably a good time to let me know where you guys plan on going in the future. What do you plan to do? Anything specific?" Omnomnom.

"Plans for the future? well I plan on honoring the uchiha name and proving I am the best out there…not much else other than that. If the Hokage thinks me good enough, they will choose where I go when the time comes. Though I would not mind having a team and somepoint after that a-." She stops herself and coughs some "Nevermind…anyways, anyone want some? I have a bit extra?" She made everyone a plate, even if they did not want any, they now have a plateful of sukiyaki in front of them! Kasumi smiled and starts eatting happily away at her meal.

Toukai grabs a rice ball and sits upwind of Goh and thinks on his question for a moment. "I plan to learn summoning techniques. It may take me sometime though as I'm still working on my shadow jutsu and thinking up ways that will make out teamwork a little better when it's called for. I want to make sure that our synergy is in sync with each other." He takes another bite of his rice ball and sips some water as he then nods to Kasumi's ambitions. He can't wait to hear what Nari has planned. He eyes the plate of sukiyaki and grins as he only planned to eat the riceball. He wraps it up and saves it for later…..some good eats found it way in front of him and Toukai wasn't going to let it go to waste.

The question made her glance around at the others, only for Nari to shrug and focus on her sandwich for a moment. The plate of food received a nod and appreciative smile before she looked at Goh. "I don't know, to be honest. I think I'm just going to stick with my affinity… and follow the wind." Looking down at her sukiyaki and then chuckled. "I don't like to worry about the future too much. I know I'm a kunoichi, and that's what I will be until I die or decide to retire. I will just make decisions as they make themselves apparent."

Hearing the various goals and aims, Goh smiles widely as he chomps down on some sukiyaki, mixing it with his various other meals. "Best of the Uchiha, huh? Good luck! They're all pretty pro. Mm." An eyebrow quirks over to Toukai, chuckling a little. "Unfortunately learning the summoning technique isn't just something you pick up. Finding a contract can be difficult. Others just get lucky. But! If it's in your future, then I'm sure you'll get one somehow." As he chews with a full mouth, Goh swallows, waving some chopsticks in Nari's direction. "Follow the wind! That sounds like a plan to me. Have you done much in preparation of wind techniques yet? Or practicing the tree walking? Not rushing you or anything. Heh."

Muhahaha, secret hidden goal cleverly avoided! Kasumi will keep that one hidden for now. She watches everyone, seeming quite pleased everyone was enjoying her meal. After she finished a bit of her meal she went over to Nari's plate and added some more seasonings to help the flavor a bit "Here, this may make it taste a bit better." Yep, there she goes, babying Nari again, no one else gets any special seasonings!…well except Goh, because he most likely had a bunch hidden somewhere. "Aniki will be teaching me how to tree walk and water walk soon, I have to start learning more ninjutsu as well for the 'comming of age' all uchihas have to go through." She pouts some at that, never really liking ninjutsu or genjutsu too much.

"My plans aren't exactly concreate as of yet Goh-sensei. However, summoning is something I do look forward to since it is difficult to come by. My shadows basically are only limited to my imagination at this point." He watches KAsumi go over to Nari and season her food and looks to his and shrugs slightly. "I guess it could be worse…" he says to himself as he drinks some more water and awaits for Nari to continue.

"Ah, not really. I've researched and tried to focus my chakra into wind, but it's hard without any instruction from a person. I have practiced Tree Walking a bit, but haven't made a whole lot of progress…" Smiling to assure him she wasn't worried about him rushing her, she looked at Kasumi and grinned. "Thank you, Kasumi-chan. I'm sure it was fine, anyway." Sitting up, she started to munch on the food given to her and glanced at her brother. "I can only imagine what kind of animal might let you summon it," Nari teased with a smirk in between chewing.

"That's the fireball training, right?" Goh queries to Kasumi, finishing his meal lickety split. "Please don't breathe it on anyone, Kasumi. Heaven knows doing this once is enough." Of course, he must be joking! He knows that this Uchiha wouldn't dare use a Great Fireball in a sparring match. Right? Right. "Hinotori, right? Your brother's Hino? I think I remember reading that somewhere. I guess all of the Uchiha are related somehow." Mm. Putting his ceramic pot away, the Jounin opens a mouth to yawn, before peering over to Toukai lazily. "Well, good luck! Just have to remember that you need to get the Summons respect. From there it's all easy peasy." Stretching his neck a little from side to side, the Jounin sucks in a breath, before laying down on his back, using the palm of his hand as a pillow. Eyes peer up at the now dark blue sky. "Heh, yeah. Nari's got it right. Maybe some sort of.. I dunno. Gross cockroach." He muses. "But hey, you might get lucky and find a bird one. Then you could fly around everywhere. Definitely beats walking, huh?" Hmm. "..this is gonna be interesting. Going to Kirigakure and all. After the bridge, we're nearly there."
Kasumi nods and laughs at that "Yeah no worries Goh-sensei…I know to be careful with it, I just need to control it a bit more, last time I used it, I burned down our fence and almost set someones dog on fire." She coughs a bit and blushes at mentioning that before moving over to Toukai and placing her arms on his head, leaning on him a bit, thankfully she was pretty lightly "If I started summoning, I wanna summon a dragon! that would be cool!" She smirks and nods to this, that would surely make her the best uchiha in one go!

"A….cockroach? Man, you guys are mean tonight huh?" Toukai rubs the back of his head as he leans back on the tree he's sitting under and sighs. "I've never really been lucky before so we'll just have to see what happens I guess." He sets his plate to the side and bows to KAsumi. "Thank you that was pretty good. I can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow night." As Kasumi leans on his head he kind of squints a bit as she speaks of dragon summonings and such. "Heh….a dragon would be pretty awesome…"

"Mean? No more than usual, onii-chan." Grinning at him teasingly, Nari shook her head a bit. "Actually, if I ever learned the technique, I'd like to try and get an insect of some kind… maybe moths." Shrugging, she looked over the bridge and sighed. "I wonder how these Swordsmen are going to be…"

"A dragon, huh? That might be hard." Goh muses, chuckling. "..since dragons, yknow, don't exist." What a downer! "But! You should see boss Salamander. He looks pretty much like a dragon. Well, what I think a dragon would look like. He's so tough that I can't even summon him yet. But maybe I'll take you all down to the Salamander Caves one day, hey? Then I can introduce you. He's a bit moody. And when he speaks, it's so loud that your bones vibrate. Freaky." Yawning again, he seems quite content with dozing off so early.
"The Hokage mentioned that these Swordsman in particular are nice and honorable. It was just Yasushi that has no personality, it seems. All gung ho. So we can cling to that, I suppose."

Kasumi looks to Goh and frowns at him "Dragons do to exsist!" She exclaims! already from the sound of her voice, one would be able to tell, there is no changing her mind "You watch, I will show you, I will summon one when I can, and then you…will owe me a years worth of ramen!" She exclaims to Goh, pointing at him all dramatic like too! After a moment though she stops and looks to Toukai, smiling "I am glad you enjoyed it, I will make you some more at some point." aww, how sweet!…now back to dramatic pointing at Goh! "Just you wait, I will show you!"

Toukai pats Kasumi on the back to calm her down after getting worked up over the comment made by Goh on dragons. "Whether dragons exists or not I do know that I simply want a more practical creature to summon." He yawns wide and long as he grabs his blanket from the pack and lays aside Kasumi. Absent-mindedly he closes his eyes and wraps an arm around the Uchiha making her a snuggle buddy for the time being.

Nari looked between the Jounin falling asleep and the other two and grinned lightly before quietly standing and making her way to stand just before the bridge, gazing through the darkness to the other side. This was an interesting trip, that much was for sure. Sitting closer to the canyon and listening to the water below, she pulled out a small book and started to write, even though she could barely see.

Goh pauses a little, seeming to hesitate. "..dragons are mythical, Kasumi. Like a phoenix, yknow? Or unicorns. I hate to break it to you, but yeah. Not around anymore! Well, if they were around to begin with." As she points at him again, the Jounin chuckles a little bit. "Alright alright! Show me, please. Like I said, I reckon the Salamander, at least some of them, look pretty similar to dragons. Hard skinned and breathing fire. I dunno if boss Salamander has wings though. Never seen his full body. Just his head." Humm. "Moths could be cool though! Or insects in general. I reckon the Aburame might be able to help you out there, Nari. They seem to deal with those sorta things all the time."Hisnd with this, he falls into a small sleep. Zzz.


It's the following morning from their slumber, and it seems that the group as a whole is quite well rested. It's been a tough couple of days
walking, but now they were on the home stretch to Kirigakure! With the bright sunshine beaming down through a cloudless sky, it's quite easy to get pumped up at the thought of adventuring.
Finishing off his breakfast, the blonde haired Jounin stands up, putting things away in his duffle bag. The fire they had lit last night is now burnt out, with only cinders remaining. "Alright Team Awesome! Let's get going." Pulling the duffle bag up around his shoulder by that piece of string, the teen moves to head out across the large bridge. "Kirigakure isn't that far away," He begins, pointing a finger out across the bridge itself. "…we cross this bridge, get to the harbor and sort of.. sail through. Then we're there! It's easy stuff, really." As he begins to walk across the structure, he turns around as he strides. "..and remember. Keep your wits about you. No sudden moves. Kiri nins are edgy. And when we're edgy too, there's.. well… so much edge that it's easy for someone to fall! Get me?"

Kasumi, having been trapped by Toukai last night and forced to be his cuddle buddy all night long, takes a bit to wake up, as it was fairly comfortable. However once she was up she was ready to go. She tries to think on Goh's joke for a bit "I….don't get it.." a shrug is given before she packs up her bag and heads on out to follow along with Goh, looking back to see if the other two were ready as well.

Nari had a light breakfast and was just as soon following Goh, although she didn't seem so much excited as intrigued. "Don't worry, I'll make sure to watch out for theoretical cliffs, Goh," she assured with a quiet chuckle. Grinning at Kasumi, she shook her head a bit and stretched before looking over to Toukai, wondering how awake he was.

Toukai was awake, but only barely as Kasumi rolled him over for the sun to bake his retinas. "Uhg…morning already….how annoying is that…" he exclaims in protest. He stands up to stretch and take care of a few things before they head out. Collecting the traps set, Toukai gathers his gear and takes out a rice ball then sticks close behind the others to take up rearguard.

"Er.. what I mean is. We just gotta stay tight and calm. We should be fine. We're not looking for a fight, after all." Nodding a little, he chuckles. "Mushi.. Hum. I wonder why she would go to a place like Kirigakure? I mean, it's not really a nice spot to try and hit up." With an earnest shrug, Goh lets out a bit of a sigh. "As Toukai would say, it's troublesome."

Continuing to walk along the large bridge, it seems that the group little to no troubles. This is of course until a thick fog slowly descends from the skies. Stopping in his tracks, now midway across the bridge, Goh cants his head up, narrowing his eyes a little bit. "..Fog. Where did this come from? It was bright sunshine just a minute ago." Dropping his duffle bag and letting it hit the ground with a thump, Goh takes a glance to the left and right. "…The Hidden Mist Technique. Are we being greeted by Kirigakure ninja already? We aren't even at the borders yet." Squinting, Goh tries to make out any figures that he can. But alas, nothing! " Something else…" A pause.
"Everyone! Drop!"
Hitting the deck as quick as he can, with hopefully the others following suit, an epic gush of wind will /race/ across the bridge. So much wind that it could likely blow you right off! But sticking close to the ground, one is surely able to avoid most of the blast. The wind also manages to blow the fog away. As it clears, one can see two figures standing on the other side of the bridge. One wields a large bo-staff across his back, whilst the remaining figure stands there without weapons. It's clear by their dress… not Kirigakure nin.

Kasumi ohs and nods to Goh's words, trying to think on them a bit. When he starts speaking about the fog she replies "Well, I thought their land was covered in a dense-" She gets cut off and falls to the ground as per Goh's command, looking around to see why she is on the ground. She then takes note of the two "Oi! you are you two?" she exclaims as she hops up, already ready to take them on if need be, but that is Kasumi for you.

Nari was listening to Goh's ramblings before she heard him yell and she blinked before dropping and covering her head. As soon as the wind passed, she was standing and looking around. Wind… "Kasumi, calm down," she snapped gently. "Goh, should we let you talk to them?" Level headed, at least, even if she was lazy.

As they were making their way across the bridge, Toukai was watching the rear as usual and his riceball got damp. Sighing, he tosses it over the side as Goh calls for everyone to get down. Without hesitation, Toukai flops to the bridge and makes the seal of the rat. discreetly, his shadow crawls towards the other side of the bridge and sits underneath the two figures at the other end of the bridge. Toukai takes a knee at this point and pretends to be rummaging through his pouch as to not give away what he's doing.

Slowly getting to his feet, Goh peers at the two figures at the end of the bridge. "We're here for the Akuu clan member! Goh!" The one with the staff points it directly at the Jounin, a smile creeping across his face. "..the bounty on his head is enough that anyone would be able to settle for life. Not surprising, as there's so little of them left! We've just come to collect." Goh himself seems to study the situation seriously. "Wind techniques.. complimented with water jutsu. And that guy with the staff. Probably good with taijutsu." He takes a peer around, looking at those behind him. Damn. This was going to catch up with him eventually, though! "Kirigakure isn't going to be too happy that you're fighting me so close to their land." Goh calls back, but it's only met with laughter on the other side. Seems they don't care.
The blonde nods a bit to Nari, thinking through options. "I'll take the front, yes. These guys are Chuunin and Jounin level ninja. Get your formation ready. Teamwork! These guys will /kill/ you if you give them the chance. Don't give them it." This was quite a bit different to when they were fighting the Maids or Lord of the Manor. These were shinobi! Ready to pounce forward, Goh crouches, before blinking widely. In a nigh flash, the enemy with the bo staff is right there at his side! "F..Fast!" Goh mutters, trying to bring his guard up. But it's no use! "Ugh!" The Jounin of Konoha is thwacked hard with the staff, sending him off the bridge and down into the depths below. The bo-staff nin chases after him, leaving only one shinobi left for the two Genin and Chuunin to deal with.
That certain figure leaps up high into the air, turning about as he falls right for the trio of ninja. A kunai is withdrawn, sent for all three of them! Gotta clear the bugs, after all.

Kasumi frowns as she listens to the random nin. She stands in place and takes a deep breath, one, two, three. She counts the seconds it takes second ninja to launch all three of the Kunai. The girl quickly changes stance and deflects the one coming at her before turning to face the nin, another half of a second passes before she rushes in and jumps up, launching out a spinning overhead kick at the top of this ninja's head to force him to look down at the bridge followed up with a double hammer fist against his shoulders. The girl had just woken up, and this was the perfect way to start the day.

The younger Nara gasped as she watched their leader fall, which took her attention foolishly away from the ninja attacking her. As quickly as she tried to move, she couldn't complete the technique before the kunai cut into her arm. A light gash that made her wince but she quickly focused on the remaining threat, backing away as she pulled out kunai which she was careful not to hit her teammates with.

Toukai gets struck hard in the chest as he falls back and poofs…..Replacement technique! He appears behind the enemy ninja and takes a knee behind him and uses the bridges shadow to assist in his technique. Seeing his sister get hit with that kunai annoyed Toukai slightly as he sets his shadow into motion to capture the enemy ninja. The young Nara doesn't give the girls any commands as they already knew what to do in this situation. As it snakes towards him, Toukai looks over the side to see how Goh was faring with the other ninja. It would be bad if they lost track of him in case he needed help….or if they needed help.

"Tch!" Landing with a solid thud amoungst the Genin and Chuunin, the somewhat large shinobi stands tall, clenching his fists tightly. It seems one missed his target, the second hit, but the third missed. "Heh.. Kids. Trying to play ninja." The man looks to be in his mid thirties, complete with scruff around the chin and cheek bones. "You all need to grow up a little!"
First thing's first. Gotta defend against those physical attacks! The leg comes at the man hard, causing him to duck under it. The two ax-hammers? Easily avoided by swaying to the side as each blow comes down on him. "Heh.. too easy!" He cries out, backward handspringing along the bridge in order to let the kunai fly past him harmlessly. Being so close, yet having those attacks miss must be painful!
With the shadow racing in, the shinobi turns about to look at it. It reaches! But.. what's this? The man fades from view, as if he was never really there. Where'd he go?
"ORIYAAAA!" A super hard kick is sent straight for Toukai's back first, but he doesn't linger to see whether it was successful or not. Spinning about on his foot, he aims two hard punches at Kasumi, followed by a knee directly into Nari's face. Looks like this guy was taijutsu based as well!
Meanwhile, sounds can be heard from underneath the bridge. Seems a battle was raging on down there as well.

As Kasumi came down from her two axe hammers, she was still counting. Going into a handstance as the punches come at her She deflects the first one, pushing it away with her foot, but the second one carches her in the stomach; she winces from this…however instead of flying back, the girl clung to his arm and used the pull back to give her more momentum to launch a knee at his solar plexus Followed by an open palm strike to the Temple coming across the arm she was holding onto.

Face! Ack, what a jerk. Nari's hands went through seals and was just barely able to get out of the way, so instead of getting kicked in the face, his shoe grazed her forehead. Reaching up to touch the spot tenderly, she moved to get away from him before she shook her head and shifted to return the kick, hoping to hit his leg before he had a chance to move.

The large man barrels right through Toukai once more and heads for the girls, but this time Toukai had a plan. Since he had so much shadow to work with he split them in two and sent one directly after their opponent and one where he could possibly land that would make him a threat to the girls. He puts his plan into motion as he awaits the results.

With a fist connecting, the enemy ninja grins, before gasping a little when he's found that.. someone has clung to him! "Rargh! Let go, you worm!" Moving to block both attacks that come at him from Kasumi, a small grunt escapes as the palm hits home. "Kuh—!" Winded for a moment, all he can do is bring up his hands to block once more. But.. what's this? His body won't listen. "W..What..!" Unable to move for a slight moment, Nari's kick /slams/ into the older nin's leg, who in turn begins to fall down to the ground awkwardly. Alas, since Nari isn't a power hitter, it doesn't do entirely too much physical damage. But the kick did exactly what it needed to do; Bring the older nin down. Falling onto a knee, he briefly forgets about Toukai focussing his chakra in the distance. Instead, he's already whirling through seals of
his own.
Better hurry, Toukai! Or he's gonna unleash one hell of a technique! Considering the amount of seals he's doing, anyway.

Kasumi finally lets go of the arm, falling to the ground and spinning around to launch another one of those open palm strikes against his chest before sliding under his legs to slam a exploding Kunai deep into his inner thigh, at an angle, to keep him from moving away too fast. She then of course jumps back, yeah, Kasumi was not a nice little Kunoichi. Once at a good distance, she chucks one more Kunai at him, just for good measure, this one aimed at his shoulder.

So far, she'd been lucky. Nari wasn't about to take more chances. Dashing back to the trees, she went to hide and also take a look to see if Goh was still alright. Gah, learning new jutsu was definitely farther up on her to do list…

Toukai had finished his focusing and was ready to unleash his plan. The shadows split in two and suround the jounin ninja with a rather quickened pace. The male Nara grins and focuses more chakra into the technique as he holds the seal to give the girls an opening to put him down for good!

"Finished!" Before Kasumi can even get her attacks under way, the enemy ninja speaks loudly. All he had to do was process the technique before being hit by Kasumi's blows. He had enough time, if only it was seconds. "Doton!" Beginning his jutsu, the ninja leaps out of the way of the first shadow, cackling as he was able to spot it easily. But of course, the second shadow? He didn't see it coming. "Hardened Ski-!" He begins, only to widen his eyes considerably. "W..Wha?!" Again, he can't move! "..little brats." It seems that the ninja has considerably underestimated the two Genin + Chuunin. With one of them fleeing the bridge, he can only watch as Kasumi delivers her attacks.
KABOOM! Getting covered in smoke and having kunai hurtling at him, the Jounin appears to be.. well, much finer than he should be. "Heh.. Heh.." The smoke clears, revealing his form.
If one will note, the Konoha nins will see the starting of the technique that he was about to use. Some sort of armor! His hips, stomach and thighs are already covered in it. Granted, the explosion cracked his armor a little.. but in the end, it didn't really do much to him physically. "Nice try—eh?"
Nari will likely be the first to notice. A flash of movement zips past her, leaving the leaves to rustle. Tearing across the bridge, Goh is there in a split second! "FLAMING FIIISSSTT!" He hollers, sending a.. well, flaming fist right for the enemy ninja! As he was still stuck in the shadow, he was unable to move. And! Since he had parts of his body uncovered, all Goh had to do was aim for the face. Which he does! And crunch. A hard fist slams into the mans cheek, and if Toukai will have any sense to release his shadow at this point in time, the enemy will go bouncing along the bridge with such momentum that it carries him all the way to the end. Goh himself, panting and slightly scratched up, feels the flame die from around his hand.
The other Jounin? The one with the bo-staff, seems to land in a neat crouch next to his friend. He seems to be quite roughed up, clearly his fight against the target not going as well as he had hoped.

Kasumi frowns as she sees him well, just shrug off her attacks. She watches as of course, Goh comes and takes him down, sometimes she wonders if Goh hires these guys to get beat up sometimes. She nods to Goh for a moment before looking over to Toukai, then looking for Nari "Nari-chan!" She quickly moves to go and find her, always gotta worry about the Nari.

By the time Kasumi made it to where she was, the younger girl was safely in a tree, gazing down. Just as the Uchiha passed, she jumped down.
"Boo," she stated simply and smiled, turning and starting to walk back toward Goh and Toukai on the bridge. "Mind if I ask you a question, Kasumi-chan? It's nothing bad, I promise."

WAtching the endgame go as planned…with a little adlib here and there, but granting the same results all the same, Toukai releases his shadows and searches for Nari. Once spotted, he looks back over towards the enemy ninja gathered back over at the edge of the bridge and walks next to Goh. "So what should we do with those two huh? Kill them or let them go?" As the rest of the team gathers around, Toukai makes a few more seals and stares at the jounin duo and awaits Goh's orders.

The two enemy ninja seem to grunt a little, before they each perform a seal after muttering to each other. Just like that, they poof into smoke. Probably fleeing and regrouping. Goh, trying to catch his breath, turns about to get a look for his team. "Everyone alright?!" He sounds panicked.. far more emotional than what he usually lets on. Spotting that no-one was seriously wounded, he nods to Toukai. Then a keen glance about. "Good teamwork, everyone. You've all grown! But we need to go. Now. As weird as it sounds, the border of Kirigakure is our safest place to be right now. They'll come back. Usually with more assassins. C'mon!" Picking up his duffle bag, Goh moves to take a step forward. As he takes his first step, eyes widen considerably, the Jounin gasping. As if his heart stopped, the Jounin falls down to the ground, landing face-first into the bridge. Ouch. o.O;

Kasumi looks over to Nari and nods with a smile "Hmm? sure lets go..>" She looks to Goh and watches him fall over "Goh-sensei!" she then rushes over to him, guessing the questions with Nari will have to wait until after Goh is taken care of. She runs over to him, looking for any signs of wounds or anything, moving to try and turn him over so he is facing upwards. "Goh-sensei, get up you! if you die here, you no one will ever enjoy your pickled veggies ever again!" She tries to make him get better through pure willpower, you never know, it could work!

Nari watched Goh fall over and shook her head, hurrying after Kasumi. "It's just one thing after the other, isn't it? Toukai, I suggest we get him to the other side of the bridge at least. From there, we can decide if we can get him to the docks. Any idea how far they are?" Looking down to the Jounin, she bit her lip worriedly.

Toukai would swaetdrop at Goh's collapse and take a knee to check on him with the girls. "Geez…and at a time like this…. I don't trust this bridge so let's get him to the other side like to said Nana and check him out." Toukai makes a few seals and whistles aloud as a single crow caws off in the distance. Soon it lands next to Toukai looking at him kind of puzzled. With a grin, Toukai excitedly says to the crow, "Go scout ahead! We need to know where those ninjas went just now!" The crow flies off seeming to follow the young Naras orders, but heads in the wrong direction…then it disappears. Toukai looks at the girls out of his periphrials and plays it cool. Muttering to himself he says, 'Stupid crow….'

"Kirigakure borders.." Goh murmurs, talking with his face crumpling into the bridge. It seems that the Jounin has no wounds on him whatsoever, save for a few scratches here and there from his battle. But an examination will reveal that he's severely chakra and stamina deprived. So much so that it seems he cannot even holds himself up anymore! "..quick. Kirigakure borders. Before assassins come back." It seems that for now, the Genin and Chuunin are on their own. Dun dun!


Having been attacked by Akuu Bounty Hunters, Goh and the members of Team Awesome have been sent into a bit of disarray. Following the fight, suffering from severe stamina and chakra exhaustion, Goh fell flat on his face! Rescued and brought to safety by the younger members of his team, the blonde has since been resting for several hours. Now conscious and resting near the end of the bridge, near the Harbor, the Jounin has learnt that both Toukai and Nari have gone for help. It leaves Kasumi just here to defend him, it seems! Which she hopefully won't have to do.
" Toukai found some Kirigakure guards. But they wouldn't come." Goh repeats, trying to catch up on what has happened. He remains laying there, staring upwards. " both he and Nari have gone out to find some others. I think I see." A pause. "..good to have you here at least, Kasumi. Heh."

"One hundred and one…one hundred and two." Kasumi continues doing some pushups, keeping up her training, even in the field. She looks over to Goh and smiles to him, moving to hop onto her feet and offer him a thumbs up "No worries Goh-Sama, no one will get to you, I can protect you." She moves over to him, tilting her head a little and moving to place a hand on his head, seeing if he has any kind of fevor or anything. "Is there anything I can do for you Goh-Sensei?"

As if on cue, birds in nearby trees took to the skies and woodland creatures stole away from the area in haste. The peace of the area is shattered and an instant later, Death appears before the two ninja. Emerging from the foliage, the devourer of life splits itself into two hosts clad in black cloaks. One's head was a bear's skull while the other took the shake of a Tiger's, bleached white by the sun. The two hosts circle Goh and Kasumi, staring at them silently, intently. They make no move to claim the soul of either, at least not yet. Then, a third host melts into existence where the first two had appeared. This one, however, bore the face of man and the horns of the devil himself.
News travels down the grape vine rather swiftly when in the midst of an operation. The Mizukage had heard of the punk who had gotten himself hurt and had asked his guards for help. With the previous attack on his troops in mind, Mitsuo had decided to make an appearance.
Gazing down at Goh with his sedated expression, 'Death's Lover' allowed his lips to curl upward ever so slightly. "Does it hurt?", he asks, his voice filled to the brim with mockery before turning his gaze to Kasumi, "Your nurse isn't very attentive".

"N..Naa." Goh replies, peering up at Kasumi as she sits nearby. "This is fine. Just gotta try and keep a good eye out on the others. Hard to tell when they'll be back." Shifting a little bit, the Jounin summons some strength and manages to sit up, albeit panting a little. Forget about moving though! " seems this is my limit for now. Sitting up uses up a heap of energy. Urgh." Leaning forwards with his hands in his laps, Goh sucks in a breath.
And then.. what's this? Eyes widen a little with the appearance of.. demons. An eyebrow quirks, looking to the left and right. With a final person appearing, his head tilts a bit. "…no." He replies cooly, not seeming to be physically injured. Just very tired. "Careful, Kasumi. Don't attack. This isn't the work of assassins this time."

Kasumi moves to place a hand on Goh's chest, keeping him down "Don't get up." She gets a bit of a commanding tone, Goh is the injured one, and as such, has to listen! She blinks and takes note of the new arrival. She did look to be ready to attack the man…but once Goh mentions he is not a target, she relaxes, but still watches him carefully, but not with scolding or angry eyes. "Hello there, are you here to help Goh-Sensei?" she asks, tilting her head some while watching the man.

"What have we here? A masochist and his pets?" Nari's expression was nowhere near amused. The fact that she'd been forced to walk back to these teammates without her brother seemed to have caused a bit of irritation. Whether she got an answer or not, her gaze quickly focused on Kasumi and Goh as she stood at a distance. "I'm sure I don't have to tell you this, but we didn't find anyone. Seems someone found you, though."

Mitsuo's amusement struggles with his vacant expression when Kasumi tenses for the attack. "Oh, we can certainly help him…", the Mizukage begins but is cut off by the arrival of Nari.
"Ah, you must be the assistant nurse!", he declares with his vicious, mocking tone, "Finished emptying his bedpan did you?". However Goh appeared was all a front in the glazed eyes of Mitsuo, who had heard otherwise. Tired people don't send their teammates off to look for help. Looking between the three shinobi, Mitsuo returns to the topic at hand. "We can help your precious sensei, but we aren't a charity organization. Nor are we much for palliative care…", he explains slowly, "So… What do we get in return?".
The cloaked figures or.. whatever they were, with their continued presence, seem to irk the Jounin a little bit. A big gulp from his end can be heard, sizing the others up. Were they ninja? Weird.

With Nari appearing, Goh casts her a glance of surprise. Such rebellion! He must be the only person feeling freaked. "Easy, Nari.. try not to upset them too much, huh? We're not looking for a fight." A further look around goes for Toukai, but it seems he's not here.
"In return? You'll get a much better relationship with Konoha, of course. Tensions along these borders will decrease I'm sure. If you don't take us in, then we will have to survive another way until I've recovered." Hm. "..what we're actually looking for is a legendary healer. Mushi is her name. A neutral in all of this. Are you able to tell me if she's in the village?" He wasn't sure who this person is, but it's clear that he's important! Maybe a Swordsman?

Kasumi watches the man and tilts her head a little "Goh-Sensei…he does not seem the type of man to care too much about the relation between Konoha and Kiri…I think what he wants is more of a material possession….but we have nothing to offer." She stands up and pats herself down before looking at him "All I have are things you can get tons of in your own village I am sure." She mentions, blinking at the man a little. She looks to Nari and tilts her head a little, but offers a bit of a smile from seeing her friend here.

"Always an assistant, I assure you. Bedpan? Of course not… I'm delighted to inform you that Goh is quite a good shot." Indeed. Listening to Goh's proposal, she hummed thoughtfully and shrugged. "You have a Konoha Jounin as leverage, if nothing else." Was Nari serious? She kinda looked it. "If I did insult you, I apologize. The 'pets' thing might've been too much."

"Your nurse is right, Goh", the horned man agrees, "I've no interest in easing tensions between my Village and yours. Nor do I care what some powerless lord in expensive clothes thinks". Looking the blonde man right in the eyes, Mitsuo confesses, "To be honest, I'm still deciding if I should commit myself to a deal or just kill the three of you". The drowziness of the Mizukage's eyes wavers and a sinister light flickers within them for a fleeting second. Then, in an instant, he appears as sedated as before, if not a little more so.
Allowing himself to pace a little, Mitsuo echoes Nari's offer, "A Konoha jounin as leverage… Now, that would be something. However, I can't count on you fulfilling your end of the bargain. No, I'll need payment immediately, sadly".
It was then that one of the skull-wearing figures holds up a gloved hand with three fingers splayed out. Taking notice of this, Mitsuo turns his attention to Kasumi, staring darkly into her eyes. His wolfish grin returns. "What lovely eyes you have", he tells her with amusement. Her lineage had been discovered.

"Hm, indeed." Goh replies to Kasumi, a little unsure. "What she said is right," Goh talks to the cloaked figure. "..if it's material possessions you're after, then we have nothing. All I can tell you is that we're here on orders from the Hokage. She is looking for a neutral healer that might be in Kirigakure. Like I said. Me being all worn out like this is completely unrelated.. happened when we got attacked by some assassins. It's terrible luck, that's for sure." His brow furrows a bit at Nari, looking at her. He was leverage all of a sudden? Oy. "Erm.. yeah. But that is our situation. Help us or not, if you're able to tell us if Mushi is in your borders, that would help us a great deal."
Eyes perk a little bit, spotting that Kasumi's Uchiha blood has been discovered. "F..Forget it." Goh gets out, moving to stand /very slowly/ on his feet. He wobbles a bit, leaning on the Uchiha for some balance. "Why would you kill us?" He sounds a bit confused. "That would bring a lot of unwanted attention here. Trust me." A small nod. "Forget it then, don't take us in. No deal. But my original question still stands. It's just a question to answer. Nothing more."

Kasumi listens to the man, she seems pleased that she figured out that he wanted something more solid. Though the girl blinks some as he comments on her eyes "My..eyes? well, thank you for complimenting me, but that does not-." She gets cut off as Goh speaks up and she looks to him, soon moving to take hold of him "Oi, you need to rest…stop trying to get up all the time Goh-Sensei." She listens to Goh for a moment, then looks to the man for a slight moment "We have nothing we can trade, nor do you want to ease tensions. If…you want, if there is something you need aquired, I could try to obtain it?" She tries to barter with them, seeing if that works at all.

Sighing softly, Nari watched the three figures before shaking her head. "Eyes are non-negotiable. Goh is a Jounin, Masochist," she muttered, not knowing him by anything else. "Death isn't quite on my list of people to visit, but thanks for the offer." She stood there, her gaze shifting between the Mizukage and her teammates. "So, if you're not going to help us, perhaps you'll be so gracious as to leave us be…"

Looking in silence at the three Leaf ninja as they alternately make their pleas and noble stands, Mitsuo lets his mind process a few thoughts. "Gracious enough to leave you be, because, why would I kill you?", he contemplates aloud. Fixing the trio with a white hot glare, he snaps at them, "Not only would I kill you, but I would put your impaled corpses on display at the Fire Country's side of the 'Great Bridge' to the Wave nation. And I would do that to get even with the Leaf for killing some of my troops in a raid". Settling down a sliver, the devilish man lets his voice ooze with acid, "Don't think it will stop with just you three, however, and don't think that the attention earned by killing you three is unwanted". A pause ensues as as Mitsuo allows his words to sink in. The other two hosts of Death space themselves out so as to create a three-pronged barrier with their master before he stirs once more.

He smiles menacingly at the trio, like the monster that children believed lived under their beds. The one that would crawl out in the dead of night and gabble them up in their beds. "But…", he begins softly, "I would rather make examples of more than just one half-dead jounin and only two of his genin. So get out of here, and never take my mercy for granted again". As he says this, the Mizukage points a finger at the trio that splits apart, letting the bone within to grow out into a razor-sharp blade about two inches long. "Or I will kill your friends and loved ones before your very eyes before I claim you", he adds, then pointing his deadly finger in the direction of the Land of Fire.

"He wants your eyes, Kasumi. The power of the Uchiha bloodline; the Sharingan. Letting it fall into hands of another village is something that we cannot deal for, though. If this person won't even answer the question about Mushi, then we should head back." They were in no position to bargain for something like that, and it seems Kirigakure were just as difficult to deal with as he was told. "Mm."
It seems Nari was on the same page as he was! Good to see that Nari was so brave. She had definitely grown over the last few days.
And there it is! Mitsuo declines to even comment on the healer. Since he didn't even mention Mushi, it is likely safe to assume that she's not here. A small tip of his head. "Very well. We appreciate the mercy. Kasumi, Nari. Let's be off." With an arm wrapped about the Uchiha, Goh moves to turn around, and just like that, hobble away. "Come. Let's head home."

Kasumi stops for a moment and shakes her head to Goh "We cannot leave yet Goh-Sensei…Toukai is not back yet." She mentions before helping Goh across the bridge if that is the direction he was going and all." She looks over to Nari and took note of her different attitude today, but did not comment on it, not yet at least. A gentle sigh is given from the girl "Another failed mission then?" she asks Goh, the Uchiha girl did not like to fail missions, not one bit.

A frown overcame the Nara's face. That was it, they could go home. Watching Kasumi and Goh start to head off, she returned her gaze to the Kirigakure shinobi, a look of pure disappointment overcoming her face. "I'll visit Kirigakure someday," she mumbled as she started to back towards her comrades, her eyes actually starting to examine the Mizukage's every detail that she could manage before she forced herself to turn and catch up with the others.

"Toukai will be fine, Kasumi-chan… He didn't plan to be back for a while, so I think they'll be gone by the time he gets back to the camp." Nari sighed lightly and shook her head. "I don't want to think of this as a failed mission… I want to think of it as a successful adventure." With a nod, she smirked somewhat and shoved her hands in her pockets.

"Toukai will be able to catch up with us, Kasumi. Easily. He's a Chuunin, after all. And we won't go that far, or fast. We can't." A small smirk on his lips. "We can't travel that fast because my legs are still shakey..and no. Not a failure, Kasumi." Mmm. "Our mission was to find Mushi if she was here and bring her back." A small pause. "..and Mushi isn't here. So it's a success." How did he know? Maybe he's magic! "..if she were here, things would have played out very differently. They would have wanted something for her. Or at least brought it up. So it's safe to assume she must be in Sunagakure. Hopefully Kirin has more luck." And with this, they begin their plod home.


Having passed the Great River Bridge not long ago, the troupe of Goh, Toukai, Nari and Kasumi slowly yet surely make their way back to Konoha. They've passed over rivers, through mountains, and now, it seems, through a vast expanse of fields. Greenery. Rolling plains as far as the eye can see, with a random tree here and there to dot the landscape. With bright blue skies and sunshine raining down, one can be forgiven for pausing to reflect. It's a beautiful day.
Having a small pitstop under one of these small trees, Goh sits on the lush grass in the shade. He was slowly yet surely getting his stamina back! Always a good thing. With Toukai scouting out ahead for trouble, it leaves just Kasumi and Nari nearby to take care of the still wounded-Jounin. "We must be near Konoha.. Just the forest is left, then we're through the gates! What are you guys gonna do when we get back?"

Kasumi yawns some and stretches out a bit, thinking for a moment "Most likely spar my brother, then make dinner." She states, smirking some; that was the life of an Uchiha, a never ending battle it seemed. She looked over to Nari, seeing how she was holding up and what she planned on doing. Her eyes then looked to Goh to see how he was holding up and see if he planned on adding anything to the mix of things that will be done.

Nari admired the area idly as they trekked along. Once they stopped to rest, she stretched out in the grass and shrugged at the question. "I'm not sure. Probably go take a nap in my wonderful bed…" The life of a Nara? She sighed comfortably, waiting for her brother to return. "What about you, Goh? Rest as well?"

"Spar your brother, huh? You Uchiha do like to fight, I'll give you that." Smirking, Goh rolls his head over to the lazy Nara. "Me, I think I'll go for a giant bowl of pickled ramen. Then, report to the Hokage and tell her what's happened. She needs to know about all this, after all. I hope Kirin's had more luck finding this healer than us." With a shrug, the blonde slouches his shoulders a little.
"Oh, Kasumi. Maybe you could help Nari out a bit. She's trying to control her element. What sort of exercises did you do to control your fire element? Maybe we could do some similar things for Nari. She's a wind user, but there's hardly any of them in the village."

"Hmm? yeah I can show her what I do. It tends to be much easier than normal training actually." At least maybe to her Kasumi moves over to sit down next to Nari and stretch out a bit. "Whenever you get a chance I could show you some of the exercises I do, not now though, it might tire you out a little too much, last thing I need to do is have to carry two people around." she states, teasing Goh about his 'weakness' right now.

"Pickles ramen?" she echoed, a curious expression appearing on her face. "I… might be willing to try that." Nari blinked, humming thoughtfully and then nodded. "Indeed… Maybe they actually made it closer to Suna…" Blinking at the thought of Kasumi helping her with wind, she tilted her head. "Okay. Thank you, Kasumi-chan. I'm sure I'd be okay for a trip back if we did just a bit of training, but later may be easier, anyway." She grinned.

"Oi oi." Goh gets out through narrowed eyes, peering at the cheeky Uchiha. "I'm still fighting fit! Able to take on hundreds of men in a single blow!" Smirking a bit, Goh tilts his head. "..oh. I just remembered. Reiko has the wind element." Oy. "..the Salamander I use to crawl around in. I think she's wind natured. Maybe we could get her to give you a few pointers, huh? Well. Maybe when I can actually do the summoning technique. I don't have the chakra for it right now." A nod goes to Kasumi. " might be a good idea to follow Kas' ideas though, too. Just to get different perspectives. Oou." A slow nod. "..and right! Pickled ramen. My vegies mixed with the noodles to create.. well, the flavour is unreal. Quite spectacular, if I say so myself. Few have the gall to try it though. It'd be my pleasure to let you have some, Nari!" A glance goes to the side, peering in the direction where the Chuunin went. "..I wonder how far Toukai went."

Kasumi giggled some at Goh's look, sticking her tongue out at him before nodding to Nari "Sure, we can start a bit later tonight if you are up for it." She stretches once more and lays down next to Nari, turning to use the girl's lap as a pillow for the moment "Eh, Toukai will be fine, maybe he found some old lady that needed help crossing the street…and was willing to pay him." She closes her eyes for a moment and sighs "For Ramen I enjoy normal Hakata Ramen with flavored bamboo with a side of Kimchi…and Gyoza…and fried rice." One would expect the girl who works out to no end, burning all that energy to eat a lot.

Nari nodded to the both of them in turn and grinned. "Reiko, yeah, I remember her. Why didn't you think of that sooner?" Chuckling at the Jounin, she looked at Kasumi. "Comfy? You sure do eat decently, huh?" The kunoichi was used to just barely getting by, unlike the well-cared for Uchiha. Maybe that's what caused the laziness…
"Bamboo definitely adds a distinct flavour too. Oooh. Kasumi, you sure know a lot about your ramen!" Goh grins widely at this, clearly impressed. "I guess you gotta chow down heaps to maintain you energy, yeah? That's cool." Nodding to this, Goh can only shrug. "Hey, I'm not the brightest bulb around." Smirking a bit to Nari, he continues. "You should start getting quite a bit of cash in through this mission, Nari. For you and Toukai. It's a pretty high level thing we're doing here."

Kasumi grinned at Nari and nodded "Very comfy." She states before laughing a bit to Nari and Goh's comments about the food. "Yes, you need lots of food to keep up lots of energy." She then hops up and straddles Nari's lap, smiling down at her "You should come over, I will make you dinner." She moves to tickle the girl a bit, seeing as she had her right there and all. "That way we can get some energy in you too! beisdes, I am sure my family would want ta meet ya."

Smiling, she gave a nod to Goh and looked to Kasumi as she spoke. The other girl straddling her surprised Nari and she blinked before being tickled and she squeaked, immediately attempting to squirm. "Hey! Stop it," she managed before starting to giggle. However, she was unable to answer the dinner invitation because of this.
"Hm." Turning his head up a little bit, Goh's eyes narrow at the sky. "Female friendship is a beautiful thing, that's for sure." Pausing in thought, the blonde frowns, then pointing up to the sky. "Check it out. What do you guys think that is?"
From this distance, it looks like a whiff of dark cloud. But as it draws closer, it's clear that the cloud expands.. into many, /many/ birds. All of them heading straight from the group! "..weird. I've only seen birds move like that a few times before. All of those times were right before a large-scaled battle. The enemy forces were in such number that they acted like a stampede. The birds, freaked, flew all away from them." Only seconds later, the flock of birds zoom over the top of the trio. There surely must be hundreds.. or thousands. And they're noisy!

Kasumi grins and tickles a bit longer, but once Goh starts speaking she looks up towards the sky, watching the birds for a moment "Hmm..really?" She ducks a bit as the birds screech by, covering her ears a bit before getting a bit used to the sound "Then…dont you think we should move a bit more out of seight…just in case?" She asks, getting up off of Nari, and helping her up.

Nari continued to squirm until the birds were mentioned and she gave them a strange look before ducking as well. Taking the assistance up from Kasumi, she nodded in agreement. "Wouldn't want whatever scared them to come across us in this state…"

The trio sits in the middle of a vast expanse of rolling grass fields. With a few trees scattered across the landscape, they have opted to take this time to rest under what little shade they can find. With a flock of birds passing over them, it seems tensions are high!

"Where are we going to go?" Goh queries to Kasumi, sitting up a bit straighter, then standing slowly as the birds pass over them. Leaning against the tree, the Jounin glances around. "..there's nothing but expansive fields in all directions. There's no cover." A small pause, before a dramatic sigh. "..the enemy is skilled. They waited until we were in such a place before launching an attack. Look." Pointing over to the same direction, this time at the horizon, one can see… well, lots of figures! Hundreds of them. But, judging by the speed of their movement, they weren't shinobi. More like hired goons holding pointy sticks and hard chunks of wood.
"Those two ninja we fought before must have gotten some backup. Damn. Toukai scouted ahead, but we weren't covering our behind well enough." As indeed, the group of people are coming from the direction of Kirigakure. "Let's hope he comes back soon. We could use the aid." The large mass of people were likely still a few minutes away, so they had time to plan.

Landing next to Nari, Toukai finally returns! He stands to his full height and looks about the area before saying, "It seems that we're at an impass with those thugs ahead. We could go the long way to avoid them, but that will take days longer and we lack the provisions. Also I don't think those guys will go easy on us this time around. They'll come full force." Toukai looks about the group and chinrubs. "Suggestions?"

Kasumi looks to Goh for a moment and raises a brow as he speaks. She then looks to Nari, and then to the mass of people. "…Nari-chan? think you can come up with a plan?" She watches the group before moving to kneel down and meditate for a moment, seeming to wait for them to come to her. She totally ignores the fact that Toukai has arrived, seeming more focused on the fight at the moment. The girl seemed to be calm at this, taking slow, easy breaths.

Of course they weren't covering their behind… Sighing, Nari shrugged. "We can't hide… we can't exactly outrun them at this point. I don't know what else to do." Looking to her brother as he arrived, she shook her head. "I've got nothing… they don't really look like trained shinobi, but I don't think we can take that many, regardless."

"Go around them? They're coming from the same direction we came from." Goh replies with a chuckle. "And welcome back, Toukai! I guess everything ahead is clear." Humm. "I still can't run, either." Sucking in a breath, he exhales slowly, watching Kasumi begin her meditations. "I'm the one that they're after, and I won't drag you guys down with me. If you all stay with me, you will surely perish or be taken captive." Holding out a hand and pointing it to Konoha, he issues out orders. "..they probably won't kill me, I don't think. Not right away. You guys need to get back to Konoha and tell the Hokage about this mission. If we're all killed, then they might think Kirigakure got us. That'll just add fuel to the fire regarding our relations to them!" Even if one of the people picked him up and carried him, the amount of speed that would be lost would still cause them to catch up. Only a couple of minutes away now… "..our only other course of action is to escape in Wanpo. He's a Salamander big enough to carry all of us. But.. I haven't got the chakra to summon him yet." A headshake. " It's too risky. For that to happen, you will all have to hold them off for eight.. maybe ten minutes."

Toukai continues to rub his chin and looks at the oncoming mob of thugs. "Eight to ten minutes eh? Think we can do it? Plan A just isn't an option to me Goh-sensei. We won't leave you behind if there's something we can do about it." Toukai takes a knee and mulls out a plan to slow down the mob and bide Goh some time to perform his summon.

Kasumi nods to Goh's words before standing up "..Then we hold them for eight to ten minutes then.." It seems Kasumi did not plan on leaving a team mate to die. She watches them for a moment "Goh-sama…they are untrained goons, we however are supposed to be trained for such things…if anything, this is a good test." Yep, she sees it as a test. The girl gets ready, waiting for them to come, or waiting for some kind of plan, if none are given, she will do her normal thing, charge in and hold them off as she can.

Even as she listened to the others, Nari shook her head. "We can't leave you, Goh… If we can't hold them off, then… we're just out of luck." Chuckling lightly, she looked between the other two and nodded. "Eight to ten minutes it is. Let's just hope there aren't any high-ranking shinobi hiding among them."

"Untrained as they are, they're still looking to kill you. You guys might be able to fight off a dozen, or even more. But how will you all fare with hundreds of them all trying to stab you at once?" His pupils, alas, weren't Jounin. One was even a Genin with no special skills at all! But they're answer still causes him to smile. How difficult. "…alright then, if you're all so sure to stay." Goh gets out, sitting down and closing his eyes. "..give me time. I'll get Wanpo here as soon as I can manage it. Make sure to watch each others backs."
The rush of people continue to swarm, getting very close now. Should they rush back to keep them away from the focussing Goh? Or shall they let them all arrive? Up to the students!

"Then it's settled. We fight…to win, but let's air on the side of caution eh? We take the fight to them that way we'll have the advantage of falling back if we need to. If you're injured too badly in this fight don't hesitate to fall back. Just call out and we'll cover each other to make it back to Goh-sensei. Hopefully we can give him enough time to do what's needed." Toukai then exhales and looks towards the mob and begins his advance.

Kasumi nods, seeing that everyone is in agreement in this, she moves into her fighting stance, watching the group. Was the girl scared? of course, but like all Uchiha, she was taught to use that fear for fuel in the fight, right now though, it would have been good to keep up with that fireball training. "Well then, lets wait for them then…but not too long, if they get too close, some could get passed us and get to Goh-sama."

Nari nodded and advanced a bit with her brother, glancing at Kasumi. The Nara girl wanted to stay back because she knew she would be of little help, but she hoped to help somewhat… All they needed was the salamander… Taking a deep breath, she looked at the mob and bit her lip.

The mob of people continue to charge, waving their sticks and sharp pointy things at the three ninja which advance on them. Even if they had the skills, the mob had the numbers! All they needed was a few lucky hits, and it would be all over.
And just like that, they mob washes into the ninja like a wave crashing on the sand. Razor sharp attacks are sent for all of the ninja. Blades coming in out of no-where.. some even throwing rocks. Whatever they can get their hands on.

Toukai goes in and attempt to use some trickery to delay the frontlines. He turns into a log in front of them causing one to trip, but in the process takes a small rock to the head that rings his ears rather good. Annoyed, Toukai unleashes a few kunai at them attempting to maim, but not kill them if possible.

Kasumi sees the mob coming and gets ready, she however gets hit by a rock, slow on the dodge. Kasumi winces lightly and looks to them, taking a deep breath, the girl rushes forward. Silence fills her mind as she jumps through the air, spinning her body about and moving to puch one guy within the face, using her other hand to grab on his shoulder and launch off, and places one of the target's head between her knees and twisting her body to snap that ones neck. Finally she bounds off this one into a spinning backflip to hit one more that passed her up.

As the mob came forward, Nari attempted to go through seals, but was far too slow and ended up getting bashed with a stick. Growling quietly, she kicked the person who'd hit her before throwing a few kunai, aiming at limbs as best she could.
The kunai from Toukai come at the humans hard and fast! They hit a tiny fraction of the mobsters, who of course fall down in pain. Replaced by three others, they go off to attack Toukai by tackling him to the ground! And then of course, proceed to punch, kick and scratch. Painful stuff.
Speaking of painful… joisus Kasumi! Way to pwn. Her three victims fall to the ground in a heap, but she is rushed at from behind, two spears aiming to go straight through her spine.
Nari, although whacked by her attackes, turn tail and try to run as soon as soon as she counter-attacks! Kunai hit limbs, causing them to fall to the ground. A large man comes at her, carrying what seems to be a large chunk of wood that has wire wrapped about it. Swing!
Goh of course, remains sitting. Concentrating to gather as much chakra as he can.

This time the log gets a rather vicious beating as the mob tackled it to the ground. Toukai continues to throw kunai's at the mobs frontline to slow the back row from coming up to engage them. He spares a glance at his sister then Kasumi who has two spears headed towards her back. He sends out his shadow to capture one of them to turn his spear into the others side to take them out of the equation. Last thing he needs is Kasumi lanced at this point. He looks at his sister Nari and watches his clone reach her in time to take the attack for her and grins as she's doing just fine for now.

Kasumi takes note of the spear comming at her and ducks under it. This causes the spear to slice against her back some, wincing, and hooking her Haori. She quickly moves to drop out of the Haori and roll towards the guy that tried to spear her, pulling out two Kunai, one to stab that guy within the throat, and another one, which is explosive, tossing it into the middle of the mob, figuring such a thing would upset their 'ranks'.

Nari was glad for the cover and was quick to react by throwing kunai into the mob. Quickly glancing back toward Goh to make sure none of the goons had made it past them, she readied herself for the next wave of hired hands.

Caught by the shadows, it seems that Toukai's plan works! Caught by the shadows, his foes are stopped in their tracks. But no matter how many fall down at the hands of Toukai, Kasumi and even Nari, more just keep coming to take their place.
The fight rages for the alotted time, with the shinobi no doubt garnering some injuries. Eventually, after what might seem like an aeon to the fighting ninja, Goh slams a palm down into the ground. "Summoning jutsu!" Poof! Whilst a few mobsters might catch sight of Wanpo, they haven't got much time to attack him. With Goh standing on the six-foot high Salamanders head, he out-stretches an arm. "Now, Wanpo! Get them quick!" Because already, it seems that some are losing their breath.
In a quick snap, Wanpo's toungue will flicker out, grasping each of Goh's kouhai by the waist. Nari is first, reeling her back with great speed. Seemingly 'consuming' the Genin girl, Wanpo spits his toungue out again, going for Kasumi this time. With the same process happening, it then goes after Toukai. Fwoosh! All three of the ninja will find themselves in the belly of the Salamander after a sudden rush of movement. Complete with fleshy pools and little puddles of stomach acid-like stuff. Were they dead? Oy.
Nari was in the process of making seals to avoid the next wave when she was snatched up by a giant tongue. Surprised, she screamed shortly and then looked around the stomach before Kasumi was plopped in beside her, tired as could be. And then Toukai shortly after, who was just relieved to be safe. Left as the only one really conscious was the Nara kunoichi, so she just sat there, waiting patiently.
As is natural with this technique, the gasses inside the Salamander begin to take effect. First to Toukai, then to Kasumi, both of whom, given their already tired beings, fall unconscious due to the fumes. It leaves Nari just sitting there by herself, in such a creepy place.

A fleshy wall shifts slightly, and just like that, out comes the figure of Goh. It's like he walked out from the very flesh itself! Creepy. "..phew. We made it in time. Wanpo is travelling under the ground. We're heading straight for Konoha." Now re-weakened from his summoning technique, Goh hobbles over to Nari, tilting his head a little as he falls his butt with a soft thud, . "..don't worry about Toukai and Kasumi. There are gasses in this room that can stun even the strongest Jounin. It's why they're passed out. But…" Eyes narrow on Nari, seeming a bit confused. "…/you/ seem to be unaffected." Which is true! For some reason, Nari doesn't appear to be losing consciousness. "…are you alright? Didn't suffer too badly?"

Blinking at him as he emerged from the stomach lining, Nari raised an eyebrow at Goh. "I wasn't hurt too much… Toukai defended me a lot. Um, but that is interesting. Might be because I work with poisons and other fumes on a fairly regular basis?" Usually at least once a week, she'd see what she could make. "Glad to be going back."
"Good." Goh nods, although shakes his head a bit. "No.. The Salamander breath is something that can't be ignored even if you are someone that works with poisons." Shrugging, Goh exhales deeply. "..unless you're really strong mentally. Like, the Hokage or something." Seeming a bit confused at this, Goh casts his head from side to side. "You're not a typical Nara born, are you? I'd be curious to know your heritage. It's said that only a very few, rare amount of people can resist the Salamander Breath, myself included. You're the only other one I've met." Hum. "I wonder what that means."

"I dunno… My mother was a Yamanaka. Never met my grandparents on either side. Well, never really met my mother… Anyway, I'd be just as interested to know why it is I could resist it. I don't even sense it, really." Nari hummed thoughtfully, blinking at the idea she could resist something her brother couldn't, plus many Jounin, too.

"Maybe you're like me." Goh said with a grin. "Igneel, the boss Salamander, told me this story once. Something about the Salamander influencing a person in such a way that they bonded through chakra.. I dunno how it really goes. But it happened really long ago, when people were first starting to learn about ninjutsu. Anyways, descendants of that person are able to resist some Salamander techniques, like this." He peers to the unconscious Toukai and Kasumi, scratching his head. "..or it could be that you're just really tough. Heh. Anyways, the Salamander might be okay with letting you sign a contract with them if you're of their blood. But I'd have to talk to them about it first." Pause. "..just don't tell anyone! It's a secret. Last thing I want is all that news getting out and people bugging me about it." Standing up in the belly, Goh closes his eyes. "..we're here. Wanpo may not be the brightest in the bunch, but he's fast at travelling underground. Wana grab Kasumi? I'll get Toukai." Bending forth, the Jounin moves to grasp the Chuunin and sling him over a shoulder.
Nari blinked wonderingly at the thought of having some distant relation of some sort to the salamanders and then chuckled at Goh thinking it might just be her toughness. Right, tough. That described Nari awesomely! However, she was even more surprised to think she might be able to summon them someday. The young Nara even blushed lightly at the idea. "Wow, that'd be something. I'll be sure to keep it out of conversations," she promised and moved to hook Kasumi's arm over her shoulders and prop her up with her own hip.

One of the fleshy walls begind to open up, revealing an intense bright light. "Just gotta walk into the light." The Jounin instructs. Goh himself dissapears into it, fading from view as he strides out of the stomach. Nari herself will feel slightly warm as she exits, before things slowly fade from the bright white to the village gates of Konoha. Wanpo sits behind them, grinning stupidly. And of course, Goh is there too! "Alright Wanpo, good work." With a poof, the creature dissapears into thin air. "Nari, can you watch over Toukai and Kasumi? We'll leave them at the check-in station here. They should wake up in a few minutes. When they do, just explain to them what happened." A pause. "..good work! You've all definitely grown." A big toothy grin. "I myself need to report this to the Hokage right away." Placing Toukai down at the entrance station, the Jounin waves, then flickers from sight.

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