Ambush on the camps


Sakura, Tsun, Osamu, Sekisetsu

Date: May 18th, 2010


A team of Kirigakure shinobi ambush a lightly guarded Kumogakure encampment.

"Ambush on the camps"

Land of Waves

Kumo shinobi had often set up camps to hold areas in the Land of Waves. So Kirigakure sent out probing attacks, going as quickly as they'd come, as if testing for weak points. Often the most dangerous time for a shinobi was when they were on the move, so it was deemed that the primary target should be moving encampments. They were lightly held compared to more entrenched fortresses. And they often carried sensitive information, secret documents, and other supplies that had to be transported. Many were found to be in the open area, where forests and other natural obstructions made it hard to ambush. But one had set up near some woods, and that is where Sakura came up with her team. It was deemed even Genin were equipped enough to go on these raids, since they were supposed to be swift attacks based more on speed than strength, and often the attacks went on no longer than it took to stab someone in the back.
Sakura actually requested Genin she'd not worked with much. She liked to know the strength of many of the Genin in the village, rather than a few. Of course she'd taken Sekisetsu before, but she could actually stand that one. Now she stands amidst the trees. It's the dark of night, and in a clearing a quarter of a mile away is the camp of tents they'd set up. Only one shinobi now stands watch, one which they'd already avoided, and Sakura says. "Proceed in the cover of trees. Let's get close. Our objective is simple…to disable the shinobi there and find any sensitive material. Be wary of traps."

It had been funny how Sekisetsu had taken to one of the Seven Swordmen, and for a second, had been in awe of who the person had been. To her, Sakura had merely been Red Taicho, that obscenely powerful woman, whose managed to be sneaky despite her extremely colorful chose of clothing. It was really really red!! Like a stop sign. Even now, Sekisetsu, who had been on two branches behind, would whisper, "Stop Sign-sama. You really must be good at this ninja stuff. I mean, I hardly recognize you some times and you were more red than a decapitated Kumo nin!!", this said with a slight giggle as she would look on to the try and obey the orders of the woman. She would look to the area, not really knowing what to look for in the traps but actually seeming to try, or at least look like she was trying.

One of the genin tossed into the mix was a member of the Not-so-lengendary-but-hopefully-soon-to-be-super-duper-legendary Team Zero. As much as Tsun has been sent out to random missions here and there, she always seemed to find some way to avoid fully taking part. Leaving most to have no idea what she was capable of, or, if they wanted to make assumptions based on her performance they would've probably told Sakura that Tsun was not capable of much at all. Maybe there will actually be effort this time around?
Well from just glancing at Tsun, it was very doubtful. Her day had been rather uneventful. That… and the voice in her head was being a lot more annoying than usual, probably something to do with her lack of fighting while sitting around in a battlefield.
These negative pressures on her mind leaving her to be rather moody as she lazily followed along. Her hands would just dangle by her sides as she attempts to keep pace with Sakura until they start to close in on the target area. Tsun would shift behind some tree cover, glancing over at Sakura she'd raise her hands up to do form a handseal. "You want mist around that dude?" She'd ask in an impressively dry tone, for Tsun, as she looks about for traps.

Osamu was now being taken on his firt mission. The little boy had now spent weeks entertaining himself in the forest, and has never been on a mission before. The reasons why… well, that is up to each other nin to decide. Right now he is doing his best to keep up, but doing a poor job of it. He apprently does not know how to move in the trees, so is running along the ground, his pace slowing down at times and speeding up whenever he notices he is falling behind. His arms are by his sides, hanging somewhat limp, except when he needs them to help him stand up. He seems to be distracted looking into the trees a lot, a task not made easier by the low hood of his robe, and as such he trips and falls on various tree roots and twigs and even on clear ground some of the time. His one saving grace is that these falls are unusually silent, and somehow the little boy seems to not leave behind any traces of spider webbing or other things as he goes along.
Sekisetsu unfortunately would miss in the dark the trap at ankle length stretching for a couple yards. However she would feel the wire tugging against her leg, and a moment later several senbon are firing from her right to strike her. They’d anticipated someone taller so most would pass over her head, but some are aimed more accurately at her side. Sakura glances back, not really bothering to help. Hopefully Sekisetsu wouldn’t scream and give something away. Tsun would fortunately see the rope looped near her foot, waiting to drag someone up and smack them against a branch. And Osamu would spot the explosive tags plastered to a tree nearby him.

Afterwards, Sakura would gesture them forward—towards the shinobi scout, then she makes a slicing motion across her throat, and then a finger across her lips. Take him out, quickly, but quietly. No huge volley of attacks or battle shouts. Then she’d start circling farther away from them, to the other side of the camp, and along the way simply…disappear. Not take cover, but vanish as if she’d been erased. It was up to the Genin to take out the shinobi who was probably Chuunin level from his age; but they’d have the element of surprise at least. He’s facing in a westerly direction, standing near an isolated tree, slightly while they’re coming more from the east.

Well, this had gotten awkward. But I suppose everything tends to lead to experience, and this was certainly going to be one of those times in which experience was going to be a definite teacher. Sekisetsu would feel the wire….and just moments before she would hear a slight click, she would know well that she had done it. Three senbon, would seem to go through nothing but leaves and open air, but only one would seem to trickle with a slight few drops of blood, as the young student, would flicker and appear near Sakura, hidden, but her shoulder gashed.. and bleeding, but nothing profuse. Sekisetsu's face, would show off a bit of piss-off-ty the likes of which Sakura would probably have seen before. It was not good. The student would then tear off a piece of her hakama, tie it once, and stand up… A real trooper with not an once of scream being uttered.

'Really?' Tsun would look down at the trap, not too well concealed. It was very rare that she could pick up on these things! Casually stepping around the trap, she'd get set to attack. The red liquid dripping out of the tap of the metal container on her back(Yes, she did have multiple ways of carrying her kool-aid). It would slowly turn into a full flow, oozing in the ground around her feet. She'd hold off for a moment, making sure Sekisetsu was ready to continue as she gathered chakra. A grin would go Sekisetsu's way before Tsun got back to the task at hand and would do so by… raising up, her hand.
From Tsun's point of view she would be aiming up her right hand with the ninja's throat as the red water creeps across the ground. Eventually she'd also put her left hand into play. The water splitting into two trails at this point, one trail circling around to the man's side while the other heads a good distance in front of him. Making a waving motion with her left hand, the water would rise into the air making a quick waving motion like its master.
It would be difficult to tell what was moving behind the trees, making the basic form of the water an alright distraction if he took the bait as she closes her right hand into a fist. The second set of water would rise up behind the man charging his neck along with the other set of water each coming from the sides. Her aim? To crush his throat obviously!

Osamu barely turns his head to see Sakura's orders in time, then swarms of spiders seem to run out from under his robes, leaping, crawling, and generally flooding towards the enemy ninja. After this Osamu seems to be a little less stout than he was - and maybe an inch shorter, too, though his robe still seems to fit perfectly. After a few moments, Osamu raises his hands into the air; the ends of his robe still hang down off the ends of them; and a swarm of spiders leaps off of nearby trees and foliage to try and cover the man with biting death.

Sakura raises an eyebrow when Sekisetsu appears. Not crying out had been pretty good. She turns her attention back to that sentry. Osamu's spiders would be all over him before he notices and then he'd be attacked, at the same time Tsun's attack hits with the water… but unfortunately the damage isn't quite enough. He lets out a yelp just before Sakura takes a few quick steps, emerges from the tree, and slashes the back of his neck with a kunai. He drops, but the damage has been done. Shinobi (some in their sleeping wear) appear outside in various degrees of sleepiness. Some are facing the right way, but others would unfortunately spot Sakura and the two Kiri attackers right away.
He quickly makes seals and sends out a storm of hard hitting clods of earth. A widespread attack but not the most powerful at Sakura, Osamu and Tsun. Sekisetsu safe in the trees could attack at the cost of revealing herself. The other two Genin could attack as well or try to conceal themselves amidst the tress. The other shinobi are turning their attention to the correct direction, armed with various shinobi weapons or just rubbing their groggy eyes. One shouts, "Leave now or die!"
Sakura would toss a kunai at the face of nearer attackers and then try to blend in with the trees, stepping back into the shadows.

Seeing that the others were attacking, Sekisetsu, determined not to look bad in front of Red Taicho, would regain her footing, and drop down about the same time that everyone would began to attack, taking the stealthier route around the attack. Sekisetsu would then peer to the people that were coming out and just as they would begin to mass, Sekisetsu would stop, and launch two kunai, on to which would be attached two tags… which would blast with enough light and sound to make for a neat distraction.

"Ugh!" Tsun would groan as she was a bit off her mark, the man still standing and now all the ninja were on them. 'At least it turned into more of an ideal fight for me.' Tsun grins, never the stealthy type, seeing as she just used the only stealthy move she had. Tsun would look about, trying to take in the location of all the enemy ninja, paying no mind to the earth clods as she well… didn't see them. Though the water would go flying out of the container from the multiple taps, forming an arcing shield of water that the earth clods sink into. "Hrm…" The water slowly shifting so that Tsun's right eye can peek out over it as the earth clods are slowly pushed out of the shield, falling harmlessly to the ground.
"Happy now?" She'd form a few seals, a thick mist starting to cover the area of the enemy nin and without hesitation, Tsun would follow up with dragging motions of her arms as if pulling a rope back. The water she used earlier flying by her way and combining with her shield and the water that continued to pour out behind her. Hoping that the mist did enough to make her next…also slow attack a bit more difficult to avoid.
Raising one hand into the air, Tsun's expression would be that of someone not amused in the slightest. Sparing the enemies was definately not anywhere within her mind as the red water about her goes rushing into the air forming a giant globe. Her fist lingers above her head for a few moments before her fingers pop open, the globe exploding in all directions crashing down in the direction of her enemies in an attempt at crushing and sweeping them away.

Osamu, the now average-build boy, is struck by the mud balls, only to make it apparent that it was actually a clone standing there. The clone poofs, and Osamu can be seen nearby, out of the way of danger, raising his hands up once again to direct an attack of spiders at the enemy nin who is next nearest to Osamu's own position. The spiders leap forth, aiming to cover and bite the man. While this attack occurs, Osamu attempts to hide himself by leaping into some nearby bushes, though his attempts are below ninja-quality.

When two of the shinobi are attacked by the globe of water one dodges away swiftly, but the other gets a heavy blow that makes him stumble back. As he reels back he finds his footing, only to be covered in spiders and drop, screaming as he collapses. Not a very pleasant way to be defeated. Unfortunately three of the five turn to the commotion and start forward only to let out shouts of alarm as the flash bang tag goes off amidst them. One shuts his eyes in time and turns back to send a kunai right at Osamu. A moment later he’s stabbed from behind by Sakura who looks quite unlike her usual composed self. She’s grinning like a madman, thrilled rather than reluctant to attack someone from behind.

"OooOooOooOoo…" Looks like Tsun's sour mood is gone now as she starts playing around like her usual self, her arms snaking around as she continues the, "OoOooooOoo" ing. The water from the massive wave had regrouped, some of it returning to Tsun while the rest of it goes thrashing about towards one of the Kumogakure. The movement of the waves rather spaztic possibly a bit difficult to determine who were they were going for until they suddenly banked left. The four small waves tumbling over up and down like a group of water dragons, two aiming to slam into the chest while the others open up.

The opening action would be followed by the closing into a fist again, the girl's hand snapping at the air as the two extra waves twist about, spreading open at the ends like a gaping mouth before attempting to swallow up an arm and leg, crushing down on the limbs if successful. "So jumpy… a lot more annoying than fish." Tsun would cross her arms, casually walking towards the enemy ninja a heavy mist starting to shroud the girl, though for the sake of her teammates it doesn't spread out too far just in case they couldn't work well in the mist.

The shuriken seem to find their mark when they hit Osamu, except it is again a clone. Osamu had used the momentary distraction caused by the flashbangs to retreat into a better hiding place… or at least a relatively better hiding place, as this one is him being stuck by webbing on his back beneath the bough of a tree branch.

The Kumo shinobi are turning this way and that, trying to locate the hidden shinobi while keeping their eyes on the open ones. One shinobi heads towards Osamu after he hits him, only to find Osamu long gone. The next is pushed uncontrollably by the water only to be grabbed by more crushing water. Bones snap horribly before he falls, dying rather loudly. Three left and while one hunts around for the hidden shinobi two attack Sakura as she lets the shinobi she'd gutted fall down limply. She sighs. She knew she shouldn't have stayed in the open. One of the nin aims a fistful of senbon at her and another lobs a kunai but she ducks below them and takes the time to toss some shuriken at the nearest one and dart back into the trees to hide.

"Yes… I'll get you more, just a second, they're stronger than I thought." Tsun would then sit there in the mist, gathering from what seemed to be an endless pool of mana, the girl not looking worn at all despite all the chakra she was tossing into those technique. "Only a few left, let's see if I can get them all this time neh…" Tsun would pause for a moment, soon giggling, apparently talking with the mist. "Now…" This time two fists would shoot up into the air. The water would rush up into the air again, now two giant crimson orbs hanging above her. Tsun… was not too creative in her techniques apparently…

"Special Titan Hammerfist!" She'd then make a face, not too pleased with that on the spot name. Regardless, she was very pleased with the next step as she quickly brought her hands together above her head, clasped into a hammerfist position. She'd the roughly bring her hands down, popping them open at the last second for a more forceful effect with her Titan wave technique, the water slamming down much harder before and covering more land since Tsun…really didn't know where she was aiming.
Sadly, the girl was gimped by her own mist technique @.@

Osamu remains hidden for the time being, though various spiders crawl from his body and into the surrounding trees. He is gathering his chakra, preparing to strike, and observing the battle carefully.

As another shinobi falls Sakura would emerge to swing her fist at one—though miss by a good foot. However, the shinobi makes a strangled choke as if he'd been hit and falls. Then a blade appears in Sakura's hand as if winked into existence and her next blow decapitates him completely. "Hahahaha!" Sakura laughs. The last shinobi, seeing his comrades dead or dying around him, turns and makes a quick run for it, flickering from view and appearing far from any of the opponents. Not all opponents will necessarily stand to the last man. After all, retreats are part of war, just as much as attacks are. But they can't have people leaving alive, so Sakura says to her students, "Catch up to him and get him. Can't have any witnesses." In the meantime she'd glance around the camp, even going to a tent flap and peering in to make sure no one is still hiding.

The mist would fade as Sakura makes note to catch up to a ninja. Tsun wouldn't bother, she has a pretty good record of not chasing runners. It's just not her style, unless she was the only one who had a shot at it… which in this case she didn't. She'd just give Osamu a look, telling him to do through her eyes alone as she walks along the corpses. The sound of cracking bones following her as she goes, making sure they were down while also juicing them in a carefree fashion. A girl's got needs, some girls need fresh blood, lots and lots of fresh blood. You know?

Osamu drops from under the tree branch he is on and lands with a 'THUMP' on the ground. He stands up somewhat clumsily and runs after the escaping enemy nin. Just now his body is not only no longer fat, but is quite skinny. The boy can only manage something that looks like a clumsy run, abeit somewhat quick (for a villager). After a few moments Osamu raises his hands into the air and faceplants into the ground; at the same time, a HUGE swarm of spiders floods from the trees to attack the enemy nin. Its somewhat surprising that so many spiders could have fit under Osamu's robes…

Sakura slashes the blood off her blade and sheathe it as Osamu takes down the last shinobi in mid-flight. Searching the last tent flap she'd come out with a few papers, leafing through them boredly. Nothing really important here. "Drag the bodies to that tree," Sakura says, pointing towards the isolated tree the first sentry had fallen at. She flickers from view and would be back within the minute, carrying a few apples, some unripe and others rotten. Then she'd use wire to string all of the shinobi up by their necks, hanging from the various branches, and jam the apples beneath their teeth. "There we go," she says, sounding rather pleased. "Now let's go!" And that ends the mission as they return to their original safe ground.

"Jeez you'd figure with so many ninja they'd have… I dunno, one or two good ninja?" Tsun would sigh, washing the bodies up next to each other. The water would then lift into the air, shaking a bit to get out all the debris and whatnot within it before retreating back into the container. She'd then observe Sakura's artwork and give the woman a look when her back was turned. Here Tsun was thinking she was a bit gross when it came to the dead. "er…" A simple shrug would be given and she'd follow along, assuming it had something to do with intimidation.

Osamu returns to his plumper, taller self and tries to drag the body of the last nin he killed back towards the tree. He grabs it by one arm and pulls on it, but doesn't make much progress beyond rolling it over to expose its red and overly swollen face covered in small bites. After a few tries of pulling the body, Osamu's feet slip and he falls on his bottom, then gives up pulling on the corpse and goes back to stand in the open and watch Sakura from under his low hood, most of the time having to crane his neck back fairly far to get the hood up enough. Other than the turning of his hood, Osamu doesn't move and lets his hands sit idly by his sides. Every few seconds a spider drops from a tree or crawls across the ground into his robe, or a spider or two will scurry away from under his robe. When Sakura says to go, Osamu begins to run along like he did at the start of the mission, not very quickly for a nin and with a lot of tripping and stumbling and speeding up and slowing down.

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