An Evaluation of Failure


Naoya, Okami, Sei

Date: August 24, 2015


The clan head of the Okumo calls upon one clan member to act as a balancing ear while addressing another who has left a mark of shame not only onto the village, but by extension, the Clan itself.

"An Evaluation of Failure"

Ancient Temple, Land of Water

Sei was not pleased with the report he got.

One of the Okumo clan was 'in charge' for the riot that had started. Not only did they fail to really quell the riot, others got killed. Without orders to do such.

This wasn't acceptable.
Sei requested Okami and Naoya to goto the ruins for a meeting. There was to be a discussion about what happen. After all, Sei knew well that what goes on paper can not always be what actually happens. He awaited them at the top of the ruins. In the open, but those who could sense it, would know that Sei's brood was active in the ruins, almost hyperactive with the agitation that was occurring across the hive mind.

Okami's punctuality is not very consistent, rather, it depends on whether or not she has forgotten to eat and grabs a snack on the way over. Actually, she's got an octopus on a stick with her, nibbling at the charred critter while she climbs her way into the ruins. She tries to stay off the ground if she can, it pleases the little ones. And thus she rappels down into the temple, standing on one of the valence rings and continuing to chew and devour the once writhing thing. Her eyes are dancing over the activity of other spiders, seeming more hungry now than her snack is quelling with all this delicious scent nearby.

'Yes, we'll answer the request.. No, not this time.. Not us..' is softly murmured to someone unseen as Naoya continued to make his way through the forest. Slowing to a halt once he arrived within the ruins, his chin lifts as he looks around the pillars before the main temple itself. 'Yes yes..' "Scatter," is ordered with a flat tone along with a firm tap of his right foot, sparking an exodus of three dozen medium sized spiders and a minor flood of smaller spiders which depart in several different directions, some back to the forest, some within the ruins while other surge towards the temple itself.

'Yes, likely there again.. I'll look for myself..' Leaning forward, Naoya shifts much of his weight onto the ball of his right foot before seeming to slow down, stiffly but it wouldn't be long before his appearance simply fades into the air like a mirage. Landing on the side of the temple briefly, he would scale the structure within a few bounds.

After landing on top of the temple, Naoya would close his eyes, and dip his head lightly, though this sparks several smaller spiders to slip from his neck, taking root within his hair or within the collar of his overcoat. "As you've requested, this one has arrived." Upon opening his eyes, they stay some what lidded, though his eyes were much darker than usual, maintaining a dark golden tone.

Sei stood with his arms akimbo and hands on his hips. He was silent as Okami finally showed up, Naoya shortly after. A small nod was given to them and then the harps would play. There were at least a dozen through out not just the temple, but the surrounding forest. That sound had a harder tone to it, almost savage in nature. The agitation showing it seems. There was no request for consent this time. Sei would press that voice, an almost solidified entity that demanded entrance. "Okumo Okami. You have been found to have failed a mission that reflected harshly on Kirigakure. Dealing with civilians and not controlling shinobi is not acceptable. We are Okumo. We are the ones that control our surroundings." Sei would nod towards Naoya then. "Even those who are mainly Hunter still have control. Before I determine what the results are, I wish to hear your side of what happen at the riot." Sei's arms would shift, folding across his chest, that control of his hive mind evolved to the point of it being one entity it seems as black gaze watched Okami unblinking.

Okami is quiet and to herself while her snack is meeting a drooling end. However, then the talking starts and it is time for her to speak, she casually tucks the sticked octopus into her kimono from the neck.

"While the fault is ours from mis-information of our flock's capabilities, the rioting villagers in question were suffering from an external source. One that had driven them to fever and aggression, they were almost feral without enough trauma to jar them from that state. I had ordered my flock to subdue the villagers and to avoid lethal approach. However, there was a young Shirayuki present that was not of our group. I had enlisted their help with the same guidelines. The scale of the event was literally every non-shinobi in the market was attacking one another with intent to kill." she starts, straightening up and keeping her eyes on Sei.

"As mentioned in my report, however, she had a lack of restraint in her method and it ended with many more casualties on both ends than we had projected from initial observation. Using a fully powered jutsu in the midst of the crowd that had frozen over villager and shinobi alike. Afterwards, she brought herself to first aid when all the fighters had been restrained or released from whatever affliction had claimed them."

A faint snarl flares across Naoya's lips as the harps begin to play not only within the temple but within the forest as well. 'Be still..' is said tensely but lowly, more of a grumble than a whisper. Exhaling slowly, the Genjutsu would ensnare him without much resistance. Upon hearing something, his eyes shift, looking away from the stiffly stood Sei, towards the gluttonous Okami.

Rolling his shoulders slowly, Naoya withdraw his arms from his sides into his over coat before shifting his stance slightly. Letting his arms rest, slacked, along his belt line. "Shirayuki.. Yes, sounds like her.." is said with a bit of a sigh. Turning his head slightly towards Sei, he informs "Shirayuki Tsubaki.. Prodigy, short attention span, under the age of ten.. Overly active with ninjutsu unless watched closely. Holds the title 'Genin' for four seasons unless mistaken."

Sei frowned. Nodding slightly, he'd glance to Naoya, accepting his statement as well. Looking back to Okami then, he'd ponder a moment. "You and your team was dealing with an external source. Due to this third party that you attempted to get assistance from, it was more control lost. While not directly responsible for the loss, you were the one in charge, so therefore were the one to blame." Sei looked thoughtful, glancing to Naoya then. "You are to contact the head of the Shirayuki. This one needs discipline. If not from them, then by us. Let me know if you make contact. I will request permission from the Mizukage if you can not." Sei would look to Okami then. "The failure will be a mark on your permanent record. We recommend further practice at control of others. You may need to seek to do lower rank missions so you can understand how to handle them. I expect a report from you in a week's time on your progress for learning this. Failure in that will lead to a harsh punishment. Understood?"

There is a comment from the familiar other, one that is an appropriate dossier for the young snowflake. "I am aware of my record being tarnished, the little ones ensure I am." she chitters in response. "My periods of solitude have us rather distant from the other groups within the village, and I am more selective of my charges when given notice. If you wish for us to corral more youths towards their goals, then we shall do so, patriarch." is her response. There is an empty stick sliding down her left sleeve and finding its way into her fingers, something which she spins about and twirls as an outlet for her need to fidget.

Dipping his head lightly, Naoya nods slowly once towards Sei. "I will, though I suggest preparations to meet with the Mizukage.. After the death of their former lord, and then the disappearance of the prince, leadership, much less guidance within that clan is 'questionable'." Closing his eyes, the young man's eyes continue to twitch under them, as if reading something still. Turning back towards Okami, he keeps his eyes closed, his lips part to say something but then close again with a light shake of his head. 'Yes.. at another time'

Turning towards the forest, Naoya opens his eyes and looks around slowly. "Training.. Examples.. Discipline.." Each word is said softly, but easily heard as he turns back to face Sei. "There will be additional incidents, such as this one. If I may.. Guidance is needed, more trials are needed such as this, even if we require to spark them." Shifting his gaze towards Okami, he nods lightly once only to say, "Absolute solitude likely is a cause of some of your problems. You have little experience with external chaos."

Sei would nod firmly. "Agreed. You are to corral more youths towards the mission's completion. Punishment should be swift, harsh, but non-lethal. The youth is the source of Kirigakure's future." Sei would glance to Naoya and nod slightly. "We concur. Therefore we have better begin work on the creation of situations for proper control of variables. Please do an example run within this week. I request a report to the Mizukage and myself for future outlines. I already have a meeting I plan with the Mizukage. I will include this in the discussion." Sei would look back to Okami then. "For the riot, I am leaving the mark as the punishment. It will be a reduction in pay until grievances against the clan are resolved. I expect you to no longer be isolated. Do not agitate the other powers within Kirigakure, but make sure you are aware of what's going on. Control is important. Information is critical."

Okami chitters as instruction is given. "The pay decrease is inconsequential, we have enough funds for a few more months of survival, you can redirect all of incoming pay to rebuilding from our failure. My only lament is the sufferance imposed unto my research. I will balance of it what I can while re-assimilating into the village, patriarch." and hopefully her cost of living won't rise. She can handle a few more days without having another nibble, and with hope she won't have to find.. actual living arrangements.

Choosing now to remain silent after nodding lightly towards Sei before redirecting his focus again onto Okami. Naoya arches a brow faintly when the mention of 'research' is brought up, but quickly his jaw tenses quelling his curiosity for the moment. Nodding slightly towards her as well before shifting his stance and taking a half a step back to look at both of them at once. "Seek this one out is you are left curious. I have experience with the younger ones, as well as the ones which chaos follows closely behind.. Do so before the summer season, for your own sake, things may change as that season approaches."

Sei looked between them, the harps finally stilling, calming down to that single harp below them in the roof of the ruins. Sei would nod then. "Very well. Dismissed." The genjutsu would be released then, along with that control of the hive mind. It's not exactly easy to stay at fighting level, although Sei has pushed to that point plenty of times in the past. Even still, he would have to keep a close eye on Okami.. to make sure that the error was indeed external and not internal.

"As you suggested, and as the patriarch orders." she says to Naoya, glancing upwards for a moment once everything is dismissed and open. It is on that note that Okami quietly treads her way out, deciding to gnaw on the stick that had been left over of her snack.

Dipping his head, Naoya lingers in the position for a moment before whispering, 'Fall back.. Burrow.. Yes, the closer one' A light smile shapes onto his lips as he stands upright again. Leaning backwards, he shifts his weight onto his left heel as he takes a step back, quickly kicking off of the temple's platform to send him over the edge and towards the ruins. "Such a mess.. Yes.. we'll need to find that report, also see the ruins ourselves.. Correct.." is softly said to himself as he continues to move for a time backwards until he makes it to the underbrush of the grove's forest.

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