An Evening in the Library


Yoichi, Yuuka

Date: June 16, 2014


Yuuka happens upon Yoichi studying to become a Medical Ninja in the library.

"An Evening in the Library"

Kirigakure Libryary

With the coming of evening, the Swordsman known as Kaguya-Hozuki Yoichi is found in a place some might think is a bit odd for his personality, not that many people think he has much of one. Sitting at a table in the library, the Jounin Swordsman has several books spread out in front of him that he is glancing through. Were one to get close enough to inspect, it would seem he is looking through different medical book and studying medicinal chakra effects, as well as theories on electrotherapy and suiton-based therapy jutsu.

Passing nearby, Yuuka slips past one of the nearby tables, only to pause when she sees Yoichi nearby, sitting at one of the tables with difficult medical books in front of him. A pale brow gently lifts at him for a longer pause. It's rare to see the Swordsman outside of liquid after all, but medical books? "You are an odd kind of shinobi." she murmurs, though from the way she says it, it's not necessarily a bad thing. "That looks… detailed."

As Yuuka passes by, Yoichi glances up at her. The comment brings a slight smirk to the man's face as he says, "Yes, I am, but I'm also extremely effective in my oddness." He glances back down at his books at her next comment, saying, "It's incredibly detailed, yeah. I'm looking to combine a few concepts here, Combat Electrotherapy, Suiton Nature Refreshment, and normal Ninjutsu surgery. Once I've mastered them, I'll be able to actually perform life-saving healing jutsu on the battlefield while acting as an impenetrable shield against attacks by basically absorbing a patient into myself to heal them."

"You are that." Yuuka agrees, her expression softens subtly. Her bright eyes blink slowly as she glances back down at the book. Complicated indeed. As he begins to explain it though, she blinks at him blankly, as if everything he just said flew over her head. "Ah." she pauses. "You should keep a journal of your progress combining the concepts. The train of thought, process, what works and what doesn't. Perhaps it'll help figure it out as you go along. And maybe even help someone else in their own studies." Yuuka suggests, thought a moment after a small, sheepish smile tugs at her soft lips. "It's a suggestion I mean… You don't have to if you don't want."

Yoichi's eyes scan over the books a bit more as Yuuka speaks. At her last statement, he blinks a bit and looks up at her. "Actually, yeah, that's exactly what I'm doing. It may not do anyone but hopeful members of my clan any good, but it'll be effective." Placing a finger on a couple things, he says, "Electrotherapy is suited well for stamina replenishment. Suiton Refreshment is best for chakra. If I combine the two using the Kiba blades in sync with my own nature, I think I can create a line of pretty incredibly healing jutsu once I get the hang of it."

Again. Over her head. Yuuka lightly shakes her snowy head to herself before motioning to the scrolls in her arms. "I was just looking for these for my new student. He has boundless energy… but I hope these might prove useful for him." she murmurs. Pausing a moment, she considers Yoichi before murmuring. "You are the one that brought in Takahiro, right?"

Glancing at the scrolls, Yoichi smirks slightly and shrugs. "Maybe. It's kind of hard to get a student to sit down and read instead of spend all his time out training and fighting." He blinks a bit at her question, shaking his head. "I've heard of him, but I've never met him. I'm not sure who brought him into the village."

Yuuka chuckles softly. "Training and fighting is only good if you actually understand the mechanics of what you're doing. Even Kaguya know that." She couldn't help the slight smirk that tugs at her soft lips before she gives him a wink. Then, listening, Yuuka pauses for the briefest moments. "Ah. I thought you had. My mistake." Question now is, who had rescued the boy and brought him here? "After what he's been through… Takahiro seems a little guarded around people. The Mizukage had hoped that I could change that, bring him out of his shell in a positive environment." Another chuckle escapes her as she exhales a soft breath. "Now I have three children under my care, including Yuriko-chan."

"Indeed," Yoichi says with a nod, being one who uses technical fighting down to the core, insomuch that, even before he was as strong as he is now, he gave Meruin's nervous system of a bit of a rearranging in that fight to prove the Okumo's eligibility to become Kage. At her words about the boy, he says, "Hmm… I imagine, though, with any luck, especially under your care, hopefully he'll turn out alright rather than some isolationist jerk who is incredible in combat but won't even try to be good with people." He smirks just a touch at that, referencing what some people say about him. "Three, huh? That's a little rough, I imagine, though I guess that servant must help you out a bit?"

Considering the table, Yuuka begins setting the scrolls on it's surface before taking a seat herself, joining Yoichi. "He doesn't seem like that, Takahiro-kun I mean, he just… seen too much for his young age. Right now… he's just a little boy that misses his mother." The mention of Kaydin elicits a quirked brow, curious perhaps. "I wouldn't call him a servant. He's more like… a caretaker." Yuuka murmurs. "I told him at the beginning that he wasn't my slave, but he insisted on staying." She gently shrugs a shoulder.

Yoichi glances up again as Yuuka joins him, something he probably should've thought to invite her to do, but he's not that good with social things. "I'm sure he'll turn out fine. Look at us, after all. We've got some scars, but we're still here," he says. "If he picks up anything from hanging around you and Yuriko, he'll hang in there." At the words about Kaydin, he ponders a bit and shrugs. "Maybe he's interested in you. It wouldn't be surprising. You're attractive, accomplished, strong, are enjoyable company,… I suppose that list could go on for a bit."

Yuuka blinks her bright aquamarine eyes for a moment, at the suggestion that Kaydin would be interested in her. A slight frown forms in her brow, and a small breath parts her lips. "I think he was pushed into this by his clan, obligated to come here to replace—" she catches herself and shakes her snowy head. "Well in either case, I think he stayed because he wanted to be somewhere that he's wanted. Or… just somewhere that isn't the Land of Fire. Hyuuga don't often escape the eye of their clan, from what I've heard." Her gaze looks back up at Yoichi, and Yuuka couldn't help but smirk. "You're also forgetting twice widowed and carries a sword that's even bigger than she is. How couldn't that be intimidating?"

"A Hyuga pushed by his clan to come here?" Yoichi asks, blinking a few times. "That's a really odd occurrence, especially with how protective they are of their clan's dojutsu." He considers what they hope to gain from that for a moment before shrugging his shoulders. As he glances back down at his books, he can't help but smirk a bit at her words. "I suppose most would find that intimidating. Perhaps it's the connection we share, but I seem to find those qualities about you admirable. How Yuriko is turning out is a fine example of just how strong you've stood through all you've gone through."

Shifting her weight, Yuuka lifts a hand to lean her head against her palm. "He's a branch member, his eyes are sealed so I suppose they consider him expendable." she murmurs, shrugging a shoulder again. "That clan is weird…" But they probably say the same thing about Kaguyas too, so who is she to judge. "Hm, 'intimidating' is just another word for 'misunderstood', but in any case thank you. Trying to raise Yuriko by myself…" Her words trail off as Yuuka's expression changes, It's difficult, but she wasn't quite sure how else to explain how lonely she's been. And tired. "How exactly did we get onto the topic of me again?" she smirks.

"I suppose that makes sense in their perspective," Yoichi says, shrugging his shoulders then looking back to the pages as she speaks. Due to their connection, he feels the emotion she does as she goes through the thought process, causing him to wince slightly. She can likely feel through the connection that he's still not used to such things, as he chooses to ignore them and be a loner that embraces that darkness rather than moving on from it. Chuckling a bit at her question, he replies, "I suppose just general conversation flow."

Unconsciously, Yuuka picks up the withdraw as Yoichi winces, making her feel bad that she had unknowingly pushed the sensation onto him. He wasn't used to it, nor did he deserve to be inflicted by it either. "I'm sorry…" she apologizes softly, trying to move forward and way from the growing awkwardness. "Conversation flow that just so happens to drift to my my love life, or lack there of." she chuckles.

"You've got nothing to apologize for," Yoichi replies with a shake of his head before looking up at Yuuka. "It's something I probably need to work on in being prepared for. After all, a proper jutsuist knows how to handle all aspects of his powers, right?" Chuckling a bit at her next comment, he says, "Well, you're a lovely woman, so I'm sure that will be remedied by some lucky man."

"I still feel like I should. You're not used to it and feeling emotions like that…" she trails off again, feeling a little foolish in general. Her soft pinks lips part with another small breath. "Being part Kaguya… have you experimented with your bones? Or is that kekkei genkai out of your reach?" she asks softly, pausing before a small bit of color touches her cheeks.

"Well, it's alright," Yoichi says, shrugging his shoulders and glancing back down at the books. Her next question brings a slight smirk as he notices the blush it causes for her. "Actually, since my bones are liquified when I use Hydrification, trying to use Shikotsumyaku wouldn't really serve much purpose. I have, however, found ways of mimicking it with hydro weapons." The scene fades as the two continue on in conversation…

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