An Important Delivery


Tsiro, Mizumi, Ren

Date: November 30, 2016


Two Genin are told to fetch a package for the Mizukage.

"An Important Delivery"

Land of Water - Kirigakure's Docks

Tsiro stands in his office looking out the window. The sun was a few hours from setting. Not that it mattered anyway to him. He growled a little bit as he thought of the current circumstances. He was waiting on two genin that he had summoned to arrive. They would be directed by his secretary to enter his office. He expected them to arrive together. The two files on his desk lead him to believe that despite being from different clans the young boy and girl might be attached somewhere like siamese twins.

Mizumi and Ren would likely show up together. Actually, they really did. They aren't actually siamese twins, of course, but they've been working together for a long while and even consider each other best friends. Not to mention they've managed to rent a small apartment together since Ren needed to get out of his house and Mizumi didn't mind sharing so long as her own parents were fine with it. Anyway, once directed to the proper room, the young Shirayuki would either knock or wait for some person to open the door for her and her friend (however it works in Kiri) and enter the Mizukage's office. Once inside, a respectful bow is offered.

Ren was of course gonna follow Mizumi. Especially since they lived together. They also were basically each others longest known friends… well his for sure. It did seem he followed Mizumi's lead for more social interactions as he waited for her to knock and enter first and would do the same greeting right after her. He did seem awfully prepared for whatever though. Even had a smaller sword win him that he didn't really use much right now as he focused on mastering his blood first but he did still have some small training.

Tsiro did not need to turn around in order to know that Mizumi would open the door first. She seemed to be the leader of the pair. Perhaps it was that she was a Shirayuki. They always seemed to have some kind of regal sense about them. He had only known a few but all of them had been leaders. Then again maybe it had nothing to do with the clans. Maybe Ren was the quiet type. It mattered not.

"So I have a package arriving at the docks. Normally I would send an actual team to go and get it. The team I had in mind though had to be dispatched to Suna to help them out with their rebuilding. So… the two of you were selected." Yeah.. nothing like being told you were not the first choice, but merely a replacement for a short handed Mizukage. "This is a personal mission from me. I assume you understand the rewards for success and the consequences of failure?" he asks plainly before going into the mission details.

What Mizumi carried on her was a staff that she kept stowed on her back. The girl sometimes used it to walk around through Kirigakure, but she's been seen using it less lately. When Tsiro states that neither she nor Ren were his first choice, she simply took it in stride. It wasn't the first time she heard such words, and she was sure it wouldn't be the last. The Mizukage is given a respectful silence as he speaks, though once the question is posed, she would answer aloud, "Hai," in a clear voice. Her eyes shifted to Ren to see what he would say before she refocused on Tsiro.

Ren was quiet but he just got used to being more hated or disliked than anything else. So instead of making himself heavily known he went ahead and went the path of sticking to the sidelines. "A package? Well sounds easy enough. And don't worry we understand consequences as much as anyone. We have been taught multiple things from Naoya and Kiji." Both names he should know. "That includes how Kiri works in full. As well as the Okumo clan but we aren't Okumo in any way." He paused though and just nods slightly to Mizumi. "First choice or not we can handle it."

Tsiro grins a little as he hears of the Okumo clan. They had become a prominent clan in the mist village. Many of their warriors/ failed experiments had found success in their missions. "It is good the Okumo are taking care of the schooling. Now that you've graduated, maybe its time a Kaguya taught you all the ropes of the world." It was merely a comment, not part of the mission.

"Back to the task at hand. You will go to the docks and pick up the package by wagon. You are to return it to my office. Do not peek at what is in the box. Just know that it is likely that there will be bandits trying to steal it. This was an unsual purchase that "

Tsiro grins a little as he hears of the Okumo clan. They had become a prominent clan in the mist village. Many of their warriors/ failed experiments had found success in their missions. "It is good the Okumo are taking care of the schooling. Now that you've graduated, maybe its time a Kaguya taught you all the ropes of the world." It was merely a comment, not part of the mission.

"Back to the task at hand. You will go to the docks and pick up the package by wagon. You are to return it to my office. Do not peek at what is in the box. Just know that it is likely that there will be bandits trying to steal it. This was an unusual purchase that is sure to draw some attention. You have about an hour to go secure transportation and make it to the docks." He then turned around and waived a hand for them to go.

Mizumi nods a bit at Ren's comment about Naoya and Kiji's instructing them, as if to affirm his words. She doesn't react much to Tsiro's comments on the clan of their teachers, instead just waiting for him to tell them the mission specs. She was just a bit impatient, perhaps, or maybe too serious. Whatever the case, once dismissed, she saluted, turned, and made her way out. As soon as they were outside of Tsiro's office, she would say, "The docks aren't too far from the gates… We can probably just run there and back. If we run into bandits or the like, we need to make sure the package isn't harmed…" She would continue discussing various tactics with Ren, at least, until they got to the gates…

Ren would nod just a little bit before following Mizumi right out the door. "Well might be best to have it secure on something other than our person. Just in case we get tossed around. We are small and all." He did follow her to the gate though. Just to see what all she had in mind and what might be waiting for them. If anything really. Any tactics he had were basically just see what happens and adjust as he goes along.

The docks are still quite busy for the time of day. Fisherman are bringing in their last catches of the day. Some of them are loading out carts to go to merchants while others seem to be securing their ships then heading for the local tavern. There is one man who stands out a little bit. The crew of his ship have not left the boat. Instead they are simply standing their as if waiting for something. He is a tall man. Obviously he and his crew are not apart of the fishermans workforce. They seem to be employed to use their ship for other means. The man glances out along the road waiting for something specific to happen.

Mizumi muses over the possibilities of scrolls, using a henge on themselves and the package to avoid detection, and a few other random strategies, but in the end those plans are tucked to the back so that they can adjust what they would do according to the circumstances on this mission. First thing first, they needed to get the wagon. Once it was all set up and all, they'd head to the docks. "Were we told who to pick the package up from?" Mizumi would suddenly wonder as they were going to the docks.

Ren looked at her for a moment as he thought about all her suggestions. All were good ideas but they had to see what would be needed first. He would then just wait along the wagon for a while until they got to the docks. "We were told to pick it up. That is all I remember… From who I dont know. Maybe they will come to us. Were we told any keywords?" He asked with a frown before he just began to look around a tiny bit. Maybe he would stumble on them.

As the two Genin arrived on a wagon, the man would wave to them. He then would turn around and point for them to park the wagon so that his men could load the large crate on it. "Who are you picking up for?" he would ask. The men on the boat seemed fairly eager. It was almost like they had somewhere better to be. The grumbling was easily heard by both Genin.

"Not really… But… I guess that answers our question…" Mizumi noted when she sees someone waving them over. She couldn't help but poke a bit at their chakra to see if there was anything suspicious about the man, but otherwise she'd reply to him. "Picking up for Godaime Mizukage," Mizumi says once close enough, even as she waits for the cart to get loaded.

Ren looked at Mizumi and nods. "Yeah it does in a way." He kept a small eye on her to see what she was doing but overall paid attention to these guys. He would still let her do all the talking as well of course but he would give suspicious looks if needed. And his judge on if needed or not would be based on how Mizumi acted. Mainly he reacted differently based on if she seemed to judge them poorly or not. Could be a good or bad thing really. Anyways once she said that he would prepare a bit of a space for it.

The man nodded. There didnt seem to be any other security needed. He was not overly large or small in stature. About midway between. "You tell your Mizukage I said congrats on the appointment. Even if you dont make it back, my debt is paid and the next time he needs a favor to call someone else." the man states sternly as he waves for the men to bring out the crate.

Six large men pick up a crate by the sides and move down the ramp with it. They toss it on the back of the wagon not seeming to care if it breaks or not. There is a loud thump. The crate itself shows no signs of movements, so it likely was not a living being. If it had been, it probably had moved onto the next world. So it stands to reason that it was not a living target or something fragile.

After the men place the crate down, they take off into the street. The rest of the crew follows. The man gives a fake smile to the Genin and takes off himself. As he is walking away he can be heard mumbling…"$^&*$# Kaguya."

Well, they got the goods, as sketchy as they seem. Mizumi wasn't overtly concerned that there was likely some form of dead body within the case, as she just gestured a bit to Ren for him to take up leading the cart. She'd keep an eye out from the back since she could detect danger a bit better than Ren could. "I'll let him know…" the girl would have said to the man before he took off. Anyway, time to start heading off, right? She climbs her way back onto the cart in the lookout position.

Ren looked at the men and just tiled his head to the side awkwardly. Okay then well seems to be time to go to the front of the cart and just lead it back. "Mizumi. You don't think bandits will be too dangerous do you? Or do you think they will be of a… Well a higher overall 'quality' of bandits?" He chuckled lightly. "I just wonder what might ome from this. I worry more than bandits might show up. Though it could just be…. Normal worries I guess."

The docks were not that far from the village. Mizumi had been right in her earlier assessment of that. However now as the duo travelled the path back there seemed to be a road block. Now there was a broken cart in the middle of the path. It seemed to be turned sideways and set on fire. That was surely not there earlier when they had moved past the area. To the sides of the path were some heavy brush and a ditch. It did not seem like a good idea to take the cart off the path.

Mizumi lets Ren drive the cart mostly, sort of just waiting for them to get to the village when there was a burning cart in the way. … Well, then. "Hmm… Around or through?" she would ask of her Shimizu companion, tilting her head a bit as she considers the obstacle before them.

Ren eyed the burning cart for a moment and sighed a bit. "Well if you could just lessen the flames enoughf or us to clear a bit away here maybe we can get on through quickly. I can maybe use what I know to move things. Since without ninjutsu I don't know if I can move that cart at all." He frowned a bit at his smaller size but then again it could be useful being smaller so the frown didn't last. "You try to work to remove the flames and I destroy and move stuff? We should be quick.. And Mizumi. Check for signs of danger yeah?"

Mizumi nods a bit and would make a hand seal. Once chakra was gathered, a hand seal was made to gather water from the air and then it was sent towards the cart so that the flames could be toned down and eventually go out. Once that was done, Mizumi performs a quick scan of the area with both eyes and chakra sense.

Ren would walk up to the cart that was tipped over and using blood he would quickly attempt to break apart and move enough to allow them to pass. "I figure someone has done this to slow us down. They aren't subtle about it if so but keep an eye out for traps as well." Something he does as he acts. "And we might want to rememeber this just in case. We should report it you know?" He said to Mizumi before seeing if he had cleared enough away yet.

RPCOMBAT: Ren defends against with a BLOOD-RIBBONS…32
COMBAT: Mizumi focuses 2641 stamina to turn it into 3500 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Mizumi defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSING-TECHNIQUE…39

Mizumi's water was able to snuff the flames and Ren's attempt to break the rest of the cart down was met with little resistance. As Ren spoke though two arrows were fired directly at him from the surrounding bushes. "Leave your wagon and you may live!" came a voice from one of the bushes. It sounded to be off to the the south but it was hard to tell. No one however had decided to actually reveal themselves.

Mizumi scans the area with her chakra sense and ends up being able to find the people threatening them. Admittedly, their chakra signatures didn't feel all that significant to her, and she wondered if they were suppressing things or they were truly just some cocky bandits. The girl gestures slightly to Ren to get back to their own cart so that they could take off a bit easier. She could tell where these bandits were located, which meant that she knew that if they shoved off now, it'd be pretty easy to get away. She chose not to respond for now, hoping that these bandits would take it as if they were thinking…

Ren looked at Mizumi and was waiting for her to act in some form. When she gestured for him to get back to the cart though he just nods and does so. He would also make sure to try and leave a wound open on his skin in case he needed quick access to his blood. He hadn't exactly got to the point of mass pulling out blood without just ripping holes in his skin yet. Eventually maybe. Either way he would quietly speak to her. "Are we just gonna move onwards or actually deal with them. We might not need to but well… they are making our job a tiny bit more difficult." He said with a small frown.

Once Ren was back on the cart, it manages to clean through the formerly, flaming debris of the cart used to block the road. As the cart manages to gain some speed there are a few arrows fired at the back of it but nothing real direct. One of the bandits comes out to the road asking, "Really?" He then starts yelling at someone else behind another bush like the plan was their fault. Their voices would fade off the further the wagon got from them.

Once Ren was in the cart, it would be sent flying into action. Meaning the poor horse got the reins snapped and a bit of a watery poke at its rear to spur it into motion so that she and Ren could avoid confronting the bandits. The last thing they needed was to get into an altercation when they had a time limit to keep in mind… And they were already a bit slowed thanks to the burning cart. Anyway, Mizumi would glance back briefly to check that the bandits weren't following, forcing the horse to go at a faster pace until the gates of Kirigakure came into sight. As they're moving, she'd say to Ren, "If they keep causing trouble, we'll get rid of them… But for now, we don't have much time to do that."

Ren looked around for a moment as they swiftly took off. "Well then. That happened alright. You think we will run into anything ele our should we be fine Mizumi?" He asked of her before letting his wound heal for now. "And of course I doubt they will catch up too quickly. And I figure if they do chase with horses that my accuracy with my own blood will be better than their accuracy with arrows. So we should be able to keep moving right up until the gates. I doubt they are dumb enough to follow into our terriotry." He continued looking around though just in case.

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