An Unexpected Reunion


Goh, Rise

Date: November 29, 2012


After spending a few days recovering in Tadashi's Medical Center within the Jounin Exams Testing Grounds Rise awakens to find a very unexpected visitor…

"An Unexpected Reunion"

Ancient Temple - Inner Sanctum


The largest building in the ruins inside the Hidden Tropical Oasis, this place stands as a testament to the ancient people's values determination. There are no seats in the main area, likely meaning that they kneeled or stood when here, the area itself forming a massive circle. Around this circle stand several massive statues in the image of men appearing to be great warriors, though it is hard to tell if these were men of statute or deities to the people since there are no names engraved on them. The floor's design is of six circle of different designs, each one considerably smaller than the last until the very center one.

At the very back of the circle, opposite the door, a wide pair of stone stairs leads up to a platform with two statues of men who were apparently held in the highest respect, surrounding a stone outcarving in the shape of a door, though it doesn't appear to actually open to anything.


A few days have passed since Rise encounter with Daisuke, and since then, she has remained virtually on the precipice between a waking nightmare of searing pain and dreamless sleep. Upon the third day (or would it be second?) following her arrival at Tadashi's medical 'center' of sorts, the young Shirokiri stirred once more from slumber and was greeted for once with only a dull ache all over her body. "Where… am I?", She murmured hoarsely before exploding into a small coughing fit. "What… hap.." She trailed off into silence as her eyes, well eye since the other didn't seem to one truly work right, spied the bandages encompassing much of her upper torso. For an extended moment all she could do is stare down at the bandages in wonder before closing her eyes tightly in denial and shake her head. However, at the The first sharp jerk elicits a jarring spark of pain in her neck tears begin to bud as she tries to remain still…

"Try not to move." Will come a familiar voice that Rise will hear from the side. Walking up to the little cot, the familiar voice will be matched with a familiar face. It's none other than Goh! The pickler whom had not seen Rise for weeks. Months, even. It had certainly been a while, that's for sure. Was she still dreaming? How could Goh be in the exam area? Maybe he's just an illusion?
"Looks like you've sustained some pretty bad burns, Rye." His own little name for her! Aw, cute. "Good news is that you'll recover, though not after going through some painful moments." He stands at the edge of the bed, though dares not sit on it. Doing so would likely move the mattress, and thus her body. Likely causing even more pain.
"I can't stay here for long, obviously. Technically, I'm not even allowed to be here. But let's keep it our secret, huh?"

Rise most assuredly did think Goh was a hallucination. Which -would- explain why she started to laugh and even begin to curl up from the act. Unfortunately, the new eruption of pain in her chest forced her to quickly trail off into another small coughing fit. "If yer really here… what… are you even doing here?", She asked hoarsely while eyeing the pickler suspicously. "Try'nna to sell ya stuff where… *groans*… where demands.. high?" She added, smiling weakily. If or when Goh begins to answer, Rise would try to shift back in the bed to rest against the wall with her pillow at her back. It is not the pleasant exercise nor one she is willing to accept the help of another without trying to painfully wave them off. It -is- however an exercise she is willing to endure if only to feel less defenseless and weak.

"To see you, of course." Goh smirks, watching as she props herself up. "Don't even get me started about the lack of pickled vegetables I can sell down here in the exam area." He almost pouts, before reaching into his poncho and withdrawing a pot. It's maybe twelve inches high and six in diameter. Just a ceramic pot, sealed. "The Mizukage won't let me set up a stall. I guess for obvious reasons, but yeah. Anyway, eat these pickled tomatoes when you can. They will help rejuvinate the soul." Goh places the pot near the cot. There's no smell, fortunately. They are sealed quite tightly, after all.
"I'm not sure what the situation is down here, or what protocol is, but I've been hearing some… bad things." He clears his throat. "The Mizukage is trying to get to the bottom of evil shinanigans, and I can't really tell you here what's happening. All I can say is, just watch your back. More than you were. Though I guess that bit of advice is a bit late, huh?" He scratches the back of his head. Looks like he was a bit late with that. Oops.
"When you get out, let me know. I'm going to gather the members of Jump together. Lots of things we need to talk about."
It's not entirely clear what he's trying to say, though by his tone and phrases, something serious is certainly going down.
"Sorry I can't tell you more. Just… watch your back, alright? Even those who you know, don't be entirely trusting."

Rise reflexively shirked away from the pot as soon as it is shown. After a few moments of eye balling the pot, she smiled sheepishly at Goh and nodded in agreement. A silent promise however was already made to push the pot off to some other guilible and injuried chuunin the first chance she gets. At the mention of "Bad things" Rise perked up then winced at clutched her head from a memory that flashed in her head. "Bad Things… like… like that demon from the cave…?" She asked and peered at Goh expectantly. Regardless of how he responds Rise would only shake her head dejectedly and murmur something too inaudible for even shinobi ears (barring a Yamayuki).
"…. Don't that include you too, sensei?" She finally asked after a brief moment of silence. "Ya.. *coughs*… ya have'n been very, forthcoming bout thingz after all… 'nd the sneak in plus this stuff bout Skipping…"

Goh tilts his head, perhaps in curiosity. "Bad things like… I dunno, bad things." He shrugs a bit. "Hmm. I guess it does." The pickler lifts a hand to rub his chin. "I guess the difference with me is, no-one really knows about you being with me yet. So they can't take advantage, I suppose. Trust me, I was keen to hold back. But really, I knew you had gone into the exams. To be honest, I was a bit worried. This is a bit of a big deal." His arms fold across his chest. "At least, big enough that I'd risk getting caught." He does smile a little. "Anyway, now that I know you're in one piece. Well, a bit crispy, but otherwise in one piece, I can breathe a little easier. Once you're out, like I said, send me a message. Here."
Stretching his arm out, Rise will notice Reiko trundling out from underneath the poncho and along his arm. With a swift movement, the small salamander jumps onto the bed. "Reiko, don't let Rye out of your sight. You know the gravity of what could be happening. Once she gives you the message, let us know. We need to find out where we sit in this mess."
And then he pauses, looking at Rise carefully. "Unless you've had a change of heart? If you want to stay in Kumogakure after all, then there's no need on keeping me updated with stuff."

Rise sighed in exasperation, wondering if Goh really could give any straight answers at all. Albiet about serious things like the 'hidden bad things of the exam' or 'Jump' and.. etc. e.e; In anycase, Rise nodded her head without much enthusiasm in answer to Goh's question. Then, with her palm facing up, extend a hand out for Reiko to climb up on if she wished too to perch in her favorite spot. If she's appeared wary or decides to speak (presumebly if she could), Rise would offer a small smile and gesture with the outstretched hand for Reiko to climb up.
"….. I…. I don't wanna end up like this again sensei. *sniffles* I don't wanna break a promise again… cuz I…." She shook her head weakily and bowed her head far enough for her bangs to cover her eyes. "… Do ya think…" She trailed off, gritting her teeth and clenching at her cover along the side of her legs.

"I'm sorry I can't tell you more." Goh says simply, sounding genuinely bummed about that. "But I don't really know who else is secretely listening and stuff. You know how these exams are." He peers about. "Oh… I'm sorry, I haven't even told you about Jump yet." >_>; "It's the name of the group of neutral wanderers that has been setup." The pickler beams with a bit of pride. "Once you get out, I can show you the guild. It's pretty wild, actually. You'll love it. Some of the members are pretty beast. Anyway, stuff is going down, and we'll have to discuss how we're gonna approach it I guess."
He watches as Reiko settles in Rise's hand, smiling a bit. Even as Rise appears to get upset, he doesn't falter. "Do I think what?" He asks honestly, hands digging into his pockets. Still looking at her, obviously keen to hear the question outright.

Rise could scarcely hear a word that Goh said; barring the word 'beast' making her tense up and bite down heard enough into her bottom lip to bleed a little. Before even a drop could fall she lapped up pool and kept pressure upon the injuried lip until she felt that enough time had passed for the wound to at least be partially sealed.
"Nothing." She finally emitted with a weak shake of the head. "Forget I said n'ething bout… jus forget it." She added, albiet with the last word murmured. Afterwards she rose her head high enough to at least for her eyes to be barely visibly from the folds of her bandages. "Oi… Goh-sensie? If what yer say'n bout Hop, discuss'n it somewhere safe I mean 'nd all that… do ya think I should leave the exams earlier?" She chuckled and continued to joke bitterly, "It ain't like I'm in much shape to do any good against people like that.. *eye narrows*.. that red cloaked bakemono."

"Alright." Goh replies simply, willing to let it go for now. If she didn't want to talk about something, he wasn't going to force her. "I need to get going, anyway. I've probably lingered too long." Heaving a sigh, he exhales slowly. "Unfortunately, I think your days of battling in the exams are over. The wounds you have will take a bit to heal. Lifting a hand to rub his face, he seems to contemplate.
"Whether you leave or not is up to you. Like I said, I'm not sure what the protocol is. Could be part of the rules that they just ship you back out to the hospital when you're in a better position to move. They just can't have all the injured people stacking up here, after all. If you want to stick around though, that's your call." He turns to leave, before lifting a hand to wave. "I'll catch'a later, Rye. At least Reiko is here to keep you company. She'll look after you if anything too terrible comes along, anyway." He flicks a thumb up. "Once you're healthy and back in action, we can begin making you ultimate. Later." And with this, he walks out of the field of vision.
The only physical evidence that he was here being the pickled pot and of course, Reiko. Who sits in the hand of Rise comfortably.

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