An Unfortunate Occurrence


Tosai, Nao, Eremi

Date: September 10, 2011


For possible future placement among teams when missions come up, Tosai was administering a test to two genin grading them on combat ability, quick thinking and teamwork.

"An Unfortunate Occurrence"

Training Grounds: Clearing

A clearing set out in the middle of the training grounds was composed of nothin but short grass, three wooden poles at its center, and backdropped with a small waterfall. The waterfall seemed odd being that the source of it was from the large hill it fell from, rather than a river. Other than that, a rounded treeline made the large clearing seem like a ring, formed right in the middle of nature itself. Tosai sat on top on of the large stakes, the one that seemed on the left to anyone approaching from the forest. He seemed to have been sipping on a large gourd, the contents of which would probably be a mystery to whoever saw it. The Akimichi had been quite silent the entire time, the only sounds about him being of the falls nearby, and other ambience of forest sounds.

Nao had been slacking off and not making much of an effort to hide it, so she honestly wasn't that surprised when she was asked to come and spar with someone. Best way of training really is to work against someone, since otherwise you're just throwing things at targets. She makes her way through the woods, to an area she is not all that familar with and pauses at the tree line. She peers out at the grass field and the stakes and the waterfall and tilts her head. "Um, Hai there?" She calls as she waves towards Tosai. "Hope I'm not late!" She actually isn't late but she does seem to have an issue with time normally. Just not today. She approaches where Tosai is sitting up on the stake, "So… hear I'm supposed to spar?" She ventures, sounding a tad unsure.

Sitting in the outer ring of the clearing, amongst the trees and shrubs, Eremi laid in wait. Hiding from any and all that might be around or approach. His intentions were to come here and train in peace and privacy, but it unfortunately looked like the area was already taken over by others. One such person was familiar to him, the large akimichi, but it didn't make him any more comfortable. For now he would stay where he was, hoping his presence had not been detected.

"Hi! Glad you could make it on such short notice." Tosai dropped of the post, only to walk over to Nao was. He seemed, more confident than usual. "Well… Here is the thing.. This is more of an assessment. I have been doing this with a couple of Genin within the village, searching for qualities and giving ratings for mission placement. You won't be alone in this by the way. I am still waiting actuall. I am expecting your teammate to arrive pretty soon." Tosai looked to around himself for a minute, smelling the air, and seeming to scan the area a bit before finally seeming to stop and smile, apparently getting what he wanted. "Eremi? Is that you?", was shouted toward the place he smelled the boy's scent.

At the news Nao can only nod. Assessment after being gone so long was to be expected after all, "Berii-san? She's going to be tested with me?" She asks when there is mention of a teammate. She smiles a bit, perhaps not so put off by the idea of being evaluated, despite her shortfalls. When Tosai calls out though, Nao tries to follow where Tosia is looking, or rather smelling? Nao tilts her head and watches to see if anyone emerges from where Tosai was so intently focusing.

For a moment after his named had been called and his location had been detected, Eremi did nothing but wonder at how he had been noticed. His abilities at using stealth weren't the greatest and it was clear Tosai was an exceptional tracker. The boy stood from his spot and adjusted his cloak before pushing through the shrubs into the opening. He kept his head down low as he made his way toward the other two, "Hello Tosai." and his hands were clenched tightly at his sides.

"And there he is! Your teammate for the day." Tosai smiled as Eremi walked forward. "You sir, are another whom I have not assessed for combat and mission placement. I think you will do for today's exercise." Tosai smiled as he gestured the boy to come forward. "Senju Nao, meet Satonezu Eremi.", was said as the boy came forward in his cloak. "What will be happening today is a good idea of what happens in actual combat situations. Though slightly toned down, I will be both of your opponents for today, acting as both opposition, and a rater of your performance. Keep in mind… performance here, determines mission placement as well as consideration for further training. I will try to be as easy as I can, but also remember… battle is incompassionate. I can only tell you both as advice to give it your all, and don't hold back.

Nao looks over Eremi and then looks back to Tosai, and nods, "Okay, got it. So… we shouldn't hold back? Right?" She wants confirmation of that before things go all fight-y. She already is getting a Kunai out, just being a bit 'prepared' really as she watches the situation, taking in the landscape and any possible tactical advantages as quickly as she can. She's all business now, since this is important and should decide where she gets placed. Not a trivial thing.

Eremi glanced over toward Nao and gave a deep bow while still keep his eyes firmly locked on her in the rare chance she might try something funny, "Pleasure." He'd then turn back to Tosai, giving his full attention to understanding what it is that is expected of the two genin. The thought of being graded on performance for possible mission placement made the boy feel uneasy. He wasn't sure how he would do, despite him giving it his best. His skills weren't of the highest caliber for a genin and he didn't think he was ready for such a test.

"Nope… do not hold back.", was said to Nao as she was observed preparing. Tosai looked to Eremi, before patting you on the shoulder. "There are conditions where the higher council here has to form platoons and teams based on dossier, and not the word of a mission captain, like me. That is not like moments like that hunting mission me and you were on a while back. I picked you personally for it because I knew some what of what you could do, Eremi-san. The grading won't probably be a clear determining factor of what will and shall happen. However, the reports I get today will be used in times of war, and have to be kept up. This test may seem a bit weird, but it has to be done." Tosai removes his hand from the boy's shoulders before hopping a few yards away. He smiled and said to the two before asking, "Anymore questions?"

Nao twirls two kunai out of pouches and waits for Tosai to hop back, "No questions…" She says as she lets loose a Kunai, not even waiting for a 'Go' command. After all, getting the jump in a combat is important and Tosai said to treat this as combat conditions. She's already moving to the side, trying to make herself a harder to hit target even as she throws a second Kunai. It is unlikely Tosai will be caught off guard by such a jump in attacking but… at least Nao is giving it her all.

Eremi simply nodded his understanding and a smile formed on his face when Tosai gave him a reassuring pat that made the boy feel slightly more comfortable. Still, being graded with another genin made him wonder if the two might end up on the same team. It was clear they were almost polar opposites as the moment Tosai stepped back she had already begun to attack, something he would have waited until being instructed for. But now wasn't the time to think about it as whether he was ready or not, it was time to begin.
With Nao going one way, Eremi lowered himself to the ground before sprinting the other direction to Tosai from the other side. A hand would reach behind his back and into a holster pouch concealed by his cloak. When he withdrew his hand, he held two Kunai. One which he immediately launched at Tosai and the other he held up for defense.

Honestly, Tosai had expected more questions, especially from Eremi, who while obediant, was much more of a careful ninja. This quality was made even more apparent in comparison to Nao, who did not wait for an attack. "Heh! Eager!", was said by Tosai who heard the Kunai's whistle before he even heard saw the girl's movement. A rock was scooped up as Tosai continued backward, and with an upward toss, the first sharp projectile was knocked out of the air. "Ugh.. I was trying to get both.", came from Tosai as he skidded to a full stand. From there, the second kunai would hit… only to cause Tosai to go poof into white smoke. Tosai would simply walk from out of the smoke cloud his Clone Technique made, only to see movement to his side. Eremi had been throwing the last Kunai. Tosai winked, before simply stepping backward, allowing the last Kunai to sail past him.
"Hmmm.. strategic as usual, Eremi-san. Flanking is a very powerful skill in any attack. Just remember however… some attacks don't need to come from you enemies front." Tosai then would make a small hop, along with a handseal. Upon landing, two rocks flew up at his sides, apparently one for each person. From there, each rock recieved a soccer kick, aiming them at each ninja. "Some can come from them even with there back turned."

Nao tries to form some quick seals to try to pull off a replacement technique but fails as the rock hits her. She lets out a rather noticable 'ooomph' as she's hit, but no serious damage seems to be done. She twirls as she tries to recover and pulls something from a pouch. Rather than a kunai this appears to be a fan of some kind, made of metal. She makes a seal and with a loud 'clack' the fan spreads out as she swings it, sending a slicing cut of air towards Tosai, apparently upping the ante a bit by switching to her elemental style attacks. In all this she says nothing, still must concentrating on the fight. No banter for her during combat.

Holding the Kunai up in front of him while taking a defensive stance, Eremi had hoped that as the rock came flying his way, he could avoid it just as easily as Tosaid had dodge his. He attempted to side-step it, but underestimated the speed at which it came at him. The rock hit him in the shoulder, spinning him around. The boy tried to use this momentum to further spin and toss the held Kunai at Tosai once again before charging straight at the man. While doing so he reached behind him and once again withdrew another Kunai.

A slight sweatdrop seemed to fall from Tosai's head, as both Nao and Eremi were taken aback by his effort. It wasn't so much a test of damage but rather, of reaction speed. The man looked at how each of the two would respond back, expecting a noticiable switch in rank. Nao was first, and she apparently had a bit more of a surprise. As the fan was opened, Tosai smiled wide, saying, "Oh.. and what can this do?", before noticably coming forward, seeming to target her from his next round of attack, seeming to ignore Eremi completely. As the burst of wind came flying his direction, Tosai's body seemed to simply /plow/ straight through the attack. True, he had been harmed slightly, this being made obvious by the apparent, yet paper cut sized abrasians and slashes in his uniform, and face. Otherwise, he seemed fairly unmoved.
As for Eremi's attack… well Eremi had not been completely ignored. He was instead, only watched. The Kunai's whistle gave it away once more… a barrier being placed between it and Tosai. Tosai would use this further cover to close in on Nao, for another attack. As Tosai neared to older genin, he'd stop short, as if to spar her. It would appear she was safe until Tosai reached a single hand into the earth, and then lifted it from under the girls feet, causing a large slab of the ground itself to be flipped on top of her.

Well, Nao was going to try to avoid the attack with a replacement technique, her back pack was going to replace her. But… she's not fast enough. She instead is caught by the feet and lifted up into the air, only to slam into the ground and have a large rock land on her, almost concealing her completely. There is no counter attack. In fact there's not much movement at all from Nao other than a muffled sound that is strained due to the weight on her and a twitching hand sticking out from umder the rock. She is not going to be doing much more sparring today. In fact she may not be moving much more today.

The earthen wall juts up from the ground before Eremi's path and while he was already on the move, he simply leaps into the air and over the obstruction. The boy was prepared to follow up with a few flying kicks to Tosai's backside, but it appears the akimichi took after Nao. Who currently seems to be momentarily out of it. Not knowing exactly what happened, Eremi lands to the ground and continues to make up the distance between himself and the jounin while unraveling the bandages on his hands and arms. He allows several feet to dangle at his side before coming to a stop and snapping his arms outwards to entangle Tosai's…face. Perhaps the only thing small enough to where his bandages could wrap fully around and constrict.

'Slow moving… large, and seeable. Yeah, Nao can dodge this.' Internal thoughts of what Tosai planned. Too bad that Tosai was pretty wrong. As it came tumbling down, burying poor Nao, Tosai's eyes widened in terror at what he had just did. He'd make a handseal, just to do the attack in reverse, ripping the large slab off of her, before thinking, 'Ohshootohshootohshootohshoot!! Now I'll never get at date.' He pulled the girl out of the slab, and placed her aside, only to realize that Eremi was still around. The boy Satonezu would sadly miss, when it seemed Tosai's face was ducking, or rather, sinking beneath the attack. From there, the Akimichi rose not a few feet away, looking a bit disgruntle, and crestfallen. He'd look over to Nao, wincing and pouting slightly, only to focus on Eremi, still trying to appear focused. His chakra was even gathered, further efforts of Tosai trying to keep his mind on the assessment and not his love life.

Nao was a bit out of it after she was slammed to the ground by the stone. Tosai got the stone off of her and she took a breath and took in what was going on. Rather than give up, despite her rather bruised state, she watched and noticed Tosai seemd a bit focused on Eremi. Well… that's perfect. She frowned in concentration and retrieved her fan, snapping two quick bursts of slicing air towards the Akimichi, trying to time it so he won't be looking to even notice they are coming in his direction.

His attack missing and bandages laying across the ground several feet in front of him, he had no time to ravel them back up. Instead, Eremi would use the kunai in his hand to cut them off as close to his arms before focusing back on Tosai once the man came back out of the ground. He was curious how the test was being graded, if it was knowledge of tactics, looking out for one another or just being able to land a blow on the jounin. The boy glanced over to Nao for a quick moment, noticing she was ok and sending out another attack which meant he didn't have to worry about her. So he took off toward Tosai again, this time leaping into the air and following it with two spinning kicks.

As Tosai was for Eremi, he had been mostly looking to Eremi. It was when however, the wind started to pick up more that suddenly, the Akimichi began looking to the whole area. Nao was up, and with her fan. This made Tosai smile a bit, even saying, "Whew…", was he wiped his brow. Her attack this time, even seemed to toss the Akimichi back a few yards, and causing his body to split /in half/! Upon the two separate parts of him landing however, they would both poof, revealing a log which had been the actual object split apart by Nao's attack. When Tosai appeared again, he would be to the right of Eremi quite in distance of the boy two kick attack.
The kicks landed squarely on the Akimichi's chin too!! One kick would turn his head left, and then the following kick made his head spin… literally. The spinning head of Tosai was caught by the Akimichi's own hands, before the Akimichi here would crumble into dirt, revealing itself not more than an Earth Clone. "Hehe… excellent work you two. It seems you both are actually giving me a warm up.", was said with a chuckle. The smile seemed off for some reason though, the Akimichi actually looking alittle bit at Nao for some reason.

Nao sighs as she realizes she's not got enough chakra to keep up her wind based attacks. She doesn't seem to feel she has time to really focus up some more chakra and in one smooth motion puts her fan away, folding it and slipping it into a pouch on her vest and in the same move takes out two kunai and tosses them towards Tosai. She is focused on Tosai and so might catch that odd look and calls out, "What, do I still have dirt in my hair from your attack?" As she throws the second kunai.

Eremi looked in horror as Tosai's head begun to spin around, but when he soon realized it was an earth clone, he caught his breath and let out a sight of relief. Seeing where Tosai was standing, he didn't notice the odd exchanges of looks between the jounin and the other genin. He simply clenched the kunai tightly in his hand and ran at the akimichi once again, this time slashing at the man while trying to duck and weave in and out of close range.

As Tosai was asked the question, suddenly, something seemed different about the girl. Through Tosai's eyes, Nao seemed surrounded by a pink aura, all of her looks and her beauty seeming enhanced. He'd feel himself melt as he stared, caught in a trance of infatuation, and attractions. Tosai had become so entranced that he barely saw, or even felt the kunai she threw grazing him. "No… your beautiful.", was said with a sigh, Tosai's face blushing red, even as the Kunai she threw scraped his arm and leg. He almost forgot he was even in the fight, until Eremi blocked his vision, making a hairline slash across his face. Tosai woke up from his trance in confusion, not even seeing Eremi, and even forgetting where he was.
His battle instincts kicked in naturally, causing the Akimichi to suddenly shoulder charge into Eremi. From there a quick leg sweep, attempted to force Eremi off his feet before a simple, yet extremely powerful palm strike would force the boy Genin into the dirt. All the while, Tosai would not even realize it was Eremi still, the attacks happening in blur of natural speed.

Eremi's attack landed and he was completely shocked by the fact that it did, but more so when he saw the almost glazed over look on Tosai's face. A look of panic swept over the boy causing him to drop his kunai, scared for what was to come. He started to bow, about to apologize as apparently he did something wrong and just wasn't sure what. However, it was worse then he feared when the large man came charging at him with his shoulder, the boy tried to quickly regain his composure but wasn't quick enough and took the weight of the man in full force pushing him back a bit. "I'm sorry…I don't want to do this anymore…" He'd spit out, still unsure of what was going on, but Tosai wasn't finished and with the jounin attempting to attack low, Eremi tried to leap out of the way, but once again he was in vain as the attack landed and sent him off his feet and into the air. At that moment everything seemed to slow down for the boy and his eyes began to tear up from the pain and confusion. He brought his arms up to his body to help cushion the blow he was about to make with the ground, which would have worked had it not been for the Akimichi's massive palm hitting him before he was able to land, sending Eremi flying before bouncing off the ground and skidding to a stop.

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