Anchor Archive 2011

Sunagakure Gold Rush
Return Of A Hero - Revealing The Truth
Severing Ties - Graduation
First World Ninja Competition - The Beast God And The Spirit Of Earth: Yasushi vs. Amaya
First World Ninja Competition - Revenge versus Desire: Fuyu vs. Kuki
Tao Shih Training Arc - A Gift Of A Curse
Welcome To The Project
Trouble in Nabekama!!!! Part 1: Re-establishing Communication
Trouble in Nabekama!!!! Part 2: The Missing Elder
Trouble in Nabekama!!!! Final: Kumashin Unleashed
She Who Reaps The Whirlpool
Tao Shih Training Arc - Magic Lantern Meeting
First World Ninja Competition - Beauty and the Old Man: Mitsuomi vs. Takeshi
Kill Kureno, Volume 2 - Waiting For The World To Fall
Blood Red Sandman - A Friendly Meal
Return Of A Hero - The Shinobi Sect And The Great Manipulator
First World Ninja Competition - Egyptians versus Pyramids: Kara vs. Kanami
Operation Intercept
When Masks Become Real
That's A Dumb Idea
Paradise Lost, Part II: Salvation
Tao Shih Training Arc - Contamination On Level 5
Takokujin: Why Opposites Attract
Return Of A Hero - The Night Before
First World Ninja Competition - REMatch: Shemri vs. Meruin, Take 2
Getting The Job Done
All Is One, One Is All
Paradise Lost, Part III: Tempest
Tao Shih Training Arc - Blight Of The Soul
Life Is Suffering
First World Ninja Competition - Ephemeral: Amaya vs. Fuyu
First World Ninja Competition - Chemical Warfare: Tosai vs. Mune
Meetings in a Foreign Land
Kirigakure Spring Festival
Water surfing!
Suna Village Meeting 2011-01-22
Hollow Rain
Crystal Capers
The Unconquered Falls
Tao Shih Training Arc - Whispers And Blades
Paradise Lost, Part IV: Exposition
Tao Shih Training Arc - The Chains Of Thought
Ugly Ball!
First World Ninja Competition - Bombshells: Mitsuomi vs. Mune
The Fate of The Failure
The Pleasure Of Serving
Paradise Lost, Part V: Extermination
Wheeling And Dealing
Tao Shih Training Arc - Where The Silence Ends
A Tale Of Three Brothers
First World Ninja Competition - The Dead Shall Serve: Mune vs. Kara
First World Ninja Competition - Grudge Match: Kanami vs. Mune
Hunt For Baasku The Butcher - Out Of The Frying Pan...
Tales Of A Gutsy Kunoichi
Hunt For Baasku The Butcher - Falling Through The Fire...
Broken Memories Pt. 3, Cruel Intentions
Gentle Mist - Upon The Water
A Gypsy’s Tale - Part I : The Capture
First World Ninja Competition - Sand Logic vs. the Will of Fire: Daichi vs. Imota
A Siege’s End, Part I - The Ready Room
Sensory Training… To The Extreme!!! Part I - Spiritual Overload and a Monk’s Ethic
Sensory Training… To The Extreme!!! Part II - A Hokage’s Leftovers and a Legend’s Stillness
Wanted: Training Partner
Burn Up!!
Bad Fur Day
Team Four Training: Cleaving Misunderstanding
Chaos… And the boy involved.
Bringing Brats for Dinner
Spelunk Like a Ninja!! Kaydin’s Lesson in Walking - Part I: The Steep Cavern Wall
Paper Work and Nature Transformation
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - The Room
Path of Hope - Fallout
Path of Hope - Unexpected
Gentle Mist - The Earth-Child
Paradise Lost, Part VI: Extinction
Path of Hope - The Wall
Hunt For Baasku The Butcher - ...And Straight Into Hell
Karma - Part 1
Serpent's Servant - Turnabout
Serpent's Servant - The Trial And The Trials
Cookies and Friendship
Bonds: Family - Unnatural
Path of Hope - Lizards
Path of Hope - Collision
Path of Hope: Taking back the Stone
Right and Wrong
Just the Beginning - Investigative Mission
Gentle Mist - Within
Blood Red Sandman - Good and Evil
Sensory Training... To The Extreme!!! Part III - Oh, Snap
The Legion March - Dear Weak Leafers
Ryokami - Bindings of Fate
What If? Clan Wars - Blood on the Desert Sand
Wake-Up Call
The Legion March - Feet of Clay
Dust Devil
The Legion March - Stumbling into enemy territory
What If? Clan Wars – Ambush! Help Haruko or die!
Hunt For Baasku The Butcher - Keep It Safe
Healing the wounded
Gentle And Firm
Only Slightly Possessed
The Legion March - A Burden Of Knowledge
Karma - Part 2
The Legion March - Retaliation Reversed
Diplomacy Fail
The Legion March - Strikeback
What If? Clan Wars - Human
Serpent's Servant - Enter The Snake Goddess
What If? Clan Wars - A Person Apart
Dominance - Diagnosis
The Legion March - Tsun’s Open Invitation to the Rescue Party
The Legion March - Rage of Ice and Pride of Crystal
Smarter Than She Looks
The Legion March - Defend the broken village
The Legion March - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Serpent's Servant - Judgement Delivered
The Legion March - Blood and Power
Idle time used to train
The Legion March - Ending the Unending
The Legion March - Regrowth
Path of Hope - Trust and Blood
Dominance - Prescription
Two Brothers of the Mist
Fails And Flaws - Epic Fail!
Serpent's Servant - An Alliance In Namegata
A Healer's Predicament
Takehiko's Defeat
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Games of Diplomacy
Path of Hope - Pass/Fail
To The Docks
The Legion March - The Jade Golem
A Conversation in the Boneyard Gardens
Osamu's First Proposal
Hiring a Body Snatcher
Mitsuo's Daily Annoyance
Hunting the Predator - Trespass (cutscene)
Backstage Pass
Death To The King
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Investigation
Searching for Hiroko - Part I
Dominance - Admittance
Path of Hope - Better Halves
Daimyo's Missing Niece - Hokage and the Daimyo
The Bat Hand - Meeting The Elders
Daimyo’s Missing Niece - Team 4 Assemble!
A Little Okumo Business
Trouble in Paradise!! - Welcome to Paradise Isle
The Bat Hand - Broken Wings
The Bat Hand - To The Bat Cave!
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - There Was A Town Here (It's Gone Now)
Grappling with Family Issues
Return Of A Hero - Treatment Plan
Searching for Hiroko - Part II
Feast of the Ravens - Pt. 1
Dominance - Preparation
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Chasing The Nothing
Broken Memories Pt. 3: Gumshoe
Broken Memories Pt. 3: Digging Deeper
Caravan Halted
Three Jounin, Two Conspiracies
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Step Into My Parlor
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - It Happened Late One Evening
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Fear of the Heavens
The Parent Trap - Unexpected Rendezvous
Confrontation Caper
Hunting the Predator - Ambush
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Flight Into the Unknown
I Won't Carry You
Crimson Tides - Riding The Blood Wave
No Matter What
Mountain of Tears - Level 1
Hell's Kitchen, Part 1
Trouble on the Mountain
A Distraction from Bitter Recollections
How We’ve Changed
Vaulting into Adventure
Hunting the Predator - Captive
Hunting the Predator - Battle of the Beasts
Best Left Forgotten
Attack of the Wraiths
The Superhero Academy
The War of the Beasts
Hunting the Predator - Scrubs
A Withering of Strength
It Happened on the Road To... - Meeting of Creative Minds
A New Day Dawns, the Rise of the Onryou
Rin vs Nori by the Lake
It Happened on the Road To... - The Night Cackler
An Evening At the Bar
Bloody Mist Cup - Rin Vs. Yuuka, Bracket 2
Bloody Mist Cup - Hunter x Hunter: Maikeru vs. Sastukiyami
Hansel and Gretel
The Power of Control - Symptoms of Insanity
Bloody Mist Cup - Elemental Rondo: Koseitama vs. Onimitsu
Bloody Mist Cup - Volatile Materials: Jon vs. Mune
The Bat Hand - Watchers
Bloody Mist Cup - Nightmare Land: Amaya vs. Kanami
Bloody Mist Cup - Generation Gap: Takeshi vs. Nori
Bloody Mist Cup - Trash Talk: Nori vs. Rin
Bloody Mist Cup - Punching at Mist: Onimitsu vs. Tsun
The Power of Control -- Lesson Learned
Offer To Start Anew
Happy Daze
Bloody Mist Cup - Giving Up The Ghost: Maikeru vs. Mune
Bloody Mist Cup - Deep Dead Sea: Tsun vs. Nori vs. Kanami
Bandits of Fire
This... is 'Boar-ing'
The Musical - Medic Melodies
Hunting the Predator - Family
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Revival
The Musical - Katashi Twist and The King of Potbelly
Gym Class Heroes!
Ramen Requisition
The Power of Control -- Solutions
Dominance - Treatment
The Giant and The Spider
Iwazaru Kenichi - Dead or Alive
A Rookie Reunion. Can it be Fate?
He's back...
Nightmare at the Docks
Desperate Plight
Final member of Team Four!
Intelligence Exercises pt1
Through a Child's Eyes
Preemptive Scouting
Explosion in the Gardens
While the Teachers Are Away
Pylon of Efficacy - History Repeats
Benign Bandits
Weapons Delivery
Pylon of Efficacy - Creature of Shadow
Dead Moon Rising - What Lies Beneath, Remix
Pylon of Efficacy - Daichi vs Daomi: Future Allies?
Pylon of Efficacy - Terror In The Depths Of The Fog
Oooooo… Right in the Pride!!
Pylon of Efficacy - ANBU vs. Hunter-nin
Pylon of Efficacy - Supplies Raid
Pylon of Efficacy - Mysteries and surprises, Taji recovers in Suna
The Musical - I'll Make a Man Out of You
Distant Struggles
Ryo's Lessons: The Replacement Technique
Pylon of Efficacy - Never Been Kissed
Pylon of Efficacy - Mist Supply Hi-jack!
Social Fishing at Mist Lake
The Power of Control - Desert Spider
Faith in Others
Pylon of Efficacy - Scouting the Outskirts of Konoha
Pylon of Efficacy - Scouting to Skirmish
Kaguya Clan Traditions
Hide and seek, Ninja Style
Training for effect
The Demon Within - Journey's Beginning
Hunting the Predator - Evasion
Ninjutsu vs Taijutsu! Stamina Training!
Over staying a welcome.
Pylon of Efficacy - Stormy Seas
The Search Begins
The Demon Within - Homecoming
You are in a team at last
The Uchiha Armory Pt. 1
Icy Arrangement
Laundry Day
Recruitment & Evaluation Pt. 1
Pylon of Efficacy - Naval Unrest
Team 10 Amongst the Trees
Initial Gate Zen
Mission Impossible: Defeat Tosai!
The Creation of Team Hinotori!
Sting Operation - Caravan
Demands of Dinosaurs
Pylon of Efficacy - Resolution
Hunting the Predator - Confrontation
What If? Dead Rising - Loved Ones of the Kaguya
The Apprentice
The $6.5 Million Man
Team Hinotori First Dispatch pt. 1
What If? Dead Rising - Resident Ninja
Inuzuka plots within plots
The Demon Within - Purity
What If? Dead Rising - Naru's Nightmare
Easy Money
What If? Dead Rising - Warehouse Raid
Mist Over Kajiki
Boned Bandits
So Cthulu, Metabee, and a Tanuki walk into a Bar...!?!
Team Ten Chronicles: Pride
What If? Dead Rising: All That Remains
Mastery of Oneself - Cleansing
The Train Whistles
Lightning and Fire: Inuzuka and Uchiha
What's a name worth?
Death of an Immortal
Mastery of Oneself - Trickery
Rioting and Thieving
Whale of a Snail
What If? Dead Rising - Criminal Intent
Team Ten Chronicles: Pride II
An Unfortunate Occurrence
Team 10 Chronicles: Pride Part 3
Investigation of the Corpse Cult.
Learning the Name, New Adventure
Ore Retrieval
Tempting the Tempest
Wild Fire: Cresting Wave
Mastery of Oneself - Conclusion
Disturbing the Peace

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