Anchor Archive 2012

Touketsu Blood Feud - Part 1
Innocents of San Sara - First Phase
Strangers Cross Hampa's Birth
Team Ten Chronicles: Counterplots
Team Ten Chronicles: Violent escalations
Art Tracking
Fishy Investigation: Enforcing Employment
Genjutsu Vs Genjutsu - Failed Sharingan
Team 10 Chronicles: Revelations
Fabricated Apparition
Monsters in the Mist
All Sealed Up - Part 1
Inuzuka Pride Chronicles: Betrothal Follies
Curious Caper of the Cave Fire
All Sealed Up - Part 2
Lesson one: Never leave your guard open!
Wager of Entertainment
The Final Day
Inuzuka Pride Chronicles: Inuzuka Pride, Uchiha Determination
Herbalist Security - Pt 1: The Investigation
New Year - Shippodoku New Year
New Year - The Way Kiri Does it!
Inuzuka Pride Chronicles: Questions Answered
Woman and the Kusogaki
Nature of Fire
Once Upon A Time - Sleuth Charming
Once Upon A Time - Oni The Huntsman?
Once Upon A Time - Maikeru And Juliet
Once Upon A Time - Spiderman
Once Upon A Time - Ridinghood
Once Upon A Time - What Big Teeth
Once Upon A Time - The Lion And The Thorn
Once Upon A Time - Little Piper Boy
New Year - What's all the fuss about
Grim Conclusions
Disorderly conduct and a visitor
Protest meets Force
Letting Go
Soul of Iron - The Mission
Unexpected Team-mate
Blood Red Sandman - Attack Pt. 1: Run Away
Touketsu Blood Feud - Part 2
A Team's True Strength
Shy, Timid and Bullied
A Tearful Awakening: Good Luck Idiot
First Promotion Exams - Reluctant Opponents: Eremi vs. Sabaku
First Promotion Exams - Easy Ambush: Keiji vs. Naoki
First Promotion Exams - Sight Beyond Sight
First Promotion Exams - Alliance
First Promotion Exams - Experience Against Cleverness? Takeshi vs. Ryoji
Blood Red Sandman - A Case Of Death
First Promotion Exams - Battle Tactics, Two Against One! Naoki and Mizuru vs. Rise
First Promotion Exams - Proud Opponents: Sora vs. Daisuke
First Promotion Exams - So Close, Yet So Far: Keiji vs. Eremi
New Year - Party of the Year!
First Promotion Exams - What’s Most Important: Naru vs. Naoki and Mizuru
First Promotion Exams - Experience Against Cleverness Redux!? Ryoji vs. Takeshi
Never Talk to Plants in Public
First Promotion Exams - Shadow and Flame: Shemri vs. Shintaro
Attack of the Huns
Plus Human
First Promotion Exams - Nothing to lose: Sora vs. Hiroshi
First Promotion Exams - Baby Sealing Technique
First Promotion Exams - Girl Talk: Yui vs. Yuuka
First Promotion Exams - Mob Against Monster: Naru, Eremi, and Hitoshi vs. Tsun
Inuzuka Pride - Taiki snaps
Berii's Return
First Promotion Exams - We Who Thrive On Shadows: Ryoji vs. Shintaro
First Promotion Exams - Blood of Mist, Wills of Steel: Rise vs. Kibushi
First Promotion Exams - Vengeance Unattained: Naoki vs. Keiji 2
First Promotion Exams - M*A*S*H
First Promotion Exams - National Geographic, Ninja Style
First Promotion Exams - The Dangers of Uncharted Territory: Ryoji vs. Yui
First Promotion Exams - Never Run Away: Naru vs. Keiji
Killing Time
First Promotion Exams - The One That Got Away: Eremi vs. Haruko
Friend or Foe
First Promotion Exams - Rebound Ambush: Eremi vs. Haruko 2
Welcome to Sunagakure
First Promotion Exams - Speechless Skirmish: Kizuken vs. Haruko
Miu's Musings - Phase One: Kirigakure
First Promotion Exams - Muddy Melee: Yui vs. Daisuke
Soul of Iron - Amendments
Inuzuka Pride - Tsuga and Tsarcasm
First Promotion Exams - Distance Coming Closer
First Promotion Exams - Brute Strength Against Tactics - Shintaro vs. Yui
First Promotion Exams - Cracking the Masks
First Promotion Exams - Spider Meat
First Promotion Exams - Campfire Social
First Promotion Exams - Baby Eater
Emergency Mission
First Promotion Exams - I'll Face Myself
First Promotion Exams - Two For the Price of One
First Promotion Exams - Keep Going: Mizuru vs. Hitoshi
One Step Ahead
Get that Girl - Part 1
Ryoji Visitation
Conflict of Interests
Team 10 Reunion! Hitoshi Emerges!
First Promotion Exams - Body Jacked: Tsun vs. Daisuke
Deserts and Scorched Scorpions
Rank Up! Best Friend -> Boyfriend
First Promotion Exams - A Simple Demonstration
First Promotion Exams - Preemptive Scouting: Kaydin vs. Keiji
First Promotion Exams - Sudden Elimination: Kaydin vs. Keiji
First Promotion Exams - Fire Flower: Sabaku vs. Rise
First Promotion Exams - Battle of Konoha: Shintaro vs. Daisuke
Where art thou?
Get that Girl - Narrowing the search
Soak Your Cares Away
First Promotion Exams - A Soldier Tears Down The Gate: Rise vs. Eremi
First Promotion Exams - A Fight Too Far: Naru vs. Haruko
First Promotion Exams - Age Against Beauty: Shemri vs. Takeshi
First Promotion Exams - High-Profile Match: Mushi vs. Sousa
Who do you think I am?
Shadows of the Past
Recovery from a Beast's Belly
Chat time with Taiki and Sabaku
Get that Girl - Planning Phase
First Promotion Exams - Never Say Die! Well, Almost Never: Sabaku vs. Haruko
Learning to Climb
First Promotion Exams - Bird Against Bone: Sora vs. Yuuka
First Promotion Exams - Kampai! Ryoji vs. Kira vs. Takeshi
First Promotion Exams - Semi Finals: Hitoshi vs. Keiji
Team 10: Get Well Soon, Hitoshi!
Flashback - The Way
Flashback - Walking The Path
Flashback - The Path Begins To Wander
Flashback - Roundabout Travel Plans
Flashback - Destination Reached
Get that Girl - Kidnapping Time!
Get That Girl! - Shintaro Receives His Scroll
Never apart. Never homeless.
First Promotion Exams - Unlikely Rematch: Tsun vs. Hitoshi
Sushi Check/Gut Check
First Promotion Exams - Cracking The Kazekage's Code
My Hope
Gather the Cornflower!
The Golden Hook
What If? Self-Insertion - Uchiha Jon in the Valley of the End
Inuzuka Pride Chronicles: Enter a new threat
First Promotion Exams - Promised Rematch: Sora vs. Daisuke
What if? Self-Insertion - Different World, Not so Different Iga
Get That Girl - Pressured Recruitment
What If? Self-Insertion - Path of Revenge
Blood Red Sandman - Depths of Depravity
Blood Red Sandman - Am I Evil?
Capture the escaped prisoner!
Team 10: The Morning Blahs
Get That Girl! - The Search Begins
Get That Girl! - Interview With a Jinchuu
Get that Girl! - Too Much on the Plate
A Bad Start
The Desert Gardener
Beast Fists at the Bar
Warriors of Balance - The Meeting
Nighttime conversations
Inuzuka Pride Chronicles: What a Body Can Tell
The Lost Uchiha - Possessed Nobleman
Late Night Session
Blood Red Sandman - The True Ghoul
Worth Dying For - The Thief and The Darkness Pt. 1
Conflict of Interests
Blood Red Sandman - Nebulous Deadline
The Race Is On!
It's All About Timing
Wedding Delivery Part I
Get That Girl! - We're Rescuing Who?
Jirobu's Fate
Warriors of Balance - Arrival
Blood Red Sandman - The Place You Return To
The Troublemaker and the Number One Cloudwatcher
Tough Decisions
The Burden of Truth - A Unison of Rivals
The Arrival at Kirigakure
The Arrival at Kirigakure
Subsitute Delivery Service
Last Wishes
UnNatural Disasters - Konoha: Intent to Discover
Pirates, Smugglers and Supply Storage
The Burden of Truth: Bar Running
Tension Brewing
UnNatural Disasters - Operation Halt Sandstorm
Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Spider Bite
Ninja's Best Friend - Puppy Escort
Unexpected Guidance
Hunting Silver
Blood Red Sandman - The Game
Get That Girl! - To the Rescue! Pt. 1
The Unlucky Shirayuki
The Lost Uchiha - Thwarted Conspiracy
Ninja's Best Friend - Feeding Time
UnNatural Disasters - Konoha: Raining on their parade pt. 1
A Futile Effort
A Mountainess Buffet
Warriors of Balance - The Monastery
Mission Criss Cross Again
Get that Girl! - To the Rescue! Pt. 2
The Golden Stripe - Perilous Welcome
Ninja’s Best Friend - Dog'gon Ball D!
May We Part?
UnNatural Disasters - Kumogakure: Earthquake investigation team
UnNatural Disasters - Kirigakure: Corking the vat
Shattered Memories - Kagami and Little Hito
Shattered Memories - Innocence, or a trick?
Shattered Memories - Rising Shadow, Falling Star
The Golden Stripe - The Mujina Clan
UnNatural Disasters - Konoha: Raining on their Parade pt 2
Shattered Memories - The Truth
Shattered Memories - The Meeting
Shattered Memories - King Crab
Just Dropping In
Remains of a Broken Land
Predator Hunting
Approaching A Solution
What If? First Kiss - Comfort in the Dark
What If? First Kiss - Kiss Me
Warriors of Balance - Fight for Freedom part 1
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - God
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Just As Planned
Warriors of Balance - Fight for Freedom part 2
Path to Recovery - Hikan's Decision
A failed delivery mission
A Random Act of Violence
Inuzuka Pride Chronicles: The End of Innocence
This Just In: Fire Still Hot!
Siphoning of Sweet Spirits
Without You – Cat vs. Pirates vs. Shinobi
Stubborn Ape
Lost Uchiha - Investigation of Heromu's Tower
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - The Beginning Of The End
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Peculiar Sense Of Justice
Without You - Sadness And Sorrow
Troupe in Trouble
The Deadly Reef
Grave Robbing Ambush!
Goat Chuckers
Deserts & Caravans & Wolves - Oh My!
Finding A Laboratory
Training Under the Time-Space Master
Inuzuka Pride Chronicles: The End of the Beginning
Genetic Infiltration
Gaining Customers
The Giant Squid
Prelude to Evil Reborn
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - Preparing For The Fall
Kitori Bandit Invasion
Lost Uchiha - Battle at Mountains Summit
Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind
The Question of Bandits
Shippodoku Chronicles - Blood Fued
Summit - Pt 1
Mutual respect
Genjutsu training into tied passions
Suna and Kumo trading mission
Blood of Innocents
Way of Peace - Pt. 1
Epiphanies Pt. 1
Epiphanies Pt. 2
Krayt Hunters
Soren and Kara sittin' in an... office...
To Go Out With A Bang
Tanuki Of The Sea
Old Knowledge
Evaluation in the Field
Foul Play in the Markets
Sagely Advice
Sagely Advice pt. 2
Ghost Busters Pt. 1
The Search - Meeting the Blades
Spare Time - Tick Tock Disaster
Start of training for Soujiro
Sensory training with Kuoroke pt 1
Asao's start for sensory training
Life in an Uncharted Cave
Asao sensory training pt 3
Spare Time - Turning Monk
Spare Time - Hunting in the Blood Marsh
Keep Off the Grass
The Most Awesome Treasure Hunt
Spare Time - DIG!
Way of Peace - Cult Activities
A Pirate's Life For… Odo And Takeda?
Meeting of the Minds
Bloodline Haunting Past - Part 1
Soujiro's Gift
Rain nor Snow
Information gathering and final training
Merchant Intervention
Leaf Amongst Rain - Rescue Battle Plan
The Search - Meeting the Blades Pt. 2
Inuzuka Pride Chronicles - Recluse Investigation
The Recluse Saga - A New Mission
Brothers Unite
The Sandman's Puppets
Visit to the Funny Farm
Hospital Chat. Goh and Kazeodori forge a friendship!
Common Interests
What If? Clan Wars - Bonds Broken by War
Cloak and Dagger in the Mist
Heroes Are Born - Episode One
Leaf Amongst the Rain - Rescued and Captured
Bloody Justice
Mysterious Teacher
A Very Watery Assassination
Late Night Chat
Sample the Pickling Platter
A Fight to Remember
Shinobi's Excalibur - A Chance Meeting
The Fall of a Kaguya
Worms in the Sand
Maikeru's Return To Kirigakure
Leaf Amongst the Rain - The Daimyo's Choice
Ninjutsu for Dummies
Spare Time - Marble Madness
David (and Yatsuhane) and Goliath!
Fall of a Family member
Delivery Complete! An Audience with the Hokage
About the Author
Shinobi's Excalibur - The Death of a Sensei
Way of Peace - Kiri Pirates
What if? Final Performance - Against Better Judgement
What if? Final Performance - Different Paths Intertwined
Blood Red Sandman - Checkmate
The Golden Stripe - Infiltration
The Toyotomi Revolt - First Strike
No Fate – Part 1: No Trust
Monkey Business
Desert Bandits
Digging Up Evidence
No Fate – It's a Trap!
Fails and Flaws - The Tailed Beast Ball!
Meeting Akechi
Leaf Amongst the Rain - Slain Daimyo, Harsh Finale
Cave Thing
Firebug Houka
Discussions over Eel
CLASH! Murasame VS Touketsu!
Getting Inn Trouble
Emergency Supply Rescue
A New Generation of Heroes
A New Alliance Emerges
Ramen, Fans, and Love
Heart to heart
The Search - The Blades, First Trial: Water
Recluse Saga - Mission of Mercy
No Fate - Burnt Sands
Drastic Reactions
The challenge of Fire and Water
Conflict in the darkness
The Lost Uchiha - Battle With The Twin Duo
The Lost Uchiha - Final Requiem
The Lost Uchiha - Wolves against the Storm
Two Cats With One Stone
Kaguya Beast Becomes a Chuunin
Endless Bubbles
Learning Medical Ninjutsu Part I
The Sound of a Shattering Heart
Tearful Ramen
Meeting of the Kages
Patrol with a surprise
Hunter-Nin Files: Power In The Blood - Part 1
Battle on Horseback
Busted Crates
Upon A Pale Horse - Underground
What If? Final Performance - Value Appraisal
Stillness of a clock
Broken Memories Pt. 3 - The Beast of Blood Explained
Pickled Adventures
Bridge Battle
A New Path
Party Crashing
Non Faces
Tiny Prick of Poison
The Recluse Saga - Living Legacy
Dissidents in Konoha
Bandit Headcounts
Spark Boy Akira
The Strike of the Ji-Kai
Merchant and the Smoky Bandit
Clone Reality
A Regular Stop for Revitalizing Veggies
Clash at the Ramen House
Myoushu the Doll Collector
The Search - The Final Trial
Learning Medical Ninjutsu Part II
What Starts a Bond
Pick Pocket Troubles
Bait and Swap
Learning Medical Ninjutsu Part III
Puppet Play
Few Comforting Words
A Prisoner's Plea
Drenched Packaging
Stolen Ice on the Rocks
Darkness Incarnate - Diving In
Darkness Incarnate - Return to Darkness
Darkness Incarnate - Blind Faith
Chiyoko's test of Stealth
Sensory Training for Stealth part 1
Stealth Sensory Training pt 2
Miracle Cure Plant!
The Golden Stripe - House Call
Darkness Incarnate - Lost Light
S-Class beginnings! Jump takes its first big mission
Never Stood a Chance
Killing the White Whale
Protect the Cake!
Border Robbery
Hummingbirds of Museigan - Don’t Feed the Animals
Hummingbirds of Museigan - Can’t Cave In
Controlled Burn
Rescuing Children?
Hummingbirds of Museigan - Keep Your Word
Baby Boom
Hummingbirds of Museigan - Bye Bye Birdie
Hummingbirds of Museigan - A Very Small Summon
Battle Within The Storm
Cat Burglars
Darkness Sealed
The Recluse Saga - Ambush and Rescue!
Kamikaze Islands: False Alarm
Jump Directions
The Perfect Mission
Delivering Bad News with Enthusiasm
Confessions and Progressions
The Lowest Bidder
What Kaguya do Best
Suiton Healing - Theft of a Scroll
Senju Spar: Bear-ly a Scratch
Betrayal in the Night
Final Decision
Hummingbird Feather
What If? Get in the Game - Test Journal
What If? Get in the Game - Koseita Man
Kitsune Crisis Pt.1
Journey to the Caves pt. 1
Protect the Caravan
Intro to Jump
The Apothecary's Note
Next of Kin
Bait Duty
Learning Medical Ninjutsu Part IV
Kitsune Crisis Part 2
A Date in the Tea House
Not so Tasty Treats
Eye For An Eye - Haunted History
Giving Chase
What If? Get in the Game - Storming the Gauntlet
The Golden Voice
Evil Pumpkin King
Flexing Muscles
Mafia Sweep
Steel vs. Claws
Escape from Deep Hold - Part 1
Assassination of a Noble
Healing Water
Trick or Treat... With My Fist!
The Recluse Saga - Awakenings
Kitsune Crisis Part 3
Blades of the Dammed
Visitor to Jump
The Monster Flower Girl and The Crushed Snowflake
Floating Fortress
What If? Get in the Game - A Boy and His Fairy
Night of the Beast pt.1
Bomb Party
What If? Costume Party - Costume Contest
Quest for Salamander Senjutsu. Part 1
Quest for Salamander Senjutsu. Part 2
Kitsune Crisis Pt 4
The Recluse Saga - Close Calls
Eight Arms' Reach
Quest for Salamander Senjutsu. Part 3
The Return of the Dead
Retrieve the Falcon Statuette!
Chakra Shaping; Exams and Traps
Betrayal and Assassination: The Beginning of the Chitsujyo
Night of the Beast pt.2
To find a friend, and one to trust
A Bandit Army
What happens in Oz...
Hog Crazy
The Golden Stripe - Beast of Battle
This Job....
Not Your Average Clone
What was that Jutsu?
Kitsune Crisis Part 5: Soren's Trail
I Like Turtles
Bringing Down the Giant - An Alliance of Demons and Lightning
Fool's Gold
Small Stowaway: Big Problem
The Recluse Saga - Taiki Strikes Back
Meeting between the Snow and Demon Princesses: Confession of Love!
Quest for Salamander Senjutsu. Part 4
Introductions and lunches
He'd Be Dead Any Other Time
Sides of a Team
Death on a Mist Covered Bridge
Fighting Karma
The Golden Stripe - Forging of Bonds
Prince of Rat-Thieves
Bringing Down the Giant - The Devil Trap
Bandits never win and prisoners never forget
Seven Swordsman's Grand Ceremony
Wedding Un-Crashers part 1
The Temptress and the Archer
Suna Drug Cartel - Pop Shots for 1
The Great Patient Escape!
A Ram in the Bush
Stringing Up the Yellow Hats
Medic Homecoming
Girl in the Tower
Return to Oz Part 1
Shark Bait
A Bearable Deal
Misfiring Chakra Paper Test
Like a ninja. Farming for the very first time.
Unexpected enemies pt1
Stealth Sensor Training Part 3
Quest for Salamander Senjutsu Part 5
Oh when it all comes home...
Quest for Salamander Senjutsu Part 6
Empty Caravans
The Music Box Surprise
Glass Emotions
Ayumo's new eyes
Catching up at Jump
Family Ties
Party Hearty
Awaiting the Inevitable
Quest for Salamander Senjutsu Part 7
Second Promotion Exams - Mind Against Mind: Eri vs. Kitaru
Second Promotion Exams - Bugs Against Shadows: Etsu vs. Usagi
Science with Risu
Wildlife Mockumentary
Horse Sense
Second Promotion Exams - Suna Genin Unite!
Medical Studies 2: Lakeside quiz
Second Promotion Exams - Alliance Suna and Kiri Keeping an Eye out!
Second Promotion Exams - The Will of Fire vs. The Power of Speed: Eremi vs. Ryuunosuke
Second Promotion Exams - Beware of Dark Tunnels: Rise vs. Daisuke
Second Promotion Exams - Boy Against Viper Fist: Ryo vs. Chiaki
Second Promotion Exams - Vengeance Cometh
Panic! Tensions start to brew
The Lone Vendor
Second Promotion Exams - A Battle of Wits: Tadashi vs. Narusegawa
Second Promotion Exams - Best Date Ever
Second Promotion Exams - Creatures of the Marsh
Silence in the Dark
Strange Tendencies
Second Promotion Exams – The Viper and the Icy Mist: Chiaki vs. Sakuryu
Second Promotion Exams - GIT OFF MAH LAWN: Ogosokamaru vs. Koseitama
Tales of the Kitsune: Sakuryu's Trial
Meeting Kaoru
Second Promotion Exams - Uchiha Wins: Berii vs. Risu
Second Promotion Exams - Helpful Nara: Risu and Usagi
Second Promotion Exams - Inconclusive Encounter: Isato vs. Usagi
Second Promotion Exams - Just Passing
Second Promotion Exams - Kiri Against Konoha: Naru vs. Kitaru and Tsiro
Second Promotion Exams - The final shattering of the Mirror: Kitaru vs. Naru
An Unexpected Reunion
Second Promotion Exams - The Executioner against The Gate Keeper: Onimitsu vs Eremi
Second Promotion Exams - Everything is Poison
Wheelings & Dealings
Second Promotion Exams - Reunion: Hiroshi vs. Ogosomakaru
Second Promotion Exams - The Beauty and the Faithful: Eri vs. Hiroshi
Second Promotion Exams - Friendship: Hiroshi and Rise
Medical Center Update
Second Promotion Exams - Unlikely Alliance
Second Promotion Exams - Scroll of Sacred Secrets: Koseitama vs. Kiku
Second Promotion Exam - The Final Day: Daisuke vs. Hiroshi
Second Promotion Exams - A monster is born: Risu vs. Isato
Second Promotion Exams - Who is the Monster?: Risu vs. Ryuunosuke
Second Promotion Exams - Beetles Don't Discriminate: Etsu vs. Onimitsu
Second Promotion Exams - Ice Against Fire: Sakuryu vs. Ryo
Second Promotion Exams - Brawler Against Brawler: Rise vs. Tsiro
The Recluse Saga - Seals of Doom
Meeting new characters
Second Promotion Exams - We meet again....Daisuke!?: Fuuta vs. Rise
"I've always dreamed..."
Second Promotion Exams - Those Left Alive
Second Promotion Exams - A fight without a fight: Risu vs. Usagi
Aggressive Interrogation
Second Promotion Exams - Byakugan Against Sharingan: Naru vs. Hiroshi
Secrets and Confessions
Late night drinks
Ok so here's how you.....nevermind, you got it
Second Promotion Exams - Like Family: Ryo vs. Usagi
Second Promotion Exams - Strategy and Improvision: Hiroshi vs. Tsiro
Second Promotion Exam - The Final Day: Daisuke vs. Hiroshi
Second Promotion Exams - Kumo Against Kumo: Kasuya vs. Ogosokamaru

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