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Meeting Midori
Second Promotion Exams - Stubborn Old Coot: Takeshi vs. Jon
Second Promotion Exams - Give it your all!: Eremi vs. Etsu
Second Promotion Exams - How It’s Going to Be: Naru vs. Daisuke
The Recluse Saga - Kiri Investigates
On Revenge and Support
Midori's Learning Jutsu: Finally Some Progress!
Second Promotion Exams - Afraid of Snakes?: Chiaki vs. Akina
Second Promotion Exams - Not Right in the Head: Eri vs. Koseitama
Second Promotion Exam - Distantly Relative Ninja: Berii vs. Ryo
Second Promotion Exams - And the winner is!: Berii vs. Eremi
Second Promotion Exams - Battle of Sharingan against Shikot: Naru vs. Tsiro
Second Promotion Exams - Oni Against Yuki-Musume: Onimitsu vs. Sakuryu
Second Promotion Exams - Explosive Destructive Power! Risu vs. Onimitsu
Skeleton Attack
Recovery with Itami
Second Promotion Exams - Battle to Exhaustion: Rise vs. Kiku
Second Promotion Exams - Madness Comes: Risu vs. Chiaki
Descent into Madness: Risu's fall
Second Promotion Exams - Honor Intact: Ogosokamaru vs. Tsiro
Second Promotion Exams - Imp Against Angel - Rise vs. Eri
Dark Alliances - Sealing of the Light
Null Result
Medical Studies 1: A New Path
Medical Studies 2.5: Heart to Heart Studies
Medical Training 3: The Test
Defiant To The End
Seperating Church and State
Disaster in Miati Forest
Finding Sachi - Part 1: Interrupted Pursuit
The Academy Thief
Mountain Post
Well Underway
Snow Ditch Day
Medical Studies 4: Healing fish
Gopo Smash
Aimi Arrives at Suna
Eye see you
Lost & Found
Medical Studies 5: Success at last
Research for further damage
Toshiba Activist's Thriller
Rumor ends: Kirigakure honor restored
In and Out
What if? Self-Insertion - My Power is Yours
Finding Sachi - Part 2: Retracing Their Steps
Kumo Bomb Squad
Starting a ghoulish investigation
Smuggling Spies
Dark Alliances - The Informant
Rescue the Hunter!
The Arts of Deception
A typical night in Fuuma Alley
A Warning of Loyalty
Crimes Against Science
Find What You Seek
Removing the Trash
Unholy Alliances - A Mission Ambushed
Dark Alliances - Blessing of the Sky Temple
Academy Exam: This is my nindo!
Ramen Rats
Think About It, Then Do Something
Finding Sachi - Part 3: Track Down, Beat Down
Konoha ANBU: Weapons not for sale!
Return from Retirement
Power Of The White Snake - Two Reptile Girls
Dark Alliances - Justice Rises
The Price of Treason
Drinking Alone Is Hard...
Toshiba Activist Thriller Scene 2
Hidden Shields
Unholy Alliances - Tenken is taken
Unholy Alliances - The Siege of Sora Otera
The Prison Escape
Headed Home - Demon Road
Headed Home - Mad Cows
Headed Home - Hide and Seek
Headed Home - Stolen!
A Baited Trap
Washing Away a Rebellion
Visual Kenjutsu
Jump Resident Medic?
It's Just A Lizard
Greased Pigs on the Loose
The Fox's Den
Cursed Doll Creation 1
Cursed Doll Creation 2
Blood Red Sandman - Book of Horrors
The Bond Between Weapons
First Ninja Training Mission: The Power of Friendship!
For Whom the Slab Tolls...
Taking Down Cruncher!... Or Not
Soul of Iron - Hunting
Upon A Pale Horse - The Armor Of A God
Midori Unleashes Her Rage!
Protection, Coolness, and Pretty Dresses
Sand and Knives - Two Tails Appears
Struggle with No Reward - Soldiers of Fortune: Part 1
Struggle With No Reward - Choices
Real Blood in Blood Marsh: Investigation
Blood and Storms
Struggle With No Reward - Tokkuriji Village Infiltration
Shell Cracking
Unholy Alliances - Reclamation
Blood Red Sandman - Lies and Secrets; Death and Demons
Zithim Hunt
Blood Red Sandman - Sand and Sand vs. Sand
Candy Wrappers and Wire
Struggle with No Reward - Keeping the Peace
Sand and Knives - Dangerous
Meeting a Superstar
Way of the Student
A Fishy Situation
Sagely Spar
To Lose is to Gain
The Rescue of Uzumaki Amiko pt. 1
Warehouse Confessions
A watery trade
Blood Shot Legacy
The Unmeddling Kid
Darkness Revisited - Initial Scouting
Moved by Pity
Struggle with No Reward - Soldiers of Fortune: Part 2
Bleeding Hearts: Strike in the Dark of Night
Stunned at Pickled Vegetables
Soul of Iron - Revival
Struggle With No Reward - Marking The Drawing Board
Darkness Revisited - Trial Run
Darkness Revisited - All Or Nothing
Within Reach
A-musing festival thievery
Rising Again
A Diplomatic Solution to Bloodlust
A Kindred Spirit
Fallen Skies - The Hunt Begins
Fallen Skies - A Lucky Find
Fallen Skies - Village Trouble
A Defining I
Sharp trainer, blunt impact
Poison Control
Old War Dogs
A Naruto Jungle Book
Emergency Delivery
Darkness Swallows
Struggle With No Reward - A Gift Horse
A new life begins?
On Top of the World
Team shadow-strike training #1
Won't You Take Me to Puppet Town?
Finding Sachi - Part 4: Evasion and Investigation
Shuuren And Satomi, A Tale of Two Poisons
A fighting chance Part 1
Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk... Or Hijack Caravans Owned By Shuuren
Advent of Mystery - Into the Unknown
A fighting chance Part 2
A fighting chance Part 3
Comrades No More
Chasing the Treacherous
What If? First Kiss - Summer Time of Youth!
The haunted house Part 1
Your Move...
Shinobi Poker
Iwata Takeshi Family Reunion
Date: over a week in
Sinkhole Investigation
Unholy Alliances - The Enemy of My Enemy
The Fast, The Brave, and The Foul
A spoonful of sugar...
Nemesis - Falconed
The Worst has Yet to Come
The Fugitive!
Team shadow-strike training #2
Tender Firsts
Barbecue Battle
Suffocating Dreams pt. 1
The Order: Denial Of Existence - He Who Knew Too Much
Retirees have it rough
Girl time: Shadow under the Hokage
Meeting Akiko
Heart to Heart between brothers
A Test of Skill
Struggle with no reward - Bloody valentine
A Raid at Dawn
The tar man
Struggle with no reward - Bloody valentine part 2
Pirate vs Ninja
The Mizukage's Challenge
Dead Before Dawn
A Ghost
Just A Statue
A More Wretched Hive
No Escape
A Speech In The Rain
Theft In Konoha
Death Of A Jinchuuriki
Cleansing With Fire
Patient Zero
Purging The Infection
Recovery Period
Rainos' Escape
Redemption And The Raikage
Dan's Diary
Dan's War Journal
Leaflets In Kirigakure
151 Candles
The Loneliest Monster
Beauty Blooms On The Surface
...Covering The Darkness Beneath
Free From Hatred
The Darkness Before The Light
Attack of the Zompires!
A Raid at Dawn, Pt. 2
Troubling Discoveries
Struggle with no reward - Ransom!
A drop of human, between a river of blood
Full Circle - A Trip Down Memory...?
Mismatched Personalities
Ave Chitsujyo
Genocide and Revenge
A Dream In Exile
The Thousand Winds
The Dweller in Darkness
Coming Home Again
The Most Dangerous Game
Every Once in a While…
Moving Mountains
Of Mice and Fuutas
What If? Other World - The Aegis
Let the Games Begin
Mao's Undeterred Meeting
Rushing Shadow & Sleeping Still
Memories of the Night
A Love Letter
Petty thievery
Run-in at the Waterfall
The Samurai who seek Nii Part 1
Struggle with no reward - Invasion!
Itami Rejoins Suna Council
Hibiki Rises
The Order: Denial of Existence - The Silencing
Yamamoto and Haruka Meet
Iwa-Nuts for Sale!
Usagi and Yamamoto Meet
Konohagakure Genin Games
Yumi's First RP
Introducing: Misaki!
Dessert Wars
Bubbling Tar
Romance of the Two Kingdoms
The Matatabi chakra cloak!
Struggle With No Reward - Retaliation!
We've got a runner!
Team Ogosokamaru: Misaki's first kill
What If? Future Me - The Teacher
Get the Lemon-Bug
Study in Inuzuka Village
Late Night Arrival
Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace
A Stray Child
The same as I
Inner Workings
Curiosity and Trust
A Ripple upon a calm pond!
That damn dam
Radical Decommissioning
Team Ogosokamaru: Competing with seals
Team shadow-strike: Training the Uchiha
Understanding the Drama
Climbing for Flowers
Team Ogosokamaru: Trolling on a mission!
Tar man: The end
A Lesson in Manners
Sneaking out for Rice
Tomb of the Elephant King
A Cry For Help
What If? Get in the Game - Hunt on Mogrundas IV
A Letter From The Front
Team Mihiro: Building bridges P.1
Blood and Bones - Meeting of the Minds
Blood and Bones - Calling The Pack To Hunt
Blood and Bones - Kiku's Master Plan
Struggle with No Reward - Caravan Cave-In
Struggle with No Reward - The Execution
On cruise... ehrm, mission?
An unexpected meeting
Struggle with No Reward - Passing a Checkpoint
Struggle with No Reward - Dangerous Proposal
Struggle with no reward - Assault on Konoha: Gates!
Blood and Bones - The Blueprint
Struggle with no reward - Infiltration into the Fire Daimyo's palace
Team Ogosokamaru Plus 1: Gathering Intel
Team Ogosokamaru: The Princess and the Blade Pt. 1
Struggle With No Reward - The Seige! TFM Attacks
A few grains is all it takes
Eyeball Collection Concerns
Struggle With No Reward - Thoroughness
Struggle With No Reward - Conversation By Oppression's Birth
Struggle With No Reward - Rescue of Mercy
Struggle With No Reward - Like it Never Happened
A Brief Meeting
Blood and Bones - A Difference of Opinion
Blood and Bones - Confrontation
Struggle With No Reward - A Show of Force
Sensing an Owl Summons - The Egg is Found
Sensing an Owl Summons - The Parliamentary contact inside the Convocation
Sensing an Owl Summons - Dead Fish
Sensing an Owl Summons - Spider Swarm
A Walk in the Sand
Struggle With No Reward - Challenging the Rebels
Selective Assassinations - Opening Salvo
Wake Up Call for Drowsy Voice Gang
Trouble at the Docks
Unwanted Ally
Pulling Up The Roots
Struggle With No Reward - Horror
Mizukage Meeting
Journey of the Unproven Princess - Mine Infested Waters
Miner Mishap
Struggle With No Reward - Battle of the Factory Fields Pt. 1
Blood and Bones - Retaliation
Buried In The Sand - Homecoming
A Painted Image And a Truth Revealed
Movie Trailer - The Golden Stripe
The Business of Revenge - A Meeting on Intel
Struggle with no Reward - Kadomai Riot
Struggle With No Reward - Bag a Princess
Blood and Bones - To Trap A Rumor
The Present Future: World Tournament
The Future Present: The Master Seal
Dreams - Nightmareland
Dreams - Perfect World
Dreams - Hallucinations
Dreams - Kanda Bad Dream
Dreams - Tetsuo Perfect Life
Dreams - Nightmare of a Ghost
Dreams - A glimpse of the future?
Dreams - It's MINE
Dreams - Tsukiko's Dream
Journey of the Unproven Princess - The Blooming Marlin
The Business of Revenge - Underestimated
The Tailed Terror
Team Shadow-strike: Training #3
A Hunter's Beginning
Shirayuki VS Tenjin
Struggle With No Reward - Battle of the Factory Fields Pt. 2
Just Out For A Walk
People Just Never Learn
A Silent Yamanaka And Elemental Shogi
Eyes For Sale - Looking Through Fresh Eyes
Animal Lovers
Selective Assassinations - Throwing your hat
Chimera Encounter
Slither - A Sudden Favor
Dreams - The Price of a Perfect World
Dreams - Nightmare on Hiro
Dreams - A Heroine's Bane
Ghosts Risen
Dreams - Nausea
Dreams - Akemi's Dream
Dreams - Daisuke's Dream
Dreams - Visions of Time
Dreams - Dream of Long Ago
Dreams - Once More Into The Void
Dreams - Sisters
Dreams - Diver
Emoting - Project: Kindness, Promise
Emoting - One Bit Truth
Emoting - wasted time
The Road To Remembrance
Bloody Mist Cup - The Tournament Begins
Bloody Mist Cup - Round 3
The Musical - To End a Dynasty
Team Shadowstrike: Brewing away
Bikini Blowout Bash
Struggle With No Reward - Battle of the Factory Fields Pt. 3
Kumo Daimyo Plot - A Note is Passed
Kumo Daimyo Plot - chaos with a lower-case c
Katsurou's Departure From Kirigakure
Wolf Extermination
Blood and Bones - Spider's Den
Enemies becoming friends
High Priority Trade
Blood and Bones - The Kaguya Way
Selective Assassinations - Investigation Revelations
Looking at other Clans
Selective Assassinations - Claiming the Throne
Out of the Flames
Buried In The Sand - Difficult Digging
Slither - Trek in the Ruins
What if? Future Me - The Dynast on the Concubine
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Containing the Chaos
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Taming the Beast
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Hidden Agendas?
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Assault on Hope
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Udder Chaos
Train Madness
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Misaki's Messy Apartment
Struggle With No Reward - Philosophy with Hashi
Honosuke's Summons - Poachers
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Steps Taken, Ground Lost
Sensing an Owl Summons - Owl Summoning Contract Signed!
Hunter Files: Finding their Target Part 1
Lost Dreams, Part I
Coming of the Dark Sage - The Beginning
Struggle With No Reward - Game Over
Second Promotion Exams - Lightning Round: Kasuya vs. Jon
Simple Delivery
Save The Children
The Flames of War - A Village Ignored
The Musical - Here I Go Again
A New Star
To Reap What Is Sown
The Replacement
What if? Dead Rising - Dog Thief
The Mysterious Myopia in the Mountainous Metropolis!
Kumo Daimyo Plot - The Perfect Recipe for Rice with just a dash of disaster
Honosuke's Summons - Mussels
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Library Research
Salad by the Firelight
Hunting the Predator - Prize
Kiri's New Year Celebration: 1/1/9
Desert Wars - Abandoned Carcass
It's a New Year's Celebration of Mayhem
Snow Wars
Buried In The Sand - Stolen Home
Not Your Enemy! Part I
Coming of the Dark Sage - Meditation
Coming of the Dark Sage - One Part Down
Learning to Replace Oneself
Coming of the Dark Sage - Last Day in Darkness
The Business of Revenge - Preparing a Statement
Where Team 21 Cashed In
Litterbug Problem
What If? Dead Rising - Perfection
What If? Dead Rising - Revenge Assignment
What If? Self-Insertion - Chuunin Exams
What If? Self-Insertion - Farewell?
What If? Self-Insertion - War Council
What If? Self-Insertion - Out of Self Exile
What If? Self Insertion - Named after an ancestor
Worth Dying For - Teaser #1
Blood Red Sandman - Teaser #1
I Lost A Friend
Worth Dying For - Scene #2
Blood Red Sandman - Scene #13
One's Own Hell
Shattered Memories - Kagome
Ninja's Best Friend - Hey! Hey Listen!
Kumo Daimyo Plot - The Faceless Threat Reveals Itself
Honosuke's Summons - The first few hours are the hardest
Honosuke's Summons - The Toad of Prophecy
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Confronting the Fraud
Odori Legacy
Kumo Daimyo Plot - On the Run
Worth Dying For - Scene #3
Ninja's Best Friend - Thanks to Newton
Ninja's Best Friend - Fireflies in my Nightmares
One's Own Hell - The Demon Inside
Lost Dreams, Part III
Forced Detour
What If? Body Swap - Kazekage for a Day
Unholy Alliances - Messages in Genjutsu
Desert Wars - A Deeper Look
Aburei's Appraisal
Chiding Katsurou
The Mutt, the Huntress, and the Wagon
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Tentsplosion!
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Prisoner Transport
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Beasts of the Horde
Collecting a Debt
The Road Not Forgotten
Herding Hiro
Ponies of Death
No one expects the Kiri-Inquisition!
Home Sweet Home
Cattle Rustlin'
Team Kasumi: AWKWARD!
Ninja's Assemble! The Konoha House Warming BBQ
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless Factory Raid
M&M are tested!
Revenge of the Recluse - Initial distractions
Hoshigakure's runaway squad!
The Business of Revenge - A Stroke of Bad Luck
I know what boys like!
Struggle With No Reward - 400
The Business of Revenge - A Hospital In Danger
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless Foes, #8 Defeated!
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless #5
Kumo Daimyo Plot - Faceless #10
Journey of the Unproven Princess - Sacrifice
Journey of the Unproven Princess - Landing Party
Journey of the Unproven Princess - A Rogue Shirayuki Captain
Journey of the Unproven Princess - The Shirayuki Relic
Pool Party
Bounty Hunting
Desert Wars - Sides Revealed
Dastardly field trials, Pt. 1
Silent Acquisition - A Joyous Announcement
Lake Placid
Slither - An Intricate Trap
Soul of Iron - Breaching
Alignment Chart - Jon
Alignment Chart - Eremi
Double & Dragon Pt. 1
Easing Tensions
Battle of the two nobles, Battle of fire and ice!
Full Circle - Debt's Owed
The Business of Revenge - A New Target
Illusions Are Never Your Friend
Ghost Buster Debut
The Tiring Journey to Kamegakure
Team Siren Meets!
Double & Dragon Pt. 2
A Song of Ice and Fire
Smokey Aftermath
Kiri vs. Konoha: This is diplomacy?
Midori's Summons - Turtle Power
Konoha Defiles Kumo
The Revenant
Like Father, Not Like Son
Evaluating the circumstances
Third Promotion Exams - Survival Round Start
Third Promotion Exams - An Agreement
Third Promotion Exams - Shirayuki Against Hyuga: Katsurou vs. Atsui
Third Promotion Exams - One With Nature: Nori vs. Fudo and Katsurou
Third Promotion Exams - Shattered Overconfidence: Sakuryu vs. Amani
Suggestions board 2013-04-21 through 2013-07-14
Suggestions board 2013-07-16 through 2013-09-07
Konoha Tour Guide
An escort for Emira
The Beginning of Friendship
Honosuke's Summons - Honosuke's Summoning Contract
Third Promotion Exams - A scroll for a heal: Nori & Hiroyasu
Third Promotion Exams - Utter Betrayal: Fudo vs Amani and Hiroyasu and Katsurou and Hiei and Nori
Third Promotion Exams - Handed scrolls
Third Promotion Exams - Shogi Challenge: Nori vs. Sosuke
The Adventures of Miyo and Midori: Ghosts Aren't Real!
Third Promotion Exams - Duty & Revenge: Hibiki vs. Fudo
Third Promotion Exams - Frozen Princess of Doom: Sakuryu vs. Iwa Kamizuru
Kaito's Sea Circus
A Meeting of the Powers
The Doctor's New Patient
Tapping Into The Beast
Third Promotion Exams - Jinchu?! Chitose Shows Her Power in the Forest of Death: Random Shinobi Girl vs. Chitose
Third Promotion Exams - Surprise! Two Shinobi Face Disbelief: Chitose vs. Amani
Tough Biscuits
Third Promotion Exams - A Gift
Third Promotion Exams - Duty & Revenge: Hibiki vs. Sakuryu
The Time Keeper’s Apprentice
Third Promotion Exams - Explosive Endings: Sakuryu vs. Iwanin #2
Third Promotion Exams - I'm Hungry Seymour! Hibiki vs. The Venus Shinobitrap
Third Promotion Exams - Nature
Dam Surfing, Tree Walking, and New Revelations
Double Agent
Battle of the Shirayuki
Owl Sage - Guard the Armory
Owl Sage - A Scoutpost
Owl Sage - Anything but Spiders!
Owl Sage - Repel the Invaders
Foolish Cheaters Never Prosper
The Training of Team Siren
Sakuryu Trains Midori in Wind Manipulation
Something Wicked....
The Missing Leaf: Hunt For Eremi
Virus Outbreak
Pain and Gain - Consorting with the Enemy
Fudo's Revenge
Capturing Asakaze Zaku
Shooting Hoops (and the Breeze)
Third Promotion Exams - Shakey Showdown: Amani vs. Katsurou
Third Promotion Exams - Endure: Sosuke vs. Hibiki
Third Promotion Exams - A Draining Experience for two Kunoichi! Sakuryu vs. Chitose
Pitch and a miss
Opening Night of Konoha's Festival
Never Take Only One Path
Kiri Patrollin’
Katsurou's Flak Jacket
Scaling the Walls Like the Spiders
The Silk Conflict - Intro
A-musing festival thievery II
Creating An Embassy, Konoha Side
Pain and Gain - Favor from a friend
Iwa Trouble
Lightning Shakedown
Save the Trees, not the Bandits
Birth Of A Rivalry
Instructor Katsurou
Versatility and Rabbits in the Mist
Peace in our Time
Diplomacy: Fire and wind - I
Into a New World - The Fox Shrine
Race for Tea!
It's Good To Be The King
Stop the ocean!
The Bitter Business - The First of Tests
The Bitter Business - Silent Steps
What Lies Within
Kiriko Falls
Sorrow at Dusk
Kirigakure Graduation Exam: Kaguya Yuriko
Head of Security: Miyo-Chan
Third Promotion Exam - Final Round Bout: Nori vs. Fudo
Who You Gonna Call? Konoha
Resource Reclamation - Otter Denial
Mushi vs. Noab
Genjutsu training under the Raiun Falls!
Katsurou Returns to Kirigakure
A Rush for Genin
Aishio's Test
Salting the Slug of Warfare
Just a merchant here!
Resource Reclamation - Almost a Buzzkill!
To Catch A Kumo Nin Part 1
To Catch A Kumo Nin Part 2
The Girl and the Dragons
Mission Possible: Shopping!
Follow the Money - Initial Plans
Pain and gain - Bait and switch
[Traversing the Safety Zone
Similarity and Difference
Alignment Chart - Fuyu
Alignment Chart - Yuri
The Mistakes of the Past
Without You
What If? First Kiss - Not All Firsts Are Innocent
Reality of Nightmares
Worth Dying For - Scene #4
Worth Dying For - Scene #5
Worth Dying For - Final Scene
Ancient History, a Vision of Despair
A Black Future, Monsters Managing Monsters
A Failed Hunt
The Saddest Thing
What If? Fails and Flaws - Junko
A Life Taken, Another Touched
Stepping Up
Blood vs. Fire
Strings Of The Heart
Own's Own Hell - Awakening
Alignment Chart - Maikeru
Thickening Blood - The New Patient
Business as Usual
The Bitter Business - Divergence
Beach Beautification
Wedding Preparations
Boning Up on Cloning Up
A Promise
A person broken
Follow the Money - Seeds of the easy way
Resource Reclamation - Run of the Mill
The Silk Conflict - Mutations in Chakra
Squirrelly Crisis - Purloined Pills
A reason for leaving
Desert Wars - First Death
Slither - A Deal Made
Exfiltrating the Infiltrator
The Silk Conflict - Parasite Control/Konoha Security
Descent Through Darkness - It Has Begun
What If? Stars of Spooky - Frankenstein's Revenge
Chalkmate: The King is Dead
What If? Stars of Spooky - Left 4 Shinobi
What If? Stars of Spooky - Left 4 Shinobi (clean)
Abnormal Day At School
Unruly Kids! Kaiju: Chapter 1 Part 1 & 2
Student Stories: Misa's evaluation
Getting His Goat
The Party Crashers
What Are Friends For
Desert Wars - Lines in the Sand
What If? Stars of Spooky - Gremlins
Belly Flops and That Sinking Feeling
A New Direction - New Weapons
Silk Conflict - Continuing the Search
Turning over a new Leaf-nin
Resource Reclamation - Tolls
A New Direction - Hissori and Yuriko, the next day
The Big Reveal, Burying Memories
Pirates, Lightning, Explosions, Oh my!… And a Lurking Nara
Woes of the High Road
Resource Reclamation - Golden Bridge
The Silk Conflict - Scared Off
The Silk Conflict - Kiri Encounter
What If? Stars of Spooky - The Crowbird
Falling Leaves and Falling Narikos
What If? Stars of Spooky - Shinobi Games
Return Of The Ox King
The Silk Conflict - Suna Encounter
The Silk Conflict - More research and help
Black Book Entry: Kakuzu Jirou
Recruitment & Evaluation Pt. 2
Resource Reclamation - Goop Mine
Soaked Sand - Old Wounds Opening
Death and the Firefly
Restless No More
What If? Switching Sides - Revenge of the Inuzuka
Masks and Diplomats
Colony Collapse - Part 1: Dock Ears
Blowing The Pop Stand
Ice Age - A New Threat
What If? Switching Sides - Battle of the Jinchuuriki
Resource Reclamation - Drug Mining
Chef Mugoiyardee, Cannibal Specialist
Squirrelly Crisis - The Trial
What If? Switching Sides - Medic Gone Mad
Opening the Gates to the Heart, Figuratively
Follow the Money - Testing the Sands
The Ghost and the Medic
In Case of Sandworm Emergency, Stab a Sand Dune
Soul of Iron - Through the Forest
Rooftop Jamboree
Colony Collapse - Part 2: Breaking Camp
Soaked Sand - Weapon Inspection
How to Sunagakurain's Weed Gardens
The Second Step: Dig Deep & Press On
Pain and Gain - Necessary Sacrifices
Gentle Reminder
Ants in your Pants
Pain and Gain - Finding Light in the Darkness
Feigning Innocence - Bloody Beginnings
A Request For The Doctor
A Spar Among Suna Shinobi
What If? Switching Sides - Dogs of War

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