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A New Direction - Hunter Turns Hunted
A New Direction - Further Testing
The Business of Revenge - A Double Trap
From Hage & The Murky Soup Gang, With Love
A Fight to the Last Cut
Colony Collapse - Part 3: Wrecking Ships, Shipwrecks, and Shipping Wrecks
Following the Currents of Life
A New Current With An Old Undertow
Sawgrass Nakama
Runaway Reaper
Cat Hunt
Vivid Meditations
Trading of Skills - The Meeting
Feigning Innocence - Betrayal
Tree Tapping
The Silk Conflict - Great Orbs of Pestilence
The Business of Revenge - Retribution and Retrieval
Shadow Clone 1: Ayumu
Squirrelly Crisis - Punishment
Threat Level Bear
Heartache and Beast Bomb Threats
The Midnight Coterie of Foreign Shinobi
Dangerous Natures
What Does the Fox Say?
The Jinchuuriki Alliance?
Monkey Unbusiness
Shadow Clone 2: Ayumu
Colony Collapse - Part 4: Piracy and Kidnapping
Boning Up on Cloning Up II: Struggling with Oneself
Upheaval - Challenge
A Routine Delivery
Diplomats and Jinchurikki
Talking in Circles
The Silk Conflict - Meet the Enemy
Helmet of Despair
What If? Genderswap - An Interrupted Meeting
What If? Genderswap - Matron of the Hotsprings
Burying the Kunai
Bugs In a Dragon
A Strange Welcome for the Kumo Envoy
Of Bonfires and Sake
Fish Market Has Spiders
The Silk Conflict - Zombie Pirate Vacation Anyone?
Colony Collapse - Part 5: A Visit to the Island Fortress
Kumogakure Graduation Day
Puzzle Master - Those Who Seek That Which Does Not Exist
Silk Road - At World's End
Malicious Mr. Boom
Escape of the Ox King
A Sword in Hand
What If? Examiner - The Ideal Kumo Chuunin
Meeting the Mizukage
Of weddings and revenge
Pride, Priority, & Punishment
The Sleeper, The Drunk, And the Great Merchant Race
The Punishment of Sin
Losing Sight - First Words
Losing Sight - A Step Towards Knowing
Losing Sight - Finding Light
What If? Genderswap – The Kumo Shore
The Silk Conflict - Disturbance at Dead Sands
A simple lesson
Lawful Seizure and Unlawful Wishes
What If? Dead Rising - Unforgiven
Evil Reborn
Fade to Black, Rise to White
Digging For Answers
Failure No Longer
Spare Time - Ninja in the Shadows
What If? Final Performance - The Bounds of Rule
Ghosts of the Past
Shocking Silver
Never Back Down 2: The Back Down
The Silk Conflict - A Jinchuuriki Overtaken
Sharp Designs
Strengthening Alliance
Team Terror: Arrival of the Eco-Terrorist
Prisoner Escort Mission
The Silk Conflict - A Jinchuuriki's Fall
Colony Collapse - Part 6: No More Stalling!
An Arena Evaluation
The Silk Conflict - A Nara's Mission
Old Injuries - An Unexpected Encounter
Artist's Block
Boning Up on Cloning Up III: Tiger Woes and Borrowed Clothes
A New Leaf - Goodbyes and New Beginnings
Blood and Fire
Kumo Bandits: Surprise! Ambush
Chain Gang - Breaking The Link
Revenge of the Ox King - The Yotsuki Revelation
Revenge of the Ox King - The Lumberjack Guild
Sinking Feelings
Saving Grace
The Silk Conflict - Puppet Dissection
The Silk Conflict - Mushi's Pardon
Playing with Buruno-chan
Prankster's Penance
Small Slaughter
The Night of Mastery
A New Leaf - Strengthening Bonds
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Less Than Legal Transport
Dynamite Mentor Isra!
Mind Melding Plans
Of Wings and Impersonation
Dig a little deeper
Shivering Timbers
The Silk Conflict - Final Insertion
Shadow Clone 3: Ayumu
The Silk Conflict - Tributary Offerings
Kick the Can
Squirrelly Crisis - Up-Pill Battle
What If? Final Performance - Justice Is a Dish...
What If? Costume Party - Badger Badger
What If? First Kiss - Academy Days
What If? Ibiki's Exam - Amiko
What If? Ibiki's Exam - Midori
What If? Ibiki's Exam - Eremi
What If? Ibiki's Exam - Kaoru
What If? Ibiki's Exam - Bowing Out
[Resolution - Usuaji
What If? Ibiki's Exam - Onimitsu
Nemesis - Midori
Movements toward Balance...
Gods and Fate
Recurring Nightmare
Fresh Jinchuuriki of Two-Tails
I Am Become Death
What If? Future Me - Fate of the Accursed
Not-So-Hidden in the Rain
Boning Up on Cloning Up IV: Sealing the Deal
Clash of the Titans
Terror on the High Seas
Silence of the Bandits
Shadow Clone 4: Ayumu
Crab Killing
Bandit Island Mission
Revenge of the Ox King - Fall of the King
What The Sand Hides
Mushi's Trial
Taking Out The Trash
Death note
Prisoners of the Green Tower
The Golden Puppet
The Plant
Squirrelly Crisis - Resolution
Akinori's Sparring
Send in the Clown! So this is ninja, huh!?
Marsh Hunt
The Chronicles of the Shady Lizard Hero - Chance
High Value Cargo
Give it All You've Got! Child of the furious blade!
Shinobi Games - Akimichi Bowling
The Coalition Cleansing - The Island Adventure
Blood Ties - Defiance
The Coalition Cleansing - Blow the Men Down!
Colony Collapse - Finale
What Makes Us Human - Loss for Gain
The Chronicles of the Shady Lizard Hero - Peace Seeker
Resurgence of the Yagi Oni
Monastery Madness - Part I
What Makes Us Human - A Fate Worse than Death
The Coalition Cleansing - No Room At The Inn
Accepting The Mystery
The Coalition Cleansing - Futile Vengeance
A Hunting We Will Go
Rain, Lightning, and Fire (Part One)
Invaluable Cargo
The Coalition Cleansing - The Burdens of Command
Burning for Battle
Team Kasumi: A introduction going wrong
Burning Down the House
Chronicles of the Shady Lizard Hero - Karma
Pool Pest
The Coalition Cleansing - Recruitment Derailed
The Coalition Cleansing - Canyon Ambush
The Tanuki Village
Black Stone of Shinegakure - #1
Overwhelming Darkness - Emergency Healing
A Shochu, A Shochu, Mushi's Kingdom for Shochu!
You're Just All Heart
Overwhelming Darkness - Outbreak
What If? Spring is Here - Test of Love
Misunderstandings Start Fires
Overwhelming Darkness - Outbreak At Golden Crossroads
A Mission of Delicacy
Rescue Rangers and the Song of Jirube's Lullaby
Prey for the Dead
The hunt for the Inuzuka Horror
Coincidental Discussions
A Wanderer’s End
Overwhelming Darkness - Overwhelmed and Outgunned
Black stone of Kirigakure - 1
Overwhelming Darkness - Ambush
Beetle Hotel
What If? Critter Character - Mecha-Spider
Put the Blood in Blood Marsh
New Konoha Medicine: First Aid Classes
What Makes Us Human - Best Laid Plans
A New Leaf - Promotion
Overwhelming Darkness - Gaining Ground
The Coalition Cleansing - A Few Threats Short of a Parley
Drink With No Regrets
Battle for Utsumeshi's Mark
What Makes Us Human - Betting the Farms
Bea's Hakumei Induction
The Coalition Cleansing - Quest of the Kumo Kunoichi
Saisho Shows off Skills to Ishino!
What If? Future Me - A Sage's Strength
Quoth the Raven "Once More"
Movie Trailer - Can't Sleep
Movie Trailer - The Recluse Wars
Gathering, Unrest and Betrayal, Amidst the Flames
What do you know about sweetroot?
Fall of a Family
Blood and Bones - Kaguya Pride, Kaguya Honor
The Silk Conflict - The silk lord
Rap Battle - Hibiki
What If? Examiner - Fudo
What If? Examiner - Rock the Survival Round
Black stone of Shinegakure - Kiri insurgency
Getting in the group
Punishment and Counseling
A Captain's Capture
Rain, Lightning, and Fire (Part Two)
What If? Critter Character - Cellar Snacks
What If? Critter Character - Party Animals
The Crystal Alteration - The Descent
Arachnid Allies
The Coalition Cleansing - The Cowardly Cicada
The Coalition Cleansing - A Brother's Revenge
The Bearded Dragon
The Curse of the Wishing Idol
Blood Harvest - Bloodfall
Tanzen's Blooming
Mission D-18191: Meow-Chan's Great Escape
The Crystal Alteration - The Risk
The Bear Face of Politics - Part 1: The Mission Begins
Shaky Reboot
Testing the New Recruits
An Iga's Proposition
Alt Meeting - The Drunk and The Adventurer
Crossing Paths
Kumo Genin: A Jounin's pride
The Coalition Cleansing - Capturing a Major
The Unknown Reflection - Experimenting With The Unknown
Overwhelming Darkness - Attack on Lightning
Overwhelming Darkness - Reclaiming Ground
Overwhelming Darkness - Overtaking Darkness
Saisho Building the Puppet: Log 1
Return of the Eco-Terrorists
Slave Driver
A night for sparring
A New Direction
Death of Katsurou
Overwhelming Darkness - Dark Souls
Ration Reaping
Losing Sight - Culmination
Saisho Building the Puppet: Log 2
Meeting the student
While sleeping dogs lie, someone else gets the prize
Water Ninjutsu? Not in the Land of Fire!
The Fall of Flexy Lex
Welcome to the Real World
Bury the Traitor
Shiro and Kenta's Chance Encounter
Of Samurai and Goat-Ogres - So We Meet Again...
A Not So Simple Job - Part 1
The Bear Face of Politics - Part 2: Briefing and Brief Preparations
The Red Lily
Overwhelming Darkness - Fall of the Shadow
Dismissing the Bad, Piercing the Lost
Animal breakout! Ninjas on the hunt
A Journeying We Shall Go
Shiro's Lightning Sensei
False Nobility
The Sword Sensei
Wisdom of the Hokage
The Aftermath Becomes You
Exploring Medical Ninjutsu
The Coalition Cleansing - Assault at the Lightning Docks
The Coalition Cleansing - Chitose's Last Stand
Two Best Friends Argue Over a Well
Ramen doesnt keep the medic away
Blood Ties - Malcontent
Suki Saki Gear and More!
Saisho Building the Puppet - Log 3
Saisho Mednin Training: Log 1
Hot Springs Resort Defense
The Mountain's Treasure
Plague of Frogs
Bumps in the Night
Carrion Eaters
Dark Delvings
Unity with Isobu: Step One
Revenge of the Lions
A gathering to never forget
"Demons" in the Mountains
Drugs in a Box
Conquer and Control - First or Final Steps?
Pillaging Pirates
Deadly Rains
We Who Hunger
Each To Their Own Duty
Bunny Attack!
Ferret Summon - The Cobra and the Cute Ferret
Takahiro Finds a Home
A host's tale
Suzume's First Mission
Don't Trouble The Waters
An Evening in the Library
Another Evening in the Library
Determining Takeo's Future
Revenge of the Nerd
Song of Sixpence
Tree Walking lessons at the lake
Silk and Poison
Meeting Around the Glowing Lake
Edge of Reason
Things Once Lost: First Thing To Find
Ferret Summon - Ferret Vs Tsuchi while Snake poofs away
Carrion Eaters 2
Team Katonari! Set fire to the lightning!
Swift Justice
The Ant Shinobi
Saisho Mednin Log 2
Saisho Mednin Training Log 3
Fighting the Sickness
Salt Mines Rescue
The Unknown Reflection - Showing Reina
Crash and Burn
Dressed For Disaster
Ferret Summon - Scaley Showdown
Blood and Betrayal - Awakening
Meeting Obaa-chama and then-some!
Making Peace - Beginning
Fortune and Infamy - Time to Gamble
Aces High roll Snake Eyes
Making Peace - Moe's Contract Signing
Haunted House Hunt
The Catalyst
Fortune and Infamy - Danger for Hire
Kitten Sitting
The Growing Alliance
Fourth Promotion Exams – Team Katonari's First Obstacle
Fourth Promotion Exams - Team Katonari Enters the Field
Unknown Escalations - Village Hidden in the Recluse
Ferret Summon - The Big Presentation & Unexpected Rewards
Fourth Promotion Exams - Bound
The Berserker and the Wild One: Lessons on Structure
Shark Wrestling and You: How to Not Die, Tend to Wounds, and be the Envy of your Peers
Fourth Promotion Exams - Protect the Scrolls, Team Katonari!
Wedding of a Seven Swordsman
Fortune and Infamy - Enter the Shadow Assassin
Fourth Promotion Exams - Second Obstacle pt 2
Saisho Mednin Training: Log 4
Breaking New Ground - Starting from Scratch
Breaking New Ground - Structural Integrity
Breaking New Ground - The Daimyo's Approval
Fourth Promotion Exams - Second Obstacle pt 1
Fourth Promotion Exams - Reizei Against Sarutobi: Ryouji vs. Zankuro
Bandit Patrol
Fortune and Infamy - Bea's Subterfuge
Snakes in a Drain
Kiri's Delivery Service!
Doihara Reception
Breaking New Ground - The Drug Bust
Edge of Severity
Animal Run
Katashi Reporting for Duty
Gift of the Waves
Student-Sensei Reunion
Rebel Agenda - Search For The Missing
Fourth Promotion Exams - A Ghostly Challenger: Ayame vs. Mokei
Training: Scroll Mastery
Unusual Encounter with a Moon
Water Manipulation Training near Mist Lake
The Lost Drunkard
Mix and Match
The Unluckiest Pair!
Mother Snake
Saisho Graduation: Surprise!
Flies in the Web - Part 1
Inheriting the Heart of Healing
Fortune and Infamy - The Will and the Way
Fourth Promotion Exams - Rivals Clash! Ryouji vs. Sado
The Bear Face of Politics - Part 3: Separate and Shadow
The Stone Tanuki Gang: Encounter in the Ruins
Fourth Promotion Exams - The ‘Silence’ Incident
Another Open Challenge Night
Fortune and Infamy - Dangerous Tag Team
Fakes on a Train
Fortune and Infamy - Final Words
The Silence - Suna's Response
The Unluckiest Pair: Bandit Conclusion!
Sins of the Fathers - Sin of Rage
Flies in the Web - Part 2
Flies in the Web - Part 3
Northern Bandits and the Crimson Mist
Akiko Learns Cliff-Walking!
Ceda and Mau
Sparring with a Criminal
Dead Man's Hand
Renegade War Hog
Destruction of Mau
Tiny Terrors of Konoha and Kadomai
Black Sands
Attack of the Giant Ants
The Vow of a Criminal
Team Phoenix Assembles!
Sins of the Fathers - Sin of Gluttony
The Unluckiest Pair: Kidnapped Comrade!
Sinking Ships and Insect Swarms
The Fate of Cookies at Stake
Contests, Pests.. and the Leaky Dam
Some Disassembly Required
The Unknown Reflection - Swatting the Flies
Megumi's Coma
The Silence - Stairway to Suna
In Service of the People
Burning Desires - A beginning
Silent Incursion
A Walk to Remember
The Silence - Sending the Snake
Relief mission to Sunagakure
Build a Bearry
Lunch at Hachiman's
The Silence - Silence Goons on Tenrai Plateau
Cleaning Up: The Cat and Her Friend
It's For The Birds
Burning Desires - Making new friends
A Day At The Lake
Spars, Rumors, and Loyalty
The Silence - Harrying Assault (Cave Edition pt1)
Kirigakure's Moody Spring Weather
Team 8 Assemble!
The Silence - Harrying Assault (Cave Edition pt2)
The Leather Punks - Gathering Information
Ghost Attack in the Land of Lightning
The Company - Yuuka’s Awakening
A New Dawn - Gathering Troops
Tai Lesson #1: Speed and Power
The Silence - Suna's Observations
Rescue and Raid
The Company - Introduction of the Remnants
Proving ones worth
Fourth Promotion Exams - The Revenant
The Silence - To Hide a Secret
The Silence - A Joining of Forces
Under the Sakura Blossoms
Shelter from the Rain, Shelter of the Bandits
The Tale of Mikari Ono
The Silence - Sensor Befuddled
Ikari's Genin Exam
The Most Timely Delivery Pt. 1
The Night Life Ain't Just For Bats
Past to Present and Back Again
The Iron Heist - Part 1: Into the Mine
A Silent Ambush is Quieted
The Thunder Above
Coming of Dawn - Guarding the Grain
The Company - Sleep It Away
Katashi's Internal Struggle
The Silence - A War Council in the making
banhammer Banhammer
The Silence - The Snake's Trap
An Accidental Fire
Pride of Nobles
Coalition Cleansing - Major Chitan: The demise and rise of a Captain
Spider Control
The Unknown Reflection - Jekyll and Hyde
The Unknown Reflection - Rise of Keiko
The Fat Prize
Wild Kir-B in the Sand
This Immortal Coil - Scent from the Past
Silence on the Train
Treasonous Talk
Ballad of Katon Aijo
The Silence - Getting Information the Hard Way
The Silence - At The Daimyo's Door
Blade Training and the question of Friendship
Zombie Apocalypse Team - Feari's Zombie Survival Guide
Mushroom Kingdom in the Land of Wind
Stealing and Sparring
Silent Crime
Political Donations
Marine Rodeo
King Crab
Treasure in the Desert
Spider Control Part 2
False Silent Alarm
Reeled Lines, Torn Nets
The Silence - The Door to Darkness
The Company - Pest Control
Conquer and Control - Revelations
The Silence - Taking Out the Small-Fries
The Goh Hunt - Part 1
The Silence - Dead Men Rising
The Goh Hunt - Part 2
Zombie Apocalypse Team - Noab
Shifting Alliances in Troubled Times
The Gannon Cannon, Forks of Power
So Below: Death in the Darkness
Dancing Shadows: First Step
Bandit Culling: Thinning the herd
The Unknown Reflection - Keiko’s Wrath
The Unknown Reflection - Fog in the Mirror
The Unknown Reflection - New Beginning
A Testing of Rivals
The Silence - Darkness Returns
The Silence - A Helping Hand
The Stonefist Raid
Conquer and Control - To Be Power
Edge of Destiny
Final Release - Head to the Waterfall
Lost Sand: Meeting with a Coucilman
Superfluous Treatment
Ramen, Candied Apples, and Childhood Ambitions
Hunting for Deserters
The Bee and the Princess Learn To Heal
The Stragglers
In Your Back Pocket
Michiko and Naruko: The Determining Fight
Final Release - A Knife in the Dark
The Ferret Chased the Monkey
Snake in the Sand
Lost Sand: Searching for Answers
This Immortal Coil - Tea with a Side of Discussion
This Immortal Coil - Ink in the Cloth
Final Release - Sealing the Seven Tails
Team Alpha: Induction sealed with blood
Mission: Double Date
Lost Sand: Pages of the Past
Bandit Culling: Knock Knock
Seeking without Peeking, Practicing Sensing Chakra
The Silence - Challenging the Dark Lord
Chats at the Village Gates
Know Thine Enemy
Body Snatcher
The Eighth Tailed Beast: Almost Kidnapped!
Rock'n'Roller Gang
Team Alpha: Appropriate times only
Kioko’s Medical Success
Team Alpha: Another time, perhaps
Michiko's Summon - Meeting Kimura
Michiko's Medical Training - Assisting Yuka
Michiko’s Medical Training - First Lesson
Sand Successor
Team Alpha Squares-off Against Itself
The Silence - Dropping the Mask
Adventures in the Snow Part 1
Adventures in the Snow Part 2
The Spores of Deceit
Hunting for Deserters: The Boom Box
The Silence - The Small Fries get Fried
Black Bile: Dead or Alive
A Heated Sea Battle
The Eighth Tailed Beast: Testing Limits
The Silence - The Cost of a Deal
Trouble in the Dead Sands
Understanding how Kaguya Dance
Michiko's Medic Training - Second Lesson
Don't Be Lion Around
Michiko’s Summon - A Quick Checkup
Flames in the Night
This Immortal Coil - Murder of Crows
Lost Sand: Who robbed the grave?
Manipulating the Tide
Search for the Lost Comrades
Silence is Deadly
Coming Home
Acceptance & Truth
The Silence - Yuuma and a Snack
Delivery, heads will roll
A Lizard Hunt
What If? Bingo! - The Hare gets caught by the Fox
Arika's Graduation
Naruko Doppelganger - Shadow Clones what?
Naruko Doppelganger - Learning the Basics
Naruko Doppelganger - The Applications of Clones
Naruko Doppelganger - Combat Training!
The Silence - Capturing Crow-lings
Kenta's New Shadow - Lesson 1
Tsuchi Reports Miyako's Instability
The Silence - Potent-ial Allies
What If? Bingo! - Marked Akimichi
Takeo's Mastery - Part One
Takeo's Mastery - Part Two
Takeo's Mastery - Part Three
Pairings and Paring
New Family, New Home
Michiko's Medical Training - Poison Control
The Silence - Digging up the Secrets
Poisonous Feuds
What If? Bingo! - Culling the Failed Experiment
Takeo's Mastery - Part Four
Michiko's Summon - Reconciling with Kimura
How to Open the Gates
Ryouji's Summon - Ryouji, your mission will be...
What Must Be
From Shield to Sword
The Shadow Man - Arrival
What If? Future Me - An interesting pair
The Silence - Copy-Cat Medics
Killing Crow
The Disruptive Artistic Flair
Michiko's Summon - The Final Piece
Team Phoenix: A new addition
Squirreled Away
The Company - Sealed In Sanity
Shadows of Our Sins - Ferret Good Advice
A challenged issued, a challenge interrupted
Shadows of Our Sins - The Dead Speak of Fear and Pain
Retaliation - The Danger of the Recluse
Home Within the Flames
A Peaceful Mission
This Immortal Coil - Blood and Silk
Patrolling, Bandits, and Traps
Retaliation - The Inuzuka Returns
Healing a Clan Head
Retaliation - Of Causes and Consequences
More Arika, More Fun - Limits & Lessons #1
Learning how to Breath a Breeze
Gaining Knowledge from the Dead
More Arika, More Fun - Lesson #2: Bare Bones & Basics
Bandits on the Road (Again)
The Puppynappers
Unexpected Complications Lead to Unexpected Advantages
Winter Solstice, Test of Strength
Getting the Goat

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