Anchor Archive 2015

Shoveling The You-Know-What
The Silence - Bloodsport
Pushing through the Limit
A poisonous leaf, a healing sap
Watch Dogs
Digging for Treasure
The Glass Master: Unsafe Mountains
Pavilion in the Square
A Public Arrest
A Break in Prison
More Arika, More Fun - Field Test
Getting the Goat part 2
Meru's Shadow Clone Training (1)
Surgical Procedures
Armed to the Bone, Relentless to the End
Progenitor's Keeper
Cat Killing
This is for the Birds.. Part 1
Ninja Cook Off - The Hunt
The Silence - Silent Troubles
Seeing Without Eyes
In Control
Captured Sand
Pre-trial advice
The Price of Defection
The Shadow Man - Journey to the Land of Fire
The Mad Musician
This Immortal Coil - Leaves Among Snow
This is for the Birds.. Part 2
What if? Bingo! - The Head of a Secretary
The Wrong Pocket Picked
Dancing Shadows: Persistence
Meeting the Slug Prince
For the Birds: Aftermath
Volcanic Errand
Shadows of Our Sins - Banishing the Darkness does not come without a Price
The Silence - All men Bleed
Hunting the Poacher
More Arika, More Fun - Of the Garden Variety
This Immortal Coil - A Qualified Success
The Silence - Traversing the Spider's Web
Tributaries of Fate
The Unknown Reflection - And the Mirror Gazes Back
Youth Kidnapped Army - Kidnapping the Kidnappers
Crime without Results
Laying Stone: Traps and Black powder
Rise of the Shadow Part 1
Rise of the Shadow Part 2
Thieving Wanderers Lie Low
A simple meal before slitting a throat
Matters of Health
The Eighth Tailed Beast: Who's Master Now?
The Death of Renai
After the Rain
Hanpa's Rebirth
Murder Mystery Theatre: Mountain Of Death
Smoke extinguished with Fire
Youth Kidnapped Army - Death of a Kidnapper
The Shadow Man - Who is Hachiro?
The Clash of Assassin and Yojimbo
Yo ho, off with their head
Bears or Bandits?
Negotiation Table
Meru's Shadow Clone Training 2
Remains of the Scientist
Toll Road
The Shadow Man - Looking Behind the Curtain
Kiri’s Delivery Service
This Immortal Coil - Changing Plans
This Immortal Coil - Fowl Feathered Foes
The Shadow Man - Finally Captured
The Path to Sagehood - Soren's Judgement
Destructive Healer: All the Questions
Hole in the dark
Refining the Tainted Fangs
First Kiri Exams - Commencement Ceremony
Roast Meat
Ra-Ra-Ramen Saboteur!
A Mighty Sword - Greater Than Shinobi?
The Usual Suspects - The Breakout
Raccoon Ruckus
Sands of Time
Sealed Fate
Hanpa’s First Target
Where Sleeping Dinosaurs Lie
The Copper Pot Gang
Delivering Supplies Together
Scarab them All Away
A Spa-romise of MedicNin Training
First Kiri Exams - Feasts & Beasts
Teaching a Student to Crawl
Sniffing Wildfires
The Fittest
This Immortal Coil - Out of the Grave
Youth Kidnapped Army - Unfair Prisoner Exchange
Honor Under the Seas - Ink's Well that Ends Well
Just Fading Away
Star Light-Star Bright
The First Target (Take Two)
Atypical Group
Patrolling for Injuries
Not All You See
First Kiri Exams - Open Eyes
Capturing Ghosts(?)
Challenge issued, Challenge accepted
Youth Kidnapped Army - Konoha Gets Involved
A Plushie Adventure
What If? Bingo! - Inuzuka Betrayal
Youth Kidnapped Army - The Reason Discovered?
Destructive Healer - 'Water' We Learning?
The Silence - Yuuma’s Fall
The Silence - Iwagakure’s Stand
A Temperamental Picnic
The Silence - Scattered Forces
The Silence - Evacuation Rearguard
Panty Thefts On The Docks
Agricultural Espionage
Awakening of a Hidden Power
Wringing the Ringers
Piercing the Stone
The Usual Suspects - Itsuki’s Fall
Counting Swords
The Scroll Thieves - Part 1: Arrival and Scouting
Unexpected Meetings
The Usual Suspects - Ocean Storm
Rushed Party
Perfect Trap part 1
Perfect Trap part 2
Perfect Trap part 3
A Hero's Request
Youth Kidnapped Army - Investigation in the Land of Fire
Crocodile (?) Killer
Breaking the Exams
The Hard Stuff: Part One
The Hard Stuff: Part Two
The Usual Suspects - Fight on the Mountain
Nano Gets a Scare, Kyuketsuki Gets Some Power
A Strange and Sudden Spar!
Roasted Beetles
The Glass Master - Kidnapped
Genin Versus Rats! Extermination! Don't Burn the House!
The Usual Suspects - Puppetry Traps
This Immortal Coil - Where the Wild Birds Roam
Reconstruction Blues - Team Kioko: Part 1
Reconstruction Blues - Team Tsukino: Part 1
Stupid Bandits in the Way
The Usual Suspects - Konoha Bound!
The Usual Suspects - Voice of Reasoning, Trial by Fist & Fire
The Usual Suspects - Antlion’s Last Roar
Building Block Bandits
A Hat Pass
Never-ending Task List
Wildfire in the Land of Fire
Saving Nano
How To Treat Internal Injuries
Tipsy Turvy, Window Breaky
Bloody Pursuit - Striking the Deal
An Alpha's Advice
Flood Relief - Rising Rain
A Lesson to Go with Surgery
Poachers of Giants - The Summons
Poachers of Giants - Research
Poachers of Giants - Betrayer in the Midst
Poachers of Giants - The Offer
Double Trouble for Bandits
Poachers of Giants - New Justice
Poachers of Giants - Striking Accords
First Kiri Exams - Visions of Failure
A (Rare) Serious Discussion
A Lesson in Patience
Party Thieves
Poachers of Giants - Batty Bat Killer Killed
Bridge Building, Part 1: Protect the Workers!
The Usual Suspects - Rain in Raiun City
What If? Murder Mist!
A Nindo Discussion
Bingobook: Finding Kenri
The Scroll Thieves - Part 2: Bad Party Guests
This Immortal Coil - The Last Feather to Fall
FUN Blocks
Police Academy
Youth Kidnapped Army - Suna Takes Care of Business!
Mayu Goes Into the Woods
Bloody Pursuit - Pricking, Prodding, Pulsation
Sword Shinobi - Who Dunnit?
The Usual Suspects - Kenri
Mariachi Banditos - Pillow Fight
Rare Scroll Robbery
Teaching Jade: Intro to Chakra Networks
Youth Kidnapped Army - Land of Fire Cleansed
Sneaky Bandits Beaten!
Youth Kidnapped Army - The End
Control, Control, Your Chakra Control
What if? Examiner - Naoya
Plugging a Leak
The Usual Suspects - Two Birds, Both Dead
Bitter Sweet
Sugar Baby
The Small Patrol
Rise of the Red Mist - Investigation in the Red Mist Ruins
Hunting Hunters
Bug Hunting to the Extreme - Case of the Glints
First Kiri Exams - Visions of Defiance
Cadaver Con
A Teaching Moment
Bug Hunting to the Extreme - Rogue Intermission
The Usual Suspects - Seeker of the Red Mist
The Usual Suspects - Sciencing Nature
Kaidan's Medic Training 1
Kaidan's Medic Training 2
Kaidan's Medic Training 3
Kaidan's Medic Training 4
First Kiri Exams - We Who Moved The Mountains
Vermin-festation Takedown!
The Usual Suspects - A Great Win, A Greater Loss
Waking Dreams
Assisting Naval Forces
Five Steps Back
What If? Get in the Game - The Yellow Mouth
Ninja Cook Off - The Devil's Pantry
What If? Critter Character - The Unlikely Summons
Pairing off
Graveyard Visit
The Usual Suspects - Snake in the Mountain
Revisiting Hell
A Bear of a Problem
First Kiri Exams - Manhunt
Poison Control - Sand Lab
Bandit Cleanup, Aisle 1
Mind Madness
Silent Stones
Steel Soul Tourney - Opening Ceremony
Sword Shinobi - Words’ Blades
Rise of the Red Mist - The Red Mist Spreads
Shinobu’s Awakening
Compelling Arguments
Small discussions about big things
Steel Soul Tourney - Playing with Puppets: Kaidan vs. Koseitama
Steel Soul Tourney - Sleeping Giant Stirring: Michiko vs. Kiyoshi
Steel Soul Tourney - Old Rivals: Tsiro vs. Rise
Steel Soul Tourney - Speedy Scuffle: Ryouji vs. Arika
Steel Soul Tourney - Breezy Fabric: Jiro vs. Hanami
Spinning Claws, Weaving Illusions
Steel Soul Tourney - Flaming Feline: Shemri vs. Akane
Steel Soul Tourney - Rebirth
Steel Soul Tourney - Kiddie Clash: Keigo vs. Hanami
Steel Soul Tourney - Won't Go Down: Kiji vs. Kaidan
The Whole World's Going to the Dogs
Solving the Cipher
The Recluse War - The Ugly Side of the Pack
The Recluse War - Takeo’s Retrieval
Steel Soul Tourney - Rank Isn't Everything: Rise vs. Sousa
Steel Soul Tourney - Fighting is Magic: Koseitama vs. Shiryou
Steel Soul Tourney - Muddy Cat: Michiko vs. Shemri
Digging Deep
The Business of Revenge - Crumbs and Crumbling
The Business of Revenge - Impeding Hope
The Whole World's Going to the Dogs part 2
Cold Case - The Hunt Begins
The Business of Revenge - An Enemy Deduced
Steel Soul Tourney - A Cut of Cloth: Jiro vs. Reppu
Steel Soul Tourney - Midget Against Midget: Arika vs. Amago
Don't Mess With Kiri Concession Stands
Steel Soul Tourney - Collision, Demons of the West & East: Kiyoshi vs. Keiji
Steel Soul Tourney - Okumo Against Reizei: Naoya vs. Ryouji
Steel Soul Tourney - Okumo Against Seishukuni: Naoya vs. Ginrei
Takeo’s Turtle Quest - The Start of a New Chapter
Genjutsu Defenses are Convincing?
I Heard a Rumor, Part 1
The Recluse War - Reckless Recluse: Team 1
The Recluse War - Reckless Recluse: Team 2
Takeo’s Turtle Quest - Finding a Match
Turtles and Tanuki - Troubling Tanuki
Takeo’s Turtle Quest - Seeking Completion
Takeo’s Turtle Quest - Takeo's Revelation
Tails of a Nara: Meeting the Three Tails
Hikaru vs. Tatsuo: An Unexpected Friendship
The Business of Revenge - Dire Masonry
Bridge Duty
Takeo’s Turtle Quest - The Final Test
The Bear Necessities
The Business of Revenge - Mason Rescue #2
Revenge of the Forsaken - Return of the Fallen
A Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Bloody Pursuit - Freedom for Bonds
Rats, Roaches, and Ants! Oh my!
Steel Soul Tourney - Team Tussle: Yoichi and Kiji vs. Michiko and Ryouji
Ryouji's Summon - Fighting for the Egg
Chaos in Kumogakure
Nine Lives, One Host - Part One
The Recluse War - Seeing The Forest For The Trees
Takeo's Sage Journey - For Every Path, A Purpose
Scientists and Spiders
The Recluse War - Sparks to the Flame
Turtles and Tanuki - Into the Grass
Turtles and Tanuki - Meeting the Parents
Turtles and Tanuki - The Quirky Quartet
Michiko’s Sage Training - Tea for Two, Pain for One
Takeo's Sage Journey - Step and Slide
The Business of Revenge - Attack on Tea
Bunny Business
Steel Soul Tourney - To Steel Yourself: Shriyou vs. Ryouji
Michiko's Sage Training - Whack a Fox
Takeo's Sage Journey - What Do I Seek?
Nine Live, One Host - Part Two
Nine Live, One Host - Part Three
Steel Soul Tourney - Rising Lightning: Yoichi vs. Rise
Michiko's Sage Training - Balance is Key
Takeo’s Sage Journey - Tipping the Scales
Final Exam, Shinobu's Challenge For Graduation
Michiko’s Sage Training - The Final Step
Nine Lives, One Host - Part Four
Bad Nature - When Trees Attack
Atorei’s Shadow Clone - Seeing is Knowing
Steel Soul Tourney - Quick Decision: Kiji vs. Shiryou
Steel Soul Tourney - Suna Showdown: Jiro vs. Keigo
Steel Soul Tourney - Turnabout Toxin: Jiro vs. Keigo
Steel Soul Tourney - Weary Finish: Jiro vs. Keigo
A Mighty Sword - Takedown
The Wards of Ward 12
Class Is In Session, A New Head Instructor At The Academy
Research Jutsu, Academy Students Get The First Edition Of A Famous Notebook, Now Turned Textbook
Training Session In The Woods, Learning The Neccessary Skills For Advancement
Kurome and Hinotori’s Training, Session 1: Taijutsu Test
The Black Shell Gang
Tricky Trappy Trouble
Takeo’s Sage Journey - The Final Tests
Wedding Bells - Here come the Planners
Kumo’s Kidnappers - First Victim: Michiko
Steel Soul Tourney - Marshland Hazards: Michiko vs. Keiji
The Mysterious Beast - Discovering Death
Magic Master: Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Bloody Pursuit - From Another's Perspective
Cold Case - Saving Junior Information
The Path to Sagehood - The path to Stillness
The Path to Sagehood - Soren's Training
Strife Within the Clan
The Mysterious Beast - Run
Stormy Weather, Stormy Relations
Bear Hunt - A Big Bear Encounter
The Eighth Tailed Beast: Weakening the Seal
The Recluse War - The Recluse Strikes Back
Revenge of the Forsaken - Invisible Forces
Wedding Bells - Try Somethin' Will Ya?!
Bloody Pursuit - Toxic Remedy
Wedding Bells - Pop the Promotion
Team Lunar Goes Tunnel Sweeping
Ryouji's Summon - No good deed goes unpunished
NMR In Space - Jedi Lessons
Mission Interruption
The Recluse War - Revenge of the Recluse
Rise of the Red Mist - Red Ruin Remnants
The Path to Sagehood - Treading on Death's door
How to call off an engagement
Nozomi’s Flute: An Upgrade
The Hyper Cat Experiment
CopyCat Silent Recluses - Looking in the Mirror
Adventure in the Dark Beneath
Tips and Parlor Tricks for the Prospective Medic
Sukoyaka Sap
Red's Water Walking Training!
Village Cleanup!
Muddy Bandits
LadyBug Pirates?
The Path to Sagehood - Getting Fixed
The Usual Suspects - Out of Time
The Return of Thunder Famoso
Shizuka's Medic Nin Training, Lesson One
Patrol: Lured, But Not Defeated!
Herbal Study Session
The Recluse War - Attack on Recluse (Team A)
The Recluse War - Attack on Recluse (Team B)
A Mighty Sword - Nothing Gained
Bear Hunt - False Tracks
A Chat Over Ramen
One on One: Training the New Genin
Tails of a Nara: Lesson on Bijuu Chakra
Ghostly Beasts - Meat for a Week
The Path to Sagehood - The Balance
Ghostly Beasts - The Godzilla Squad!
A New Team: Team 4's Orientation!
The Eighth Tailed Beast: Freedom! ... Almost
A-Hunting We Will Go: Team Hurricane's First Mission
Waking Beetles
Kumo's Kidnappers - "Yori's” Capture
The Sewer Stockade
Cold Case - Sniffing out a Traitor
The Four Stone Blades - A Brutal Massacre
Bandit Raid Gone Wrong
Ninjas Aren't Dumb!
The Recluse Wars - Revealing the Truth
A Lesson in Approval
The Recluse War - End Game (Team A)
The Recluse War - End Game (Team B)
The Recluse War - End Game (Team C)
The Recluse War - End Game (Team D)
Team 4's First Mission!
Capture The Flag
Kumo’s Kidnappers - Mega-fail Assassination
The Eighth Tailed Beast: The Path to Success is Failure
The Business of Revenge - Don’t Mess with the Suit
Kumo Kadets - Part 1
Bear Hunt - Finding the Culprits
The Eighth Tailed Beast: Keeping Calm
Mind Prey
Lure of the Oasis
Takeo’s Legacy: The Last Death
Got Goat? - Mystery-Goat Touch Down!
Wedding Bells - Exchanging of the Bands (No, not Those Yet!)
A Mighty Sword - Kyuketsuki Down!
Kumo Kadets - Convincing Festivities
What If? NMR In Space - Trek Interruption
Rise of the Red Mist - False Mist (Part 1)
Got Goat? - Trip to the Goat Town!
Todas las Personas - Yotsuki Donna
Tails of a Nara: A Tail!
Inuzuka Training Day!
Bear Hunt - The Rock to Freedom
Kumo’s Kidnappers - Yori's Prisoner
Wretched Wandering
Echoes in the Bone
Got Goat? - More Trouble with Tanukis
Beasty Creations
Assassination: Builder of Beasts
The Eighth Tailed Beast: A Deal is Struck
A Mighty Sword - Disgrace to the Fallen
Got Goat? - Yes, I do!
Kuroko's Impromptu Environmental Squad
Hanami's Sensor Training: Pushing Past the Dinner?
Struggle For Greatness, The Final Exam From Hell
A Desert Trek for a Kidnapped Kid
The Mysterious Beast - Don't Trust A Simple-Sounding Mission
Covering a Missed Lesson
The First Exercise, Rush To Capture The Bells
Hanami’s Sensor Training: Allies in Alleys?
Sweeping Up a Mud-dle
7-Tails: The New Jinchuuriki Is Chosen
Wedding Bells - Spiky Death Flowers!
Cacophony of Flesh
Todas las Personas - Watanabe, Uchiha and Uzumaki
Four Stone Blades - First Blade, Broken
Personal Suffering; Assassin Downed
Bear Hunt - The Final Contract Marks the Beginning
The Seven Tails: Reclaimed
Smoke and Feathers
Finding My Way in the Mist
Spider's Game
Blood for Blood - A Mother's Prerogative
Bloody Pursuit - To the Ends of the Earth
Bloody Pursuit - House Call
The Seven Tails: Sealing the Deal
Rounding Up Cows! And Chickens
Hanami's Sensor Training: Distinguish the Flames
Ghostly Beasts - Burnt Down in a Rabbit Hop
The Mysterious Beast - Killer... Dolphins?
An Evaluation of Failure
Rise of the Red Mist - Red Beasts
Four Stone Blades - The Next Blade Rises
Todas las Personas - Gansao, Maneshi, and Puppeteer
The fate of team Alpha
Yori’s Medic Training: Learning the Injuries
Lead the Cart! Bandit Woes
Tails of a Nara: Second Tail
Cold Case - A New Lead
Armored Bandits; Armed Bandit (and Team!)
The Eighth Tailed Beast: Fighting for Dominance
Order of Darkness - Student Down, Kage Blows E’ryone Up!
Bloody Pursuit - The Art of Sealing
The Eighth Tailed Beast: Bonded from Binds
Serpent Genjutsu Style! Illusions of Grandeur!
Icy Target - Attempted Kidnapping
Chemical Cleanup
Shaping Students Like Explosive Clay
Emergency Assistance! Convoy Attacked!
The Business of Revenge - Revenge Complete
Merchants of Strife - Take Off
Special Delivery: Pride of a Snake
Saving a Misty Team
The Mysterious Beast - Crispy Critters
The Unknown Reflection - Return of Keiko
The Unknown Reflection - Death in the Dead Sands
Yori’s Medic Training: On the Job Heals
Yori's Medic Training: Healing Words
Yori’s Medic Training: Poisonous Points
My Ninja Way: A way out
The Dust Trail Gang! Part 1
Merchants of Strife - A Dangerous Boat
Four Stone Blades - Roadside Sting
Critter Cleanup
The Stray Cart
Kumo’s Kidnappers - Sneaky Snake Taken
Ghostly Beasts - Prowling Pack
The Unknown Reflection - The Mirror Shatters
Cooking and Slicing: How to Become a Great Shinobi!
Puppets from the Grave
Failing Robbers, In for Broke
Bumbling Bandits
The Dust Trail Gang - Part 2 ‘Brothers'
Ghostly Beasts - The Scorpion Tail
Thieves of Torture - The Morality in Question
Hige's Healing: Chakra System Surgery
A Weird Team Patrols
A Bond Renewed, A Kitsune Reborn
Four Stone Blades - Second Blade Falls
First Responders
Todas las Personas - Toujitakumi, Kuroki, Kamizuru
Jumping the Bandit Wagon
Todas las Personas - Cleaning up the Rubble
A New Clan: Okumo...Kiji?
Murasame Strife - The Matter of Pride
Raising the Roof in Suna
Hige's Healing: Chakra Training Begins!
Hige's Healing: More Chakra Training and Bugs
Hige's Healing: Final Chakra Training!
Hige's Healing: The Checkup!
Garden of Eatin'
The Haunted Underground
A Fiery Student
The Silent Leader
Fujikujo Feud - Taking of Doihara Ishino
The Curtain Rises: The Arrival of the New Host
Kumo's Kidnappers - Strike One! The First Base
Clean Up Clean Up, Not Everyone Doing Their Share
New Arrival vs Turtle
The Curtain Rises: Meeting Sunagakure's Obelisk
Kasuya vs. Michiko: Teacher(?) vs. Student
Four Stone Blades - A Warning Given
Destructive Healer: A New Sensei!
Destructive Healer: Diagnosing Cute Animals!
Fang & Talon - Pussy-Cat Attack
Kumo’s Kidnappers - The Bait Lies
Todas Las Personas - Base Invaders (Part 1)
Kingdom Underground - Reconnaissance
Whispering Shadows - First Choice
A Sandy Medic
Costume: Cartoon Movie - Paint With Just One Color
Fujikujo Feud/Ghostly Beasts - Enduring Patience; Akane Captured
Getting Your Just Desserts
Whispering Shadows: A Link to the Past
Whispering Shadows: Silence is Blind
Time to Heal
Murasame Strife - Drowned Flames, Dark Cloak Rising
Todas Las Personas - Base Invaders Part 2 (Team A)
Todas Las Personas - Base Invaders Part 2 (Team B)
Kingdom Underground - Fire Above
Rising Ashes: Daichi’s Graduation
Stone Beast Terror
Fujikujo Feud - Investigation
Ghostly Beasts - Message Delivered
The Storm Brigade - Clouds on the Horizon
Whispering Shadows: An impossible request
Ghostly Beasts - Past Phantoms, New Ghosts
Sweet Deals, Kyuketsuki’s Recovery
A familiar face, an unfamiliar person
The Reality of Happiness
Hidden in the Undergrowth
Todas Las Personas - The Final Battle
Wedding Bells - Getting the Guests
Fujikujo Feud - And our Kidnapper is...
Thieving Bunnies
Ghostly Beasts - Kidnapping a Ghost
Whispering Shadows: When it Rains
Introduction to Interrogation
Whispering Shadows: Unmasking the truth
Evaluation Trifecta
Fang & Talon - Monkey Paw Discount
Team Against Team: The Test to Take Down Kuoroke
BingoBook Target #2947: Rotatsu Chourin
Fujikujo Feud - The Taking of Doihara Ishino Part 2
Final Farewell - A New Request
Kitties Bug the Patrol
The Missing Postmaster
Tea and Candy: The Sweet Side
Test of Mettle, Reawakening of Demons
Along Came the Band...
Put a Hitai-ate On It
Breaking the Chains at Sea
Wolf and Sake
The Bird is the Word
Wedding Bells - Sealed with a Kiss
Whispering Shadows: What awaits...
The Balance Between Safe and Sorry
Young Blood and No Respect
The Four Musketeers vs. Cart-napping Bandits
Cattle Rustlers
Caravan attacked by the shifting dunes
Murasame Strife - To Trust or Not; A Fight at a Fork
Subway Sprint
The Split Patrol
Drunk Men and Loss
From Sword to Scalpel: The Visiting Medic
Ghostly Beasts - Tracking the Scorpion
Fang & Talon - Laboratory Revelations
Help! A Storm took my Friends!
An Important Wagon, A Questionable Guard
Four Stone Blades - Compound Cracked
Konoha Ranger Patrol
Scorpion in the Sand
Fujikujo Feud - Your New Home
Project Akumu - A Well-Laid Trap
Ice Age - Chasing the Snowflake
Deconstruction, A Failed Attempt
The House of Scorpions
Muddied Waters
Border Patrol: Drug Smuggle
Burning Bandits, Slicing Throats
Jun meets his toughest match yet... The brainy girl?!
The Fog Mouth's Den
Child of the Wake
False Idols
Land of Rivers: Unnegotiable
Ice Age - Snow turns to Ice
Language in the Marble - Sounding the Alarm
Proving a Point
Thieves of Torture - The Pyochi Investigation
Return to sender
A Chance Encounter: Mending the Bond
Final Farewell - A New Request (Part 2)
Hit and Run: Murderer on the Loose!
Runaway Bunnay
Thieves of Torture - Pyochi Family Destroyed (Team A)
Thieves of Torture - Pyochi Family Destroyed (Team B)
Bloodied Waters
Tsubaki Shirayuki's Final Resting Place
Shinta's Genjutsu Perception Training
General Hospital: Eye transplant
Midnight Social with the Jackal
Tails of a Nara: Mini Beast Emerges!
Ratting Spree
Poached Poacher
A Lesson in Protecting Lives
Blood for Blood - A Moment's Weakness
Murasame Strife - Ties Mended, Candy Stolen
Mystery of the Haunted Crates
Passing on the key
Thieves of Torture - The Wagaren's Investigation
Foxhole Findings
Fang & Talon - Fishing for Trouble
The Drug Operation - The Abduction
Valley of Tears
Building Roads for the Future
The Lost Inuzuka - The Search Begins
Follies in Fuuma
The Greed of the Falls - The Recovery of the Scroll
Raining Scrolls!
The Weapon and The Shield
Hunted Hunter, the Trap is Sprung
Prison Unbreak
A final request
Mushroom Madness
Badger of Honor
Snow long, Candy
The Bandit Days are Over... Maybe
Bandits Come in all Flavors
Burning Sun - Discovery of the Cult
Impatient Purse Snatcher
The Drug Operation - Part 2, Lingering Thieves
Striking back against the Bandits!
The Missing Inuzuka - The Search Begins
Kamizuru Girl Talk
Riding Like the Wind
From Sword to Scalpel: Bee-ing Patient
Fang & Talon - Office Devastation
What If? Pokemon - Team Rock-It
Animal Warfare
The Iron Caged - Retaken into Captivity
Family (Post-Mission, That Night, Good Night)
Here Comes Santa Claus?
What If? Pokemon - Hotwire Harry
The Unbuilders
Border Patrol: Uninvited Guest
Kingdom Underground - Signs of Invasion
Quick Cattle Culling Troubles
The trampled Deer, avenged
The Drug Operation - Part 3, The Supply Route
The Greed of the Falls - Part 2, The settled invaders are Dealt with
Blood for Blood - Enter the Doctor
Flaming Hot Auction
Thunder On Water Pt. 1
Fang & Talon - The Usual Suspects
The Iron Caged - Treachery Unleashed
Walking in a Winter Wonderland
The Blackmail
Slugfest Acid Trip
Integrity Under Question - Attacks Along the Way

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