Anchor Archive 2016

Sentient Arachnid - First Contact
A Wild Birthday Party!
The little lost puppy?
The Bandit’s Manifesto
A Black Pines Tragedy Pt.1
Messy Merchant Massacre
Just Another Snow Day
Fall of the Wrathful Liberator
A Black Pines Tragedy Pt. 2
The Iron Caged - Investigations
The Iron Caged - The End of the Beginning
Ghosts of Kidnapped Past - Rebuilding a Base
Cult of the Midday Sun - The Labyrinth
Desert Khaganate of Sukoppu Machi
The Woes of Bandits
The Coldest Dish is served by the Riverside
Kirigakure ~ A Student's Moral Compass?
Ashes to Ashes
A Cure for (Un)Common Cancer
Jade Dragon Gang - Bits and pieces
Uphill Training: Turn of the Tides
Cult of the Midday Sun - The First Sacrifice
The Iron Caged - The Forged Forgotten
Integrity Under Question - The Investigation
Sands Consume You Pt. 1
Fries in Need
The Timemaker's Delivery
A Black Pines Tragedy: Mysteries
In An Accursed Rain - The First Act Begins
In an Accursed Rain - The Curtain Rises, Run, Nobunaga-sama, Run!
Delta Training #1: Tracking
Enenra, the Demon
Ghosts of Kidnapped Past - Failure in Security
Where The Koumorite Went - Pt. 1
Integrity Under Question - Objection!
The Scenic Route
Princess of Light
Ore in My Veins!
Southland Pirates
Ice Age - Snow on the Trail
Tatsumihito Chronicles - Abrupt Advent
Tatsumihito Chronicles - Dragon's Epitaph
Tatsumihito Chronicles - Catacomb Pipe Dream
Medic-Nin Lesson: Poisons and Antidotes
Living History and Politics
Thieves of Torture - The Jinzen Family Restaurant Investigation
Bandits and Lava and Worms, Oh my!
Ghostly Beasts - Roasted Scorpion
Fang & Talon - A Breach of Convention
The Difference Between Hunting and Raiding
Trouble from Tea to Home
Thunder On Water Pt. 2
Cult of the Midday Sun - The Sun God's Carriage
Restoring the Natural Flow
The Path From Parch to Plenty
Bingo Book Bash: Who's Daiki?
Taking the High Road
Clouds, Camping, and Cuddling
Another Eager Young Student
The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part I
The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part II
The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part III
The Tsuchikage's Medical Training Part IV
Tatsumihito Chronicles - Incense and Incensed
The Pirate Kings - The Stolen Jewel
Right to Rule: Wedding Crashers
Memories Long Forgotten - Breaking of the Seal
Memories Long Forgotten - Breaking of the Seal
Garbage Pickup Duty
Sands Consume You Pt. 2
Thieves of Torture - The Search for Lovers!
Rain's Rebirth - Death Beckons
Dead In The Desert
Ruff Roofing
Trap Ahoy
Verge of Darkness - Mysterious Sickness
Rain's Rebirth - Affairs of the Living
The Kimono Enthusiast Convention
Fang & Talon - Perhaps an Antidote
Training with Bobo: No Monkey Business!
Rain in the Rain
Port In A Storm
Experimental Data - The Lava Pit
Memories Long Forgotten - Unraveling Mind
Verge of Darkness - Mysterious Sickness Part 2
Flower Guards
Shadow of the Scorpion - Underlings Unleashed
The Pirate Kings - Island Assault
How to Save a Life part 1
Verge of Darkness - Researching the Curse
Tatsumihito Chronicles - The Caged Dragon
Tatsumihito Chronicles - Mother Always Knows
Tatsumihito Chronicles - The Dragon Lady
Okumo Report: Sharingan Potential
Helping no Jutsu
Memory Fortune
Tremors 12: Narutoverse
Out With A Bang
Okumo Report: Murky Justice
Due Dilligence
A bounty for two, NO, Three?!
Blood for blood, the mists always take more
Kunoichi Bomb Squad
Rain's Rebirth - Time Stops for No Man
Corrections Pt. 1
Strange Chakra - Stranger Bedfellows
It's All About the Eyes
Redeeming Upheavals
A Black Pines Tragedy Pt. 3
Acquiring a Sensei
Harvest Moon: Return of the Rabbit
A Nara's Tail of Fear
City Wanderings: Runaways
Gates vs. the Clan Head
Jutsu training
Fang & Talon - Final Apprehension
A Bit Too Much
Corrections Pt. 2
The Emberfalls Delivery
A Penny for a Pup's Thoughts
How to Save a Life pt. 2
A Big Blow Out
Blood-Red Sandman - Monster Monster
The Head Will Fly
The Simplest Missions, the Worst Outcome
Experiment Collection, Earthen Coffin
The Lover's Return
Tough Choices - Left or Right
Blood Red Sandman - Bishop To Queen's Rook
Salvaging a Wrecked Situation
Scouting For Scouting
Origin of Batgirl - Into the darkness
Festive Troubles
Okumo Village: Clearing the Way
Surprises Over Noodles
Perilous Perfume
The hunt for the missing colony
Blood Red Sandman - King, Knight, Queen, and Pawns
Student Training: Kenjutsu Toxins
Price for Persistence
Better Late Than Never
Murdered Medics - Toxic Herbology
This Is How We Do It
Finding a Rare Flower: What a Stroke of Luck!
Fire Starters - Riverside Rumble
Daiki’s Final Exam
Murdered Medics - Plan of Investigation
Origin of Batgirl - Becoming more than you are now
Kenta and Hige Shadows Atsuro
Fire Starters - Two Teams Enter
A River Runs Dry
Student Lessons - A Challenging Order
Mothers By Any Name
Hige Shadows Atsuro...Again!
Storm Brigade - The Storm Comes to Fire
Big booms in Little Fire Town
Death of a Diplomat
Might Alone
Cart Woes and Bandits' Throes
Tail Hunters - Attempted Kidnapping
The Missing Morimotos
Ice Age - Pursuit of the Snow
Ice Age - Troubled Waters
The Great Todoroki Shrine Race
Fire Starters - Flint And Tinder
The Storm Brigade - The Storm Continues
Capture the Hat
Tail Hunters - Interrogation Gone Wrong
Storm Brigade - A Message From The Storm
So Says the Cards - Part 1
Fire Starters - Flash Point
Tail Hunters - Explosive Investigation
Verge of Darkness/Rebirth of the Blood Scythe - Stone Transport
Great Bubbling Lava Batman!
More Wormy Fun
Verge of Darkness - Plant Harvest
Storm Brigade - Lightning Upon Fire
Fire Starters - Inferno
Tail Hunters - A New Partnership
Pick Your Poison
Rebirth of the Blood Scythe - The Final Steps
Rivalry Among Friends!
Daiki’s Graduation
Shadow of the Scorpion - Fall of the Clan Head
Jun has a cold; why are you training?!
Fire Starters - Burning Low
The Storm Brigade - Into the Eye of the Storm
The Storm Brigade - Tales of the Storm
Fire Starters - From The Ashes
Fujikujo Saga - The Demon You Know
The Winged Creature Emerges
Jun's Graduation Exam
The Storm Brigade - Seiko Comes Home
The Birds and Chameleons - Hunger Games?
Super Sentai GO! - Defenders of Enemar
My Darling Tora! Find the Missing Pet... Cat?!
Pursuing Kiri-nin
The Storm Brigade - A Stormy Surprise
Burn Notice
Tides of Blood - The Unbiased Investigation
The Storm Brigade - The Storm at Kiri's Gates
On the Wings of Friendship - A Fortunate Meeting
Verge of Darkness - Bridezila
Promises In The Dark
Origin of Batgirl - The Bat Signal
Invasion of the River Spawn
On the Wings of Friendship - Fight and Flight
Bloom and Grow Pt. 1
Goat at the Gates
Origin of Batgirl - Acquiring the Necessary Tools
Murasame's Return - New Targets
Catacomb's Trail
The Birds and Chameleons - Stories, Ships, and Sealing Chameleons
The Storm Brigade - Storm at Kyuusen
Bounty: The Peasant's Prince
On the Wings of Friendship - The Way Home
Bloom and Grow - Pt. 2
The Storm Brigade - Investigating Michiko's Capture
Thieves of Torture - Quest for Truth
Project Akumu - Ghost Chasing
Slithering Snakey Snakes!
Scientist Troubles - Cockroach Creations
Rescue Rangers
Murasame's Return - A Simple Threat
The Bandits on the Sea! aka Pirates
Origin of Batgirl - Batgirl Begins
Fujikujo Bloodlines - Massacre Chapter
Scientist Troubles - Ant-agonizingly Sweet Root Beer
Into the Inferno - Embers on the Wind
Bloom and Grow - Pt. 3
The Storm Brigade - Storm in the Desert
First Expedition - Pt. 1
The Storm Brigade - An Eye for an Eye
Scholars of the Jade Hall - The Jade Tower
The Birds and Chameleons - Fixing Up Suna
Land of Despair - First Hint of Trouble
Scientist Troubles - Fish Gone Bad
Class of 0015': A Shinobi's Bread and Butter
The Legend of the Seijin Ten'nen Mizu
Fujikujo Bloodlines - Massacre of the Innocents
Agent of Poor Karma
Rinoko's Medic Training: Introduction and Request
Rinoko's Medic Training: Saori's Help
Bloom and Grow - Pt. 4
Problem of the Root
What If? Pokemon - Disaster Hustle
The Storm Brigade - No More Goats
Rinoko's Medic Training: Inuzuka Assistance
Gifts For The Blind Teashop Lady
Rinoko's Medic Training: A Real Test
The Iron Caged - Questions Unanswered
The Storm Brigade - Enter the Stone
Student Lessons - Trial's come to an End
Sensor Practice: Feeling with Mist and Fog
A Rice Thief becomes a Rice Farmer
Interlude: Weapons and Hearts
Responsibilities of a Summoner - Rats and Bats
A Monument to Progress: Breaking Ground
Scientist Troubles - Mortal Wombat
Land of Despair - The Meek and the 'Hero'
Bloom and Grow - Pt. 5
A Shared Power
Verge of Darkness - Library's Destruction
Verge of Darkness - Striking the Hot Iron
The Storm Brigade - Lightning Strikes the Storm
The Storm Brigade - Nariko Rescued
The Storm Brigade - The Mist's Infiltration, Part 1
Tides of Blood - The Head Diplomat
Verge of Darkness - The Road to Recovery at Its Longest
Murdered Heads and Clan Heads - Trouble Starts
The Storm Brigade - The Electric Winds Crash In
Saki's Surgery: The First Step
Bloom and Grow - Pt. 6
The Storm Brigade - Kiji's Recovery
The Storm Brigade - Water's Shadow's Recovery
Vagrant Uprising - Salty Seagoers
Team Chimera's Humble Beginnings
Skirmish in the Three Plate Delta
A Dog is a Cat's Best Friend
Tough Choices - Robbed Debtors
A Fishy Meeting
Before A Journey To Come
Chouko's Graduation Exam
Murdered Heads and Clan Heads - What’s Hiding in the Body?
First Expedition - Pt. 2
Covert Caravan
Anima: Part One - Public Secret
Dognapped! Pt. 1
Clumsy Thievery
Murdered Heads and Clan Heads - Give Us Justice!
Murdered Heads and Clan Heads - Justice Has Been Served
Blood on the shores
Secrets in the Mist
The Storm Brigade - On to Peaceful Weather
Denied A Family
Michiko's Sensor Training: The First Step is Hardest
Trapping the Homeland
Land of Despair - Solitary Bros
No Happiness, No Restraint
Bloom and Grow - Pt. 7
Vagrant Uprising - Magical Girl Death Squad
A Not So Simple Contract, Part I
Shadows of the Mind Pt. 1
Contract Assignment Pt. 1
Standing Water - Family Rescue
Saki's Surgery: The Third Step
The Lost Hayato - Feathered Scorpions and Massive Men
Vagrant Uprising - Shipping Errors
The Case of the Vanishing Food
Vagrant Uprising - The Dead Don't Lie
Blood Red Sandman - All Good Things
Team Chimera's First Mission
Project Akumu - Relic of Otsutsuki
A Monument to Progress: The Last Timepiece of the Puzzle
Divisive Measures
Lost In Translation
Student Lessons: Coordination under Pain
Michiko's Sensor Training: Hide and Fight
Tides of Blood - Anarchy in the Streets
Project Akumu - Metamorphosis
Good Intention's Cost
On the Wings of Friendship - To Reach the Tree
Dognapped! Pt. 2
Shadows Of The Mind Pt. 2
Anima - Part One: Heading
Tracking Hanami
Sore Minds' Workout
Michiko's Sensor Training: Can You Spot the Difference?
Michiko's Sensor Training: Subtleties
Uchiha Police Escapee Files: The Black Fox
Pawloined Princess
Raising Life: Razing Life
Deadly Treasure
Rogue Reizei Revealed
Robbed Remains - Pt. 1
On the Wings of Friendship - A Man Among Insects
Contract Assignment - Pt. 2
The Birds and Chameleons - The Missing Lizard
Murasame's Return - Rebels Revealed??
Sparking a reunion
Damage takes a toll
Perceptions & Inklings
Honesty Hour... Sort of
Don't Squelch What You Can't Squash
Brushing the Dust off: Remnants of the Storm
Vagrant Uprising - Island of the Dead
Responsibilities of a Summoner - Natural Enemies for Tea
Prognosis for a Pickler
Dismantling Obstacles pt 1
On the Wings of Friendship - Taking Winged Command
Healing a broken network
Student Lessons: The First Kill
Discourse on particulars and training
Straying into the Darkness
The Lost Hayato - The Sandstorm Falls
By Lava be Purged!
Trouble A Tractor
Alt Meeting – The Berserker and The Clown
Dismantling Obstacles pt 2
Disappearing Doctors
Diplomatic Arrivals in Konoha
Awake The Snake - Pt. 1
Splashes on the River
Plights of Rebellion
The Twelve Hunt - Part 1
Silk and Triad Ilk
The Twelve Hunt - part 1b: Discussions on poisons and senjutsu
Got Drugs?
A Big Sting
Politics and the Path to Family
The Twelve Hunt - Part 1c: Setting up market. The Uzumaki Connection.
The Twelve Hunt - Part 1d: Enlisting a Kazekage
Water hunting in the Stone
Into the Inferno - Bringing Danger to a Boil
The Twelve Hunt - part 2: The Uzumaki Found
The Twelve Hunt - part 2b: Regrouping
ANBU Capture The Flag
Sandy Tale
Awake The Snake - Pt. 2
Tough Choices - 99 Bottles Later....
The Twelve Hunt - part 3: Secrets of the Uzumaki Sealing Pot
Firewatch - Pt. 1
The Twelve Hunt - part 3b: Discussions and a journey to an old shrine
The Twelve Hunt - part 3b: Discussions and a journey to an old shrine
The Twelve Hunt - part 3c: Exploring Ruins
The Twelve Hunt, part 4 - Beginning of the rally
The Bears Out There
Bloom and Grow - Pt. 8
Deserted Desert Troubles
What If? Future Me - Passing the Mantle
What If? Other World - More Beast than Man
An Important Delivery
Piracy Trickery
The Twelve Hunt - part 5: The Conclusion
The Pirates Den
Honor & Peace
A Snow Prison
Ninja Petting Zoo - Monkey Business
Lesson of the Fist
The Wanted Poster
Awake The Snake - Pt. 3
Pickled Pantaloons
Responsibilities of a Summoner - Striking the Heart
Ninja Petting Zoo - A Bear of a Time
The Chronos Project - Part 1
Watch out, it's a worm!!
In With A Surprise
A Stinger by Any Other Name: The Rescue of Uta Inori
Bear-Handed - Prelude to Bear
Kono vs. Iwa: To Recover A Snitch
Troupe Troubles - To the Next Stop
Reach for the Sky - Greeting the Gatekeeper
Reach for the Sky - The Tests

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