Ancient History, a Vision Of Despair



Date: May 24, 2012


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"Ancient History, a Vision Of Despair"

Unknown location

Time: 95 years ago, in -89 B.F.
Location: Mount Myouboku, Land of Toads

The Great Toad Sage sat in his throne, and napped. He was having a very
peculiar dream. It was a dream in which two bottomless pits appeared in
the same throne room that the giant toad was presently sleeping in. The
pits appeared, and they tried to swallow him up. But behind the pits,
stood at least one human. The Great Toad Sage couldn't be sure if there
was only one. There might have been two. The pits were eating up
everything, and his vision wasn't what it used to be.
But he was certain that there was at least one human there, and he
thought he saw red hair within the dream. Then he heard a woman's voice
yell out a warning. 'Nagato, don't — !' Then the world itself was consumed
in a wave of black and red. Burns and blood. The fires of a war that would
not end until all was black as rot.
The Great Toad Sage awoke suddenly. He awoke because one of the Toad
Elders, Shima, was calling out to him. "…Oi?" The Great Sage inquired
confusedly. He knew he had just had a vision of the future… Or a
possible future. He began to say so, even. "Shima-chan, I had a dream of
the possible future! A rather nasty one too…" "Oh-hoh? I will gladly
hear of it later, Great Elder, but I have important news!" Shima seemed
unusually agitated. "We have an intruder! He appeared suddenly in a
swirling blackness and demanded to see you! He says his name is — " "Is his
name 'Nagato' by any chance?" The eldest of all living Toads interrupted.
Shima halted in surprise. "Why… Yes, it is! Was he the one in your
The elderly toad thought for a moment and then said, "Soo desu. Please
show him in, Shima-chan." Moments later, a tall human entered the massive
room. The man was about seven feet tall, but looked like he could still
grow even further yet, based on the flows of Natural Energy the Great Sage
could sense… The man stood before the Great Toad Sage and opened his
eyes. Both eyes were empty. The eyes themselves were not missing, but
instead had been replaced with something hideously dark and… And…
"…Oh, it's happening already, is it?" The old toad muttered unhappily
to himself.

The man did not wait to be addressed, instead approaching to within a
dozen feet and raising his right hand to show a seal inscribed on his
palm. Shima moved into a defensive stance. "You know why I have come
here?" the man asked in a rather deep voice. He did not appear to be well.
He looked rather haggard, all told. "I've come to take all that you know.
All that you remember. All that you >are<. I know you can see the future.
I need that to find out who those who killed my wife were. I will see
where they will be, and I will see how I will kill them. And then I will
make the future into the present. I apologize, but your being will serve a
purpose in an act of justice."
"Nagato… I have seen you in a dream already. What you seek you can
obtain if you do this." The Great Toad Elder confirmed. The tall man
grunted in surprise that his demand would be agreed to so readily. "Very
well. I am glad to have your cooperation. Sealing Technique: Mnemosy — "
"But in the process, you will also end all that is or could be." The man
halted in the intonation of his technique. This was all that kept Shima
from tearing his jugular out with her fanged tongue. Nagato waited. His
hate for the Uchiha and Senju pair of ninja who had killed Uzumaki Natsu,
his wife, all for that damnable Sage Stone… It drove him to do what he
was doing, but he waited anyway. The Great Sage remained silent. And
remained silent. And remained silent. "…Are you asleep?" The
black-haired man asked. The Sage jolted. "O-oi! Yes! What was it?" "…."
" — Oh! Hai, if you take my memories you will see the future, and so will a
cloud of darknes that will share your vision. Two bottomless pits… That
will eat up all the world in war…" Nagato let out a simple 'tch'. "We're
already in endless war, toad. The Clan Wars are unending! It would be
justice to all the dead if my eyes could swallow up the living fools who
perpetuate it."
"You have a very peculiar idea of justice, you members of the Fuchi
Clan…" "…What? Fuchi…?" "I remember now. I remember that energy you
have. I see you are not alone in your body. There is one with red hair as
well… And I have a request: do without my vision. You will achieve your
goal regardless. Knowing the future will only allow you to be used against
those you wish to avenge. That woman will also be destroyed."
Nagato waited. He thought. And he came up with an idea. He had come here
to see the future. He had come here without even knowing where he intended
to go. He simply tore open the world and fell through an abyss and came
out here. If he could do it once, surely he could do it again… Even to
find his wife's murderers and where they took that Stone. When he had
that… The tall man smiled. "I will do as you say, because you asked so
nicely. I do not wish to give in to hate. I just want the pain to stop."
The Great Toad Sage did not say anything further. The man who would one
day become known as Amuro took this as a sign to leave. So he did.

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