The Unknown Reflection - And the Mirror Gazes Back


Arika, Kaidan, Nanashi (as Miyako)

Date: January 17, 2015


Miyako finds herself sent on a quest by her own reflection, causing Arika to worry and chase after her! Kaidan gets dragged along too.

"The Unknown Reflection - And the Mirror Gazes Back"

Unknown location

Busy, busy, busy! The whole village is busy preparing for attacks by the Silence and continuing missions and such. Meanwhie, Miyako has come to the Item Store for a break between her Taijutsu training and is looking through various items. Currently her eyes are set on some housewares that she looks through while humming a low tune. Despite all that's going on, she seems fairly cheerful, trying not to let the events of the world bring her down. After all, there's enough trouble without her letting her strife add to it.

Arika comes into the shop for various groceries, which isn't too unusual. What /does/ catch her attention is the fact that Gyuki won't shut up about raccoons the moment she comes into the store. She wanders along the aisles for a bit, looking at the grocery list in her hand every once in awhile.

And then Kaidan walked in and stretched as he did. It was honestly odd to see him stretch as he walked in as stretching only stretched out his puppet arms but he did it anyway. Even as he approaches the spot he is heading ot pick somet things up, he blinks as he spots Miyako first only because Arika is so small. He grins at her and nods before he goes back to what he was doing and he grabs a couple of pieces of equpiment that looks like they could be used in his arms or leg. Even as he does, he stands up and walks over toward Miyako, "So, how are you?"

About the time Gyuki would start griping about racoons, Shukaku would start snickering in Miyako's head about pesky little squids. Meanwhile Miyako is approached by Kaidan and looks over her shoulder at him to nod. "I'm good, just looking at some things for my apartment," she says with a smile before looking back ahead and blinking a few times when her eyes pass a mirror. She looks back and forth from it a few times, canting her head slightly. "Um, is this a trick miror of some kind?" she asks, though her reflection would appear completely normal to anyone else that looks at the mirror, along with their own if they looked into it.

There happens to be familiar voices that Arika recognizes, and the girl investigates to see what they might be. Upon seeing Kaidan, the girl clambers up his back and hugs. "Kai-kun! Miya-chan!" She waves cheerfully to both even as the muttering in her head increased. ~I could crush you any day. Quit calling me little…~

A blink as he is ascended by Arika, and he hugs her a little before looking at the mirror, "Yeah, if I were that hot I'd be pretty surprised by it regularly, too." He grins at Miyako before looking over to Arika and ruffles her hair, "How you doin', Short Stack?"

"Ari-chan!" Miyako beams as she looks up to the girl on Kaidan's back. "Good to see you." ~Oooh! Kekekekekekekekeke…. Just try it. Some calamari would be good.~ At Kaido's words, she quirks an eyebrow at him then looks back at the mirror canting her head a bit. "Nice try… but my reflection's not doing what I am…"

~Pfft! You'll have to defeat me before that happens, you know know the outcome of that fight.~ Arika ignores the grumbling. "I'm good! I was running errands for Ping-san." Miyako gets a curiously glance, and the irk peers at the mirror curiously in an attempt to see what Miyako sees.

A look at the mirror and hten at Miyako and Kaidan tilts his head, "Umm, sorry to tell ya but your image is normal." He points at the mirror, "Don't see anything weird." He then looks to Arika, "Well, aren't you just being helpful." He chuckles before looking over at the mirror again, "You alright?"

~Yeah, tentacles on a grill and a bull head mounted on Miyako's wall! Kekekekekeke…~ Miyako would probably roll her eyes at Shukaku were she not distracted at this point. She squints at the mirror, stepping closer to it and eyeing it. "Are you sure?" she asks, eyes narrowing then widening as she sees something that the others wouldn't see, her reflection writing her a message on the glass. Two words… "Home?… Fuuma?" she asks herself aloud before blinking as it goes back to normal. "What the heck was that?" she asks, pondering over the words… Home… Fumma… Something is telling her to look for something back home and for some reason at Fuuma Alley…

~I was thinking a nice hat, actually. Shut up, /One/ tail~ Arika frowns a bit at Gyuki, though it could just be marked down as a frown of concern for her friend. "What're you talking about, Miya-chan? You're not going to go away, right? I don't want you to go!" Arika pouts, though she continues to cling to Kaidan for the time being. She doubts she'd be able to help Miyako as she is now, too, which made things worse in her opinion.

"Fuuma, home?" He looks at Miyako before looking mirror again, "You are seeing things but…eh, maybe you were from Fuuma? Is that where you were from? I mean, that just seems really odd, Miyako." He nods his head before grinning at Arika, "Hey, sometimes people gotta go and check stuff out. Doesn't mean they aren't coming back." He nods his head.

~Yeah, yeah. Tails only make a difference if you're not trying to bow up at that dumb fox, right? Kekekeke…~ Miyako stares at the mirror for a bit longer, pondering before finally shaking her head and turning to Arika and Kaidan. "I need to check this out, but, don't worry, Ari-chan. I'll be back. Just do me a favor and don't tell anyone right this second, or they'll try and catch me before I can get outside the village."

~I'm surprised you haven't kept switching hosts, considering you drive them all mad. If this kid was just a bit stronger, I'd be able to pummel you without any issues at all.~ 'Oh sure, blame it on me…' Arika peers at Miyako a bit, but nods. "Okay… Promise you'll come back, though?" she finally says. She looks to Kaidan, clinging a bit tighter to him while she's perched on his back piggy-back style.

"Now now, she can keep it quiet but do you really think I would just let you run off like that?" Kaidan stands up straight and stares at her, "This is not exactly just some vanishing. You are very literaly acting crazy and then want to run off alone? Do you realize just how crazy 'My mirror image is telling me to run off alone' sounds? I mean, I'm pretty nuts, but that's like taking it to a whole new level." He chuckles and then looks at her, "I can't recommend it or forget it."

~Yeah, yeah. Go talk trash to someone who finds you interesting, tiny squid!~ Miyako smiles at Arika then peers at Kaidan, pondering a moment. "I see," she says, looking very solemn and down about it. She hangs her head, turning toward the door as she says, "Guess I'll just go back to my apartment and wonder about this forever." Just as she gets to the door, however, she'd peer back over her shoulder and wink before dashing out and leaving a trail of sand behind her that clings up and assumes the look of the door through henge, except it blocks it to hopefully keep Kaidan inside just long enough that she can vanish into the crowd and take on a different form.

Arika blinks a bit when suddenly Miyako just disappears. She doesn't bother trying to look around because Gyuki doesn't even bother to try and offer a retort to Shukaku. He just keeps muttering, ~Curse that stupid raccoon… I'm not tiny…~ She looks to Kaidan, nudging the puppeteer a bit. "We gotta go after her, Kai-kun! Hurry up!" Her tracking skills are a bit useless, but she still wants to try and help her friend.

A blink as she takes off and he grumbles. He rushes to the door and hits it hard before growling and he slams his foot through the door and it opens up before he steps out looking around. He is hold on to Arika as he looks around before shaking his head, "She's gone." He idly snugs Arika a bit, "Sorry…but we'll find her, Arika-san." He then sighs as he looks around.

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