Second Promotion Exams - And the winner is!: Berii vs. Eremi


Berii, Eremi, Aoitsuki, Taiki, Etsu, Daisuke, Hinotori, Usagi

Date: December 17, 2012


The final round of the #1 Bracket of the Chuunin Tournament and it has Uchiha Berii going up against Satonezu Eremi.

"Second Promotion Exams - And the winner is!: Berii vs. Eremi"

Dammed Arena

Once again a familiar Shirayuki took position center stage within the center of the Damed Arena. Her long locks curved along her slightly rosey cheeks and swept down her back and shoulders, body adorned in a traditional dazzling scarlet red kimono sashed with lavender silk. The ominous blade behind her remained wrapped and snug against her form, which had quickly became a normal accessory for the young woman. Night time had dawned upon the arena, prompting the battle field to be lit with torches along the walls, illuminating the arena with a blaze of fire to combatant against the shadows of the night. The chilling winds which attempted to sweep into the crowd had been held at bay, allowing others to enjoy the fight without worrying about freezing to death. Finally the woman within the depths of the arena began to make her announcement.

" Hello and welcome to the final battle of the Chuunin Exams! Our finalists for this year are two shinobi from Konohagakure. Combatants, Uchiha Berii and Satonezu Eremi! Please take your positions!" Aoitsuki exclaims, more torches began to get lit, offering an even greater fiery illumination of the battlefield.

The final round of the matches were starting and Etsu didn't want to miss it. So, she requested leave from the hospital with some assistance. She was accompanied by an assistant to the arena where she proceeded down the aisle to obtain a seat closest to the arena. Upon finding a row, she edged down a few seats and sat down, waiting for things to get started.

Here at the beginning for a change, YAY! Hinotori has gotten himself a really good seat this time around and as he listens to the opening announcements and the introductions of the final two of the Chuunin Exams. Hinotori looks to Aoi for a long moment though then it clicks, she looks like someone he knows very well, damn there identical except for the eyes and hair. Grinning a little bit to himself and rubbing his chin, he would have to meet this blond version of his friend.

Never in his wildest dream did Eremi ever expect to make it this far in the tournament, to go head to head against another for the top spot in the #1 bracket of the Chuunin Exams. No doubt it was going to be an amazing match to witness, but it was a little overwhelming as well. Being the last of the #1 bracket matches, all the seats in the stands would be filled to their capacity with spectators from all the villages that made their trips to the exams gathered into the Dammed Arena. Hopefully the two competitors would be able to give them the show they came looking for.
Hearing his name being called, Eremi approached the nighttime battle field, the torches doing what they could to light the arena in it's warm red and orange glow. This being a night battle, it either meant an advantage or a disadvantage for the boy. Those weapons Berii could call upon from the scrolls would appear as little more then glints in the night, stars streaking across the sky as they reflected the torch light. It wouldn't be easy for Eremi to spot until it was too late, he'd have to be lucky. Then again, he heard some of the Sharingan Genjutsu the Uchiha employed required direct eye contact. Hopefully he couldn't see those either. It was a gamble he'd have to take as Genjutsu was his biggest weakness.
Walking further across the ground, Eremi was dressed in his normal attire. Fully clothed in black with the strap of his backpack hung over one shoulder while making his way toward the spot he stood last time. A nod would be given to Aoitsuki before he turned about to watch for Berii. He saw her last fight against Ryo and it was quite a one-sided battle. He truly wished it wouldn't be that way with this fight.

Originally… Berii found no pressure in this match, sure she was terrified of Eremi simply shattering her with a punch yet, her mind approached it like it did any other problem at first. It simply ignored the battle's existence until the final moments before she actually stepped out to the arena. What didn't help? That would be her parents and a few members of the Uchiha clan coming along at the last moment to witness the fight. Not giving any words of encouragement (Something she'd at least expect from her own parents.) They'd simply let her know that she was being watched and not to let them down. Being a member of the prestigious clan and the wielder of the three tomoe Sharingan, it would be embarrassing for the clan for her to lose to some commoner in front of the eyes of the ninja world. No promise of celebration in her victory if she won, no hopes of consolidation if she lost and 'at least came in second', there was only one thing forcefully placed on her mind. It wasn't the fact that she had to win, it was the idea that they were daring her to lose and if she bit on that dare, there would be dire consequences.
Berii didn't know what kind of consequences, they actually didn't even mention there would be anything terrible done to her for losing. Paranoia had simply set in and even in her first steps in, she glance over to see a few higher ups from the clan staring down, some with Sharingan ablaze.

This shifted Berii's bum-like pre-match demeanor in another direction, her expression was intense. She almost looked aggravated even as she swept into the arena, arms crossing as she halted right before Eremi
Eremi would see equipment and physical wise there was little too different about Berii today, much unlike her emotional appearance. A few wounds were still somewhat apparent through pink markings on the skin but, the medics and time did a decent enough job for her to fight once again. There were scrolls dangling from both sides of her hips looking rather similar to the ones she failed to use on her previous fight. Berii did not intend to wait until the last moment to use them this time around, it would seem.
Her expression wouldn't really help in getting the idea across that she intended to put him down quickly. "Ewemi, I'm going to tewl you this, as a fwiend, hnn." Berii's chakra begins to gather as her Sharingan lights up, giving him the only mercy she'd have this fight right now by warning him, "I'm not howlding back."

Both of the fighters were definitely ready for the battle to come. Aoitsuki carefully looked over both combatants, one of them definitely appeared to be more raring to begin the fight. " You both have been in this arena a few times already, you too should be familiar with the rules. Remember to fight your hardest, this battle will determine the winner of the first bracket so this will be the time to show off all that you have," Aoitsuki advised the two of them offering a nod and continuing her speech. " As usual the winner of this challenge will be determined by either of you conceding or I determine you are rendered unable to fight… Don't take too many chances," Aoitsuki finalized, crossing her arms along one another and taking a few steps back away fro mthe combatants. " The two of you may now FIGHT, good luck!" The workers whom were setting up the torches began to disappear out of the arena, fire works even began to crackle in the background, ignited the sky with specks of dazzling azure light. The exam was finally nearing it's epic conclusion.

Rubbing the back of his head, this is going to be a good one. Hinotori leans forward, eyes scanning both fighter, reading each of their chakras, and hoping to see a very damn good fight. He quickly glances around him to see if there are others here he knwos, he is hoping his brother shows up, granted he knows he needs to find his cousin soon and speak with her before her match, but after a moment he looks back towards Berii and Eremi.

And Eremi didn't expect Berii to hold back, he actually hoped she wouldn't, because he sure wasn't going to. In terms of pushing himself, this was going to be no different then his time in the exams, taking on that giant alligator that threatened his friends. This time though, it was one of his few friends he was taking on. Thinking about doing such caused butterflies in his stomach that he didn't think he'd be able to shake the feeling of until this match was over. Win or lose, he was still going to give it his all, show how much he has improved physically and mentally and at the end of it all, hopefully be presented with the Chuunin flak jacket, the only thing he wanted out of all this. Sure if he won that would be an added bonus, but hurting Berii, if he even could, he knew was going to feel weird.
"I appreciate that Berii and considering you a friend as well, I offer you that same warning." His eyes would turn to look at Aoitsuki as she began speaking, nodding his understanding, waiting until she gave the signal to go. The moment he heard the go ahead, the boy took in a deep breath, unslung his backpack and tossed it to the side where it left a deep impression in the ground. Now was the time. Bringing his arms up, he'd cross them in an x-shape over his face while he focused deep within himself to the eight chakra gates he knew how to open. He couldn't open them all, but perhaps just enough to help him in this fight.
As he began to open each one, starting with the first and stopping on the sixth, his body would begin to take certain changes. To those with 'special eyes' they'd see the chakra within Eremi beginning to course through his body and overflow. So much so it was pouring out of him. A few veigns would bulge and his skin would turn a shade of red as the blood flow increased. The ground underneath his feet began to shake under the pressure that was releasing from his body and the loose gravel began to float at his side, breaking up into smaller bits before crumbling to nothing around him. The more gates he opened, the more strain it put on the boys body forcing him to hunch forward and bend at the knees. His feet would push into the ground as he braced himself, digging into the arena floor, cracking and crumbling that as well. As the sixth gate opened, Eremi would suddenly throw his hands down at his sides with clenched fists while tensing through the pain that opening this many gates caused.
Eyes focusing on Berii, he was ready to go.

And so it begins… Etsu looks down at the ring, still, wondering when things were going to start. She was somewhat anxious to see what would happen between these two. She was close enough to feel the slight vibrations from Eremi's opening of the sixth gate. Looks like they were in for a thrill. She shifted in her seat, unknowingly, and brought herself forward, responding to the excitement building in the arena. She had to be careful as she couldn't move too much. There was still pain in her body from her last match.

Usagi was just arriving now, taking a seat to watch this fight. it was definitely going to be a show, and she didn't want to miss it. She takes her seat, noting that Eremi looked like he was pissed. This would be interesting.

Watching Eremi's hands rise up in the cross motion, Berii tilts her head and smirks. Maybe she shouldn't of warned him but, this would probably be the result regardless of what was said. Her eyes follow the backpack to the ground, expecting the next thing that happened. Although she was aware of the weights, it still impressed her enough for her lips to purse but, that is the last reaction she'd expect him to get out of her. Even as his chakra began to release and flow through his body at more insane levels she'd stare on, silently. Doing everything she could to ignore the eyes in the stadium that were digging into her.
Lazily raising her hand up to brush a bit of misplaced hair to the side as the chakra eruption finally settles a bit, she calmly starts to ask, "Neh, you d-"
The overbearing release gets even more intense as he releases the sixth gate, Berii's right foot sliding back a bit to steady her balance as her eyes go wide. Maybe the Uchiha wasn't focused enough when he last unleashed his gates, maybe he didn't use as much? Looking a bit nervous now, she bows her head slightly and she was fairly certain that it was fear playing tricks on her, knowing this energy was going to be coming her way this time around.

She doesn't try asking if he was done again, she was certain and so… one step, one casual step brushes against the gravely floor. Then, there was a blur of her image as she stepped forward. Her right fist draws back awkwardly as her arm tenses; it looked like she was going to clock him with the side of her fist or something along those lines. Right before it looked as if she were going to release a sword appears in the drawn back hand. "Hnn."
Thrusting it forward for a quick stab at his chest she would quickly pull back, whether it sunk in or not as she holds to her word by keeping up the pressure and seeking him out. Moving in a bit closer, she pushes the limits of usefulness of her blade, nearly too close even with its small size. The Uchiha's foot stomps forward as she cuts not once, but twice in just a quick an instant in an X like motion across his chest.

Daisuke munches away on his snacks as he has settled himself in the watch the fight between his two mission mates. Hard to call, he figured this fight will come down to genjutsu and outlasting the opponent. "Go team, wooohooo!" he says from the stands before taking another fist full of snacks.

Watching Berii as he was, blurring like she did, Eremi wasn't sure if it was the girls own speed or the lack of natural light that made it slightly difficult for him to keep up with her movements. Having no plans to stand there like a targetting dummy from Konoha's training area, Eremi instantly took off, running to meet her somewhere in the middle. Each step he took pushing into the ground with such force that the dirt or concrete or whatever the field was made up of erupted from the impact, causing dust and rubble to follow in the wake of his movements.
As both the competitors met up, their forms coming into view for only a few moments, Eremi would gently shift to one side as he avoided the kunai clenched punch and then twisted this way and that to prevent getting cut into pieces from Berii's blade while at the same time staying close. Her strikes were impressive, but it was obvious she was still holding back. Something Eremi had no intentions of doing. Something his body wouldn't allow him to do. Staying in this form put too much strain on his body and muscles. The sooner he finished this the better.
As a pure taijutsuist he needed to be in close range for any of his moves to work, that was something Berii must have known through the missions and times they spent together or was she just so skilled in all her abilities she just didn't care. Either way, Eremi was going to use this opportunity as one of the few moments he'd get to surprise her with something, unless her Sharingan already knew what was coming.
Suddenly crouching down, his feet would shift across the ground, one over the other. Once into position, Eremi would erupt upwards with an upheld fist, spinning around like a top in an attempt to knock Berii in the chin and high into the air. It was a move he had never used before, but were it to actually work, now would be the best time for it to do so.

"Ugh." The Uchiha seals the sword back up after the failed attempt, underestimating the gain in speed he'd get but, everything was in place. At least so she thought as that impressive speed shifts from defensive to offensive. Her body was in no position to effectively move her entire body out of his range
This close, Berii was certain he'd clearly see her eyes in the torch light, prepared to take the hit while releasing a Genjutsu. She felt, would far outweigh the positives if successful. To most, it would appear that Berii slipped up heavily in making this a taijutsu match the boy was just moving way too fast for most to keep up.

Berii's Sharingan changes the story, confidence lost and gained in less than a second lightly tacking in a commanding, "No." Her head tilting back as his he only grazes against the remnants of her hair as she shifts back and slightly to the side before his motion was even complete. A grin spreads as she spots opportunity and in that one moment there would be some sort of insane hunger in those eyes as they widen.

As his twist eventually leads him face to face with Berii tomoe dance and if Berii was successful her Sharingan would spread until Eremi's vision was filled with a painfully bright red. If that wasn't enough of a strain on his senses his ears begin to ring as if some terribly high pitched whistle was jammed into his ears. From that point on it'd just get worse and worse.

"Hmph," Etsu remarked. She was somewhat disappointed in how thnings were turning out so far and this was only in the beginning stages. She leaned back in her seat and opted to fold her arms instead of slipping them into her pockets since they were a bit hard to reach. She couldn't see it from here, but a genjutsu was just let loose. She turned her attention to the audience for a few moments and caught the faint glow of eyes not too far away. Another huff and she turns her sights back to the match.

"Hm pretty close, yet no genjutsu as far as I can tell." he says to himself. Daisuke turns his head to the audience in a lull in fighting, spotting a few familiar faces, though he was unwilling to move from his comfortable nest he had created. He looks over at Etsu and waves, holding up his giant bag of snacks and giving her a look as if to say 'want some?' To Usagi he'd give a smile as a greeting if she looked over and Hino would get a thumbs up.


The sound the spinning uppercut made as it managed to only graze some of Berii's hair and little more then that. He was disappointed and yet, not surprised in the least. Despite his immense increase in speed and power, she was always going to be able to see the attacks before they came. That sharingan gave her an unfair advantage and the only way he was going to be able to even land a blow on the Uchiha was if she managed to slip up somehow. That knowing Berii's dedication and focus, that was unlikely.
Still he had it in him to continue fighting, so as he spun about slowly descending to the ground, his eyes would lock on to Berii's. Trying that move again would be too soon and most likely she'd expect it or…predict it. His plan for now would be to throw everything he had at the girl. That is, until something in his mind feels different. As if there are penetrating forces so great they are taking control. It's the same as Ogo mentioned in the hospital. It was genjutsu and yet, it was so powerful he had no defense against it. Cutting himself or purging chakra through his body would do him no good.
Landing on his feet, Eremi would look left and right as the torch lit darkness of the arena quickly changed to that of a blinding red. He'd close his eyes in response, but still it clouded his vision. When the piercing whistle came next, the boy clutched his ears while screaming at the top of his lungs. That mixed with the strain of the gates and Eremi dropped to his knees, unable to do little more then wait for the illusion to disappear.

Berii's body was still reeling from that sudden motion, if her eyes failed she would've been lost to a follow up attack!

Lucky for Berii, obvious confusion strikes Eremi and she shakes her head. 'If only he were Uchiha.' He'd be a thousand times more a threat. When the screams kicked in Berii show's no sympathy, simply because it was going to get much worse.
With a nod, her eyes begin to shut, "Shame it was so showt, hnn." Berii brings her hands together to form the tiger seal. "Katon." Anyone with chakra vision would see a grand chakra build up in her center, her cheeks puff slightly and begin to shift to a rosy pink before she pulls back and leaps high into the sky as what was coming next would be a hazard to her own self at this range.
After safety was calculated, she'd start to clench her gut as her mouth opens wide unleashing a torrent of flame that takes the shape of a grand but, relatively slow moving dragon head aiming to hit the Eremi and a good chunk of the area around him in an explosively crashing flame.

Where Eremi kneeled with eyelids clenched tight and hands pressed firmly against his ears, he felt the air starting to warm up. Gradually at first, but slowly the heat started to make the boy sweat. Was this also part of the genjutsu? To dehydrate him. He had no clue and there was little he could do about it until the genjutsu wore off.
The moment the flames from the great dragon fire touched his clothing and burned into his skin he then knew what was happening, though it was already too late. The genjutsu held him in place, preventing him from getting out of the way. It wasn't until the flames encompassed his form for a bit, before finally fading away that Eremi was able to open his eyes and stand to his feet. The scorching fire was painful, sure, but it barely did little to effect his fighting condition. The way the genjutsu attacked his mind felt far worse then that attack. "This match is far from over Berii. Don't count me out yet."

"…what?" Most people sort of you know died from that. He didn't even seem fazed by the event in the slightest. He was faster than she was, sure she was aware of that but, he was even faster than she expected. That last move? Only evaded because he tried to trick her with something that would only catch a normal eye off guard, it gave her time. Then there was the power she already witnessed. He was able to easily lift what was the equivalent to a dinosaur and destroy it with a single strike.
All these thoughts come together and add up to


Her eyes appear to water as she drops from the sky. But, anything could have caused that as she looked determined, landing into a crouch and placing the two scrolls on the ground at her side. "Hnn. Whatevew, Ewemi." Five hand seals seem to just blur together and her arms come to cross.
This time she wouldn't fail the technique. Smoke erupts out of the scrolls, firing up into the sky in the shape of two dragons (Quite a fan of these things despite the fact she can't even say their name right).

In a flash Berii disappears. Suddenly up in the air between two spiraling scrolls, spinning into a blur as a chain reaction of summons go off from bottom to top of the scrolls. The ferocity of the attack is met with an interesting amount of accuracy thanks to Sharingan but, a lack of confidence would show in a few of the throws.

If a massive fire technique didn't put a dent in him, what's to say the hail of shuriken and kunai wouldn't just bounce off of him too?

Down, but not out. Hm. Etsu started to show some favor in this match. Divided between these two combatants, who she both knew, but one more than the other, she wasn't sure of who to go with. She began to lean forward, wary of her injuries now, as she looked down at the fighters in the wavering darkness. These torches were a bit…lame for this match, but she supposes if they were any hotter it might affect them in some way. The flames from Berii's attack lit the arena enough to reveal that…they missed. So, he was still in this. Good.

Taiki finally makes his way up to the stands, having handed nursing duty for Ryo off to someone else for a bit. He is bracketed by two guards as well as his ninken, and he pauses at the entrance/exit to watch briefly what is going on in the arena below. After a moment he sighs and shakes his head before scanning the crowd to find a place to sit. Finally selecting a place, he and his entourage make their way towards his selected seat, nodding toward people as he goes.

Hands still clenched into fists at his side, Eremi stood where he was this time as he watched Berii prepare her next attack. Unlike her, he couldn't predict what she was going to use next and could only guess. The flash of handseals made him believe it was a ninjutsu and she'd try to keep her distance from now on, knowing he was going to try everything in his power to get in close just to hit her once.
When the scrolls erupted in the shape of two smoked dragons, Eremi wasn't sure what to expect, especially not as the smoke began to fade, revealing two massive scrolls. Though the moment Berii appeared between the two, he saw that as his opportunity to strike. Surely her defensive capabilities were limited while floating up in the air, spinning as she was to hurl all sorts of projectiles Eremi's way and still, he didn't move as each attack barreled down on him.
It wasn't until a few were inches from striking that he'd instantly disappear in the blink of an eye, soaring toward Berii's location. The distance between them would be be made up in no time thanks to the help of the gates and in an instant he'd release several series of punches of kicks. The force behind the blows pushing through the air, seemingly lighting on fire in the darkness as if friction was being created simply from his strikes. Merely for show as it did little to help his attack.

Hinotori has been very into the fight, it is getting pretty damn good to him and is really sitting on the edge of his seat. But during the genjutsu use, he only smirks. "Tricksy." is all he says then looks over and sees Daisuke and Etsu, "Hey you got anything left?" he asks Daisuke then quickly turns back to the fight with Eremi leaping through the air unleashing hell basically. He wonders how Berii would defend.

Daisuke tosses a fried chicken wing expertly in the air so that it would land directly into Hinotori's hand. "I always have enough." he says as he turns to Hinotori. "Pretty good match so far. It's hard to go from Jounin exams to Chuunin exams sometimes, with all the flashy crazy people in the Jounin ones. But this one has had lots of fire and taijutsu as well." he says to his brother before turning back to watch.

Taiki approaches Daisuke and Hinotori, then clears his throat. "Mind if I sit here?" he asks, indicating some empty spaces near them. He looks a little tired, but otherwise just fine really. He was of course listening to them talk, and with another glance he looks off toward the arena. "Wow, Eremi-san's gotten better at taijutsu," he says as watches the fight. "Actually, they both seem to be putting together a good showing."

The assault? Would actually be ended early as he managed to escape the location before some of the weapons even hit the ground! Berii would try to compensate for his movements but he was coming in so hot that she couldn't even risk reaching for another weapon. Berii's teeth grit as she knew she was limited up here. This was the plus of having such a simple defense method. Her eyes dart about with each attack, evading before they attacks were in full swing. Though, each attack gets closer and closer.

The commanding 'No' now becomes a frightened, "No!" After all those attacks, he hits her /once/. That was enough, fist connects to cheek and she goes flying away, cheek actually singed. This was definitely no joke.
Rattled but, not down and out she goes off with a few parting gifts. With enough chakra gathered to possibly equate to another Great Dragon and even using the same hand seal once more. Something different happens as she fires off an assault of small flames to keep him distracted or somewhat slowed.
She knew that probably wasn't going to happen but, she already tossed her best techniques at him.
Realizing his ability and feeling pain from just one of his many strikes put her in a bit of a panic now to just get away. Even after landing she starts to hop a few more times back.

Daisuke offers some fried chicken to Taiki, holding it out towards him dangling there in the air. "It seems like a good match, but you have to kind of sit back and look at all that has happened. Sure Eremi went gates off the bat and Berii threw a fire technique out there that was impressive, but other than that, nothing too large has been seen. It's like they are both holding back hoping their techniques will do the trick until one or the other is tired. No one is going for the submission route, at least not that it seems to me." he says, munching on his snacks.

A punch connected and were Eremi to lose this fight, he could still walk away happily knowing he hit an Uchiha with a fully unlocked Sharingan. Not many people could say they have done that and now he was one of the few that could, but the fight still wasn't over. Sure with each step, dodge and strike Eremi made he felt his muscles wanting to tear and snap under the pressure, but he knew by now how much more his body could take and how far he could push himself. This fight wouldn't go until morning, but the crowd would have to wait a while longer to see a victor.
Watching Berii soar away from the blow, Eremi would bring his hands together in front of him then slam them back as if breast stroking through the air. The force sending him flying in a direct course toward the ground near Berii. It was at that same moment she unleashed an assault of several balls of fire. A few would manage to hit, but he simply continued to push ahead until a foot touched the ground and he'd leap forward once again.
Close to Berii once again, he would try this technique once more before realizing it was no match for the Sharingan if it manages to miss. So he'd crouch down, twist his feet and then leap up with hand extended to pop her in the chin. He felt it was her turn to be immobilized like he was during that genjutsu attack, though there was still a good chance she'd avoid it.

Catching the tari-yaki and eating it, "Thanks." he says inbetween bites. "Yes, this is a really good fight so far." he says as he looks over to Daisuki as he takes another bite of his chicken. "Though I can't wait to see more of teh Jounin Fights."

It's like he wasn't reacting to pain, well maybe he was it was actually more the fact that it didn't seem possible to hurt him and he was reacting to it as any unstoppable machine should. "What? What?! WHAT?!" Berii, is obviously frustrated by the turn of events as he closes in once more and actually manages to close in on her, all that space within the moment of one of her hops back. Berii comes back to that reliable seal once more, gathering chakra as he closes in to form a distraction mid air and then he disappeared out of her field of vision. She was high, he was low.

Relying too much on the Sharingan's prediction power she actually fails to think on her own about this being a repeat of his previous attack and as soon as her clone appears, it is cleaved through along with Berii getting launched into the sky.
The strike was enough to daze her own its own but, she was also spinning upward uncontrollably. Lacking the awareness or the strength to break out of the death spin she just continues to fire upwards.

Etsu didn't realize she was being offered snacks until she finally realized the rattling of snacks and looked to see Daisuke having offered them to her. She thought to pass, though as she'd already had something to eat today and didn't think it'd be good to bog herself down with snacks this late. "He's been fantastic as taijutsu. I've seen him in action. He knows what he's doing," she offers in response to Taiki. "But he's also going up against someone who has abilities that may place him at a slight disadvantage. She's excellent at what she does, good control over her jutsu which is what I expect out of her considering her clan," she explained. "But—" She's cut off as she watches Eremi connect with Berii. She smirked.
"Submission would be too difficult for these two. They're both too skilled as is to give in to the other…" Her voice trailed off as she lost whatever words she had left to what she just witnessed and the subsequent response from Berii was loud and clear enough for her to hear.

Taiki takes the proffered piece of chicken and starts to nibble on it. "I see…" he says as he watches Eremi nearly send Berii into orbit. "Well, that one had to hurt, wonder what he's going to follow up with." He then turns to Etsu and nods slowly. "I know both of them rather well actually. Eremi-san was one of my first friends outside of my clan, which kind of makes him one of my first friends period…" The last sentence is said quietly, almost as if its a grudging admission. "Berii-san was my teammate before I got promoted and took on a team of my own. So far they both have grown amazingly."

"I bet whatever is next is going to be big, when you have someone helpless in the air like that." Daisuke says with a wince, eyeing the barrier for a moment. "Lets just hope they both don't come out of this with any serious injuries. I have been going on missions with them and I'd like that to continue." Back to eating his chicken, he chews nervously awaiting the outcome of such a precarious position.

The uppercut hit, leaving Berii spinning into the air while Eremi fell back to the ground after that attack connected. She was dazed and he knew it, he also knew what to do next so wasted no time in case she was able to right herself from the spin. Pushing off the ground, destroying it beneath his feet as he flew up and above Berii as she continued to ascend what he would do next would determine the winner so long as it hit, otherwise all Eremi would manage to do is drain himself and possibly have to forfeit.
Rearing a clenched fist back, Eremi would attempt to unleash a hail of punches against the girls body one after the other before finishing it off with a punch so strong it would send her careening into the ground. Before she could though, he'd reach out for her scarf, wrap it around one of his hands and then pull Berii back toward him so he could hit her with a devestating foot and fist combo that would cause her to crash into the ground.

The world starts to make sense again then there was that shooting pain in her jaw. Another heavy blow delivered to her previously injured jaw. The pain becoming so intense that it sort of slaps her into reality but, would that be enough, did it all happen fast enough for her to avoid more punishment.

That split second of being confused felt like an eternity when your well being was on the line and she just pulls off a desperate attack once more as he managed to put himself out of her field of vision once more. Eyes shifting left and right, she would attempt to bring her hands together for a clone to pull her away and then things go a little fuzzy. There would be a slight choking from her scarf and an intense pain fires off through her body.
her brain starts to spaz as everything attached to and around Berii launches before she herself actually fires off, slamming into the ground and tearing along through it. This leaves a large crater where she landed and then a mass trail of destruction all the way up to her body that only managed to stop by thumping into the barrer.

Anyone could guess what happens next. Berii obviously turns around with a secret Uchiha technique that shows that was all a mass genjutsu and that she was fi-

No, no. Berii's body slouches slightly there's a bit of twitching of her fingers until she just fails to make any sort of sign that she was still functioning.

Taiki winces as he watches this combo of Eremi's, followed by the finisher that sends Berii through the floor. "I think you'll have to do without at least Berii-san's participation for a while," he says as he turns toward Daisuke and Hinotori. "That… that crater is impressive…" Of course, Taiki knows all about making craters, given his more powerful techniques.

Eyes go wide as Berii is just pummelled, granted his eyes are taking in everything, though he is quite intrigued by Eremi and how he uses the Gates. A small smirk plays on his face, but he is satisfied with the turnout of this battle. Nodding his head and leaning back, Hinotori only smirks. "Too much reliance." is all he says as he sees the weakness in the Sharingan, something he had been studying on his own, something that he would hope the others would learn for themselves as well, but then again even if he told them, would they listen? He doesn't know.

"…" Etsu wasn't sure she had words for this moment. Her mind was…actually blown. She inhaled deeply and sighed a breath back out to contain her excitement at this moment. Besides, she couldn't get excited enough that her wounds would grow agitated. "Is there any more of that chicken left?" She needed something to fill her mouth since words were not coming to mind.

"Well that was a flashy end. It's funny how a match can just turn around and end in an instant like that, huh? Hope Berii is ok." Daisuke says, a bit worried, though he was sure she would come through. He turns to Etsu who is suddenly hungry now and nods his head, digging around in his bucket and retrieving a wing for her. "I guess all we wait for is the announcement now."

Standing up from where he is sitting, "Yeah, better go check on her." he says as he starts to walk towards the stairway. "Daisuke-kun, come get me if another fight starts." he says to his little brother. ANd with taht Hinotori walks down the stairs to help check on Berii.

The massive earth shattering attack had been completed, prompting Aoi to blink her eyes somewhat frazzled… The damage had been done before she even had the opprotunity to call the fight. With Berii sizzling in a buried in a bed of muck and debris, a sweat drop had trickled down the swordsmans cheek as she took a step forward, gazing at the enourmous crater and quickly putting herself between Berii and Eremi. After such a daunting attack she was almost sure Berii wasn't going to proceed and became more cautious about the matter once her fingers had began to stop twitching.

" Medics!" Aoitsuki exclaims, summoning a staff of white coats to assist Berii and sustain her vitals. With that taken cared of Aoitsuki swiftly began to make her way to Eremi's side, giving him a firm nod as she raises her hand. "Satonezu Eremi is the winner of the Second Promotion Chuunin Exams! Bracket #1!" From the stands roared the jubilant crowd, shouting ranting, some complaining about having to replace the ground floor… Eremi was the winner!

Eremi would land on the his feet after knocking Berii away and into the barrier beyond. If she were to stand up and continue, he wasn't sure if he would be able to go on. His breathing was heavy and his body was shaking after using the Reverse Lotus, the double-edged sword of using that attack only that much worse with having the sixth gate open. It made thinking about ever being able to open the seventh gate nearly inconceivable in terms of what it would do to his body. The strain would surely be too much. Not to mention the eight gate meant certain death.
Though none of that was something Eremi could think about as he took a step forward toward Berii. He planned on letting off another series of attacks. That is until he watched the proctor run forward between them, stopping the fight. 'Oh thank you' He thought to himself as the gates suddenly closed and the chakra left his body, leaving him a weakened state of torn and ripped muscles. No longer supported through his transformations, the boy would want to go check on Berii, but instead drops to his knees before hunching over and catching himself on his hands so not to eat dirt.
He was happy with what he accomplished here, though still felt sick to his stomach with what he did to Berii. If he had the strength to get up, he'd go check on her, like a friend would, but instead just stays as he was for worry of causing any more stress to his muscles. The medics would take care of Berii and hopefully, they'd check on him soon afterwards, but he wasn't as bad off as she might be, so he could wait until then.

There would be assistance in getting Berii up she'd be total dead weight for a while. Then suddenly she shoots upright with a screech of pain, Sharingan still active as she belatedly responds to everything that happened. There would be a weird muffle to that scream though. Her jaw wasn't moving, her arm hung limp at her side and then there was the intense pain of her sitting up.
So many bones in her torso shattered and her just popping up makes it worse. The medics manage to force her back down which in the end would be better for her in the end, despite the additional pain from someone forcing her down. When calm again she'd start to get hauled out, positioned in a way so she was able to make eye contact with Eremi, well aware of the outcome of the match now. Sharingan now gone, she just gives him one of her 'What the heck' looks… a bit set off by the slack jaw but… she didn't seem to hate him, yet!
Might as well just relax now and worry about whatever may come, when it does… her eyes shut, wishing in silence that she didn't wake back up. This was a boat load of hurt and it felt like it reached everywhere.

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