Another Evening in the Library


Yoichi, Akane, Amata

Date: June 17, 2014


Akane and Amata happen upon Yoichi studying in the library.

"Another Evening in the Library"

Kirigakure Library

Mid-morning in Kirigakure, and most of the village is on about its business by now. Today's a pretty clear day, so a good day for training and missions and such, which makes it quite a surprising to find Kaguya-Hozuki Yoichi sitting at a large table to himself in the library with several books open on top of it as he studies. Were one to get close and look, the Swordsman is actually studying the topic of Medical Ninjutsu, the basics of it along with theories on Combat Electrotherapy and Suiton Nature Refreshment. He has a fairly large scroll in front of him as well, a pen making strokes across the page once in a while as he pieces things together while studying. Seems he's taking this rather seriously, but, being almost all that he does is train outside of missions and this basically qualifies as that, it's not too much of a surprise.

Akane was int he library doing her own research but she couldn't find a book she was looking for. After much searching the had come up empty handed and thus asked the librarian who was still standoffish toward her. But the woman had simply pointed to Yoichi and Akane blinked. She smiled a little, glad he was taking her seriously. She thanked the woman and headed over to Yoichi's table. "I see you're serious about this. I'm glad. May I sit?" She indicated an empty chair across from him.

It was a place that Amata would be commonly found. She was a scientist by nature, after all. Further, she had a new weapon to read on, she had spiders that still weren't doing what they were supposed to be doing and she had to find out the best places to put Nuibari to do maximum damage. This weapon wasn't going to be something that can simply be stabbed about wildly. So, it is even as Akane is looking for a book that Amata walks up with four books stacked and starts looking for one, too. She then, too, is pointed toward Yoichi. She blinks and looks to Akane and then past her at Yoichi. She blinks again and then starts to weigh the idea of running into Akane versus getting the book she wants and then sighs as she walks toward the table that Akane and Yoichi are now at.

As Akane approaches his table, Yoichi peers up at her, smirking just slightly at her words. "Of course… And had you really expected any different?" he asks before looking to Amata, who seems to hesitate a woman for approaching. "Okumo-san," he greets her with a light nod of his head before looking down at his books again. "So, looking at this, with the proper chakra balance, I could combine the water-based chakra-healing jutsu with electrotherapy basis for a strong heal… I'm actually considering something pretty extreme with it… Combine Chakra Shaping with electrotherapy to create an electrosurgery technique that would replenish muscular strength as I'm stitching a patient back together… But I guess I better get the basics down first."

Akane listened to Yoichi's idea and thought on it seriously for a long moment as she sat down in the chair across from him, setting her books on the table, mostly about specific chakra types. "It does sound plausible, though I'm not sure how well you could do that in combat. But as a technique in itself …" She nodded. "If you do manage it perhaps you will teach me. Until then I promised you a scroll." She reached into a pouch and offered him a scroll. Inside was a lot of the basics of chakra control and using that to 'correct' things that did not belong or something similar like that.

Akane glanced up as she heard someone comming up behind her. When she saw it was Amata, her green eyes blinked and deepened just a shade, just enough to make her jade eyes appear like a green leaf. The last time she'd seen Amata was as the woman had escorted her to the hospital and though the marks on her back were completely gone — even the bruising — it was like she could feel the sting again. She took a second and forced whatever it was down before she turned a smile on Amata. "Amata-san. Hello."

"Yoichi-san." She nods to him and then nods her head to Akane, "Akane-san." She pulls over her books and sets them down before taking a breath and letting it out before gesturing at one of the medical books, "You have one of the books I was looking for." She nods to Yoichi, "I see you are studying medical ninjutsu. An interesting path, I wouldn't have expected such out of you."S he nods her head.

"If I figure it out, I'll let you know," Yoichi says with a nod. "Though I'll personally be using it after absorbing a patient into a larger form of myself, thus making it plausible to use during combat." As Amata speaks, he looks up to her again, glancing down at the book she mentions then gesturing at a chair to offer her a seat. "I am, mainly to reduce the likelihood of casualties on missions I am on by a greater percent than I already do. If you'd like to look at this book with us, you may join the discussion. I'm not quite done with it, but I don't mind you taking it after the discussion…. What about you? Are you planning on studying medical jutsu as well?"

Akane noted Amata's cool nature and knew it wasn't too far from her usual attitude, btu she wondered about the woman's body language. She looked to Yoichi and her expression brightened. "Oh I see! That would be fascinating Yoichi-san! I can't absorb someone but it would make sense for you considering your abilities. Wonderful." She glanced at Amata and scooted her chair a bit to the side to make more room for the swordswoman. "Amata-san…at the risk of sounding like I'm threatening you — which I'm not — I think you should be aware that Ishino is ..a bit upset. I tried telling him it was alright but he's protective…"

A nod to Yoichi, "In a manner of speaking. I intend to know more about how to best aim Nuibari and kill someone quickly with it. More intelligent movements and attacks with the blade." She nods her head before looking over at the book and then taking a breath before looking at Akane. She stares at her a moment, "If he wishes to find me, he knows where I typically am. If he wishes more, I will say the same." She then takes a breath and then looks down, "We are shinobi…we follow oure Mizukage…even when…" She lets things go before looking over at the book, "I also intend to make more alterations to my own body. I need to know more."

Yoichi nods at Akane's words about his planned methods and then Amata about her own, glancing over the books a bit more, though the words between them cause him to look up and glance between them. "…. While I do like to mind my own business, Amata was following orders… Ishino seems to find crossing lines not that big a deal when it is in his favor. If he attacks a shinobi for following the orders of the Mizukage, he will wind up suffering for it, even if his ego tells him he is protecting you by assaulting her." He then looks back at the book then up at Amata as he ponders, "More than your Kekkei Genkai already allows for as you are?"

Akane sighed at Amata's words. "I do not want him to 'come find you'. I want you two to get along." Sighing again she looked to Yoichi. "I know that and I know it was not some kind of twisted revenge on Amata-san's part." She looked at the woman beside her. "You could easily have done a lot worse and you even helped me out of the arena. He's just upset that it happened after you'd been told I acted under a Genjutsu." She put a hand to her forehead, a bit of stress on her face and it looked like she was in pain for a long second. "I will try to explain that I had chance to beg my case to Meruin but I simply offered no excuses." That might have made her appear weak or afraid and she was not the type to allow that.

She looked at the stack of books YOichi had and she pointed to one that was different than the one Amata was after. "May I borrow that for a few minutes? I can copy what i need easily enough."

A look at Yoichi and a nod, "Possibly." She states, "I intend to see about doing something a bit different." She then shrugs, "I want more to focus on trying to find the best ways to kill someone and move Nuibari." She then looks over at Akane and frowns before shaking her head, "I did what was required of me. I know you were under a genjutsu…it doesn't change that…." She licks her lips and then shakes her head, "Nothing has been handled correctly in this situation."

"Well, good luck on keeping him from doing anything foolish," Yoichi says then looks down at the book she asks about. "Sure, go ahead.." He then looks back to Amata, pondering a bit and nodding then looking back to the books still in front of him. "So mainly the chakra just has to be practiced in being focused a different way in jutsu… Use what's normally meant to destroy for a healing effect of sorts with similar effectiveness to destructive jutsu of the same rank… Am I getting this correct?"

Akane tilted her head, still watching Amata closely. She wasn't sorry which would probably irritate Ishino but she wasn't telling Akane that she was a criminal or deserved more or anything viscious. So Akane reached out unless Amata stopped her to rest a hand on the woman's shoulder. "I meant what I said int eh arena. I want to be a friend." She dropped her hand then and sighed softly. "I will speak with Ishino again… I don't understand being so protective…." She'd been through worse, afterall.

But back to the subject at hand. She took the book out of Yoichi's stack and began thumbing through it until she hit a specific chapter. She looked up to listen to Yoichi and nodded. "Yes you're understanding it well." She started writing then in some kind of code or short hand and zipped through the chapter she'd looked at rather quickly, leaving behind an unintelligible page full of scribbles. "Is there a way for you to sense my chakra as I use it? For you to observe my use and then copy it?"

A look at Yoichi and then a look to Akane and Amata squints at her before looking forward, "I want to be your friend, Akane. As much as I can be a friend to anyone. I am not really…the friendly type." She clears her throat, "However, this is a situation that was handled poorly and…" She takes in a breath and lets it out before saying, "…I feel as if this is not the place to speak on this." She then looks over at Yoichi and sighs.

"… Are you forgetting who taught you to be a Sensor Nin?" Yoichi asks with a blink up at Akane, quirking an eyebrow at her. "That is a good idea, though." He then casts a glance at Amata, lifting an eyebrow at her as well. "Don't worry about me spreading things. I'm much like you in that I don't make friends… and I won't get in the middle of this unless Ishino becomes an actual threat since you're rather new as a Swordsman and not up to the level to handle him in combat yet."

Akane was glad Amata wanted to be friends but the woman's reluctance to speak on the subject made her wonder what there was to say that could be so secretive. She was drawn away by Yoichi's words and she chuckled. "Ah yes. Well that's teh best way I can think of to teach you." She had had others come and ask for similar training but it sounded as though Yoichi would be a better candidate for that style of teaching. "Well good then. When we get a chance to meet where the books wont be in daqnger I'll show you the basics. i'm sure you'll pick it up quickly." She simply went on as if the other half of the conversation wasn't there.

A look at Yoichi and Amata shakes her head before idly standing up, "Do not think on it." She nods to Akane then, "I will be off for now with my books." She nods to both and then bites her lip, "I really do need some time." She smiles and walks off with a brief nod.

Yoichi glances between the two as they speak then shrugs his shoulders and looks to Akane. "That sounds good," he says with a nod before looking back down at the book. "… I think I'll be able to grasp all this pretty easily once I get the basic chakra flow bit down…"

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