Asao's start for sensory training


Asao, Keiji

Date: Unknown (log received July 23, 2012)


From finding Kazeodori's latent lightning chakra, Asao started his own sensory training to develop it further

"Asao's start for sensory training"

Caverns near Sunagakure

Asao has been doing a lot of research of late, showing up even less than normal at the training field while he was working on his research. Something has changed recently and Asao had sent an informal note requesting Keiji's assistance with further training within the caverns.
Asao's puppet, Tokkan was posted at the entrance to that small cave, one of the small off-shoots that let him be within a small area. The ticking from Tokkan was loud, echoing through out all of the caves, the mechanical noise chasing most animals away as he had set up a small table within, different blocks arranged out in different groups on that table.

Keiji rose from the ground behind Asao. "How are you doing?" the chuunin asks. He then glances around the cavern. He notices the entrance with the puppet there and the table in the center. "What can I help you with?" he asks before moving to the opposite side of the table. "This cavern was one of many where the survival portion of the Chuunin Exams took place. There were many fights and I learned a lot here. Especially towards the end of the exam. At that point even the most trusted ally seems to lose their nerve and their allegiance."

Asao would give a nod in response. He'd point towards a book off to the side at his bag. "I know. I found it specifically for a connection with you… I'm attempting to become a sensory ninja, Shippodoku-san. I need your help with the blocks I've gotten infused with chakra types. I need to not know which it is and sense it out.. so I need someone that has a strong connection to this place, to assist with my sensing the chakra, If you are willing, hai?" He'd look at Keiji calmly, the request was honest enough and with the content, probably explained why Kazeodori wasn't invited along.

There is a nod of the head from Keiji. "Ahh, so because I have wondered these caverns, you sought my help placing rocks and having you search them out?" he asks. "Interesting. I am assuming that you are able to sense out chakra at close ranges. Otherwise we will have to start small. For instance you can sense a chakra rock and a non chakra rock in your hands?"

Asao would smile slightly, a nod given in response. "Hai. I can sense out to Tokkan actually. It's not really defined, I can only tell where it is." He would ponder for a moment. "So, a 300 foot range from here to start? I will have to push myself to increase my range. Once I get more range, then I can start focusing on types. The blocks here are charged with different types. If you use the tongs, that should maintain their purity as well."

Keiji nods his head. "Shall I place the rocks together at first so that you can get a general feel for larger sources first, then lower them so you can find smaller ones?" Despite the training not being his own, he would do the best he could for one of his own team. "That way you can find details to look for in your sensory technique. Then again if you would feel more comofrtable with me simply hiding each one alone in a 300 yard perimeter."

It would take a moment for Asao to think about the offer. After those few moments, he'd give a slow nod, coming to a decision about the information given. " The big groups, 3 or 4 together at once is a good idea to start with. I haven't defined my capability to the point of picking out individual ones yet. That may take me a few days practice to get there. So once they are set, I'll start marking my maps as I find them and once I get them all right, we'll mix up where they are at, hai?"

"Understood." states Keiji as he takes the bag of rocks from the table. He then melds into the ground and makes his way along. He would hide them in groups of three of four in the cavern. Though as he pops up to hide some, he does a little talking to himself. "Maybe after he is really good, I will have to hide them beneath the earth for him. Then he can set markers above them… I will save that for later."
Once all of the rocks are hidden, Keiji appears back in the room near Asao. "The task is done for the moment. You may begin."

Asao would give a nod in response. "Appreciated, Shippodoku-san." A smile given, he'd pull out a copy of a map of the caves, spreading it out on the table before him and he'd start to focus. Chakra would flow through him as he'd close his eyes, centering himself to start reaching outward. Of course the immediate contacts were Keiji and Tokkan. Those were easy and close. Asao pushed himself out further, it'd take several long minutes of him focusing before his hand finally moved. Slowly, he'd start marking spots on the map, of the 6 groups, he'd be able to mark where 2 were, the closest ones to where they were centered at, as well as the further one. He didn't actually get an accurate read on the other 3. Opening his eyes, he'd stare at the map a moment, before looking to Keiji with a nod. "How close am I?"

Keiji moves closer to the map as the marks were being made. He then pointed his finger to each mark one by one. "Yes. No. Close. No. Yes. No." He then glances towards Asao. "That is not bad for an initial try. I mean just focusing and placing the locations is not easy." More or less it seemed he was hitting the right directions but a bit off on length.

Asao would give a light nod, studying the ones that he said was close, a slow nod was given. "It's.. energy sets. clusters, faint that I can feel. It's kind of like the chakra strings I use with Tokkan, a faint line that is virtually hidden. It's there though, it's real. Are you up to one more attempt today? I would like to try one more time, then write up my report on the situation and compare my attempts. I should be able to learn more from each attempt that I do." He'd pull out another copy of the map then, looking at Keiji curiously.

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