Ashes to Ashes


Kiji, Naoya, Taree, Enbu, Eiko, Ren, Mizumi

Date: January 7, 2016


Strange fires and a freezing cold could be sensed from the cliffs for many of the village. Naturally, this brings onlookers to the scene.

"Ashes to Ashes"

Kirigakure - Coastal Cliffs

The Coastal Cliffs are some rocky, water-worn cliffs on the southernmost edge of Kirigakure. Though it appears that the cliffs below Rice-Paddy Road are open to the ocean and leave approach by ship and cliff-scaling ninja invaders as potential dangers, the cove that this cliff surrounds is an extremely unhealthy place to attempt to invade from. The currents are treacherous, there are numerous jagged rocks hidden just inches below the steel-gray waters — perfectly suited for tearing open a ship's hull — and on top of that there are observers and ninja traps situated around the cliffs and cove that make this area far from being a blind-spot for the Hidden Mist.
A small cave tucked away in one of the cliff-faces appears to be too shallow for anything of importance to be located within. However, there is a tattered blue cloth lying in a corner, seemingly fused into the rock somehow.

Rice-Paddy Road's terminus lies above. The open ocean lies to the south. The small cave doesn't SEEM to lead anywhere, but someone can certainly go INSIDE. Maybe there's more to it than meets the eye.


The snow was falling again, btu a certain Okumo didn't care. She had let her hair go white months ago but today it was as black as the night that surrounded her.
The first indication of something possibly amiss was that as night fell, the chill in the air suiting those of Shirayuki descent, others would feel winter's bite on any exposed skin. There was light, faintly from the cliffs. Perhaps someone was going to the memorial…. Not out of the ordinary. But then, the flames grew brighter, hotter…Rising to the sky like a pillar of fire. One that could be seen even to the Lakes….. Especially in the gathering gloom of nightfall.
Once the curious or alarmed began to approach the high cliff face, they would see a girl with a sundress on, a pale blue tone with a fait white flower patern batiked into it. Her hair was long and…, held in a long thick braid down her back. She stood there before a huge roaring bonfire, her silnouette making the scene a bit more surreal.
If one looked deeper into the flames, they would see personal items. A matress, an end table, books, curtains, rugs and other such household items, piled on a fire with a core of… white coal? Such temperatures would not be needed for the items on the pyre as white coal burned much hotter than an average fire.
Those who knew her would eventually recognise her though her eyes were lowered and hard to distinguish in the dark and shadows…..

As there was a roaring fire on the south side of the village suddenly, it wasn't so much the fire itself as it was the height and intensity that made Enbu wonder what was going on. He was not "in the office" at the time, and was actually in the watery depths below the cliffs themselves, moving to propel himself up the side of the cliffs and climb his way to seeing what was breaking the night sky. With a forcefull pull of his body, launching himself up a few meters before he'd land with a strange, animalistic grace, he'd look to the perpetrator of the act. "What are you doing?" he would ask simply as the moisture on his body seemed to dry up swiftly due to the heat of the flames as well as his own body temperature.

With winter's bite, Naoya's observation over the village was nearly non existent. Not one appeared to follow the young woman though it was difficult to ignore the odd scents within the lofting smoke. From within his nostrils and from several points along his neck were thin chitin limbs flittering, waving through the air even though no spiders would leave their warming host. 'That isn't right.. not even close.' Turning his head to the left then to the right, he simply disappears from within the clove of the Kaguya village. Pausing a short distance from the cold springs before continuing forward again, following the scent he rapidly continues to change his directions.
Those sensing chakra would find it awkward to look for, or even notice the young man. Sensing his chakra would tell that he was a living thing, but nothing to explain his speed as no hints of chakra fueled his steps. It wouldn't be until he passes by the flames and was crouched along the lip of the cliff a few dozen meters from the clearing of the bonfire that he comes to a pause. Resting his hand to the flat surfaces, he expels weak amounts of chakra to keep himself up right but also to establish a mental link with his brood, using each one as a separate view and sensory point.
Much like the woman morning the flame, he appears at a glance to be under dressed, the truth would only be understood under closer inspection. His attire, that would keep someone warm in fall was enhanced by a egg-white weaving of constricted materials covering almost each inch of his skin from the jawline downwards, giving the appearance of an additional bodysuit. The material itself was thin and easily deformed or torn, though small bumps under the suit would cause the material to constrict again before reweaving it neatly.

Resting quitely below the ocean waves. Warm in her under water bed, Taree would not notice the light of the bondfire. Nor the smoke as it trailed across the sky. What she did feel and notice was the heat of the bondfire disturbing her mist. As the bondfire grew it would start to eat away at little bit of mist in the area. A small itch in the back of her mind, which eventually would grow enough to need to be scratch. Surfacing from beneath the waves, Taree would first see the bondfire ontop of the cliff, peeking her interests. It few bounds Taree found herself on the cliff face. Followed by a few more dashes through the air side to side. Each jump bringing her higher along the cliff. Till finally she was apporaching the bondfire.
The strange smells into overly hot fire is what would hit her senses first. Truely a bondfire of burning possessions. The scents and heat making her brood cringe. Stepping slowly and quitely into the light of the fire. Taree would watch as people started to assmble. Each person adding to the wonder and question as what was going on. The fire before them having many meanings. Taree evenutally subsiding her curiousity into just watching.

Mizumi is hardly on the alert every hour of the day. Classes were out, though, and she was attempting to walk a bit of a distance to try and better her stamina, among other things. Hopefully her friends were with her… And then something touched her senses. The girl would blink and then frown when something so obvious would spike into her sixth sense that she couldn't help but start stumbling to try and reach its source. She didn't bother trying to explain much of anything until they reached about a hundred yards from where the fire is burning.
"Is… Is it coming from her?" she asks, no one in particular, eyes widening just a bit from the amount of chakra that seemed to be pouring off the figure in front of her. And there were others here, too. Naoya, for one, whom she didn't know. And then the Clan Head she met in person not too long ago. Mizumi would glance back to see if her friends kept up, though she had little doubt that they had done such. After all, they were much more fit than her… "What… What do you think is going on?" she asks, feeling a bit nervous.

Ren was walking with Mizumi of course and probably Eiko too. He then noticed Mizumi seemingly charging somewhere(as best as she can)seemingly mindlessly. Ren quickly made haste to follow and then noticed the fire. "What coming from her Mizumi? She messing with your senses or something?" He frowned a moment and tilted his head to the side. He looked around though spotting the others here too and he sort of blinked. Was this some sort of cult?!?!?! Nah probably not, but something was going on for sure. "I don't know Mizumi." He frowned and stood slightly in front of her. He figured if something happened then he would need to keep her safe. She was still training her body to get stronger and all.

Eiko was perhaps the most glad that despite it being dark, they were not in breach of curfew. She has to be wary, after all, she is traveling with Mizumi, whom she is doing her hardest to keep out of trouble. She has since before they joined the academy, it just became a tad more difficult. She places her hands upon her hip as she looks critically at this strange direction they've gone. Really, Mizumi? "Where are you taking us? Please advise, Mizumi-chan, if we get lost and are caught flat-footed we'll be walking around and stumbling in the darkness all night." As punishment for being outside past curfew, of course.
Still, she had no choice. She had trouble leaving a comrade behind. When it seemed as if they had reached the end of the little journey through the dark they were taking, Mizumi had finally stated that she had found the source she was looking for. "Mizumi… Ren… This was a bad idea. Call it a gut feeling." She keeps her voice low as she reaches out to place her hand on Mizumi's upper arm. "Get ready to run if something goes wrong…"

Kiji could feel Enbu below.. could feel him propel himself upwards. She closed her eyes as he landed ad remained…eerily calm for Kiji. She was well known for passion and temper when it came to .. certain things. But now she was.. calm, serene… and silent as the large man landed to one side of her. she did not look at him, merely 'watched' his movements and chakra with her mind. Naoya was noted but he did not seem interested in stopping her. Merely watching her.
Finally she spoke to answer Enbu's question.
"I am having a funeral."
Kiji had once gotten veeeeery very close to Enbu and demanded to know what he was. Not who he was.. what he was. She may or may not have been perfectly sane at the time.
Taree was felt as well, but as Naoya, she chose to watch.. to see what is next. But the next bit would.. suprise many, (though not so much those that knew her.) Kiji reached up and the dress's spagetti straps fell away, allowing the dress to flutter to the ground. No she was not left naked. She had underwear and a web binding around her chest to protect her modesty (and to keep a public indecency charge at bay). The dress was picked up lightly and tossed into the fire as well before the woman lifted her arms to either side, as if to form a cross shape.
Immediately, half a dozen metallic purple spiders appeared and wove new clothing. Silk clothing. A top fitted to her with no sleeves but bands along her ars leaving bits of skin exposed. Also a skirt and over the knee stockings.
Kiji sliped back into her shoes and finally lifted her head. It was like the change from the girlish blue dress to black silk fit for an Okumo and marked by the Okumo crest. It was like a new person was stading there. Naoya and Taree would be the least suprised by the eyes that shown in Kiji's face, but Enbu had never seen her like this. Black sclera and ice blue irises. And though her chakra was immense, she seemed calmer than ever.
The closer the younglings got to the flames the more tey would see that the snow fluttering about them lightly was tinged pink and red and crimson the closer they came to her. Kiji was in a state of such enhanced chakra that bits of her blood floated about her, unable to remain in the veins entirely….
Kiji caught the sense of those three students behind her, and turned her head ever so slightly allowng them to see her eyes. They flicked over the three before turningback to the fire…. To the coals. She was quiet and still…..

Enbu would watch as the spectacle took place, attempting to understand the point of it i nthe end. He knew little of Kiji in all honesty, though he'd read enough and seen enough to have a general idea. He would however, have missed the point some how. "And whom does this pyre seek to honor?" He would ask, obviously believing that some how this was for the purpose of just that, honoring some dead in such a brazen way. Enbu rather casually moved to stand in front of the view of the students that had arrived. He did nto greet them… he didn't brign attention to them at all, as long as they stayed back as far as they were. Anyone else… he didn't care to notice if he was able to do so. His senses were exceedingly sharp, but the smoke and flame may very well be dulling them at the moment. "And why are you the only one attending this funeral ceremony?"

Closing his natural eyes, two dozen view points open to his mind, giving the young man more than a slightly interesting view point of the scene before him. Letting himself freefall without chakra holding him to the clifface, Naoya drops down to the surf and jagged rocks below without much effort. 'Burning it all.. I never understand.., wait. Two, move forward, collect the scents from down wind." With little else said, the young man extends his right hand and motions, sparking the brood to act though Taree moving in the opposite direction to himself does cause a moment's distraction, leading to him looking down into the surf. 'Here too?'
Skittering into position, two by two, two groups of spiders counting six in all move closer to the flame, yet keep a meter from them and the flame at the closest. The remaining spiders move to the edge of the rice fields, while some return to the lip of the cliffside, giving a fair view and scent of what was burning. At the sight of Enbu after such an extended time, sparks a furled brow but nothing would of been said. The spiders would quickly take interest with the new scents but would draw very close to none of them, only monitor them.

All of the possessions burning twinkled into Taree's eyes. A small tear dripping down from her eye, either from the burning hot smoke, glare of the fire, or some other deep emotion. Watching the fire with the scene on folding before the assembled group. Slowly taking a breath to not cough from the smoke and heat. Almost smiling as she whispers softly to herself. "Burn away the past. The heat will destorys the chains that bind." Nodding softly Taree would watch her friend Kiji. Glad that she was moving forward.

Mizumi was a bit … exhausted by the time she had reached the cliffs. She really needed all the air she could get, and she was leaning heavily on the wooden staff she had in her hands. Mizumi grips it tightly, unable to tell if she was holding it to avoid falling or holding it to avoid collapsing from the pressure that such immense chakra poses. A bit of a headache was forming, too, because she wasn't used to the level of chakra Kiji had built up. Her clear blue eyes would stare openly at Kiji when she moved away from her old clothes and was dressed in new silk. Black silk. She didn't know spiders could produce black silk…
After that was all done, though, she recalled her friends were behind her, and they wanted to know what the heck she was going on about. "She… Her chakra…" she would say between breaths. "It's off the charts, I think." Especially to her senses. Mizumi would try to focus a bit on Kiji, more out of curiosity than anything. "No… Wait, Eiko-chan… I want to see what happens next…" she would tell the Kaguya, straightening a bit now that she was getting her breath back. She was glad that she was able to recover as quickly as she tended to exhaust, especially in this instance.

Ren just stared for a moment. He blinked a few times as he was mostly just confused about everything going on. "Oh? Is that so?" He frowned for a moment and he looks between his friends. "Mizumi. Eiko. What do you think is going on?" He was curious as well really, and he didn't want to run at all like Eiko suggested. "I do too Eiko… I want to see what hapens." He blinks a bit more, but like Eiko thought of… if something happened he was ready to flee or protect himself. Though if what Mizumi says is true, and he has no reason not to believe her then he couldn't do much if he had to.

There wasn't any turning back now. Whatever this strange ritual was, that she was not quite understanding right now, Mizumi was going to get into huge trouble. "Well, Ren. You know what I think?" She asks. "I don't get the feeling that this woman means us harm. If she did, we'd be dead already." That is the logical conclusion. Mizumi was certainly in front of her now. She was not afraid for some reason. Eiko was afraid. Very afraid. She leans over and whispers softly to Ren, "I think you're doing the wrong thing. So is Mizumi. Remember, if anything does start happening… Grab her and run." In the darkness, she sees no Hitai-ate. She removes her head from Ren's vacinity. "As for what this is… They could be burning criminals, but it isn't public enough to be that. Just…" She remains as quiet as she can, "Just don't be contrary, and keep your head down Ren-kun…" She really has no idea, and she hasn't really given any quality thoughts in the matter.

Kiji glanced with those eyes of hers, blue and black, to Enbu as he spoke… Hoor? Pyres honored others.. Yes she had read that. But she simply shook her head. "There is no Honor here. Only Death." She tilted her head just a touch before glancing at the flames again. The matress was all but ash, the heat of the flaes was so intense that it had not taken long. Of course such materials would only add to the coal's heat within. Which was partly her reason for doing it this way.
Enbu's second question made her sigh softly, like an aristocrat that was bored with her advisors, a completely separate personality than she displayed normally, though her eyes began to grey up a bit.
Taree's words reached Kiji and she turned to nod slowly…. Well someone uderstod a bit atleast, though one might still wonder. Kiji wasn't the simplest person around. However, she was on high alert (so to speak), he chakra extending around her… She could sense Taree and Naoya's curiosity… Enbu felt mostly impatient but also curious. This was afterall, a strange way of dong things.
And she could sense the uneasiness in the children behind her… Even the pain in Mizumi. Kiji furrowed a brow for a moment, eyes landing on the girl leaing on the staff…. It took a bit f concentration on Kiji's part but she lowered her head and closed her eyes… carefully dialing back her chakra, pulling it into herself so as to be less imposing on such younglings. Lifting a pale had she beckoned to the three, hand down with a motion toward herself. She did not need to be on such high alert with youngsters around and though she could not verify it, she assumed that the one with the staf was sensitive to chakra levels. She had not really heard their conversation well. But she understood and remembered the feelings.
But the spectacle was not over yet.. the pinnacle was about to happen. she would motion to keep the children back at a safe distace because well.. she'd never done this before… At her feet was a long shape wrappped in cloth of some kind.
"Because this is my right. My Mate has died." She said to Enbu though others might hear her. Kiji bent to open the cloth, revealing a sword made of bone. Enbu would know that this sword was A, not of Kaguya blood, and B, had been given to her by Kiyoshi. Taree and Naoya might as well.
But you see there is something missing. A body." And with a great step forward she lifted the boe katana… and sheathed it in the center of the bonfire, sinking the blade deep into the coals. Kiji stepped back the and watched asthe material and leather about the hilt vanished… And now they would understand why she used the white coal like she did. It allowed the temperatures to rise … and rise.. and finally rise util it could actually burn bone.
"There. Now there is a body."

This pyre to burn away what remains of Kiyoshi or at least who he was prior, now that he was informed of that, for Enbu… it was offensive. While there may be no honor in these flames, there was rememberance. Perhaps it was the attachment of his mate, which he could partially understand, but to him… it was simple… there was no show of any kind for traitors of the mist. It was something he'd never truly bore witness to i nthe moment, for it to be other wise. "Now that you are done… " Enbu would grit his teeth and simply shake his head, he would turn and walk away without another word on the matter. "Students, there is nothing to see here." he would state. He would not make them leave, but he would give his judgement on the situation.

Stepping forward quierly walking forward to Kiji. Taree would giver her a small bow and give her a hug. Carefull holding Kiji close for a brief moment before gently leading her a few steps away form the bon fire. Nodding reasuring toward her Taree would motion toward the fire. In moments the little mist trailing across the sky would slowly swirl. The air pressure dropping suddenly swirling around the fire. The fire eatting at the hungry air greedily roaring upward toward the sky following the wind. The smell of the smoke taking on a purer scent as the heat grew hot enough to melt steel. Impurities being burned away and thrown into the wind. "Actually students, with all do respect to Enbu, there is something to be seen here. Learn from everything. Don't be chained by your pasts. Let the fire of your desires and passions burn the bad of your past out of your life. Let it burn away and become a new begining." Motioning toward the fire once again. The flame would leap upward again greedy for the wind.
The burst of chakra released from Kiji sensing the area would be met. It would cause a small bit of alarm to the sensors present. Each person chakra answer back, all but Taree's. Nothing would answer back for a long long moment. Until the chakra went very deep down the spectrum. The chakra over all the mist in area giving off a light response to the pule of sensing chakra. Taree answer back with that low response. As the chakra pulse travels outward. The mist would continue to respond the further it went out. Till the ocean below would answer back in a sparkling pattern of chakra dots through out the water. Finally a dull rumble of chakra answer back deep under the ocean floor. Allot of chakra background noise that most would not be able to feel.

Rather than a solum expression on his face, his lips begin to twist into a mild smirk. At his distance away, it was unlikely for most to hear but Naoya bad begun to softly chuckle. "All in the palm, yet all turned to ash from a handful of actions.. Free now of that past, last thing holding it together is now a cinder." Lowering his head, he soon begins to shake it gently from side to side though his eyes begin to partially open, shifting ever searching for something within the water that never arrived. In time his bright amber toned eyes darken to a deep gold bringing the chuckling to an end though the expression only deepens on his face.
'We are in agreement? …' nodding lightly once, he turns around to focus onto the cliff and lifts up one single finger, before making a circular motion. 'She holds our mark fully.. Yes, I even tempted that 'option', she was more loyal than that..' Tilting his head up suddenly, Naoya cants his head to one side before moving two fingers suddenly before twisting his wrist to the side, giving additional orders. Two groups of spiders depart as well for a distance, following in Enbu's wake to monitor his aggitated stance on the matter.

"Hai… And I'm not sure, Ren-kun… But it looks like they're talking about it… I wish I could hear." The Shirayuki frowns just a bit, even as she nods slowly to Eiko. "I don't think so either…" she mumbles. Her gaze is still on Kiji throughout the whole conversation, so she doesn't miss the fact that Kiji had rested the creepy eyes on her before the pressure of the massive chakra lowered. "I… I think she's friendly, even. I mean… She relaxed a bit, at least…" the student points out to her friends. "Look, she's saying we should come over, too…" But should they? Mizumi would look to both Shimizu and Kaguya to see their opinion, even though she had already decided before she asked. She started to move forward, keeping a steady but slow pace so she could approach Kiji without stopping. By the time Kiji had stuck the bone sword into the fire, she had managed to halve the distance between her and Kiji.
"…" Enbu's words made her pause. She was … a bit confused. One moment she was being summoned over, the next moment Enbu is saying there's nothing to see. Then again, what there was to see has already been done. And then Taree spoke, and she'd simply nod slowly. More to acknowledge than anything, as she was distracted by the chakra that seemed to float everywhere and outwards. She almost wanted to 'watch' it all… She had to force herself to stay away from tracking the chakra, though her senses still were almost painfully aware of it.

Ren wouldn't disagree with Mikumi. He was not sure if it was something they should do, but honestly he didn't care in this moment. The moment Mizumi would of started walking he would of followed her. "Yeah…" He does indeed keep on walking, but unlike Mizumi he didn't hesitate even at Enbu's words. Though he for sure pause when he saw Mizumi do so. He watched her for a moment unsure of what to do, but he wouldn't do anything without her first. He just hoped Eiko was with them too. She did seem the least likely to move forward despite how curious she was. Ren though didn't care because his curiosity about this was overwhelming.

Eiko thinks she has recalled the name Kiyoshi before. Wasn't he a relatively well known shinobi? The village looks up to many shinobi who are thought to be the strongest of them all. Among them, she knows she has heard that name before. Kiyoshi. Though she isn't sure what she is seeing from afar, she is sure that she would want the same happen to her if she became a shinobi. Revered with honor. Remembered for glorious actions on the battlefield. "Well, if we're allowed to, Mizumi… Let's go Ren. Let's go see what it is to be honored…"
She would look over at the Shimizu and nod her head, before taking a deep breath and bowing her head lightly as she approached. Her eyes, despite the position of her head, was rather centered on the fire as personal artifacts are burned in rememberance. Eiko wasn't aware that this was a little more than just burning the possessions of the dead. She didn't know that a traitor was possibly being honored in some way here. Possibly.

Kiji turned to peer at Enbu over her soulder ashe started to walk away. "I did not invite you. And you are not of my clan." It was simple but pointed. She did not care whether the Kaguya head approved of a pyre for her benefit or not. And it was an Okumo matter at this point.
Taree's approach made her blink and she let out a soft breath as she watched the fire swirl, the coals white hot as they grew even hotter. Enbu's words to the children made her sigh again but softly, quietly. She reached up to touch Taree's had n her shoulder before she turned those eerie eyes on the children.
"Sometimes death is ot literal. If you find someone you care for you may understand…" She looked worn though and was extremely pale. Finally she moved her arm, lifting it to hold out as blood split her skin, something that toom months upon months of practice to obtain, the blood traveled into the water nearby and mixed until there was a rather large ball of pinkish water floating up and over the fire. The sword had already been turned to ash, so when the bloody water dropped on the pyre steam burst forth, giving taree her mist back. She looked to the kids again. "Ask me some other time…."

Enbu would cease his steps away from the area as all due respect was given. He did not fault Taree for that bit, and he did understand fully what was going on and why it was being done. ANd that is entirely why it was offensive to him. He turned his head back, his eyes glowering sharply at all before his gaze. "We do not remember traitors. We eliminate and erase their existence. We do not take a moment, as a village, to ensure that there is another thought given to them. We do not celebrate their existence in any way. They are garbage. Filth. Refuse. They are nothing, not even worthy of a thought. This spectacle to remember what was… and to burn it away in order to forget about it… did not need to be witnessed by those outside of it. The questions that now form, who he is, what he was about, why he is now "dead"… it is now something to be answered… to be considered… to be recalled." Looking away once more, Enbu would end with, "I have been gone for quite some time. If we have begun to make show of our absolute failures so brazenly… I have far too much to catch up with. If the very principle foundation of what our Hunter Nin are dedicated to becoming experts at doing is now no longer important nor venerated… then I am truly lost."
As Kiji would speak about people not being invited… and also not being of her clan, Enbu would begin to lose any consideration he had for this display. "Then I suggest you learn how to keep the affairs of you and your clan to yourself, like a Shinobi. The next time that a ritual is conducted in a way that all from miles around can plainly see it, I hope that it is worth the time and effort. This was not." And with that, he was gone.

Shifting his footing, the young man appears to take a step suddenly, but was no where to be seen before the next step completes. Appearing again, Naoya completes his step though now he was several meters behind where the unknown young face were situated. Even after the sudden move, a faint chuckle filled his chest and bubbles to his throat. He couldn't hear with his own ears or see with his own eyes what had happened while he was on the surf yet seemed to understand what he been said in passing. Softly speaking it was unlikely Enbu or even Kiji could hear him clearly, "One source instills not to forget being human, the other instills distance from such a heart.. I wonder what these nestlings will shape into, one.. both.. or something unique?" Turning his head towards the road, a mild grumble bubble up, interfering with the amusement, 'Yes.. we need to follow him. He will know the next stages.. No, we won't say.. Good..'

Ushering Kiji to follow the others away from the cliff top. Taree would smile putting her arm around her friend and make small talk. Proud that Kiji was able to let the past go. Showing oh so much growth and potential within. Once safely away from the dying fire. Taree would prompt yet another gust of wind to purn the fire down to over welming hot coals. Pausing once everyone was well way from the remains of the fire. Taree would stop crack her knuckles gentle and hand sign. Something that was rarely seen. The worlds longest set of hand signs. A very fast eye would watch her fingers Ox ? Monkey ? Hare ? Rat ? Boar ? Bird ? Ox ? Horse ? Bird ? Rat ? Tiger ? Dog ? Tiger ? Snake ? Ox ? Ram ? Snake ? Boar ? Ram ? Rat ? Yang Water ? Monkey ? Bird ? Dragon ? Bird ? Ox ? Horse ? Ram ? Tiger ? Snake ? Rat ? Monkey ? Hare ? Boar ? Dragon ? Ram ? Rat ? Ox ? Monkey ? Bird ? Yang Water ? Rat ? Boar ? Bird. Taking a few more steps before a the ground would shake. A soft roar in the air would raise from the water surface. A huge dragon head arching high over head. Flying across the clift face the dragon would strike the fire remains and shattering it. Flinging everything outward toward the ocean spreading it wide across the area.

Mizumi would glance back to her friends now that everything was said and done. The girl would grip her staff a bit tighter and say, "Let's go… You know how long it takes for me to get back to the barracks." She would have to talk to her superiors later. For now, she'd just mull over the lessons offered today. The girl would feel the hairs on her neck tingle a bit when she felt Taree summon a massive amount of chakra, then she turned, eyes widening when she saw the huge dragon of water. She'd have to brace herself against the wind and water that seemed to splash up from its impact, likely getting wet by the time it passed. With a frown, she would wipe off her face and start making her way back to the barracks.

As well as Eiko, for she wasn't sticking around here any long. So much for honor. Kiyoshi was a traitor after all, not a dead hero. She supposes she wouldn't want to have a ritual like this happen for her. Enbu explains Kiyoshi's true nature. filth. He wasn't actually dead, but to those he knew he was indeed dead in spirit. "Yeah, let's go… I'm tired of this place." She places a hand on Mizumi's shoulder as she suddenly feels rather terrible inside.

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