Assassination of a Noble


Naru, Suterusu, Keiji

Date: October 23, 2012


Narusegawa is sent off to protect a noble on his way back from Konohagakure, she is intercepted by an assassin who kills her client and goes after him on a path of vengence.

Poster's note: Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Assassination of a Noble"

Land of Fire Coast

Naruseagawa was out within the Land of Fire yet again, sticking to her roots rather than going ojut on traditional missions. The son of a very powerful nobleman, an investor who had an considerable stack in Konoha affairs was actually on his route back home, off to an island just right off the coast of the Land of Fire. Attempting to get to point A to B without causing much of a stirr the young man had only a single bodyguard, a capable Kunoichi by the name of Uchiha Narusegawa. She moved quietly along with him, though it was a little less obvious that she was a shinobi. While her long raven locks trickled and napped against the curve of her smooth cheeks, rather than traditional shinobi attirement she adorned herself in a pair of black shorts and a tanktop to stave off the coming heat… The only weapon that remained on her form was a single katana sheathed by her side, everything else was non existant.

The coming of the evening was coming and the two was getting very close to their last destination, an Inn house where they would stay for the night and finish their trip by daylight… Being so close to the coast however mean't that Konoha security was laxed…

That allowed the figure to slip through the lines of the nation's boarder and slink into the forest that surrounded the path they were on. His orders were simple, remove the son to apply pressure to the nobleman. As the man had refused to pay that figure's boss, that mean the son needed to die. Thus it would be that as he came close, the plan was set in motion. First, neutralize forward momentum, then kill the son, then leave. Silent steps quietly brought him closer, a shadow clone brought forward as the figure would study the two on their path before he would attack. Better to judge what is going on, before getting into something over his head, afterall.

Narusegawa didn't notice anything out of the oridinary as she had lead the way, instead she kept herself quiet and merely continued to lead the nobleman's son on a path to their destination. The soft winds swept throught the forest, while blanketing the area with shadows adn darkness making it fairly easy for someone to get the jump on them if they used the shadows… Narusegawa's sharingan wasn't activated at this point though, instead she merely wished to keep up with her instincts, every now and then looking around with those pumpkin hue'd eyes of hers… Nothing out of the ordinary yet.

Watching between him and the shadow clone, a small nod was given. One figure went off to the side, the other went the other direction so that the nobile and Naru were surrounded on both sides. Focusing themselves, that chakra was gathered together and as one, they would plant their hands on the ground. From both sides, that wire would uncoil to curl and boil through the ground, a faint whisper at most given under Naru and the noble son's feet, before it would errupt in a mass of sharp metal spikes tangled into thick wires. They would move as if alive, tangling about Naru and the son quickly, trying to catch them off guard and render them helpless. It'd be after the attack was complete that the figure could be seen, lurking within the shadows on both sides of that road.

Tangled in a mess of piercing wires Naru and the Noble had be completely caught off guard, grinting under her breath while clutching at the wires in attempt to break free, Narusegawa could only squirm as she attempted to break free, briefly her eyes looked over towards the Nobleman. " Try… Not to worry about this, we are going to be okay, got it?" Narusegawa commented while attempting to pull herself free… Nothing was working yet but for now she would continue her struggle. Constantly thrashing and moving about while the Noble man remained numb, perhaps a little confused as to what in the world just happened from the sudden array of attacks.

Watching them get bound up firmly, a nod was given. Stage one was complete. Once again the shadow clone and that figure would go through those seals in unison, mirroring each other as the power was built within them. Without even looking at each other, that timing was complete as they'd plant hands once again to the ground. That first spike was aimed directly under the noble son, a massive spike something akin to a tree would suddenly sprout directly upward. As it raised, nubs on the edge of the spike would spring out, akin to branches, those massive metal sub-spikes would slash and tear, the metal itself super heated from it's molding to cause extra pain as it grew between Naru and the son. If they managed to suffer through the first one, a ring of a dozen more would grow up out of the ground as well, each one mirroring what the first did, slashing and tearing those within the forest, causing a metal forest of massive spikes to grow within the road's area. It'd be virtually impossible to move within it, as those steel spikes were all super heated and solid metal, instead of flexable branches.

The nobleman had become an mix between squished cheese and a bloody tomato, killed off in a mere instance while the the attack racked against her flesh and body, blood spilled from her body as well but she stil lwasn't able to tear her body off the heaed metal that wrapped around her body, she preservered and attempted to release herself still, keeping her eyes otu for where the person might be… She knew he would probably be on the retreat now at this point… But regardless she was going to go after him… Her cheeks were burning red and even her Sharingan began to flicker while her hands begin to tightly clench into that of a fist… She was incredibly sauced.

Stage two complete. The assassin and the shadow clone would nod at each other. As one, they moved together, one charing at Naru full tilt, drawing her attention with an attempt at a masive strike.. only to poof into non-exsistance when it reached the metal forest. That chakra dispersed in the area, causing a left over aura that would blur any attempts to find the figure's true chakra, while he fled the way he came, his mission now complete.

After fighting the wires for so long finally she began to give way and release herself from the grips of the surrounding area, her body was badly bloodied, sweat and blood dripping from her mangled flesh but still she managed to give on the chase, focusing chakra through her body as she moved after him, her speed was blinding almost, eyes narrowed down with determination while her nose remained snarled with vengenace… She saw the clone poof to existence as an attempt to distract her, but this time it wouldn't work, her natural vigor took place and finally her sharingan began to activate, this time full fledged as she chased after them. " You made a mistake!" Narusegawa called out to him, her defenses where heightened now… And this guy wasn't going to be getting out alive.

That figure immediately made a single seal, causing another two clones to appear beside him. As one of them rushed on, the other two would turn and rush at Naru, those clones attempting to attack and slow her down while the one moved on. It'd quickly be revealed that those clones were made of metal, the heated strikes if they met flesh would hiss, that super heated metal cooking where they hit. Yeah, he was not going to slow down. The stage three always tended to be the roughest of the three of them.

Narusegawa was going to slow him down, the distance he ran wasn't at all going to be a problem for her to catchup on, as his clones came to existence her eyes could note their content change, this was a jutsu even her eyes couldn't copy… Was this whole place rigged up for him to take out this one target? Regardless she swept through, with her instincts she slipped through the attacks with the motions of her body, while focusing her eye on Suteusu as if she was placing a target upon him… She focused briefly, summoning chakra within herself until finally a flashing glint of her eye had caused a surge of electricity to manifest and attempt to engulf him right from behind. "Kaminari!" It was a single bolt thrust to burn into his resources along with his flesh, the moisture in the area became a alittle more potent as well, suddenly a swirling mass of water in the form of a lance took shape and launched against Suterusu to slam into his form and stagger him.

That figure would flinch, dealing with the pain as the attacks went through those attacks. He continued moving, he couldn't stop now, otherwise he was going to fall and that would be useless to everyone. Thus, focusing as he ran, he just managed to stay ahead of her for now. He was going to make it hard for her as a running fight. The shadow clone shifting to be between her and that figure now. although it'd be hard to tell a difference, considering both the figure and the shadow clone shared an even level of chakra between them. Obviously that figure had realized she was Uchiha and was doing what he could to keep her confused as to which one was which!

Narusegawa wasn't quite sure which one was truly which but she was continuing her assault against the both of them regardless. With both of her attacks hitting home Naru was determined to bring this fight to a bitter end, and what better way than to bring both the clone and the assassin to a sudden stop. "You aren't going to stop? So be it then!" Lightning began to crackle throughout her body while she motioned through her own set of hand seals, and finally.. " Lightning Release! Lightning Orb!" With an out reached hand she launched an orb out towards the both of them, a condensed ball of lightning suddenly expanding and sending out massive and wide arcs of electricity for both them to get away from…

That figure would sacrifice the clone, the shadow clone stopping to rush into the orb, taking the full on hit with a staggering shot.. before it'd poof into non-exsistance. Already, that figure had another summoned, having to conserve power. They were close to that meeting point and the figure still hadn't lost his persuer. Glancing over at his double, they would start focusing chakra, the figure was close to an end of his reserves, but hopefully this would catch her again. As one, they seperated, splitting apart so that Naru was forced to pick one. Of course, that was a fake, as soon as she was aligned between them, they would turn and plant hands to the ground. Once more, that massive wire coiling underground would form, the living metal would spring up out of the ground, lashing about to attempt to tangle Naru up once again. Pinning her down, he could flee without her being able to follow and hopefully not need Keiji to bail him out.

It was those same irritating wires tangling against her form, keeping her from pushing forward as they tied and wraped heating against her body, blood pool at her feet as she cursed under her breath. "That mvove again…" Naru whispered quietly uner her breath, her fists attempting to once again twist and pool against the wires, bleeding into her skin though it didn't seem to matter much to the Kunoichi. She remained determined to catch Suterusu and hopefully to catch up with him in the process. Her eyes were watching him…But it was becoming impossible for her to catch up with him…

From his spot in a tree, Keiji watched as Suterusu made his way towards the meeting spot. Trouble is that he brought himself a tail. That would be troublesome in it's own right. As the tail gets closer though he notices who it is. She's changed but it is her none the less. For a moment Keiji debates getting involved just to see if those changes were merely physical alone. "Naru, Naru, Naru… ".
Then matters seem to right themselves as Naru ends up caught in the wires. "Good move Suterusu. Now what will you do?" he asks himself. This was Suterusu's mission. He had planned it and was executing it. There was no desire on Keiji's part to step in unless he absolutely had to. He dared not take the glory from another assassin unless it was a must. For now he continued watching. When Suterusu caught up to him, he'd drop down from the tree to join him.

That was it. It was lucky for that figure that he managed to catch her. Two steps and he'd vanish into the gathering shadows of the dusk. Meeting up with Keiji a ways off, he'd nod to him, panting, although silently as the figure was still on his feet by sheer determination. That soft tenor voice would croon towards Keiji. "I was.. not expecting.. such a strong.. shinobi.. The wires will not hold much longer.." He'd nod towards their exit vector then. "The target is dead. Part of why she is so upset, I'm sure.. I will fall back to beta… If you think you can delay her, go ahead.. but I won't be of any further assistanced, this drained.." With the report given to Keiji, he'd half jog, half walk towards that point mentioned. There were always multiple points, a good assassin had the planning done of course and Keiji was privy to it, as he was the backup assassin.

Narusegawa wasn't going to be able to keep up with him at this rate, her eyes burned out of hatred, taking in Suterusu's form as he began to talk and move about… She could see that his chakra was becoming depleted however, and if he didn't get away from soon she was definitely was going to track him down and either bring him back to Konoha, or kill him there. " I have no idea what you are doing here… Keiji-san…But I suggest you leave here also," Naru spoke rather bluntly, her eyes began to darken from the sudden surge of chakra, and while she did continue to struggle the wires were begining to loosen up along her bloodied flesh… She wasn't at all in good shape but that wasn't going to stop her. "Your friend brutally murdered my client… I'm not going to let him get away…"

Narusegawa wasn't going to be able to keep up with him at this rate, her eyes burned out of hatred, taking in Suterusu's form as he began to talk and move about… She could see that his chakra was becoming depleted however, and if he didn't get away from soon she was definitely was going to track him down and either bring him back to Konoha, or kill him there. " I have no diea how you know who I am… But if you decide to get in my way I won't be holding back against you…" Naru spoke rather bluntly, her eyes began to darken from the sudden surge of chakra, and while she did continue to struggle the wires were begining to loosen up along her bloodied flesh… She wasn't at all in good shape but that wasn't going to stop her. "Your friend brutally murdered my client… I'm not going to let him get away!"

Narusegawa is still mangled about attempting to fight through steel like wires, for now still stunned and unable to move.

Keiji nodded his head as Suterusu passed. "I will make sure that you escape. Sleep well." Now that Suterusu had passed him. Keiji places his hands together to build his chakra. The shinobi then sinks into the earth. He knew where Suterusu was heading. If Naru moved that way, he would interfere. He did not wish to, but it was a matter of an aquaintance versus that of a member of the team.

Narusegawa continued to fight against the wires, blood pouring down along the thin linings until finally she managed to push forward and break free from it… She becoming tired, and entirely irritated with the entire situation, regardless she intended on pushing forward to have her best bet against the situation. Her eyes peered intently in Suterusu's direction, her eyes pin pointing almost entirely predicting where he might end up next, and so she moved, moving throughout the forest though not at all catching up on where Keiji might have been, her eyes burned a deep crimson flourshing back to it's powerful state while attempting to come right after him…. She focused more chakra throughout her body… Suterusu once again was not going to be getting away.

Keiji felt the girl's feet move in the direction that Suterusu had made off in. The direction that Keiji was sitting. It was unfortunate indeed. Now he had to intervene. His hands move together beneath the earth to focus himself. Soon his body begins to grow, shifting and twisting outwards until he forms into a massive scorpion. There was little time for him to make his move. As the giant fattail scorpion moved above the ground, his tail moved to strike at her. He was trying to inject a venom into her body. One that would not only paralyze her, but cause her a burning pain.

Narusegawa kept on her step in persuit of him, though unfortunately for her suddenly she could feel a slight jump in the earth beneath her, prompting the Uchiha to slip to the side of Keiji's strike while her three tomoe circled along her pupil, "Damn it… another one?" Naru cursed quietly under her breath, launching herself into the air as she gazed down at the scorpion below her, she was wasting time… and she knew very well that she needed to end this fight as soon as possible… With only a few hand seals she began to manipulate the moisture within the air, spiraling in the water in the shape of a lance and launching it off into the earth below, she followed through with a second attack as well, using the o so familiar fire release technique. " You have one chance… Get away from me!" Narusegawa shouts, followed by her own encantation. "Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" She finalized her attack releasing a powerful daunting fireball directly ontop of him.

Water? That was new. While Keiji had exptected new he did not expect water. The scorpion dashed to the side only to see the flames coming at him. This caused him to dash once more using his powerful legs. She was quick and he knew it. He really did not want to hold back but she had grown a lot since their last meeting. Once more he attempts to stab her with his tail. It was his best chance of resolving this thing peacefully. Of course all she saw was a massive scorpion trying to attack her.

Narusegawa reacted swiftly to the massive scorpion before her, and it definitely seemed to be sentient, her eyes could watch over his stamin and reserves and she was determined to wipe it all out completely. After sweeping her body away from the tail strike as well as landing back on the ground below, there was a shimmer in her eyes, her hypnotic genjutsu taking place. Keiji began to become encompased with a mysterious black chakra, similiar to the whirling blade she had used on him before but this time it was tenfold… appearing as a giant black box of chakra enclosing around him, blinding him in an inescapeable darkness…Within that darkness millions of blades attempt to lacerate him from head to toe in a single instance, if hit this would give her the jump to finish him off for good.

Genjutsu… that was the new Keiji expected. As he felt the genjutsu set in, he used one of his legs to kick into a soft spot on his underside. While it hurt like hell, the blades vanished and the black box was no more. 'Third time is the charm.' Keiji thought to himself. The massive scorpion lunges forward once more attempting to poison her with his tail once more. He did not need too much longer before Suterusu was out of her range. Then again he was unsure if she would simply give up afterwards or not.

Narusegawa wasn't making any sort of progress in atacking down Keiji, or at least the scorpion like figure which pulled out of the ground…She knew this was a shinobi but it wasn't clicking as to what the heck she was truly dealing with at the moment. Her body slipped away from the scorpion's tail strike yet again, rolling under the attack with her own innate prediction finally rolling back away from him a soft pant escaping from her lips. "You did a good job holding me back… He is probably a long way from here now… But…" Her voice began to pause and trail off, the tomoe within those eye's of her began to spread out in the form of black triple spirals, drawn out and intersecting along one another, merging into a pupil. She activated the heart of her bloodline, watching him with the malevolence of her devil eyes. The jutsu took form in both eye's taking up a considerable amount of chakra.

"Kaminari!" Her eye's narrow in on Keiji, straining while her chakra began to torrent and manifest right on top of him, surging and zapping into his flesh if hit discharging the chakra and stamina within his body.

Keiji was feeling the effects of the battle. Even Naru admitted that he did enough to cover his friends escape. Then those eyes changed. This was a new form of sharingan he had not seen before. Time was running out. He knew it and she knew it. If she was using this, she must be near her limit. The massive scorpion moved forward smashing his pincer into the ground three times. He was trying to chase her with rising earth daggers. He really was hoping she might flee. Then again he knew full well from their last meeting, she would fight until the verge of death, then leave at the last minute.

Narusegawa was becoming more tired, despite this she still had a a bit of energy to do as she needed to, and if that met subduing this scorpion than so be it. He hissed lightly under her breath as she dodged through the rocks, only one set managing to cut into the bottom of her sandals and into her feet, she leaps back away from him, forcing more chakra throughout her body as she set the stage for next and hopefully last attack. "Lightning Release! Lightning Orb!" Narusegawa exclaims, her eye's carefully watching over Keiji, attempting to predict his movements and allow her attack to absolutely hit home, she poured almost everything into that attack, panting heavily as she releases the orb allowing it to dentonate and wreck the area around them with powerful arcs of forking and stunning electricity.

Lightning… wow, she had gained two elements and learned to advance her genjutsu. Thats not to say that Keiji had not learned anything but his things were more physical. He narrowly is hit by the orb. The pain is not the worst he has ever felt but his body locks up. There is a small noise made in pain, though he'll survive. Lately things had been kind of painful. This time though his team mate was going to survive. It was simply a matter of getting out now. There was no way Naru had much more. All he had to do was get to the next move.

Narusegawa was begining to feel the burn, especially with her sharingan draining her resources considerably, still it seemed like she planned on pinning Keiji down, though not really in terms of killing him… It was pointless at this rate but she persisted. As he remained stunned other the spasm of her lightning wrecking blows she allowed her eye's to hone in on him yet again, manifesting powerful scarlet lightning wrecking and burning into his body in an attempt to deporalize the chakra within his body, this time with head on attacks that would almost be impossible to break away from…. Narusegawa panted heavily, taking a few steps back sweat trickling down her cheek blood still drizzling down her body… Perhaps it was time to leave…

That hurt. That was very painful indeed. The sound of a shriek comes from the Scorpion though he id not out yet. There was nothing he could do to the burning lock of the electricity.

Narusegawa was playing a dangerous game, she did weigh her options… Though none of them really pointed to succesfully taming the scorpion before her… "Damn it…" Naru cursed quietly under her breath, she took a step back away from the scorpion, obviously pushing herself into a retreat if need be… It was a failure on her part to protect that rich noble…and she was definitely going to pay for it later. She focused a bit more chakra to assure her defenses and attacks.

The burn of the lightning had angered the scorpion. Though his eyes seemed crimson, he was not quite done yet. As his body began to move, it felt light weight, almost as if it was floating. It was obviously the numbness from the electricity. Once more the scorpion smashes his claws into the ground causing the earth to rise in spikes as it heads towards Naru.

They were both coming down to their last threads or so it seemed… Neither one of them was going to be able to leave this battle without becoming increasing exhausted. Narusegawa slipped away from the attacks this time, dodging away from his techniques, her movement was sluggish however, no nearly as elegant as the first stream of attacks when thebattle had originally started… Keiji wasn't backing down at this point so she had to push the rest of what she had in her last two jutsu, her eyes flashed yet again, attempting to ignite Keiji in that barrage of sorching electricity one last time to hopefully put his resoruces to rest, the piercing energy wrapped about his body, biting into his flesh and flushing his insides of chakra and stamina… "Kaminari!"

The first lightning strike hits, draining the chakra and stamina from the Scorpion. The second smashes into him causing him to fall to the ground. He's unable to continue. His chakra and stamina completely taken from him. His tail falls to the ground. He is out cold. Soon the body transforms back into the body of the young Chuunin. As his eyes close, he looks towards Naru. He made a mistake and it now cost him.

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