The Coalition Cleansing - Assault at the Lightning Docks


Sado, Michiko, Amani, Hiroyasu, Ryouji, Hiei (emitter)

Date: June 2, 2014


The Kumo nin are invited down to the docks to inspect their newly repaired stolen pirate vessel. However another ship shows up to take the stolen ship back. A fight breaks out!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Coalition Cleansing - Assault at the Lightning Docks"

Lightning Ferry Docks - Land of Lightning

Several months ago, a team of Kumogakure Kunoichi led by Yotsuki Nariko and Yamayuki Amani managed to not only neutralize the crew of a large pirate ship, but they also managed to capture the ship itself. Over the last several months, thanks to goods provided by the Lumberjack Guild, the Lightning Ferry workers have been working on the ship, patching holes, and making sure that she's sea worthy again. Now, their work is finished, and they have sent a missive to the office of the Raikage letting the shinobi know that the ship is better than new now and that they should come down to the docks and look it over to make sure that everything is to their liking. The Dock workers and the Lumber Guild have donated their time and supplies for this project out of the goodness of their own hearts. Mostly as a 'thank you' for the Kumo nin keeping their contract..which states that they would respond to them in times of trouble as quickly as possible. A promise that has been kept, thanks to the diplomacy skills of Nariko herself.
The Galleon class ship sits next to the docks, it his moored to the docking clamps that sit next to the dock itself. It has two masts and there are currently no sails raised, but the pirate sails have been saved thanks to instructions from Amani. The wood has a glossy finish and the cannons have been cleaned and restocked. If they needed a ship right now, this one was ready to set sail.

Amani was elated to hear the news about the ship being finished and she couldn't be anymore thankful to the Lumberjack Guild and all else who were involved in this project. She needed to come down and see it for herself. What better way to christen this moment than to show up with the clothes she had ripped from the captain?
She donned the duster, pants and ruffle shirt that she had taken as spoils. She bought a new pair of boots for herself to wear, polished to a nice shine. This is one of few great moments, next to her existence.
"Look at this!" She chimed as she came down the dock. "This is a ship fit for Kumogakure now. I wouldn't mind spending time on this," she grinned.

Ryouji steps onto the docks. He isn't sure what the request was from the dock workers, but if it's about the pirate ship, it might be important. As he walks down with a clump clump of leather shoe and wood he says, "These ambiguous calls for help need to be a little more specific. I hope we can help them, whatever they need."

Michiko walks along probably next to Ryouji as she gets to the docks. "They mentioned something about looking at a ship, but I don't remember the specifics. We'll find out soon enough, I'm sure, Ryouji-kun." She stops for a second when she sees the ship, impressed by its size and appearance. "That's a really awesome ship…" she comments before moving along so she can actually get to where everyone else is meeting.

"You are telling me. The last call for team Thunderstrike had Michiko and I hunting giant bears and warthogs with an awesome talking Dog and a Konoha shinobi." Sado says as he steps up onto the docks by Ryouji and Michiko, his eyes falling on the ship in front of them with the pirate sails. He spots Amani, a fellow Kumo nin who he hadn't seen in probably close to a year, and figures she had somehow gone rogue pirate captain since then. "Never been on a boat." Sado muses out loud to his group of friends as he looks up at Amani having fun on the boat.

- Hiroyasu had received the missive about the finished the boat and had sent out the usual request which told them everything he was told.. which is rarely ever anything. A little of this , a little of that. A specific notice went out to Amani and Nariko to let them know their efforts has bore fruit. Walking off the beach and onto the docks tapping the sand out of his sandals and can see there are others who beat him to the punch.. his dreams of being the first to see it dashed in an instant. "Hello! Everyone! Welcome to Kumogakure's most powerful weapon against the Pirate Horde.. their own ship which can get past their blockades, patrols and into their strongholds.. Now all we need is a captain crazy enough to sail down the throat of danger and a crew to match." he says eyeing the genin and amani. -

One of the doc workers walks over to the shinobi, his hat in his hand and a grin on his face. "Greetings all. I'd just like to let you know that it was a pleasure doing the work for you. After all of the things you've done for us over the past few months..including saving us from being blown to smithereens. She's a beautiful vessel though. Below decks is room enough for about twenty people, that's not including the Captain's cabin. We've also stocked the galley and made sure you have enough ammunition." He chuckles and raises his hand. "Though we have no idea what you nin are going to do with it." He looks around. "I was the guy in charge during the repairs, so if you have any questions, please, direct them to me."

Ryouji listens and takes in the information. He turns and sees Hiroyasu walking up and smiles. He says, "Greetings Hiroyasu-san. This is a neat ship. We're going to get a tour, right? I want to see how you fire the cannons." Then he remembers, "Oh, I did have a question." he says turning back to the workers initially addressing the team, "You replaced the sails, correct? How hard would it be to swap while out on the ocean? I suppose we could just fly a flag if it's very hard."

Michiko idly adds to Sado's exclamation, "The pig was very delicious, at least," with a small grin. She spots Hiroyasu when he comes around and gives him a slight bow in greeting. "Hello, Hiro-san. I suppose if we need a crew for the ship, Hiei-san wouldn't like to be a part of it, then?" she wonders, remembering the Yotsuki's seasickness usually gets the better of him. Her attention is drawn to the doc worker that was head of repairs and she gives him a wave in return. "It's a very nice ship. Thank you for working so hard on it."

Sado bows to Hiro as the others do, turning back to the boat. He has zero clues about how boats work and sails and ropes, etc. All he knows is they float, they have a steering wheel, and they are used to traverse the waters. Aside from that, he has had no experience with one so any questions he may have he does not ask, feeling kind of out of his league. "I do want to check it out." he says aloud after Ryouji asks of that is what they are doing. "Cannons??" he adds, his eyes widening and a smile creeping out over his face.

- Hiroyasu looks at the dock master with a shake of his head, "No thank you. Your services have been generous enough." agreeing with Michiko in her gratitude. Before raising an brow which sets his headband tilting to the side.. "Yotsuki Hiei.. on a boat.. We have to pay him double just to get him to look at them without turning his nose up.. but there is nothing he would not do in the service of the village.. if it comes down too it" a devious smile coming across his face as he envisions a Nariko level deception to get the Yotsuki to get on the boat.. "Flying a flag is all we need to do, they honestly just steal or pillage any working sail when theirs break or tear so they won't notice that ours are newer.." he says to Ryouji before looking at both he and sado with their starry eye fascination with the cannons. "Not today, we would raise the alarm and you don't want special patrols showing up thinking pirates are in the bay.. it does look like a Pirate ship.. for a reason" he says moving up the plank to look about the top-deck. "Excellent craftsmanship, we should be able outrun anything on the waves!" he says peeking over the rail at the man down below. -

The dock worker beams at Michiko. "Why thank you, little miss. It was our pleasure." He then answers Ryouji's question. "It's not difficult no. We still have the original sails that were on it, and it's not flying anything right now because it's not being sailed. It'd take two people, but sure, you can change them out during your voyage.." He turns and looks towards the horizon, using his hand to shade his eyes from the sun. "Hmm..we aren't scheduled for a shipment today.." He yells out. "Dom, do we have any shipments coming in today!?" A man pokes his head up from behind a barrel. He must be Dom. He answers. "No, sir. Nothing until tomorrow, sir." The doc worker shrugs. "Huh. Must be early since there are no pirates to deal with."

On the horizon a large vessel, even larger than the one currently docked appears. It flies black sails and the closer it gets, one can see that it has six cannons on each side. It is a fairly large vessel. It seems to be on a course directly for the Lightning Docks. A yell is heard from the deck before harpoon cannons fire and connect with the pirate ship the nin are currently admiring. They begin to reverse course, attempting to pull it away from the docks and further out to sea.

Michiko isn't quite sure how one would trick Hiei into getting on a boat. Perhaps it involves a lot of food and some blackmail? A ship on the horizon seems to have a few of the people around her confused, and it sets off whatever alarms she has in her head. Sadly a bit too late as suddenly there's cannon fire in their direction and harpoons latch into the side of the deck. "Hiro-san, I think there are a few loose ends in regards to the pirates…" she observes dryly. "We should probably go after them."

"I don't think that is supposed to happen." Sado remarks as the harpoons slam into the ship and try to tow it out of the docks, where surely it was rigged up. He looks to Hiroyasu for some kind of plan, not knowing much about the situation and the prior involvements with the ship. "I'm here to help, wherever needed." Sado says with a nod, slamming a fist into his other, open, palm.

- As Michiko gives him the play-by-play in a dry soft tone, he looks over at her with a look of calm Zen "Yes, it seems there is.. and we probably should.. Do be a dear and sit their boat flame.." he says with a sweatdrops squeaking out of the other side of his face. "Michiko is in Genin in command then.. listen to her" Hiroyasu says leaping off the side of the boat and landing on the water and running down the side of the wake from the tug, his hand glowing bright as he attempts to cut the cable with just his bare goaty man hoof with fingers. -

When Hiroyasu manages to cut one of the chains from the harpoon gun with his chakra scalpel, the Kumo boat begins to move much, much slower, though with the one remaining chain they are still attempting to pull the boat back out to sea. The pirate vessel shifts slightly so that all of it's six cannons are facing the direction of the nin and the Lightning Docks. The workers, knowing that this is a bad idea, begin to leave as quickly as possible. Then there are multiple BOOM sounds and a lot of smoke. Loud whistling can be heard as the cannons fly towards the shore, and the shinobi themselves.

Michiko watches the cannons blast at her and her friends, her eyes going wide. She performs a few quick handseals, stomping on the ground to cause a wall of earth to shoot up and block the cannon fire. With a relieved sigh, she uses this opportunity to focus her chakra. "Sado-kun! We're going after the other ship! You alright?" she calls out. The enemy is still pulling the Kumo ship away, which will likely give them some time to reach it and hopefully burn it to bits.

Sado nods to Hiro, who puts Michiko in charge for now. He was ok with being the muscle, it seemed to be what he job on the team was shaping up to be, regardless. His eyes widen a bit as the guns from the opposing ship fire, having to pull out his lightning tai to help him dodge the cannonball, which breaks the dock where he was standing. "I'm ok." he calls out to Michiko, He couldn't water walk, but there was another way forward. "I'll use the chain from the harpoon to get across?" he says, checking with Michiko as, for now, he uses the lightning chakra he had channeled to dodge in a spiffy new attack aimed at the opposing ship's sails, sending multiple lightning senbon-like needles to poke holes.

- As one of the chains attached to the harpoon goes slack, the resounding boom boom boom shakes his eyes and vibrates his chest from the sheer magnitude of the powder charge as he can see the wrought iron ball barrelling across the sky against the clear water below. This was going to hurt, it was going to hurt really bad if he didn't figure out something.. looking to the side his muscles surging with a quick surgical strike of chakra and his hand grabs the loose chain which jerks him out of the way of the cannonball which slams into the water just to his side.. "Hurry UP, I need to cut the last chain.. before it gets away from me!" Hiroyasu shouts as his back is slammed against the back of the ship being tugged out to sea.. His hand is at the ready to cut the chain, if the swell from the ship doesn't suck him under before.. -

Seeing that one of the chains is no longer where it should be, three of the pirate crew, wielding cutlasses leap onto the harpoon chain and rush across it to where Sado and Michiko are. With a war cry, they attack. Twirling the blades over their heads they make multiple attacks against the two genin, Michiko and Sado. Their goal is two fold. Keep them from crossing via the chain and keep the other chain from being cut. The third pirate pulls out a sling and twirls it around his head and fires it at Hiroyasu, who is standing on the water between the two vessels. Sado's lightning needles shred the sails of the other ship, but don't do much more damage than that except for slowing them down significantly. With shredded sails, they can't use the wind, but they are still moving.

Michiko was about to give Sado the okay when he mentions the chain, but then pirates start coming from that area. There's more swords and the genin ducks behind her earth barrier again to avoid said attack, creating some fire to launch at the enemy. The first two head at the pirates that just attacked her while the third is aimed at the pirate's ship. "Sado-kun, we'll figure out a way to take care of these guys and then we can board the ship!" she calls out.

"So much for that idea." Sado says even before Michiko answers, spotting the men coming across to engage them. As the pirate lunges for the young Yotsuki he disappears in a flash and crackle of lightning, the sword hitting only air as Sado reappears near Michiko. "Alright, let's hope we can handle this before the boat is too far out. I don't have the ability to walk on anything but land." he admits to Michiko as he peeks out from the earth barrier at the situation as Michiko fires bolts out at the pirates and the ship.

- When the slinger slings their mighty bullet at him with great accuracy considering how childish and inert the weapon seems when not in motion or the hands of someone adept.. As the bullet zings through the air with a light whistle the monk leans quickly to the side the pressure of the situation wearing heavy on him trapped between the pull of a boat on his back, the rain of pain attempting to fall from above. The slung slug zings right by his face and into the water missing him by just the closest of margins. "Too late! This is not yours.. we stole it!" Hiroyasu shouts as his hand glowing bright attempts to sever the remaining harpoon chain and free the wooden beast bearing down on his back. -

This boat was rocking. That's not supposed to happen. In fact, she shouldn't be hearing half of what she's hearing, but she is. There's sounds of wood being pierced, people shouting, boots hitting the deck. What on earth was going on here? Amani looked out from a port nearby and saw some pirates attacking her ship. They were attacking this ship! She wasted no time in taking advantage of these cannons she was nearby. With them already loaded and ready to go, she set some off in retaliation.
The rest of her efforts were spent running through the ship and bursting up to the deck to start firing off at enemies.
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While Hiro manages to cut the last chain, Michiko's firebolts are parried by the Pirate and his sword. Knocking the fire away from him and into the water, he goes on the offensive again, slashing at the young genin. The second pirate attacks Sado with a flash of his own blade. The third pirate heard the cannons go off and moves swiftly to where Amani is. Picking up speed, his intention is to barrel into the smaller kunoichi and knock her overboard. In the meantime, the pirate vessel changes course again. A voice on the deck gives orders. "Rum. Their cannons are operational. Change heading. 7-3-8 by 6-1-6. Head back for repairs." Another voice asks. "But sir, what about the men we have ashore." The voice replies. "They did their duty and were prepared for their fate. Let's get out of here. Full speed ahead."

Michiko's brain gets to planning how to get Sado to the ship without water walking. She's not that big, and he's not even that small, but maybe it's possible … "We'll figure out something later, Sado-kun!" She manages to get out before she curses. How the heck does fancy swordplay best fire? Though she hasn't even used her good techniques yet. More slashing is aimed at her, causing her to jump back slightly, hand seals forming quickly so she can launch herself into the air! The fire she uses makes Michiko like a rocket, blasting off pretty high up into the air where she can rain fire down on her opponent. She lands easily back on the docks a yard or three away from the pirate she was facing.

Sado nods to Michiko, feeling a little burdensome not knowing how to walk on water. For now the ship was close enough to throw a rope from the rigging on the side of the dock and walk up it if he needed, but there was no telling where the boat may go after the battle on the docks. As his opponent comes in with a powerful sword attack, Sado is caught with a cut across his side, adding yet another slice to his poor white tee-shirt, with the 3 bear claws from the day before in them already. " I. JUST. BOUGHT. THIS. DARN. SHIRT." he yells out as his chakra metal backed gloves ball into fists, his lightning chakra beginning to crackle much faster than it had before, before Sado's entire body now begins to arc with electricity. He was furious enough to charge the man straight on, lowering his shoulder.
As Sado misses the shoulder check with the man moving out of the way, he stops himself short and spins, laying into the man with a more powerful spinning kick aimed high towards the face.

- Running up the back of the ship now that the wooden whale slowly comes to a stop, Hiroyasu vaults over the railing into the air, when his body hits the deck he rolls up into a small ball tumbling his feet hitting the ground stilling moving as the blue hue of chakra escapes from the heels of his sandals. "Emergency Surgery! Preparing to anesthetize the Patient!" Hiroyasu says to the doctor on his other side, as his hands attempt to pummel the Pirate Pain Points.. "Side effects may include drowsiness, dry mouth and painful death!" he sneers giving his better half the wink for the go ahead. -

Amani charged her body with lightning and quickly shifted to one side to avoid the shoulder bash, following it up with a chakra scalpel to the back of the one who dared to shoulder bash her. Wrong move. "Where do they think they're going?!" She shouted as the enemy ship began to turn around. "We should go after them. We still have a whole room of cannonballs to use and I intend to use every last one of them until there's nothing left of their ship but detritus!" Speaking of, maybe she should take control of this ship… "It's time to man some stations!"

Michiko's firebolts find their mark. Oh boy do they. The pirate falls onto the deck and rolls around, his body still on fire for awhile until he stops moving. Sado's chakra infused kick hits solidly, making his opponent slide along the deck while spinning from the force of the blow until he falls into the water. His body floats up to the top and it's pretty evident that he's unconcious. Amani dodges the attack from the pirate that charged her. By the time he turns around, Hiro's soft touch technique forces him to his knees, his body quivering from the pain before a hand wrapped in blue chakra from Amani explodes through the front of his chest. By this time, the pirate ship is moving over the horizon. By the time the Kumo ship could be unmoored and the anchor pulled, and then steered completely free of the dock, and the sails hoisted and raised, their quarry would be long, long gone.

Michiko supposes that water walking will soon make its way onto Sado's 'to-learn' list. The poor sap who got burned bad earlier is now ignored since he's no longer a threat. Sado gets a small congratulatory smile before she rushes to see where the enemy ship is… And it's going going almost gone. With an almost resigned sigh, Michiko glares at the boat and launches a firebolt at it. Even if it doesn't have a chance to hit, it certainly feels nice to do so. The fiery aura that surrounds her starts to fade away, but very slowly as she still hasn't gotten the hang of using the new technique yet. "We'll get them next time, Sado-kun. Before that, we need to get you to learn water-walking. Especially if we have more battles on the water…"

Sado feels a sense of satisfaction as his leg connects with the pirate's face, sending him spinning back into the water, unconscious. Looking around at the situation, he sees that things have quieted down considerably as the pirate ship is off sailing towards the horizon. As Michiko fires a final bolt, Sado adds his own needles, for the heck of it, or at least to say don't bother coming back. "I'm not aware of the technique, or any other like it." Sado says to Michiko in am embarrassed tone. He was lucky he was at leas a little help.

- Finding himself not exactly in sync with his significant other falls flat on his face when she in typical Tsukikage fashion is all business and leaves him more than hanging on the hook for his shenanigans. He sighs rolling over on his back pushing the dead pirate off of him.. "Why.. bother.. I know where they are going.. " Hiroyasu sits up before looking over the edge of the bow.. the genin seem to be standing and everything is alright. "Tsukikage clean this up, get the ship ready to sail." he says leaping off the side of the ship giving them all a wave "I'm going to report this" he was more than alittle off put. -

"Clean up? What should I be doing getting this cleaned up? This should be left to the grunts!" She shouted. "But…I guess I can lend a hand. We'll be setting sail, after all and that means that I get to oversee this ship being brought back into top condition once more." She scrutinized those left on deck. "Don't keep me waitin'! Let's get this show going!"

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