Struggle with no reward - Assault on Konoha: Gates!


Satomi, Etsu, Hinotori, Ogosokamaru, Ataru

Date: May 23, 2013


Konoha is under siege! The gates take the brunt of the assault, but nin are quickly responding to this threat!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Struggle with no reward - Assault on Konoha: Gates!"

The walls & gates of Konoha

Log theme:

Satomi and Hinotori were just walking through Juugen street when suddenly loud bells started ringing. "What the portcullis…" Satomi says. Two Anbu officers *swish* by towards the gates. Satomi gives Hinotori a bit of a worried gaze… Yamanaka voice: Attention Konoha, ninja's arm yourself and man your posts, all villagers, please collect your children and orderly make your way to emergency collection points. Do - not - panick. This is not a drill… repeated, this is not a drill.

Satomi gives Hinotori a worried gaze. "Drawbridge, my team's posted at the gates, lets go!" She says, rushing through the streets as well, passing Etsu and getting a cold shiver over her spine, though ignoring her for now. She had more important stuff to do. The gates were closed, and ninja's are collecting on the walls, quite a few on top of the gates. Satomi jumps up, rushing up to the wall to look outwards… what she sees there makes her heart sink. Men and women and banging on the gates. "PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US!" They're carrying crying children. The ground is shaking for a moment, and then… in the distance… a large group of TFM supporters with Yari, swords or simply pitchforks and torches show up. It's got to be at least a mob of four hundred people, which breaks off and starts surrounding the city.

"OPEN THE GATES!" Satomi yells, but she gets answered by a nin shaking his head. "Too dangerous!" … Satomi gives him a deadly stare. Hinotori gets tapped but when he looks over to where Satomi was she's gone. She jumped right down into the people banging on the gates, taking two small children in each arm. TFM is just two minutes marching away. Charging that's less than a minute. She then quickly jumps back up, shoving the kids into the arms of a stern Hyuuga. "EVERYONE!" She yells, and indeed, some leaf nin jump down with her this time, starting to collect people and putting them back on the gates. The mob is thirty seconds away now, and about eleven people remain by the gates. Unless ofcourse Hinotori or Etsu pitched in! "Okay, tactics!" Satomi says, an older Nara was sitting down with a piece of paper, tongue out while drawing out combat tactics… Satomi facepalms.

"Does it look like we have time for that?" …. She turns around. "Earth jutsu, earth wall in front of the mob, break them up. If we spread them then they're easier to manage." Seconds later, a large earth wall rises up right in front of the charging mob. It didn't stop anyone, but it thinned them out significantly, the attack being much more broad. Then, the walls begin shaking as three hundred people crash into the walls, torches are being thrown up, several buildings near the walls catch fire. "Water jutsu!" Satomi says, prodding Hinotori and pointing at the buildings and burning sections of the walls.

*THUMP* A large fireball (in truth, an oil dipped rock set on fire) is fired right at the gates from a distance. They have a catapult!? … "PROTECT THE GATES!" Satomi yells, forcing her shadows to form a shield around the gate, but she would need help from other jutsu's to prevent them from breaking through! *ahum, Etsu*

Another ANBU lands behind Hinotori, a quick glance but already having been tapped a few times, Hinotori knew what that meant. He quickly follows after Satomi who is. Leaping up upon the gates and as he lands he lands right up on the gate itself, his eyes already ablazed with his sharingan. Surveying the area and watching as the refugees are coming in looking to get the help needed to get away from the TFM. Sighing a little bit, "Satomi-chan!" he calls to her before she jumps down and issuing orders for the gates to be opened. "We can't let them in. So we go down and help as we can." but by then Satomi is already down grabbing children.

[NPC System]: Catapult roll(s) Burning rock from 35 to 65 and get(s) a 54. - Rolled by: Satomi

"Etsu-chan, I need you to give me a layout of the land and see who is possibly TFM. I know what your capable of and still apart of my old team, can you help?" he asks her. "Also mark possible targets." he tells her. Seeing the fires being started, Hinotori drops down and begins going towards the TFM members, but using stealth to sneak through in possible attempt at striking from stealth.

RP: Hinotori transforms into SHARINGAN-III-MASTERED.

RPCOMBAT: Hinotori attacks with STEALTH…25

RPCOMBAT: Satomi defends against with a SHADOW-SKIN-I…44

RPCOMBAT: Etsu defends against with a KIKAICHU-WAVE…54
RPCOMBAT: Etsu defends against with a CLOAKED-KIKAICHU…41

Etsu didn't have any tasks at the moment as she'd just finished an extermination job. Whether or not it was a person or the replacing of insects remains to be known. Without much to do, she wandered the streets aimlessly until she spotted two ANBU making their way towards the gate. She lowered her shades momentarily only to lift them back up over her eyes as the all call from a Yamanaka went out in her mind. Seems like trouble. Picking up the pace, she turned her lazy walk into a sprint and watched as Satomi and Hinotori pass her by. She looks at the girl long enough before speeding up to try and keep up with her. She had a bone to pick with her about the training area, still.
Upon arriving at the gates, noise began to fill her ears and for a moment, she thought the gates to the village might buckle due to the number of people banging on them. She'd jump up to the top of the gate, hearing the cries for help and looking down upon the individuals that needed assistance. She'd then look off into the distance to see the TFM advancing upon these people. What nerve they have…
Seeing as how these people needed help, she began to jump down with the others and collect people to bring them over the gate before flickering back up onto the ledge of the walls that surround the village. "300 people, all of them aggressive," she remarked softly to herself. "All of them pose a threat, therefore all of them should be extinguished much like the torches they're carrying with them—"A rock that's on fire." This got a bit more interesting. Now she has every reason to go for a kill. Perfect.
Time to perform an extermination, but first… "I'll give you a layout. I'll only be a few moments," she states and lifts her arm, towards the burning rock. A thick wave of kikaichu exits from her sleeve and rushes over to the rock to aid in taking out the fire along with Satomi. There might be a cruel joke in her doing this as she knows the girl doesn't like bugs. Any insects that remain aid in cloaking her to blend into her surroundings where she'll then send out scouts to particular targets that Hinotori needed to see.

RP: Ogosokamaru transforms into REIZEI-BLUR.
RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru defends against with a MASTERED-BLUR…65

RPCOMBAT: Ogosokamaru attacks with FLING…84

The everpresent crack in the air as a figure dressed in garb unknown to this land (for the most part) donned in a mask that resembles, but doesn't exactly hold true to Konohagakure ANBU arrives. First, on the ground behind the great gates. An instant and up on top of the wall above the gates, and the very next instant careening through beetles and shadow to the great hurtled boulder. Not a single grunt, groan or murmer under/behind the weight of the large rock, as it exits beetle cloud and sphere(?) of darkness, right towards the righthand line of oncoming opponents.
As if leaping off of the rock -after- this individual had thrown it, he comes back down to visible speeds at the top of the wall, somewhere between Hinotori, Satomi, and Etsu, standing tall with red, tattered shortcloak and black bodysuit and.. yes, a rabbit mask. Fitting for the speed. Power? A little offset.

The rock was stopped, and used against the mob! Squashing a group of ten people before crumbling under the pressure. The mob is spreading thin over the wall, though the majority is still in front of the gate. They all yell! Seems like a second army of three hundred arrives on the other side of the city, but they are being stopped by other teams. Satomi looks at a chuunin next to her who gets hit by a stray kunai to the chest, about to fall from the walls. She catches him and puts him down behind cover… now that looks like a nasty wound. She nods at him, while two mednin arrive. Yep, this is a serious battle, no matter how disorganised the enemy. Konoha is under siege!

Satomi nods while everything seems to be taken care of for now. Okay, she sighs, closing her eyes and waiting for Etsu her layout. Come on, just like a game of Shogi, calm down Satomi… "The fires." She says, calm and slowly, the Shogi board in her mind shifting. There's an enemy bishop behind the lines posing an immediate threat, counter.. gold general covered by a silver. "You, get water jutsu going.." She says to a Chuunin she happened to recognice, pointing at the walls, before poking another jounin who's now bolting the advancing lines with advanced water jutsu.. gold general, strong.. effective, but great on the defense. "You, extinguish the fires." … "But!" He stammers. "No BUTS!" She points at the building again, she's playing chess here, hellooow? He was about to protest on her rank, but instead made a mental note to complaint to the Hokage about this Nara bossing people around. Working on those fires which are under control now. Hinotori must be out of it, most of the mob has spotted him already, and a troop of twenty people branch off to assault him, ten different types of weapons stab at his body. They're amateur, but quickly swarming the Uchiha.

"Good, now shift a silver general foreward, threatmate." … She baps a Yamanaka and points towards Hinotori. "Tell him to focus on their artillary, and high value targets." She tells him, and the Yamanaka telephatically tells Hinotori, who receives Satomi her orders. "Protect the king…" She says, grabbing Etsu and pointing in the air, where random kunai and arrows occasionally pass by. A stray kunai flies right at Satomi, but a chuunin block it. Phew.

"Etsu, please use your bugs to stop stray weapons flying over and protect the lines on the wall. They're essential for victory. Second priority for you is the gate, keep it closed." She notices the fast stranger. She looks at him for a moment… "Kill things." Shaking her head while unsure what she could tell anbu (yes, she confused him for Anbu) … "You, inform the Hokage!" She disappears into the group again, yep… true Nara at work here. "Set up communication lines, and what is the barrier team doing!?" She quickly pointed down to a clearing where a bunch of Yamanka gather to make a makeshift communication center. *THUMP* Another burning rock is fired at the walls, smaller this time, but it could knock a good amount of nin off the walls. Highly dangerous stuff, what's worse, it's going straight at Etsu!

[NPC System]: 10 man mob roll(s) Mixed weapon assault -> Hinotori from 30 to 55 and get(s) a 48. - Rolled by: Satomi

[NPC System]: Catapult roll(s) Smaller burning rock -> Etsu and friends from 25 to 40 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Satomi

Ok looks like his plan didn't work out at all, but at least now he has the TFMs attention and now allowing his eyes to focus, might as well show them teh force they are coming for. Hinotori hears the orders telepathically, *Alright, orders recieved, get other long range fighters and work on flanking the other artillery and bring the TFM into a choke point so we can end this fast but also give them a way out.* Hinotori flickers towars the group coming in at him, his hands flashing into seals. "Gokyakou no jutsu!: Katon: Great Fireball Jutsu!" he fires a large fireball into the group thats charging him. It's something that most of Konoha hasn't seen Hinotori do and thats truly fight. Creating a hole for himself to go through and killing any TFM members who weren't fortunate to get out of the way. *Direct me to the nearest artillery.* he calls.


Etsu kept herself cloaked successfully as she moved about tagging people with kikaichu while also utilizing her hiding swarm to contribute to confusion. With all the kikaichu flying about, there's no way they'd be able to rid themselves of the kikaichu before this battle was over. She'd complete her task and return to the wall where she was grabbed by Satomi and issued an order about stopping the wapons flying over. "You should be able to see the most important enemies now," she offered to Hinotori. The rock that was previously burning was now sent towards the enemies with one attack. A most bold move. She should at least be satisfied that she recalled her insects prior to that happening.
What luck, another rock is launching at her. A burning rock. She thinks she needs to do something about this. Trying to take care of a volley of weapons and a rock might take a bit of effort, but she can manage. Summoning her insects towards her, they begin to spin around her rapidly and create a barrier between her and the burning rock headed her direction. Any weaponry that may come flying through the air would be deflected as well.

Telling Ogo to kill stuff was like telling a frog to jump, or a goat to eat everything it finds. Or an Akimichi to appreciate food. It just came very natural. And she didn't even have to finish her planning, anyway Ogosokamaru would have gone about slaughtering anyhow. Two here, three there, another two with two blades out. He was far enough out that probably screams and the occassional weapon being knocked from someone's hand was seen in the distance, maybe a blood trail or two. Good thing that halfcloak was already red.

Ataru has arrived.

As Satomi and Hinotori receive their information another section of the wall gets hit. "Etsu! Support them over there!" She yells, noticing Etsu caught a fireball, making a quick calculation and assuming Hinotori can stop this catapult. Hinotori got stabbed a few times, but with minor wounds he blows his way through the crowd and soon finds the catapult surrounded by a few spearmen. It's made of wood… So it shouldn't be too hard to destroy.

There are a few ladders on the wall, but nothing the chuunin and jounin can't really handle. Satomi is handling the defenses when suddenly: Three men with anbu masks show up. Though they don't wear any headbands or recogniceable clothing, missing nin? The three pass by Hinotori while one of Konoha Anbu shows up, sensory nin. "I know one of them from Bingo, watch his summons. They are notorious!" He explains to Satomi, who is really looking for an ace she doesn't think she has.. or does she?

And indeed, the three ninja gather in a circle before a large summoning circle is made below them as they bite their thumbs and bash them into the ground. A huge cyclops is summoned! Who looks around a bit: "SMASH!" He yells, stepping on a group of ten TFM supporters. The rest is cheering it on it seems. The weapon comes down at Satomi and the gates fast and hard. Who quickly forms a shadow shield, knowing she's not going to make it.. ever. All the people on the gate pinch in to create a defense. Though the cyclops is easily thirty feet tall, and the weapon is equally huge. It's about to hit… "HELP!" Satomi yells at no one in particular, the gods maybe.. this is going to hurt.

[NPC System]: Cyclops roll(s) Club smash from 50 to 110 and get(s) a 58. - Rolled by: Satomi

RPCOMBAT: Satomi defends against with a SHADOW-SKIN-I…24

[NPC System]: Cyclops roll(s) Potential damage from 550 to 1100 and get(s) a 689. - Rolled by: Satomi

The cuts he's taken doesn't seem to phase him at all, but his Sharingan spins as he now is getting more serious now as there is a Cyclops now summoned. But right now he couldn't focus on that just yet, the three nins who summoned the cyclops are next. Hinotori forms seals sending two Shadow Clones to go assist Satomi. Manipulating his chakra to keep it maximized but also equalizing himself so that he doesn't burn out. Bringing his left hand up, Hinotori's hand flashes through the seals needed, and as he completes the seal, he brings his left hand up to his mouth and blows massively large gouts of flame all looking like that of dragons into the catapault.

Leaping over teh catapault, Hinotori allows himself to fall to the ground rolling. As he gets to his feet, one of the clones he sent to help Satomi seperates and moves to assist the ANBU while the second clone quickly forms seals and fires a large fireball towards the Cyclops in hopes of slowing it down and possibly dropping him before it nears Satomi. "Lets do this." he says to Satomi as the clone lands near her. Hinotori on the other hand quickly sprints towars the three missing-nin, building up speed to drop in and engage them fast.

RPCOMBAT: Hinotori attacks with GREAT-DRAGON-FIRE…27

Etsu begins running a supportive role as the enemies proceed to close in on the gate. She wasn't expecting reinforcements in the form of mercenaries, well ANBU mercenaries, rather. That was something she hadn't seen before and made her terribly disgusted that people like them would become enemies to their villages and to the people.
As much as she wanted to atttack, she decided to sit back and play a defensive for the sake of protecting people. So, as the club began to come down against Satomi, she divided her insects between a support role where she was and to guard her from the attack or at least cushion the blow by raising up a stronghold against the club that was coming down against her and others around her.

RPCOMBAT: Etsu defends against with a KIKAICHU-STRONGHOLD…41

A flash of speed, Ataru literally racing full tilt at the gate had him leap into a tucked flip over the top of the gate from the inside to the out, blurred right past Satomi's ear. As he came down, that flash of light appeared, Kyouki being summoned to hand and with the ring of metal on wood, the elaborate looking scythe blocked and then chopped off the tip of that Cyclop's weapon. Ataru landed in a crouch, slowly straightening up as he'd shift his grip on Kyouki. "No. No crush. You are not going to pass through here. This is Kyouki. It is the weapon of Justice. For you, it is the weapon of Death. Leave or die. Now." Yep.. no hesitation to challenge the Cyclops straight on, Ataru was all about that passaged off moment of these fools attacking his home.

Hinotori his fireball first fire dragon lands on a nearby catapult, reducing it to ash, along with its guards. Most TFM soldiers are small fry now compared to what's going on by the gates. Hinotori his second fire dragon looks to be going towards the cyclopse. But hits a purple barrier which only became visible one Hinotori hit it with the dragon. One of the ANBU mask wearing trio smiles and seems to be making handsigns. The wall pulses, suddenly Hinotori's dragon reappears, very slowly being squeezed right back out of the barrier, until its head pokes out, suddenly getting blasted right back at Hinotori's shadow clone at full speed.

The actual Hinotori is in no luck either. The two other anbu wearing soldiers make a set of seals, both bashing the ground. One ends up standing on a giant crab, the next is standing on what looks like a huge wyrm of sorts. The crab moves in, aiming to snap at Hinotori with its scissors, the wyrm flaps its wings, sending cutting winds Hinotori his way. The summoners are standing on the beasts.

The cyclops seems a bit phased by the succesful defense on the wall. The barrier making nin jumps up on his shoulder. Making a set of seals before sending a fireball Satomi her way. Meanwhile the cyclops blinks once with his single eye. Aiming to grab Ataru with his free hand. While opening his mouth wide, trying to put him in his mouth and munch on him.

The Shadow Clone is sees the Dragon Flame is coming back at Hino and with great effort the Shadow Clone manages to dodge away from it, only to land and glance over in Satomis direction. Flickering towards Satomi, he creates a secondary shadow clone and both are engulfed in the fireball which there is a slight aftershock of and antoher gout of flame errupts where the clones were, shielding Satomi from the blast.

A sigh escapes Hinotori as the two missing-nin ANBU are now standing on summoned creatures. *Get everyone out of here and keep them from engaging where I am. Stop that Cyclops and keep the gates protected.* he says mentally to the sensor nins who has been monitoring the combat. Knowing that this will get to Satomi, *Stand your ground and don't come to where I am.* he directs that to Satomi. Looking up at the two summoned creatures and their ANBU handlers, "You haven't fought an Uchiha before." is all he says, his eyes seem to alight with an erie glow as his chakra spikes. His attitude is calm and his emotion are at peace for the moment, the crab will be the hardest, so Hinotori channels his chakra throughout his body a slight haze begins to eminate from him surrounding the area he is in, yes it's starting to get really hot. His Sharingan begins to spin then Hinotori is moving in towards the Wyrm, his speed increasted and as he nears the Wyrm he tries to get beneath the creature, towards it's underbelly, both hands doing independent seals both at the same time. Hinotori takes in a large breath then blows out forcefully sending an enmourmout amount of flaming dragons towards the underbelly of the Wyrm! He doesn't stop running knowing he can't be caught underneath the creature. He leaps upwards trying to quickly gain ground just in case the Wyrm is able to dodge, but also moving so that if the crab attacks, he has to go through the Wyrm as well.

The Cyclops grabbed at where Ataru had been standing. At, being the key word, the beast was way too slow to be trying to catch him that way. Ataru moved, landing on the hand of the cyclops to rush up it, towards the head of the beast. "Fine. That was your only warning." The scythe came up as he'd leap from elbow towards the chest, the first stab of the scythe aimed for mid chest. That supernatural blade cutting through flesh like butter as Ataru would leap again, bringing himself up even with the eye of the beast in a spinning slash, aiming to end this with that second strike to the eye. No sight, would render the Cyclops pretty much done. If he pulled it off, Ataru's attention would turn towards the barrier nin. This was going to need to be ended quickly.

Satomi looks at the fireball, she could have taken it! Stupid Hino, overprotective idiot… should handle his own business. Satomi looks at the cyclops. Yea, Ataru's got it. The blade does cut through the cyclops. Issue is, he doesn't seem a tad bit bothered by the damage. Just letting Ataru cut him up pretty much. Though Ataru too notices his blade gets stopped by the thick skin of the giant.

The giant closes his eye, causing the scythe to get stuck in his eyelid. Though the actual eye is not damaged. The cyclops brings both arms together and joins fists, sending a huge shockwave around his surroundings, blowing anyone without proper footing off their feet and into the distance.

Hinotori managed to defeat the summons, though the masked Shinobi slipped away during the taxing battle. Despite his instructions, Satomi showed up which turned the battle in his favor. Her shadow sewing pinned the wyrm in place, which was the only reason his fire dragon hit. Together they defeated the second crab. Sure both were up for a day in the hospital, but victory was theirs!

The fight rages on for another hour, people are ragged, the walls are damaged. Portal's doored up. But in the end the leaf nin were victorious. The three masked Shinobi got away, mostly undamaged. But otherwise, calm is restored to the front gate… for now.

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