Atorei’s Shadow Clone - Seeing is Knowing


Arika, Atorei

Date: June 10, 2015


Atorei’s goal: protect the merchant. Arika’s goal: steal from the merchant. The two genin are pitted against each other in a not-very-epic-battle to complete their respective missions!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Atorei’s Shadow Clone - Seeing is Knowing"

Land of Rivers

The Land of Rivers has been seeing some interesting activity by the Yakuza, so it only makes sense that guards would be hired, yes? Uchiha Atorei was requested to guard a particular merchant that was traveling through Tea Land and into the Land of Fire. Why was he chosen? Well, a certain Clan Head thought it would be good for him! Not that he would know that.
Arika, on the other hand, was sent by Sunagakure to try and get a particular item this merchant is carrying with him. While the evidence isn't too concrete, the worry that this merchant had stolen documents from a Sunagakure outpost was apparently enough to get Suna to attempt to retrieve it. And so the girl was in the Land of Tea, following after this merchant and watching the man meet up with Atorei. Hmm… Was that a Uchiha Clan Symbol her eyes are seeing?

Atorei was assigned to guard a merchant caravan.. alone! What were they thinking?? No one would tell him why he was picked and Atorei took a bit to get over that dread so he could actually catch up with the caravan. Meeting the man, the merchant seemed rather dismissive of the Uchiha, who stammered through his greeting. But eventually they got set up. Atorei would gather chakra, closing his eyes a moment to focus himself. Opening his eyes, that sharingan would blaze to life in his eyes, twin tomoe showing up in both eyes as he'd look around. He stayed atop the caravan to watch for any potential attacks. He was guarding, his own feelings had to be placed aside.. especially as he was the only one there.

Arika narrows her eyes a bit upon seeing Atorei. The Uchiha Clan, even if not taught by the Academy, was well known throughout the lands, and that symbol meant that this merchant was probably sanctioned by the Uchiha, if not Konoha themselves. If the merchant really did steal something, it could mean war between Suna and Konoha. She knew she should act quickly, so she makes a handseal. Then she jumps up, doing a front flip and bringing her leg out to send a burst of wind so that it crashes down on Atorei and the cart. That would hopefully stop them, or at least get their attention.

There was a surge of wind chakra from Atorei's left. The sharingan picking it up before it was close to getting there. Frowning, he looked up at the direction the attack was coming from, a scroll was pulled from a pouch as Atorei would stand and with an unfurling of paper, a good chunk of terrain *POOF*ed into existance. A cavern, or at least the entrance for one, was the perfect arch to counter that wind, rendering it mute. Atorei traced the chakra, blinking as he'd look at Arika. Wait.. she attacked? Wait.. that was an attack! Atorei would return that arch to his scroll, studying Arika a moment. Suddenly, from Arika's left came another copy of Atorei, attacking in melee with a kunai, the flurry of attacks having that burning touch to them, revealing the fire clone that attacked. It seemed to be used to hide that follow up strike, the windmill shuriken being thrown to wrap about wide, that fire clone flaring out at the last moment as the wires that the windmill shuriken had carried would cinch tight about her, locking her down in place.

Arika can barely react to the clone that approaches her, the girl turning to duck and weave out of the way before being sliced by the windmill shuriken. The kunai had been an act… grumble. However, the wounds weren't enough to deter Arika from her mission. She disappears with a poof, even as the real one peeks out of hiding. 'Dang it… Fire… Rikkun told me this would happen…' she grumbles inwardly, poking the eight tails in her body for a bit of chakra. It wasn't the most friendly exchange in history between Bijuu and host, but it got the job done, and Arika's form was suddenly cloaked by three purple tails that writhed. Horns formed around her head, creating a small figure of a three tailed Gyuki.
Arika reached forward, as if that would help her grab something. In truth, it is the cloak that responds to her movements, surging forward to try and grab at the merchant. If Atorei is caught up in the attack, so be it.

Atorei paled. A bijuu?? Is that why the chakra.. The merchant gulped, Atorei glanced at him, then back at the extensions of that cloak coming for him. Everything that Arika did was watched, recorded. The shadow clone studied as she'd match clone to clone.. facinating. Two more scrolls pulled out, adjusted as the chakra would surge through them, the walls poofing into existance, one behind the other, stopping that grab short. A third scroll pulled out and flicked upward, another wall would be summoned atop the two.. but something was off.. it was tipping to the side procariously and would suddenly fall down onto Arika, dragging the wall it was summoned on top of down with it to seek to crush that bijuu image under it!

London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling- OH VISION!!! Arika scrambles a bit when she sees that there's a giant wall seeking to crush her, eventually just hoping that her training with Kiyoshi had paid off. The girl's chakra cloak shot out, stopping the wall from crushing her so she can move away. As soon as she's out of danger, there's a huge *BOOM* as the wall is released. 'I don't think I can win this…' grumbles Arika silently. ~Stupid Uchiha…~ The girl makes a handseal, peering a bit at Atorei, then a second Arika appears. Who knows which is the clone, but one of them charges the Uchiha while the other stays where she is.

Atorei eye's narrowed, that shadow clone used again, he'd blink. The balance of chakra between them was perfect, rendering who was who impossible to tell to him. Gritting his teeth, a fire clone would match the shadow clone, focused on that defense, Atorei would lose track of where she went. Looking about quickly, Atorei would shift on his feet, gathering back his walls, which are no worse for wear from falling on only the ground. Now where did she go? He'd keep alert, waiting. A scroll would get drawn from one pouch, giving him ammow, if needed.

Arika leaves Atorei with her clone, double checking that her chakra levels were okay. The girl then vanishes, releasing her Bijuu's chakra to dash away from the battle. This guy's defenses were too strong for her. It was best to retreat for now. The clone would simply assault Atorei, drawing his attention until Arika was out of range to maintain the jutsu, and the clone would disappear with a *POOF* of smoke.

Atorei watched Arika come in for that attack. He'd assault the clone, not knowing it to be such, until only after the fact as they'd fight, him, him, and him, against her. She managed to get th right Atorei, knocking him for a loop, before the clone finally vanished. Grumbling, rubbing his jaw, he'd gather up his summoned items and would move back to the caravan. "Go!" Climbing back up on top, he'd nurse his wounds while the merchant would carry on. Whoever that was.. she was tough.. and a Bijuu!

Atorei would be able to make it to Konoha unscathed, and the merchant was probably very grumbly, but thankful that the beastie didn't get him. Pat on the back for the Uchiha! Also, as it turns out, the merchant is just a normal merchant. The only thing he 'stole' from Suna was a little glass trinket from a certain other merchant. And it couldn't be called stealing if he 'traded' something for it, right?

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