The Recluse War - Attack on Recluse (Team A)


Taiki, Michiko, Oshiro, Shizuka, Hikaru, Kenta, Hige, Zori, Tsuchiri, Kyuketsuki, Isura, Hisomu, Naruko, Rise

Date: July 12, 2015


Joint Cloud and Leaf forces attack a Recluse fort in the Land of Lightning. Team A had the frontal assault.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Recluse War - Attack on Recluse (Team A)"

Land of Lightning

The coordinated attacks by the Recluse against both Konoha and Kumo cannot stand unchallenged. As such, it should come to no surprise when alerts go out among both villages: it's time to strike back. This would be a joint Kumogakure/Konohagakure response against a base located in one of the most ironic places either village could think of: a mountain about 2 miles away from Kumogakure.
Leading the mission, at least from Konoha's side, would be the man who has fought these people to a standstill for years: Inuzuka Taiki. He and Iwata Michiko have worked together tirelessly to evaluate the situation and form a battle plan. The orders are simple direct from both Kages.
Kill them all.
Therefore, given the high likelihood that the Recluse has secret avenues for escape, it was decided to form two teams. One team, lead by Taiki, would find the main entrance, disable the seal traps placed there, and assault the base. The other would be tasked to enter through the would-be escape route and kill anyone trying to escape. No quarter would be given, and no prisoners needed this time.

Taiki brought with him the best fuinjutsu practioners he could think of, including one outsider, his own sensei, Uzumaki Tenken. Tenken had come with the understanding that he and the fuinjutsu team would take care of the seal traps, but he personally would not do anything else. The old Uzumaki's reasoning was simple: This was not the man he was looking for. While individual Uzumaki attached to each village was more than welcome to participate, he would save his energies for the person behind spreading Uzumaki secrets to non-Uzumaki. Taiki would respect this wish, and planned accordingly. Therefore, he had the bulk of his forces waiting for the time when the seals would collapse. "Not even Uzumaki-sensei can tell if there are seals to alert the occupants when the seals go down, so be ready for anything," he says to those closest to him in a tone that clearly indicates he want's it passed on.

Michiko decided to stay with Taiki despite the fact that the two would be splitting forces. She had assigned enough Shinobi to each team to try and keep it even, both in terms of strength and in terms of numbers. She nods quietly to Taiki's orders, letting him take charge of the team because of his past experience with the Recluse. "Hai," she says, passing along the message to those behind her. She glances to Taiki, brown eyes fiery with determination as she readies herself for the attack. She wanted to take these Recluse down and out… Badly.

Walking up next to Hige, Shizuka made sure to keep far enough back to let the much more experienced people take the lead, and detect, traps, etc etc. She might be a Hyuga, but she hadn't had much experience with the Byakugan, so she didn't know what to look for, nor how much it would hurt to use it under these conditions. She was pretty much just out of the academy, so her 'experience' didn't amount to much out here….and she knew it. So she stayed back…for now.

Oshiro would be headed to the front-line in full Senshi combat-garb, an Oni mask covering half of his face. Dark green and brown tones denote a camouflage specifically developed for this terrain. Despite not being overly familiar to most on Kumogakure's side, Oshiro's Saito Clan crest would designate him a friendly at the very least.
Oshiro had no 'team' to speak of, but he remained close enough to the other Kumogakure to assist them should misfortune befall them. His ancient 'Murakumou' katana is unsheathed, and positioned along the backside of his arm, ready to strike at any moment.

Kenta still carries a burning ember inside, ignited when the attack on Konoha occurred. As a medic, he had been needed at the hospital when it occurred. He's had a desire to have some more direct dealings with the group that attacked his beloved village and many of the people that he cares about for quite a time now. Now, as a medic and someone with knowledge of seals, he could also be of use to the assault force. Not that he anticipates being more than backup when there's already two masters of both in the group. Most of his own team is part of it too, so he has to keep an eye on them. "I'll set up a telepathic link between all of us like last time once we're ready, Taiki-sama," Kenta murmurs to Taiki after he hears what his superior has to say. He glances over his at Hikaru and Kyu to make sure that both are heeding everything attentively and seriously.

Hikaru has all his focus with him, today. This was a serious battle… More serious than he had ever been in, and much more deadly. He remained close to Kenta and Kyuketsuki, listening carefully to Taiki's words. They had to be ready for anything… Hikaru would give it his best shot. He didn't want to see anyone die, today… Looking over to Kyu, he gives him a slow nod. He was glad they they had some skilled medics on their side. That would help…. Some. He would do his best to keep himself out of too much trouble and also to protect others around him as much as he could. He would find a way to be of use in this fight.

Kyu was definitely listening seriously and attentively. He may seem a bit distant, but that's merely due to mental preperation for what's about to happen. Blood will be shed. And Kyu will be assisting in it. Kyu doesn't quite have a burning ember like Kenta, but he definitely sees the logic in these people being killed. Not innocent at all. He stands at attention, awaiting an order. His Genjutsu specialty may come in handy since he can use it on a vast number of opponents at once… Though he hasn't really practiced using it on an actual crowd… Kyu looks to Hikaru's nod, and returns it. He silently thinks to himself, 'none of us are going to die. So long as we work together…'

Isura was there in the mix eyes on the prize today cause for a change he didn't have to hold back or pull punches. He was able to let it all hang out. He built up a large amount of chakra be and flexed his hands and released making sure he was nice and lumbered up for what's about to occur on this day. Isura eyes the people to his left and right and made a note of whom were out here with him.

Zori had wanted to revenge every since the recluse attacked him off guard and put him in the hospital leaving him there in critical state. Zori heard about the ongoing mission and rushed out his room slinging his backpack unto his back. Taking to the trees he would then travel from tree to tree till he reached the mission meet up point. When he arrived Zori peered around and saw a lot of people, more then what Zori is used to seeing on one mission. Zori walks around in search for his teammates. Maybe they would be joining such a mission also. He knows one thing and that one thing is he had to get his weapon from Hige or else hes not gonna survive this mission at all.

Looking at the group that is gathering, Hisomu hmms as she approaches Michiko to her side. She doesn't seem to pay any one person any particular heed other than Michiko. As she stands beside her, she glances over at her, "Michiko, given our orders, I'm going to attempt to let loose with as much as I can. I wanted to warn you in advance." She nods her head, "Especially given it is the only option I have if I am to keep up." She then looks around at the others and then frowns, "I don't look forward to it."

Despite everything the recluse has done to both Kumogakure and Konohagakure, Rise lacked the same drive as the others. Her reasons were her own, and regardless of the personal, the woman would not fail to carry out her duty to the letter.
Rise too had no 'team' to speak of, so she remains close by Oshiro, if only for the sake of convience of those seeking to deliver orders. During the interim, she busied herself with the mind numbing task tool maintance, seeing as how the alternative meant… talking. She shudders at the thought before quickly returning to work on her combat knife, losing herself in time to a trance.

Hige and Konsho had traveled with the group up till this point. They'd been in on much of the planning of this thing since it had involved Konoha so heavily and had been ready to go when the time had come. The Recluse were something he despised, and something he looked forward to shredding and destroying down to it's very core. Yet there was also more to thing about with a group this size attacking, a small army more or less. As such Hige had taken up one of his generally normal locations towards the rear, likely serving as the rear guard with his team just in front of him. And there is where he remains once they stop, arms folded over his chest and a blank, neutral expression on his face.
There is naught to do but wait now, semi-feral eyes looking mostly ahead at where they will be infiltrating though he also watches their surroundings and, especially, behind them. Because of his location he is the last to hear the new to be prepared, a warning that seems obvious yet doesn't hurt being repeated. It also meant that the time for the seals to come down was near. "Shizuka, stay near me or Konsho just to be safe, alright?" He asks, tone just as blank as his expression as he looks to the girl.
And then there's Zori, arriving late which isn't much of a surprise. Hige reaches into a pouch behind him and pulls out the coil of wires, tossing them to Zori as he nears. "I don't care what you do to the Recluse Zori, get as crazy as you want. If you hurt, taunt, or talk shit to your team or allies you're going back to the Academy with Kaido so he can straighten you out. This isn't the time and I don't want to have to deal with it." Still no emotion in the tone. It's just a fact at this point.

A group of six Narukos moved along right after Hisomu and Michiko, Naruko was a little out of it… she was completely sick to her stomach, especially considering the circumstances on why there were here. Missions like this Naruko was completely serious, and wouldn't risk anything to get anyone else hurt. "I'll watch over you Hisomu-chan… I promise. Just don't forget about me okay?" Naruko speaks to her friend lightly, reaching out for her shoulder, and lightly gripping it. "Don't forget who your friends are out there… It can be hard… But you have to resist," She then looks to Michiko with a rather knowing glance and a thumbs up. Naruko under these circumstances had a problem with blowing people up.

A few moment's later and several traps and a barrier flair into the visible range, before dying, sending blue shards of energy everywhere. As the final barrier goes down, two teams of people exit the now visible cave opening holding kunai with explosive tags. It appears Taiki was right, they had a way to detect what was happening to their defenses. These kunai are thrown into the army like a shower of death, though specific targets are showered with more than one…

Taiki nods once as he slips down into the aqua tsuga stance. Canteens burst open on both Nozomi's and Taiki's belts even as a blue barrier causally intercepts the rain of kunai and explosive tags hurtling his way. "I don't think so!" he barks before he and Nozomi launch themselves toward the team on the right. They turn into a horizontal waterspout of death as they hit the team, who attempt to put up a barrier to block the attack.

Michiko glances to the team behind her, taking in those she knew and those she didn't. The girl knew that the forces were all determined to give it their best, though, and she trusted them all. The girl takes a moment to focus her chakra right before they attack, then a faint flare of chakra forms around her, flickering much like flames. "Hmm… This is going to be … interesting…" she says under her breath before looking to Kenta with a small nod at what he says. Telepathy, though? Konoha has interesting shinobi…
She doesn't hesitate to use the telepathy link, either, saying, ~I'll try to do so this as well, but keep a watchful eye on her, Naruko-san.~ Then chaos explodes, and she reacts as quickly as she can. Not fast enough to block the explosion in front of her and Taiki, but she can defend the others just fine. A large wall of earth comes in between the enemy and those behind her, though she gets burned in the process. A faint hiss as pain floods her system, but she looses off two large bullets of flame to try and send the Recluse back into their hole before the team can attack.

Standing back with Hige was the right idea for SHizuka. After a few hand signs, the veins around her eyes grow and she makes sure to look at everyone with her. "I'll stay back for now." She says tugging out a couple of Kunai daggers from her pouch. She looks up watching the incoming kunai bombs and smiles at Michiko gets the earth wall up in time. "Looks like we have incoming, Hige. I'll see what I can do from back here, but it looks like the jounin are handling it."

It was kind of a surprise to the Saito heir when the Recluse minions appeared with explosive tags. Oshiro had already begun to move when the wall of Earth Suddenly goes up. Nodding once as if he were impressed, Oshiro runs towards a tree and uses it to launch himself high into the air. Landing in a crouched position atop the wall, the masked shinobi brings two fingers to the open fangs of his mask, which remain! THUF, THUF, THUF! Three white bullets shoot systemically towards three of the opposing ninja. Two manage to hit their mark, the unseen bullet penetrating deeply into the flesh of it's target.
Oshiro glances back towards where he had been standing, signaling for Rise to follow his lead.

Secure in the fact that he's set up the telepathic link properly with his Yamanaka hidenjutsu and that the seal on his chest is released to the second highest level that he can manage, Kenta feels as ready as he can be to tackle the huge task before them. Everything that Taiki warned them about still comes true much quickly than he expected. The shower of kunai wrapped with explosive tags rain down upon them, but is blocked by Michiko's earthen wall. Kenta breaths a sign of relief.

<"Stay close to me, unless Taiki-sama or Michiko-san orders otherwise. Umm… Try to target the wounded if you get an opening. They'll the chink in the defense,"> Kenta thinks specifically to Hikaru and Kyu before he springs into battle. The young man had already swallowed several of the poison pills that fuels his stronger jutsu, but it's not time to use those yet. Instead, he pulls several kunai from a holster, each one wrapped with a tag similar to what was just used against the joint Konoha-Kumo force. Except, these erupt into caustic green smoke when he flings them at the enemy. Following his own advice, Kenta jumps as high as he can and takes a second to search for those already weakened by previous attacks before he releases the barrage of kunai from his grip.

Isura saw the attacks that took the skies not worried cause the two powerful Jounin joint effort aided in slowly the attack long enough for him to shoot his shot. Aiming for sky he shot one huge fireball that once it reached it peak exploded into tiny orbs that rained down death from above. He swiftly followed it up with his clan signature technique the Great Fireball Jutsu to finish off stragglers and to create more wounded. His plan and techniques where soiled and for now he waited for a counter strike.

Hikaru nodded to Kenta, also relieved that Michiko's defense had protected them all from the first wave of attacks. He only had a moment.. So he quickly focused as much chakra as he could, preparing to attack. As soon as he got the chance.. He would let fire rain down on those Recluse like nobody's business.

Kyu looks at the wall that had just protected him, his eyes turning red and gaining the two tomoe from the Sharingan. He makes rapid seals, attempting to lock as many as he can in a Genjutsu, one where they will be rendered unable to perceive anything, not even the passage of time.

Zori grabbed the wire from Hige and equipped it on his wrists. Zori nodded "Alright ..fine.." Zori looks over at Shizuka with a glare. Maybe she had said something beforehand, like maybe leaving the team. Zori watched as the wall came up protecting him. He jumped back his wires lash out from up under the sleeves of his hoodie at 3 of the minions slicing and slashing at their bodies. "Time for some fun!"

The whole scene played out fast. For the first part, Hisomu only got to watch a wall created by Michiko blast apart brilliantly by those explosive tags. She then races forward as others attack in various ways. Explosions, fire, and even wire was moving all about. Having said her peace previously, Hisomu takes in a breath and whispers, "Alright you, it's time we start working things out…and taking out both our frustrations here." And she begins to pour chakra around her form. Four wings sprout out of this chakra as her eyes darken with her skin. Her body coated in this chakra, she races forward, her speed having improved significantly in the past couple of months. She zips between explosions from enemy and friend alike before firing off a pair of clouds of poison that coats the area, flowing out over the enemy as she move sin closer, preparing for a nasty fight even as her poison attempts to destroy the lungs of those breathing it in.

The mental prodding doesn't recieve the welcome Kenta might've envisioned for all. Instincts demanded that she resist, so that is exactly what she did until it went away. Before either curiosity or concern led to some type of an impromptu witch hunt, the removal of the barrier draws her attention away. The berserker barely makes it to her feet properly when the attacks begin.
Surprise registers briefly, and then the wall comes up, shocking her back into proper focus.
In a few series of smooth actions, her combat knife is replaced by several kunai lodged between her fingers. The other hand locks into a single seal while her gaze flickered across the battle field. With so many bodies and jutsu flying about, it is nigh impossible to get a proper angle on folks. So, Rise leaped up as high as the path allowed, and within those scant few seconds alloted, locked on to three different targets. Several kunai are sent flying for the severly wounded. For the rest, the unmistakeable and unshakeable feeling of terror in the form of a genjutsu that has only been enhanced by the carnage about them.

Hige doesn't even watch Zori anymore once he's had his say, eyes moving out over the path in front of them, a path soon to become a bloodied battlefield thanks to the Recluse. The young Inuzuka remains with Shizuka for a few moments, waiting and watching as the flair of light comes from the disabled seals. A good sign in that they were able to disable those seals at least. But now it was time for the fight to begin. He says nothing as the wall appears, blocking the explosive tagged kunai from getting into the rest of their small army before others start moving forward to attack. There really isn't much to do this far back and, with the battle now raging ahead, he can no longer afford to hang back. "Come on Shizuka, we're going in," he tells the girl, seeing as Zori has already gone ahead. "Try not to get too far from us if you can. If you do I'll come find you. If I miss something just shout, alright?" He's far from perfect, especially if his anger starts taking hold, but he'll be damned if he lets anything happen to his team. Well, most of his team. Zori thrives on being injured after all.
Hige and Konsho start running through the others to get towards the front of the group and the wall that Michiko had thrown up. And then something fun happens as, instead of going over or around like everyone else is, the Inuzuka pair go through. They launch into the air before they start spinning, then come down and break through the wall to surprise the Recluse on the other side, at which point claws and fangs rend and tear in bloody fury. He's not holding back when it comes to dealing death to the Recluse. Not in the slightest.

This situation was merely overkill as Naruko more or less sat back and watched everyone kill off the enemies. With MIchiko putting up the defensive wall there wasn't much of a need to worry about things too much. For Now Naruko just waited to see what would happen next, using this as a time to focus a bit more chakra.

In a blaze of glory that shows the strength of two hidden villages working together, the first wave of people die. But before anyone can pat themselves on the back, a closer look shows that these people were relatively inexperienced, and not very cohesive. In fact, the chuunin and jounin of the assault team could quickly figure out that these were likely new recruits…. In other words: small fry.
That logical deduction would soon be proven as three more groups come out of the cave. The first team, consisting of 10 members, start to target the apparent weaker members of the assault team while moving up the side of the mountain. The second team stays at the mouth of the cave, and activtes a series of tags toward the more moderate members of the attacking force. Finally, some people bearing signs of Balance on hitei iteis appear in front of select members, already generating attacks of their own.

Taiki is caught mildly by surprise as somoene appears directly in front of him and his group, but he still is prepared for an attack. He and his two ninken all glow blue for a moment as he fights off what he realizes is a particularly nasty attack. He then gives a quick and signal to his ninken as they attempt to send him flying up into the air and then crashing back down in the more conventional way. He's saving himself for something he knows is coming, which may cause the attack to be weaker than previously intended.

~Naruko-san, stay with Hisomu-san!~ Michiko orders through the link Kenta had set up, though her eyes aren't off the entrance. The girl didn't charge in right away, watching Hige charge in along with her other teammates. She couldn't help but smile a bit at the group and their eagerness to join the fray and destroy this enemy that threatened them both. She charges in, warning everyone, ~Be careful. We've only reached the edges…~ Then suddenly she encounters one of the more practiced members of the Recluse. She raises a brow at the hitai ate, but she makes a seal to form a quick half dome of metal to take the seals for her. They don't affect her, and the dome hides her location temporarily. It allows for her to move out of the way, striking quickly at the man to try and knock him down before the dome turns to metal snakes and shoots out to bind the Recluse member. "Tell the devil I say Hi," she says simply, voice filled with venom.

Shizuka nods to Hige and follows right behind him, keeping an eye upon his chakra flow so she doesn't lose him. It doesn't take long for the shuriken to start flying towards her, but she can tell they're being warded off by someone she doesn't know yet. Seeing new chakra networks, Shizuka attacks with a flurry of palm strikes intended to interrupt chakra flow to her target…..

There's satisfaction in Kenta's gaze when he sees the Recluse minions get mowed down by the joint shinobi force. It's something that would normally alarm and maybe even shame the young man, but this is the Recluse, so there's a distinct lack of compassion this time around. Unfortunately, even more people starts pouring out of the mountain hideout.

Acting almost on pure instinct, Kenta charges into the foreground and his hands begin to flash through a series of quick seals. Taiki might yell at him later for this, him being a medic-nin and should be staying back and all. Protecting the weaker members of the group is his only concern at the moment. The Chuunin stamps the ground after his last hand seal is complete and an array of glowing characters spread out from the point of his foot's impact, following by a four-walled barrier of chakra. With effort, Kenta tries to stretche the barrier as far away from him as he can, trying to include as many members of the joint force within or behind it's protection as much as possible.
<"If you're in front of me, hold your breath for a second!">Kenta warns through the telepathic link. He performs another set of hand seals and leans forward as soon as his barrier falls. At the same time, Kenta dissolves one of the white pills that he had swallowed earlier in a controlled burst of chakra. The medic-nin blows hard towards the group of six that's at the mouth of the cave. A wave of white mist surges in an ever expanding cone, tainting that portion of the air with a strong, but quickly dissipating knockout gas.

Another round of seals is flung in Oshiro's direction. It would have it that fate has other plans for those seals, as yet another interruption causes the seals to fail. 'Whew.. close."
Without waiting for signals or cues, Oshiro glows bright blue before chakra radiates around him, and he flickers out of sight. As he reappears, he is seen running at full-speed towards one of the more advanced enemies. His first attack is a rather slow, simple motion, powerful and precise, but it falls short. Picking up his pace, he follows with secondary attack, his blade turned sideways as to bash his opponents head in! Perhaps he didn't succeed in killing his target, but the stunning blow hits it's mark.
Oshiro's right foot slides back behind him, and then he leaps three feet back, repositioning himself in a seemingly more advanced stance. As his chakra flow increases, his demeanor becomes more intense, focuse. Those eyes almost seem demonic behind the oak mask.

Isura readies to defend and yet again it was taken care of by michiko and Kenta a smile forms as he flashed through twelve seals, from his fixed position he released a powerful flamethrower assault on the forces this attack was aimed at teams 4E and 4F the flames where intense and oddly enough they weren't meant to hit just distract and intimidate intimidate those that still held a strong will to fight. So far sharingan wasn't needed and he hold his recent milestones would hold truth on this day.

Zori looks at the barrage of shurikens as they come towards him, but are stopped by a barrier formed by Kenta it seems. What can that guy not do? Zori grins as he charges forward at 3A 3B and 3C. Jumping into the sky he lands in the middle of the recluse group. Zori snickers his grin solid. The wires lash out at them slicing and slashing at their bodies. A soft "Hehe" escapes Zori's mouth. Zori's adrenaline levels at increasing, hes really enjoying this. No restrictions from Hige is the best thing going for Zori for right now.

Watching as the wall seems to encompass all the attacks again. She seems to then glare at the pile of groups. With a quick gesture, her haunched over body seems to produce another out of the ground nearby that then rushes off to fight one group of enemies while she herself rushes at another larger group. She unleashes a blast of poisonous gas from her mouth right into the group while her cloaked body, wings fluttering seems to become more agitated. THe longer the fight goes on, the more haunched over and growly she gets, her voice taking on a deeper more buzzing tone as she calls out, "Die! We need to strip them of their lives quickly!" She laughs a little, quietly to herself.

Although self-assured of her tactics landing home, seeing — or better yet, hearing and smelling some of the destruction left in the wake of the others left little doubt in her mind that they paled in comparison to the ferocity of the others. She doesn't linger on the thought for long. Her focus instead quickly shifts to spy openings between the others who — thankfully — by choice or misfortune, people were begining to disperse enough for the Shirokiri to actually /see/ some of the action.
As the recluse once more try to rain pain upon them, Rise track their attacks at first, only to ultimately pay them no mind once another barrier began to form. Her goal shifts instead to the cowards trying to pick off the weak. Thoughtlessly, Rise dug out another pair of kunai, and — 'No, not now' She thought, and yet willpower is not enough to get her legs moving. Undaunted by the pain, the Shirokiri at least managed to send her kunai flying before allowing her focus to shift to her legs.

By the time Hige and Konsho end their first attack they are covered in blood, none of which is their own. A feral appearance has taken over Hige and the neutral mask is gone as a low, inhuman growl escapes through clenched teeth. Claws and fangs drip with Recluse blood but they know this is far from over. These first men were nothing but fodder and he treated them as such. Normally he might have left the newer, less skilled forces live. But these ones had the bad fate of joining the Recluse and Hige had no intention of letting any of them leave alive.
Sharp, feral eyes move to the next group of attackers as they come, preparing to move back and help defend Shizuka when Kenta takes hold of that situation instead. Well enough. A fresh scent reaches Hige as a new opponent appears behind him but before the tag can hit he's already gone, pushing up into the air with Konsho next to him. As it so happens this is at the same time that Kenta's sleeping mojo passes through leaving them free from it altogether. As the two come back down they start spinning again and for a moment it may look like the exact same move from before. In fact it is, but this time lightning dances around their forms and increases their speed and power as they plow down towards the man who had thought to try and attack them.
Whether the Inuzuka duo hit the attacker or not, there's going to be a nice smoking crater in the ground where he'd been standing.

Naruko heeded Michiko's warning…. Hisomu was quickly begining to descend into her more primal state, something she would keep watch and remain in control of as she cut loose on the battlefield, easily so too. The Narukos finally began to spring into action though, flowing chakra into a massive spherical ball condensed with Matatabi's and chakra. The clones then began to split that mass of chakra, dividing it amongst themselves and using this as leverage to ram the spheres home in multiple explosions, with the plus side of not hurting any allies or buckling the mountain side.

A little late to the party… or, more than a little, the important part is that she showed up, is the exchange ninja from Hoshigakure- Tsuchiri. With her gas mask and scarf on, and her band hanging from her belt, it's easy to note her apart from the usual Konoha shinobi. The genin's arrival is punctuated with her looking to immediately find the back line and see what she can do to assist. For the moment, she's appraising the whole of the situation from behind the lenses of her gas mask.

Kyu sees Team 3 tried to attack him, but Kenta stops that from happening. He watches as the battlefield is pounded by the various attacks, and notices most of Team 3 is uninjured and unhindered, wanting to fix that, he does the same two seals he just did, monkey ram, and follows it with the same follow up as last time, boar, monkey, bird, ram. The ones affected will feel a tingly sensation flood through their bodies, making them feel sluggish, and their bodies will begin to feel unresponsive, and they'd feel sleepy, and if they didn't break out of this obvious Genjutsu, the tingling will launch straight into their heads, and they will lose all ability to percieve anything at all. Including passage of time.

Hikaru felt a wave of relief when Kenta was able to bring up a shield to protect them from some of the incoming attacks. He was glad that they had such capable shinobi with them.. But now it was HIS turn to attack. Throwing one of his seals at the enemy, he surges chakra through it to try and encase one of the recluse in a barrier of chakra - unfortunately, the tag just missed its mark and wasted away to nothing, bringing a curse out of the Sarutobi. He followed up with a flurry of blazing shuriken, trying to at least do SOME damage, even if he couldn't hold them.

So far, these teams seem a bit tougher than the previous teams, but then again that shouldn't come to any surprise given the higher quality of appearance of the defenders. However, the joint alliance appears to be holding their own, at least for the most part. But suddenly something strange happens, and a demon sealing barrier flashes to life in front of three members of team 3 for no reason. It certainly didn't come from any of the current group…
"So the big bad Inuzuka finally developed a backbone. Interesting that he's still alive… But how like him and his clan to hide behind others, only attacking when things look best for them. Hardly a way to show a lack of cowardice boya," a voice echoes through the area. While whisper soft, it is easily heard by all. A lone figure steps out from the back of team 4 and shimmers into reality. She's dressed in a kimono and appears to be utterly calm, but mocking. "Still, I guess I should prove the superiority of my clan, even though they bought into the lies of the Senju. Come boya, come to Hyuga Kuranosuke, and let me show you who is superior to who… Byakugan!"
At the declaration of the defenders move in so that even the outliers are now attacking up close and personal, making this fight now more difficult. In the meantime, Kuranosuke moves forward to attack Taiki. "Eight trigrams mountain crusher."

Okay, so it perhaps wasn't the wisest idea to spend this long in combat against powerful opponents without resorting to higher levels of teamwork. But to be completely fair, the one thing Taiki /wasn't/ expecting was a Hyuga working for the Recluse. The shock costs him heavily as the woman slams her palm against Taiki's chest, sending him flying back toward the side of the mountain, where a Taiki-sized impression is left. Even his ninken are knocked back by the blow, causing them to slam into the mountain at the same time. His original oppoentent capitalizes on this to activate an earth jutsu, causing great spires of earth to thrust out the ground and slam into the trio. For a brief moment, there is silence. But that silence is soon shattered by a loud screech, a sound of torrents of water, and a deep, resonating growl. The spires shatter to reveal Taiki in his three-headed werewolf form with a "hand" covered in lightning and a hand covered in water. The beast rushes forward, slamming his fist into his original oppoent while the lightning is reserved for the newcomer.

Michiko makes a handseal to draw up a spike of metal. It's easy to take it from the earth and form it in her hands. A vial of deadly poison is dropped onto the spike, then she pierces her enemy in the throat to allow the deadly venom to leech into his body. The contact with the metal would allow her to drain chakra from his body… Then her eyes flicked to Taiki and his opponent. When the man appeared, her eyes narrowed slightly, and her chakra flared up. ~Taiki-san, I'll come help if you need it,~ she offers, though she's likely going to jump into his battle regardless of if he approves. The girl didn't want to see the Recluse win, and it looked like Taiki just got wounded in a bad way. "Byakugan…?" she hears, glad she's away from the main fighting so that she can recover from the shock that a /Hyuga/ was on the enemy's side. She had seen Taiki in his terrible form before, but he was badly injured when she did. Now it looked even more impressive, not as battered or bruised.

Taking advantage of his stunned opponent, Oshiro brings the Murakumou wakizashi up high, measuring a precise attack to the neck. He was essentially sizing up the best way to decapitate the staggered opponent. It takes but a second for him to calculate the appropriate angle. For a moment, Oshiro tilts his head as he looks upon the eyes of his enemy. There is little emotion to the Oni-faced Saito as he tighens the grip upon his sword. Wind chakra surges through the ancient weapon, whose edge had personally ended two of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist's existence. Tensing his muscles, he swings the wakizashi with superior speed, cleaving through the shinobi's neck a hot knife through butter. His armor and mask are squirted repeatedly by the high-pressured red stream, coating the original Murakumou sword in yet another victims essence. He takes a moment to flick the blade to the side, flinging the maroon liquid from it's highly-polished steel.
With his opponent down, Oshiro's heavy gaze filters through the battle-field, stopping on the Inuzuka/Hyuuga battle that was raging. Brows furrows as he changes his destination.

<"There's so many of them! The longer this goes on, the more likely that they'll wear us down."> Kenta thinks without bothering to keep his thoughts from bleeding through the telepathic network that he's maintaining. <"Taiki-sama, do you need any backup against that devil woman?"> he echoes Michiko's concern in a slightly different approach. The Hyuga was a -very- unexpected and unpleasant surprise, but now's not the time to wonder too much on it. Distractions can be deadly. The medic-nin considers popping more pills, but there's still a few in his stomach and he doesn't dare take the time just yet.
Then, Kenta finds himself face to face with one of the Recluse shinobi that was blocking the cave opening earlier. His form blurs and flickers away from the seal that his opponent tries to tag him with. Kenta reappears behind his opponent and thrusts out a hand covered in medical chakra. It requires a direct touch, but the chakra scalpel that he's formed around that hand would shred muscle, nerves and tendons with ease if he manages a blow… Kenta aims for the spine.

Isura burst into eight clones and one of them took the hit in his place. The other mimcied the original and flashed through seals. When they attacked Taiki Isura sharingan flared as he shoot out a fire Dragon aimed at the source as he glanced about the battlefield he got himself ready to work…ready to put an end to the enemy forces by means of total war.

Zori notices that his wire slash did not work as much as he thought it would against Team 3. Zori still maintaining his grin he stares at them. Suddenly they go on the attack, two of the three of them come at Zori. He tries to move out of the way but they were successful in attaching the tags unto his back. When the tags were activated, Zori felt drained as if he was starting to get sleepy and tired. Zori glares at both of them. "I dont know what you done to me but.. this is nothing!" Zori quickly reaches into his pocket grabbing a kunai. He brings it over to his left arm stabbing it. As the blood pours down from the wound down to his hand dripping unto the ground. Zori looks at his wounded bloody arm, he then looks at the blood on the ground, he remains still his eyes remain hidden from view for a moment. Suddenly Zori looks up at the three recluses with the look of a madman. His eyes narrow and his grin widen showing both sets of teeth, top and bottom. Zori starts to laugh manically his wires lash out with a swift movement of his finger branching out into a multitude of wires in pursuit of wrapping the three recluses up to the wall.

Attacking Hisomu with seals. SHe was quick to slide away and raise a dome of Earth about her person. The attacks simply hit nothing but Earth and then the Earth opens up with a roar as the creature that is now Hisomu looks at the people before her and unleashes a roar of gasses upon the enemies before raising up a copy of herself from the earth. That copy attempts to jump and double stomp down one of the guy's into the very earth before she'll raise up a little though her arms are hanging and her body is haunched over, "DIe die die!" She screeches and then laughs a little as she elongates the chakra about her fingertips into claws and eyes those sharp points curiously.

Even with everything going on only the voice draws the Shirokiri's gaze away from rubbing down her leg to try and massage the pain away. Afterwards, shock after shock bombards the woman, shaking the meditative trance until it falls apart all together. Her next decisions afterwards are… not the most sound. Rise had to truly dig deep unlike other times. Deep into that pit of rage and joy that she never once truly and absolutely embraced until today.
When next she looked at the battlefield, she sought not to protect but to destroy something worthy of her attention. Within moments, the petite woman is on the move, slipping past, under, and over bodies. A blur to some, and a momentary jolt of pain for those used as spring boards until she reached her destination. She offered no warning before striking at the Taiki's former opponent; a severe shot to the gut.
Hit or miss, Rise has a wide, toothy smile and a gaze that radiated nothing but bloodlust.

Hige growls a low, rumbling, deep sound when the man manages to evade their attacks and then counter back. Anger is plain on his face now and there is a fire in his eyes, the change so much that it might almost appear like he has lost control of himself and is about to go on a rampage against any and all. But that's not true. Those feral eyes catch what is happening and without any obvious signal Konsho spins and runs to flip Shizuka onto his back with his head, then the large pup dances away from the seals aimed at her himself. Hige, meanwhile, launches himself straight towards his attacker before the man can start his own attack, lightning coating his claws as he slashes angrily. As the claws come down the lightning grows brighter and stronger as he surges the power to make sure it rends the titan if it hits.

Things were getting worse…good but worse. Naruko knew very well that she shouldn't hold back, and she definitely didn't intend to. She leaps away from the draining seal, or rather a shadow clone knocks her out of the way before poofing into a puff of smoke. She recoils back, feet and arms scuffing against the ground as a vibrant blaze of black azure fire began to erupt about her form… In almost a mere instance she explodes and in her steed was a minature form of Matatabi, two tails flickered high from her rear while a horrendous roar shockwaves the area briefly. This time Naruko isn't nearly as forgiving, Her mouth swells with something giant before she launches it like a massive bullet, having the massive sphere plow threw them in the form of a massive explosion.

Kyu watches the appearance of a Hyuga… And that Hyuga launching Taiki into a mountain. But that distraction doesn't keep his attention as opponents begin to move in to attack with seals, Kyu does a ram seal, and the opponent's perception is skewed, and they miss the throw badly, but to them, the seals hit, and do what they're supposed to do, but it doesn't seem to be doing… Anything. In fact, the seals seem to be decaying very rapidly, until they crumble to dust, Kyu looks at them with his red Sharingan eyes, and sighs before slowly doing seals, Horse. Tiger. Serpent. Ram. Monkey. Boar. Horse. Tiger. He slowly brings his hand to his lips in an o shape, but his nerves get the best of him and he stops there. This hesitation is likely something that the enemy will use against him.

Hikaru was in shock over the events that had unfurled. A Hyuuga was teamed up with the Recluse?! Where was her sense of loyalty?! This ignited a rage in his belly, and he attacked with all his might, launching another capture seal at some of the closer goons and failing once again. The boy cursed. He had to get better at using his seals.. Making them wasn't enough. Instead, he sent out another flurry of fiery shuriken at the man, and another set further back towards some of the immobilized attackers, feeling a swell of pride as he watched one fall. 'One for the win!' Hikaru thought, sure to remember this small victory.

Tsuchiri's witness to a host of carnage going on, this being her first experience of seeing combat on such a scale.. and nobody seems to be stopping until they drop. The techniques she's witnessing certainly bring a perfect example of what these other shinobi are capable of, and she hopes that she'll be able to compete at all.
She can't stay and just watch, there's nothing to be gained then, and she'll never know how much she could do. A swell of chakra blooms out behind her, forming the signature feathers of the Mysterious Peacock, five in total behind the genin's form. She makes her approach as widely as possible, and during said approach her feathers lock onto a small grouping of nin she had flagged as aggressors with her guidance. The upper three segment a portion of their ends and send them whipping off through the air to their targets and replenishing their length by drawing from Chiri's chakra while she closes in.

REcognizing the technique from her own family, Shizuka tries to locate Hige through the chaos. His chakra pattern isn't hard to find and she runs up to him. "HIGE!" She calls out, pulling him aside without hitting a chakra point. "She's not from the main branch of the Hyuga family, but she's definitely gone rogue." She doesn't want to tell all of her family's secrets, but she does blurt out. "She doesn't have a seal mark on her forehead…."

As the fights are getting up close and personal, the seal techniques of the defenders start to give way to more conventional methods of defense, like elemental or speed defenses. But even that isn't enouhg as several members of Team three fall. Furthermore, Taiki's, Michiko's, and Oshiro's opponents all fall in rapid succession. But not even the lightning or the fire attacks form Taiki and Isura get through, which entertains the woman to no end. "Aw… did I make bawby angwy?" She taunts Taiki as she comes out of the heavenly spin. "Truth hurts, don't it? All your reach for power comes to naught, for there are walls you can't hope to climb. Here, let me show you. You are within my realm of divination…"
But the enemy is crafty, and instead of attacking individually, the non-stunned, alive, members of Recluse Teams 3 and 4 have been spending this time working on reactivating one of the traps that the seal team brought down. A split moment later they leap away. A large seal activates under the attackers that Kuranosuke seems to ignore. This seal, an Uzumaki design, seeks out their charka, their stamina, and even their health thanks to the influx of yin energies.

Taiki is thrown back by the Hyuga's attack. "Impenetrable my tomato," all three heads growl at once. "Keep talking martian. We're well past the third time to knock me down, and you and your friends are going to pay!" Among the mental link, a torrent of wild emotions and feelings can be felt as Taiki goes into his complete battle mode. Here he becomes a personification of natures wrathful side. 'TAKE THIS BEE OUT!' he roars into the link even as his claws extend into sickle-like extensions of lightning energy. He lauches forward, faster than anyone can believe as he attempts to penetrate the defense the Hyuga place so much pride in.

Michiko glances behind her to hear Naruko roar, and she feels a small chill down her spine. Naruko was strong now, and she's mastered her Bijuu. But a part of her still was nervous that the Jinchuuriki didn't have as much control as she's said. But she quickly gives a shake of her head. She couldn't doubt her Shinobi. Naruko said she was fine, after all. Hisomu was the only one to worry about. ~Oshiro! Keep an eye on Hisomu and the Hyuuga Genin!~ she instructs, meaning Shizuka, in all likelihood. ~Kenta, Hige. Once you're done with your enemy, we can work together to face off against Taiki's opponent. Kenta, double check Taiki's injuries and try to heal him. That last attack didn't look good,~ she says with the telepathy. Maybe she shouldn't be taking control of the Konoha Shinobi, but she wanted people to be doing what they could to be useful.
A barrier of metal shoots up between her and the seals so she can defend herself. Her eyes narrow a bit then makes up her mind. ~Keep away from the Hyuuga!~ she calls out, making a handseal. Her chakra flares up around her form, and the girl sends a wave of chakra into the ground. Her earth manipulation turned the ground below Kuranosuke to mud; a swamp that attempted to suck down the Hyuuga into the ground and keep her stuck in place.

The third round of seals catches Oshiro off guard as he rushes to get out of the way. There's just not enough time to get out of the way, and the shinobi takes the full-blown brunt of the attack.
Oshiro is sent flying into the cliff, where he manages to leave a six foot indention where he peeled his body away from the rock. Noticing two of the Recluse's men stunned on the cliff, Saito positions his Wakizashi behind him as he charges forward, striking at the two opponents in rapid succession, felling them instantly.
Michiko's comment causes him to stop directly after his blade passed through the final enemy. He was not familiar with individual's names on the battle field, and he wasn't about to figure it out now. Leaping from rock to rock, Oshiro makes his way to defend the Genin.

Kenta is taken aback a little when he sees Naruko turn into non-other than the two tailed Bijuu. He had met the girl many times before, but never suspected such a secret. The sight eases his worries a little, until he recalls that not too long ago, he was on a mission to rescue Konoha's three tailed Jinchuuriki from the Recluse. These villains know what to do against even such powerful forces.
The odds against team Konoha-Kumo seem to be dropping rapidly, but that Hyuga woman still emit an aura of incredible danger. Who knows what else she can do, besides fend off -Taiki's- attacks, which is amazing in its own right. The Recluse is always full of surprises, often in the form of unexpectedly powerful jutsu. Kenta taps deeper into the energies stored within the seal inked on his chest. As he releases it to the maximum capacity that he's able to with his current level training, the air around the medic-nin begins to distort in a faint, yet visible aura. Twin chains of seal characters grow up his neck to create solid black circles on both of his cheeks.
Kenta's fears turn out to be correct when the remaining Recluse activates a trap against all of them. He jumps back close to the members of Team Lunar. At the same time, the medic-nin flashes through the same array of defensive hand seals that he performed earlier. He slams his hand into the ground, causing his own seal array to ripple out from his palm in an attempt to override the enemy jutsu spreading over the small cluster of Konoha shinobi. A moment later, a familiar barrier of energy encloses Kenta, Hikaru and Kyu in it's defensive embrace.
Kenta glances back at his team. Neither of them look too badly off. <"Kyu. Hikaru. Cover each other's backs. I have to join Hige, Michiko-san and Taiki-sama! That woman's too dangerous and we have to take her down quickly!"> Then, Kenta's running off through the chaos towards where his mentor and few others are deep in engagement with Kuranosuke. He jumps high into the air as soon as he hits mid-range, before he hits the patch of suddenly swampy ground. The medic-nin makes a similar set of hand seals as when he spit out the cloud of knockout gas, but the last few seals are different this time. Kenta dissolves a black pill in his stomach to release lethal poison into his system, which he encapsulates in chakra with finesse born of grueling practice. What he blows forth this time is a heavy spray of hardened chakra needles, each one carrying some of that deadly poison, and all aimed at the Hyuga defector.

Isura chakra reserve was getting a little low and thus using his clones where out of the question and thus he relied on his golden eyes. Sharingan present him with a safe route to take to dodge and he did, doing this allowed him to attempt to rain fire down on the head of the leader as well as the others laying about on the battlefield. Isura attack choices just seemed to get better as time passed one. Like he stated before he's trying to end this mini war so he can get back to relaxing and having fun again.

More rock and earth protects Hisomu as she comes out of her Earth Dome to only see that all her targets are dead. The reddened eyes shining out of the chakra turn and stare at what is left of Team 4 and she rushes that way screeching. She sends her now chakra claws at them, trying to slash at the wounded, trying to reduce them to nothing as she screeches and attacks.

The punch doesn't connect! Rise surprise only lasts for a moment before the smile — gets apparently halted by the sight of her opponent being torn apart in passing by some wolf thing.
There really were no words to describe just what happened, and yet her brain struggled nonetheless. Her focus — if albeit after a lengthy moment of standing there staring at the decapitated remains of her enemy — shifts to the Hyuuga; the next big thing to promise to keep her blood pumping. Seeing the wolf and a number of others try their hand at her as well, Rise races to surpass them and deliver a vicious axe kick to her head!

His low growl continues to come from Hige with each breath and it's rather otherworldly. It's certainly not a sound a human should be able to make. Once the man he's facing is clawed and stunned Hige prepares to deliver the finishing blow - but then the seal is activated and he only has time for escape, launching himself away on all fours. At the same time Konsho again knocks Shizuka over his head and onto his back. "Hang on!" The pup yells to Shizuka, meaning of course his fur, before he jumps out of the range of the seal as well and lands next to Hige. That's when Hige remembers what he'd heard the girl say. "No seal? I don't know what that means," he says, the growl an undertone of his voice as his feral eyes stare at Shizuka, blood of his victims still covering his face and dripping from claws and fangs. "Tell me if it will help, use the telepathic link Kenta gave us."
Hige turns then as Konsho drops off Shizuka and the pair head back into the fray towards the man Taiki is dealing with. Through the telepathic link he sends a message to Isura <"Kill that man I left stunned. His muscles won't be able to untense for a short time more so be quick about it."> Isura had the range option, so it made sense what with the trap seal now in play.
The Inuzuka Duo move around that trap and launch high into the air once more, and unsurprisingly they start spinning again. Unlike the normal sideways spin, however, they are spinning head over heel much like a saw blade. Somehow they control this and they come down towards the bad Hyuga, the two Inuzuka ready to cleave her in half with their attack.

Naruko was in form, and while it appeared as though she was distracted with her battle she did her best to keep track of Hisomu while everyone else did what they needed to do to push the fight further…so far everything seemed to be going as plan, with just a few hiccups. Naruko lunges out with a paw, reaching out to grab two of the indvidiuals in her burning cloak, squishing him in the process. If that didn't kill them she was sure that Hisomu could follow up and take them out as quick as possible.She relents for now, being more supportive keeping out of the way so she could support anyone else that may or may not need help.

Kyu looks as Kenta protects him, and blinks in surprise as he's told towatche eachother's back, but in response he looks to Hikaru, and nods, speaking through the link, <"Got it. I know what I'm going to do."> Kyu goes through the same seals he just did, and leaps a bit into the air, he didn't actually have a plan, and still doesn't really know how to make this jutsu outright work… Worth a shot. Kyu has a sudden realization, 'bursts' he thinks silently to himself, 'that's it!' instead of his usual torrent of fire method, he focuses all the chakra first, before firing it out at his opponents as not one, but two, impressively (for Kyu) large fireballs at the three remaining enemies. And when he lands he stands ready to defend, and assist Hikaru if neccessary. <"I actually did it…"> Kyu mumbles through the link.

Hikaru was tired, that much was certain. But he was far from finished - they had almost won! Gathering up all the chakra he can manage, he tries a third time with his barrier seal, attempting to capture one of the members of team 4. Once that was done, he sends out another round of blazing shuriken (his signature technique, obviously), trying to do as much damage as possible. He just wanted them gone!

Whoa there.. Chiri's witness to more intense fighting happening that she's not used to, and with techniques and seals that she's never seen the scope of even. There is a healthy level of respect for her foes and peers, enough for her to want to remain out of the focus of aggression and keep an equally healthy measure of distance.
The genin draws out more chakra with a huff grumbling out of her mask, fuelling the feathers at her back. Again the feathers point at the group of shinobi she targetted previously and fire off a shard of themselves off at the standing ones, whistling through the air en-route to their targets while Chiri stops her approach and lowers herself near to the ground.

Oshiro remains on the battle-field, but he remains as a guardian force for those Genin who end up biting off more than they can chew. A kunai here, a wind bullet there. Oshiro does what he's best at. Defending those who are in need!

This was, definitely, more than Shizuka could handle. At least in her mind. The Jounin were really kicking butt, and she was watching many many techniques she had never seen before. But she wanted to do right by Konsho.
One of the enemies turns to face SHizuka, and she doesn't hesitate. Whap whap whap….and the enemy drops like a stone. Now there was only one enemy left and…..Shizuka went back to stay with Oshiro….who would keep her safe… least for now.

In all her arrogance, Kuranosuke makes one mistake, she attempts to use a seal barrier to defend against Taiki's attack. The resulting surge in electricity stops her in her tracks as he body seizes up. This allows all the other attacks to hit, with Hige finally taking her life while she can only watch in growing horror. All too late she realizes the truth, they may have bitten off a good deal more than they could chew…

The hulking beast that is Taiki looks down at the body and snarls. "So much for your vaunted superiority, clone." Taiki only now notices how injured he is, and performs the seals to revert back to normal. As his ninken and he looks at the rapidly cooling body of the Hyuuga, he pulls out a large scroll and opens it to seal the body within. "Sorry, the Hyuga would hunt me if I left this lying around," he growls apologetically even as he is healed.

Michiko relaxes when she sees the head honcho of this group be taken care of. The tremors of an explosion not too far away had taken her attention, and she can't help but smile faintly. "Well, it seems like we won, and not everyone is too bad off," she states, moving to Taiki and checking his condition. The girl then sends a pulse of healing chakra through his and his ninken's bodies. "You can take her," she says with a small nod, knowing how clans like to keep their secrets. She wonders what'll happen when she dies…. The girl shakes her head a bit at that thought before glancing to Hige. "Good job, Hige-kun. You fought well," she says before using the telepathic link to congratulate everyone that had fought today. The Recluse were no longer in the Land of Lightning, so far as she knew. So she was satisfied with that victory.

Hige and Konsho need a serious bath after that. One thing when Hige fights angry is he tends to get covered in blood and, well, this was no exception. But they succeeded. Now he was just tired and ready to get clean and get back to Konoha. The teen glances over to Taiki, giving him a small nod of recognition before he and Konsho take off, likely to find some water somewhere to get clean.

It seems like the main fight is over…Naruko merely lets out a soft sigh and reverts her form, returning back to her normal self and plopping on the ground before her… She was a bit exhausted…. could have been worse but for now…she needed to get some rest.

That Hyuga lady's dead? Kenta's not sure if he believes it at first. Recluse officers are always super tricky. But he breathes a sigh of relief when the body pretty much lies there all mangled and even Taiki treats it as lifeless. Nevertheless, Kenta doesn't shut down his seal yet until he steps forward to inspect the corpse. The faint aura of distorted air around him finally fades away afterwards, as well as the seal character chains that trails up his neck to form black circles on his cheeks.
Kenta glances around to see how everyone's faring. Some people look pretty tired, but most have come away without any major injuries. Michiko's already tending the few cases there is, so Kenta jogs over to where Hikaru and Kyu's standing. "Ummm… you two did very well here. I'm very proud of you," the Chuunin says with a small smile on his face. There's probably more work to be done. So many bodies and what's inside the hideout anyway? But that's for later. Right now, he's just glad that everything turned out OK without any casualties on the Konoha-Kumo side of the conflict.

Appearing next to Michiko, Hisomu is looking a little bit haggard. She then finally releases the chakra and slumps to the ground, sighing as she shakes her head, "I think…I'm ok…" She then slumps back and breathes in and out heavily, "Tired…" She nods her head to Michiko and then she seems to just sit there. She isn't out but she is down for now.

Isura revert back to his normal state before slowly walking towards the group he yawned as he approuched Hige and Kyuketsuki a toss them each a thumbs up for their good work. Isura then closed this eye and processed the last bits of every jutsu he seen this far. He sighed as he scratched his eyes "Hige when we get rest your mine." Afterwards he scoutted the area for any stragglers and a nice cool spot to nap.

Well.. it seems everyone else is relaxing, so Chiri lowers her guard for the moment and her chakra feathers dissipate as well. Quietly the genin stands and about-faces, starting on the trip back to Konoha… hopefully she won't be called out again, she just wants a nap right now.. maybe three. To process everything, y'know.

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