The Recluse War - Attack on Recluse (Team B)


Rockpath (emitter), Kaido, Tatsuo, Shinobu, Isamu, Asato, Hanami, Raion, Nozomi, Rangiku, Zankuro, Borin, Toshio, Juudai

Date: July 12, 2015


Joint Cloud and Leaf forces attack a Recluse fort in the Land of Lightning. Team B covered the back entrance.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Recluse War - Attack on Recluse (Team B)"

Land of Lightning

The coordinated attacks by the Recluse against both Konoha and Kumo cannot stand unchallenged. As such, it should come to no surprise when alerts go out among both villages: it's time to strike back. This would be a joint Kumogakure/Konohagakure response against a base located in one of the most ironic places either village could think of: a mountain about 2 miles away from Kumogakure.
Leading the mission, at least from Konoha's side, would be the man who has fought these people to a standstill for years: Inuzuka Taiki. He and Iwata Michiko have worked together tirelessly to evaluate the situation and form a battle plan. The orders are simple direct from both Kage: Kill them all.
Therefore, given the high likelihood that the Recluse has secret avenues for escape, it was decided to form two teams. One team, lead by Taiki, would find the main entrance, disable the seal traps placed there, and assault the base. The other would be tasked to enter through the would-be escape route and kill anyone trying to escape. No quarter would be given, and no prisoners needed this time.
Michiko decided to join Taiki, so she had appointed Kaido, visiting Konoha Jounin and close friend of hers, to lead this side of the attack. Whatever he decided would be up to him and him alone. Kumo-Nin were told to follow Kaido's commands like they would Hiei's or Michiko's while Konoha Shinobi assumedly know their place.

Kaido lead his team and the Kumo-nin near to where he secret entrance was and then halted them. He gathered his team first, as they were the most inexperienced out of all of the shinobi here and said to them, "Ok, Shinobu, Tatsuo and Isamu, this is for real… this is NOT an Academy training session or a spar, you can get hurt and the Recluse WILL try and kill you." He glances at all the other shinobi here, "That goes for you all as well. The Recluse do NOT take prisoners, not that they treat those they do very well… ask Takeo one day about how he was treated. That being said, they bleed and die just like anyone else."
His nin-ken and summon fan out around the group, keeping watch and Bandit says, "Yo, Kaido, if we're going to go, we better go soon, the Boss is launching their attack." Kaido sighs and had hoped for a little more time to be able to plan this out a little better, but nods and says, "Ok, Bandit, your tail again, watch our backs and keep our escape route clear, Bolt, you're point, make sure you let us know when we're about to engage, Doborou, you're in the middle with my team, try to keep them as safe as possible…" Bolt yips, "Sure thing Kaido!" and tailwags with a doggie grin, Bandit salutes, "Yo!" and Doborou just pulls out his bazooka and says, "Bring 'em on, I'll blow them to smithereens!"
Kaido then turns to everyone, "Ok, I'll go first with Bolt, Zankuro you're tail with Bandit, I'll need you to keep the group together and moving. My team will be in the center, try not to get seperated, the rest of you spread out around us and STICK together." He takes a deep breath, "One more thing, since we're fighting in a dark enclosed space, make SURE you know where you're throwing your jutsus and things, it'll be easy to miss and friendly fire. No area of effect attacks in the tunnel, it's too easy to backfire on us… are we clear?"
He waits for acknowledgement and then motions for Bolt to go and climbs down the hill towards the tunnel with him.

Tatsuo was quite obviously a bit nervous about this whole thing, and he had good reason to be. It was scary! Okay that was only one of the reasons really but it was one of the best ones at this point! Once they had gathered he found him and the rest of his team in the middle of the small army. It provided a little comfort, but at the same time it made him feel concern in other ways. He didn't like people having to look out for him…he wanted to be strong on his own. But it wasn't his choice to make, so for now he simply accepted it.
As Kaido explains things to the group Tatsuo listens intently, waiting until he's done before nodding with a "Hai". After that he just stands there, chewing his lower lip nervously until they start moving. Then he tries to keep the fear out of his mind as he follows on down.

Shinobu looks at Kaido with a wide nervous eye, looking more skittish than usual. But behind that nervousness shone a faint glimmer of determination. The girl nodded quietly when Kaido gave out his instructions, gathering both with and chakra to her to prepare. Kame was at her side, the black Labrador pup looking everything but nervous as she readies herself for combat. Yip! ~I'm ready now more than ever!~ she says in the Inuzuka language, tail wagging as she awaits the order to strike.

Isamu's spine was tingling, the fine hairs all over his body standing up on end. This was for real… He was in the middle of a real, serious battle. Part of that concept made him excited. The other part made him sick to his stomach. There was no bouncing or earnest giddiness about him today. He was all focus and determination, his heart burning with the desire to do something useful and show his true strength. Kaido, of course, wanted them to stick to the center… So he would listen. But if one of his friends was in danger… He glanced to Shinobu and Kame, and then to Tatsuo, and swallowed lightly. He didn't know if he could stop himself from trying to defend them. Even at the cost of his own life… That was how deeply he cared for them, and his sensei.

Asato had been instructed to follow the orders of this Konoha Jounin. Whether or not he knew much about him, this was war. His personal feelings would be set aside, and he would follow his orders and keep his team safe. When the order came to fan out and take the exterior, Asato nodded, looking to his squad of Genin with a serious eye. "Alright, then. You heard the man. Hanami and Nozomi, you take the right flank. Raion and I will take the left. Stick together, you two… And watch out for each other. This is for real… It's go time." With a firm nod, Asato moves to take left flank, watching Kaido for the signal that the enemy was upon them. 'Let's do this.'

Hanami listens intently, kinda nervous but then that's expected, the Recluse were serious business. Her gear was checked and double checked. She tightened her scarf, resecured her hair clip and was good to go. Minding instructions she nodded to Asato and moved off toward the right flank, "Got it. Same to you guys as well." She moves lightly on her feet, swift but pulling back some so as not to pull that much away from the group nor her fellow teammate Nozomi. She'd need her real speed later anyways. Chakram in one hand and ready to draw kunai with the other, she focuses on the task ahead. These Recluse were going to be stopped, they had to between both groups in this mission.

Raion seems a bit happy right now, strangely. He listens to the orders, his Nin cat Pansa by his side. When he gets his orders he nods, and nods again at Asato's orders, "Hai! Let's make them regret attacking Kumogakure." Raion shows his metal claws, clipped on over his natural claws. "Go time it is!" Pansa simply stands silently beside him, following. Raion clearly feels confident that this will go well… And if it doesn't, he believes his claws will fix that! Raion and Pansa go with Asato, and watch for the signal to go as well.

Nozomi nods to Kaido, but she is all too well aware of what the Recluse was like. She had been hospitalized and nearly died from the Recluse attack on Kumo. She also lost her precious flute in the same attack that left her scarred in some places. Thus she was almost eager to join this mission, and she shows up in a loose-fitting battle kimono with her underarmor showing. It looked like a leather-scaled sleeve, layered with bone fragments in various places. She had her new flute out and and ready. She touches a place just above her heart as she remembers that attack, and makes a silent vow once again to become stronger. When Asato gives his orders, she swallows thickly then nods and sticks close to Hanami while fighting back the memories of that wave of acid…

Rangiku nods to Raion, but looks to Raion for a moment. She was on a mission with Raion on a patrol. it was successful, but it was a baptism of fire for poor Rangiku. Still, she proved she was reliable in a battle, especially with her sword. She waited for the signal, but she mainly hung back. She might've had one mission under her belt, but she wasn't incinvcible.

"No problem, Chili-san." He replies brightly despite the situation. Nerves were than likely at fault for that. Although it did not show well, Zankuro was more than happy to take the tail end of the group. Considering the limitations imposed by the tunnel, he had all the more reason to stay behind as a last resort. That secret smile of his got quickly wiped away as his gaze drifted back to the others on the team; kids mostly. He looks away from everyone as feelings of shame welled up.
"Aaaagh!" He slaps at both cheeks, then brush at his nose. Perhaps even more startling than the abrupt display for those that new the Sarutobi well enough is the look of determination and focus usually reservered for much less serious moments. Oh yeah, the rotund chuunin in black and green is so very ready!

Borin and a small group of Iwa ninjas where sent in good faith to show support to both Kumo and Konoha in their time of need. Although not needed Borin was more than happy to bash some skulls. He took in all his friendly people with him and made sure to note their faces. As what followed from here was the deaths of anyone that where the people to his left or right limits. He cracked his knuckles as he released a huge breath of fresh air then from the core of his being he released mist into the space around him. It hardly noticeable at this level however things could change.

In the front, chaos has exploded. Tags and Kunai shot out at everyone there, and it was almost a free for all export for those who were designated to look after another. The barrage was fierce, and the Shinobi in the back can probably hear the fighting. Back here, though, was quiet. The Recluse didn't know about the team back here, assuming the frontal assault was all. That's why they decided to try a flanking maneuver from out their back entrance. Sadly for the enemy, they find themselves jumping into the arms of the joint village forces. "Ge.. Get them!!!" yells one who is apparently the leader, and a barrage of Kunai and explosive tags come to meet the Shinobi in short order.

Bolt just has time to sniff the ground and then says in Inuzuka language, ~They're coming! Get ready!~ Kaido puts us a shield of Wind to block the kumai and then moves like the wind to avoid the explosive tag and calls back, "Evade and Attack! Left and right flanks, form up and cut them down. Zankuro circle around and hit them from behind, the rest of us are going to control the center and see to it they don't get away." With that, he puts on his gas mask and launches a very powerful poison bomb attack to try and kill or disable as many as possible.

Tatsuo was totes ready, or at least he thought he was. He was just a tad too slow in finishing his seals and is hit by a kunai in the arm, causing him to wince in pain. But it doesn't stop him from reacting still and he manages to avoid the exploding tag by leaving a clone in his place, one that turns into a puddle of water after the explosion. Tatsuo is nearby and finishes forming yet more seals before throwing a hand into the air, creating needles of water that start to rain down on some of the men that came out of the cave. Only after he's sure they're kept busy does he pull the kunai out of his arm and let it drop to the ground, trying to ignore the blood for the moment.

Shinobu's eyes flicker up in alarm, and then she sees the barrage of weapons coming at her. The girl ducks and weaves to avoid the incoming attacks, avoiding them for the most part. Thankfully, everyone else seems to have shielded her, so she's able to focus on casting a genjutsu. The Recluse would find themselves surrounded by wolves, then the vicious canines would attack, seeking to kill the Recluse and send them off to the void.

Isamu ducks to stay close to Kaido, even as the exploding kunai are launched at them. He was lucky not to have been targeted, really. Looking over at Tatsuo and Shinobu, he noticed them already fighting back. Well, that was great for them… THEY knew things like ninjutsu and genjutsu. Isamu would have to be up close to the enemy in order to do anything.. and Kaido would never allow it. Isamu huffed in frustration as he stayed low, waiting for an opportunity to be of use to the team.

Asato's eyes flicked up as the Recluse forces prepared their attack, the kunai flying at them from every direction. Nodding to Raion, Asato swiftly unfurls one of his scrolls from his vest and activates it with a rush of chakra, sending a flurry on senbon needles out to scatter over the enemy. It was a small attack, but widespread enough to hopefully do some damage and slow the attacks long enough to get closer and do some REAL damage. "Ranged first, Raion," he cautions, wanting to disable them before rushing in for the close-range attack. They would take less damage that way, and have more success. "Do you have any? If not, we team up with the kunoichi and take them down together."

Hanami gets a sense of something up as the barrage descends upon them. Wind with her step she tries moving out of the way but maybe because of just so many projectiles, so many people, or just skill she takes a kunai to her shoulder. Biting back the pain she twists and dances out of the way of an incoming explosive tag, her right arm uninjured she quickly removes the kunai before letting fly her own wind laced kunai at the enemy, aiming for serious damage definitely not fooling around.

Nozomi was ready for the attacks, and determined to do better than before. Her new flute is brought up to her lips as she starts to play one of her new battle songs which is intended to both inspire greatness while allowing her a chance to use her abilities. She sends a sound wave against the incoming kunai and explosive tag which neatly detaches the tag to send it flying harmlessly elsewhere while the kunai is diverted from hitting her. She then starts two short chords of musical refrain, wrapping her chakra into it before sending blasts toward her targets.

Sometimes speed can work against you. In the case of Rangiku, She uses her fast for a gennin speed to avoid the explosive kunai, only to get hit on the shoulder with one of the regular kunai, then another. She grimaces and tugs them out of her shoulder.
She then looks towards some of the approaching recluse and, being one of the swordplay variety, Rangiku attempts to cut them down with three quick slashes with her sword, so quick that the naked eye might not even register her drawing the sword.

"Well, this is unexpected." Zankuro admits, sweatdropping lightly. Before he can make some crack to hopefully defuse the situation, and maybe even weedle in some deal to keep the death toll light, the recluse members just /had/ to go and flush that tiny chance down the drain. Not that he didn't expect it, judging by the way he shifted out of the path of the kunai and even leaped before the explosion went off. While still the air, Zankuro dug out a pair of shuriken sent them flying at the necks of the further off enemies, and out of spite, even launched a fire dart into someones eye!

Borin first attempt at dodging failed as he was sure he dodged it but was grazed on the side. Not life threatening he kept pursuit and dodged the next one. He then maneuvered close as he attempted to strike with a shocking swift joint lock method and followed up with a powerful punch made to knock'em back a couple of steps. Borin blood started to boil as things intensified a little bit.

Having sent Borin along with a group ahead, Juudai had decided this was too important to ignore. They aren't slowed today, they will show up on Iwagakure's doorstep before very long. The woman was arriving with a second group who were to fan out further back. They made comment that she should have an escort and she merely glared at them before going ahead. She lit up her cigar and walked toward the battlefield calmly. She had a higher point than one might expect to look down at this back entrance. She wasn't intending to get right involved yet and only watched on as the group attacked. She idly siphons off a bit of smoke before she lets loose a breath and then nods her head, "Ok." She considers the opening group, "Not all that impressive." She then will scale down with a run down into the area where they are fighting and approaches the back of this group calling out, "Who is in charge here?" She doesn't even seem bothered that there's a miniature war happening here.

Raion easily dances out of the way of any attacks sent his way in short graceful movements, and when he hears the call for ranged first, he sighs. Not his specialty, but he does have one thing, he does a few handseals, and then thrusts both hands foward, fingertips pointed at the Recluse, and suddenly sprays the area with tiny bolts of lightning firing from his fingertips, attempting rain down electric pain!… Maybe.

The number of Recluse that found themselves facing the barrage of attacks was impressive. Not all of them could escape unscathed, but a few did. And they started to scramble backwards into their lair. Lightning, water needles, fire, swords, Chakram, sound, poison… They felt completely barraged by this group of Shinobi. But that was only the first wave of attacks. Who knows what the team would get to deal with when the entered the compound?

Kaido calls out, "HOLD FIRE!" as the Recluse retreat into the tunnel. He heard Juudai and removes his gas mask and raises an eyebrow, "I am… and you would be?" He's a bit wary, having never met the Iwa Kage personally. He says, "Ok, we're going into the tunnel, mind what I said before… no area attacks in the tunnel, it's too dark and enclosed for them, Isamu, you stay next to Raion and Rangiku and do NOT leave their side. The rest of you fan out and try and keep some space so that you can attack.
He removes his chakram and says to Bolt, "Bolt, move out, find me where they are, they're probably waiting in ambush, so try and spring it and get back quickly."

Well that wasn't soo bad, right? They came out, got killed, and fled back inside. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all. Tatsuo worries at his lower lip a bit more as he waits for the word to move on in, giving Kaido a nod in understanding before turning his dark eyes to the cave entrance. At least his kunai wound has stopped bleeding…

Shinobu makes her way toward the middle of the group, ending near Rangiku. The girl sees the injuries, burns and cuts, on the Reizei and pulls out some healing salve and bandages. Once given permission, she would quickly heal Rangiku while on the move before moving with the troupe again, her senses stretching out as she tries to detect any enemy. Kame sniffs around too, ears pricked for anything suspicious.

Isamu swallowed and nodded when Kaido spoke to him, moving quietly over to join Raion as they prepared to move in. Maybe he would get his chance, now… Maybe. He just hoped he wouldn't get killed in the process… Looking up to Raion, he watches the Kumo-nin curiously. He wondered what sort of style he had.. And Rangiku, too. Would he be able to fight effectively alongside them?

Asato nodded, pleased by the retreat. So they were getting scared.. They should be. Clapping Raion on the shoulder, Asato starts to move in, keeping his eyes peeled. As more of a ranged specialist, he would have to work separately from the taijutsuists, this time. He was just waiting for the chance to strike.. Hopefully he could kill a few before they had a chance to attack the others.

Hanami comes to a halt with the others, glancing back at Nozomi and across to Raion and Asato to check on them, "You guys alright?" For her case, she fishes out a bandage and just wraps it around her shoulder wound to help with the bleeding. It hurts, but she'll live. That being taken care of she takes a breath and focuses her senses down the route the enemy retreated to see if she sensed anything.

Nozomi nods toward Hanami as she asks her question. Unfortunately playing a flute is not conducive to speaking as she pitches a low-volume, low note string of music into the tunnel. Her ears listen attentively for the sound of echoes, having long since practice in descerning the difference between not only echoes and her own sounds, but different echo patterns.

Rangiku winces as she feels someone bandage her up. "Ow. Thanks, Shinobu." She says with a smile. "It's going to take a lot more of those though." she then lowers her sword a bit. "and I'm sorry about yelling at you the other day. I shouldn't have, but I'm just….a little wary of Genjutsu. So you startled me a bit." She then smiles a bit brighter to Shinobu. "You're allowed to…."

It takes a surprising amount of willpower not to crack a oke at Kaido's orders. So much in fact, Zankuro has to look away from the others, and shield his mouth as he bit down on his lips. As soon as urge leaves his system, it is back to being mr. serious again, accessing the damages and making sure none of the downed recluse weren't getting back up again any time soon. At least one corpse is sealed up inside the giant scroll he carries before the Sarutobi truly has a mind for anything else truly.
"Wait, who is he—Oh! Well… Okay, things might just be easier." He says offhandily after catching sight of the Tsuchikage. Ignoring certain temptations, Zankuro moves on after the rest with hopefully bandit (who he utterly forgot earlier) at his side. "Psst! You guys see'n that too?" He asks once they are closer to the tunnel.

Borin stop his assault for two reasons first being ordered and second his kage showed up with a smile he joined her side. Once the second wave of orders came out his did his part scanning what he could with his natural senses. Being clanless sucked at times however he trained himself to peak physical condition and with that he spotted a light coming from up ahead. For now he whispered it to Juudai and made a mental note, either case his guard was up and ready just incase someone got stupid.

LOoking at the others, Juudai hmms and then looks to Kaido, "I am Toujitakumi Juudai, Tsuchikage of Iwagakure and I have arrived to help." She nods her head and then looks into the cave as they move. Her eyes scan ahead as she spots something in the distance, "Definitely light ahead." She states quietly and then looks to the others here. She glances to Borin and nods to him. She then will go back to Kaido, "Continue your leadership role. I'll simply be back up for this." She nods again.

Bolt breaks off from Kaido and creeps carefully into the tunnel as Kaido motions the group forwards and motions them to be quiet and use hand signals to communicate and to give each other and those ahead room to maneuver. He moves first, staying slightly ahead and to the side of Raion, Rangiku and Isamu. Bolt's nose is down near the ground trying to look for the ambush. Kaido risks a glance behind and inclines his head as Juudai introduces herself and focuses on the task at hand. He makes hand signals to Bandit, who motions back with his paw that there's no one behind them.
With that worry off of his mind he continues on, reaching into his vest for what looks to be a tube filled with weird slightly glowing liquid. he carefully wraps a handkerchief around it so that only a sliver of the soft light can be seen and shakes it, making the liquid glow enough to be able to give off enough light that he and the CQC lead group can see to fight.

Tatsuo makes his way after the others, dark eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness of the cave as they start making their way through. His body is tense and he tries to keep an eye on his team mates as well as he can through the darkness. His poor lower lip is going to have a hole chewed through it by the end of the day at this rate as he keeps worrying at it with his teeth. He steps as carefully and quietly as he can, seeing what little he can see as the wound in his arm slowly closes up…

Shinobu has a sharp nose, and she can smell something… Odd. The girl uses her genjutsu to alert Kaido that there is something wrong with the floor and the walls, from what she can tell. They smelled wrong. The girl was honestly ready to bolt, and if she weren't in the middle of the whole group with Kaido a few feet in front, she probably would be in a tree or behind a boulder far far away. Kame continues to creep beside her partner, nose to the ground and ears perked. A soft growl forms in the young pup's throat, but she swallows it to try and stay stealthy.

Isamu stuck close, peering into the darkness. He couldn't see anything, especially around the tall people.. But Kaido-sensei was on the lookout, and so were his nin-ken. So they would know something was coming before it hit them…

Asato stood just inside the tunnel alongside Kaido, noticing the faint glow of light in the distance and nodding to him. His glow-stick helped illuminate the pathway some, at least. Asato kept his senses peeled, in case anything would be heading their way, preparing himself for an amubush. He turned to Raion, as well as to Nozomi and Hanami, giving them each a thumbs up of encouragement, and a pointing finger ahead, telling them silently to keep their eyes peeled. They would be ready.

Hanami takes a moment, senses casted out. She gets something back, nothing too specific but it's something at least. To the others she says quietly, "I'm getting a sense of ten chakra signatures up ahead. Can't tell anything else, so don't even know if they're all human or not. But then we know they're in there, so yeah.." she shrugs and roll her shoulders with a wince before continuing on. Inside the tunnel she casts her chakra out into the air to get a sense of anythng immediate especially hopefully traps or such things. It's not a huge area, but should be large enough to sense around them especially in the confined space.

Nozomi frowns as she picks up nothing, but listens when others pick up things. She continues to try though by sending out another charkra-infused wave of sound while straining to listen for returning sounds. Still, she's ready to attack at the first inkling of trouble.

Rangiku, still quite wounded and holding her side, hangs back. At least she's not bleeding heavily anymore.

Zankuro trails behind, keeping low if only for the sake of having a headstart on ducking any head chopper traps. Yes, he was well aware of the Recluses fondess for seals, but it /could/ still happen! "Ten? Hmmm…. Not nearly enough unless…" He trails off from there, silenting considering the implications of the news.

Borin attempted once more in scouting and his efforts paid off be was a little bit better and smells and sounds where flooding his ear and nose canals he smirked as he took in a breath this time he would be emitting more mist than before. It appears his hunches where right on the money there where more going on then meets the eye. He stay in step with Lady Tsuchikage.

Looking at the group, Juudai considers the area ahead and then she looks to Kaido, "We should truly split up if possible." She nods her head, "We are walking down a corridor of death." She then looks to the others behind her befor elooking ahead, "Do we have anyone who can move through the earth?" She then looks ahead carefully, watching and waiting for any traps that may or may not and probably are ahead.

Raion and Pansa both follow behind Asato, and look around, listening as well. Both of them ALSO further enhance their hearing by focusing chakra into their ears, giving them an insane clarity of auditory perception, to the point of echo-location being a possibility. He smiles at Asato's sign of praise before getting right back to it. His naturally good eyes spot the same light as Asato. His enhanced ears hear the movement of ten people as well. "I hear ten people moving." Raion mutters quietly to everyone. Confirming what Hanami said. Something is in there alright… He keeps his ears charged with chakra, to keep listening for trouble.

Toshio been busy watching everything. Since arriving he focuses his chakra and straightens out his new shirt which was no different then his old shirt except the back had the symbol of the Uchiha clan. His blue-green eyes then turn red and gains a single tomoe, indicating the genin was indeed one of those wily Uchiha.

The first sign of trouble is quick to come. Bolt had strayed a bit too far ahead, perhaps not even heeding the warning that Shinobu had given them earlier. The ground suddenly crumbles below the pup's feet, dropping Bolt into a hole in the ground for the time being if he doesn't escape in time. That seemed to trigger another trap, as a barrage of poisonous needles suddenly shot out at the group, especially near the front. Kaido, Shinobu, Raion, Asato, and Rangiku would get the brunt of the attacks, though a few would slip through and strike at those that tried to stay back.

Kaido has just enough warning to say, "It's a trap!" as he puts up a shield of wind to try and block the needles, it doesn't work as well as he would like but his concentration was on grabbing Bolt and pulling him back up and hisses, "Bub…" He winces as the poison bites into him. He says quickly to Juudai, "Bad idea, we split up they could flank us, I don't want any of them getting away. He considers the tunnel… and says, "Ok, if that's the way you want to play."

Tatsuo takes note of the few late arrivals but his attention is much more of where they're going in the dark area. As people talk about seeing lights ahead he squints his eyes a bit but fails to really make much out. One of the bad parts of being shorter and stuck in the middle. Oh well. His ears catch the sound of ground giving way ahead followed by the obvious hissing of pain coming at them. Water is pulled from a small pool nearby in the cave and flys in front of the boy to knock the danger away. They must've set that trap after retreating back through. That's not nice.

Shinobu blinks a bit when suddenly poison needles come at her. Her eye tracks a few, and she's able to move just enough to avoid the attacks. Then she notices Rangiku is about to get hit, and Kame tackles into the Reizei. The pup yelps as a poisonous needle strikes her side, and Shinobu's eye shows fear as her partner is struck. She quickly tries to bandage up her ninken, wrapping some bandages around her while Kame growls. The pup may have been hit, but she's not out!

Isamu ducks when thinsg seem to be flying through the air and people are getting hurt. Dang it! He can't do anything against stuff like that! Huffing a frustrated growl, Isamu's eyes blaze down the tunnel where he knew the bad guys were hiding. "Cowards!" he shouts out, remembering only afterwards that they were supposed to stay quiet, and ducking down again with a hot huff of breath. "Hmph!"

When Asato hears the cracking of earth up ahead, his senses sharpen to detect the needles flying his way, and he swiftly dodges out of their path, a bit of nervous sweat falling at his brow as he looks around, noticing the sounds of people who have been struck. "Is everyone alright?" he whispers lowly, noticing that Kaido has been hit, as well as the Inuzuka girl's nin-pup. The Chuunin frowns. With sneak attacks like these, things might get tricky…

Nozomi blinks as she sees the senbon heading her way. Luckily she had her flute in position to send a shockwave of sound toward the senbon which knocks them off course rather decidedly. She frowns but nods toward Asato, then pauses playing long enough to sing, "They didn't get anywhere near me," in the same tune she was just playing before returning to her flute playing again.

Rangiku is still hanging back from the group. She's probably out of the rest of the fight as well.

"It's a wha—oh!!" is all the time Zankuro has to say anything before being forced to do some rather impressive evasive manuevers just to avoid the needles. By the time all is said and done, the Sarutobi is standing with his legs spread out, head at the side, and arms forming an angle while his palms face forward. It short, it looked as he might fire some sort of laser beam from his forehead or something…
Sighing in relief, Zankuro starts to relax again, but notices something is off with one of the needles that miss. It doesn't take much more than that to realize those that got hit are in trouble. With hardly more than a curt yet quiet warning to Shinobu, the girl is flicked a pill. Could he have given her more of a warning, or perhaps better yet, just asked? Sure! But knowing her the way he did, the process would be far too time consuming for a mission with such high stakes on the line! Plus, he really didn't want to have to try to squeeze past everyone else…

"My point made clear." Juudai states as she simply ignores the incoming needles, or so it seems. A couple simply…seem to bounce right off her skin. It's as if something were there stopping them from even coming in contact with her, "We are sitting ducks in this hallway." She then looks forward and then looks to the others, "I should be put to the lead but again, this is not my mission." She nods her head and then takes a drag from her cigar, "Of course, I could simply go ahead and clear out any possible traps." Juudai takes a breath and then looks forward, "Whatever your decision is, standing in this killing lane is not a good idea."

Toshio gets hit only to poof and become a sandwich. "I guess I am not having my lunch…" He says as the now poisoned food hits the floor. "Kame!" He calls, too late to do anything. He then looks ahead, red eyes staring intently before him. "There are no more traps. No trip wires or anything like that."He says as he studies the area. "If I had come up sooner I probably could have disarmed the trap…" He mutters, blaming himself.

Raion and Pansa both move in graceful fluid movements in response to the needles, Raion does a strange flip, accurately moving his limbs so each avoids the darts entirely before he finally landed, once on the ground, he glances to Pansa, who dodged via dashing and well timed movements as well, and was completely unharmed. Pansa nods to Raion and he returns the nod with a smile and a thumbs up. Raion then looks around at the others with a bit more of a worried expression, before repeating Asato, "Yeah, is everyone alright?"

Hanami moves along, somewhere more in the middle now with the tighter space. So when the attack comes she sees it and has a moment more to react, ducking and weaving gracefully and quickly out of the way. Afterwards it's clear the darts are poisoned by the reaction of the others, sadly she can't do anything about that. Instead she continues to cast her chakra out into the air around them to try and keep alert to any future traps or enemies.

Borin evaded the strikes with easy he was already expecting something like that to happen. He attempted to pour his attention into location of traps and people of they're still around which he knew they had to be. "Where are you so I can bash your skulls in?" Borin cracked his knuckles he came to a stop to get a feel for things.

The Recluse indeed didn't have any more traps. They also didn't have anyone to flank Kaido's group since they were holing up this exit and the front was giving it their all. The ten Recluse members in front of Kaido's team suddenly send out three massive fireballs to overtake the whole group, burning everything in its path. It's only the stone walls that keep the building from collapsing.

Kaido growls, and slaps a hand to Isamu's mouth and turns and glares at him and hisses silently, "You and I will have words later…" He then turns to Juudai and says, "Fine… if you want to go ahead, be my guest…" He's none too keen on this tunnel himself, and then looking around, "Zankuro, you, me, Borin and the Tsuchikage are going forwards." He looks at the rest, "The rest of you are going to stay back and make sure no one that isn't us gets out of this tunnel alive. Mine it with explosives if you have to so that once we come back, we can collapse the tunnel so that no one can use it ever again." He glances at Juudai and says, "Ladies first…" This is one time he seriously agrees with Taiki, the Recluse need to die and it's going to be bloody!
It's then that the volley of fireballs head their way and Kaido says, "EVERYONE DODGE!" He attempts to use the wind to step away from the attack and attempts to jump in front of the attacks towards Shinobu and Isamu and blocks them with the wind.

Tatsuo is squinting into the dark cavern when suddenly it lights up with very bright fireballs heading right for him. The boy lets out a squeak of surprise and is already starting to form seals when Kaido intercepts the thing. His hands remain in place as his mind spins…and then Kaido gets hit by the fireball which causes Tatsuo to wince in sympathy. Alright, it was time to try…something. Taking a deep breath the boy closes his eyes, taking only a second before opening again. They're different, but it's too dark to see at the moment. Instead there's simply a new chakra feeling coming from him as he makes seals once more and calls two lances of pure water out of the air, then flings them down the corridor towards where the fireballs came from.

Shinobu tenses a bit, watching the roaring flames come at her when Kaido smushes her down and takes the flames for her. The heat washes over her and Kame, singing the pup's fur a little bit, and the two look up. When Kaido gets off them, the pair smell something off about Tatsuo. She doesn't spare a glance to the boy, instead following his spear of water with a tsuga. The two are perfectly in sync and they barrel into their attackers, creating the Gatsuga rather than the standard Tsuga.

Isamu felt a heavy hand slamming onto his mouth suddenly, and he looked up to meet Kaido's irritated gaze. Well, bob… Now he would be in trouble later… Sighing a little, Isamu looked away before suddenly, the cave was lighting up with fire! Ducking out of the way, Isamu watched as Kaido-sensei deflected all the fireballs and took them upon himself, and the boy's eyes were filled with awe. Even though he was kind of mean, Kaido-sensei was… really cool.

Asato blinked and growled as the tunnel got filled with fire, getting ready to dodge when Kaido moved in front of the group and took the brunt of the attack. He would have to remember to thank him later. For now, though, he had some scores to settle. Gathering crackling lightning in his fingertips, Asato launched a flurry of lightning needles at the exposed enemies, aiming to take them out one by one. Shit was getting personal…

As the fireball makes its way toward her, Nozomi offers a silent prayer that her defenses would withstand it even as she's moulding the chakra. The sound wave goes out just before something large and unfamiliar slams down in front of her. She blinks for a moment then starts to mould chakra again. Enough of this billy, it's time to return fire… or sound. The volume of her music gets louder as she focuses chakra into her attack before sending out a burst of sound, intent on vibrating her attack to death.

At Kaido's orders, Zankuro simply nodded curtly and began making his way forward when things got hectic. Dodge? Kaido obviously did not know Zankuro all that well, because it should've been more like "Everyone! Get behind Fatty!". Or at least, something along those lines, eliciting a great deal of annoyance from the rotund teen after the flames were dealt with. Instead, he's left to his own devices which ultimately entailed hurriedly bringing that scroll of his about and summoning a giant tower shield. Unfortunately, all that rushing meant Nozomi would go unprotected, but at least Rangiku and Bandit are safe!
And just like that, the now scorched shield is gone. "Sorry bout this milady~ But I'm gonna need this again." He flashes a smile at Rangiku as he rolled his scroll again. "Psst! Kai, catch." He calls out, flicking a pill in the head honcho's direction, trusting the man to not need same treatment as Shinobu.

A nod is given to Kaido and Juudai nods her head, "Thank you." She then takes up her cigar in hand as she walks into the room. SHe arches a brow at the incoming attacks and places the cigar back in her mouth. She walks right through the incoming fireballs. Seemingly, she passes through them unscathed, shaking her head as she does, "What is this? Your boss has left you lot with the sadness of covering the rear?" She looks around, her jacket wafting slightly behind her as more attacks go off. She glances as others fly by, attacking at random. She takes a breath, "Cry for your misfortune." She closes her eyes, "Bakuton." An odd wind whips up around her as her hair seems to suddenly be moving in its own breeze, "I'm going to kill you in a humiliating and slow way." She raises up a single hand and creates a gun with it before saying, "Zap." And a shot of electricity leaps from her hand toward her target, then she aims at another, and another. Each one untargeted so far by others. She then looks back, "Borin, come clean up these fools." She then starts ahead, walking past the targets, "I'm going to take a look around farther ahead and see if perhaps this place has more to offer."

Raion sees the fireball coming and reacts quickly, for some reason his first instinct is to help someone else, while Pansa's is to actually avoid it himself. Raion immediately slides over with extreme speed and grabs her, pushing her against the wall before trying to avoid the ball of fire himself, but even with his speed, he still gets burned. He does however manage to sslightly lessen the damage done to him by quickly slamming himself against the wall beside Hanami. "Ow." The impact against the wall seems to have caused Raion to stun himself for the time being, so he didn't attack.

Toshio tries to replace himself once more with the sandwich but instead, the sandwich, being a kage level sandwich, switches with him and causes him to be blasted back. Toshio groans and grins. "Thats no fire ball…" He says as he forms the seals and breathes out a great fireball out to get all the recluse, and hopes everyone dodges out of the way. "Thatsa fireball!" He yells out.

Hanami sees the tunnel burning bright, the chakra was easy to sense along with the burned air that comes back to her on her senses. Wind with her, she's about to dodge when Raion comes in knocking her against the wall and out of the way. Admittedly part of her initial reaction is to thump him, but he did save her the trouble at least and made the effort to protect her. He was on her team and all, so no thumping. Plus he was already hurt, so she just gives him a nod, "Thank you Raion. Gonna have to add that to your list of things to get revenge on the Recluse for." That's all the time she has though, time to get back on the offensive. With a pat on an uninjured shoulder she turns from Raion and takes off, sighting three Recluse ahead her wind kunai fly from her hand in a blur, curving to not hit people. Oh and the big fireball from their side.

A smirk graced Borin face as he spotted the origin of the fireball he lazily swayed under the ball as well as advanced his forward progress. Blurring passed the others to once again attempt to neutralize the target(s) in question. Slamming his foot into the ground he put all of his hulky body into the power crushing fist bomb he even twisted his hips to add an extra power behind it whoever or whomever took this would feel it…even in the afterlife.

With the barrage of attacks, a barrier of seals forms in front of the group of Recluse. It's strong enough to stop some, but not all attacks. Everyone gets to do their share of the damage, hopefully, minus one or two folk. Borin's strike is probably the most important next to Kaido's, as the poison gas and the shockwave of chakra wash over every one of the Recluse members, they find themselves stuck in their place and unable to move.

Kaido then says, "Alright, they're not going anywhere… PULL BACK! We're going to blow the tunnel, we'll let the rubble finish them off." He motions everyone back out of the tunnel and waits until everyone's cleared and then tosses an explosive tag to the charges set and a huge explosion rips through the opening. It was strong enough to set a bit of the mountainside to avalanche down over the cave opening and seal it for good, probably crushing the Recluse inside.

Tatsuo watches some of his water lance break through and he's quite satisfied with that. In fact as far as this mission goes they've all done a good job so far as he can tell. And this was not an easy task either, these people were…vicious. And evil. Tatsuo blinks over to Kaido when his sensei orders their retreat and he turns to run out with the others, his eyes returning to normal as well as his chakra. Once out he looks around to make sure there's no baddies waiting for them, then looks back to the cavern as it explodes. Light show!

Shinobu feels her sharpened nails scrape a recluse member or two, but then she and Kame are falling back, scrambling out of the tunnel to follow Kaido's orders. She doesn't seem to have any nervousness in her eye, the heat of battle erasing hesitation. Eventually she skids to a halt, feeling more tired than she ever had in her whole life (minus a few years)… Kame is flopped beside her, by the pup at least glances behind her.

Isamu scrambled to escape before Kaido blew the tunnel, staring wide-eyed at the loud KABOOM that followed. "… Wow," he whispered, hardly believing that he had gotten out of there alive. His first real battle! (and he didn't even have to fight!) He was feeling like the luckiest kid alive.. But at the same time, there was something weighing on his chest about the whole thing, and he couldn't understand why.

Asato skids out of the tunnel just in time, standing back and watching it collapse with a satisfied sigh of relief. That was it for them… He glances over to his team. Raion, Hanami, Nozomi… They had all done so well. He wondered if it showed in his eyes, just how proud he was of them. "Chuunin in the making," says to the group with a light chuckle. He was just glad that they could put all of this behind them.

Nozomi hears the order and obeys instantly, speeding out of the tunnel as fast as she can go. She does stumble a couple of times but manages to stay upright. But when the blast occurs it shakes the ground so badly she falls down on her rump. AFter a moment she stands back up and dusts herself off, with a look that says, 'I meant to do that.' "Good riddance to bad rubbish," she tries to tell herself.

Zankuro doesn't need to be told twice! The only thing keeping the rotund Chuunin from showing the others what true life perserving speed looks like is some hesitance on his part making sure Rangiku is ready to move. With or without the Kumo-nin in tow, the man takes off, and hits the outside path skidding for a foot before a stray rock decided to teach him a lesson about cause and effect. Once Zankuro's down, nothing short of a warning that they /still/ need to move further away gets him back up. "Ugh…. This… had better be… the last of'em." He states breathily from the ground.

"A seal barrier? A good one, too." Juudai nods and then sighs, "Can't be helped then." She then looks back and starts to exit. Even as the others are exiting, she is as well. She then looks at the explosion as she walks out, "I could have saved you the explosives." She nods her head and then shrugs, "Either way, I believe this has been dealth with so I will be on my way."

Toshio acts as the seal barrier blocks his fireball. When the plan comes to blow the things up about them, he groans. "This is very sloppy, they could survive. It is better to make sure that they are dead." Toshio says but he does run when it comes time to run. When the explosions happen and everyone seems pleased, he looks to Zankuro. "I hope we dont got to del with them because if they didnt die, they will be awfully battletoaded for blowing them up." He says to Zankuro

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