Ave Chitsujyo


Shuuren (as Tadashi), Suterusu (as Banshi), Masanori (as Burakkumaku)

Date: April 17, 2013


With the death of a respected associate, a certain establishment Tadashi admired has gone into to shambles and been overrun by thugs. He and two of the Chitsujyo members go to re-establish order and clean things up.

"Ave Chitsujyo"

An island far east of the Land of Water

It has come to Tadashi's attention that a certain underground gladiator-style arena's condition has begun to go downhill. While he respected its original owner, the man who took over in his stead has turned it from a well-made establishment to a place run ragged with low-class thugs. Due to this, the Chitsujyo leader has decided it's time that he take it over and bring it back up to speed to what it once was and better.

As his ship pulls into the dock at the island where the arena is, the masked man pulls a lever to drop the anchor. A shadow clone of him leaps off the side of the ship to tie it off at the dock. Once the ship is secure, it disappears with a puff of smoke. In the distance through the woods on the island, one can see the lights of a small bandit town built around the arena. "Shall we go set things in order then?" Tadashi's inflectionless voice ringsout from behind his mask as he looks at the town from his place at the helm of the ship. "Wait for my signal before you act. There are certain ones we may need to keep alive to operate the place once the transition is over." With that, he leaps into movement through the trees toward the arena.

Masanori was at ease on ships. He spend a majority of his life on them. He was slightly suprised to meet Suterusu on the ship. But didn't say a word. He was free to slip out of Kiri whenever he pleased, and it was no issue for him to discreetly leave during the pitch black night. "Blood." Is a word that rings through his head, while he puts his hand in a water bottle by his head. "You'll get yours." He whispers to no one in particular.

When they arrived he blinks at he sees the shadow-clone. Something he has never seen before. "I have procured some research on my abilities in Kirigakure." He says faintly to Tadashi, before he goes on the move, giving him a small nod to confirm he understood the order. "I will only kill by your will." He simply states while staying a few inches behind Tadashi. He saw Suterusu fight, and knows for a fact he doesn't want to get into a fight with that guy. "I will explain what I have learned later. I think I understand the dripping." He states, focussing his chakra to keep the drip from happening now, so it won't give away their position. "Or at least, found its origins." Remaining hidden for now between the thick canopy.

That figure was simply another shadow among the many that a ship would have when travelling at night. As they approached, he left the shadows carefully, always aware as an assassin would be, of those surroundings. Gathering himself, those red eyes stared at Masanori for a long moment, before looking to Tadashi. When the order is given the figure would simply nod and as they move, he did too, blending into the surroundings as completely as one that could literally meld into the surroundings did. Focusing and gathering himself, that energy was already in place, the sensory ability ranging to gather information and preparing for the signal from Tadashi. Afterall, that is what he was there for. The silent death that comes from no where.

"Oh? We'll have to go over that later when we have time. Sounds interesting. I can probably help you come up with a way to stop it. Also I need you to pick a code name for yourself to be known by in the Chitsujyo so you're not easy to track from either side," Tadashi states with a glance to Masanori before pushing on ahead toward the town. As they approach, the roar of a crowd can be heard alongside the clanking of metal against metal as a pair of men fight in the ring. He brings a hand up once they reach they edge of the treeline and stops while giving this signal for the other two to stop as well.

Once they've come to a halt, he removes a glove then moves his hands through a set of seals, biting his them and placing his hand on the tree branch he stands on. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu," he says quietly. While no loud bangs or smoke rings out, three black creatures rise out of the shadows and make their way into the building ahead of them. In a low tone, he says to Masanori, "Once they're locked in Genjutsu, kill only the two men in the ring. Banshi will create a mesh shield momentarily to keep anyone from striking back until I've spoken." From inside the arena, confused voices begin to question what's going on as the two gladiators battling inside the ring suddenly freeze and fall to their knees, shaking with fear. That turns into shocked sounds and screams as the bloodlust of the Hitokage begins to fill the building as they step forth from the shadows. "Move."

"Burakkumaku" ((Translation: 'black-mark')) He says simply while he stops at the treeline. He doesn't know what a genjutsu is. Only recently being hit by one… and that wasn't pretty. He nods though with a smirk. "Hai." He confirms while jumping off the tree, easily matching the speed of a fast jounin. Appearing in the ring in a flash, theatrically sliding the scythe off his back, dancing a few slow circles with it while approaching the middle, the blade sheering past the neck and throat of one of the two combatants, his head sliced clean off, which Masanori catches, holding it up while displaying it to the crowd. His scythe glowing a deeper silver while the blood swirls up instead of dripping down, draining into the decorative skull. He stands there, crossing his arms after he slid the scythe back onto his back, trusting Tadashi completely on this one. Waiting for the shield to come up, not even blocking potential counter attacks.

When the motion was given for the movement, he had moved. Already in under the surface of that ring when Masanori appeared within it. Spooling wire outward from where he was at, it'd slowly wrap about the ring, further and further, the chaos making the steel snake go un-noticed as it'd wrap about the ring. Once the death was done, that blood absorbed by Masanori, the wire shifted, twisting and bending it'd move upward, raising in that wide dome over the ring. Sure, there might be spaces people could still attack through, but it'd take a careful action to get to it and those shadow clones that the figure was so well versed in, were already in the crowd, hiding, preparing for anyone who might be taking aim at the dome and removing them cleanly.

With one man in the center down and the cage up, the Kage-like ability of the masked man known as Tadashi is shown as he appears from seemingly nowhere in the center of the ring, a few feet away from Burakkumaku. "So this is what this place has been reduced to," his inflectionless voice rings out as he looks up at all the thugs and bandits staring down at them. "From a wealthy establishment run with class to being overrun with this filth." He shakes his head in disappointment, letting out a sigh before turning into a roundhouse powerful enough that one can literally hear the remaining combatant's chest cavity shattering into itself as he falls to his back for the light to go out of his eyes. "We will correct this with our own hands. If you wish to resist, you may come at us, but I warn you… I do not give second chances to those who choose death." With that, he lifts his hand to signal Banshi. "Open a few doors in the shield so that those who wish to keep this place the way it is may fight for it." That said, he takes a step out and stretches a bit before assuming a rather relaxed stance. Time for him to test his abilities since he's recovered and regained them fully.

Masanori simply waited and gazed as Tadashi appeared next to him. Crushing the combatant's chest… impressive, but nothing special is what he though. Following Tadashi curiously as he speaks. Smiling at himself while he reaches into his belt, sliding out two flat balls, holding then patiently, waiting for whatever comes through, along with waiting on Tadashi to give him the specific order to attack. Relatively relaxed himself, going back into his cocky stance with his arms crossed while dropping the head onto the floor. Placing his foot onto it while slowly pressing down, the sound of a skull slowly crushing resonating through the arena. "I can't wait.." He hisses, while gazing around, smiling behind his mask. Tar slowly dripping down from his body and pooling around him.

That figure, shadow clones and non would stay hidden. The simple response from Tadashi's request, hand signal and words, would be the mesh of wires moving, altering in their format to allow two entrances, on opposite sides of each other. The entire gridwork of wires weaved back and forth against each other, tightening the rest of the dome so that the only way to enter was via those two points.

As the men in the stands murmur amongst themselves about what to do, Tadashi takes the opportunity to reach into his coat and withdraw a golden food pill with 'EII' inscribed on it and slide it under his mask into his mouth to chew and swallow it, and suddenly the presence of his chakra would increase quite a bit. "This is probably overkill," he says with a chuckle as the thugs and bandits finally begin to pour out of the entrances down into the ring, along with the doors for the gladiators opening for a few dozen of them to run out under their masters' commands to face the crew of black-adorned shinobi. "The foundation for the new rise of this place will be lain over your broken bodies," he says before moving into an insane blur of movement to begin striking them down one after another. Of course, some of the men would find extreme hindrance as they come through, as the Hitokage create horrific illusions of the area being flooded with lava and such for them to watch and help keep their number manageable. Not that they need the help, but having a plan of combat is always best. This is hardly more than a mere exercise for Burakkumaku to begin to combatively sync with Tadashi and Banshi to prepare this squad for situations like this against real soldiers and shinobi.

Masanori waits a moment untill the pouring starts. Since Tadashi chooses to slaughter them he sees no harm in joining in the fun. He presses each ball in his hand, blades slipping out of the foreign Shuriken, before he throws them both at two people who were about to smack Tadashi from behind, both of them hit in their spines, dropping motionless, unable to finish their attack, before Masanori slides out his scythe, breathing out before the weapon dances around his body. He slowly picks up speed with the swings, the blade defensively rolling over his body, anyone trying to get close gets dismembered brutally. Before he dashes into a group, careful not to get too close to Tadashi, covering his flanks mostly while sheering through the group. As if slaughtering flocking lambs.

While the black figures that had been summoned by Tadashi might be doing some genjutsu to maintain the flow, that figure would have his own method of controlling people. More wire spooled out, the gathering people having that razor wire moving among them as they tried to rush the stage. He was focused and the four of him in unison would do that set of seals. Finally planting hands to the ground to have spiked wires surge out of the ground around those whom would fight, wrapping about limbs, throats, heads, anywhere those wires could reach. A very small area about Masanori and Tadashi was safe. That of course being a relative term as that put whomever tried to be in there in direct confrontation with the two killers. That figure's own ability was more reserved for someone strong, or a leader.. But it'd also take time and with this simple of a fight, most likely would not happen here.

Out of the chaos of the situation as more of the men flick into the mess, Tadashi unravels a scroll, and what one might think are a pair of clones appear in front of him and begin to fight the steadily falling bandits and thugs alongside him and Masanori. One might think these were shadow clones the way this is done, yet, when a couple hits land, they merely continue fighting. As they fight with the fervency of actual combatants and not mere clones, one might get the feeling Tadashi is testing out a new trick he's had up his sleeve. Between this and the Hitokage, one might wonder if he's not preparing himself to be able to summon a small platoon to his aid at any moment. These combined with the efforts of Burakkumaku and Banshi leave slim to no hope for these men to survive… Leaning more toward the no hope side.

As Masanori gets confronted by three people he chuckles. "Come on.." he hisses at them while putting his scythe behind his back, making a seal before two mirror images of him pop out of his waist, the siamese-clones start fighting the two at the flank while he himself works on beating up the guy in the middle, a minute later those three gladiators fall down, half drowned and blinded by tar while both the copies chuckles and dissipate, splashing puddles of tar onto the ground. Masanori then turns around, dodging a blow to his head by sliding into the ground a few inches, in truth his legs became a small tar pool, before he comes up for a skull crushing uppercut.

The figure didn't bother to aid in the actual melee combat. If his aid was needed in there.. well, he wouldn't be working for Tadashi if it was actually needed in there. Either way, the figure waited and watched, honing down the already thinned down group to a few at a time, most of them laced with cuts across their entire body as they'd break free of razor wire that surrounded the dome they fought in. His attention was focused on any would be more determined assaults, or anything ranged. Those whom did not charge the dome but would attempt to attack it from outside of the dome would be silenced, quickly and efficently.

The new forms of Tadashi continue to fight alongside Masanori, brutally taking down any in close proximity or in their path. As more corpses fall, however, one might notice that one of the figures has disappeared. Up in the stands, one of the Tadashis would appear with his hand around the throat of the bandit leader who took over this place when the original owner died, the employees in a panic around him. "Let me make it clear how it's going to be. This man never existed. This establishment will grow richer, and anyone who asks will be told that you still work for your previous employer, whose death had been only a rumor. If you ever so much as think about crossing me, one of my associates down there will come obliterate you before you have the chance. Follow my rules, and you will have wealth, peace, and order, rather than your demise, for I am the one who will rule the darkness to bring order to the light." With that, he squeezes to crush the man's throat in on itself with a sickening gurgle and series of pops before tossing his corpse aside like a piece of trash. "Such is the fate of those who defy order." With that, he disappears, reappearing downstairs to watch Masanori and the two images of him finish off the remaining dozen or so thugs.

Burakkumaku looks at Tadashi idly while comically punching down the remaining few bandits coming at him. Not even looking at them as he disposes off them. Gazing at the progression in awe. "Impressive." He hisses, grabbing his scythe and slowly passing past the crowd, dragging it through the blood while the blade sharpens naturally. A sinister chakra emitting from it now, strong enough for sensory nin who pick up chakra to pick it up. He then crosses his arms and waits for further instructions.

As combat faltered, then died off completely, the wire mesh would finally start to unwind itself, revealing the pile of bodies that were being quickly devoid of blood as that chakra from Burakkumaku absorbed it in. It was an interesting note to the figure, one he would not forget any time soon, but ultimately unimportant. The wire withdrew like it was never there, one of those figures, rather the clone or not known only to him, would emerge out of the ground next to Tadashi. That soft tenor voice would croon quietly. "All hostiles accounted for." The figure stayed kneeling there, red eyes alert as it'd stare at it's surroundings. It wasn't exactly submissive, simply waiting. Ready for the next order of business, one way or another.

Once the combat is finished, Tadashi opens his scroll once again, and the two images of him disappear with a puff of smoke. "Good work," he says with a nod to both Banshi and Burakkumaku. "Your payment will be ready when we dock again on the way back. Burakkumaku, you are dismissed to the ship. Banshi, dispatch clones and check for any more hostiles within the village before making your way back." Looking back up to the workers, he says, "You will begin clean up in the morning. I'll have some of my employees come give you a hand in rebuilding what was lost in this mess."

Masanori nods, and with that … he's gone.. leaving a small puddle of tar. He's seated with his legs crossed on the boat, waiting for the rest to arrive.

That figure nodded in response and the figure was gone. Melting back into the ground. Mass combat? not his job. Search and destroy? That was absolutely his job. The figure flickering through the village as the rumor of the chaos at the games spread. Any who saught to oppose the new Order? They were systematically studied, then destroyed. A simple unmarked kunai that would generally pierce clean through their chest from out of the shadows, resulting in a pierced heart slamming into a surface behind the target and their final thoughts of 'what was that?' generally etched into their face.

And thus Order has come to another place… Fade to black.

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