Awakening of a Hidden Power


Atorei, Hige, Rockpath (as Masa), Zori

Date: February 20, 2015


Some Silence goons had broken away from the main group, and Konoha shinobi are sent to deal with them. The team works together to defeat the bad guys, but at a high cost.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Awakening of a Hidden Power"

Land of Fire

Some mercenaries have broken off from the silence groups and are causing havoc in the land of Fire's port city. They're disrupting the flow of goods and stealing cargo outright. A group has been dictated to be formed and seek out these mercenaries to be removed from the docks and stop the siege on the imports and exports.
Atorei, in the open for once instead of hiding, was waiting at the front gate semi-patiently for when everyone else would show up, unless of course those better than him was there already. Either way, he didn't have anything excessive with him, but those who knew the genin would know that didn't necessarily mean anything. Atorei has a new pair of gloves on, still fingerless and the coat he's got about his form seems different, a bit longer maybe, or maybe he's a bit taller? It'd be hard to tell for sure either way.

Hige arrives with Konsho, dropping down from above in front of Atorei and giving the other Genin a wave before running his hands through his hair. "Hey Atorei, how's it going?" He asks while Konsho yips his own greeting. He looks around to see who else may have arrived before looking back to Atorei, "So what's going on anyways?"

Kanabe Masakunio is apparently the guy who is in charge of leading this mission. The Chuunin has his sword at his side and is eager to get moving. "… Hige…" He greets, dipping his head a bit as he realizes that their last meeting didn't go so well. He doesn't know Atorei, at least, and he nods in greeting. "I'm Kanabe Masakunio. Masa for short. You?" he directs to the Uchiha.

Zori arrives with a sudden drop from the sky. Landing nearby Hige he waves to him. Glancing around he notices Hige wasnt the only one here. There were other Genins here as well. "Came to give a helping hand i presume?" is said to Hige. Moving his arm down, hand stretched out towards Konsho. Zori smiles as he plans to pet the dogs head softly. After that turning his attention back over to other group greeting them with a wave he says "Hey there".

Atorei yelps and falls over backwards as Hige and Zori drop out of the sky. Scrambling back on hands and feet, he'd crab crawl backwards, only to run into the gate. A small whimper is given as he'd slowly get to his feet while staring at the others. "aahh.. h-h-hai.. I'm.. uh.. U-Uchiha Atorei.. uh.. hi.." Shaking his head a little, Atorei would peer upwards, was there anyone else coming down at them? Sure hoped not, that was quite upsetting!

"Calm down Atorei." Hige says with a chuckle as he turns to look at the others as they arrive, giving a nod of greeting to each in turn. The Inuzuka glances back at Zori and nods, "I just go where I'm told pretty much. So here I am." The boy gives a light shrug before going towards Atorei to try and drag him back away from the gate. "You really need to work on that Atorei. It's not like we were trying to be quiet ot anything." He chuckles softly.

Masa can't help but wonder why the heck Konoha has genin that are hiding. Wasn't the whole purpose of the villages to train shinobi? He sighs a bit. And it's the Uchiha that's being chicken, too… "Alright… So, we've got Hige… Atorei…. I'm Masa…" He gives a small nod. "Well, once everyone is all set… I hope you are ready to take down some bad guys."

Zori shakes his head while walking up to Atorei. "Are you really that scared?" Stopping just in front of the Uchiha, he extends out his arm closing his fist pointed at his direction. Zori wants him to give him Dap. "Dont worry were all in this together"

Atorei stares at Zori and his fist pointed in his direction. Great.. was he going to hit Atorei? Shifting to the side a little, he'd almost cling to Hige's back, without actually touching him, to go around Zori and start for the road. "Ahh.. H-hai, Masa-san. I.. uh.. will.. help.. with.. the bad guys and stuff.." He shoved his hands into his pockets as he'd wait for the others to start along the road as well.

The path to the port was fairly uneventful, resulting in them getting there about 2 hours before nightfall. While the port itself was still quiet busy, there were areas outside of the city itself that seem occupied as well, potentially including the mercenaries they were sent after.

Hige snickers softly when Atorei pretty much just ignores Zori's scary fist and Hige pushes the fist away. "See, not everyone likes you Zori. You can be pretty frightening." He teases before looking back to Atorei and starting to follow. Konsho yips a few times before he moves after the others. After a short distance they would fall to the back, going to their normal spot as rear guard while keeping their heightened senses active for any danger.

Masa keeps near the front seeing as he was the oldest here. When they reach the port after what felt like forever, he waves a hand. "We should check things out a bit. Everyone here knows how to spy, right? We need to find out targets quickly and efficiently." Another nod. "Atorei, you and Zori move together. Me and Hige can explore one half of the harbor and you two work the other half. Sound good?"

Zori slightly dissapointed in Atorei's action, He shrugs all the while moving inbetween the middle somewhat in front of Hige. Hearing Masas gameplan he responds "Alright then, Hige lets go" The young boy remains aware waiting further action from Hige.

RPCOMBAT: Atorei defends against with a PERCEPTION…34

Atorei blinks and stares at Hige, then Zori, then Hige, then Zori. He'd raise a hand, then lower it, finally looking to Masa. "Ahh.. Masa-san.. I.. uh.. isn't.. Zori-san.. suppose.. to.. yanno.. go.. with me?" He'd look around, then frown and step off the path, walking a bit away to crouch down and touch a spot slightly recessed in the ground. "It looks like.. a bunch of people.. uhm.. went.. this way?"

RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…33

"Relax Atorei. Calm down. Take a breath." Hige instructs, quirking a brow at the Uchiha before looking back to Zori and nodding. Once they arrive Hige and Konsho take some time to sniff around - literally. "Hey, we got something over this way. Smells like some people camping. Not sure if it means anything but if they aren't at the port it's probably not good." He sniffs again, then wrinkles his nose, "Oh, yeah, god, they haven't bathed in a while." He looks to Masa and says, "Think we should check it out. I can do it if you want to go to the port."

RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a PERCEPTION…26
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…46

Masa hmms. "Yes, Zori, you're going to go with Atorei, like I said." He glances around the area briefly before focusing in on something a bit more intriguing that Hige pointed out. Hmm… "Zori, Atorei!" he calls out, gesturing to the two and telling them to watch out. They were headed for a camp, he noticed, and they should try to take out as many as possible. To Hige, he says, "Right, let's go, Hige." He draws his sword, a silent note for the Inuzuka to be on guard and ready to fight.

RPCOMBAT: Zori defends against with a PERCEPTION…8

Zori begins to stare at Atorei "Still cant figure out why you ignored me earlier, Atorei …but Ok" Turning his head back looking at Higes direction. He says "Wish you and Masa best of luck, Me and Atorei will try our best also" Once he arrives he observes Atorei looking for clues on the ground. Zori begins looking around not to far from where Atorei is, but enough to cover ground. Muttering to himself "Alright then let me see what i can find" Getting on his hands in knees he begins looking for any type of clue left behind. After a minute of looking he finds nothing.

"uhm.. I.. don't.. know.. you?" Atorei stared at Zori a moment, then hopped with a small yelp when Masa called over. "Aahh.. h-h-hai." He'd nod slightly and look back to Zori. "I.. thought you were going to.. uhm.. hit.. me or something.. Sometimes people.. don't.. like me and stuff.." Atorei shrugs and keeps moving forward with Zori, the both of them coming across the edge of a camp, or more specifically a guy snoring while leaning against a tree at the edge of what looks to be a camp. He didn't seem to notice the two genin yet, being on guard duty was boring and 40 winks never hurt anyone, right?? Atorei paled and stared at the guard, freezing up. Guess it was up to Zori.

The area Hige had sniffed out was a clearing a short distance away and so the boy looks back to Masa and nods slightly in the direction it's in. He moves silently towards it, pausing a short distance away when he catches the scent of others closer - guards. Of course these are just people camping in the woods. Smelly ones. Who's to say if they're the mercenaries that the group is looking for. Then again there are a good number of them, and that number is growing. Still. Hige looks to Konsho and then back up to Masa and shrugs a little bit. Much like always he just does what he does despite the chuunin present. Hige steps into the edge of the clearing, leaving Konsho hiding behind to strike from the trees. Since he doesn't wear his forehead protector there's nothing overtly to say he's a nin. "Uh, hey. Who are you guys?" Nice and straightforward.

COMBAT: Rockpath attacks target 1 with STEALTH-II with a roll of: 29
[NPC System]: Goons roll(s) Goon Perception from 20 to 30 and get(s) a 23. - Rolled by: Atorei
[NPC System]: Goon Lead roll(s) Lead Perception from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 33. - Rolled by: Atorei

Masa facepalms when Hige just goes out in the open just randomly and tries to make his already rather large self smaller. He … May or may not fail, but he does make sure that he isn't being seen for the time being, the man grumbling to himself about 'impulsive genin'.

COMBAT: Zori attacks target 1 with STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE-II with a roll of: 16

Zori follows Atorei behind him, going futher down the path they arrive at the edge of camp. Zori stops still remaining directly behind Atorei as he stops. "What do you see?… Atorei" Glancing futher ahead he notices a guard leaning against a tree. Zori smirks "Nevermind i see him, I might be able to take him down" Zori extends his arm sending a trail of wire out of his sleeves at the Sleeping guard. The wire would then wrap around the tree and the guards neck pinning him in place.

"GET HIM!!" One of the guys in the middle of the camp points at Hige as the rest of the men would react with blades and come in towards him. The leader looked off to the side of Hige, a wicked grin flashed towards Masa as the thing up in the trees would suddenly launch down at her. It seems this guy is a puppeteer!! The puppet clattered as the jaw hinged open and a barrage of poison senbon would be launched at Masa.
Zori was dead on with the wire, wrapping it about the tree and the man's throat. He'd jerk once, enough to slice his own throat open even if Zori didn't mean for it to happen and quickly choke on his own blood, spraying it around and getting Atorei in the face with blood as he'd finally slump, still stuck to that tree. Atorei stared at the guard, then looked wide eyed over at Zori. The comotion from the other camp called attention from the men in this camp towards the two shinobi who called out in anger at the dead guard and would come charging in at them.

[NPC System]: Goons vs Hige roll(s) Goons strike! from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 28. - Rolled by: Atorei

RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a EVASION…25
RPCOMBAT: Hige took 400 damage.

Hige blinks as people draw out blades and he runs a hand through his hair slowly. "Really? I came in asking a question and you guys are just going to attack me? I'm a kid. Don't you have any-HEY!" He yelps as people start swinging and he avoids some but there's just too many at this close range and he earns a number of cuts for his efforts. Finally he manages to jump back a little. "Fine." He grumbles, then motions with his hand. That's all the warning there is before Konsho comes flying out of hiding and Hige joins him as they both start spinning right towards that silly group of goons, elongated claws searching.

COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with GATSUGA with a roll of: 38

[NPC System]: Goons leader vs Masa roll(s) Poison Senbon from 30 to 45 and get(s) a 37. - Rolled by: Atorei
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a DODGE-II…49
COMBAT: Rockpath attacks target 1 with DRAW STRIKE with a roll of: 24

Masa had a feeling that someone would notice him and quickly dodges out of the way. Masa isn't especially bright, though, and he also can't figure out where the user of the puppet is… So he just tries to destroy the stupid puppet! The man grips his sword a bit tighter and charges at the puppet in the tree head on, slashing out at the thing's limbs and joints so that it won't be able to move.

[NPC System]: Goons vs Zori roll(s) Goons Strike! from 15 to 30 and get(s) a 21. - Rolled by: Atorei
RPCOMBAT: Zori defends against with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…21

Just as the string wraps around the guards throat he says "Wake up, I got Questions to ask of you." Glancing at Atorei for a quick second "See i told you im a good guy" Zori smiles. Moments after he sees the blood spurt out splashing on Atorei. Bringing his attention back on the guard. Zori's facial expression goes blank. "Umm…Yeah" In just a brief moment Zori notices a bunch of goons running at him, He does hand seals making a replacement out of harms way with a Log. Zori is behind a couple feet behind Atori as he begins to focus his chakra.

[NPC System]: Goons vs Atorei roll(s) Goons Strike! from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Atorei
RPCOMBAT: Atorei defends against with a EXPANDED-SCROLLED-TERRAIN…43

Atorei continued to stare at the dead guy, not seeming to respond to Zori's comment. It's only belatively, after the men are fighting the now log Zori and Atorei, that he realizes he needs to defend. That scroll was way too slow, Atorei taking several harsh cuts before manging to get away. Panting slightly, something seems to snap inside of Atorei as the flood of chakra through him would light up for anyone who could see it. "I.. it.. they.. but.. stop.. stop stopstopstopstop..!" Atorei would throw down another scroll, a sudden rather LARGE hill appearing between him and the goons, crushing some of the trees as Atorei tried to regain control. THe guys that were going after Zori looked over at Atorei surprised, leaving an opening for Zori it seems.
The puppet falls apart cleanly from Masa's strikes! Only for the leader to laugh as the pieces pull together with jagged blades slashing at Masa's legs. The goons were hammered by the two Gatsuga, knocked here and there, although there were plenty of them to follow after Hige to continue the assault!

[NPC System]: Goons vs Hige roll(s) Goon Strike! from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 32. - Rolled by: Atorei
RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a FOUR-LEGGED-DODGE…26
RPCOMBAT: Hige took 500 damage.

You have to expect when you jump into the middle of a pack of people with weapons that some will still get you. Hige and Konsho don't even really attempt to dodge after their gatsuga and take the cuts, the boy down on all fours with chakra flowing through him. A gutteral growl escapes his throat before Konsho hops on his back. From one moment to the next there are two boys and no pup. Without any obvious sign of communication the two start tearing into those nearby with another gatsuga.

RP: Hige transforms into BEAST-HUMAN-CLONE.
COMBAT: Hige attacks target 1 with GATSUGA with a roll of: 31

[NPC System]: Goon Leader vs Masa roll(s) Puppet slash! from 30 to 45 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Atorei
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a DODGE-II…30
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath took 900 damage.
[NPC System]: Masa roll(s) Triple Slash from 33 to 59 and get(s) a 49. - Rolled by: Rockpath

Oh yawn… Masa hates ninjutsu for a reason, and puppets is one of them. The fact that all those blades came out of one puppet is just unfair! Masa manages to get a new slash across his midsection that's quite long and deep, but hey, the puppeteer revealed himself! Masa immediately steps forward and starts slashing at the group surrounding the head honcho, intent on killing this puppeteer if it's the last thing he does.

COMBAT: Zori attacks target 1 with STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE-II with a roll of: 23

Zori observes Atorei getting away from the goons. When the LARGE hill appears, Zori uses the distraction of the trees being crushed all the while extending out his arm sending a trail of wire at the group that was attacking Atorei a moment ago. "Im going to do my best to distract them further"

Blood.. it was everywhere.. Atorei stumbled back another step as Zori distracted the men a few moments from around the hill with his wires. Atorei reached up to his face and touched the blood, his hand coming away red that seemed to spread through his whole vision. Everything shifting, shimmering and changing as he'd hiss in pain at a sudden alteration in his eyes. Blinking against the pain, those one tamoe sharingan eyes would peer around, suddenly seeing so much more than he ever did before. Atorei frowned as the men started to turn on Zori, two scrolls pulled and in that smooth flurry that Hige has seen before, they were launched upward in twin plumes of smoke. Atorei lept up with them and then was a blur of motion, the strikes much faster than before and the accuracy that Atorei had enhanced even further with that new look out on life.

Hige, Konho and Masa were tearing into the other goons, ripping apart the group rather quickly from inside while the puppeteer would go from laughing at Masa to frowning. The sudden screams from the other camp caused all of the men to freak out a bit. First one, then two more, they broke away from the fight. The puppeteer doing one last strike out at Masa before he too would flee before Hige or Masa could get to him. "I'll have my revenge!!"

COMBAT: Atorei attacks target 1 with TWIN-RISING-DRAGONS with a roll of: 40
RP: Atorei transforms into SHARINGAN-I.
COMBAT: Atorei attacks target 1 with TWIN-RISING-DRAGONS with a roll of: 45

After the Inuzuka duo shred through another group of guys they pause and prepare another attack - but then the sounds from the other camp sounded and that caught his attention. As the men flee Hige doesn't hesitate. He lets them go and heads to the other camp, running at top speed on all fours with Konsho right at his side.

[NPC System]: Goon Leader vs Masa roll(s) Puppet suicide strike! from 30 to 50 and get(s) a 32. - Rolled by: Atorei
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a DODGE-II…32

Masa takes a leap, barely avoiding the strike from the lead bandit-person so that he can land near the head. He takes several more slashes, first at those getting in his way, then at the person leading the whole thing.

COMBAT: Rockpath attacks target 1 with Triple Slash with a roll of: 25
COMBAT: Rockpath attacks target 1 with Triple Slash with a roll of: 50

Masa, enraged chuunin that he is, was able to sufficently overwhelm the broken morale of the rest of the mercs who scatter in all directions those whom don't get killed outright. (Definitely a kill bill moment!) Hige would make it over to where Zori and Atorei had been fighting to find the hill that Atorei had used is gone, he's sitting in the one spot (where the hill had been) crying and the rest of the area looks more akin to a porcupine with kunai and senbon EVERYWHERE. Interestingly enough, while Zori got pinned to a tree by several dozens of the blades, he wasn't actually hurt, simply outlined in those tools. Of course, the mercs didn't fare so well, being more bloody lumps than actual bodies with the pool of blood seeping into the ground where it wasn't sprayed all over. Atorei's attention snapped up at Hige's approach and those sharigan stared at him, Atorei relaxing only slowly afterwards to drop his head back into his lap. But hey, he stopped crying!

Hige and Konsho pause as they survey the area, the pup turning back into himself as Hige straightens up. Lots and lots of dead people. "Atorei, you alright" The boy asks finally as he walks over to the Uchiha and crouches in front of him to check for injuries. Konsho goes to take care of Zori, pulling kunai out with his teeth to help get the boy free. Hige saw the eyes, but that's not his concern at the moment. Health is the priority.

Masa seems pretty content with the fact that everyone important is deader than a door nail. He shifts a bit and then sprints over to the other camp to see the three boys injured. "Hey, you guys. You okay?" he asks with a frown, treating Zori first with some bandages before moving on to Hige, then Atorei. He's pretty methodical about the whole thing.

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