Ayumo's new eyes


Ayumo, Shuuren (as Tadashi)

Date: November 23, 2012


Ayumo went to Fuuma to get something to help with his archery and paid for it with another's life

"Ayumo's new eyes"

Fuuma Alley

Ayumo was hunting. He normally did hunt, but this was something.. different. Where as his normal hunt is for animals, as part of his life, this time he was seeking a person. Considering the limitations that a bow had in combat, he needed to be able to shoot from further away, make it harder for people to get up close to him. That was going to require.. something different. A drizzily afternoon saw him walking through Fuuma alley in silence. While he had money on him, he didn't trust the people around him, indeed, a kunai was palmed even now, the cool metal against his wrist the only way he felt comfortable here. There was.. rumors. A med nin that was within Fuuma who could assist with what he was trying to do.. now, he just had to find the guy.

Were Ayumo to speak to anyone who had a clue, most of them would only tell him to look for the katakana for Chitsujyo (Order), and he'll find the guy he's looking for. On the side of one of the more wealthy-looking pleasure houses, this symbol has been painted to look like nothing more than graffiti. Of course, if the guy has this kind of operation going on, he probably doesn't NEED to hide from the authorities, but it's always good to keep up pretenses for show. If he steps inside, he will notice something odd, especially for this line of work. ALL of the women seem to have the perfect bodies for their personal look, almost like someone handcrafted each one of them. Their clothes even look expensive, made of silks and other fine fabrics. If a poor man walks in, he's either out immediately or only has the cash for a small favor, thus those sorts of numbers tend to be low here. Most of the clients talking, waitig, and moving in and out here appear to be on the medium to wealthy side of life. The most clothed woman in the whole place is the receptionist, who is adorned in a red kimono as she takes names, appointments, and such.

Following the tracks as a true hunter can, he'd trace down the symbol on the wall of the place in the graffiti. Reaching out to touch the wall, a small nod was given. He'd adjust his grip on that kunai and head for the front door, slipping inside and stepping off to the side as he'd look around. Well.. the place definitely has the look of someone doing medical.. something.. here. His turn, although he didn't look wealthy, he'd still approach that woman. "I am seeking.. something other than.. women.." He'd frown at her, "and no.. I'm not seeking men for this.. sorta.. place.. either.." A small shake of his head was given. "I'm looking for someone that can help shinobi.. get it?"

As Ayumo approaches, the woman behind the desk looks up at him and smiles. "Hi there." She allows him to speak, snickering a bit as he seems to go through the whole joke process by himself. Though there are still plenty she could make, the owner of the establishment probably wouldn't appreciate it too much… especially now that she has an idea of why he's here. She offers a polite nod then snaps her fingers at one of the girls nearby who is currently not attending to anyone. "Akane… Show this gentleman to Tadashi-sama please." With that, a girl dressed in a much shorter kimono would approach and bow formally to Ayumo before silently leading him down a hallway. They pass several rooms, a few people coming in and out, most of them looking rather pleased or anxious. What he might notice that is a little odd is the lack of sounds coming once the doors are closed. Apparently the place has soundproof walls… for obvious reasons. The leads him down to the third from the last door on the left and opens it to reveal a room that is made up to look as if it's for the same purpose as the others. However, she walks over to a full-body mirror on the wall and pushes on the right side of it actually open a door leading to a set of stairs that leads down into what is presumably the basement. That done, she stands aside and bows as she waits for him to go in.
Once he actually goes down, he will see a man adorned in all black with black hair and a white mask sitting at a desk in the corner of what actually seems to be a pretty immaculate medical facility with a few rooms separated by walls. Everything is spotless, all things kept in their proper places just as they would be in a hospital. Underground medical work on this scale apparently pays well, not that this is his only business, this and the pleasure house being the two apparent at this point.

Ayumo would shift slightly on his feet. He was definitely uncomfortable in this sort of environment. The girl motioned to would get a nod and he'd follow silently. It seemed eerie.. the quiet was un-natural to the extreme, causing him to be on edge as they'd go into the room. Once the basement was revealed, that kunai would be put away with another nod to the girl and he'd head downstairs. Quiet steps, even on the stairs, carried him into the medical area, which actually made him feel a bit better. This was more on a level he was prepared to work on. The man in the mask would be studied for a long moment, before he'd finally speak up. "Tadashi-san.. yes? I am here seeking someone with medical expertise.. the trail leads to you.."

The moment Ayumo steps into the room, he might feel the warmth of a pulse of chakra wash over him as the Medical Ninja diagnoses his condition from across the room before he even looks at him. Since the guy doesn't seem to have some odd disease that he wants removed, Tadashi is a bit more friendly than he may have been as he turns around on his stool to look at the shinobi. "I see," he says, his voice inflectionless, kept bland to not be really recognizable as anyone. "You appear to be in fine condition health-wise, so what exactly is it that you want from me? Plastic surgery? Implant? Gender swap? Seeking some sort of modification to your body to give you an edge in combat?" Hey, he gets all sorts of requests. May as well find out what the guy wants.

He'd hesitate. He didn't see it, but he felt that.. wash. Looking around slightly, it was VERY unusual to have a wall of life force rush you.. with.. well.. one source. Looking at Shuuren, he'd shift slightly on his feet. again. "Ahh, yeah. I'm actually seeking a modification to my body, for a combat edge.. I'm an archer.. but my sound distance in combat is about 150 feet.. over that and I just can't track and fire fast enough.. I want to.. get better than that. I'm looking for a modification to my eyes.. make them track faster, further away, so I can actually deliver a shot at further ranges.. if that makes sense?"

Watching Ayumo and listening as he explains, Tadashi remains seated in his stool. He ponders for a few moments before reaching into a drawer and grabbing a folder. "Are you familiar with Byakugan? Basically, those who possess it are able to turn it on and off as they wish, not with some surge of emotions like those like the Uchiha or Kaguya rely on," he says as he opens the folder to reveal a picture of an eye with a crosshair on it that bears a glow. "I can't give you Byakugan, but I can give you something more relevant to your combat style called the Hawk Eye. It's the same modification Kirigakure put on some of their soldiers that they had directing their Death Ray in the most recent war. It will give you what you want in a controllable fashion." With that, he stands and walks over to Ayumo, presenting the picture to him. "It will take some practice, but it will be worth it since you can use it only when you need it without the risk of a constant sensory overload sending your mind into a seizure."

Ayumo would blink, before a slow nod was given. Actually that sounded exactly like what he wanted. Pausing, the exact implications of what he was going to be agreeing to was immense. Nodding a bit firmer again, the decision was finally reached. "Yes. That's what I want done. I will practice with it until I am able to perfect it. Even if the kiri shinobi used it for their horrible decision to try and war with us.. I will use it to help Kumogakure." His attention focused on Tadashi then. "How long will it take.. and how much?"

"Using what was created for evil for noble purposes?" Tadashi asks, sounding slightly amused as he walks back over to the desk and places the picture back in the folder. He then places that folder back in the drawer and grabs another. "It will only take a few hours, but you'll need to wear protective sunglasses and avoid using the dojutsu for three days, just like if you were having corrective surgery on your eyes. As far as your payment, I give you two options. The first is to pay me seven hundred thousand ryo. The second is to use the new gift I'm giving you for me one time then pretend I don't exist." With that, he walks back over and hands the new folder to Ayumo, in which he'll find a picture of a middle-aged man and details on a planned bandit strike that he can take advantage of to kill the man in the flurry. "This man is no shinobi. One easy kill without being spotted, and you owe me nothing but silence. Much easier than raising that kind of money. Which would you prefer?"

Ayumo would stare at the man for a long moment. Studying the situation, he'd finally give a small nod. "Kill him it is then. A single hunt to improve myself is of equal value." His attention shifted from the picture to Tadashi with a small shake of his head. "I'm not noble. Neither is Kumogakure. We exist much like everything else, in a balance dictated by nature." He'd motion towards the desk. "If the balance says to get the eyes, I kill the man.. than so be it. The one caveat I have is that the man is not associated with Kumogakure, right?" He'd shrug. "Can't really kill my own people.."

Tadashi gives a nod, apparently satisfied with that answer. "Correct. He is from a different land," he replies as he walks over to a cabinet and starts to gather supplies to put them on a sterile cart. "The middle room is already sterilized. If you don't have any further questions, go into it and lie down on the bed. I'll be in there momentarily to sedate you and get the procedure underway." Seems he doesn't care to share any more information about the target than necessary, total black operation.

That satisfied Ayumo about that, a nod was given, he'd pause outside of the room enough to store his gear. This would include the bags that he normally held his animal kills in.. yeah, definitely wanted to keep that out of a sterile environment! Once done, he'd move into the room and get up on the table as directed. Preparing himself to have a change in his world.

A few moments after Ayumo is settled in, Tadashi walks into the room with the cart. Since the guy didn't ask any question, he goes right to work, placing two fingers on a pressure point on his throat to knock him unconscious before he hooks him up to an IV drip and begins his work…
A few hours later, the boy would wake up with the prescribed sunglasses already covering his eyes and the IV removed. On a table by his bed is a bottle of pain pills, though he wouldn't feel any pain right now due to still being under the influence of pain medication put into him during surgery. Tadashi himself is out at his desk again, making a few notes on a clipboard.

Waking up, the first thing he would do is reach up to touch the glasses. Remembering the requirements, a small nod was given and he'd slowly sit up. Unsteady, as the medical blur that came with chemicals had him slightly off balance, he'd pick up the bottle of pills and stand to his feet. Once he was adjusted to what the changes were and would slowly walk out of the room. His gear gathered back up in silence, he was careful to make sure the shades didn't get knocked off. His hood put up to shadow his face, he'd walk over to the desk, finally he'd speak, slightly wavery, but otherwise good. "Alright.. the target is in.. 4 days? May I have the picture again? I will remove him… if he blows up, it's ok, right?"

When Ayumo comes out of the room, he would feel a pulse of chakra again to diagnose his state as Tadashi looks up at him. "Yes, and that's fine. I'm sure that can be blamed on something carried in the cart," he replies as he grabs the folder containing the requested information and hands it to the boy. "You can use the bed in the room above for the night if you want. Just be careful what you say in your drugged state. The girls WILL charge you, even if you say you didn't mean to tell them to go ahead and do something."

Ayumo would take the file and store it, pausing a second. "I'm going to lock the room with my own tools so that there is no chance of a woman coming in there charging me anything. I have a girlfriend.. I'm not interested in someone else." Slightly cold? maybe.. but that was of course, part of his own past he was having to deal with. A final nod was given and ayumo would head upstairs, indeed using a room and locking it down with his tools before he'd rest. After that first day, he'd head back for Kumo, taking the trip out of the way to make sure he was on time for the man that had to die, to pay for his eyes.

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