Baby Boom


Hikari, Sanada

Date: October 4, 2012


Sanada received the first mission for his team and decided he just needed to bring along one other person, and that person was Nara Hikari. Today's mission would be an odd one and the two of them were just perfect for it, a crazed man had stolen his baby from his wife and fled the village to a nearby cabin in the woods, it was Sanada and Hikaris job to get them back unharmed, but it wouldn't be that easy. Once arriving to their destination, Sanada transformed into a busty woman to try and gain entrance to the cabin, and it worked. Once inside all hell broke loose, there were way more brutes here than expected, about eight more including a rouge Nara. Taking over the Nara's body, it was a cinch to take out most every one of the bad guys, all but the father, baby, and one other ninja who escaped outside. Trying to be a hero, Hikari ran outside after them while Sanada, still in the rouge Nara's body decided to go stealth in the forest and watch Hikari take on these two alone. Screaming for the crazed man to drop the baby, he threatened to kill it if Hikari didn't let them go, she only had seconds to get this done. Dodging out of the way from an exploding vest, which ended up killing the last ninja other than the father. Hikari got the father and baby in her Shadow Body Bind jutsu and Sanada came out of hiding, taking the baby from the father and giving it to Hikari to take back safe to the village while he took care of the father.

Poster's note: Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Baby Boom"

Started in Konoha village, then moved to woods, then to a cabin.

Sanada was give a rather pointless mission in his eyes and thus when he took it he only requested to take one person with him. After getting descriptions of the mission Sanada could think of many methods to get the baby back. It all rest on wither or not she showed up in time. Sanada would be making his way to the gate passing by children at play an women talking rather casually to him cause of his looks. As he shook his head and shifted about as he walked with a rather carefree motion as if everyone was under him and what not. "I hope she hurry up before I get sick of all this trash," Sanada was in rather fun mood as he was looking forward to take over the guys body. Sanada would be relaxed than even today as he felt safe it Hikari watching his back.

Running a tad late which isn't the usual Hikari, she was running down the street to catch up with Sanada. Seeing his strawberry blonde pony-tail moving from side to side up ahead of her she began sprinting, running into a few people on the way to him, "Excuse me!" "Sorry!" yelling back at people she hit. "Sanada!" Waving her arms frantically hoping he would look back and see her, but she finally reached him. Happy to be able to slow down to a walk she put her hand on his shoulder, "Hey! So what's this we're doing now?" Hikari asked him with a big smile on her face. Excited to do her first mission with her new team-mate, she walked with a bounce in her step as to show her excitement. She was so small that doing this made her appear quite comical, but she was still cute weird little Hikari. "I'm ready for whatever you wanna throw my way!"

"What I tell you about being a woman in public….you hide it as a shinobi…you are no long a gender rather than a means to obtain things." Transforming into a woman as he smirked as he spoke rather softly "Okay this guy seems to have a soft spot for one so the objective is simple. Get in I take his body and we get out clear." Sanada would shift about a little as they duo started to walk out the gate, heavy thick dark clouds start to roll in from the west could rain or a thunderstorm be on the horizon?

Laughing at Sanadas remarks, Hikari lightly elbowed him. "Oh well are you pretty!" Hikari laughed at Sanadas new form, he did make a pretty girl tho. Noticing the clouds rolling in, Hikari pulled out her white ribbon from her shorts pocket and tied her hair back, if she didn't do so her hair would be a giant curly frizzball sooner than later. "And get in, get out. Seems simple enough!" She smiled and waved to the guards as they walked out of the village gate. "So, where are we headed?" she questioned, turning her head out of curiosity like a confused puppy.

"Note to self woman don't read direction." Sanada spoke to himself as he shifted about before they moved "you didn't read the mission log I gave yeah it seems…tsk her has a small like husk of a house located here west of Kadomai. He has the baby located here or at least it safe to assume so that is; now as for everything else like the weather you're going to be in charge of taking care of the child and keeping it warm when we get it back." Sanada was rather forthright as he spoke and walk his chest flying everywhere before pausing and snapping "note to self women shouldn't have huge chest make it rather difficult to move."

"Yes I read the mission log! I just didn't know where exactly this place was…I forgot. I was just so excited I sort of well, skimmed through it I guess. I'm sorry I will do better next time I promise." lowering her head in shame that she didn't read and re-read the log thouroughly, Hikari walked on next to Sanada. Looking over at him slightly seeing he was having trouble with his huge…chest area, Hikari couldn't help but let out a giggle. "Having a little trouble with those things? I'm glad I don't have that problem." Hikari stated, and even tho she was glad she didn't have that problem, she hoped once she got older that she would. Thinking about this to herself she began to blush, the clouds have finally reached them and it started to sprinkle, the sound of the rain hitting the leaves was quite calming. Hikari put her hood up on her sleeveless hoodie and began walking a little faster, "Let's hurry up a bit, I know you aren't used to your two new additions but we should get there as soon as possible."

The duo would make it there and as soon as they arrived the group would be attacked by a large amount ninja surrounded the group in a matter of seconds as they spoke "what business do you have here?" Sanada would flash a little flesh as he blushed a bright red in color and spoke "oh my big strong ninjaswe came here cause there was a request to come and meet the Kaizu." Smiling as he grabbed hold of Hikari arm pressing his chest up against her arm as the rain start to punish his hair "oh my may we please step inside our hair is getting wet."

Going along with what Sanada was doing, Hikari smiled her most seductive smile…which wasn't that seductive seeing as she never had tried to be "sexy" or "hot" in any way before. Batting her eye lashes she giggled as Sanada pressed his giant chest up against her arm and blushed slightly, making her face a pale pink color which brought out her honey brown eyes. Still batting her eyelashes as she began to walk inside the building. "Don't say anything, just play the part and have Sanada's back." she thought to herself.

After a moment of walking Sanada would trip slightly enough so that he could whisper into Hikari ear "lesbian." Sanada quickly fixed himself as the pair was tossed inside a room and locked. After a moment or two though a rouge ninja came and brought the pair to the target that was holding his child in arms. " Sanada quickly used this time to count each and every one ninja in the room and the total he got was eight. "So you're here to service me since me and my wife is on the rocks…okay well which one of you will be first?" Sanada giggled as he pushed Hikari forward "she will be."

Stumbling ahead, Hikaris eyes opened wide with fear, she was gonna kill Sanada if they got out of this alive. Straightening up, Hikari pretended to drop something, "Oops I am so clumsy!" she giggle as she turned away from the men and bent over so that her behind was the center of attention. Beginning to focusing her chakra, she then took her time bending over and created many hand seals. As she stood, Hikari began to strut slowly over the the man who she was supposed to 'service', as this was happening she began manipulating her shadow so that it crept slowly towards the man speaking. If all went well with her Shadow Imitation Ninjutsu, he would be in her shadowy grasp and would not be able to move so that Sanada and herself could take out the other ninja. Beads of sweat began to form on her brow, she was becoming nervous. If her move didn't work all hell might break lose and this would become one heck of a fight.

Just then as the ninja was started to get into the action one of them happen to be a rouge Nara and notice the slowly moving shadow a crossed the ground. Wasting no time he would grab hold to hers and a war between the two for control started as he yells out "THESE TWO ARE NINJAS GET THEM GUYS!" Sighing as he broke the transformations and just stood there as the elder man (target) panics and takes his child and dashes out of the room. "Note to self women can't do anything right." Shaking his head the young man quickly found himself in a jam seven ninja each and every one of them chuunin level ready to strike them. "Easy easy or else you guys die, damn I hate to have to kill someone and get my pretty little hands dirty." Smirking as he shifted himself around before he pulled out a sneak attack and then rather ill placed flick of the wrist. This would end though with a head-butt to the face of another ninja. "Man my head hurt."

Taking control of not two but three of the ninja, Hikari felt rather pleased with herself when suddenly another shadow was coming straight towards her own. "What the heck!?" she shouted at the rouge Nara's shadow broke her hold on the others. "You're a Nara!? You bring dishonor to the family name!" Their shadows slithered and wrestled, Hikari focusing on pushing his shadow back to try and take control of him. Fired up now, Hikari's eyes filled with life and excitement. She jumped in the air, her hair flailing about making it look like her head was on fire she yelled "Shadow Imitation!" she shouted as she quickly flashed through her hand seals. If her attempt at taking him worked, she would have the man run straight towards the others, arms at his sides trying to close-line any ninja in his path. After this, Hikari would have him tie himself up so that she wouldn't have to deal with him for any longer so that she could move to the next one.

Sanada would have taken down two of his three, shaking his hands and rubbing his head he sighed before speaking again "man you bastards got my hands and head hurting. Perhaps its best I kill you now." Sanada glanced around the room before a huge smile crept across his lips as he tossed himself inside the Nara, using his skills he started to set himself up as his real body fell onto the ground. "Well well well…this body is in pretty good shape perhaps I could test drive it on his friends what do you think Hiraki?" Licking his new lips he started to toss a couple of jabs before forming a couple of seals. "You really to put a savage end to these worms?" Scanning the room the young man would try and focus on the target placement and after releasing a sigh he would speak "the bastards is outside the house. In the rain with a half-naked babyand yet he wonders why his wife doesn't want him.
Shaking his new head in his new body he quickly notice a huge fireball coming his way with swift action the young man would uses what he knew about the target to dodge out of the way of the attack it wasn't pretty but he was aiming for cuteness that's for sure. The same fireball was aimed at Hikari as well and then an army of water scorpions would be flooding towards them. Sanada dodged most of the fire but some of it caught his arm. As for the scorpions it would appear as though he just faded away into nothingness. As he landed on the ceiling of the house he would crack a smile and speak "come now you should really stop or else you'll be sorry." Sanada would be looking to figure out who his new target was as parts of the room was on fire thus increasing the range of their shadow style ninjutsu.

Taking the fireball straight to the stomach burning straight through her shirt and sizzling her ghost white skin. Screaming in agony, the chuunin barely had time to put the fire out before an onslaught of what seemed to be scorpions made of water coming right at her. Quick as the little Hikari was, she flashed through multiple hand seals and yelled, "Shadow Skin!" The flames from the ninjas attack had seemed to set the building on fire, creating many more shadows for Hikari to take advantage of. Using this to her advantage, she felt nothing at the second blow coming at her. The scorpions hit her rock solid shadow skin case and burst into nothing more than a puddle on the floor.
"This is getting pretty serious!" she looked over to Sanada and yelled, "Let's finish this!" She turned to the door which was now on fire and ran and jumped straight through it, covering her eyes she was outside face to face with the man and the baby. "I got you now!" she said, putting her hands on her hips and smiling. "Shadow Body Bind!" Her shadow mixed with the shadows dancing from the fire inside the house raced towards the man, hoping to reach his shadow and to make him succumb to her attack, Hikari would then be able to take the baby and keep him safe and warm just like Sanada wanted her to.

Sanada narrow gaze would shift as he watches the young ninja fly out of the room from cover he has given her "hmmm just like a woman to take off when powder hits the fan…and this is why they shouldn't be shinobi." Sanada sigh as he trapped all of them in the shadows before looking around the room a rather huge smile would grace his face as he had the men look behind them. "You're crazy don't make use walk in the fire." Hey relax it's for the greater good I swear. Now burn to death!" The rain outside swiftly picked up as he started to he moved to pick up his body and walk out the room in style once he made it outside he spoke with a load of confidence as he held his body "red|bonnet## yeah!" Hikari on the other hand would be have little problems it seems one of the shinobi slipped outside and broke the shadow that kept the man in place using the blaze haze technique. Just then the man darted towards her with an explosive tag vest trying to take her with him as he man held the baby by the head palming it as if it was a basketball. "If you're alive leave on or I will crush the baby head…I'm watching the ground and if I see any shadows heading towards me I will crush the child's head." Sanada would be hiding in the trees as he watched to see how Hikari was going to handle things.

"Sanada! Sanada!" Hikari screamed looking into the burning building and not seeing him anywhere, "Sanada! If you are hurt I swear to god I will kill you!" Sanada being no where in sight it looked like Hikari was on her own to take on these two brutes. Her jaw dropping seeing the man freak out and take the baby by its head, "Your child! You're going to kill them! Let go please please, it's just an innocent baby!" Panicked now, Hikari had just a split seconds worth of time to make a clone replace herself to take the attack from the man with the exploding vest, jumping up and hiding right behind the man with the baby, Hikari was so small the two would not be able to see her even standing behind him until she made herself known. Gasping loudly not being able to see what just happened to the man with the vest, but seeing bloody chunks flying in every direction made her realize, he wasn't coming back for more. Filled with adrenalin, Hikari looked as tho she was about to explode. "Here I come again! SHADOW BODY BIND!" she shrieked. Her shadow which was 2 times her actual size was already very close to her intended target, the man with the baby. She needed to stabilize him before he killed the poor child so she needed to work fast.

After hearing her call out to him the young ninja laughed a little to himself from the trees, "this is priceless." Sanada would be laughing rather hard to himself as he watched before long he found himself losing grip of the guy he was in before long the young man would act fast and climb up the tree at a extreme pace and tied both of his legs down with metal wire. With a deep breath he would empty his pockets of all ninja tools and dump them away before he laughed rather evilly. Sanada double checked the tie before he leaped from the from the tree using all his might. He quickly reaches the back and at the very moment the recoil was going to snap in the ejected from the body. Snapping could be heard but that of course was the man legs being snapped out of place, the amount of pain brought a since of justice and happiness to him as he licked his lips before slicing his throat. Before walking out of the clear in his body this time around, "you proved my point again that women are not ready to go on missions…how about you hold there while I do this." Before long Sanada slipped into his body and wrapped the baby up with his chuunin vest as he held it in his arms. "Hmm," in this moment his eyes became softer than even before he handed the child over to Hikari and picked up his body. "Let's head back yeah?" At this moment the rain started to break and the sun started to shine.

Taking the crying baby from Sanada, Hikari looked up at him and smiled, just a small soft smile. Slightly bouncing the baby to hopefully stop the crying, "Shh baby, shh." Hikari whispered. "Sanada, I don't know how to quiet this little human up. I've never been good with kids!" Hikaris left eyebrow slightly up and the other furrowed, she just stared at the baby hoping it would calm itself. "Poor thing I thought it was going to end up dead," she thought out loud. Realizing Sanada had been up in the trees the whole time that was going on, Hikari cuddled the baby up in one arm and used the other to punch him in the chest, "Why in the world did you just hide and watch me! mean mean boy!" Looking over at the father of the child, she smiled and stopped punching Sanada, her voice becoming more gentle as she spoke to him, "Hey, we did it tho." Placing her finger up to the child to let it hold it gently, it seemed to calm the baby. "Let's get going, I need to go lay down somewhere and read." realizing how worn out she was she began walking towards the village with child in hand, yelling back at Sanada, "Since you're the man, you probably don't mind bringing that guy back for us since I have the baby and all. This is a woman's job," she laughed quietly and flashed a bright smile at him and she was off with the baby through the trees.

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