Bad Fur Day


Kichiro, Itami (emitter)

Date: February 13, 2011


A sand cat attacks a bull and causes it to run wild in the village. It isn't a good day for either animal and it's up to Kichiro to save the day and put an end to all the madness this early morning.

"Bad Fur Day"

Village Center

It's morning and the village is covered with a light haze of dust. It's quiet and peaceful, store owners setting up for business today while some roam the streets on a return trip home from midnight talks or other such things. Then, there's the soft sound of clicking and it grows lowder. Then there's a 'moo' sound and the sound of kids shouting. They're trying to rally up a bull that's run into the village and separated from a nearby ranch. It got spooked by something and is now running about in the village threatening everyone.

Kichiro was walking idly down the streets of the village, pretty oblivious to the shhouts up the street until he glances up, nearly being trampled by the bull as it rumbles past. He blinks and does a doubletake looking down the street. "I think somebody lost something." He starts to bound after it while trying to figure out how to stop it without hurting it too bad.. (He really doesn't feel like paying to replace the bull)

The bull bucked every so often as it continued down the steps of sentou valley and towards the village center. The kids, ranging from teens and younger had sticks in their hands for the taming of the beast by frightening it with excessive tapping to confuse. They run behind Kichiro in hopes of getting to the center before the bull. Doesn't look like that'll be happening for them. So their time is dedicated to warning people.
The people in the center would hear the trotting and mooing of the rampaging beast as it came into the square. Some were confident enough to keep it from running into their stalls by shouting and waving their hands. Others were unfortunately bucked out of the way. For those that stood a safe distance away, they think they might have seen something odd. One of those people tried to wave down Kichiro to give him the news. He was one of those ninja people after all. He could help out.

Kichiro skids to a halt in front of the one who was flagging him down. He keeps his eyes on the bull but waits for the news. No one was in immediate danger, but he readies himself just in case, readying some of his Ki.

"Hey, hey, ninja guy!" The old man says. "Yu's what they call me! Anyhow, I think I know why that bull's going all crazy and what not." He starts. "I saw something weird on top of it. Couldn't really see what it was with the haze, but I know I saw something there. Might be the problem! Some kinda fuzzy…" That helps?
"So, go and get that bull! It needs to be stopped before it wrecks everything!"

Kichiro tilts his head to listen to Yu. "Something fuzzy?" He narrows his eyes but the bull has gotten too far away. He shifts his ki into overdrive, energizing his muscles and dashing after the bull. He pounces up and lands on the bulls back, holding on with both strength and with the treewalking techmnique. He looks for proof of this something fuzzy while, Hopefully, getting the bull to stop and try to buck him off.

The bull, sensing something else has landed on it begins to buck and run a bit more wild than it previously was, attempting to crash into stands flick whatever it was off it. That fuzzy thing that's on it still is bothersome to the bull and it can be seen clinging to the side and inching it's way away from Kichiro.

"Hey! There is something fuzzy there.. I mean besides the bull.. and besides me.. actually I'm not very fuzzy really.. I." He stopes and climbs after the retreating 'fuzzy' hoping to at least get a good view of it, at best capture it. All of this whime clinging to a bulls back

The fuzzy continues around and onto the underside of the bull to try and reduce the amount of flinging it'd feel on top. Although, it doesn't help all that much, so the fuzzy decides its best bet is to cling with more grip. Bad news for the bull since it's experiencing pain and discomfort from it all. Even more bad news for Kichiro as the bucking increases.
Kichiro might notice the tip of a tail flicking back and forth as the fuzzy continues its retreating course from the ninja.

Kichiro hmms. He reaches out and grabs at the retreating tail, attempting to pluck the fuzzy in question up off of the bull. He continues to ride through the bucking, clinging to the bulls side even, less than the back.

The tail is grabbed and pulled causing the fuzzy to growl and hiss at Kichiro. It turns back around and the only thing that he can see is a paw coming out attempting to swat his hand while the other three cling to the bull. It had every mind to scratch his hand up so he could release and leave it alone. Every so often as the fuzzy adjusted itself, an ear and whiskers could be seen and a slight side profile of what appeared to be some kind of cat.

Not to be out done, Kichiro hissed back at the cat. He grins, "I think you had best depart yourself from here." He makes another attempt to get the cat off of the bull. "this would be much easier if you made it easy." He's pretty thankful for his bracers, shielding the easiest targets for the cat's rear claws once he has ahold of it.

The cat continues to growl, hiss and spit at Kichiro while they're riding through the town atop the bull who has made its way out of the center and is now threatening other shops and people in the way. Another person happens to be bucked and sent upwards to land atop a canopy that hanged over a storefront. Soft landing for getting hit so hard. Another got the hooves to the upper body and sent reeling to the ground. Everybody else dodges.
The cat, trying its best against Kichiro is no match for the bracers at the moment so it is plucked off at the expense of causing more harm to the bull. In its current condition, it wriggles around violently, ears flattened on its head clearly showing that it's pissed. Now all that's left to do is get the bull under control. Seems like this is going to be a difficult effort considering one hand already has a cat in it.

Kichiro winces seeing the person go flying. "right. timt to stop playing." He tosses the cat lightly into another canopy, figuring it will land on its feet. He cralws back up the bull to reach for it's horns. When he has a firm hold on it, he takes the other. when both horns are in hand, he slips off the bulls back and lands on his feet, gripping down with tree walking technique. He doesn't often show off his strength, but he grips, strong enough to fight back against the bull.

The cat is tossed away and lands on a canopy where it hisses at Kichiro once more before making it's way off the canopy and to the rooftop to go elsewhere. In the meantime, the kids that were responsible for the bull were coming around from another street to block off the bull so it wouldn't make it's way further around the village.
Kichiro, while handling the bull would soon be headed in their direction, but from the looks of things, it didn't appear that the bull would be stopping anytime soon. That is, until Kichiro lands on his feet and challenges himself against the bull head to head. While it continued to try and run forward, Kichiro was holding it back by doing the opposite. The friction applied between the ground and Kichiro's chakra grip to it was causing heat to build up on the bottom of his feet. Although, the technique was working and the bull was beginning to slow down. The kids, seeing Kichiro being dragged run up towards him with their sticks and start tapping them on the ground while waving their hands.
It was to try and confuse the beast so it would stop it's charge. The bull, when it reaches the group of kids and is surrounded stops with Kichiro hanging at it's front while it snorts and drags its hoof across the ground in an attempt to try and break away. Of course, to stop this from happening, the eldest of the group approached the bull cautiously and once it was close enough, it pat the bull on it's neck and rubbed it down. The others joined in once they saw it was safe.

Kichiro doesn't release the bull until he knows it is calm and safe again. "Are you sure you guys have it again?" Once answered he makes certain to get medics over to the other victims of the bulls rampage. But he isn't done yet. He hops up to the canopy he tossed the cat to and settles in, letting his more feral senses take hold. He clambers after the cat's trail, tracking by scent and instinct

The kids nod and begin to guide the bull away while thanking Kichiro for helping to stop it. Once Kichiro takes off after the cat, the feline had already left the canopy and was now atop the roof of the building the canopy was connected to. It caught wind of Kichiro fairly quickly as he managed to follow the trail of the cat.
It didn't like that all that much, so it turned around, lowered to the ground, ears flattened as it growled at him. It appeared to be ready for a fight of some sort. The cat felt that the bull came too close to its territory, so it attacked. Now that the bull is gone, it has a new target to direct its focus on.

Kichiro hmms. Unable to scent humans on the cat, he made certain that it was merely a feral cat, not an insidious plot to wreck havoc in the city by dropping cats onto bulls. Once his curiousity of the cat is sated he reaches into his pack slowly, reaching for his secret weapon. He draws… a piece of dried beef. He tosses it lightly to the cat, staying low and flat himself to appear less of a threat. "you know, you really need to stay away from the stockyards.."

The cat was indeed feral and took care of itself or its own if they were around. The cat, a sand cat, wasn't thrilled to be followed by a human nor did it want to associate with him, but here it is on the roof with one. He continued to growl and watch Kichiro steadily, spitting when the ninja spoke to it about staying away from the stockyards. It may have just been a coincidence that it responded at that time or perhaps it took his voice as some kind of challenge considering the way its hairs raised on its back.
The jerky almost went ignored since the cat was heavily focused on Kichiro, but it looked down and up often to him and the piece of meat before approaching it and snatching the meat up with it's mouth, eyes still on Kichiro. It then darted off with the meat in its mouth to someplace safe where it could eat the jerky in peace.

Kichiro finally stands and makes his way back to the streets. He heads down the path of destruction making certain injuries are attended to and damage isfixed where he can.

There are some people who suffer wounds and businesses that suffer damage, but over all, things are in the positive. The bull has been dealt with and the people will be okay. Some business owners might be disappointed about having their storefronts damaged and stalls nearly smashed, but those are all things that can be repaired. The sand cat menace has been dealt with and the bull is being safely returned to its stockyard.

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