Bad News


Fuyu, Hinotori, Kirin, Satoru

Date: June 24th, 2010


The recently elected Uchiha Clan Head is besieged with an ever-mounting workload. On top of this, Kirin comes to deliver some "bad news"…

"Bad News"

Uchiha Village - Konohagakure

It has been about a week since it had been announced that the previous Clan Head of the Uchiha had resigned from his position. It took about 48 hours for a new Clan Head to be chosen. There had been surprisingly few candidates that the elders of the Clan found viable. There had been various Uchiha of great skill, renown, power, potential… But in the end, it was the not the strongest who had been chosen. It was one with experience, leadership skills, and — above all else — loyalty. Thus, Uchiha Fuyu is the new Clan Head, and she is adjusting to this position and new authority rather well. It's a surprise, certainly, but it provides many opportunities…
This afternoon, Fuyu is in the Uchiha Elders' meeting hall. No one else is present at the moment, but that's fine. There has been much discussion over the past five days, and the woman is appreciating the opportunity to be alone for a moment.

Having heard about the recent new election and having been unable to really reach Uchiha Genryuu of any matters of import, Kirin would appear around a corner not far from the meeting hall..wearing nothing but a casual short sleeve black shirt and pants - he slowly ambles up the steps of the still newly built establishment..though he isn't here to congratulate or stroke egos, instead a matter of grave importance for the Uchiha as a whole.
The sound of his sandals lightly scuff the polished floor as he steps into the far end of the hall. Kirin makes no pronounced announcement of his arrival, instead he simply approaches with the utmost casuality..stopping within speaking distance of Uchiha Fuyu, the newly elected clan head of the Uchiha clan. Kirin bows his head lightly, his head remaining in an incline..his long bangs falling long on either side of his face, swaying with his movement. "Fuyu-san, I bare ill tidings. It's important I report this to you in person." Kirin says calmly, his eyes deferred to the floor just shy of his feet.

Having heard of the new elections, and that Uchiha Genryuu had been replaced disturbed Hinotori slightly. He had wondered why he hadn't heard from Genryuu in some time. Wanting to pay respects to the new clan head before being called away, Hinotori made his way to meeting hall. It wasn't normal for Hinotori to be at any place of importance in the Uchiha Village unless invited or commanded, but taking the iniative this time, he walks into the meeting hall and begins to walk up the steps. As he does he notices his sensei here as well as Fuyu. Stopping just slightly behind Kirin-sensei and bowing his head, the raven haired Chuunin who looks with his almond brown colored eyes. "Hello Fuyu-sama." he says in a soft voice. Hinotori didn't hear Kirins announcements, so he doesn't know that there this may be a meeting of great importantance. "I just wanted to meet you and see if there was anything I could help with." he says to her, before bowing his head again and looking to the floor.

Having been occupied with reading a scroll, Fuyu does not acknowledge the not-entirely-noisy approach of Kirin from behind, until he is standing a short distance from her. She raises her head to look over her shoulder at him, giving a nod of greeting, and then listening to his words. "I see. Well, go ahead then."
Though technically, some might find Fuyu aesthetically pleasing, she also seems to emanate a sort of intensity and anger just under the surface of an otherwise calm appearance that makes most people see her as 'dangerous' first, second, and third, and 'better than average to look at' last, or at not at all. The more striking aspect of her is that when she looks someone in the eyes, he or she eventually gets the creeping suspicion she is about to attack, regardless of what she may actually be saying and doing. It's just an undercurrent of violence that is hard to ignore.
Luckily, Kirin is not looking at Fuyu in the eyes, so he should probably be just fine. Hinotori, likewise, does not make eye-contact. So he's safe from the heebie jeebies too. Fuyu notices him immediately after he enters the Hall, and looks at him for awhile before bothering to nod her head. "I don't presently need anything. Wait a moment, would you? I might need a courier shortly."

Kirin closes his eyes slowly, converting a silent sigh into a soft exhale through his nose. Just as he prepares to speak, he opens his eyes with a start..half-turning in the opposite direction to face Hinotori..silently watching him as he approaches and speaks. Kirin wastes no time in speaking up, intent on not wasting any of his own in the process. "Hinotori, finish your business and leave immedietly." Kirin intones sternly - characteristically calm even in the most tense situations and even trained to show no emotion..Kirin is visibly irritated, his eyes dye red in cohersion with his emotions. He keeps a piercing unblinking gaze on Hinotori, seemingly offended at his approach and appearance in the midst of such a tense situation.

Hinotori does seem a little uncomfortable around the new clan head, but he tries to keep the emotion at bay. It was he who came to see her and not the other way around, and having good sense not to start off looking her in the eyes save him as well. "I would be happy to help." he says to her. Though when Kirin addresses him, he looks to his sensei and his eyes narrow. Something that Hinotori wouldn't have done in the past, not caring that Kirin was now irritated. But knowing his place and rank Hinotori bows his head. He turns to look back up at Fuyu-sama but not making eye contact, "I did now know I was intruding on a meeting. I will wait outside Fuyu-sama and come back when your meeting is over. With your permission." he says and bows his head. He doesn't excuse himself until she tells him to, then he will take his leave.

Fuyu doesn't contradict Kirin's order, or seem to notice the irritation from the Jounin. Or if she does notice, she apparently does not care. What she does say is, "Yes, just wait outside for a moment… I'm sure this won't take too long. Your sensei is just letting me know some bad news." She then nods to dismiss Hinotori, and focuses on Kirin, apparently assuming that that's the end of that bit of interaction for now. She is actually tired of people coming to congratulate her, or give her presents, or otherwise trying to insinuate themselves into her good graces by being friendly. She is not a terribly friendly individual, and all this… Socializing is a waste of time. There's so much that needs to be done still, and while she's chatting it up with a farmer trying to get her to officially endorse his products or what-have-you, she could be getting something useful accomplished.
Thus, even Kirin's 'bad news' is expected to be little more than some trivial bit of something she could just as well have delegated to someone else.

Kirin glares at Hinotori, his eyes following him as he turns to leave. When Hinotori is well away, Kirin's eyes return to their darkened green color. "I was able to meet with Uchiha Rain. He asked me to deliver a message to.." Kirin says slowly, he turns his gaze to Fuyu now. "You. He views the Uchiha in Konoha as pawns who have forgotten who they are." Kirin continues just as slowly and deliberately. "There will be a battle. And there is a great chance those of us who sympathize with his conclusion will revolt or join him." - Kirin pauses for a moment, "You are the only person to know of this other than the Hokage. I was not ordered to inform you, however. The future of our clan as it is now known, is threatened." Kirin bows his head lightly once more as he did upon first arriving. "I have passed on information regarding his appearance to the intelligence department."
"I shall leave you now, Fuyu-san." Kirin says calmly, raising his right hand into a focusing seal..curling his fingers save for his index and middle. With a flicker, Kirin is gone as he utilizes the shunshin no jutsu.

Having exited the room where Kirin and Fuyu was speaking. Walking down the steps then out of the hall completely, Hinotori stands off to the side of the entrance. Taking a moment to calm himself, he was going to have a talk with Kirin. It was about time he did, but until then, Hinotori would just relax. Watching as other members of the Uchiha were either coming or going, Hinotori just smiled as he watched them. Known as one of the more laid back Uchiha in the village it was common to see Hinotori in a generally good mood.

Once Kirin has delivered his report, Fuyu simply nods. She does not look exactly surprised or concerned, but one eyebrow did arch when the Jounin mentioned Rain. "Very well," she answers Kirin just before he vanishes, and then considers this new information. She's not sure why this was categorized as 'bad news'. It's exactly what she originally wanted. She WANTS the Uchiha to rise up and overthrow the power-hungry Senju once and for all. She WANTS everyone to realized that her sensei had been correct all along, and welcome him back with open arms. This has been her desire ever since the 'peace' was first established.
And yet she'll have to think very carefully about whether to support this 'Uchiha Rain' or not. It may SOUND like he has the same intentions as she does… But he is not her teacher. He is NOTR Uchiha Madara. And that makes a whole world of difference. She would give her life for her teacher, but for this other man? The very thought of him asking her to do so nearly makes her laugh out loud in the empty meeting room.
The narrow room is designed for about a dozen or so elders to sit on tatami mats and talk over matters related to the Clan. It is not for a large number of people to stand around in. Fuyu glances at the third tatami mat on the right… And then away. She walks towards the doors, and pushes her way through to the outside.
Hinotori is standing right there, so she adjusts her flak vest as she descends the steps of the single-story building and then says, "Walk with me." She does not stop or wait for an answer, and it does not seem that the Chuunin really has a choice in the matter. She just starts striding down the street, apparently with a destination in mind.

The skies are partially cloudy, the rays of the sun does pierce through the cracks allowing it's heat to still warm the air. Closing his eyes for a moment, but upon hearing, "Walk with me." Hinotoris eyes open and he falls into step with Fuyu-sama. He is easily able to keep up with her, but he stays off to her left, like a subordinate of his rank should be. He really didn't have anything else to say for now. It was strange to have a replacement for Genryuu, but he knew the clan couldn't go without a Clan head for too long. The only thing he was dissapointed in, was that he was going to be trained by Genryuu, but now that has changed. It didn't matter now, looking to Fuyu-sama, Hinotori decides to keep quiet until spoken to.

The long black hair of the Uchiha woman drifts somewhat behind her as she walks swiftly. She's not running, but it's definitely fast-walking. She does not say anything to Hinotori for a minute or so, and then finally speaks. "Are there any others in this Village whom you would trust with your life? Ones whom you would never question the loyalty of?" She turns around the street corner sharply, pivoting on the heel of her tabi, and continuing to stride swiftly, ignoring the on-lookers alongside the road, except to nod in acknowledgement to any who happen to greet her, and then continue moving.

His black raven colored hair sways as he walks, the bangs that were kept behind his ears seems to splay across his face now at the fast pace that he and Fuyu-sama were walking. When she does speak glances to her for a moment before looking ahead and watchign where he was going. "There are a few within Konoha, I trust. As for home, I tend to keep to myself." he says to her honestly. It was true, he didn't have anyone within the Uchiha that he was that close to besides his sister who has been constantly busy as well as the rest of his family as of late. "I'm sorry if my answer doesn't help." he tells her.

The Prodigy and Genius of the Uchiha Clan is walking down the road during this cloudy day, his hands in the pockets of the pants adorning his legs, and a slightly laid-back demeanor is worn about himself. It is his day off from duties and he is heading home to meet his younger brother, however as he walks…his deep brown eyes catch an interesting sight; The new clan-head turning the corner up ahead. With another familiar clan-member, none-the-less. The Jounin-now-demoted-Chuunin comes to a slow halt, assessingly observing the pair for a moment, though as they draw closer… his head comes to a down-tilt. Despite this show of respect, his hands remain rested in the pockets of his lower-gear. "So you are finally the leader. It took some time, but it looks like the pupil of Madara-sama is finally in control…" His tone is stern and serious, yet civil enough.

Fuyu hnns non-comittally at Hinotori's answer. After another minute of walking, as they are approaching the Uchiha-specific communal area (with a fountain, and statues, and seating, and so forth), she speaks again. "I need you to find these others whom you trust, and inform them that I have a mission for all of you. Whomever is available is to gather with you two days from now on Saturday at the Village gates, and you are all to be prepared in terms of equipment, having eaten properly, and rested properly. I will explain what we are doing at the time. Those who aren't coming don't need to know."
Fuyu slows down her pace a bit, starting to look towards Hinotori, perhaps to say something further. She starts to simply offer a greeting-nod in response to Satoru, having caught him out of the corner of her eye, but then he speaks to her, and she waits to hear what he's saying. The intensity of her gaze, and the somewhat-contained aggression she radiates, is a byproduct of her experiences during the Clan Wars and after. She does not intend to make Satoru feel uncomfortable. But eye contact… Might make him think she has some ill-will towards him.
"Yes, I was appointed five days ago, as you apparently are already aware. However, you are mistaken. It is the Senju who are presently in control." She smiles thinly.

Upon entering the communal area, Hinotori takes a moment to look around, his training is always kicked into gear. Not seeing any immediate threats, he turns his attention to Fuyu. Hinotori nods his head, "Yes Fuyu-sama." he says. "I know of a couple people who would be here." he says to her. "If they are busy then I will go at it on my own." he says. He's not missed out on a mission and refuses to do so now even if he doesn't have the help. When the details of what she needs done isn't given but told that he and his team would be told on Saturday he nods his head.
When Satoru is met, a brow quirks up just slightly as Hinotori looks to the Jounin as he speaks to Fuyu. Quiet for now, but giving the man a bow of his head in the sign of respect. Seems everyone is still getting used to the fact the clan head has changed. But the more he thinks about the better. He didn't know what Fuyu had in mind for what she wanted for the clan, but it was his job to assist.

Satoru remains staring at the ground, waiting for the older ninja to finish speaking, though the mention of Senju causes a barely audible 'tch' to escape his lips. "I have a question for you…" His head lifts, the eyes of the teenager fixated on the woman's own, either unaware of her bottled aggression or simply ignoring it as he remains completely motionless in his stare. "…Does that statement make you happy? Does it make you feel safe…. Do you still have pride in your heritage despite speaking those words and easily smiling while doing so?" The Uchiha's tone is a bit more serious and unstilled now, easily getting the point across; He did not like that comment she made.

Fuyu nods vaguely at Hinotori in acknowledgement. She'll address him directly when she has finished dealing with this other. "Does it 'make me happy'? Not particularly. 'Safe'? Why would it? 'Pride in my heritage'? What do you think I fought for during the Clan Wars? Do you think I fought in order to be placed in a subservient position to our greatest enemy? I will allow you to believe what you wish. But in order to maintain this fragile peace, sometimes it is wisest to keep one's opinion about those who are in authority to one's self… Or at least not to speak on them publically." Pause. "Like in the middle of the street." Pause. "In broad daylight, with half the village listening." Long silence.
And indeed, there are quite a few people watching this little exchange. Satoru's body language certainly indicated he was agitated, and even those who were too far away to hear the conversation would most likely realize that — for whatever reason — there was something going on. Fuyu's thin smile is gone now, as she just looks like she's probably about to cut Satoru's throat. She might not actually have that intention, but for some reason, when people are around Fuyu, they just get this odd idea she is going to attack them. It makes things a bit… Tense.

Looking to Satoru as he asks Fuyu his question. This is pretty bold and well there are a good amount of people walking about and can easily heard if any decided to take interest in the conversation that was going on between them. As Fuyu answers Satorus question, Hinotori does notice the onlookers, his eyes narrow as he looks to those closest to them and gestures for them to continue about thier buisness. Turning back around as Fuyu finishes her point, Hinotori steps away from her just slightly. She is creepy, there was no way to put it lightly, down right creepy, but then again, maybe thats what the Uchiha needed.
Now giving his attention to Satoru to see hear his comment, he hoped that his questions as unwarranted as they were, were answered and they could move on to other topics of discussion.

"That's all…" Satoru raises his head, his face completely soldier-like…devoid of emotion now. "…I wanted to here, Fuyu-sama." His voice is a bit lighter than before, slightly laid-back despite his emotionless face and even then, a small smirk breaks his still-features. "Did you here, Hinotori-san. We're… now both of the same rank," he states. A look toward those watching and he shrugs, not really caring if the others heard him… they already knew he enjoyed combat and testing himself… all thanks to his accomplishments and actions during the clan wars, however his attention does turn back to the new clan leader. "We're not that much different, Fuyu-sama." The Progidy takes a few steps closer, now relaxed despite her ever-pressing and aggressive presence, adding so only she can hear, "The 'true' blood of our clan runs through our veins. The same blood that boils when kneeling before a Hokage who is a former enemy. Who should still be an enemy if it wasn't for our clan throwing away their pride for peace…" Once this is said, he steps past her, turns, and actually bows this time before rising and feigning a laugh… for those in the surrounding area to witness… and hopefully assume there was no tension in the beginning of their meeting. "You shouldn't praise me so much, Fuyu-sama, especially while I'm trying to advance myself and prove my abilities again," he puts on an act some more.

Fuyu, even after Satoru explains his own feelings and why he asked… Even after he relaxes… Continues to get that intense look from those dark eyes. Then the sense of impending danger from Fuyu lessens, as she looks away, towards those lining the street and the communal area. Satoru might be laughing it off now and acting like all is well, and maybe that will be sufficient. Or maybe it won't. But Fuyu herself is not inclined to necessarily play along, nor to provide entertainment for rubber-necking gawkers.
Thus, she turns to Satoru and smiles. At a volume that others can hear, she says, "Oh, but I cannot deny the facts! You are, without a doubt, the biggest, thickest block-head that I have ever encountered. However, as impressive as your dense skull may be, I recommend using the contents of your head, rather than its exterior, to resolve things in the future."
Turning to Hinotori, her smile is gone again. "Saturday morning. Front gates. Be there." Then she nods to both Chuunin, and turns to walk away.

Satoru narrows his eyes toward the new clan 'leader', staring a hole into her back as she walks away, however he realizes others are watching, and for the sake of his well-being.. he shrugs and turns. A hand-seal later, he is gone, a gust of swirling, burning leaves are left in his place.

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