Final Farewell - The Scroll Thieves - Part 2: Bad Party Guests


Atsuro, Daisuke, Hige

Date: March 11, 2015


Daisuke, Atsuro, and Hige infiltrate a high-class party to steal a valuable scroll.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Scroll Thieves - Part 2: Bad Party Guestse"

The Land of Fire

It was the day of the party and the trio had spent the last night resting (and some in the hotsprings). The morning was spent eating and creating and going over the plans for the party. Luckily, they had decided to spend the time earlier last night scouting the house and land, giving them an edge in their plan making. Currently, the trio and canine companions sit around the table in their Inn room while Atsuro summarizes the plan to get in, get the scroll, and get out without anyone noticing.

Atsuro stands up and starts to pace the room. "Okay," he says, "So our plan so far is this: Taizen and Konsho will move around the perimeter of the estate, and knock out all the sentries so that we can move around the whole area without being noticed. Meanwhile, the three of us will be just arriving at the party. We hang around and look casual for a few minutes, then we all meet up at the balcony at the second floor."
He points to the map they've acquired and made notes on from their scouting trip the night before. "One of the walls there is partly hidden by that one overgrown tree. We climb the wall up to the roof and move over to the east wing of the building. Hige crawls in through the skylight and unbars the rear entrance, I sniff out which vault has the scroll, and Daisuke uses lava to destroy the lock on the vault door. We go back to the roof where we meet Tai and Konsho, give them the scroll, then return to the party by the second floor balcony again. Is that right?" He looks between Daisuke and Hige.

Hige sits in silence as he studies the map, listening while Daisuke, then Atsuro talks. As the plan is laid out the boy only nods slightly as his semi-feral eyes flick over the different points, memorizing them quickly and comparing them to what he'd seen the night before. When all is said and done he gives a normal nod. "Sounds good to me." Konsho yips his agreement as well, looking from the map to Taizen, map to Taizen…then he hops up on the older ninkens head. Plan is laid out, now he can rest on his Taizen bed.

Daisuke nods his head as Atsuro goes over the plan, looking over to Hige as the young Inuzuka confirms that he gets it as well. "Right, lets get our clothing and your make up." he says as he looks outside, "We need to get ready before the sun starts going down." he adds, standing up as Hige thinks he is settling in for a nap. "A few of us could use a hair cut or trim, as well." he adds with a smirk, waiting for the others to get prepped to head out for the day before the party.

Taizen, who previously sat up straight, paying careful attention to the plan, lowers his head to the floor to save his neck muscles the trouble of holding up the growing Konsho. Atsuro gives Daisuke a nod. "Okay," he says, "Where's the clothes then? They don't call me 'Atsuro' because I change clothes slowly." But he does wave a hand dismissively. "Daisuke, don't you know how these rich types work? Hair trimming? Just say something like…" He affects a posh upper crust accent, "Why, this is the latest fashion in the Land of Snow."

Blink. Blink. "A trim?" Hige asks, sounding and looking a little surprised as a hand goes up to run through his rather shaggy hair. It's always been shaggy, and he rarely cuts it, but if Daisuke is mentioning a trim he has a real bad feeling about it all. The fact that he'd be wearing some kind of freaking suit was bad enough, but he'd be hosted if he'd let them mess with his hair without a fight. Have to have some (really low) standards. When Atsuro makes up his fashion idea Hige thumbs towards him, "Yeah, I agree with ojii."

"First stop, the safe house." Daisuke says with a smirk as Atsuro's comment gets ignored and Hige's concern for his mess of hair is amusing. He waves them on as they leave, moving through town again towards the safe house they used the last time. The store they stop at houses the same old couple, to which Daisuke interacts with briefly, and they are let downstairs. Upon entering, everyone would notice the place was cleaned up a bit, the books and scrolls put away as Daisuke asked the day before. Daisuke moves to another room before pulling open what looked like a door, revealing numerous expensive looking clothing for men and women. "This isn't the first time observation was needed inside Hanta Hito's home, so we should be able to find some good things."

"Two versus one," Atsuro points out, "I guess someone is going to the party with a very daring hairdo." He and Taizen follow Daisuke through town, back to the safehouse they visited before. When Daisuke reveals the closet, he pushes his way in and starts searching through. "Hmmmmm…" He reappears holding two different disguises: one is a very traditional kimono getup, and the other is a three piece suit. "Which one is more suitable for this Hito guy?" he asks.

Hige grumbles softly to himself as Daisuke pretty much overrules them and he follows along. Of course he makes Konsho walk instead of ride Taizen, not that the pup didn't try. When they get to the safehouse the boy nods a greeting to the older couple before following the others down the stairs and over to the super secret closet. When it opens he wrinkles his nose. Too…much…niceness. He looks around at what's there for his short and small frame with a bit of skepticism.

Daisuke looks over to Atsuro as he asks about the clothing choice, thinking a moment. "Probably the suit, unless you want to stand out as official and important, which is what we do not want." he says as he looks over his own 'monkey' suit. Not quite his taste, but it will do for a disguise. He looks over to Hige as the old woman comes down with a towel and some snippers and grins….just grins.

Atsuro glances from Daisuke to Hige, then back to Daisuke, staring in horror at that grin and the wickedness it barely conceals. Unable to stomach this grizzly scene, Atsuro disappears into another room. In a few minutes, he returns wearing the suit and with his facial tattoos missing. He tugs his tie a couple of times until it's just right, then puts the bundle of clothes he was wearing down on a free surface. He looks over to a nearby mirror. "Well, hello there handsome."

So much to choose from and none of it to his liking. Hige goes through the 'childrens' suits until he finds something…sufficient. He grabs it and turns to ask Daisuke and Atsuro - then sees the woman with the snippers coming at him with such an evil look in her eyes. His eyes widen as he takes a small step back, then another, and another, back into the closet. Hair cuts suck! He was very happy with his scrappy scraggly look thank you very much! Konsho scoots under Taizen to hide, apparently not wanting to see the horror that's about to take place on his poor unfortunate companion. In the end he has no choice and, after seeing there's no way out of it, he submits to the haircut with a defeated look. By the time the old woman is done it's all short and proper and he looks like a half-decent person. Once the suit is on he looks like a sad, sullen and defeated (yet very dapper) proper young gent.

Once his evil subsides and Atsuro is done, it is Daisuke's chance to move into the other room, changing into his monkey suit. He comes out fidgeting with his tie and muttering something under his breath, though he does look as dashing as ever with that brilliant crimson hair and matching tie. He looks over towards Hige, who looks like a dog that has just had a bath after putting up a good fight. "Alright, remember no metal, folks." he says, reminding them about the weaponry rule, "And limit chakra usage." he also adds, per the previous conversation about sensor nin.

Sucking in air through his teeth, Atsuro aims a sympathetic hand to pat Hige on the shoulder. "It's okay," he tells Hige, "I'll tell you some totally embarrassing stories about Daisuke when we have a spare minute. You'll forget all about this." He bends down by Konsho and gives him a pat on the head as well. Poor thing. Puppies aren't meant to see such sights. "Okay," says Atsuro, "I'm ready to go when you guys are."

Hige looks up to Atsuro when the older Inuzuka comes over to him and he nods a little, still quite bent out of shape about the whole thing. So horrible. Konsho lets out a few sad whimpers at the pets and seems to be trying to support Hige. When they get ready to go though he gets his game face on. He can sulk later. "Yeah, no metal, little chakra. Got it." He says, taking in a deep breath and letting it out before giving a little grin. There, normal for now. "I look forward to those stories ojii." He adds before his semi-feral eyes shift back to the Hokage. "Ready when you are Daisuke." Again no title, no honorific…but that's standard from Hige. At least Daisuke's status keeps him from earning a new title after the horror that just occurred.

Daisuke fixes his tie once more in the mirror before he nods to Atsuro's suggestion, ready to go. He gives Hige a moment more in mourning before he walks by, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Women like a man who is a little more kempt." he imparts to him as he passes, walking up the stairs and chatting with the old couple for a bit, waiting on the others.

As the team moves from the store, the sun was reaching the mountains on its way down, and it was almost time to head to the party. Daisuke stops off and grabs some snacks (that wouldn't spill on suits) to get the team full and less distracted on all the food and various smells at the party that was surely catered by the best. Soon it was time to head for the front gates. Time was given for the Inuzuka to decide what to do with the dogs before Daisuke would lead the men forward, reaching into his suit pocket to pull out three tickets for the party to the awaiting guards.

"You should," says Atsuro, shooting Hige a grin. He glances back to Daisuke, "Whatever helps you sleep at night." He's ready, so he heads out of the room, followed shortly by Taizen. The snacks are appreciated, but Atsuro is careful to give the balance to Taizen. Even if he can't just wolf a bunch of food down, Taizen won't even have a moment at the snack table. He's the one who needs more taking care of here. Just before they come into sight of the estate, Atsuro kneels down and explains the dogs' role to Taizen, who woofs to Konsho, then jumps up to a nearby roof, disappearing. Then Atsuro walks casually up to the entrance to the party.

Hige's an Inuzuka. Unkempt is part of life for most of then. Not Atsuro. He's too much about his looks. But, you know, /real/ Inuzuka. The boy mutters some non-commital response to Daisuke's words before following the man up, hands in his pockets as he goes. The snacks are snacked on, Konsho having his fair share before they go to the party. The pup listens to Atsuro and yips acknowledgement before yipping again to Taizen that he's ready and follows the older ninken. Hige watches him go with a faint frown, not liking the seperating his realizes. But he's with Taizen, so he'll be okay. Right? He turns then to follow the others, straightening up fully and walking with a little more authority than he usually shows. He'll play the part, and it turns out he can play it well. He looks like he would belong at the party, most definitely.

Daisuke receives the nod from the guard after each one of the trio gets a glance over, all three of them looking like proper gentlemen in their suits with their beautiful hair. The guards peg them as just another handful of wealthy stupid men and usher them into the property. Once inside the main gate, the trio knows where to go, thanks to the scouting the night before. Heading for the front door, Daisuke makes idle chatter with Atsuro and Hige, blending in for now. Meanwhile, the property itself would be filled quite a bit more than last night, so the canines would have to be quick and smart to get through and make it to their spots.

Like any Real Inuzuka, which he totally is, Atsuro immediately maneuvers himself over to the food table, loudly and jovially conversing with Daisuke, Hige, and anyone else who he's able to suck in, saying things like "Quite, indeed," "Naturally, naturally," and "Egads!" as he semi-subtly pigs out on all the amazingly delicious food. After a few minutes of this, he excuses himself. "I say, I think I just saw the head editor of Fine Sculptures Quarterly. Excuse meeee~" He starts weaving his way through the crowds, up to the second floor, then to the balcony.

It's very difficult to keep from just facepalming and giving up on the whole thing when Atsuro slips into his whole 'overly proper gentleman' routine. He'll have to remember later to make sure that it never happens again. Somehow. But instead of showing the uncomfortableness of it all he just smiles like he belongs and nods to all the stupid things Atsuro says, responding with much shorter and less stupid words. Sure, proper, but not 'OMG' proper. As it is Hige doesn't eat much, though he does have to try a few snacky things. Hey, how often do you go to a posh party? Eat it up! Literally! When Atsuro excuses himself he follows after him, managing to look excited at the thought of meeting whoever the hell he just mentioned.
As for Konsho? He's like a ninja! And a dog. So…yeah. Anyways, he follows Taizen in their efforts to quell the 'border guards' in a silent and effecient manner.

Daisuke shakes his head at Atsuro's over the top performance, inwardly of course, he wouldn't want to cause any kind of suspicion. He laughs where appropriate, before moving away towards two finely dressed women who were giggling amongst themselves and looking at him all throughout Atsuro's bravado. The discussion is friendly and light, a much better situation for Daisuke than surrounded by pompous rich men. Of course these ladies were probably looking for their own young rich man, but regardless, he was only going to be here the night. Once Atsuro makes his way from the party towards the rendevouz spot, Daisuke excuses himself from the ladies, promising to continue their conversation later on, making his own way to the spot.

Meanwhile, the dogs were doing well in their way towards their spot, taking out what needed to be and avoiding the rest. They should have no problems making the rendevouz with the others at this rate.

Taizen leads Konsho through simply and effective ambushes of the guards around the estate. They use their superior senses and stealth to get into a good position, then tackle the guards and knock them out. Occasionally, one of them serves as a decoy while the other attacks from the rear. Once the guard or guards are knocked out, they pick up the body and drag them to a good hiding spot, usually some out of the way spot in a garden, with their teeth.
Meanwhile, Atsuro leans against the very wall they're meant to climb up, swishing a glass of brandy and looking out at the horizon, as if contemplating something deep and meaningful. But actually, he's wondering if the bacon-wrapped scallops will still be around when they return to the party.

"Egads?" Hige asks softly when he arrives next to Atsuro, still smiling like everything is just freaking /perfect/. "Are you visiting me ojii? I'm going to egads you in the face in a minute." After he mentions that he tosses one of those bacon wrapped scallops into his mouth before practically licking his fingers clean. "Those are good. Glad I got the last one now." That he says to himself…mostly. He'd likely seen how Atsuro had been at them before.
Konsho moves with Taizen like they've known each other forever. Which, for Konsho at least, may be almost true. He's not very old after all. He has no problem playing bait, the happy little puppy that 'accidently' got on the grounds and is chasing something in the grass. Aww, so cute! Until Taizen gets them.

Daisuke arrives shortly after Hige, shaking his head at the 'egads' himself. He doesn't comment though, as the amount of talking should really be kept to a minimum. The dogs complete their trek and make it to the wall, popping up beside Atsuro. Daisuke gives them a smile and a thumbs up, still remaining silent for now. It was time for the 2nd part of the plan. He climbs up and attaches his feet to the wall that they were to climb to reach the roof, expecting the others to follow. It was once everyone was up on the roof that they move towards the east building, stopping at the skylight for Hige before he and Atsuro would move on.

"I don't know what it means to egad someone in the face," says Atsuro, "But it sounds disgusting. And you and I both know that they loved me in there. The colonel called me a delightful old chap and the actress asked if I could come to her next performance." His stoicism breaks down at the mention of the last bacon-wrapped scallop. "You monster," he mutters, "How could you?" He sighs loudly and puts the glass of brandy down on the ground. He takes a look and sniff around to make sure nobody's watching, then walks up the wall after Daisuke, following him to the skylight.

The younger Inuzuka takes a little extra time to lick clean that last finger with an evil grin and a small, overly innocent shrug. Then the ninken arrive. Hige can't help but feel relief when he sees Konsho and it even drags him away from wanting to kick Atsuro in his 'egads'. The boy crouches to pet the pup briefly before the pair follow after Daisuke and head to the roof. Once there the small boy slips inside, mentally grumbling about the suit and just how annoying it is trying to move in the unforgiving fabric. Upon his silent entry he spies a single guard and for a flash of a moment contemplates killing the man since it would be easier. But that would be bad for their escape in the end. Ugh. Instead he waits until the guard has turned around before dropping silently down. Or…not so silently, hospitable dress shoes. A soft tick alerts the guard and sends a surge of annoyance through the boy. Before the man can even half turn around Hige strikes his hard in the back of the neck to knock him out. Stupid shows. Stupid outfit. Hige continues his silent mental grumbling as he goes to unbar the back door and open it as quietly as he can.

As Atsuro and Daisuke wait at the rear entrance, Daisuke can't help but wonder if something had happened to Hige. As he is about to suggest force, the door opens quietly, revealing a grumbling Hige. "Cheer up, we are half done." he says as he and Atsuro move past him, heading towards the stairwell down to the basement with the vault. "We are in uncharted territory now, be alert, and put that nose to use." he says, speaking to Atsuro for the last bit, as the next task was for him to find the right vault.

As they enter the lower level, the security is pretty much as expected. No guards, which was strange until you think about it. That's right, there were lasers that tripped silent alarms. Seems not only a keen nose was going to be needed in this situation. If Atsuro can catch the system, Daisuke can apply the smoke, but for now he waits.

Atsuro folds his arms, closes his eyes and waits by the skylight, trusting his sense of smell to tell him if anything's wrong — it's dark where they are, and the main action is inside anyway. Finally the door opens and they're able to go inside, where Atsuro begins to sniff around. "No guards," says Atsuro, "And the scroll's not the only valuable thing here. He's either very confident in the external security or…" He narrows his eyes and carefully inspects the walls and ceilings. "He has an alternative," he finishes, pointing to a small lens, barely visible in one wall. "We'll need some smoke to get through here," he suggests.

"I'm never wearing dress clothes for the rest of my life." Hige mutters to Daisuke when the Hokage tells him to cheer up. No matter how hard he tries to be silent there's always the softest 'tick' against the floor when the shoes hit. Who made these shoes so accommodating noisy anyways? Was it on purpose? Did Atsuro somehow sabotage him with these shoes? It's always possible. Okay, not really. In the end he takes the shoes off while Atsuro explores, tying the laces together and hanging them around his neck. There. Silence.

Daisuke waits for Atsuro's assessment, looking back at Hige taking his shoes off and raising an eyebrow at his antics. When Atsuro calls for smoke, Daisuke nods his head, forming a few handseals to call up a plum of thin white smoke, which expels from his mouth. Once settled over the area, picks up all kinds of red lines. "Woah." he says as he looks at them all, plotting a way through. He will let Atsuro take the lead on this one and will be ready to do some melting. There is nothing tricky about the lasers, though in such a wide area with various glass display cases, there should be some good places alongside the bases of the displays for them to go through.

"Most missions aren't like this one," Atsuro comforts Hige. "Bad luck with those shoes though. Maybe somebody disguised themself as a tapdancer?" He stands back and waits for Daisuke to reveal the lasers, then shrugs. "Eh," he says, "Not too bad." He starts to carefully pick his way through the laser grid, stepping over them, ducking under them, shimmying up against a wall, twisting, bending, and flipping over them. He makes his way across the room, sticking his nose to the thin cracks of vault doors, sniffing at them. On the fourth sniff, he looks back to Daisuke and nods. "This is the one."

Hige folds his arms over his chest as his eyes move back just in time to see the tail end of Daisuke's look at him. Hmph. Hey, he has his reasons. While the other two go about their lazer grid dance Hige lets his eyes drift around the rest of the room briefly. After a few moments though he turns to keep an eye on the guard and the back door - closed, but still unbarred. They don't need any unexpected guests. They also don't need all three of them to search the vaults.

Daisuke makes his way, stepping where Atsuro steps, moving through the lasers, looking quite dumb as they shimmy, duck, and dodge. Once they get to the vault, and Atsuro confirms it, Daisuke grins. "You haven't seen this yet." he says to his old friend as he focuses and his hand becomes covered in molten hot lava, though it doesn't burn, completing a partial Lava Release Armor. He reaches out to grab the vault handle and metal shudders as the heat rises rapidly and begins to melt a hold straight through it. Once he reaches the other side, he pulls the vault door open, enough to get inside.
Daisuke hurries inside, spotting the scroll. This was what Hashi was needing of him, and perhaps because it was Hashi who was asking, he hurried too much. Either way, with a quick swap of a blank scroll, Daisuke had the Scroll of Life and Death. "Lets go." he says, nodding to Atsuro before making his way back to the stairwell and Hige.

Atsuro nods to Hige, then turns to Daisuke and watches him go to work, standing as far back as he can from the melting vault door without stepping into one of the laser beams. "No kidding," he says drily, watching the door practically open itself. Once the scrolls are swapped, he just gives a nod. "Almost there," he says, "Just need to get the scroll to Tai and Konsho, get back to the party, and charm the guests while I eat all the delicious food." He glances in Hige's direction, brows furrowed, "Minus the scallops." He begins to carefully step his way through the laser grid again.

As the other two continue their epic quest for the scroll of awesomeness, Hige continues to play guard. Then that reminds him about the guard and he goes to the man and quickly ties him up with whatever's handy, even his shoelaces if he has to. They don't need him waking up and alerting someone while they enjoy the rest of the party after all. Sure they wouldn't have the scroll on them, but if people started poking around too much who knows what they might be able to find out about their 'guests'.
Once Daisuke and Atsuro return Hige gives them a nod and then, with a soft depressed sigh, slips his dress shoes back on and thumbs them towards the door. "I'll lock it again and slip out up top. Don't want them to find our mess too early." A little bit of a grin is given at that. When Atsuro mentions the delicious scallops, well, Hige doesn't seem the least bit sorry for what he did.

Daisuke is less than in the mood to talk about the food as he makes his way up through the stairs, worrying about getting this in the 'hands' of the canine companions and out of their own as party guests. As they walk through the door outside, waiting for them is ….. the two canine companions, tongues hanging out, tails wagging. Daisuke lets out a sigh of relief as he gives the scroll to Taizen. "We need to hurry back." he says as he looks across the lawn, seeing some movement from the guards at the front gate. He is the first one to head up to the roof, aiming for the second floor balcony.

"We'll return to the safehouse," Taizen promises, then turns and hops off the roof, down into the gardens. He waits for Konsho to follow, then leads him on a careful stealthy course back through the estate, out, and hopefully back to the safehouse in one piece, and without losing hold of the all-important Scroll of Life and Death. "Hopefully nobody took too much notice of our sudden disappearance. If not, it's just a matter of staying around for a socially-acceptable amount of time, then getting out of here and skipping town before anyone thinks to look into the party guests." He follows Daisuke up to the roof, heading back to the balcony area.

The lock slides into place on the door once the two adults are outside of it. Then Hige jumps up, sticking to the roof and making his way to his escape route, slipping out through the skylight neatly and quietly before reaching up to make sure his tie and jacket are straight and crisp. Certainly they'll think he was just taking a little walk with Atsuro, right?
Konsho goes with Taizen of course, the ninken having completed their job flawlessly. At least that's something to be happy about. In fact things turned out pretty festive good. Except for these shoes. Hige decides to keep them so he can see them properly burned on the return trip. "We just went for a walk around the grounds ojii, nothing fancy. And Daisuke was, uh, probably peeping in some ladies window." There, see, everyone's story is set.

Once the trio make it to the balcony and head back inside, Daisuke decides they should stagger their return to the party. And so he takes the first move, heading back down to the hustle and bustle of the party. He finds the ladies he was talking with earlier, apologizes, and continues his conversation, noticing the others attend just in time for some of the guards from outside to enter the party before the man himself, Hanta Hito, arrives on the 2nd floor stairwell to announce something. "Everyone please stay where you are. I have been robbed of something priceless. It seems one of you, or more, have taken the liberty to use my hospitality to your advantage. My men will be searching your bags, suits, and purses. I suggest you please comply."
The murmur of the crowd begins to grow to a dull roar of protest. A man approaches Daisuke and the ladies, who shrink away from him behind Daisuke. Daisuke steps forward with his hands out. "I have nothing to hide, and am frankly insulted that you would think I would." he says as the man mutters something and begins patting him down. Out of the corner of his eye, Daisuke notices a little singe mark on his cuff, but is able to keep the man talking enough to not notice it. Will the others fair as well?

Returning second, Atsuro makes his way back to the appetizer table, where a fresh plate of tiny crab-cakes has just been laid down. He eats one after the other, staring up at Hito as the announcement is made. "These are delicious," he tells the men coming to pat him down, "You should really try them. Hey, easy there. Ex-CUSE me. D-do you MIND!?"
He frowns and over at another one of the guests who's being frisked. "Can you believe this?" he asks, "I thought his behaviour at that party last summer was crass, but this is simply beyond the pale! What a dreadful host. I have half a mind to get him kicked off the town beautification committee." The other man nods in agreement, not seeming to notice as Atsuro grabs a handful of crab-cakes and stuffs them in his mouth. "I have /never/ been treated so poorly," the man says, "Not in all my life! He can kiss his invitation to the wine club goodbye." Atsuro nods as he reaches to the back of his head and picks a leaf out of his hair, dropping it under the nearby table surreptitiously.

Hige can't help but agree with the staggered return idea and he waits for a few moments after Daisuke and Atsuro have returned before he does so himself. He makes his way near Atsuro and for a brief moment starts chatting with Mr. Egads himself. He pays no mind to the guards or their host at first, pretending like he just doesn't notice anything out of the ordinary. When he mentions something being stolen he looks just /shocked/ that someone would do such a horrendous thing. Of course, he is but a wittle boy and can't possibly be involved in some theft of a priceless artifact of some kind!
That doesn't stop them from patting him down however. The guard that pats him down is, luckily, not seeming all that thrilled that he has to check a kid. Hige stands with his weight on one leg to cover the fact that, you know, his shoelaces are missing out of one of his shoes. Luckily for him after he gives the guard some scared looking puppy dog eyes the man takes it easy and only makes a half hearted attempt, checking his pockets of his pants and jacket and that's pretty much it. Not like he could hide a scroll in his pants legs anyways! Stupid fabric.

The guards do not seem satisfied, and Hito is red in the face in embarrassment and anger. The party itself starts to die down as the pat down has ruined the mood, the guests beginning to leave. The trio had a perfect time to leave, and so they do, with the two Inuzuka probably stealing some food, no doubt. Once the trio meets up with the dogs, Daisuke declares the mission a success and they head back to the hotel room. After a night of celebrating however each of them wants to, morning comes and Daisuke is gone, leaving a note for the others to head back to Konoha, he intends to personally deliver the scroll to the spot in hopes of seeing Hashi.
The Hokage would be disappointed, as Hashi does not show in the end, a branch of tree sprouting from the earth to accept the scroll in the location that was written on the letter. Hesitantly, he puts the scroll in the branch and it recedes into the ground, leaving his hopes dashed. This is why he had gone by himself in the end, the sense of hope of seeing his aunt again after so long, only to have that hope dashed. Eventually, after a long sit overlooking the Land of Fire from the cliff of the meeting spot, he would return home.

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