Badger of Honor


Shinobu, Suzu, Daichi

Date: December 14, 2015


Shinobu, Daichi, and Suzu go to get rid of some pesky badgers.

"Badger of Honor"

Land of Fire

The simplicity of any D rank mission is rather nice, especially for those in the higher echelons of Konohagakure's ranking system. They can relax, go on S ranks, and pretend the world is running smoothly in their absence under the hands of newly-made Chuunin and older genin. Inuzuka Shinobu was in charge of this mission, much to her dismay, and Satonezu Daichi and Uchiha Suzu were to accompany. The mission itself? Simple. Messenger hawks would fly to those supposed to meet at the gates at noon, and Shinobu would be waiting for her team. Kame was sitting at her side, the pup watching a butterfly as it fluttered near her nose.

"Another D-Rank… Huh?" Suzu mutters as she stands nearby, face kind of =_= at the realization she's back to doing the same grade of missions she's been stuck on for like four years now. To be honest, while she has grown by leaps and bounds since starting to do higher-ranked missions, Suzu realizes the importance of D-Ranks and is kind of glad to be doing something she knows she's qualified for. So the blue-topped, shorts-wearing, fisnet-body-stockinged kunoichi isn't exactly unhappy about it.
Just not very enthused. D-Ranks lost their excitement after the 37th time of recapturing the same darn cat. But hey, she gets to be on this mission with her friend Daichi, and Daichi's friend is leading it! Suzu is glad to get to her meet her properly, finally, so she lowers her arms from where they were folded, and smiles at the younger girl as she waves and says, "Nice to meet you, Inuzuka-san~! I hope we'll have a peaceful mission today~!"

Daichi was a little late, but that was mostly because he got distracted by his drawing. Reason he was drawing….something else for the one leading this mission. Though it wasn't any portrait this time. He arrived shortly now and waved towards the two of them. "Hey Shinobu! Hey Suzu." He makes his way towards Shinobu's side and gave Kame a quick few scratches behind the ear and even pulled something out for her. He had treats for the pup. "Kame. If you want I can give you one now and I can let you have more when we complete the mission." He smiled some, and then glanced at Shinobu while smiling some.

Kame perks up at seeing the treats and tries to tackle Daichi for them! Yip! ~I want some! Please now? Pleeeaaassseee?~ the pup barks, whining a bit and giving the Satonezu puppy-dog eyes. Shinobu watches quietly, though she is amused by the whole display. The girl umms softly and takes out a map. "So… There are some… umm… badgers… that keep digging up plants… And we need to set up fences to keep them away… And stuff." The girl points to a spot on a map to show their destination, which happens to be a farm, then waves for them to move out. As she makes her way out of the village, she picks up Kame and plops the pup on her head.

Suzu waves and smiles to Daichi, glancing at the dog and then back to Shinobu. Once she hears the explanation of the mission the Uchiha nods her head sagely.
Aaah… Badgers… Her mortal enemy. Suzu is familiar with these foes. "Lead the way, leader!" she calls out, and then proceeds to follow Shinobu while in her head she constructs an elaborate strategy for this fence construction. A complex pattern of posts, wire, electric generators, flamethrower turrets, and watch towers. Possibly a series of tubes that will form an insanity-inducing tangle of tunnels that the badgers will have no choice but to navigate if they think to burrow underneath the fences, all of which will deliver them to their certain doom in a nearby river. That'll show 'em.
"They'll have all the supplies we need there, right?" Suzu asks as she walks along with her arms behind her head.

Daichi chuckled as Shinobu had picked up Kame right as the treat was being held in front of the pups face. He followed along with Shinobu and being a half a foot taller then her allowed him to watch the pup rather closely, and he eventually offered her a small treat. "Okay Kame here you go. Now get a look out on just in case someone is being bad nearby and trying to hide from us." He stood there next to her still though as they moved along and glanced back at Suzu when she spoke. "Oh…that is a good question.. Do they Shinobu?"

"Umm… I don't… think so…" Shinobu mumbles. Kame had let out a whine of protest when she was picked up and about to reach for the treat. Meanie Shinobu! But then Daichi wandered over for a rescue! Yay~~~ The pup takes the treat in her mouth and munches as her ears perk for any suspicious sounds. "Umm… They… just want to keep badgers out… And if they attack, we need to scare them… They haven't been able to do that…" she says. At the rate the team is going, it should only take thirty minutes to get to the farm. Nothing happens on the way there, and the sight that greets them is fairly average as far as farmlands go.

"Haaaah!? They want us to set up fences but they don't have any fences for us to set up!? Geez! It's not like I'm the First Hokage! I can't make wood out of forehead!" Sighing, Suzu accepts that this is how it's going to be. They'll just have to scare the badgers so badly they never come back instead. Maybe scrounge supplies from the surrounding area. Maybe fire will do the trick? Or a fierce dog like Kame! Grrr!
Also, Daichi can probably do something too. Maybe kick them or something???
Suzu lowers her arms and then slams one fist into the palm of her other hand, as she says, "We'll just have to do our best!"
Once they arrive, Suzu immediately sets about looking for signs of badgers or things that can be used to keep them out. It's fairly standrd farmlands. They probably have farm stuff here. Like fences to keep in cows and ocelots and such. Farms have ocelots, right? "Maybe if we ask the ones who own the farm they can direct us…"

"Oh? That sucks…we are going to have to gather supplies as well?" Daichi frowned some and started to slow his pace…until he noticed he was falling behind Shinobu some. Then he moved forward to reach her side again. "I am sure we can scare the badgers well enough then! We can do this." He smiled and looked at the farm they were approaching. It looked normal and when Suzu begun speaking he nodded in agreement. "Yeah. We probably should ask them. They should be able to tell us what is needed for sure."

RPCOMBAT: Suzu defends against with a PERCEPTION…25
RPCOMBAT: Daichi defends against with a PERCEPTION…13

Pretty sure farms don't have ocelots… Shinobu nods slowly. "Hai. Let's go…" She would head towards the house in the middle of the farm land and knock on the door…. But after a few minutes of waiting, no one would answer! Suzu might notice a slip of paper in the door. Said paper is pretty close in shade to the white door frame, and it's on Shinobu's blind side, which might explain why the Inuzuka doesn't see it…

Suzu looks around, waiting as their team leader knocks on the door and receives… No answer. Then she notices a slip of paper trapped between door and doorframe, and examines it without touching to see if it looks like a seal or something. It would be ready unfortunate if she pulled an Explosive Tag and blew them all up. Not that she thinks the farmers would do that, but the farmers don't seem to be around. And there might be less-than-wholesome reasons for that. "Hmm…" If she doesn't perceive anything dangerous about it, she retrieves the slip of paper, calls attention to it, and reads it to see what's on it. Maybe it's completely innocent and just a note that they went to borrow a cow from another farm or something.

Daichi was completely distracted by what Kame and Shinobu were doing to pay attention for a tiny slip of paper. He really should learn to see things better shouldn't he. If she did bring it up and showed them he would look at her. "Oh? What is on it? I wonder why we missed it." He then starts thinking some as he exects Suzu to start speaking on it. He glanced at Shinobu a few to see what she though, but mostly was not distracted with his own thinking.

It's a note that the farmer and his family went off on their own since it was getting close to winter. They weren't really a farm that had animals, after all, so there was little reason to stay during the colder months. Shinobu blinks a bit when Suzu reads the note aloud and tilts her head. "I… Guess we'll have to make do…" she mumbles, frowning at the fields. Well, it's gonna be quite an adventure to try and find the badgers… Maybe they should just wait… It's not like the farmers gave them access to any tools, either -.-;

Suzu folds her arms again, frowning and going ~_~ faced as she puts the note back where she found it. "That's really weird. It makes no sense at all. You don't just abandon a farm in winter. No one would do that. Not only does it leave the farm unattended, and open to damage from all kinds of things, but it also leaves it exposed to thieves and vandals. Until they carried off absolutely everything, including their harvest… And even then! This is too weird. Either they're REALLY bad farmers, or that note is a fake." Perhaps it was written by the badgers.
"Also, they need to be here to pay for the mission upon completion, so this is already a violation of the mission contract." Suzu lowers her arms and turns towards Shinobu. "Team leader, I would like to recommend we investigate first and look for signs of trouble. If we don't find anything, perhaps we should consider returning to the Village to report what's happened here?" It's not that Suzu is an expert on farms and farmers, but them asking for help to deal with a problem like badgers going after their crops when they aren't even here to know whether there's a problem or have any crops to be attacked just strikes the kunoichi as incredibly suspicious.
She looks to Daichi, to see what his thoughts are. Ultimately, the decision is up to the team leader. But it can't hurt to voice thoughts on something like this.
On the other hand, maybe now that Suzu has had a taste of the big missions, she's seeing subterfuge and danger where there isn't any, even on the basic ones. Who knows?

Daichi frowns and scratches at his cheek. "Yeah maybe some bad people kidnapped the farmers and wrote that note to trap us and distract us….or it might just be badgers and bad farmers. Either way we don't have to start on the fence right away now, but I suppose we should do something. Unless you all want to just relax here and think on it for a bit. I mean… Kame and Shinobu can smell around some still while thinking on it." He honestly didn't know where to begin as he had no idea which possibility would be the correct one.

RPCOMBAT: Shinobu defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES-II…52

Shinobu hesitates a bit. Nothing seemed really fishy about all this. The girl didn't smell any blood nearby, and the note didn't have strange scents that weren't already around the house… "I… think we'll be fine…" she mumbles, looking around a bit. "Let's just… get the badgers… We can deal with money later…" The girl would gather some chakra, then. "Hide… for now… We can wait for the badgers…"

"Oh-hoh~? Sharp noses, huh?" Suzu is glad she showered before coming on this mission then. She waits for the results of the inspection after molding some Chakra just incase the answer is something bad. When the answer turns out to be nothing obviously unusual…
Suzu sighs and shrugs helplessly. "Maybe I'm just worrying about nothing." Or maybe the farmers are skipping out on payment! They'll find out eventually, one way or the other. If the team leader and her ninja puppy don't think anything is wrong, then Suzu will just have to trust them. For now, she dashes off towards the fields where the crops are supposed to be, looks for a good spot, and then disguises herself as a great big turnip. If there are real badgers with real kleptomania, then surely they'll be enticed by such a treat!

COMBAT: Suzu focuses 2962 stamina to turn it into 2500 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Suzu attacks target 1 with HENGE with a roll of: 17
[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) Good Sniffers vs. Suzu from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Shinobu

Daichi watched Suzu run off into the fields and henge into a turnip…he decided he would just hide somewhere as that is what he feels is more natural for him. "Shinobu… How long do you think we need to wait. Because it is getting pretty cold and what not. Luckily it isn't so bad normally, but just sitting around it might get a little bit…chilly." Then he walks off into the fields and hides randomly around gesturing for Shinobu to hide or henge or what not as well. Then he glanced to Suzu to see how she was doing.

COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 18
[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) Good Sniffers vs. Daichi from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Shinobu
COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with WOLF-SOFT-CLAW with a roll of: 39

Shinobu hesitates a moment, then says, "As long as we have to… If they don't come, though, we can leave…" As for Suzu and Daichi's stealth-skills… Well, apparently badgers are pretty perceptive around these parts o.o As they wander into the fields, they end up quite far from the hiding shinobi. On the other side of the field, even!

Hmm!? The badgers are way over there! Well, they'll eventually make it over to Suzu and Daichi… Or are the badgers intentionally avoiding them!? Should they wait where they are to see? If the farmers just left, and took their harvest with them, then there shouldn't be anything for the badgers. They'll have to keep looking and approach eventually… Of course, if the farmers are terrible and just left their produce lying around trusting in ninja to take care of it, then damage might befall the goods before the badgers make any move to come close enough to attack… If ever!
Ultimately, Suzu shouldn't act until the team leader gives some indication of what to do. So for now, she waits where she is and tries very hard to act like a turnip.

Daichi on the other hand was already moving that way not knowing if they could track him or not. He had a kunai ready in case he was to throw one at them. They would go down quickly if need be. He had funnily enough lost sight of Shinobu because she was a super ninja. He had no idea if he should strike yet though so he wouldn't. That was for Shinobu to decide for sure. He wanted to say something, but also couldn't because of noise so for now he was gonna try and spot them himself and track them.

As Daichi got closer to the group of badgers, they would start shuffling away from him. Oh no! :( Shinobu frowns a bit, realizing that the Badgers seemed to be very much aware of Daichi and Suzu's locations. The girl knew where they were, though, so she makes a few handseals to send a genjutsu to them. 'We need to corral them…' she tells them. 'Suzu-san… Move around the edges… Daichi-Kun. Stay still for a bit. Or maybe… set up… a trap… Somehow…' Hopefully they know some stuns >.>

COMBAT: Suzu defends against OMEGA'S-BARK(31) attack from Shinobu with a TENSE…11

More Genjutsu! Or something! Suzu hears Shinobu's voice, but maybe it's more like some form of dogepathy.
HMMMMMMM!?!?!!? So the time for action has come and the badgers are avoiding Daichi…! Then it's time for Suzu to take them from the side, outmaneuvering them and ambushing them in the way that the greatest predator of all time, the movieraptor, is known to! She thus begins her secret sneaking mission, poofing out of turnip mode and into a cloud of smoke, as she stays low and tries to scoot, scoot, scoot around the edge o fthe field towards the targets…!

COMBAT: Suzu attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 20
[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) Good Sniffers vs. Suzu from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 21. - Rolled by: Shinobu
COMBAT: Daichi defends against OMEGA'S-BARK(33) attack from Shinobu with a TENSE…6

Daichi knew any genjutsu from Shinobu during a mission would be the one for communicating and was happy for it to be in effect. Though he is surprised this doesn't make the both of them as tired as the time when he was training to defend it. So tired they fell asleep in fact. He would listen to her and stay where he was with a kunai aimed to surprise the badgers if something happened… he would maybe try to move some or do something to hide a little better though. He needed to get hidden at least.

COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with STEALTH with a roll of: 17
[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) Good Sniffers vs. Daichi from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Shinobu

The wind is blowing the wrong way or something, it seems! Daichi and Suzu are both noticed, and the badgers end up skittering away even further! Well, lumbering might be the more appropriate descriptor… Shinobu sighs a bit as the badgers amble away, and she tries to get closer herself, skirting around the edges as well. Like she told Suzu to do. As she moves, she continues to communicate with Suzu and Daichi. 'We should set a trap… Do you have wire? Or rope? Or can you use earth manipulation?' She doesn't know her teammates all that well…

COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with WOLF-SOFT-CLAW with a roll of: 29

Suzu frowns. And then she growls a bit. The instructions from the team leader… She has to follow them. But there's a serious problem here. She's asking them questions through Genjutsu.
Suzu just turns and calls out, "Look, they clearly know where we're here, and they're just badgers! Do we REALLY need to set traps? Let's just chase them off and set up the fences! I can scare them away with my Fire Release!" Suzu begins forming hand seals, and gathering her Chakra prepared to chase them off through the best method she has available, as soon as the team leader gives the word.
Assuming she does, of course.

[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) FLEE! vs. All (+mroll Spd-Spd) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Shinobu
RP: Daichi makes a Spd and Spd roll and got 11 and 13, respectively, for a total of 24.
[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) FLEE! vs. All (+mroll Spd-Spd) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 23. - Rolled by: Shinobu
RP: Daichi makes a Spd and Spd roll and got 12 and 14, respectively, for a total of 26.

Daichi noticed them running because Suzu spoke up and all he knew to do now was catch them. He took off faster then they could escape and the quickest two were the ones he reached. He then spun his leg on the ground to stun the both of them by knocking them around some. That should hopefully scare them off some. "Suzu get the others. We don't have to kill them, but it may be fine to do some.

COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with LEAF-GALE with a roll of: 30
COMBAT: Daichi attacks target 1 with LEAF-GALE with a roll of: 20
[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) Flee! vs. Daichi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) Flee! vs. Daichi from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 27. - Rolled by: Shinobu

[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) FLEE! vs. All (+mroll Spd-Spd) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Shinobu
[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) FLEE! vs. All (+mroll Spd-Spd) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Shinobu
RP: Shinobu makes a Spd and Spd roll and got 10 and 13, respectively, for a total of 23.
RP: Shinobu makes a Spd and Spd roll and got 9 and 13, respectively, for a total of 22.
COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with DOG-TACKLE with a roll of: 30
COMBAT: Shinobu attacks target 1 with PUPPY-PETTING with a roll of: 31
[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) Flee! vs. Shinobu from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Shinobu

The moment Suzu spoke up, all the badgers started running. Just scaring them away with loud noise doesn't really work, which is why the shinobi were supposed to help scare them away for good. Or lead them away… or build a fence… Or something. Shinobu would blink a bit as they started fleeing, and Kame would suddenly dart out to try and tackle one to the ground. The young girl would use genjutsu to make one of them pause in its spot, somehow enraptured by Kame.
The badgers… Well, only two are able to get away, really. Shinobu has managed to catch one in a genjutsu. Kame is now pounced on an angry badger, and Daichi sent one flying a bit with his mighty kick! There are still two left. The one that Daichi tried to kick, but failed, and the one that has had no attackers whatsoever.

[NPC System]: Badgers roll(s) FLEE! vs. All (+mroll Spd-Spd) from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 11. - Rolled by: Shinobu
RP: Suzu makes a Spd and Spd roll and got 12 and 5, respectively, for a total of 17.
RP: Suzu transforms into SHARINGAN-I.
COMBAT: Suzu attacks target 1 with SEAR with a roll of: 31
COMBAT: Suzu attacks target 1 with SEAR with a roll of: 27

Eh. They're badgers. Suzu isn't terribly worried. Even if they got away now, they'd just have to catch them when they came back. And in the meantime they could set up one of those traps Shinobu wants. Unless the badgers suddenly starts doing something crazy, there's just no cause to be concerned. Because… Badgers! Sure, it's cold out here, and they might not want to be out here longer than they need to be, but C'MON.
At least Shinobu's super good Genjutsu and super speed, and Daichi's as well, manage to stop a few of the fleeing beasts. Suzu closes her eyes as she runs and then opens them. Now they bear the crimson-and-black of the Sharingan, with one tomoe in each eye. Speeding herself up, as ninja are trained to, she runs past the badgers in a blur, and then comes to a stop in front of them. And there, she unleashes two blasts of heat to attempt to stun them with the instinctive fear of fire… Even though the fire never comes. "«Katon: Kashou! (Fire Release: Sear!)»"
And then she attempts to dive tackle at LEAST one of them, to scoop them up in her arms and SMOTHER THEM IN HER CHEST (non-lethally).
Because they're badgers, not ocelots or movieraptors.
She does make a mental note to add 'ninja tools training' to her list of things to improve upon. Making traps sounds like it's going to be yet another useful area that will come up a lot on missions.

Daichi would quickly pull some rope that Kenta had him keep on him to tie up the one badger he had here. "I got some rope if anyone needs some." Which it seemed that Suzu did and once his was tied he walked over there to help with hers. "Here Suzu. Need some help tying this guy up?" He held the rope out and would begin to tie that one up as well once she set him down and began to help him with it. "Shinobu….what do we do next huh? We should try to do something about the fence stuff right?"

Shinobu has a bit of ninja wire on her, at least, so she can bind the badgers she caught! The girl would umm softly and look around. Looks like all the badgers were apprehended! Yay~ "H… hai… We should make a sort… of barrier around the fields…" she says. Of course, the farm is pretty large… Not the biggest, but it's not small! The girl isn't quite liking the prospect of setting up barriers /everywhere/, but she was trained by Kaido. Kaido was a trap-nin (or an expert in traps), so surely the team could make something good to keep the badgers away in the future…

Suzu cooperates with Daichi to get the squirming bundles of badger all tied up. "Sounds like a plan. Good work, everyone! Though I've learned yet another area I'm deficient in…" The Uchiha's eyes revert back to their normal coloration and pattern, a uniform black, as she looks around at the farm. They're going to be out here awhile it seems. But at least one of the problems is done with. Unless there's more badgers. Actually…
She should also add Genjutsu to the list of things she needs to learn. It seems to always be useful for SOMETHING. But at least she contributed meaningfully on this mission. Even if it was a D-Rank. That still makes her feel like all her training has been paying off. And she has a lot of people to thank for that.
"Once these badgers are safely stowed away, let's get to work on the next part. We can relocate them somewhere they'll be less destructive afterwards… Or just let them loose somewhere, I guess. Up to you, team leader!" She gives a thumbsup to Shinobu, and grins at Daichi. It's good to finally meet this friend of his.

RP: Suzu reverts to her normal state.

Daichi nods over towards Shinbou at her suggestion. "Good idea Shinobu. Now what to make the barrier with." He after tying up the two badgers moved towards Shinobu's side again. "Well Shinobu. While we are doing this you should officially meet Suzu over there. She is a nice person in my opinion. I have helped her with some tree walking like you did for me. And you know she is an Uchiha, so maybe you could help her with genjutsu as well? At least that gives you something to do instead of just random small talk." He smiles towards her for a moment before gesturing for Suzu to bring the two tied up badgers to the rest of em. "Alright Shinobu. I will follow your lead on this. Lets finish this mission already and maybe we can all get a bite of ramen to eat afterwards!" He was hungry a little bit now.

Shinobu would show both Suzu and Daichi the basic trap she wanted set up around the perimeter. It would take them until nightfall to complete them all, but hopefully the farmers would find the results good. "Umm… We'll let them go… away from here…" she says, referring to the badgers. And indeed they would.. Shinobu would have them be brought out about two or three miles from the farm before they were let go! And then it was back to Konoha with a 'mission complete!' Of course, there's still something to do about the payment… Though further investigation of that revealed the farmers had paid beforehand… So apparently there was nothing to worry about! .-.

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