Struggle With No Reward - Bag a Princess


Naru, Shuuren (as Tadashi), Suterusu (As Banshi)

Date: June 11, 2013


Naru Tadashi and Banshi seek out a plan to steal away Princess Hiroko under the nose of the Daimyo for the sake of bringing him back to the diplomacytable.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Struggle With No Reward - Bag a Princess"

Daimyo's Base

After various victories in the name of the TFM one would think things were smooth sailing. However the reality of the situation was the Daimyo still wasn't backing down due to the various defeats and the leadership of the TFM was still quite fractured making it difficult to push the hidden agenda. In an attempt to bolster more respect within the TFM while pressuring the Daimyo to reach for the negotiation table, Narusegawa and company devised a unique plan to accomplish this goal. Slip right under the Daimyo's nose and steal away Princess Hiroko. If devastating loses wasn't going to churn him perhaps taking away his family would be the motivation he needed.

The mission was broken off in two parts. Banshi Narusegawa, and Tadashi was to slip into the base camp and find the princess while Soren was on reserve to reck havoc and cause confusion if things suddenly went sour. For now both Stealth and Naru remained out of sight, nested within the outlying forest which surrounded the Palace and base camp fortress before them… The evening sun began to hang in the horizon, slowly beginning it's descent. Too much darkness and security would be tight, this was the perfect moment to slip in before defenses would be bolstered but still dark enough to slip out of sight. "Do you have any questions Banshi? Hiroko is a powerful medical shinobi…but I will recognize her chakra signature once I see her… The last time I fought her was during the chuunin exams… I'm open to ideas on figuring out how to do this. I have some intelligence that Hiroko will most likely be tending the wounded in the base camp… She might have her own place setup or she might be in her quarters… There are a few guardians here as well that we will need to becareful with…"

The figure was silent, studying the area. He was already on high alert, those clones scattered around them, to make sure they weren't spotted. He was focused as well, searching the area as he could with his own sensitivity to chakra. Contemplating, the figure looked over to Naru then, shaking his head slightly. "We find the target, subdue the target and extract. We may or may not need cover for the extraction. Depends on how hard it is for the subdual. I can bind.. but if she is a strong med nin, then it probably won't last." That soft tenor would croon softly. Contemplating a moment longer, he'd finally shake his head again. "I do have a question.. colladeral damage, how much are we restraining from doing? There are plenty of targets here and I need to know if I'm killing or not. On the off chance we're found and can't subdue her before extraction."

"Ah, so another like myself," Tadashi's inflectionless voice rings out from behind his mask, sounding a bit amused. This could be a fun little game, after all. Of course, ideally, they wouldn't end up fighting, but two powerful Mednins with various styles beating each other would be… interesting. "I have a rather effective way of putting her to sleep once we get to her," the masked man comments as they walk. "You've seen it, I believe," he says with a glance to Naru, perhaps to remind her that he used it on her in a spar once. "That will keep her quiet. Once that's been done, we can bind her up. Just be sure you restrain her fingers when you do so. A Medic who's learned to weaponize medical skills can wreak havoc on you with just the slightest motion if given the opportunity."

"I was thinking about Banshi binding her with some pretty terrible threads of hot metal, but I suppose that technique will work plenty well, Tadashi-kun…Assuming we manage to get that far. Slipping past so many grunts will be moderately difficult… I don't want to cause too much of a stir within the camp itself. While I am known for my destructive talents getting to much attention in the heart of their fortress will be a terrible idea for us all," Narusegawa explained to the both of them, pointing off into the distance. " Let's make this as quick as possible… We will scale the wall and make our way towards their medical tents. We will find the right one…silence her and then slip out. We might have to fight but nothing that I would recommend prolonging…. I don't want any deaths either just a clean kidnapping…" Narusegawa finalized, perking a brow to see if there were any more comments or concerns.

The figure nodded to Tadashi, then to Naru. "Bind, no razor, thread the fingers. I've gotten adept at that." That soft tenor would croon as red eyes stared out towards the castle. Glancing over at Naru, he'd ponder for a moment, before a slow nod was given. "I will scout the interior while you scale then. I will keep out of sight. Once I find a med nin, I will contact you at the wall top to help us direct our search. They won't see me." Those soft words were quieter than normal, trailing off as he thought about it for a moment, finally he'd look to Naru and Tadashi, a nod given if they were all set and off he'd go. The clones moving forward at sensing his chakra signature moving, they'd all sink into the ground, out of sight and out of mind. The hunt had begun, even if it wasn't an assassination, he was still going to do his best.

"Causing her the least amount of harm possible is ideal if that's the message we want sent," Tadashi says with a nod. "The wires don't have to be hot if she's asleep. Really, I could just hook an IV up to her and keep her out until we get her to the desired destination once I've put her to sleep. Simple, clean, effective, and we've brought no harm to her, which looks better on us." Assuming all is clear, he would walk over to begin silently scaling the wall. Once high enough up, he would close his eyes for a moment and send out a pulse that would go unnoticed to all save an extremely skilled sensor nin. However, this pulse would return readings on all within its vicinity, the masked man attempting to get a better feel for where tonight's target might be located.

The Order managed to scale and slip past the walls unnoticed! The levy spearmen who loomed along the tower tops of the wide walls weren't able to notice the invisible presence scaling up the walls and the shadow clones moving about passing on enough information to go up unnoticed. Banshi was easily able to slip through the wall itself, bearing witness to the interior of the massive palace camp. The palace ground had been converted into a camp filled with various tents for medical and ration delivery while barracks were placed about for housing. It was a wonder as to how they could even house such a massive army considering the circumstances. Instead of open ground much of the land was crowded with people and buildings. They still had to travel some ways to get to their destination. Tadashi himself could feel the presence of almos everyone within the area. The reach wasn't enough to go into the palace but the open floor before them responded back as quick as he had sent out his signal. There was lots of pain and weary souls further down, a few signatures stronger than the average spike of chakra. If anything it appeared to be focused along the inner center of the base camps. Perhaps that was where they needed to go?

Narusegawa couldn't see anything with her eyes but she did turn her eyes to both stealth and Tadashi, hopefully the two of them would be able to lead her in the right direction….

The area was covered. Unseen even by the masses, that figure lurked beyond what most of them ever had a hope of seeing. Silently scouted, it was at the end of that scouting that a clone would be sent up to the others, that figure melding out of the very ground to look between them. "The target is not in the court yard. We will have to press on further. You know as well as I, where the heavy chakra signatures are coming from, boss." That figure would nod to Tadashi, before looking over the interior of that wall. "Continue standing orders?" Banshi would look between Naru and Tadashi, to make sure they were going as planned or if there was any change to the scenario.

Tadashi takes a few moments to assess the positions of the men around the camps. There are some stronger ones around the inner parts, but they should be able to avoid those by keeping an eye on their positions. "Hai. We'll need to keep between the patrols. Do not get caught for the sake of rushing. So long as we are not spotted, we should be able to move in and out without much trouble." He pauses a moment in thought, assessing over the information he's gathered along with Suterusu's. "You can keep up, right?" he asks with a glance cast toward Naru before he'd begin to flicker between rooftops to head in toward the central area, keeping an eye out with his sensory jutsu as he moves.

The group still managed to slip forward without any sort of concerns. Every now and then the guards within the camp shifted and turned, peeling their eyes back so they could take in the area. Security began to increase as night time had fell across the palace grounds, the nighttime guard now stationary while evening returned to their quarters. The concentration of chakra began to shift from one tent into another adjacent barracks, tall and wooden, it appeared to be the a base of operations for the medical personell.

After getting close enough both Banshi and Tadashi could feel 3 presences within the barracks. Two of them standing outside, two very powerful presences while a stronger individual remained inside… Their levels of chakra output did allude to all three of them being shinobi. Some of the guards on the outside shifted their stance and peered off towards the trio of invaders, one of them picking up on one of Tadashi's clones but their attention adverted back to fixing up their armor after setting sights on a pair of delirious scarlet red eyes. " We need to keep moving? What do you two feel?" Narusegawa asked the both of them with a silent whisper. until they decided their next move.
Tadashi has partially disconnected.

The figure shook his head slightly. He'd hold up three fingers, point at the two outside, marking off a finger each, then pointing to the wooden building for the third. Focusing himself, those clones would branch out, sweeping through the ground, through the walls, to explore the interior of that barracks. He was seeking a target. One particular target of course. If he found her, then the route back out would be traced. Sticking to the terrain, it was easy enough to avoid that detection as he'd hunt the prey, leaving very little to what could stop him, unless they tried hard to even know he was there.

Taking a moment to assess, Tadashi ponders a bit. "Ideally, I'd tell you to slip be prepared and I'd just slip in through the window, but I've got a feeling those two are a bit too experienced for normal tricks to work on them…. Banshi, be ready as soon as you see me move. I'm going to put them to sleep before this turns into a confrontation that we don't need." With that, the two men would see two exact copies of themselves in front of them, only for a split second, though, before the masked man would appear behind them to place a hand on each of their throats to put them both to sleep. Showing a bit of his rather insane strength, he puts one of them on each shoulder and would vanish from sight as his shadow clones take their places.

Tadashi narrowly managed to slip out of sight after his skillfully executed surgical strike. Each of the two Guardians collapsed almost as instantly as he had touched them without any fair warning. Their bodies drooped and as quickly as Tadashi came, they were replaced and settled upon each of his shoulders, they were fighting against the stun however, it wouldn't be long before they snapped out of the sedation.

Banshi on the other hand easily made way through the facility which surprisingly wasn't as crowded as one may think. He managed to slip through all defenses, and within one of the office rooms would be Hiroko, diligently going through a hefty sum of paper work, more than likely a list of all the wounded levy and shinobi alike within the camp. She was silent in her work and completely unalarmed at the moment, Banshi had the perfect pre-emptive strike. Narusegawa on the other hand used this as a way of motioning in with the guardians out of the way, she slipped in through the front doors, her crimson sharingan gleaming while taking slightly steps into the building, her genjutsu was to take effect upon anyone she encountered… For now no one in particular other than Hiroko and anyone else meandering within the building…

No one else around, the person was there that needed to be captured, a small nod was given and it'd begin. The wire used by the clones did not have the normal razor edge bits to it, but it was still that living coil, traveling between boards, around the floor, carefully and slowly covering that whole room in the wires. Since no one else was really around, noise wasn't as much of an issue. As such, the entire room would suddenly shatter inward, the wires coming alive to coil about Hiroko rapidly, binding limbs to the body, legs together, wrapping her much like a spider might use silk, only this wrap was of cold hard steel. Indeed, the wrap even made sure to go around fingers, to guarantee a lack of ability to do anything other than squirm. The clones and that figure would come out of the walls after the trap finished, to gather the body. It was time to grab.. and run..

As Naru and Banshi take care of the situation inside, Tadashi sets the guardians down and takes a knee in front of them. "Sleep just a while longer," the masked man says as he places a hand on each man's throat, going back to the motion to keep them asleep for now. He's going to need to vanish as soon as he lets go so they can't track him, so he can only hope things are going well inside. Of course, his sensory abilities give him a fairly good idea of what's happening.

So close yet so far away…. The office walls began to cave in almost instantly, wires upon wires pierces through the walls slicing the room into shreds as the intense wire attempted to wrap Hiroko into a metal bondage. At first it would appear to be working, the long strands of metal loomed about only to be countered by swift movements and a hand radiating with glistening emerald green chakra. Almost instantly the strains of metal remained limp, and the Princess's gaze shifted to look in Banshi's direction, her expression not at all amused from the looks of things. Gazing around more she could take in each and every clone as well as the approaching Uchiha who remained visible from outside the door… Without a single word she yanked a dozen tags from her sleeves chucking them about the room which became easier with the walls dispersed. "Knock out storm!" She exclaims while the tags crackle in a mighty explosion, if either of them were hit not only would their resources be shocked but for now they would be forced to the ground at the Princesses's whim.

Tadashi literally had his hands full but it wouldn't take him too long to deal with the guardians. While he easily managed to incapacitate them briefly eventually feeling slowly began to return to their body. They squirmed and struggled but it was going to take a little while longer for them to react against their masked assailant.

Narusegawa narrowed her eyes upon Hiroko as soon as she made eye contact. The burst of the storming seals was evaded skillfully, however the Princess could only see Naru herself become a mangled mess collapsing to the ground, only to rise back to a stand virtually untouched. "You will need to come with us, I promise we won't harm you…too much," Naru states almost with a sly grin. The narrowing of her eyes sprung a genjutsu. A powerful prism of black chakra encompasses her in a tower of lacerating blades…

Clones, clones, everywhere clones. The real figure would meld back into that wall a moment, the clones taking the brunt of the attack. As they poofed under the assault, more would come out of the wall. Shaking his head slightly, those clones worked in tandem, the figure again coming out of the wall as they'd all plant hands to the ground. Letting Naru's genjutsu cause that initial claiming of Hiroko's attention, the wires that were cut? They would melt, reforming, that tangling strand solid again as they'd once more flail upward to try and encase Hiroko, all but her eyes in that living steel, separating fingers as well to stop further jutsu.

With the situation inside not really getting any better, Tadashi decides to try to help a bit more. A clone would appear beside him to take his place in trying to keep the guardians sedated. Meanwhile, he'd flicker inside and attempt to grab Hiroko by the throat to try to sedate her as well. The way things are winding down, if they don't get this over with quickly, they're not going to be escaping as easily as was originally thought. "Give in to sleep so that peace may return to this land. Your life will not be taken."

Narusegawa's genjutsu wasn't entirely up to par as it normally was, the daring gaze of her scarlet red sharingan pierced through Hiroko's eyes but once her genjutsu began to form it was almost quickly shattered by a brief flex of chakra bolstering from the medical shinobi. "Sack it…" Narusegawa cursed quietly under her breath only for Banshi to suddenly release his ninjutsu yet again, the looming shadow clones which remained about in the shredded room excited the metal wires yet again which this time managed to successfully subdue and capture the Princess. "Hey! Let me go! What is Konoha shinobi doing here of all places?!" Hiroko struggled and exclaimed, pointing a finger in Narusegawa's direction, a shinobi she had sorely recognized during the chuunin exams as well as her public defection.

The Guardians outside finally split up, one of them chasing after Tadashi who began running away while the other raced back towards the barracks entirely to make sure Hiroko was safe and sound. "You…." Hiroko voiced suddenly escapes her breath once Tadashi approaches with blinding speed. His relaxing touch knocks her out cold and with the wire bindings it was unlikely for her to escape any time soon.

Suddenly a torrent of wind bursts flourishes throughout the entire room, enough to briefly pin the shinobi against the remaining of the walls. "What the pouch do you think you are doing?" Drop the Princess right now!" The man calls out, his cloak bellowing as his ninjutsu takes hold, his chakra was skyrocketing… pushing for a follow up attack. Narusegawa managed to evade the attack, moving her body while her genjutsu takes hold, her eyes watch over him briefly and she shakes her head. "Don't worry, we are going to take her somewhere safer… There is no need to be alarmed," She commented with the tense narrow of her eyes, her genjutsu taking hold… All she needed was for him to back off for a little while…

Capturing the now limp form, He'd get pushed back, the clones actually helping him to resist the push as Naru's genjutsu would grab hold of the man, causing him to relax. A small nod given and with Hiroko in tow, he'd just look to Naru, then Tadashi, a final silent nod and he'd merge into the ground, toating the princess with him as he'd have them slink out of the place pretty much the same way they came in. Any remnants of wire that had been left behind would simply crumble into dust. The room was shattered, but there'd be no easy way to tell that he was the one who had even done it. Silently, with the clones fanned out again to help him avoid any further contact, he'd make his way for their original point, the extraction of the princess completed.

With the task complete, all that remains is escape. "Let's move," he says, and he would vanish into thin air. His shadow clones remain in place, however, there to serve as a distraction until they get out of the area. Once up, he'd begin to flicker between rooftops again. It'd be easier to just do one large flicker out, but he'd risk leaving Naru behind, so that is out for now.

The Order managed to bag the princess as expected, and more or less slip away undetected. The last guardian following the Shadow clone was forced off into a loose end, especially once it poofed out of existence causing alarm and security to tense up as he went back to report the happenings of the night. Torches were lit and levy were sent scrambling throughout the village and even the exterior to search out for the Princess…. After rescaling the walls both Narusegawa and Tadashi was left to cover their tracks while Banshi's expert stealth techniques allowed him to transport Hiroko without any problems…. For now they would return back to their head quarters to determine what to do next and test the Daimyo's reaction, perhaps now he was ready to talk…

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