Bait and Swap


Kitaru, Maikeru, Akechi, Ogosokamaru

Date: September 18, 2012


Kitaru attempting to obtain records from one of the Kumogakure forts is assisted by the distraction Maikeru makes outside of the location.

"Bait and Swap"

Land of Lightning fort on boarder between Kumogakure and Kirigakure

Kitaru was off scouting that build up. He stayed at the edge of the troop deployment, studying formations and movement patterns. The best part about being a genjutsuist is that if it's a small enough group, they never even know he's around. He's been at it for the last 3 days before he decided to try and get within the perimeter, to see if he can find out what's going on further inside. Of course, the meeting of other shinobi was expected. As such, Kitaru was dressed completely differently. A simple white tunic and pants, no markings to show where he was from. His entire head was wrapped in a white gause, even the eyes, although it was thin enough to allow him to see around himself as he'd creep towards the center of that camp. Time to see if he could find some good information there.

Since Kitaru had been gone for a few days, Kirigakure decided to send in a little insurance policy to be sure things haven't gone badly. He spent a good while running, but he's now walking casually, adorned in a plain brown shirt and pants with a pickaxe held over his shoulder to look like a miner. A long bandage covers his right arm, along with a brown glove on each hand, hiding the glow of the Jigoku arm. As he approaches the edge of the encampment, he glances around, searching for anything suspicious as well as where any Kumogakure shinobi might be staked out. This is going to be an interesting evening…

Ogosokamaru was at the entrance of the encampment. They had gone so far as to hand out insignia with the person's name, work group, and photograph in response to the sunagakure spy mission that happened earlier this week. Ogo was the lucky one to get stuck with front gate duty with, you guessed it, the Chuunin Akechi. It looked like the two of them were the only two out at the moment, as it was lunchtime and the chow hall was over on the other side of the encampment. Prime pickings.

It was a hot one out today, Akechi could be spotted using the huge Ogo as shade. Working the front gate was rather pointless another everything else in the camp was worst. Sucking it up he found himself muscling through it, after noticing it's time for lunch the young Chuunin would pull out a scroll with sweet red bean soup a normal size one for him and a huge one for Ogo if he wanted it. Akechi would already have some chakra charge just in case things got serious.

Watching as he went, he'd pause, spying someone that might be familiar? Maikeru was studied for a long moment. A small shrug given in silence and he'd move on. The two at the front gate were studied as well. This is where it might get interesting. If he was going to get in, he had to get past them. Focusing himself, silent steps were used as he'd go to walk past the two shinobi guards. That genjutsu was used, leveraged against them to keep Kitaru cleanly out of sight. For anyone else, he simply hid, for Ogo and Akechi, he was using that genjutsu to literally make him not show up at all.

As he spots the guards at the entrance of the cave, Maikeru smirks slightly and ponders how to get around them. Then again, he's only here to be sure Kitaru is alive, so he just sticks to that for now. Spotting someone studying him, the Jounin glances over to see the bandaged guy looking at him and then walking toward the cave entrance. Since the guy seems to be trying to just walk right past them, he presumes that must be him. The mission was just to make sure he's alive and come back, but this situation has a high possibility to get volatile. Thus, he walks up to the guards and waves. "Hey, guys. It's my first day. Name's Akira. Where am I supposed to go to fill out the paperwork and get a hard hat?" Rather than his normal smooth voice, he speaks more like an Average Joe.

Ogosokamaru looks at the 'new guy' and looks him up and down. "One sec, lemme check something." There was a list of new employees to work in the cave, and apparently, Maikeru got lucky that they were expanding the cave! And! On top of that, Ogo found a name on there of 'Hakasu Akira'. "Huh, here you are. What's your surname, please." And Ogo looked at this 'Akira' fellow and waited for the control question to be answered. Or for Akechi to say something.

Akechi would pull out gloves and slip them on as the name Akira was said. "Oh a rookie eh, figures here take this over there to that area and fill it out once done return it to me please and we'll find you a job around here to do." He smiled as he stood there with his arms crossed over his chest as he watched the man walk over before shifting back to Ogo and gave him a nod. "I look new recruit that make me feel all important." Once he reached the spot a sudden sound could be heard than a boom to follow "nice try if you were sent here you would've have had a photo id and your name on the new list. Who are you?"

Kitaru curses silently, glancing back at an explosion. Well.. ok. Now what? Neither of the guards seemed to have noticed him slipping in. Of course if that was who he thought it was, that'd definitely help with the distraction. Getting out of sight of the others, he'd scout the immediate camp, noting that the mess hall was full, he'd head for what looked to be the HQ. That general scan of his ability was to keep him out of sight, while he kept silent. If Maikeru needed his help, if that was indeed Maikeru, then they'd be in a lot worse of a situation that Kit would hope never happen.

As he is asked for a last time, Maikeru glances at the list then over to the overzealous boy as he speaks then tosses a tag. The tag makes a direct hit, exploding violently directly on Maikeru. However, when the smoke clears, he is completely unfazed. "Now, now," he says with a chuckle, his voice changing back to its normal smoothness with a touch of sarcasm. "Is that any way to treat a new worker?" The situation may seem bad, but his actions have served their purpose. Kitaru has gone unnoticed and is far enough into the cave, and the shinobi are now focussed on him. "A Seal User, huh?" he asks as he begins to build a massive amount of chakra within himself, a smirk of amusement adorning his face as two of the seals on his arm fade away, though that's not quite visible with the bandages covering it. "Cute, but let me show you what a real Seal Master can do."

Ogo sets the book down nonchalant when the explosion goes off. He didn't expect that to be the end of it. And his suspicions were brought to fruition when Maikeru is still just standing there. Ogo holds out an arm in front of Akechi, speaking to Maikeru directly as he begins to focus his power. "Akechi, let me handle this guy. Go let the others know to go into lockdown… again."
With that, he steps towards Maikeru, and bows slightly at the waist, "Let's take this out of the way from civilian lives." And he points further down the beach, easily visible from the facility, and vice versa. "No traps, no gimmicks there." Ogo doesn't even start to remove his sword, and leaps once or twice down further to the beach, and there does he unsheath his sword and await the fight to ensue.

Akechi would point towards Maikeru as he looked at Ogo "yeah you can fight that guy while I run support cause I didn't like anything I just saw." Laughing as he pulled out two kunais equipped with explosive tags. "I'll cover you big guy." Tossing three Kunai towards Maikeru each one was set to explode as he tossed one more for the moment would just be near him in a barrier type manner to be set off later.

Kitaru listened to the potential fight outside. Well.. so much for not giving away where they're from. Shaking his head, he'd continue to keep his own focus. Distractions were definitely one of Maikeru's specialties. As such, he had an edge while keeping himself out of sight of the guards on that HQ, working his way further in as people would move through to avoid actually opening doors and giving away his invisible position. Careful and calculating, always keeping that control of his chakra in place, stopping anyone from seeing the real attack, while Maikeru made one huge feint.

Kitaru's going to owe Maikeru a round of sake after this is all done. As another round of explosions goes off, Maikeru chuckles and bit and shakes his head as the smoke fades. "Sure, why not," he says as he looks to Ogo, that amused smirk still on his face. "However, I'm afraid I can't let your friend here deliver that message, so he'll be joining us." With that, he extends his right hand, sending an enormous form of it toward Akechi to attempt to grab him and fling him down the beach to where Ogo is. If successful, with a flicker, he appears down on the beach with them, standing in a ready-stance as he gives them a moment to prepare for the fight. Perhaps he's a sportsman in that sense, or perhaps he's just toying with them and wants a challenge. The dark aura surrounding the area may suggest that it's leaning toward the second.

Ogo watches as the hand goes for Akechi, and merely waits for Maikeru to get to the beach. Whether or not he does in fact move Akechi doesn't really seem to bother Ogo. He forces his chakra through his body for his clan's kekkei genkai, and tightens his grip on his sword. "Let's go then, he'll just get in the way, honestly." And a quick, single strike sending that telltale sound throughout the entire area, that was signature to the Reizei clan, and more importantly, Ogosokamaru himself.

Unable to mold his chakra he would have no other choice but to defend with the he knew from yesteryears and thus he would try his hand with replacement. Sadly enough it crashed right smack into his knocked him a nice distance away. Now able to feel his chakra flow again he would form a seal and smirk as he pulled out two more kunai and flung them at him as he was still trying to recover from the damage. Just then Akechi would dash forward with a seal in hand to try and stick it on Maikeru as he did this he would speak "GO OGO!"

Kitaru would finally get the information he wanted. Knowing who was going to be where and when, was critical for finding gaps in the net to get better information. As such, the scrolls would be replicated quickly onto his own copy, then stored away. Once that information was gathered, Kitaru would work on getting out of the HQ, much the same way as he got in. Silent steps and careful work through following others, while keeping out of sight. There were more explosions happening out there although they seemed further away. Considering that itself would put the regular forces on alert, Kitaru had to hurry up and get out of here, then see if he could help Maikeru get going before the army massed and destroyed him.

In the way or not, I can't let him spoil my grand entrance," Maikeru says as he watches Ogo prepare to strike. No information given that he is actually just waiting for someone else to exit the cave once his task is finished. He flickers out of the way of the strike by Ogo and is unaffected by the first two tags from Akechi. However, he underestimates the final would and ends up frozen in place for a moment. "Not bad, kid," he says, still seeming just amused rather than worried about whatever attacks may be incoming.

The two explosive tags just bounce off of Maikeru, and Ogo is just watching wondering if Akechi would ever understand that if something doesn't work, don't use it more than four times. Then the heavens seal thingy actually hits! Ogo blinks in surprise, then takes this moment to provide a good knuckle sandwich to the guy. "Akechi, watch out, there may be more somewhere nearby!"

Akechi side stepped as Akechi did this though a clone would grab Ogo and tackle him out of the way as the real Akechi was flying in the opposite direction from the pair. As he flew through the air he would toss three explosive tags towards him as he slide across the battlefield the dust cloud he would be yelling "EVERYONE HEAD BACK TO THE VILLAGE AND REPORT WHAT'S HAPPENING!" Breathing heavy he would be looking back at the clone as he nodded to thank him for getting Ogo out of range, smiling back he spoke again this time it would be the clone to Ogo "We gather that so we're going to blow the whole compound up when all our man is out of range."

Kitaru was silently and safely making it out of that encampment. Hidden within shadows and those places only someone who was seeking to disrupt the whole thing could reach, were a series of tags. Multitudes of those explosive tags. As Kitaru made his way out of the HQ, he rigged the whole thing for blowing up. May or may not need to use it.. but setting up that potential was always important. Reaching the entrance, Kit would flicker away, keeping out of sight of the regular troops, to reach that beach. Kit would simply watch for this moment, keeping himself out of sight of both Ogo and Akechi. Not that he'd really be recognizable, but he wanted to know what was going on for sure, before actually moving in to assist in the combat.

Taking the punch right to the face, Maikeru turns his head with the impact and chuckles a bit. As the clone of Akechi rushes in just before the explosion, a rather evil grin touches his lips. Right as the explosive tags are about to hit, a rather massive shift in the atmosphere can be felt as his dark presence begins to fill the area more and more, the pure evil of a demon's will seeping out as a dark laugh escapes his lips. When the smoke fades, he stands unfazed by the explosive tags, a blood red aura surrounding him as he steps into stance once again. "That kind of tickled," he says, lifting an eyebrow slightly. "But you're not reporting anything today, gentlemen."
The shadow clone would poof into ethereal smoke and Ogo would start running -towards- where Maikeru was, even as Akechi said it was all going to blow up. And blow up it did, and Ogo ended up ducking and weaving and dodging trees and rocks falling over only to end up back on the beach, only out of breath enough to require a single deep inhale and exhale. "Really, all you need to worry about is me." And formality once again as Ogo bowed to Maikeru, and once again, readied himself for combat, and lunged forward with a far louder sound with this attack at Maikeru's chest.

No mistaking it. That was Maikeru. Shaking his head slightly from where he was hidden, he'd judge the distance between them and with a solemn nod, go to work on his own chakra use. Those seals flashed through, Kitaru would mutter softly. "Mirror Edge Style: Mirror Maze." As his own dark cloak flared out, it'd reach to grab Akechi and Ogo both within the realm of mirrors. To them, everything would take on that silvered hue, the very world around them turning to a mass of mirrors. As Maikeru, the water, everything faded away, they would each find themselves in their own version of the maze, walls and a ceiling about them, capturing them within that world. Behind them, around them, the mirrors started to crack, shattering, the shards would be launched towards Ogo and Akechi both, forcing them to either flee within the path of the mirrors, or feel their body shredded by the multitude of shards that was ripping through them.

Just as Ogo is about to strike, Maikeru brings his hands into a seal, and an orb of blood red chakra appears around him. "I'm afraid this is no longer your day," he says with a chuckle as he looks down at Ogo in amusement. Feeling a spike of chakra, nearby he glances over in Kitaru's direction then looks back to the two and points his hand directly at Odo's face. An orb of chakra forms in his hand, getting larger and larger until he fires it directly at the boy's face at point-blank range. If it hits, he will suffer from an explosion powerful enough to leave a crater where he is standing. Seems Maikeru is done playing around with them, though he is even still holding back from using his full power. Doing that would probably be an exteme case of overkill.

Ogo watches as the attack bounces off of the other male, and leaps back. When the huge ball of energy hurtles towards him, a single slice upward sends the ball of energy careening in two opposing directions, causing two craters pointing away from a singular focal point where Ogo now stands at the apex of the non-asploded soil beneath his feet. "Is that all you got?" And a crouch, leap, slash in the quickness of an instant, Ogo's sword merely leaves behind a glimmer of light between where he was standing, and where he would end up behind Maikeru.

Once Akechi started to feel the touch of a genjutsu the young man would strike at himself with a kunai but that failed he could feel his life force being sucked out of him as he fell down on one knee. "Tsk, damnit all." Just that he would find it rather difficult to breathe for a moment however he would still be holding on kunai with an explosive tag equipped to it in each hand. "I have to do something now."

Kitaru would temporarly take Akechi out of the combat, of course, that didn't maintain the fade. He'd appear beside Maikeru, just looking at him through the gause fabric over his face. A silent moment of communication and Kitaru would blur out of sight again. Of course, he didn't have the speed of the real blur, but that genjutsu was ever so helpful in getting him the heck out of dodge. His message to the bait for the switch was delivered. Time to get out of there.

"Not even close," Maikeru replies with a chuckle as he watches Ogo carefully. Speed versus speed here. Though the boy moves with quite impressive speed, Maikeru moves faster. "Not bad, kid, but still not good enough," he says with a chuckle as he vanishes into thin air with a flicker. Kitaru is done, so it's time to hit the road.

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