Bandit Cleanup, Aisle 1


Hige, Zori, Soku

Date: May 6, 2015


Bandits are harassing some travelers so Hige takes the mission to let his new teammate blow off some steam for the last time.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Bandit Cleanup, Aisle 1"

Land of Fire

It's early morning in Konoha when a messenger would arrive at Zori's house with a note from Hige. Mission. Pack for a day's worth of stuff and bring all your weapons. There was no other explanation within on what exactly the mission was or what they'd be doing. All else that it said was to meet up at the gates as soon as possible.
It's at those gates that Hige and Konsho currently wait, Konsho with his Chuunin vest on while Hige just wears a small backpack with some food and other items he might need for the trip. He leans back against the frame of the gate with his arms crossed over his chest while Konsho sits nearby. The pair seem pretty awake despite the hour.

Zori has receieved the note from Hige, after reading it carefuly he grabs his backpack and puts food and other items that he would think of necessary for the trip. Zori has his wires already equipped and worn on his wrists as he walks out the door he heads for the Konoha Gates with a steady pace of walking speed. As he arrives he notes that Hige has arrived also along with Konsho. Zori greets Hige with a little waving gesture as he stares at Konsho for a brief moment then his eyes dart back up to Hige "Alright im here now, who do you need me to protect you from?" Zori snickers once he sends out his tease.

"Your mouth would be a good start," Hige says dryly in return, though he does give his own wave back. "I picked this mission just for you to blow off steam, actually. There are some bandits that have been hitting the road about four hours out. We're meeting up with an empty dummy wagon in hopes of drawing out the bandits and then dispatching them." He explains. "Supposedly there're around ten though all the reports say they aren't well organized or skilled. In fact some larger caravans managed to fight them off." He pauses and gives Zori a look over. "Hopefully it won't be too much for you." Another pause before he asks, "So, any questions?"

Zori grins after Hige's comment. "Hehehe…Now this is what i call a mission.." Zori walks up closer to Hige "What are we waiting for, Im ready to mercy kill those bandits." Zori then stares at Hige "You did say that i could kill them right?" Zori's grin widens a bit more possibily from a simulation of what hes gonna be doing to the bandits going throughout his mind. Zori crosses his arms over his chest. "Surely i can dispatch some measley bandits, My name is Zori. This is what i do. I put in work."

"Yes, we can kill them. They've done some killing of their own. But I want it clean." Hige instructs as he stretches first one arm, then the other across in front of his chest. "Quick and clean. If they give up then don't kill them. Only if they fight back. Got it?" Hige waits to make sure he's understood. "I got this mission so you could let your wild side out for one last time before we really start working on your temper. Don't make me regret it." He says. Then without another word Hige turns and takes to the trees, Konsho right behind as they start off at a quick pace.

Zori uncrosses his arms and rubs his hands together in a very evil manner. "Very well, Quick and clean" Zori pauses for a moment then continues "I Got it". Zori stops rubbing his hands "Fine..One last time it is." Zori smirks as he jumps to the trees following right behind Hige and Konsho with enough pace to keep up with them.

Hige and Konsho set a fast pace and keep it up through the entirety of the trip. The trip itself is uneventful if long. Hige instructs Zori to keep watch behind them to make sure that no one tries to sneak up on them as they go while he watches ahead. Four long hours later and they have arrived at the meeting location. Hige motioned for Zori to drop out of the trees as he did so himself, landing easily next to a cart with a horse and a single, nervous looking man. "Hello." Hige says to the man, offering a small bow. "We're here from Konoha. We'll be taking it from here. Will you be able to get back by yourself okay?"
The man was startled by the arrival but once he saw the familiar Konoha insignia he relaxed some. "Ahh, yes. Here is the wagon and horse you requested. I'll be fine, my village is only a short ways back."
Hige nods to the man and takes the reins of the horse before hopping up to the seat and throwing his backpack in the wagon itself. The wagon has covered lumps though should one deign to look underneath the covering they would find nothing but leaves. Hige motions for Zori to hop in the back of the open wagon. "Keep a sharp eye out."

Zori follows Hige and Konsho with a quick pace. Zori nods to Hige's order to keep watch behind, During the whole time after that Zori had been all eyes and ears listening out for any suspicous noises as well as any thing he might see wrong as well. Once Zori arrived at the meeting location, He drops out of the trees followin behind Hige speechless as the Inuzuka exchanges words with the man. Zori does not bow but does indeed give the man a nod just before hopping in the back of the open wagon. Zori says "Alright, I will use my wires to tune in the ongoing vibrations" Performing a string of handseals he then places one hand on the wagon summoning a bunch of wires, scattering all over the wagon sticking out like sensors.

Hige nods to Zori while Konsho hops into the open cart as well, lying down with a large yawn. Hige takes a moment to make some hand seals to henge himself to remove his Inuzuka markings, hiding them behind an illusion so the bandits don't suspect the shinobi. Just two teens taking the family wagon to the market is all. "Alright, let's go." He flicks the reins and the horse begins to move slowly, dragging the cart behind it.
For a time nothing is out of the ordinary. They go along at a slow pace and besides the occasional passerby there's nothing to point towards an attack. Maybe the bandits were taking the day off? Surely two kids would be a tempting target. In the end Hige's guess paid off. On a part of the path surrounded by trees Zori's wires would be able to sense movement along the ground as if they were being followed by almost a dozen people. Hige and Konsho smell the bandits as well but for now they don't react. Don't want to scare them off after all.

Zori notices that Hige didnt have his clan markings on him anymore. Zori "hmms" as he tries to think of a reason to why he would do that. As the wagon moves slowly down the path. Zori gets a tingling feeling as vibrations could be felt all throughout his wires. Zori takes in the vibrations, reading them glancing over at the path surrounded by trees. "Hige, heads up there are almost a dozen people following us over at that part of the path surrounded by the trees." Zori eyes dart over to that said area to keep from pointing with his fingers, to keep down suspicion from the bandits.

A wild Soku appears.
The boy was out to pick up something out of town, er village. Nothing mission related or the like, just personal, leaving the Senju to go at his own casual pace. It let his mind relax a bit, his latent sensing ability sort of just oozing out due to his clear mind. Everything just felt… nice.
"Hmm?" An eyebrow perks up when he picks up on others in the area, one of the chakra sources seeming mildly familiar. Soku stops in his tracks and begins to scan the area more seriously and try to get an idea of who it was he was about to run into. This scan for a potential friend turned out to something a bit more troubling. Soku notes that the friendly signature was being approach.
Could be nothing but, he deems it necessary to approach carefully and he approaches Hige and Co. with caution.

"Yeah, I know…" Hige mutters in reply while frowning slightly. Said frown deepens when he picks up another scent. A familiar one. Soku. And he doesn't have hot chocolate. What a shame. Hige draws the horse to a stop, looking around the forest surrounding them for a moment.
It doesn't take long before the wagon is surrounded by half a dozen men. "Hey there kids. Why don't you be good lads and climb down off that wagon there. Just leave what you got for us and go back home. That way you won't get hurt."
"You must be the bandits that I heard about." Hige comments, climbing off the wagon and looking the men in front of him over. Why are people so tall. When the man just sneers at him Hige takes that as confirmation and says, "Alright Zori. Have fun."

When the wagon stopped, it was almost immediately surrounded by the half of dozen of men. Zori listens to the exchange of words between the bandits and Hige. Zori grins once Hige gives him the go ahead to commence bloodshed. "Thank you" is said back to Hige. Stepping off the wagon Zori peers at the six Bandits "You guys ready to die?" , his wires unwrapping itself from both his wrists extending to the ground. Zori moves his left arm diagonally upwards then back diagonally downwards then left to right as the thread of wire follows the motion of the arm movement lashing out at three of the bandits each slash aimed at them.

Soku eventually got into hearing distance before actually seeing what was going on, it was safe to assume it was a bandit situation. He steps out and takes a closer look, "Oh, just scrub bandits." Making an effort to insult the bandits even more, Soku decides to keep cool and gives Hige a nod, "Sup bro? Having a little mission hiccup, eh?" Soku's eyes shift to who he assumes is Zori, who was apparently going to take on these bandits on his own. "That's a bit much…" A fist comes up to his mouth and he coughs a few times. "Meh, I'll save you some time." This comment tossed towards Zori. Soku shifts his backpack a bit to settle it better on his shoulders and his hands come together the air starts to crackle around the three untargeted bandits. "Hmm…"
One more handseal and the air around the bandits. His attack seemed a bit lack luster and lazy but, maybe he was just a bit rusty. Beyond the handseals there is little movement.

Of the bandits that Zori is so gleefully attempting to slay only one is immediately injured by the wires. He let's out a curse as the wire cuts deeply into his shoulder. The other two manage to avoid being hit in their own ways: namely, one of them manages to beat them away with a sword while the other backpeddles and trips backwards, falling on his jar which ends up saving him. The two still standing move in to attack then, one slashing with the sword while the other uses a spear to try and stab.
Soku's bandits aren't so lucky thanks in part to the fact that they weren't expecting the attack. Shouts of surprise come from them since Hige hadn't even moved, yet they're starting to get shocked by these magically appearing clouds! They stumble a bit out of the clouds and only then spot Soku. "You!" The presumed leader says before charging the boy with the other two. One the leader has a weapon, the other two just have fists.
Hige doesn't move for a moment and in fact seems fine just watching and seeing how things progress. But as three more men appear out of the woods to try and attack Zori from behind the teen and his growing pup move into action, leaving the three bleeding on the ground before returning to watching to see how the other two do.

When the bandit lets out a curse word, Zori laughed "You ok? Too bad.. Im just getting started." Zori focus was too much on the one bandit he had hit to notice the other two had dodged his attack and is moving in for there very own attacks. Zori's wires deflects the spear from one of the bandits but could not make it in time for the sword attack. Zori gets slashed across his chest. Zori falls to the ground standing on one knee for a brief moment. "My opened back up.." Zori looks down at his wound as the blood drips down from out of it. Zori then looks up at the two bandits that attacked him with wide eyes. Zori's wires lash out at the one bandit that injured Zori with plans to wrap him up then squeeze and twist his body.

When the bandit man yells 'You!' Soku just points to himself, "Yeah, me. What?" Then Soku gets attacked, "Oh…" He forgot, people strike back when attacked. Soku's eyes squint, he'd have to use the remainder of his chakra to avoid this attack. In order to conserve chakra, Soku keeps his movement to a minimum quickly zipping away from the first strike. The second burst of speed was intended to pull him entirely away from the group but he didn't expect the bandits' speed. So the follow up of the second bandit catches Soku. Stumbling back he could only raise his arms up to protect himself. As he's hit again, he grunts, "Alright, you guys are pushing it…" Pushing what? They wouldn't see just yet.
For now Soku gathered his chakra. He starts to take a few hops back while gathering his chakra, looking a little more into the fight, not wanting to get hurt anymore.

Hige winces a bit when he sees Zori get cut by the sword. Ah well, it's not too bad at least. Hige wrinkles his nose a bit as the horse starts to get skitterish with all the fighting going on. Well he shouldn't be too surprised, he supposes. Unfortunately he and horses don't exactly get along all that great most of the time so his attempts to calm the creature just fail. "Calm down," he mutters to the creature as he looks over to Soku when he takes the punches. They are sorely outnumbered so he should probably get involved. At least for Soku's sake. This mission was for Zori and his bloodlust after all. A last chance for him to get it out of his system. Hige glances at Konsho and just nods and while the pup jumps out of the wagon and goes towards the bandits Hige takes a moment to build up some chakra and shoot out some lightning needles. It proves as enough of a distraction and draws some of the attention back to himself. However the one that looks back isn't so lucky as a lightning beast of a pup plows through him, the lightning leaving a rather large hole in the now dead man.
Zori's wires wrap up the swordsman and he lets out a cry of pain as the wires cut into him and leave him a sad, bloody mess. While Zori is focused on that man however the other two bandits are closing back in on the boy. The spearman lunges at Zori with a shout and drives to drive the spear into his shoulder. Meanwhile the other man only has a dagger and he is a bit timid with it. He tries to do a small slash at the boy but nothing too severe.
With one of the men down facing Soku it only leaves the two that want to play fisticuffs with the boy. They pause for a second when he says they're pushing it and they both look around, expecting something to happen. But besides their buddy falling nothing else does happen and so, after glancing at eachother, they shrug and charge in at Soku. Their fists fly as they try to punch their way through the teen evil and such.

When the wires wrap around the bandit and mutilate him a spew of blood shoots out from his neck over to Zori landing on his face. Zori grins evily, as he hears footsteps he turns around and sees the dagger wielding bandit. His wires react quickly making its way back over to Zori smacking the dagger away from Zori. But Zori did not see the spear wielding bandit, the spear stabs through Zori's shoulder causing him to wince a bit, blood oozing out from the newly created wound. The young boys head falls down as he seems to be looking at the ground mumbling words to himself. He licks the blood that was on his face slowly just before putting his tongue back into his mouth. Zori looks up at the Spear wielding bandit with blood shot eyes, with a all teeth grin. He lets out a loud menacing laugh. With the spear still logged into Zori's shoulder his wires act quickly wrapping around the pole of the spear making its way over to the Spear wielding bandit, planning to wrap around him then twist and squeeze.

There's something about a hole being put through someone that's a little off setting, thankfully the bandits were expecting more from Soku himself so the hesitation on their end gives him time to recover. "Hey, your buddy just died you're not gon-" No extra hesitation from these guys it seems and electric crackling comes from Soku leaving the first bandit's punch to go right through his face. "Right." Soku says, though his voice comes from off on the side. The punched Soku goes up in a cloud of smoke and the real Soku, exhales slowly and he brings his left hand up, pointing it like a gun. "Bang bang."
Electricity runs down from Soku's shoulder to the tip of his finger. A barrage of small lightning balls launch from his fingertip, looking to shoot into the two bandits.

The bandit that Zori is after doesn't really have much of a chance. The wires flow so erratically and quickly that he moves in the wrong direction and ends up getting caught in them just like his buddy did. He stands no chance after that as his body is sliced to ribbons. The man wielding the danger looks afraid for a moment before he drops his dagger and runs in the opposite direction. Time to flee apparently!
The two bruisers that were going after Soku both seem surprised that they missed. They seem even more surprised when lightning courses through their bodies, causing their muscles to seize up as they drop the ground convulsing. After a few moments they stop and Hige is there with wire, tying their hands behind their backs. "Hey there Soku." He offers as if nothing at all out of the ordinary is going on. "What are you doing out here?" The question comes as he ties the second man's hands up and glances back to see how Zori is holding up. A spear in the shoulder must hurt, but Zori is in his normal blood thirsty form, so it's good he gets it out now.

When the bandit gets caught and dies the Dagger wielding bandit drops his weapon and runs away. Zori did not want him to escape..or live. Zori quickly dash over to the bandit stopping just in front of him his wire moves behind the bandits legs with plans of tripping him to the ground if he starts step back from fear. Zori is just toying around with his prey before he plans to finish him off. Zori's eyes remain blood shot, grin ever so menacing as he stares at the scarred bandit he lets out another insane laugh. Rubbing his hands together in a intent to do wrong type of way.

Soku coughs a bit more, after the whole situation was wrapped up. He rubs a spot where he was hit gingerly, "They hit harder than I expected." He turns to Hige and pats the strap of his backpack, "Was at the Capital, getting some meds." He then blinks, fully noting Zori's condition right now. "Dude seems a little on edge… he gonna be alright?" Where Soku's mental state was more relaxed than usual, this guy seemed to be slipping into insanity. Of course, Soku wasn't going to be the one to stop him, as well.. he really doubted he could. Besides Hige seems to be real calm about the whole situation. His eyelids lower and he shoves his hands in his pockets.

Hige looks at Soku's backpack and nods, "Ahh." He says with a nod. "I see. Does that mean you're heading back to the Village now? Because there was something I needed to talk to you about." When Soku mentions Zori, Hige looks back towards the other teen and sighs softly. "Hold that thought," he mutters to Soku before kind of just disappearing. He reappears between Zori and his victim, a kunai knocking the wires off course before they can do any serious damage. "I said that if they give up we spare them Zori. Running is about as much giving up as you can have. You will stand down now." The poor bandit tries to get back to his feet but Hige hits him from behind just right so that it knocks him out instead. "Get him in the wagon. If you injure him in any way then you will regret it very much." He says in a voice that seems not only serious, but dangerous. With that done he heads back towards Soku and motions to the two tied up bandits. "Will you grab one and throw them in the wagon? We'll take these three to the nearest village to be tried by the people."

Zori nears in towards the helpless bandit, but Hige appears clearing away his wire trap. Zori turns his head over at Hige glaring at him "Comeon.. just one more" is said in a calm dark tone. Zori's thoughts begin to clear as he think about the punishments he could face, going against his Leaders orders. Zori closes his eyes and shakes his head slowly "Heh…Fine" is said in a regular tone. His eyes open back up clear as day, the grin fades also. Zori reaches down and picks up unconcious bandit with both hands plunging the body up on his shoulders. Zori then walks over to the wagon, placing the body carefully in the back. Zori then walks back over to Hige "Alright body secured." Zori then looks over to Soku a person he havent met before. "You..Who are you?" with a quirked eyebrow.

The interaction between the two Konoha nin is observed from a distance, head tilting to the side.
Grab one? Soku looks to the bandits, locking onto the lighter looking one, taking a moment to respond to Hige belatedly since he went to deal with the Zori problem. "Yep was on my way back, noticed a weird gathering out here and here I am, so feel free to talk away." Soku then crouches and hefts one guy over his shoulder, a momentary strain to stand straight… "Good thing… no girls are watching." Soku makes his way to the cart and drops the bandit in roughly, "Soku." He grunts out and relaxes his shoulders. Since the Senju symbol is sort of all over Soku at the moment, he makes no effort to elaborate on his name. "Just your average ninja… literally at this point." He gives a sideways glance to Hige, who is now a Chuunin while Soku is struggling to return to being qualified as a true Genin.

Hige grabs the last bandit and tosses him into the wagon as well. With that done he lets the two others introduce themselves before motioning for them to hop in the back with the bandits. "I'll talk to you more when we get back to Konoha. For now let's just drop off these three and this wagon where it belongs." With that he waits for the others to get in the wagon before he hops into the front again. Konsho has since cleaned himself up and jumps up with the others as well. Hige turns the horse and wagon around then and starts back..

Zori smirks at Soku's introduction. "Well…average ninja. Im Zori." Zori snickers. Zori looks down at his wounds and the broken off piece of pole still stuck in his shoulder. Zori grabs the pole and yanks it out with a sudden "Umph", tossing the pole to the ground, he sets down his back pack and pulls out first aid supplies. First putting disinfectant on his wounds namely his shoulder and his chest. He then starts wrapping his wounds up with a bandage. Once he finishes he packs up his supplies and heads over to the wagon and hops on. "Average Ninja..were waiting..hehe" is said in a taunting tone, grining a bit.

The trip to the nearest village doesn't take long and the four drop off the bandits and wagon much to the thanks of the villagers. With that done Hige leads the group back to Konoha, moving a little slower now since they aren't exactly in a rish. "Good job guys. Soku I'll make sure you get a cut since you helped out. And I'll be sure to meet up with you later so we can talk." He glances back to Zori before adding, "I hope you got it out of your system, because that's going to be it for a while." And with that the mission is complete!

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