Bandit Culling: Thinning the herd


Feari, Yuriko, Naoya, Kazumi

Date: October 21, 2014


Yesterday, Bandits roamed freely about without disregard for their own safety. Today, those that remained will think twice about their lives as many were descimated in the hands of several shinobi from Kirigakure.

"Bandit Culling: Thinning the herd"

Land of Water

While the threat of Bandits wasn't a serious threat to Kirigakure or the Land of Water, if left unchecked, the currently minor nuisance could grow to be more of a problem than it needed to be. So instead of waiting for that time to come, the Mizukage has sent out the order for these camps to be located and snuffed out. Luckily for any that has decided to take on this task, the location of most of the camps have already been discovered, leaving the difficult task of finding them already done. All that was left, was the bloodshed.
However, though killing was never something Feari detested, getting his hands dirty was or more correctly, his outfits. Not wanting to have to clean blood from his wardrobe, the swordsmen rounded up a few individuals that should be more than enough for the slaughter of a few Bandits. Once the group was rounded up, no time was wasted in leaving Kirigakure and heading out into the Land of Water.
Their journey would be slow going at first as they moved further away from the village, but the group was in no rush. The bandit whereabouts were already known and they weren't going any where. No need to hurry something that will wait for us to arrive. "Yuriko-kun, Kazumi-kun and Naoya-kun. Tell me a little bit about yourselves. I've seen some files, but that barely scratches the surface of who and what you truly are." The man spoke casually and was dressed the same. Hands hidden within the sleeves of his robes and eyes peered out beneath his straw hat. The overly sized, blade he normally carries was nowhere to be seen.

Kazumi wasn't entirely sure why he was one of those chosen to go on this mission, but he hadn't complained. Maybe melting the brains out of those meddlesome mice had shown… potential or something?
'Stop worrying so much…'
The voice in his head causes a faint sigh to come from the teen before he tenses when he hears his name out of the Swordsman's mouth. About… him…? "Uum… Th-there's… n-not much t-to tell," he expresses, the ever-present stutter affecting his speech. Clearing his throat, he offers a shrug and adds, "I'm j-just a G-g-genin… S-sir…"
'That was… probably unnecessary.'
A faint cringe twists the boy's features before he adds, "I u-use… ac-cid."

The young Okumo was assigned to the task of patrolling once again and didn't question it or who he'd be working with this time. When he arrives to the meeting point, Naoya arches a brow to see just who also had been assigned but then a light smirk begins to form on his lips. "My file should say mostly everything.. We're specializing in advance searching and practiced hit and run tactics." Glancing towards Yuriko for a moment, he continues to say "Only beginning to learn Kenjutsu."
Extending out his right arm, he bends it at the elbow, soon turning his attention towards it. "Speed is our best asset." As the boy watches his arm, a troop of half a dozen to a dozen pinky nail sized spiders crawl from his arm. Each spider scatters across his exposed skin, quickly beginning to weave a layer of loose silken fibers along the skin. "We can scout ahead to make sure nothing too surprising happens."

The young girl blinks her bright eyes up at Feari as she hears her name, promptly frowning to herself as she walks at a steady pace, considering the question in a very serious manner. "Hm. Well, I'm Kaguya Yuriko. Everyone knows my mom. I like games, and puzzles, and I'm still practicing making good bentos." Yuriko reaches up to cross her small arms behind her snowy head, smirking slightly at Naoya's answer. "And do more of a 'hit and hit' kind of thing. Naoya and I kinda have head count contest going on. I'm winning of course."

The first to speak up was also the most skittish of the group, but for his efforts would receive a warm smile from Feari as he continued walking ahead. The others would chime in as well and the man would nod his head while listening to what each would have to say. When all responses were given, it came to a surprise to the Swordsman that the only one to understand his question, was also the youngest.
Shifting about in his stride, he'd first turn his head toward Kazumi, "Oh, I'm sure there's plenty to tell. Don't be afraid to speak up. You're among friends here. At least, I consider us friends." Nodding his head firmly, "Being a genin is something I read in your file, as well as your ability to use acid and a few other things. While that is interesting, there's got to be something else about you you're holding back? Me for instance, I like fashion. Obviously." A covered arm raising and lowering before himself, "I also enjoy cooking and crafting new recipes. You won't find that in any file."
His attention would turn to Naoya, "Of course, Okumo-kum. You are an exceptional shinobi, but what is there about you that extends outside the realm of combat. Unless that's all there is, but if that's true, that would make me sad." He'd frown slightly, "But yes, if you'd like. Send ahead your little scouts. We're moving directly toward one of the camps, so they shouldn't need to spread out too far. In large numbers the bandits can be problematic, they typically aren't smart enough to set up traps."
Glancing toward Yuriko, "Yes, I've met your mom. A fellow seven. Quite the honor. I also enjoy games and puzzles, but food is probably one of my favorites." Smiling broadly, "You're gonna have to bring me one of your bentos when you've perfected it just how you like it. Make sure to always leave your own flair in what you make. So it stands out."

Friends…? Kazumi's expression told the tale. He very much doubted that a Swordsman would consider him a friend. Even Ishino, who had been the most kind to him, couldn't possibly consider him a friend. In addition to that, they're on a mission… They're heading to kill people simply for existing and having a different view. That's not a very friendly thing to do, so it's hard to imagine doing it with friends.
"Th-there's… really n-not any such… th-thing," Kazumi responds. "I d-don't… have h-hobbies… I h-have a s-small apartment t-to myself… wh-where I stay m-most days s-so I don't b-bother anyone… Th-that's… all th-there is… to m-me, I g-guess…" The bright blue of his eyes shifts forward, his attention drifting away from directly being on Feari… or either of the other Genin, for that matter.

Glancing between Kazumi and Yuriko, the young Okumo tilts his head to one side. When Feari questions further, a some what blank look of confusion is painted on his face. "Faeri-san.. beyond being a shinobi.. beyond my tests, there's little that would interest you. Studying herbs, working on sauces.." pausing for a moment, Naoya would glance towards Yuriko before his focus returns to the swordsman.
"Collecting new species, seeing how they work.." Closing his eyes, the boy nods to himself lightly and breaths in slightly. "Talking like this is odd. Is this a test within a test?" Naoya begins to quickly study Feari's face, looking at the man as if he was suspicious and trying to subtly do something. Once the spiders wrapped the silk around the teen's body, they soon crawl into the boy's skin where they had left initially.

Yuirko rubs the back of her head as she makes a face, "I don't know… I'm still practicing…" she murmur thoughtfully, falling quiet as she glances up at Kazumi and Naoya. A slight smirk tugs at the corner of her lips, pale brow arching. "You know, sometimes a question is just a question. Why would it be a test?" She smirks. "Or maybe I just want you to think that it isn't."

Hearing about Kazumi's life, Feari's expression grew rather somber and his steps slowed just a bit more to allow him to slide up next to Kazumi. "That's pretty depressing. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life, but life is what you make out of it. No one can live forever, especially not as a shinobi. Regrets are a pretty heavy thing to carry around with you…" Feari had only just met the lad, so was sure his words were going unheeded, but at least they were said. "Just know, it's ok to try things…"
Lingering about for only a few moments, Feari would take his position back at the head of the group. "You're wrong, Naoya. That does interest me. I love hearing about the hobbies of others outside the world of Shinobi and where their true passions lie." He'd glance toward Yuriko, "Practice makes perfect and you're right, It is just a question, but it could also be a test, I guess…but with this test, everyone passes."
The group would continue along the path, Feari's eyes scanning the area. It wouldn't be long now before they were right on top of one of the bandit camps. "So probably about 100 more yards and we'll be at one of the camps. Who has any suggestions besides just going in and swinging? That's not saying we can't do that as well."

Kazumi had learned from personal experience the exact opposite of what Feari was trying to tell him. Trying things had earned him questions, glares, and suspicion far more than positive responses. Not only that, but the man's mere proximity seemed to cause tension in the pink-haired boy. Gulping slightly, he waited until the Swordsman stepped away and his shoulders were able to relax slightly. "… Th-thank you," he offered quietly. Whether he could believe those words or not, he was simply glad to hear something… not so demeaning. When asked about how to handle things, he reached up to rub the back of his head. "W-well… m-maybe N-N-Naoya-s-san's spider c-can t-t-tell us if th-there are any… er, eq-quipped or seemingly b-better trained ind-dividuals we should… t-take care of first…? M-minimize d-damage…"

Turning to Yuriko, the boy's amber eyes narrow at her briefly with annoyance before he rolls his eyes, grumbling as she tries to toy with him. "Hmm. That's.. complicated then. To train, to hunt, to collect, to experiment are my 'passions'." Turning his attention back towards Feari, he raises his hand slightly, extending to fingers to ask for pause. "When I said we before.. I didn't mean send my brood in recklessly. I can see through other eyes, but not as strongly.
Without explaining or clarifying his meaning, the boy stills slightly. Once bright amber, Naoya's eyes dull noticeably as he pans around them. The boy's voice softens some what as he begins to look at odd angles before furling his brow, "That one's.. large. I want his head, should count as two?" Shaking his head briefly, he turns his head again, "There are quite a few of them.. seporate groups of them. They don't seem too strong with unarmed tactics, lots of weapons, blades mostly. I can't see into all of the tents but, some of them are filled now. They're oblivious."

Hearing that they were coming up on their target, Yuriko slows her steps just slightly to give her team a glance, waiting to hear what ideas are come up with. "Hm. I think we should surround them, to make sure that none of them escape." It's her only idea really. "But taking care of their gear too. Take them by surprise?"
Turning her snowy head towards Naoya, Yuriko arches a pale brow, a slight smirk growing. "If you can take him down, sure. But if we take him down together, it's one point for you and one for me." The small girl snickers as she stretches her arms above her head, already feeling energy coursing through her and chakra building in her core.

"Not a bad idea, Kazumi-kun. What say you, Naoya-kun?" Turning to catch Naoya signaling to pause and Feari would do so. As he waited, the man shifted in his stance, putting weight from one leg to the other. "I see. Very well then. I personally wouldn't mind the large man myself, but you three are welcome to fight over who gets to take him down." He'd turn back toward the direction of the camp and continue moving. As he did, his hands would lift before him, revealing themselves from within the sleeves of his robe. With a focus of chakra and a few hand signs, a thick mist would form and spread out over the bandit camp.
"Merely cover. If you stick low to the ground, it can help mask your approach." A glance would be given to Kazumi, "Real low." Dropping his arms to his side one would reach into one of the folds of his robe, "I'll be watching over things from here, observing and making notes to send back to the Mizukage for the mission briefing. Even though we've just started, you're all doing very well so far." As Feari pulls his hand from the inside of his robe, a scroll is retrieved and opened before activated and summoning a large, high back chair. Taking a seat, "Spreading out isn't a bad idea, but you'll be on your own for defending yourselves instead of fighting together. Taking care of the weapons and gear would help as well."

Waiting to see what Naoya would find, the pink-haired teen and a sweatdrop settles on the side of his face when they start talking about who is going to take down this big guy. He'll let them handle that… Kazumi gulps slightly and looks embarrassed at the comment from Feari. Looking back ahead, he takes a deep breath and tries to crouch down a bit while still moving. He focuses chakra for himself as he goes, intending to spread out as Yuriko suggested unless he hears either of them mention something different. This is… really all sorts of terrible for him, but he doesn't comment or complain in the slightest.

'Then I guess I have to try hard..' was hardly said above a whisper. The silken fibers wrapped around the young Okumo tighten. Furling and unfurling his fingers briefly, Naoya brings his hands close to his chest, focusing his chakra before his image flickers faintly once before completely disappearing to those without sharp senses.
The boy didn't stay low to the ground at first, using the mist as well as the trees to try to bring himself closer towards the encampment. As he continues to move along, he would leave some of his brood along the way trying to give himself a full over watch of the area.

Yuriko blinks before her eyes widen, watching in awe as the thick mist begins to spread. "So cool…" she breathes. Though the highback chair, not so much. As Kazumi and Naoya begin to move through the mist, Yuriko carefully moves the other direction, keeping low to the ground as she attempts to sneak around the other side of the camp. The small girl counts as she moves, trying to spot the 'big one' that Naoya had mentioned.

The mist Feari had created moved slowly across the encampment and while it wasn't uncommon for the Land of Water to be covered in the mist, some of the bandits still looked about cautiously. Their suspicions would reveal nothing as the three genin moved about cautiously. Using the mists or their speed to approach without being spotted.
Feari would watch the three as they moved about, watching their movements and waiting for the situation to unfold before them. How they would handle the situation was important to the man. They were the future of Kirigakure after all.
The bandits that were outside the tents were all of varying sizes and skills, but none was excessively large. There was however, a rather large tent toward the middle of the camp. Perhaps where the large bandit Naoya was talking about.

Kazumi really wasn't sure what to do at this point. Should he wait for the others to attack? What if they were waiting too?
'You really have to stop this worrying thing… It's giving /me/ a headache,' he heard in the back of his head, causing him to frown.
Well… at worst, he'd give a distraction… so he tried to move a bit closer to a group before forming seals and spitting a glob of acid at what he presumed to be the most dangerous of the group: probably the one with the pointiest-looking weapon.

Scouting along the edge of the camp, Naoya focuses onto the tents. Picking through, he uses his own broods as well as the spiders native in the area to scout for the ones furthest from the group. After a time of finding a pair, he would land as close as he could behind the first before tightening his fists, quickly punching at the back of the head of the first one before withdrawing to grasp his other hand, motioning it into an elbow strike towards the same spot before kicking off, trying not to linger for too long.

Yuriko waits patently in the mist, until she can tell that bandits were uneasy and on edge. The corner of her mouth tugs with a growing smirk as she flexes her hand at her side, a long ivory sword forming into a serrated arc. The innocent laughter of a girl is heard first before a blade boomerangs through the crowd, bandits and tents alike in it's parth.

Suddenly, several loud screams filled the silence as groups of bandits began to run about, arms waving wildly before dropping to the ground and trying to tear off their armor as the acid burned away much of their skin. The cries were enough to get every bandit looking in their direction and because of this the strikes from Naoya were unexpected, easily finding their marks. One bandit went down and before long, several more would suddenly drop or scream in agony following the disturbing laughter of a girl and a bone blade bouncing about the camps.
Realizing they were under attack, the bandits that were unarmed rushed to grab weapons while the others began randomly slashing into the mists, knowing there were people hiding within. From the large tent came a booming voice, "Be silent out there before I come out and rip each of your arms off!"

Well… he'd succeeded! Kazumi watched the victims of his splash run around wildly and started to step back. He wasn't quick enough nor able to hide any longer. Pink hair… kind of stood out in the mist once it was noticed. Forming seals, he was able to form a barrier of acid to block the first swing, side-step the second, but even as a clone tried to form, he was caught in the shoulder by the last sword. With a cry of pain, he grit his teeth and gulped, looking at the bandits with a frown. The boy lifted his hands to form more seals, this time creating several orbs of acid which actually curved rather than went along a straight line to attack.

Watching as the first dropped, he repositions and looks around, quickly noticing the glint of blood flicking through the air. Snarling, the young Okumo looks away and focuses onto the next grouping before looking around, soon focusing where the groups water supply was. Turning towards a large barrel of drinking water, Naoya kicks it stiffly before stomping down, no longer trying to stay subtle. Each of a pair of stomps doesn't just make noise and get the boy wet, the splashes takes on a life of it's own, causing powerful waves.

Yuriko smirks to herself as she runs along the edge of the mist, satisfied when all in her path are cut down. A small hand darts up to catch the ivory blade just as it swings around in it's arc, just in time to deflect each of the attacks aimed for her. "Have to do better than that!" the smallest Kaguya giggles. A second bone blade forms in her second hand, and she throws each in turn.

One by one the bandits either screamed in agony from the acid that tore through their flesh before dropping to the ground or were knocked off their feet, flying through the air before crashing through the ground. Most that met up with the attacks of Kazumi and Naoya didn't fare as well, yet some managed to nearly avoid the damage. Then there was Yuriko, creating a path of death with each of her bone boomerangs, even taking care of those that had managed to dodge the strikes from her team mates.
The remaining bandits, few in numbers, held their positions, but didn't move. Their forces had dwindled to almost nothing and they didn't want to reach the same fate as their former allies. Luckily for the bandits, they didn't have to decide what to do for the booming voice from before spoke up once again. "You had your warning, now you will pay the price for interrupting my sleep!" The flap of the large tent blew open and out stepped a giant of a man at least 7 feet tall if not more. Clutched in a single hand and dragging against the ground was a massive, wooden club that simply looked like a chunk of a tree. "What's going on here? You dare attack my camp. The camp of the Great Descimator!"
What happened next was quite shocking as the behemoth moved as if much smaller than his size let on as he was already on top of Yuriko, going toward the individual that was closest and swinging his club with intents of knocking the girls head off. The remaining bandits, seeing their leader now fight, attacked once again.

Kazumi's eyes widened slightly when he heard that man's voice again. He glanced toward the tent as he came barging out, but refocused his attention quite quickly on the bandits near him. Forming seals, he brought up another acidic barrier, but it wasn't sturdy enough. Although Naoya had managed to divert one of those slices, the other managed to cut into his chest. Gritting his teeth, he stepped back, breathing heavily. The pain was… not fun to deal with. So he looked the bandits straight on and began to heal himself. Letting both wounds begin to heal up before their eyes. Maybe they'd seen it done before… but if not, might be a bit of a surprise.

Looking around himself, the young Okumo watches as Kazumi becomes partially surrounded. Tensing his legs, Naoya form almost flickers across and intercept the slashes with his arms. The silk wrapped around his forearms thickens and hardens into a protective shield though it doesn't harden quick enough, some of the slashes managing to draw blood.
Just as quickly as the boy appeared by Kazumi, he disappears for a fleeting moment, closing the gap between himself and two more pirates. The first of a pair Naoya shifts around the slash at the last possible moment before palm thrusting at the back of the man's elbow, trying to stress it by bending it backwards only to kick off towards the second which he kicks forward, trying to beat the man's speed and striking first. Continuing with his barrage, the young Okumo would drop into a low leg sweep, focusing onto the ankles of one of the men attacking him but also attacking the men that tried to cut into Kazumi.

The club had, unfortunately, moved quicker than anticipated. The hard swing causes the girl to skid several yards before Yuriko manages to dig her feet in, causing her to come to an eventual stop. Scowling, she reaches up th wipe the blood from her mouth. "That…" she murmurs, the smirk slowly appearing. "was all you got? 'Great Descimator'." Just the name makes her snicker.
Yuriko keeps a careful eye on Kazumi and Naoya out of the corner of her eye, watching them take on the remaining pirates as they once more attack, invigorated by the appearance of their leader. An innocent giggle escapes her as Yuriko straightens, bright eyes returning to Descimator with a tilt of her snowy head. "I wish you were more fun to play with, but not everyone can be a challenge, huh?" Yes, the small girl sympathized with the Great Descimator. Another giggle and all at once, several sharp bone spikes rip through her yukata, making her appear like a human porcupine.
"Let's see how many hits does it take for the big bad man to fall down." And with a flicker of speed, Yuriko dashes straight at the seven foot man with the intent to kill.

One of the bandits attacking Kazumi managed to cut through the acid shield that appeared and into the mans flesh. When he pulled his blade back though, it was covered in the caustic material and eroding away. "I'll kill you with my bare hands." He'd charge only to stop in his tracks as he'd catch sight of Kazumi's wounds healing. "What the?" Questioning what he had just saw, he was starting to doubt his abilities to take the man down. A thought that didn't last long with Naoya rushing about the camp.
The two that were attacking the Okumo would find themselves being over powered or at least, out paced. The boys speed was two fast to keep up with and before they knew what was happening, they were sprawled out on the ground with broken bones, unable to continue. The same fate finding the pair that were on Kazumi, taken out by Naoya. The only remaining issue was the Decimator.
The Decimator's club would find Yuriko and he'd chuckle as he brought the weapon up to rest upon his shoulder. "Little girl…I've eaten things larger than you." Seeing the girl charge at him with bones protruding from her body wasn't enough to strike fear into his heart, but Yuriko's speed was enough for her long bone blades to find his flesh. He'd howl in pain, but remain solid as he brought the club up to smash Yuriko into the ground.

Kazumi let out a sigh of relief and look over at the Okumo somewhat worriedly. "I'm… s-sorry. Th-thank you f-for the h-h-help," he offers before his attention quickly turns to Yuriko and The Decimator. He'd wait to see if Yuriko was able to avoid that club before he'd send three of the orbs at him, one attempting to melt away the club and two to actually damage the beast of a man.

Glancing back towards Kazumi, the young Okumo dips his head slightly. "Wasn't fast enough for both.. Remember, if you help and wound the big one, you'll get points too." A smirk spreads across Naoya's lips when he looks away but muses, 'I wonder what's the score.' Focusing his eyes onto Yuriko and the large man, the boy tilts his head to one side and slowly paces one way then the next before dashing forward.
Flanking behind the Decimator, the young Okumo doesn't try to take the man down directly, but aims low, striking a lower blow at the back of the man's kidneys. Slowing down for a moment, Naoya pivots on his heel and kicks off again, continuing his high speed assault, but this time leaps up, behind the snow haired girl, trying to stomp at the man's nose before passing over head as he shouts, "Only get the double points if you didn't get help, right?"

The girl glides out of the path of the club, smirking. "And I've taken down things bigger than you." Yuriko answers, though her attention glances to Naoya out of the corner of her eye. "How about double points to the finishing strike? Hm?" Her innocent giggles fill the air again, the acid balls thrown just before she flickers again. Striking hard and fast while keeping out of the way of Naoya's own strikes.

From his comfortable chair just outside the bandits encampment, Feari would watch over the three genin as they now had to deal with the behemoth of a man. It was a challenge that would not be easy to handle by themselves, but the Swordsman had no intention of stepping forward to help. The mist he had created earlier though would start to dissipate until it completely vanished.
Swinging his club, the Decimator would smash it into the ground, but when he pulled it free there was nothing smooshed underneath it. "You're fast." His eyes would catch sight of several acid globs flying toward him and while he was able to avoid the two directed specifically at him, one managed to splash his club. It would start to erode, but was still a useable weapon…and now covered in acid. "Thanks sonny."
The movements of the Okumo were also fast, but not impossible to keep up with. The Decimator would side step each strike before swinging his club and using the momentum to carrying him into a whirlwind intending to attack all three genin at once.

The pink-haired teen frowned at this development. He thought he'd aimed his acid well enough that it would've eaten right through the club, but all he did was make things worse for the other shinobi… Kazumi attempted to create a barrier to protect himself, but it did nothing as he was knocked flying. Landing in a heap, he coughed and shakily shifted to try and sit up, staying back and focusing on healing some of his injuries again.
'They really should send you on missions that are more… fitting for you.'
"Shut up," he muttered aloud, appearing to talk to himself for no apparent reason.

Bringing his arms up, Naoya curls his arms inward slightly to accept the blow, but the force was more than he had anticipated, knocking him back several paces. When he lowers his arms, he could still feel a sting eating at him, traces of acid were still eating at his webbed arms, forcing him to rip at them, leaving them to fall tot he ground. "Eh?" The young Okumo only offered the brief questioning sound before focusing onto his target again.
Shaking out his hand, he charges forward, but doesn't strike immediately. Trying to dance at the edge of the man's vision, he strikes several times at just air before pulling back and shifting positions. During the fainted flurry of jabs, a pair of blows actually threaten to connect against his lower ribs.

"And you're slow." Yuriko smirks. Though this might not be true since he's effectively kept Naoya and Kazumi off balance, the whirlwind blow striking her teammates as the girl calmly dances out of it's path. "Come on… more." she murmurs to herself. "More." The blade flicks at her side, and once more the petite Kaguya dashes at the behemoth. "The larger they are, the harder they fall!"

When the behemoth stopped he'd quickly peer about to see who was still remaining and to his surprise, all three were standing. The club would drop to the ground and crumble as the acid finished eating it away. The man was exhausted, he hadn't expected the genin to give him so much trouble and yet, they were. "The Great Decimator shall not be killed!" A final shout to motivate himself and hopefully make the three doubt their abilities, but they weren't shakin. The attacks continued.
Naoya's blows would land first, finding the Decimators ribs and with it, taking what little breath he had away. This made it difficult for him to avoid the dancing strike of the Kaguya and despite his desperate leap he was still cut into several times. Lying on the ground and bleeding, the Decimator couldn't retaliate against the trio, only use what little strength he had remaining to clamber to his feet.
From his chair, Feari would rise to his feet, withdraw a scroll and put the chair back where it belonged before he started to walk into the encampment. His gait was slow as he approached, but he moved toward the Great Decimator. The swordsman didn't attack, nearly approached. "It seems this mission is just about over…Who is going to deliver the killing blow to this man so we can start our journey back to the village?" His eyes shifting between the three genin, "Not to say you all couldn't at the same time."

Kazumi dragged himself to his feet, brushing dirt off of himself and looking toward the Swordsman as he finally approaches the situation. Hearing what he has to say, the teen looks over at the other two and just reaches up to rub his still-slightly-injured shoulder. He had little to no interest in killing if he didn't have to… and as it stood, both Yuriko and Naoya had their competition going on, so he'd let them handle this.

A glare sets into his eyes as the boy snarls at the comment of being too slow. Shifting a foot behind himself and lowering to the ground, Naoya begins to focus on the large man's vital points, counting softly to himself before dashing forward. With a faint hop, the young Okumo spings several feet into the air, an open palm thrusting at the man's throat. In his second pass, he aims lower, focusing on the large man's left ribs, hoping to break one into the man's lungs.

Slowing, Yuriko glances over her shoulder as she senses movement, Feari approaching the group as he gives them a choice. Just who will finish off the seven foot man. Quirking a brow, she glances back at the fallen man, a slight smirk returning to the corner of her lips as she crosses her arms against her chest. She has no inclination to move, and it seems that Naoya was more than willing to take this kill for himself. "As I said, hardly any fun."

The Great Decimator got to his feet just in time to avoid the thrust to the his throat, but wasn't fast enough to move out of the way before the strike to his rib was reached and punctured into his lung. The beast would drop to his knees, gasping for breath until he finally fell onto his face.
Feari glanced at Kazumi, not surprised in the genin's lack of interest in killing, but upon hearing Yuriko's comment, he tilted his head curiously, "Well, it was just a C rank mission. They can't all be fun and games, but it is what you make out of it. Anyways…" Glancing about the area, "We're all done here. You three did exceptional. Let's head back to the village so I can send in the mission report."

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