Bandit Headcounts


Ryuunosuke, Isato, Usagi, Shintaro

Date: September 20, 2012


Shintaro leads a mission to retrieve a wealthy jeweler's stolen caravan from a group of bandits.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Bandit Headcounts"

Northern Hill

Early in the morning, just as the sun starts to peak over the horizon, Nara Shintaro stands at the gates of Konohagakure with his arms folded over his chest. Where he had been seen dressing more casual lately, the Jounin is all business today, adorned in his assassin-like attire with the hood pulled over his head. The blue lightning bolts on his face and the strand of blue hair sticking out of the hood are generally what make him most recognizable. Since Mushi left to take care of some business in another village just yesterday, he was glad to accept a mission for a bit.
Today's mission normally would have been simple enough for three Genin to handle on their own. Basically, a wealthy jeweler's caravan was attacked and hijacked by a gang of bandits, they are on their way to Fuuma Alley to sell the jewels and take the profit for themselves. If they reach that point, the caravan will be lost forever, and the jeweler will face an enormous loss. The mission is to catch the bandits and stop them before they reach that point. It would be a simple mission, except it is rumored that the leader of this gang is a rogue shinobi from the Land of Stone, and that is why Shintaro has been sent to lead this mission and take that man down if the rumors are true.

For once, not far behind is the little sister of the two of them, Nara Usagi crouching on a tree branch. She was honestly surprised to have her brother drag her along for a mission, but she sure wasn't complaining. To boot, they'd picked up one of her regular teammates as well, Ryuunosuke. Isato was the third. She shrugs slightly and looks at her brother for a moment. "Give the word, we'll be moving out.
She'd dressed in her usual shinobi attire as well, feather included. A slow breath precedes the next statement. "So how many are we looking at? And what fighting ability?"

Isato would be hyper active today since he got the mission he was seeking, a mission filled with possible danger and suspense. Shaking as he made his way to the gate after getting in an argument with Ataru and Soujiro Isato would be in a rather foul mood as he made it to the gate, a slight wave and a dull expression on his face was given as he spoke his name to Shintaro "Senju Isato," it’s clear for those who know him that he was in an ill mood. "Ready. Who are we waiting on now to get this mission on the road?" Isato hands quickly moved into his pocket as he was trying to get back focus and in tuned with the mission at hand.

Answering Usagi, being the last to arrive as usual was Ryuunosuke. "Just a few bandits right? However it's rumored that their leader is a rouge shinobi from The Land of Stone. We'll have to be on our guard." Ryuu states with a smile. He too was excited about this mission and having a teammate as well as a trusted friend/relative come along with him just made him even more comfortable about the assignment. Shintaro, this was the first time Ryuu ever came face to face with the man. The young genin studies the man for a second and felt an overwhelming aura emitting from him. It was as if he was cloaked in shadows. 'So this is a Jounin?' Ryuu thinks and he moves up beside Isato. He pats Isato on the shoulder sensing the contempt in his friend. "Hey Isato-san." Ryuu smiles. "You seem down. Is it because you don't know how many heads you'll get to bust?"

Looking over to Usagi as she speaks, Shintaro nods. He is interrupted by Ryuunosuke as he approaches and casts a glance his way before looking back to Usagi and answering, "Actually, there are about twenty or so. They're just bandits, so they shouldn't be that much trouble except for their numbers. The only one that raises concern is the one that's supposedly a rogue, but that's why I'm here." As Isato approaches, the Jounin looks over to him, giving a nod in greeting. He lifts an eyebrow at the boy's rather foul mood then looks back to Usagi. "This sour-puss is him? Really?" he asks, smirking at her and then looking between the team. This should be interesting. "Let's go." With that, he turns and starts running westward, leaping up into the trees to begin leaping from branch to branch for a faster route toward where they will intercept the bandits.

"Don't ask me, he was ready and willing to fight for me two seconds after he met me" Usagi shrugs slightly, then hops into the trees after her brother. "So, twenty or so bandits. Nothing too much…just need to be careful with it" She isn't too far behind him actually. "Hey Ryuu. Good to see you again" She looks back briefly to offer him a smile, and then honestly does ask. "So what 'is' the problem, Isato? You're normally not this doom and gloom"

To his excitement he notices that Ryuu was selected for his mission as well. "It's nothing really, it just a lot happen man. A lot happen this morning." Isato eye darted away before Ryuu had a chance to say his joke. This however would give him a much better mood "no way Ryuu-baka I will defeat more than you." A confident smile would grace his lips before speaking again "So tell me are there a number of bandits there or is this a wait and see mission?" Isato would have a huge smile before allow his arms to be station besides him. "Sorry about my mood guys but I'm in a much better one now if that matters." Smiling as he walked he would be rather calm once more.

"Only twenty? Well at least we're out numbered. I was afraid we were going to be bored." Ryuu grins with confidence. It was good for the team so long as it didn't escalate into overconfidence. He looks to Isato and just laughs "Oh really? I'll take you up on that. Whoever defeats the most gets treated by the other to lunch." Though on a mission right now Ryuu felt that being completely serious and tense was unnerving. Ryuu heads up after everyone else into the trees to get this show on the road. He nods to Usagi "Likewise Usagi-san. I'm glad to see you're in a good mood. Isato-san you should cheer up. I mean you're going to be treating me to dinner but no need to be all gloomy." Ryuu grins. "Alright then let's do our best." he says at they fly through treetops.

"Then maybe you should stick to guys your own age or maybe a year or two older. Finding someone mature is not a bad thing," Shintaro replies with a shrug. Actually, Shintaro himself is dating a woman that's five years old than he is… As they race through the trees and the Genin continue to talk, he finally looks back and says, "Enough talk about your feelings, kids. Get your head in the game. We've got to haul brick." With that, he picks up his pace a bit, expecting them to keep up. They race through the trees for a good while until at last one can see a horse-drawn caravan in the distance with a group of bandits sitting in and on it and even a few walking beside it. "Alright. I'm going to stop them from the front. When I give the signal, Isato and Ryuu, you take the bandits on the top out. Usagi, you stop the few on the side with Shadow Imitation. They won't be able to all get out of the caravan at once, so it shouldn't be too bad to bring them down. I'll try to get the rogue's attention so his focus will be on me. All clear?" His tone is quite serious, meaning it likely wouldn't be a good idea to jump ahead and ignore instructions.

She couldn't help it. She really couldn't. "And what…if 'I' get the most?" She grins at the two of them as they move, definitely keeping up with her brother for now. Seems that she's not been playing around at all with that. She's definitely ready to help, then nods slowly. She looks at the ones on the side she'll be going after. It'll be interesting pulling that many people into a shadow imitation, but ah well, what the heck. "Wakarimashita" Granted, she'd not be the one knocking them cold or whatever, but she would be keeping them busy.

Isato would get serious as the leader suggested. With a deep calm meditation breath the young Senju would be focus. Looking over his shoulder at Ryuu as they bounced from tree to tree he spoke "Let's do this Ryuu-san." Extending his fist out to the young man would be ready to go, mind focused and sharp the young man would have his mind on the mission as he spoke to Usagi-san "Usagi remember what I told ya, I'll protect you." Smiling faintly as they moved into position as he landed softly on the tree waiting for the signal. The young man’s heart would be beating a mile a minute as he waited and watched was it excitement that drove the man or something else?

Ryuu grins at Usagi "Ohh another contester eh?" The young Senju was fired up but Shintaro's command had gotten him back in check and level headed. "Right." when they come upon the caravan Ryuu is already counting the number of bandits. Shin's battle plan sat well with him and Ryuu just nods. He looks to Isato then Usagi "Let's go wild." he comments with a grin. His chakra is gathered as he planned on hitting the bandits hard from the jump. All that remained now is for Shintaro to go at them and give the signal. Ryuu looks to the Jounin "I know I probably don't need to tell you this but good luck anyway." Ryuu nods. Shintaro would be dealing with the most hostile foe out of the group so Ryuu naturally was a bit concerned.

"Focus on your job," Shintaro says a little harshly as he looks back at Isato. "If you screw up this mission trying to impress her, I'll have you sent back to the Academy. Is that clear?" He looks over to Ryuunosuke as he speaks, blinking and then smirking at his words. "Thanks." With that, he darts ahead of the group, disappearing into the forestry. One might wonder exactly where he went until the horses suddenly come to a complete stop on the trail.
About ten feet in front of the caravan, Shintaro stands with his hands in a seal, a light smirk on his face as his shadow holds linked with that of the horses. Seems that attack isn't only effective on humans. "Hello, gentlemen. You appear to be lost," his voice rings out as he looks at all the bandits on the caravan, who are looking at him like he's lost his mind. "May I direct you to the nearest prison?" The signal has yet to be given, the Genin's job right now to hold still until the rogue presents himself.

Usagi narrows her gaze for a few moments as Shintaro goes ahead by himself, and she waits on her side, ready to engage as when the signal goes out. For now, she remains in the bushes, lowered and ready, taking slow deep breaths. The idiots themselves didn't pose a threat to her brother. Only the rogue would, really.

Isato would already be in battle position, fist balled up and breath slow and controlled. Eyes focus on obtaining the signal. Instead of being nervous he was secretly seeking the chance to prove himself in battle as he would be driven to knock some sense into people for doing such a bad deed. "Ryuu-san, let's keep count on how man we defeat…I take half and twenty five percent of yours yeah?" A little giggle would escape his lips as he rolled his neck and focus a little of his stored energy for some strange reason though the kids will would be emitting from him again.

Ryuu nods to Shintaro as he takes off. Ryuu would then watch the horses become paralyzed as Shintaro went to work. "That's the shadow imitation technique. I didn't know it could be used on animals too." Ryuu continues to watch on and waits for the signal. Ryuu glances to Isato as he speaks to him and grins. "Hehe we'll see about that." Ryuu's fists tighten as he waits for the signal. "Where's the rogue?" Ryuu muses.

The bandits all look at each other and laugh, shouting various profanities in the thought that a single man is no threat to them. One distinct voice among them, however, does ring out as a man adorned in a brown gi and pants with an Iwagakure forehead protector on his neck steps off of the caravan. There is distinctly a slash through the symbol of the village to symbolize that he is a rogue. "I'm afraid you picked the wrong gang to try to stop today, Nara. Get out of our way if you know what's good for you."
Smirking slightly, Shintaro says, "Well, well, the man of the hour." With that, he tosses a pair of Fire Clones of Shintaro dive down from the trees to tackle the two men at the helm of the caravan. That is the singal! "How about I direct you to the nearest morgue then?"

The four on the side that Usagi's on are starting to get their weapons while still smirking, though they don't notice the little gas bombs rolling up underneath their feet. At least, until they start emitting gas. At that point, they stare down at their feet, and the first tries to move, but stops dead in his tracks. The next ones attempt to as well, but find their bodies locked in place too. It seems in the confusion, Usagi had slipped in nearby, and had the rat symbol locked in as her handsign. Anyone paying attention would have seen her shadow merged with all of theirs, being grouped up as they idiotically are, forcing them to stay in the gas while she remains safely outside. "Good night"

"YAHOO!" Isato would dart from the trees and using nothing but pure speed would be heading up top, "Dead center!" he would spin kicked one as he jumped over the next one as he dropped kicked that one off the top. When the last one swung towards him he would use the principle of Youki's Whisper to grab the arm and spin drop him to through the roof of the caravan down into the inside. A tiny sky light would provide a little light for the young genin eyes to take in everything that he seen.

Ryuu grins and leaps into action his body was coursing with wind chakra. He was going to wipe out a cluster of them at once. Ryuu first upon landing would spin into a rising uppercut that would bring forth a powerful hurricane on the top the caravan. While in the air he adjusts himself and would raise his leg high. Upon landing he sliding into a spinning sweeping kick sending the bandits flying off the caravan with powerful winds. He might have missed a few thanks to Isato. The guy was too wild here. "Did….did you just slam him through the roof!? What the door Isato what the actual DOOR!? We're supposed to be protecting the caravan!"

Usagi's entrance is subtle and effective, which makes Shintaro proud. However, Isato actually throws a guy through the roof of the caravan, causing the Jounin to blink. "Hey, baka! Stop showing off and think about what you're doing. That is the client's property! That's coming out of your pay!" he calls out before looking back to the rogue. As the rogue starts to move through Hand Seals, so does Shintaro. A shell of shadow comes up over his body just in time to block a series of sharp rocks flying his way out of the ground. He then breathes out a massive fireball toward the rogue, but he manages to leap to the side and out of the way. This guy is definitely no joke.

Usagi takes a BRIEF moment to facepalm at Isato's antics, then slips a few more gas bombs underneath the carriage to roll out on the other side and catch the other side off guard, swinging in herself to try and connect with a drop kick to one's face while they try to deal with the smoke, and then twist kick another's legs out from under him.

"Whoa guys sorry about that, he was coming in way too fast for me." Blocking while inside the caravan he would sigh as a slight break in the action. "Pure reflexes took over…on the bright side though he has a sky light now." Isato would have a smile on his face but of course no one could see it until he grabbed two in a head lock and toss them both outside of the caravan but this time he would use the back open section as he himself would be tossed out by a rather large one. Looking closer though he would have blocked the strike and took no damage although the strike was hard enough thought to knock him clean off his feet. "Whoa, your kinda big and ugly but I must say most of the ugly isn't your fault though it because guys like me kicked you in the face like this!" Just then Isato would attack the huge man with a flip kick to the bottom of his chin.

Ryuu shakes his head but can't help but smile at Isato. "You dork." When he sees the rogue dodge Shintaro's attack Ryuu calls out to Shintaro "Don't worry about Isato. I'll keep an eye on him and protect the caravan. You just worry about that rogue. If that's alright." Ryuu smirks and goes to deal with a few more bandits. He equips himself with his trench knives and channels chakra through them. "Alright boys. I'm not buying anyone's dinner. Let's do this." Ryuu heads into the caravan through the hole Isato so carelessly provided and proceeded to demonstrate his technique on the bandits as well as support Isato. With swift punches and invisible silent slashes Ryuu reigns chaos upon all he can until not one is left. "How many are you at Isato?" Ryuu asks after launching a swift flurry of punches to one goon.

Usagi's first attack hits dead on, but the next guy is able to leap out of the way and strikes back at her with his fist. Isato, however, is not having any luck at all with the big guy, as the large man blocks all of his strikes. The only one of the Genin that is fully successful in his attacks is Ryuunosuke, who hits each bandit he aims at.
In front of the caravan, the rogue sends another wave of rocks at Shintaro, which are deflected by the shell of shadow on his body. Rather than keep things in minor league attacks, however, Shintaro decides to step things up a notch. As he runs through a series of Hand Seals, his shadow lurches forward and splits into several tendrils that surround and leap at the rogue to stab through his body in several places and bind him down.

There's a surprised look on her face as Usagi seems to take the hit, even grunting and falling back as if she's about to hit the ground. Then a *poof* and there's a log. If that's not enough to surprise the guy, Usagi attacks his backside with a flying kick, coming downwards at him from an angle. By sheer luck, the man moves out of the way, but isn't able to stop the roundhouse kick to his face. He spins as he flies, hitting dirt and not getting back up. Usagi's last idea is to hold her breath and shadow imitate the last two. And see who can hold their breath the longest. She had a good idea who would, too.

Everyone was doing well but Isato the feel of despair would wash over him as the huge man would be holding him in the air by his leg. Shaking his head he would use his strengthen core to rise up for a chance to strike the huge man with his free foot, than his free foot. Wither or not he was free by this time his eyes glowed as he flashed through seals and shoot towards the last one with a tiny orb of fire. "I will have the last one." is said in a low voice to himself.

Ryuu looks back to Isato seeing that he might need help. "Isato-san stop playing around already." Ryuu leaps over to the large man launches a kick at his face. The young Senju would then look to Isato "Also refrain from using fire in the caravan please? I know you're tougher than this." Ryuu then channels more wind chakra though his trench knives and with two wide swings he would slash at two more bandits aim to take them out with one strike. "I wonder if Usagi is doing alright. He sighs softly. "They just keep coming. Shintaro-senpai is probably having all the fun outside with the rogue." Ryuu smirks.

The rogue yells out a bit as his body is stabbed through. Shintaro smirks and runs through another set of seals, this time breathing out a massive fireball at the man with nowhere for him to run. He lets out another yell as his flesh is charred, being scorched away. Isato misses all his strikes yet again, though Ryuunosuke makes up for it by hitting all of his. There is only one bandit left inside and one outside where Usagi is. Besides those, all that is left is the rogue Shintaro is currently barbecuing.

Sure enough, the two passed out, and she hopped up onto the carriage. One left. She smirks and drop kicks him, one leg, smacking him straight in the chest and knocking him cold, pausing long enough to look at the other guy. She figured she wouldn't be able to, but what the skylight…at the very least, she could throw the guy off track from making him dodge both of them, but she knew better than to get in close. Shadow imitation, go! On the Rogue.

Isato would have a sudden burst of anger and will power as his hands started to glow with hot fire as he connects with a flip kick to the neck, landed on the in the caravan as he stood up he would try and strike at him with a raging head butt however t failed. Using all his inner rage he would strike with an uppercut that sent the last one clean out of the sky light he made beforehand. "I'm Isato! I am the strongest there is!" Isato would be chanting as he stood there with his chest pumped out as he stepped out of the caravan.

'Whoa…Isato smash.' Ryuu blinks as Isato rages on the last bandit. Ryuu doesn't really know what to say but it looks like they were all done inside. He could hear screaming outside. It sounds like Shintaro and Usagi about to finish up. Ryuu rubs the back of his neck after putting away his trench knives and walks over to Isato. "Hey, good job there. So how many does that make? I'm at 8." Ryuu grins evilly at Isato "I like grilled eel. Just putting that out there." Ryuu turns around. "Let's go check on things outside." Once they make it outside Ryuu looks at all the dropped bodies. "Whoa….did Usagi do all this." Ryuu looks around and counts them. He then looks to the Rogue she and Shintaro were fighting. "Oh crap!" Ryuu turns to Isato. "She's in the lead man!" Ryuu groans and rubs his head. "Oh…and they're kinda fighting that Rogue over there too. We should help….hey wait." Ryuu grins devilishly at the rogue. "Bonus points." He slams his fist together "Ya snooze ya loose Isato-san." He remarks before taking off in a quick dash. Ryuu would leap at the rogue passing by Usagi "Need some assistance?" He lets a straight right fly at the rogue and from his knuckles erupt a mighty cyclone to decimate the rogue should it hit. "Rogue's worth bonus points!"

The rogue dodges the attempted Shadow Possession by Usagi, which would be a good opportunity of Ryuunosuke weren't getting in the way, which leads to the rogue leaping up out of the way of the attack Shintaro was about to fire off and into the trees. The Jounin growls and calls out, "Are you an idiot? Get out of the way before this guy kills you." Bringing his hands into a seal, Shintaro begins to link his shadow to those around the area, creating an enormous radius of shadow around him and sinking down into it to go out of the sight of the rogue to catch him by surprise.

That tears it. Usagi was attempting once, and once shown that the guy was out of her league, she left it at that. Ryuu on the other hand, seemed to have a notion that he could do this. And knowing Isato, with Ryuu encouraging him, it'd take only a hair of effort for him to join in. So, she borrows a bit of the shadow from her brother to try and lock 'both' of them in shadow imitation. Several hand seals fly in quick succession, and she kneels as she lands on the caravan, her shadow seeking out both of theirs to lock them in place. "No. We stay out of it, he is out of our league. Let Nee-san handle him" And one way or another, she'd try to hold them both as long as she could…if it worked.

Flashing though seals he would bring up a wave of heat able to fend off the shadow long enough for him to dodge out of the way, crossing his arms as he sat on top of the caravan. "Never do that again Usagi-san, I had no intentions of getting into the fight truth is I'm rather disappointed in myself right now only able to take down four of them." Isato would keep true to his word as he sat there with a rather intense face as he allowed his will to diminish slightly.

Ryuu blinks as the rogue dodges him effortlessly. He lost sight of the man and if not for Shintaro probably would've been easy prey. Ryuu peers up following Shin's voice in order to find the two shinobi. He wants to help but against that kind of foe what could he do? He still had to try, or so he thought. He found himself unable to move however. Usagi's words reach him and he has no choice but to see the validity in her statement. "Fine. I understand. We can leave this to you big bro then I suppose." Ryuu smirks. He stands there until Usagi releases him. IT seems Shintaro was going all out. One way or another, this would be over soon. All Ryuu could do was hope for the best.

"You've got a hot head on your shoulders, Isato. I am making sure that none of us get in his way. If you want to debate it with me, save it for after the mission" Usagi doesn't even look at him for the time being, but once Ryuu states his intent, she sighs and releases the seal. Her shadow releases the genin, and she turns and looks up to watch her brother go. It certainly would be a sight.

In the trees, the rogue stands with a kunai in his hand, his face rather charred now. He looks around, trying to figure out where Shintaro will come from to attack. However, the problem with that theory is that Shintaro doesn't even NEED to be directly beside him to attack. Still, tendrils of shadow rise up around him from all sides to impale him again and bind him down on the large branch as the Jounin rises up from the shadows directly in front of him. "Your time is running out, my friend. Surrender and go to jail peacefully or die. The choice is yours."

"You've got a hot head on your shoulders, Isato. I am making sure that none of us get in his way. If you want to debate it with me, save it for after the mission" Usagi doesn't even look at him for the time being, but once Ryuu states his intent, she sighs and releases the seal. Her shadow releases the genin, and she turns and looks up to watch her brother go. It certainly would be a sight. And just like that, Shintaro had their target. She breathes a sigh of relief, and then closes her eyes. Her shadow returns to herself, and Ryuu is free to move.

"Sometime you have to Usagi-san." Isato notice that Ryuu was still in the hold of the shadow bind with a sigh he would walk up to him and touch him three time in order to break him of the hold of Usagi before speaking again "your brother is extremely strong and I must try to stay off his bad side." Shifting about as he rested once more he would crack his neck before yawning "I'm ready to get back to some serious training."

Ryuu could feel control of his body returning to him and sighs. "Well it looks like he has it under contro-" he feels poking and what not in his back Ryuu turns around and eyes Isato "I can mov-Sto-no she's relea-the jutsu-Isato-quit….CUT IT OUT DAMNIT!" Ryuu snaps on Isato. He groans and facepalms. "You window you're going to pay for that." Ryuu remarks. He looks back to Shintaro now hearing the sound of impaling. Ryuu winces "Ouch…." he looks to Usagi. "Your brother is….scary hehe."

"Arch you!" the rogue growls out in response to Shintaro's offer. The Jounin shrugs his shoulders and says, "Very well," then runs through a series of hand seals, breathing out two massive fireballs in succession at him. In the midst of the fiery display, the rogue flies out of the tree line and skids on the ground over to the caravan. Shintaro then rises out of the shadows near the group and looks over to Isato, eyes narrowing. "Keep screwing around so much on missions, and I'll make sure your pillar is thrown back in the Academy."

"One thing to note about earlier, Isato-san. You called yourself the strongest" Usagi walks around, a very serious expression on her face. She motions with a wave to the group lying on the ground around the caravan. "Strength isn't everything. Effectiveness is. I've proven that today, by doubling your score. You've got a lot to learn" she looks to her brother for a moment, then back to the two. Now a small smile comes across her face. "Oh, and you guys are going to have an interesting time with me at the Ramen House. Hope you've saved up some" Now she smirks softly and heads over to the caravan, sighing at the damage. Isato was definitely going to be in for it…

"Then perhaps we can have a match then Usagi-san so I can learn this whole effectiveness you speak of. As for Ryuu though as little laugh is given to him as his weak punch hit him in the face "sorry about that…you'll think next time before defeating more people than me." Laughing as he stood there tossing his arms behind his back before leaping from the caravan and landing softly on the ground. "All and all I'm ready to get back to work my actions today was rather poorly."

Ryuu groans "Yeah I know…gah by one!" Ryuu sighs and moves back with Usagi "Fine then. Isato we had a deal. Gotta pay up like men." he chuckles. He looks to Usagi "Don't mind him. Isato's got a subtle charm to him. But when it comes down to it you can really count on him to have your back." He pats Usagi on the shoulder "Anyway nice work out there teammate." Ryuu stretches "Be careful though Isato. Shintaro sounded like he was serious…." Ryuu glances to the smoldering body of the rogue "And he does seem like a man of his word…"

As he walks past the body to step up onto the helm of the cart, Shintaro casts a rather serious glance at Isato. He sits in the driver's seat and takes the reins, motioning for the team to get onboard. "Usagi, sit with me," he says as he looks to her. "We have things to discuss… Like how you are definitely not contaminating our bloodline with this baka's brain cells." Looking to the other two, he says, "In the back. Be sure no more of the client's property was damaged during the fight, and don't go digging in his things." Shintaro's patience fuse has gotten a lot shorter than it used to be, apparently.

Usagi shrugs as she moves to get onto the front of the cart, though there's a definite pause when he mentions 'why' he wants her up on front. She smirks softly, and then shakes her head. Once she's up there, she whispers something to him, leaning back and putting her hands behind her head. Although she does answer Isato. "Not yet. Soon, but not yet" She shrugs, looking over to her brother. This she says to the passengers in the back. "Oh, and if you do start digging, my brother will know. And Ryuu, you were right. He's very serious, and he 'is' a man of his word. Stay out of anything not yours"

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