Yuzuna, Hinotori, Tosai, Kuroji

Date: May 19th, 2010


Bandits having attacking and robbing Merchants along a Suply route in the Land of Fire. A team from KOnoha has dispatched to investigate and take care of the issue.


Main Supply Road

Kuroji was leaning up against the gate holding a small folder. The ever present smile lingering on his face, the day had just started, the sun still slowly rising to it's place in the sky. Most shops hadn't even opened up there doors. Though Kuroji looked as ready to go as ever. A soft breeze blows across the area causing his hair and black long coat to rustle slightly. Silently he stares up at the sky awaiting the other Shinobi to arrive who had been assigned to this mission, his hand moving up and softly rubbing his goatee as he waits.

Meanwhile, after a few minute, Tosai, would flicker into existence, stumbling as he would land, and stand right next to the Aburame nin. "Heh… looks like I was rushing needlessly again.", scratching the back of his neck as he would dust himself off. "Hows it going, Kuroji-san? I see we got another mission on our hands eh?", the boy dusting himself off and checking his pack as he would wait for the others and the reply to the nin who he would today know as a teamate.

Sitting on the archway itself above the open gate, Yuzuna rolls her neck some as she releases a slow breath through her nose, "I should poison the person that decided to meet this early." she murmurs to herself. Dressed in darker clothing meant for missions and combat, her long ebony hair is wrapped up and pinned into place as her legs crossed over the edge. The Hyuuga passively arches a brow as she glances to her gathering team. "You are earlier than usual, Tosai-kun."

Walking up from Bamboo Way comes Hinotori, dressed in his dark red and blacks. A dark red scarf wrapped about his neck slightly and it waves as he the wind blows against him. His hands were in his pocket, but as he approaches the group he nods, "Hello everyone." he says in a low voice. Looking a bit distracted, Hinotori waits to hear what the mission briefing was.

"Yes another mission it seems." Kuroji says with a smile and a slow nod, his tone is as carefree as ever. He pushes himself off the wall looking between Tosai and Yuzuna, "That would be me, I will however be monitoring my tea from now on." he says with a bit of smirk as he looks towards Yuzuna, her image reflecting in his red tinted shades. Then Hinotori appears, recieving a small two fingered wave followed by a "Yo." his other hand moves and he removes a small folder and opens it, "Well here is the situation. Apparently, on a suply route from the village to a smaller vllage named, Takuto, are bandits. The bandits are attacking and stealing merchants to and from, our job is too find the bandits and then get rid of them. Just outside, I have secured us a cart, filled with Sweets, I do love the Sweet Senbon." he says slowly with a small nod and smirk, "So I just need people to fill a few parts, I have the Merchants Wife, The Merchants Daughter and the Merchants Assistant." he says with a wave of his hand, "Just pick one and we will be on our way." his tone is carefree and playful as he awaits to start the mission.

Blushing, Tosai would wave and say, "Yuzuna-hime… Hehe.. When ya work on a farm like I do, this time is nothing." Yuzuna was the only girl Tosai knew that could make him feel smaller than he had actually been. He was practically useless, like puddy, when he saw her. He would smile at the Hyuuga, and then wave to Hino, saying, "Hehe.. looks like everyone is here. I guess we can get this party started.", as he would look to Kuroji who, most likely would have been starting his briefing. He would listen to the young man, getting the jest of the situation. But the part that would kind of get his attentino even more.. Sweets… "Did you just say Sweets??", Tosai's mouth alread beginning to drool as he would look to the cart, and salivate… "OOooooooo…." When he would hear the roles to which they would infiltrate as, he would look to Kuroji, and ask… "Umm.. can I.. uhh sample the goods? Just to make sure nothing is poisoned??"

"Who says it would be orally." Yuzuna murmurs just loud enough to be heard below. Uncrossing her legs, she idly stands to her feet before leaping from the archway, falling the distance to land with knees slightly bent to absorb most of the impact through her legs. Glancing over each of her team mates, Hinotori, Tosai, then Kuroji, the Hyuuga girl arches a brow as she silently listens to the mission details. "Hm. I suppose I will take Merchant's daughter." she murmurs lightly. "Is there anything else abnormal that we should be aware of?"

Silent and just watching his team mates, Hinotori stretches out for a moment as he listens to the mission brief. "If it's bandits, there has to be quite a few of them to be robbing majority of these supply carts." he states. He then quiets himself as Yuzuna ask her question. "I will be the assistant." he states as he moves over to where the cart was. "Tosai-san, I don't think that would be a good idea. I will get you something from the Sticky Bun when we get back though. My treat." he smiles to his friend.

Kuroji rubs his goatee slowlyt, "Well… Sweet Senbon gave us her, old.. products.." he says leaning back and looking out at the cart, "I think they are stale.. Tosai.." he says slowly with a small nod, as if he had pondered over it, his hand still rubbing his goatee. Then Yuzuna pipes in, "Well Yuzuna-chan, if you really really want to poison me, I suppose you can." he says sticking his tongue out at her with a small smirk as he looks up, "What is abnormal about this.. well aside from the fact Tosai is apparently my wife,I suppose he is cute enough." he says as he looks over at Tosai giving him a small whats up head nod thing with a smirk on his face, "Sticky Bun? Whats wrong with the Sweet Senbon?" he says slowly looking over towards Hinotori, "Loose your card?" he says, Hinotori's image reflecting in his crimson shades, then he shrugs and a puff of smoke forms around him, clearly using the Henge Jutsu, being replaced by what appears to be a hunched over old man wearing a brown robe and a clean set of speckles on his face, "Ohhh come here wifey!" he says, a large grin on his toothless mouth. @emit
Hearing Yuzuna's comment, Tosai would sweatdrop, and say, "Hmph… for a princess, you can be quite serious, Yuzu-hime.", as he would stare at her, then switch his attention back to the goods, going to the cart then trying to sneak a peek under the tarp. He wouldn't have been looking long before he would here Hino, but not pay attention much, already having one of the senbon's in hand, and about to bite down. Just as Kuroji would say they were stale, Tosai would bite into the old confection and crack…. lose a tooth.. A sharp yelp would be uttered, and then cartoonish tears. "I wish you have said that earlier…Kuroji…" looking back to the Aburame.

But this would not be the worst part? The Aburame, would have called Tosai.. abnormal…as a wife? Tosai would smirk, and after a handseal, a henge would be assumed, into Tosai… or at least a big boobed, big bellied, six foot eight, Tosai, dressed well in makeup, and a nice frilly pink kimono. He would pushhimself beneathe Kuroji, and in the deepest, sweetest, womanly voice he could muster, say, "Whats wrong, Kuroji-chan?? You didn't say that at the wedding.", batting his eyelashes girlishly, as he would bounce and wiggle…. When Kuroji would assume his roll, he would squeel in delight, and jump up into his "husbands", arms.

Yawning, Hinotori brings his hands together and forms the seals and he transform into the servant. He shakes his head at Tosai, "See I told you not to eat that sticky bun." he says. "As for the Sweet Senbon, I still have my card, just forgot the name." he says as he yawns. Hinotori looking like a store assitant, walks over to the cart, "Well the family should be relaxing while I get us on our way, so lets get going." he states.

Kuroji moves out of the gate, looking up at the sky as he moves, he moves slowly up into the cart and nods, "Well lets get this show on the road." he says as he waits for everyone to get into position, once everyone was in position and they where on their way, they would wait. It would seem like a rather boring trip at first, waiting for something and conversing about anything and everything. Then about half way too the other Village, a man could be seen standing in the center of the road, waving his hands. "Help Help! My Wife Fell in a Well and I can't get her out! I really need some help, maybe some rope!" he yells at the oncoming shinobi disguised as merchants. Kuroji leans over and says softly, "Well I suppose we should be on our toes." before yelling back over, "Don't worry! Don't Worry! We will help you!" his mouth opening revealing his missing teeth.

Clearing his through girlishly, Tosai would not get into the cart until helped.. Talking about assuming his role. He would wait there, like a woman, and once he had been helped, then they could leave. When they would get to halfway, and the man would show up in the middle of the road, Tosai would just sit in the cart, patting "her", husband on the back as he would volunteer, saying, "Go gettum, honey!!", and pushing Kuroji out the cart with alot of power. "She", would then look to Hino, and with a loud bossy voice, say, "You!! Go help the master!!"

Hino was actually enjoying the ride, it was actually pretty relaxing. He did engage in a few conversations, but he kept his focus on steering the horses down the path they were travelling. Chuckling at Tosai as he continues working on his role Hinotori just shakes his head. But as they stop and he is told to get out and help, Hinotori tries very hard not to laugh. Moving to the back of the cart, he grabs some rope and goes to help Kuroji as they follow the man who is screaming about his wife being stuck in a well. "Yes ma'am." he says as he looks to Tosai then heads off to follow behind Kuroji.

Kuroji mutters something about "Hag, Old, Ugly, Useless and Fat." all in a single sentence that only he himself could hear, perhaps though that was for the best. He slowly moves towards the man waving his arms around, his old hands moving gesturing for him to settle down, "She will be fine, some of us wish our wife would fall down a well." he says giving Tosai a quick glare. Though as he did so the Man moved and pulled a small tanto and grad Kuroji putting the blade to his neck, at that moment about fifteen other men would jump out from around them. "Heh, Don't move or try anything funny. Just let us take your cargo and everything will be fine." he says as he looks between them all, making a motion with his head to go and look at the cargo.

Tosai, still playing his role, would say, "I heard that!! You old buzzard of a hillbillie!! If it hadn't been for you knockin me up, you would have never gotten the family business." He would look the man, and then began to girlishly fiddling with his nails. Poor Kuroji. Tosai, not having any idea of what had been the real problem, knew full well that Kuroji's plan had to have been full proof. But he had not thought that it would have been this full proof. They had feel into a bandit trap, all cause Kuroji, wanted to stop and be a good samaritan. Damn carefree Aburame. Tosai would sigh, as he would look on and see fifteen armed men, 5 each.. waiting in the wings. Still in role, Tosai would let out a girlish squeel and say, "Bandits!!!", before pretending to faint…

Shaking his head, "Do you two have to do this now." he says remarking about the name calling that was going on. The rope slung over his shoulder, Hinotori walks slightly behind the man needing help when he grabs Kuroji. Not reacting, Hinotori watches as the 15 bandits come out and Tosai screaming like a old hag, calling bandits. Dropping the rope in such a way that it falls into a large bush. "I give up…" he says as he holds up his arms.

The bandits laugh and joke a bit talking about how easy this is, one can be heards, "It's like taking sweets from three babies!" looking between them all. "Yes… wife… I am well aware of the bandits. Thank you for letting me know!" he says, trying not to move to much as he has a knife to his throat. He looks between Tosai and Hinotori, for a moment, "I would not recomend you steal from my cart, I rather enjoy running my sw… actually you know what, take it I want a divorce." he says looking up at Tosai, "Your a horrid kisser and you always smell like BBQ!" he says slowly, before looking to Hinotori, "And you, youre FIRED!" he says, his eyes moving between the two and the chart, hoping they got his hint as the Majority of Bandits where around the cart loading up bag after bag of sweets.

Sitting up slowly, almost mimicing a vampire rising from its coffin, Tosai, in his more womanly form, would shout, "Wha?!! Horrid Kisser?! I smell Barbecue?!! You want to leave…/me/??" He would exit the cart and stomp towards the men, seeming to grow bigger and bigger and bigger as he would come toward, Kuroji, and Kuroji, specificly.. "You worm!!! You be with me for 15 years, coming from nothing, and now, all because of being with me, you now own everything, and you want to divorce me???? HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!", being shouted right before a right hook, would be swung, not at Kuroji, but at the bandit behind him. If the hit had connected, Tosai, would then shout, "Kuroji-san! Move!!", as he would have been ready to follow with a three for one… enlarging his torso suddenly into a sphere, knocking into all that had been behind the Aburame, hopefully to give a good start a sudden attack..

"I'm fired? What! You asshole!" he says catching the hint and as Tosai moves in, growing bigger, Hinotori uses this distraction to move past Tosai and towards the group of bandits. He forms hand seals rapidly as he moves then inhaling deeply as he was now within striking range, 'Katon: Gouryuuka no Jutsu!' he says more to himself as he jumps into the air and sends a large fireball down upon the entire group of bandits and the cart. He made sure not to roast the horses, but this will scare the crap out of them, but the looters were only stealing very stell baked good.

As the attacks come towards the Bandit behind Kuroji, his hands move up and a gust of wind shoots towards the knife blowing it back far enough for him to slip away. Tosai's attack hit and strike the bandit as Hinotori forms a gaint fireball and shoots it towards the majority of the other bandits are around the cart, the cart bursting into flames as do almost all the bandits. The few that move to run away, Kuroji produces a few senbons in his hand, the glow softly for a moment with a soft blue chakra, before being launched towards the fleeing bandits and removing them from the fight. The bandit taking him hostage laying on the ground, the wind knocked out of him. Kuroji in a sudden poof restores himself to his normal form, "Well lets police them up and get em to where we need to drop em off too. Good work Team Awesome Sauce." he says giving them a thumbs up and smile, as they do what they need to do and return to the village.

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