Bandits never win and prisoners never forget


Berii, Daisuke, Eremi

Date: November 14, 2012


Berii having previously scouted the area before only to discover several bandits holding villagers as prisoners, she returns this time with a team compromised of Daisuke and Eremi to deal with the bandits and save the prisoners!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Bandits never win and prisoners never forget"

Near the Land of Rivers

The scouting mission was a success, Berii was on the job alone and didn't screw this one up! Many people forget, Team 10 was a scouting team… simply because well Berii was the only one who took the scouting seriously it seemed. Whatever the case she was back in Konohagakure as nightfall came along, reporting in to the Hokage and now a team was set up, well if you want to call it a team. It was Daisuke, Eremi and Berii, Berii mostly there to guide them to the enemy encampment, Daisuke was sort of his own team or rumor would have it that way. She's never really seen the guy in combat but, doesn't lack confidence in him.
"I guess it makes sense, neh?" Berii comments on the small team, for this big mission. They were crossing into the Land of Rivers but, this organization was completely ignored by the Land of Rivers due to bribes and constantly antagonizing and stealing from the Land of Fire villages. Things had to be done.
"It'd be awot hawdew to get an entiwe squadwon in without being noticed, hnn." Berii hops from tree to tree, "I hope you'we as good as they say." All of this towards Daisuke, personally from the few encounters she had with Eremi she could only assume he was sort of weak but, maybe his true colors come out in combat… that or the Hokage or whoever put this team together is crazy.
"Watch fo' my signaw to come in cwose. They don't want peopwe in, awot of twaps have been set, hnn." As they get closer to the border her Sharingan swirls into view, "How's you'we steawth?" She asks the two, trying to form some sort of plan.

Daisuke swings through the trees instead of hops like normal ninja, loving the feeling of the free motion each swing gave him as he leaped from one branch to the next. He had only recently been on a mission with Berii that ended on an odd note, so he wondered if Hashi was trying to form some kind of new team. Either way, Daisuke had heard the basics of the mission and knew his hard hitting nature would be needed once they arrived. "If someone hadn't been captured and asleep during our last mission they wouldn't need to ask me that." Daisuke says as he looks over to Berii with a playful smirk. "Either way I wouldn't worry about me as the team leader. Make sure Eremi there gets some good licks in."
As they reached their position Daisuke huddles in with the two listening to Berii. "Traps don't do much when you can surf under the rock and earth. My stealth is fine, just point where you want me popping out of." he says confidently, itching to get a complete victory on this mission.

Naturally, Eremi would be bringing up the rear, making sure to keep a safe distance from the rest of the group like directed in case of traps big enough to ensnare the entire team. A team of which he had never been a part of. There were a few occassions where he had seen Berii around the village, but nothing to elude to how powerful she was. Considering she was an Uchiha and based on the rest in the village, he could put a pretty acurate picture together. As for Daisuke, all he knew about the elder teen was his accomplishments in the last exams.
"Well, I…I can be pretty decent with stealth, but there's always that possibility of snapping a twig or not being fully concealed. It's not really one of my strengths, but it definitely isn't one of my weaknesses." Giving the best answer he could while hopping from branch to branch to keep up with the rest.

Berii peers at Daisuke "Neh?! Says, the guy that was on 'watch'." Though no time for that, "Okay good. I dunno if they set anything undewgwound but, I doubt it, hnn." A nod and a smile is then given to Eremi, "No need to wowwy. Just keep you'we feet quiet and go awong with my wead… Fwom hewe out it'd be best to move on the gwound." Or below it in Daisuke's case, Berii drops from the trees and with good reason these people didn't want ninja coming in. Wiring all throughout the trees would be rigged to a chain of explosive tags that… if they didn't kill they'd be an easy heads up.
Following Berii's lead may be initially odd as she actually drops on all fours, seeming to adopt the Inuzuka stance somewhat. Though her Sharingan was quick to scan a path for a two legged person to take with general ease. "Okay Daisuke about six kiwometews ahead." She'd leave him to do his thing and then move ahead with Eremi behind her. Shifting this way and that a few flips here and there but, surely the Taijutsu Clan kid can handle the situation. This… doesn't stop her from looking back occasionally to make sure he's okay. One of those look backs causes her to almost drop her hand in a bear trap.
"Yeeesh." Berii's legs go into overdrive and she forces herself to barely hop over the trap with a bit of stress on her legs. Whatever the case, the camp was in view… and these bandits seem to be doing good for themselves. About 30 or so in view. Multiple huts and a stone structure being built in the middle. Given their ragged and unfed appearance compared to those obviously dressed in bandit gear, these masons were not their willingly.
Daisuke, most likley getting there before them is looked to for any possible suggestions before her opinion is given.

Daisuke follows Berii to the ground and is given the direction and distance before he literally begins to sink into the ground, eventually disappearing from view. For now the chuunin travels through the earth towards his mark, counting out the kilometers as he knows how fast he travels within the earth at his max speed. Eventually the chuunin would get into the location and wait for the two others to get into their position. He uses the time to poke his face out of a rock at the edge of the camp to get the lay of the land, noticing the stone structure and the masons. It would be annoying not being able to just nuke the place but precision he can do as well. Noticing the two others across the way, Daisuke moves to a better location and signals to suggest they take the huts out first, leaving the decision up to the leader. He also signals that he is ready whenever.

More often then not, that was easier said then done, but that didn't mean that Eremi wasn't going to try his best at keeping his feet quiet. At least he could take comfort in the fact that he didn't bring his leg weights along for the mission and stepping lightly might just be that much more possible. "You're the boss." Following her from the branches and on to the ground, but as Berii dropped on all fours, he was a bit reluctant to do the same. Must be some sort of strategy Atsuro had forced upon the girl, not something Eremi can argue with if it works, but he still wasn't going to do the same.
Instead he'd hunch closer toward the ground, moving where she would only with a bit less acrobatics and finesse, choosing to simply jump and land like he normally would, outside of combat. "Uh.." Eyes going wide when the girl turned to look at him and he'd offer a reassuring wave, then continued on until reaching their destination. Eremi pointing from where he'd spot Daisuke's head popping up, just in case Berii hadn't caught it.

"Mmmkay." Berii takes the cue from Eremi and looked towards where he was pointing, nodding to Daisuke and making her approach. Her scarf would be adjusted, along with her gloves as she gets ready for an assault. As Daisuke starts making gestures
Berii appreciated the silence but, they weren't in range yet. At least she didn't detect anything in range so she begins to speak up. "Hnn, now wast time I came hewe I was thinking it shouwd be easy enough. Basic possibwy stowe bought tags but, took a cwosew wook at one of them on the way hewe." Berii squints out into the camp, still not spotting any impressive chakra signatures, "Thewe might be ninja among them." Berii shrugs slightly, "Don't see one though, just keep yo' head up, neh?" Berii looks at the two she has to work with. Watching Eremi longer for a moment, at a bit of a loss she decides to continue working with him for now just in case. "Okay Satonezu-san, on me stiw." The Uchiha. "We'we going weft side. Daisuke hit up the white."
Berii looks to Eremi, unsure how this will play out. With Eremi's nervousness he might not be able to handle this task but, it's this same awkward nervousness that may convince the slaves that he's a good guy. "I'm going to hit the initial huts with fiyew. I'm gonna need you to covew me as we go fowahd, keeping the bandits off me. My focus wiw be entiwey on the huts. Once I get to the midway point." The design of this bandit camp fairly simple and circular in shape, with five huts on each side. Berii would point to the third hut. "You bweak off to the pwisonews. Daisuke, I'm gonna need you to meet up with him with a shadow cwone. Twy to keep the pwisonews togethew so they'd be easy to defend… I've checked." Berii's Sharingan glows again just in case.
"Onwy bandits and food stowes inside those huts. We'we in the cweaw."
Berii would do a countdown with her fingers, three two one, a solid fist and she bursts off handseals blazing as she lets off bullet after bullet of flame, catching the dry huts on fire with ease. Some bandits getting out safely others… not as lucky the initial attack causing pure chaos.

Daisuke nods his head as he eyes the five huts on the right side. One good branching fist would take them out and then he can move. He will have to time it right with the inability to create shadow clones just yet while using his cloak of chakra. As Berii counts down the area would noticeably warm a few degrees as Daisuke lets his reddish chakra coat his body. As soon as she finishes, Berii isn't the only one with a solid fist. A massive fist of the reddish chakra shoots forward from within Daisuke's cloak as he holds his own hand, within the chakra, forward as if reaching for something. The fist smashes into the first hut and literally blows right through it, branching to the second, the third, the fourth and fifth. Many sounds of people screaming in panic and agony can be heard as they are burned by the chakra emitted by his cloak, an unpleasant burn to say the least.
Whatever the case now, Daisuke moves forward and lets his chakra dissipate, forming a shadow clone and branching off, himself going to the prisoners while his clone meets up to help on Eremi.

It seemed like a well thought out plan that Berii was conveying to himself and Daisuke, the only problem being that Eremi could barely understand the words she was trying to get across. Not having spent much time around the girl and her speech impediment it forced him to strain a bit in understanding exactly what she was saying. This task proving to be only that much more difficult with each time Berii would pause to give him an uncertain look to whether or not he was up to his task. "Uh…" Not that Eremi could blame her, it wasn't as if he put off any aura of self-confidence, "Ready…when you are?" Now questioning his own abilities.
However, as the countdown to chaos began, the look upon the young Satonezu's face changed, becoming more calm and focused, his eyes scanning across the area moving from hut to hut in preparation. He knew what was expected of him and if possible, he wasn't going to let anyone down. So the moment the fire started to rain down on the huts, he was gone in a flash. Speed increased by the opening of initial gate as he moved toward the huts on the left in a full out sprint.
The boy was already in the air by the time the first of the bandits came out, spinning around like a top before exploding with a series of powerful kicks that if hit would send one or more careening away. The momentum wouldn't stop there, from once landing on the ground he'd vanish once more only to reappear under the next unsuspecting bandit that came screaming from the hut trying to avoid the fires. A swift kick to the jaw to silence the bandit as they went flying into the air only to feel a sharp tug at their ankles as Eremi quickly yanks them back down and flings them away toward another bandit that was rushing toward Berii.
A quick glance would catch Daisuke transform into something Eremi had never seen before, but he'd shake it off while he made his way to the third hut and into the entrance. If there were only prisoners inside, he'd offer a forced smile and gentle wave. "I'm Satonezu Eremi, from Konoha, we need to get you out of here now."

Daisuke's attack was super-effective and they said Dark was weak to Fightning. People would go flying away in the process and not on their own accord of evading the fist they were simply blasted out of the way from the sheer speed of the magical fist. One of the many victims plopping onto the ground a bit of a distance from the hut, giving a sigh of relief. "Phew… that was close." he looks down, to his legs where the bijuu arm made contact and only now he noticed the searing pain. "WAHHH?!" He goes to pat it out but, it wasn't some fire the devouring chakra spreading to his hands, his own body not tough enough in the ninja ways to resist the corrupting chakra he degenerates into uselessness. Way to go Daisuke, you made some guy a tetraplegedic.

Not like Berii was being any kinder. Her last few missions, along with unlocking the third tomoe had led her to be a little desensitized to what she did next. Uchiha blood boiling her eyes thirsting to find a wild way to kill as many as possible in a short amount of time and this is done through her spiral-leaping high into the air when Eremi breaks off, two scrolls following in tail. Her eyes squint and she locks on to the targets below. "Soshowyuu!" In a blur of movement, Berii's hands tap against the rising scrolls unleashing a flurry of steel to those down below. Any average person would just be bombarding the people below with a blitz of weapons that would eventually hit. Though with Sharingan, every last tool was placed exactly where she wanted, nailing still confused bandits and a few digging into the huts though most not penetrating enough to hit anything within. Though full penetration wasn't really part of the plan.
As she lands a few handseals are swapped through and she takes in a deep breath, cheeks puffing up to a big rosy red. Just when it looked like Berii's cheeks were going to explode she lurches forward breathing out a large dragon head of flame across the wires spreading thick and wild and catching a majority of the remaining bandits in the flame. "Hnn…" A thought back to the first time she smelled simply singed flesh and how it made her sick to her stomach. Now with so many things burning she felt a little queasy but, that was due to her feeling sick about how casual this all was.
For now she'd work on clearing out the remaining bandits, zipping through with her large chakram with an unperfected Hyper Speed Chain Kill.

As for the mission? A success, the only thing they had to do was clear out the bandit camp and destroy their supplies. Of course, this was one of quite a few camps and the outermost laying one but, a start to multiple succesful missions, they weren't the only ones around.
Berii had accounted for everything through her first scout of the area, there were no scouts the bandits weren't bright enough for that but, chance would have it that one bandit would from another location decided to visit, have a few drinks, maybe a little partying action. Instead… he finds that all his friends are dead ._. Thankfully he was out of sight from the ninja so he just caaaasually turns around.

Back to the prisoners! O__O That would more or less explain it, even after Eremi mentions his name they sort of just stare at him for a moment longer until some woman's brain sort of clicks and she latches herself to him in a hug. "Oh thank you! Thank you! We're from Choboku… they, razed our village and took us here to build… this." The Choboku Village was known for their carpenters and well, they were from the Land of Fire so good thing they decided to save them! With the one woman talking to Eremi the others would start to pull together and start cheering for the Shinobi leaving Berii to offer a weak smile there way but, something felt off.

She never did things /this/ right.

Daisuke enters and looks around the place as the prisoners cheer up a bit and chatter away at Eremi and Berii. "Well. we can't leave something like this around in the Land. Might become some kind of castle-like outpost and grow into a bigger problem then it is now. If we can get everyone out, I can turn this stone structure into a sand pit and no one will ever know it was here." he says as he hangs around at the doorway to wait. His gaze scans over each prisoner within carefully as he does. "Either way, was this all of them? Seems like quite a task to raze a village at least well enough known with a bunch of low grade bandits and highwaymen."

Bubble…invaded…why :( The hug from the overly affectionate and appreciative woman forces Eremi to simply freeze up in response, unsure of how to handle the situation. If she were a bad guy, he would punch the woman square in the face for touching him. But she wasn't…Was she? No. :( "Uh.." Squirming this way and that while trying as nicely as possible to get the woman away, "Just…uh…doing our job. No thanks necessary."
As soon as he was free, Eremi would run back to stand behind Berii as a sort of a shield. Hopefully the cute, innocent and inviting features of the girl would be more welcoming toward a hug then that of his own appearance. "So, if you guys have everything together, we should probably get you out of here and fast." A glance would be given toward Daisuke who's all ready to destroy the stones before focusing back on the woman, "Do you know what it is that you were making? Couldn't have just been for a fortified castle or outpost."

The woman would neglect the squirming of the boy but, eventually let go on her own accord. Berii flicking a bit of blood off her blade as Eremi shifts behind her, yeah… inviting. No one wants to hug her at the moment, that weapon in hand looked dangerous enough for the wielder as is. One of the men speaks up. "They wanted a tower of sorts, I think they were just getting cocky. and wanted something imposing. Course it could've been a… much needed look out post, heheheh. Oh yeah, feel free to break it down, a bit disappointing that all that hard work was put out for nothing but, not the kind of thing I'd look back fondly on." They would just start to move but while this conversation was happening, so did another.

A mist would start to gather about the field of carnage while in the distance two were talking. "Sorer thish esh what yeewur tawruking about…" The voice a bit funky due to a rebreather over his mouth. "Hah." A lanky blonde guy in a wet suit and a rebreather, not the most intimidating looking guy around but, from her scouting position he doesn't look too concerned about the group, even with the destruction left about. Wet Suit man nods to the bandit that originally spotted the destruction and ran for help.
"HI!" Well so much for the element of surprise. He makes his move after yelling, a torrent of water fired off from him, he dives right into it speedily swimming through the giant water bullet and managing to essentially fly towards the group, the water bullet aiming to flat out slam into Daisuke and erupt into multiple clones. All aiming to trap the two genin in orbs of water.

"Neh…" Berii squints at the mist, "Dwop. Thewe's chakwa in this heads up."(PS You can TF more, heads up and all that.) Berii then starts to scan the area for whoever was doing this but it was too late, he was already in the zone, chakra used up from her previous attacks her Sharingan was not at full potential to spot him beforehand but she does manage to catch him coming in and narrowly evade the attempted water prison, hopping a few steps back. "Ewemi pwisonews. Daisuke take him out!" A few seconds of looking at this guy made it obvious he was pretty tough. So Berii herself was also snatching up villagers, good thing they were both taijutsuists! Some strength there.
Others were left to follow her voice. "This way!"

Daisuke, being at the doorway, was one of the first to notice the encroaching mists, though his 'sight' was not able to pierce through it's thickness. Because of this, Daisuke uses a defense that would protect him from assault in any direction. Despite the strong water attack and the added surprise of not knowing where it was coming from, the Earth technique of Daisuke's triumphs in a power battle of the elements. The area the water bullet strikes crumbles and cracks as the earth covering Daisuke sheds itself after doing what it was intended. Daisuke has already moved out into the mist and, hearing Berii's words to take em out. "You don't even have to ask." he says as he builds up his strength, a voice from within saying <Lets bring the pain>.
In an explosion of red chakra that burns away any nearby mist, Daisuke unleashes his miniature Bijuu form, his shirt ripping clean off as his sides and arms are now covered in red fur. Four red-haired tails swing behind him with armored bone plates waving back and forth menacingly. "Get over here." he calls out in his dual voice, much deeper than before and dripping with malice as he reaches out his arm and his chakra cloak again extends towards the mens swimwear failure to attempt to wrap around him and trap him within without being able to move an inch. Sure, the man could dodge, but this chakra arm was not going to give up, branching out another arm from within one that may have missed over and over until caught or extended far enough. It was his intention to scare the shit out of the man and pull him away from the others.

Having fought against those that were quite skilled in the Hidden Mist Technique, Eremi knew his chances of being able to see through and react properly to it. Slim. Still that wouldn't stop him from doing his best at staying close to where he believed Berii still was, as it was only just moments ago she was directly in front of him. Though when the young girl started giving out orders it was obvious he wasn't anywhere near her.
Quickly, Eremi began to move in the direction he believed the girl was. Each step forward feeling as if he was stepping in a puddle of water that was getting deeper and deeper. "What the…blub" Before he knew what was happening he was encased in a dome of chakra infused water that left him holding his breath.
'Drats' He thought to himself, always seeming to be the one that either steps on a trap or gets caught in something as ridiculous as this. Though he wasn't going to lie, as his eyes went wide for a brief second before squinting and turning his head to the side from the sheer brightness of the red chakra Daisuke was letting off, this was amazing to witness. He'd heard there was a Jinchuriki in the village, he just never knew it was Daisuke.

"This will teach you for interrupting with our work." The water clone says to Eremi, fusing with the orb of water around the boy and it'd just start to put on the squeeze until Daisuke goes apepoop. The bubble around Eremi sort of just gets blasted off along with any form of concealment the water ninja had. "That was… slightly unexpected." Very unexpected, terribly unexpected. Though that doesn't matter his skill with water was known across Amega- His rebreather pops off in sheer shock, "What the fall?!" The water wall he sets up is completely shattered and before he knew it or could even register what was going on, he'd find himself trapped in some sort of bizarre technique.
"Gah…" He starts to squirm in it all unable to form seals there wasn't really much to do at the moment. "Boss is gonna jack you up if you kill me! He'll tear your whole village down!" Then he starts to just yell angrily at Daisuke, apparently he didn't take too kindly to being in the clutches of what seems to be certain death. Daisuke's form is… nothing he experienced before and now he was all caught up in it.

"That's… one way to do it." Berii comments on Daisuke's chakra explosion as the mist clears making it easier to direct the villagers. Berii just points in the direction for them to run and she moves over to a soaked Eremi. "Sowwy about that, didn't know you got caught, hnn." Berii looks over him to make sure he's okay before looking to Daisuke. "Neh, Daisuke. Beat him up a bit huh? But, don't kiw him. I think it'd be best to bwing him awong, neh?" Berii's Sharingan settle on the funky looking man, everything becomes more interesting when missing nin are involved! "Come on Ewemi." Berii gestures to Eremi to go the way of the prisoners, confident that Daisuke had it all under control.

Daisuke pulls the man close enough to him to let his now golden eyes burn a metaphorical hole in the man's mind before he speaks, revealing a row a sharp teeth including two massive canines. "Let your boss come next." he says in that deep, chilling voice, before he holds the man up in the air in his grasp and readies a sure kill that will leave no trace. But then Berii suggests he keep him alive. What was that about? Whatever, she was the leader. His cloak surrounding him bubbles viciously before chakra spears shoot out to stab the man in the legs and arms, he wasn't going anywhere for awhile.


The force of the chakra forcing the water prison to explode and Eremi to land on his behind. As Berii ran over to check if he was alright, he'd stand up to his feet, drenched and uncomfortable, but no more worse then feeling of being the weak link in the group. "No, it's not your fault. I'm….I'm sorry I got caught." He'd turn to check on Daisuke and the blonde haired missing-nin before looking back at Berii. "Are you sure we shouldn't help?" But then again, they might just get in the way, possibly being burned by the chakra of the bijuu. Hanging his head low, he'd follow after the prisoners just to make sure they get out ok. It was the job he was assigned, so he was going to do it. Unless he ended up trapped again. :/

"You're gonna regret that." He says, as Daisuke welcomes the boss man, whoever that is. "Wait what're you doing?" He peers at Daisuke before screaming out, being impaled in multiple areas. Yep, that sucked. That sucked real bad. It was so much pain he instantly went into shock and went unresponsive but, he wasn't dead yet. Now at least they have a source of information to hit them before they hit Konoha back. If they dared to do something so drastic, that is…

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