Mushi, Amata, Meruin, Feari, Yuuka

Date: September 27, 2014


Mushi challenges Amata to a spar that goes horribly wrong. The punishment…is banishment?


Forest Glade [Land of Water]

Mushi had taken some time to consider who to ask for a match. And eventually she requested Amata. She barely knew this Seven, and it's for that reason she chose her. She didn't want Yuuka who'd probably hold back, or someone she knew. She'd sent Amata a message. The Mizukage had already authorized her participation in the battle against the Silence, and Mushi wished to test out her capabilities. And she needed an impartial and effective combat partner, in a discreet area. It was asked as a favor, in polite wording.

Mushi had looked around for some time for a discreet area, and ended up in the forest glade on a misty day. She'd wait there, the note said, at the designated time, regardless of if Amata showed up. Maybe a little pressure to at least make an appearance and turn down the match, if such was the case? Mushi waits deeper in the forest, and there'd be a landmark to point Amata in the right direction…a cat many times the size of any normal animal, knocked out cold and set neatly to the side of a narrow, winding path. Mushi sits in a small clearing on a huge tree root, leaning against a huge tree trunk.

Already as she appears in the clearing, spiders are idly crawling this way and that. She peers at the person sitting on the root before she idly stretches her arms up into the air. She looks at the area before looking back to Mushi and then nodding her head, "Greetings." She nods her head as she looks at the area around, "An interesting location. Were you truly wishing things to be so discreet and did you need to harm an animal to get me here?" She hmms, looking in the direction of the cat some distance behind her before she idly takes a breath and begins to focus her energies.

Mushi hops to her feet when Amata comes, a smile spreading across her face. That is until she mentions the animal. "It's not injured," she says. "Just sleeping. It'll wake up unharmed in awhile. And thank you for coming out here."

She rubs her hands together and begins to gather chakra in torrents. But after she does, her presence seems to diminish, becoming less imposing. "I asked you to this match because I'd like you to beat me up as much as you can. You're not even slightly liable for any mortal damage you inflict upon me, and in fact if you can do that much, I'd be extremely impressed." She says it…in an almost upbeat tone. "I have just one request. After this spar, please don't speak of the abilities I use with anyone."

"Fair enough." Amata states and then nods her head, "As much as possible?" She tilts her head as she looks over at the other before nodding her head, "Fair enough." She nods her head again before she starts to take a breath and looks down at the ground before she starts sending chakra through her form. She becomes far more imposing as she stands up straight with her power flowing through her limbs. She then pulls in a breath slowly before suddenly pulling forth Nuibari.

There's no wait, calm or otherwise in her movements. She whips Nuibari forward and literaly throws the blade toward Mushi's center mass before she races forward. If Mushi watches, webbing has wrapped Amata's hands as she grips the blade like razor wire acting as a thread for the sewing needle blade and even as Nuibari sails toward her. Webbing will shoot out from the spiders on the ground in an attempt to wrap Mushi even as she rushes around Mushi, trying to pull that wire around her once before pulling it taught. A lesser shinobi would be ripped in half, a stronger one like Mushi may end up spun like a top as the wire is pulled free, rending flesh where it touches.

Mushi dodges back from the attack, but as she does she seems to slow down, her movements becoming less efficient. So the next attack easily ensnares Mushi, and she's exposed to the full brunt of the final attack. "OWW!" she says, as she shakes out of the wire. Not in agony, but more as if she got a horrible superficial cut. "Ugh," she says. She's shaking droplets of blood off her hands. "Not used to…no." And then she'd disappear. A blur of speed, appearing behind Amata to slash at her back with a kunai, diving forward to drive the sharp edge into her. She may be taking blows but she's not passively waiting for them.

A blink as she watches Mushi move at that speed, she tilts her head, hmming as she seems to easily dodge all the attacks before saying, "You are holding back…why?" She then brings Nuibari around in a quick movement, flipping the blade into the air and flicking out the wire toward Mushi. She catches the blade again and attempts to slam it tip first right into Mushi's gut before pulling it back and gripping the other end of the wire as she does. If Mushi is paying attention, the wire is set to slice through Mushi's side as the needle is pulled back.

Mushi gets cut by the wire, but the final two slashes go straight through Mushi. For a second she's dismembered, and the next she's a column of earth that sinks back to the ground. The real Mushi stands behind Amata, and she attacks silently, her arm held like a blade to slash at Amata. "I hold back because I've never been driven into a corner where I've needed to heal myself in earnest. And I /have/ been in life and death battles. Therefore, I have no experience at healing myself from mortal wounds, which may occur when we face the Silence." She smirks. "In other words, I'll just allow myself to get wounded to a dire extent, and see if I'm able to heal myself. Or if you'll have to drag my corpse back to the medical center. Any of your medics known revival techniques? Heh."

Simply slipping low, Amata shakes her head and then shrugs, "If that is what you wish." She then flicks a hand gesture and stares back at her as spiders literaly spring up around her in an attempt to wrap Mushi up in webbing again before she turns and attempts to drive her weapon straight up into Mushi's chest before pulling it free and then licking her lips, "Keep this up and you will be in quite dire straights." SHe nods her head, "Revival is not one of Kiri's traits."

Mushi is a slender woman, none too tall. But she's built as sturdily as an oak, as she takes one blow after another. She must be eating right, because even after the blows she's standing and looking far from done. And now she's making seals in quick succession. As she does a roaring shake begins under Amata, and she'd have only moments to dodge or block the rising wave of earth, that'd blot out the weak sunlight before crashing down on her in force. Though it's not half so deadly as it'd be at her full power, the impact of the marshy ground would be just as powerful.

Mushi is a slender woman, none too tall. But she's built as sturdily as an oak, as she takes one blow after another. She must be eating right, because even after the blows she's standing and looking far from done. And now she's trapped. Not much to do besides struggle and such.

A look at the woman Amata hops back a step and then begins to move her fingers. Almost immediately the air around Mushi will start to spark and crackle and then Amata's hands will stop and the very air around Mushi will be alight with crackling lightning before Amata will rush in to attempt to kick Mushi right in the chest and then states, "Had enough?" She flicks Nuibari up around her the wire flicking and moving in the air.

Now Mushi is injured to a dire degree. She falls to a knee. But instead of collapsing or putting on a weak show chakra is condensing around her, so thickly it's becoming visible. And it's almost crystalline, flashing emerald greens and sapphire blues, creating faceted planes around her, taking on the angular shape of a dragonfly? A cloak.

"The Mizukage knows," she says, her eyes gleaming red. She seems in perfect control. "Just don't tell anyone else. Heh." Chakra is pushing outwards, shaking the leaves and blowing the mist clear. As it does Mushi makes a few seals and presses a hand to her neck, leaving a black seal of interweaving lines. As it rests there the lines begin to unravel and sink in, healing her at an accelerated rate.

"Sorry but all your hard work is…well, you can try."

A blink as she watches this happen, taking a step back, she stares at the thing before her now and then tilts her head, "Interesting." She licks her lips and flicks the wire back and forth before saying, "Well, I can't say I'm not impressed." She nods her head and then flicks the wire the other way before she nods her head and then states, "Well." She nods again, "I shant say anything but…perhaps you'd like to work with me." She nods her head, "I am a fair person. You act as my subject for a few experiments and I promise at least 8 hours off a week and I'll even give 2 whole days off a year." She nods her head, "You won't a better deal, I assure you."

Mushi is healing in leaps and bounds, any body parts rearranging themselves to the proper position, wounds closing up, even any contaminants pushing their way out. It's clear she's not only healed, but also healed tricky wounds. She does smile at Amata's offer. "Most generous," she says, "but I'm afraid I'm a busy person. I just don't have time in my schedule to be your experiment." She gives a hopeless 'it can't be helped shrug.' "That's an amazing sword. Maybe the most unique I've ever seen…" she admits.

"Oh it gets better." She nods her head, "I would even give you a delicious chocolate at least once a week." She then sighs, "But if you insist on saying no, then you must at least show up to my lab once so that I might take samples. Strictly for scientific purposes." She nods her head and then looks over at the area around before saying, "As for this blade, it is far more unique than you know. Especially in the hands of an Okumo. Soon, if things go well, I will be using this wire with my webbing in a way that will create a truly murderous system." She nods her head.

Mushi smiles and shrugs. "You know, I don't detest murderous people like you. What I can't stand are people who don't hold true to their ideals. If you're not going to remain true to a god or a man, at least stay true to yourself, you know?" She's almost fully healed. "But I do like chocolate. Maybe I'll give you a sample, if you make it extra tasty. Heh. What would you use it for, Amata-san?" She looks at the blade. "And what will that weapon be like, if I may ask."

A look at her and she chuckles, "Poisons don't make themselves dear…and one doesn't always find poisons in the wild." She nods her head, "Plus any other application. One can never tell." She nods her head before looking over at the wire attached to the blade and then she flicks it up and pulls it out quite long, longer than one might expect but the blade never seens to run out. She then grins and flicks the wire out toward the stump that Mushi was sitting on, directing chakra down the wire before she suddenly pulls tight and cuts the stump straight across, chopping off a perfect disk from the top, "Once I get this perfected…I'll be able to control the wire from afar…ever seen a child make a cat's cradle with string between their fingers? Ever seen someone use enemy shinobi as fingers?"

Mushi's mouth twists into a smile. "You know, I've only ever had two senseis. And the second one was a poisoner from Sunagakure. People think healing is about glowing and love…but it's about learning about wounds, just as much as you do. Poisons, mutilation, surgery, dismemberment, mortal injuries. You need to know them to know how to heal them. I may know more about that kind of stuff than you." She smirks. "What do you think?" Almost all her wounds have vanished.

A chuckle and then she shrugs, "I wouldn't be surprised if you did know more than me about certain things." She nods her head and Amata shifts into a spot of leaning against at tree before she states, "However, the things I have seen and options laid before me are very different from your own. If we all knew everything, that'd simply be boring."

"That's true, we've chosen different paths," Mushi says. And now she's gathering chakra to her in massive waves, the cloak around her rising to the treetops and even higher. "There's a reason I wanted to do this in a remote place," she says, "and let's see if you can withstand it as one of the Seven!" She's a colossus of chakra, and before Amata could evacuate the area she's swinging down at the woman with crushing force, perhaps deadly force. It seems that Mushi, medic and wanderer, is not as gentle as rumor would believe. BOOM.

A blink as she looks at Mushi and she tilts her head, "Fascinating." She then attempts to move at severely high speed away from the attack. She looks back only in time to get smashed into the ground with a resounding cracking sound as many of her bones are smashed. SHe shudders under the attack, broken in many ways. Even as the attack moves away, she slowly seems to move. The sounds of bones broken and cracking comes from her as she pretty mush uses pure chakra to pull herself up, slowly standing up and staring before clearing her throat, "And…why do that?"

There's blood dripping out of various spots, her right shoulder hardly sitting right in the socket. Blood leaks from her right nostril, her left eye already swelling. Her body twitches here and there but strangely she still seems able to stand straight. One hand actually goes back, the sound of cracking coming from her as she grabs Nuibari out of her own back, pulling it free from the spot where it stabbed into her. She then looks at her, "That seemed hardly prudent against me…"

Mushi winces when Amata is smashed to a pulp. "I…whoops," she says, and presses her index fingers together sheepishly. "I'm…well now you know how your victims feel," she points out, not unfairly. She winces at her feeble logic, and glances around. "Time to heal you though. Stay still." And she'd dart over to Amata, working swiftly, her hands on Amata's arms. A marvelous warmth would spread through Amata, and then a huge flood of chakra and energy, in such profusion it'd feel like life itself is pouring into her, making the pain vanish, wounds realign and mend, and within a minute the damage would be gone as if it were never there. Then Mushi sits back, the cloak around her shattering, and lets out a long sigh. "That's too straining to use too many times. Especially in battle."

Standing still in the middle of the crater that was once a glade, she swallows a little before nodding her head and then looking around, "I am not…sure that was wise." She nods her head as she is healed, wincing and shuddering as she is able to move under her own power again after a while but she's gonna be sore for at least a week. She clears her throat a little and releases her power back into her body. Her chakra no longer needed to control her form. She then looks down at herself and then around before saying, "You do realize that you pretty much called the attention to this area, right?" Amata states matter-of-factly.

As though Amata's words had summoned them, a figure appeared.

Not in the distance, dashing over the fallen trees at the edge of the new crater but in the distance in the sky, over the treeline. Silent and small at the beginning, it swiftly grew larger and more defined until it ended in them landing a small distance away with a heavy thump and a shockwave of air.

Meruin straightens up, the mists in his eyes swiftly roiling, holding crimsons and golds as he surveys the scene before him. The many details of the scene assault him and he processes them swiftly, taking in the destruction, the blood and torn clothing on Amata, the lack of wounds beneath all of that, Mushi's presence and her slight fatigue — all and more. He says only one word to the both of them, clear voice echoing about the hole in the ground as though it held dominion over the space.


Yuuka lands smoothly just after the Mizukage, the length of her yukata stretched out behind her like a cape as she rises to her feet. Already the long length of the giant spiked spine whip is clenched, poised for attack as her cold gaze narrows on their surroundings. Meruin however, doesn't attack outright like she would, making her scowl, but pause in wait. Shifting the grip of the Clematis blade, she remains alert, ready to strike at any moment.

The massive amounts of chakra used within Kirigakure were seen by few and felt by fewer and yet, it had easily attracted the attention of Feari or more accurately, Samehada. In response to the overwhelming chakra, the blade twitched and writhed, practically drooling as it tried to free itself from its current masters grip and move of its own volition if need be. "Easy, girl. You sense something huh? Don't worry. I'll let you feast, but something to get you that antsy, we got use our brain over our tummies." Stroking the blade while cooing.

Once changing to a more appropriate outfit, Feari was quick to head in the direction of the disturbance, but met up with a few others before doing so. Meruin the Mizukage of Kirigakure. Nothing gets past that mans senses and he was sure to be going that way already. There was little to discuss before the man pushed on ahead. Then there was Yuuka, a bold and beautiful woman. Nothing gets past that woman…Period. Feari wasn't sure if the two had been together before the 'call to arms', but he did let the thought linger.

Even as the two rushed off, he used the time to round up a few shinobi that were nearby before following suit. When he arrived, he was opposite Meruin with blade already in his hands, much like Yuuka. Though Samehada was shivering, most likely from hunger. The squad of shinobi had their own devices poised and ready, grouped together behind the three. Feari's eyes would move between Mushi and Amata, he'd want to speak, ask if the wielder of Nuibari was ok, but refrained for the time being.

Mushi says to Amata, "Don't worry. This is why I chose a place so remote and distant. So that…" So people will come running up at the release of her power. She senses them before she sees them. Mushi's expression wilts when she sees not only Meruin, but two others coming up. One is familiar, the other not so much. Her eyes move to Samehada, and she grimaces. She knows of that blade.

And they're gathering for combat. Mushi is still sitting there, in a relaxed posture. At the same time she's gathering chakra. There's a sheen of sweat across her face. There are no wounds on Mushi, but many rips and bloodstains on her clothes. It's clear she's been lacerated, and healed. "There's no one besides us," she says, warily. On her neck a flower-like seal appears, only to dissolve and absorb into her skin, no doubt releasing more chakra for her to use. Unlike the massive flood of chakra earlier there's barely any detectable release of chakra in this modification.

Mushi explains, "We were having a spar. In the final attack, I struck with a… well, obviously detectable amount of chakra, and then healed Amata-san."

A glance to the side as the others begin to arrive and Amata nods, "As I said, you were attracting attention." She then turns her gaze to Meruin and nods to him with a salute and partial bow before taking a breath and then gesturing to the side, "I was sparring with this one. As was requested of me." She nods her head, "However, as the fight drew toward an end, she felt the need to…" Amata seems to search for the words for a moment before nodding her head, "…show off." She nods her head and then looks over at Mushi a moment and then looks back at Meruin, "As such, she attracted the attention of every shinobi with a capacity to sense chakra within 50 miles." After Amata finishes driving that bus over top of Mushi, she then idly sheathes Nuibari and adjusts her clothing, frowning, "I apologize, Mizukage. Had I known I'd be meeting with you today, I'd have worn something more formal."

Meruin's face is severe, the intensity of his full attention almost violent in this moment, striking as his unblinking stare drives into Mushi throughout her explanation. Red and gold, those turbulent mists hungry.

At Amata's words, the Mizukage shifted his apparent focus towards her. It was only after her words had dried up that he inclined his head to her — a response to her salute and a small but important gesture towards her lack of blame for his presence. He believed the story, it would seem.

Which lead to his eyes shifting back to Mushi.

A moment of further study…

"You disappoint me."

Meruin's head shakes as he regards the woman, now finding her lacking as he had never before. "'Bijuu chakra radiates everywhere,'" he spoke. "Do you recall telling me this? A false notion, but one you held regardless.

"And yet, you decide to unleash a technique of catastrophic proportions — against one of /my/ people — using that very same chakra within the Land of Water. The country you /know/ is on high alert against any hint of the threat due to The Silence, so much so its borders are ringed with sensor-nin to ensure we are not caught unaware.

"I can see no good reason for this. What I /can/ see, however, is that I had misjudged you. This move was a foolish one to make, only leading to you standing in this decidedly untactical position. It is clear, now, that despite your training in the shinobi arts and your skills as a healer, you are not a warrior. A fighter, mayhaps, but no soldier.

"As such, we do not want your service in the upcoming battle. Due to your lack of constraint with your strength, you can rest assured that you will not receive an invitation to our Chuunin exams either. You are banned, Nikumari Mushi, from being within the Land of Water until the threat of The Silence has been neutralized. This is effective immediately. You will be escorted out of our country now; your possessions will be acquired for you to accompany you on your trip out."

He turned his head and said, "Ikon. C.U.C." This was Meruin's first acknowledgement of the shinobi that had arrived on the scene shortly after him. A man within the shinobi squad that'd come gave a simple salute of understanding, remaining silent and ready.

The Mizukage turned his head back to Mushi.

"'Show off'?" Yuuka repeats the words, the growl in her voice curling her upper lip with a dangerous scowl. "This close to the village and you felt it was perfectly alright to 'show off'?!" She snaps, quickly biting her tongue to keep from talking over the Mizukage. His assessment was a thorough one as expected, though the temporary banishment was something of a surprise. She wanted blood to be spilled… Yuuka scowls darkly again. Faintly turning her head, she glances out of the corner of her eye at the one Meruin addresses. Assigning him the task of escorting Mushi out.

Feari kept his gaze soft (anger causes wrinkles) while he focused on the woman, the one called Mushi. It was a name he had heard a few times before, but never had that pleasure of meeting her and probably wouldn't after today. Most of what he knew of her, the wandering medic, were rumors and stories. Neither of which he cared about or could do so in the current attire Mushi was, 'dressed' in. If you could call it that. Feari couldn't.

Despite his current thoughts, at the forefront of his mind was the Mizukage's proclamation and the situation before him. The fact the leader of the village had shown up, three swordsmen were present and a squadron of shinobi as well, this woman was more than just a medic.

Knowing things could turn south at any moment, the bandages from Samehada began to slowly unravel, revealing the beast within. A mouth already open with teeth as sharp as a knifes edge and a massive tongue that lolled while a pile of drool began to form below. From the tree lining, several more figures began to appear, each mirror images of Feari. A jutsu he had used on the way, preparing for the worst.

Mushi rises to her feet slowly as her banishment is set in place. Her eyes move slowly from one person to the next. And then she says, "I wasn't showing off. Revealing I'm a bijuu has never been something I do to show off. But I don't care about the Chuunin Exams. It'd be nice but it's nothing I need."

She pauses. "This match was never about showing off, even at the end. I wanted to test the extent of my techniques. Including my revival one. But you're right. I've never been a warrior, and I've never had to be because even in life and death battles no one has ever been able to threaten my life. Not even any of your Seven." She pauses, and grimaces, looking around at the three. Although they could do a fairly good job at it right now.

Then she looks to Meruin. "You don't want to let me be in the battle? Fine. Then let me stay in the village. I'll stay out of any direct combat and help with the medical work afterwards. I won't have to use my bijuu chakra then, which I wasn't relishing anyway. But I think…you could use my help in the aftermath." Her tone is quiet. She doesn't move. But she doesn't look as if she's about to attack.

Looking at the Mizukage as he reacts to this situation in the manner that he does and she furrows her brow, looking down a moment before looking over at Mushi. She peers at Mushi a moment before looking over at the others who have arrived. Amata raises up a hand to touch her chin lightly before saying, "Mizukage. While I am not questioning your decision, I would like to offer an alternative." She glances to Mushi a moment before looking back over, "I do believe this one has…brought a solid point. While she cannot be trusted in battle in many ways. To act in the way she did, whether for showing off or not, was a rather rash action."

A nod and then she looks at Mushi for a moment, "However, her healing techniques are second to none I've seen before."

Amata glances at Mizukage, "Banishment…would merely create eninimity and perhaps even negative feelings to a already negative situation." She nods her head, "While in this situation, the harm that was done is very easily harm to the whole of Kirigakure, in this case, the direct harm was to myself." She nods her head, "Therefore, I propose two things. One, we keep her in the village under pure guard and watch as sending her out of the village sends her into a position to possibly be taken by an enemy who has already proven heavily powerful. Two, I administer punishment as you have had me do in the past when I was the one directly harmed." She nods her head.

Amata clears her throat, "If your desicion is final, so be it. However, I do believe the alternative of one of her power having to endure being punished by someone of lesser power in her but of higher authority might be a greater lessen learned by someone whom you have deemed not a soldier. Of Kirigakure or not of Kirigakure, should we not seek out to prove we are better than the rest of the world not just in our power but in our ability to reign power in?"

"The decision is final."

Meruin had not interrupted either of the women, allowing each to speak their piece with his attention and by the end of it, he was unswayed by their arguments. He looked to Amata, telling her, "There are always reasons for my decisions, not the least of which being her willingness to sacrifice your life to test her limitations, even if you happened to be of enough strength to survive. Your points are made intelligently, as a whole."

His head turns back to Mushi. "But there is always more to know than what one can see before them. Only have faith." His chin lifts slightly. "Investigation and negotation are over, Nikumari Mushi. I will escort you from the country myself.

"Kaguya Yuuka, go and ensure that our presence here has not weakened our defenses in another area that currently need them." He raises a slip of paper out to the side for her to take. "Tear this, should my presence be needed. We will meet to speak later."

To Mushi, he nodded southward. "Our exit is in that direction."

Yuuka clenches her jaw as she scowls, though she quickly wipes it away, leaving only a cold and level gaze as the Swordsman turns her attention to Meruin out of the corner of her eye. Slip of paper held out, with a few quick smooth strides the Kaguya takes it, "Yes, Mizukage-sama." Yuuka murmurs. "I will be swift." The piece of paper disappears into her hand as she turns away and blurs with speed, heading back to the village to make sure that everything was tight and secure.

Feari could do little more at this point while the discussions continued on than hold tightly to Samehada's hilt as the blade tried to wriggle free from his grip to latch tightly onto Mushi. The chakra it felt moments ago would never leave it's memory. It was possible it had tasted it already, long ago while in the possession of a previous wielder and wanted to do so again or simply needed to know what chakra of that power tasted like and gorge to its content.

The size the blade would reach from doing so made Feari shiver just long enough before straightening up once again. Meruin was to escort the medic out himself, Yuuka was to check the defenses. He could only assume the squadron were to follow the Mizukage until C.U.C was followed through while Feari was left to wonder. He hadn't had many moments with the Mizukage so wasn't sure if he should follow, even if it was his job to be at the mans side at all times. Though that wasn't something that happened as the Mizukage went off to do many 'duties' on his own.

Feari remained in his place, on the off chance Mushi still wasn't thrilled with being banned.

As Yuuka goes, Mushi calls after her, "Farewell, Yuuka-chan. Say goodbye to Yuriko for me."

After she's left Mushi turns to Meruin and Feari. She glances at the sword, and she apologizes for the first time. "Sorry. It looks like I'm giving Samehada a hard time."

And then to Meruin, "You don't have to worry about the Silence getting me. I'm an accomplished fuinjutsuist, and I have many seals within my body. If someone tries to violate my bijuu chakra, it destroys my body, seals the bijuu's chakra, and transports it from the vicinity. Well, it's more involved than that. But I'm never going to allow my bijuu to fall into the hands of a predator, or for it to cause a deadly rampage across the countryside."

She glances off to make sure Yuuka is out of earshot, and then says, "You don't have to escort me. I have my own way out." Then she looks at Meruin, and smiles sadly. "But…I'm not going to come back to Kiri, Mizukage. Usually when a Mizukage drove me from Kiri, it stayed between us. But I think this may reach the people who matter to me in this village." She turns and starts to leave. "You can walk with me, if you want. But I'll go peaceably regardless."

A breath is taken up through Amata's nose slowly before being quickly let out in a soft sigh. She then turns idly away as the MIzukage leaves and starts back toward Kirigakure with not another word.

Meruin nodded as Yuuka retrieved the paper from him, gaze on Mushi.

"I will be at ease in the knowledge that your chakra will be safely contained," were the words he spoke to the Jinchuuriki as he turned to follow her out of the area. "And if that is your wish, so let it be. We walk."

He raised a hand in a blade, giving the gesture for action. Half of the shinobi team dispersed with a vanishment, Ikon included. The other half saluted and waited, their directives to trail along a half mile behind the Mizukage and the Jinchuuriki.

The confrontation ended in all parting ways.

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